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The 2014 Jeep Wrangler is a no-nonsense vehicle that's at its best when the pavement ends. This classic SUV will climb over rocks, cross streams and frolic in the sand dunes whenever you please, thanks to its standard four-wheel drive and high ground clearance. Just don't expect too many comforts along the way. Although the current Jeep Wrangler is the most civilized version ever, it's still noisy, rough-riding and nothing at all like the compact and midsize crossover SUVs that dominate this price range. However, if your weekend plans include off-roading, this Jeep is arguably the most capable utility vehicle you can buy.

It's also among the most versatile. Not only can you choose a Wrangler with two or four doors, you can remove the roof, doors and even the windshield if the mood strikes (and you have the right tools). Although, in practice, you probably won't care to drive the Wrangler for sustained periods of time without these components. We'd recommend the soft top over the (heavy) hardtop if you plan to drive your Wrangle al fresco on a regular basis, but keep in mind that it makes your Jeep more vulnerable to thieves and still requires considerable time and patience to remove and reinstall. Whether you see this as one of the Wrangler's quaint charms or an unnecessary hassle largely depends on your expectations.

Of course, some of the Wrangler's issues can't be brushed off as easily. Braking distances are long, and handling on paved roads is far less steady and refined than other SUVs you might be considering. Still, there's unexpected fun to be had in driving a Jeep Wrangler around town, as its short wheelbase makes it blissfully easy to maneuver in tight spaces if you don't mind the slow steering. The V6 engine provides sufficient power, too, and if you don't find what you're looking for on the factory options list, the Wrangler enjoys massive aftermarket parts availability from both Chrysler's in-house supplier Mopar and hundreds of independent companies.

If the Jeep Wrangler's rugged image and off-road capabilities appeal to you, we'd recommend a lengthy test-drive. It's not uncommon for shoppers to be drawn in by the Wrangler's cool factor only to realize soon after they've purchased one that a compact crossover or a more livable off-roader like the Nissan Xterra or Toyota FJ Cruiser would have been a better choice for driving to work every day. If you know what you're getting into, though, the 2014 Jeep Wrangler is a wonderful way to get back to basics and back to nature.

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2014 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2014

The 2014 Jeep Wrangler is unchanged, though there are minor changes to various option packages.


Superior off-road capability


Soft top is cumbersome to remove and creates security issues

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By ebenn on June 21 @ 6:03 pm
Finally got it
I just picked up my 2014 Wrangler Unlimited Sport S, 5 speed manual on Saturday. I love it. I went with the UConnect/Sirius option and it works perfect. It doesn't have navigation like I am used to but...its a Jeep and I am ok with that. It's simply a really fun car to drive. I haven't taken the full roof or doors off yet but that is this weekend.

By atg3000gt on October 18 @ 2:03 am
Very Fun To Drive
I purchased my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport w/ 6 speed manual 10/10/2013. The Jeep is very comfortable and shifting is quite easy. There is very little road noise for the Sunrider top even at highway speeds. My only complaint is that most of the Sunrider top components should be metal whenever possible. I broke my bow lock on day one.

By brunobravo on July 15 @ 11:20 am
2014 Saraha Jeep- best of all worlds
This is our fifth Jeep. We've always have had great luck with these vehicles. I decided to go with the 5 speed auto. My other Wranglers have been manual trans. This is the Wrangler that fits all occasions. Rides very nice, leather interior, Nav, SAT radio, 7 spoke mags. Went with the hard top. They can easily be off in less than 10 minutes. Very quite. The soft tops are really a pain. For the SAT radio, they have the antennae in the dash instead of having those dorsal finned antennae coming off the top.

By wpotis on October 25 @ 6:15 am
2014 4dr Jeep Wrangler manual
I bought a brand new 2014 jeep wrangler sahara back in September. I drove an automatic and didn't like it at all. Drove the only manual they had on the lot and bought it on the spot. Haven't regreted it for a min. Got the hard top, navigation sirius and alpine stereo. This is my 5th jeep and best yet. Everyone that gets in it can not believe how smooth and quiet the ride it. Including my dad who has a Jeep grand cherokee. I will have this vehicle for years to come. Very happy with my purchase especially since we just had our first snow fall here in NJ and it handled beautifully.

By romanz1111 on November 26 @ 2:30 pm
Best wrangler ever
This is my second Wrangler and a third jeep. I had a grand cherokee before the first Wrangler. This last version is like they fixed all of the bad parts by keeping the good stuff. -3.6 Pentastar is so much faster than 3.8 engine. I don't feel like I am driving a truck anymore -suspension is smoother -steering is more precise -interior is more refined and way more places to put your things in The car drives great and I can compare it to the smoothness of a grand cherokee I had before. If you are thinking about changing your wrangler or getting into one, do it - you will love it!

By towsonres on March 22 @ 5:24 am
Got What I Wanted
I have waited to purchase a Jeep Wrangler for several years. I have not been disappointed! For you 40 somethings; this is not your dad's Jeep. It has creature comforts, not a choppy ride, not cold / hot, good acceleration, easy top removal, and most importantly; FUN! Don't listen to other reviews about not being a daily driver. I commute 54 miles daily to work on the highway and back roads without issue or regret. If you are penny pinching and worried about your fuel bill, you may want to think twice about a Jeep. It is what it is and the fun factor has certainly more than offset the pump price. Great fun.

By yellowrubi on April 19 @ 11:02 pm
Dragon Edition Wrangler Unlimited 2014 - 5 Speed Automatic
I was reluctant to trade my 2012 Wrangler 2 door for the Dragon Edition but my family wanted the comfort and convenience of the 4 door and, after all, I would still have a wrangler. After a few weeks and a few hundred miles I can honestly say that it was a great decision. The ride is better than the 2 door on the highway. This Jeep has an upgraded suspension and gets more attention than even my "Crush" 2 door. The 18" wheels get lots of looks too. The creature comforts are easy to get used to and the MPG remains 22+ on my 25 mile round trip daily drive. Great room and new folding back seats are great. Of course I added my Warn winch bumper to the front.

By brkdvs on November 11 @ 3:14 pm
2014 Wrangle under 6000 miles
I am having a lot of personal issues with my Jeep. First I would like to say I understand the Wrangler is not supposed to be the most comfortable or fashionable vehicle but I have highlighted some problems that are completely unnecessary. 1. All the plastic is "chalking" and turning white. It looks really bad. 2. Terrible amount of drive-train play. It feels like the transmission will fall out of the vehicle at some point (lots of clunking and knocking) 3. The serpentine belt will not stop squeaking. 4. During heavy rain fall the cowl vent will leak and fill the passenger and driver footwells with water.

By mgbhunk on August 31 @ 1:58 am
Fun and Comfortable
Got my 4 door wrangler 3 mos. ago with the altitude package (blacked out trim). I get compliments everywhere on how cool it is. Manual trans shifts smooth and precise and makes the car extremely fun to drive. Gas mileage on highway can be 26 if I set the cruise @ 60; 16-19 in the city. Leather seats are very comfortable; ride is great; car is quieter than I thought it would be. dual top option gives you a nicer soft top. Radio/nav/Bluetooth controls are very intuitive. Dealer gave me a great price, so it made no sense to buy a used one.

By rachaelxo on May 25 @ 2:04 am
Very happy with my new Jeep
This is my first Jeep ever, I previously owned a 2014 Mustang so it was a big difference. The Wrangler is sporty and cute. I love a lot about it, a few cons I would say are the wind noise while driving and squeaking wind noise. The doors are very hard to close you have to slam them to get them to shut. Nothing on the dash tells me that my headlights are on, the Bluetooth often disconnects from my phone and I have to set it up again. Other than that it is great!!!!

By 2014blackjku on May 4 @ 5:35 am
Loving my Jeep
I have a bare bones 6spd hardtop Wrangler Unlimited and I love it. After owning an S2000 for 10 years, I decided I needed a new vehicle for my expanding family. I wanted a convertible, I needed to seat more than two people and I wanted something that can get me up the hill to my house in the snow. The Jeep is the only car on the market that fits my needs. It is a rough ride, slow (especially up hills) and handles poorly but I could care less. I love how it drives. Update 2018: Still love the Jeep. Things I would have done differently when I purchased: side airbags, 3.73 gears (so I could go up to 35" tires).

By karlw90 on April 1 @ 10:36 am
My 2014 Jeep Sahara
I was going to write a very detailed review, but I only have 700 characters, so here are the main points: - I drive 60+ miles every day in this Jeep and it's fine. Better than fine, as good as any mid-level SUV out there. - I got the dual top option. Do it if you live in an area like I do (Chicago) if you can afford it. The hard top is fantastic in winter, and soft top is great in summer. Switching is not the tops is really not that hard at all.

By Michael Buszuwski on December 4 @ 10:53 am
After 9 months and lots of mile - thoroughly enjoying my Jeep
I use my Wrangler as a Daily Driver and also do monthly road trips (400mi+) with the family. I have the soft top, the Willy's Wheeler Edition, and zero regrets. So many people obsess over getting a Hardtop but I recommend saving your money and just using the soft top - in 5 seconds you can retract to "sunrider mode" for sun and win, and in less than 5 minutes you can retract the top fully. The soft top is plenty warm enough for the coldest winters (I just went through one without issue) and its plenty quiet enough on the highway (I put on MANY highway miles thus far without a problem. My family and friends all want to buy a Wrangler of their own after riding mine. Great, fun vehicle.

By champ306 on July 7 @ 6:30 am
Jeep is fun stuff.
I am coming off owning sports cars, I really find this thing entertaining. For one it handles the road just fine, and what I mean, it eats up the crappy roads. Potholes, cracks, bridges. yes, no worry anymore. Sick of scrubbing your nose on your porsche? Buy a Jeep. Seriously, its that fun. Fun to drive, great stereo, top off fun when wanted, oh yeah and 4x4 like few others out there.

By Ljku on October 3 @ 1:38 pm
2014 JKU 4x4 Highly disappointed
I was over the moon when I purchased my jeep. That soon ended when within the first week I had to take it back to the dealer due to a bad fan. Dealer claimed it was a factory defect. Two months later my check engine light came on for a day and went off. Checked the code and it was for a cylinder 6 misfire. Thought it may have been caused by bad fuel. About a month later we got some heavy rain and my driver side floor board was full of water( 1/2inch). I had taken the top off maybe 3 times since I had the jeep and thought maybe I didn't put it back on properly. My husband and I took it off and readjusted it. Another rain storm came and soaked the floor once again. Took it in to the dealer and said it was due to a foam piece that needed to be replaced at the top of the roof by the driver door. Needless to say that didn't work. The foam didn't even stay on. Took it in for a second time and all they did was replace the foam again. The service tech kept telling me how temperamental the hard tops are and insinuated I wasn't putting the top back on properly even though I hadn't touched it since taking it to them the first time. He then proceeded to show me where the drain plug was under the driver seat in case it took on too much water. I thought he was joking. Again replacing the foam didn't work. Took it in for the third time and they kept it for 3 days and said it was due to something with the frame and part of the hard top not being square. About a month later I had no leaks and hadn't even taken the top off due to fear of it leaking again. That seemed to have been fixed. A couple weeks roll around and my check engine light is on again for a cylinder 6 misfire. Took it in to the dealer and they said it was due to software updates that needed to be done on my jeep so they did the updates. Here we are about 2 weeks later and the check engine light is on yet again. I'm scheduled to take it in this week and here what they have to say. Bottom line I've taken it in soon to be 6 times in the first year of owning it. Save yourself the heartache and money and don't buy this vehicle.

By Hal on August 31 @ 10:27 pm
Fix the DAMM!!! Top
There has been nothing but leaks since they came out with the T-Tops just read all the forums with people having major problems with their hardtops. Jeep knows about the leak problems but still they refuse to do anything about it yet they still continue to put out T-Tops that leak. Hey Jeep give the customer a choice of a soft top,T-Top, or a one piece solid top. I just purchased a 2014 and nothing but leaks and it's been in the shop four times for leaks. This is my fourth jeep with a T-Top and I would have thought that by now Jeep would have taken care of the problem. Very disappointed in their quality control especially Jeep is to dam cheap to fix the problem instead of turning out Jeeps that continue to leak from the piece of crap T-Top. VERY disappointed in the product.

By Slo Ryd on May 1 @ 6:26 pm
Get one! You'll thank yourself ~
Had a CJ-7 3-speed in D.C., Colorado, and on the Autobahn. Loved it all (simplistic freedom in its rawest form), except couldn't hear the radio on the Autobahn in the ragtop... Jump forward to very comfortable heated seats inside a hushed interior with really great sounding tunes plus a new engine that finally has some spunk and you have a world class Land Rover Rescue Vehicle. A tad costly like a Harley, but resale value is up there too. Bought this like new condition used & saved some $. Live your independence, have fun, and don't give your life any "wish I had" 'cause you only get to do this once - BUY A JEEP! update: Forgot to say if you live in hill country, tow, or get into mean outbacks DO NOT get the 3.21 gears. Get the 3.73 gears. You'll thank yourself without even knowing.

By Hudson Williams on July 14 @ 4:46 pm
Truly Disappointed. Do NOT buy a Jeep Wrangler.
Before anyone reads this I want to let everyone know that I am a true Jeep lover. Anyone that knows me would swear to that fact. I had wanted a Jeep since I was nine years old. My next door neighbor had a 1943 fully restored WWII Willy's. Absolutely beautiful vehicle and amazing what it could do. I bought my first Jeep in 2012 when I turned 40 as I was not getting any younger. It was my first new car as I had always owned used vehicles prior to this. I was super excited and immediately fell in love with it. The doors could come off, the top could be pulled back, the four-wheeling it could handle! Truly the coolest vehicle on the road. Seriously, what other vehicle can do all that? Sadly the honeymoon did not last long. It began with the leaks around the doors. Twelve times in the shop and they never fixed the problems. They even tried resetting the doors with no luck. Nothing worked. Wet carpet in a humid climate is not ideal at all. That's not even the worst of it. Mixed in with leaking doors, the mechanical issues soon began. Some may not believe me but I have the records to prove it. The throttle body went bad three times. The fuel injection system went bad twice. I had a cracked air intake manifold twice. A bad oil cooling system. You name, it went wrong. Too many electrical problems to even mention. The running joke in my neighborhood was that it in the shop more than it was on the road or that it had been built on the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, it was a lemon & luckily they took it back before my lease was up but I was still out what I had paid in the year-in-a-half that I leased it. (That's why I have the records.) Here is where it gets even worse. I figured that since I had a lemon my first time out, there was no way I could get another bad one. I mistakenly bought a 2014 and tricked it out. Another bad move on my part. I had the lift package put on it, rock rails, a wench, KC lights, bush-whacker fenders flairs, 35-inch tires with nice rims, a Gobi Rack, a snorkel package, you name it. Again, this Jeep was going to be perfect! A four-wheeling machine!!!! It was for a short while and then like the first one, the mechanical problems began and have not stopped. I didn't need to worry about the rain leaks that were happening as I had moved to Denver. Too dry to worry about that here as it would dry out in hours. What I did need to worry about however was that in a month and a half, it broke down on me five times. Two times where it needed towing as it shut down completely and I was stuck in the middle of the road! First I was told it was the oil-exchange system. Is there such a thing? Then it was a bent wire that shorted out. Then the oil started leaking like mad. I took it in three times to get that to stop. It is still leaking oil now. I went to two different dealerships to see if one was better than the other. Answer to that question - NOPE!!!! Now I have a loud chirping/squeaking noise underneath the vehicle that gets louder and louder with ever bump in the road. It is incredibly annoying. I have been told by the dealership that it is the lift package. It isn't. I have had three separate specialty shops look at it (one that specializes in lift packages on Jeeps) and none of them think that it is the lift package making the noise. They have nothing to gain by telling me this either as they will make no money off of me when they tell me this. The dealership tells me it is the lift package as that is not covered under the warranty and they don't have to pay for that repair. Speaking of warranty. What happens to my repair costs when that runs out? No thanks Chrysler!!!! The point with all this is - DON'T buy a Jeep folks. I want to save you the hassle and frustrations that I have put up with now for nearly 4.5 years! Jeeps are incredible high on the "cool factor" scale. The way they look, what you can do with them, etc. When it comes to reliability however, this is a completely different story. In my near 24 years of driving, the two Jeeps I have owned are easily the two least reliable vehicles I have ever owned. Remember, I only had used vehicle prior to this and one of those vehicles was a 1971 VW Super Beetle!!! I want to love my Jeep but I need it to run. I need it to be reliable. I am truly disappointed by this and really wish it was not this way. I am disappointed that Chrysler has done little to nothing to help. I am done with Jeep until they get their product straight. I know I am not the only one that has had these issues either. The more people I talk to, the more I find have the same frustrations as me. For those of you who have reliable Jeeps, let me say that I am really jealous! I am also happy for you and I really hope that lasts. You are lucky. I am finding however that the lucky Jeep owners with few repairs and frustrations are becoming more and more rare. I hope Chrysler fixes things soon.

By Jonathan Harris on June 3 @ 7:31 pm
2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport Very Dependable
So first, I have to warn others first, BUY A SPORT MODEL. Don't buy a Sahara, or a Rubicon if you are wanting to modify it heavily. The Sahara has issues with electronics, and the Rubicon has constant issues with the motor in the Electronic sway-bar disconnect motor burning out, and electronics. The sport model, however, has almost no issues. Some things that me and other Jeep lovers have noticed about this Jeep that you may need to do/address: 1. JEEP WAVE! When you buy a jeep Wrangler, you will notice that a lot of other Jeep Wranglers will be waving to you. This is part of owning a jeep. You MUST return the wave. A head nod does not cut it. If you don't want to wave, don't buy a jeep! (Comes with the territory) 2. Remove the rear seat, it's a cheap way to double your cargo room. Plus, for me at least, it caused my jeep 2 door to do a rocking motion when going over bumps at high speeds. Removing the back seat allowed the rear to be a little stiffer, and remove the rocking motion. 3. Get a cargo cover. I personally have a Tuffy Security enclosure in mine. 4. DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING VISIBLE IN YOUR JEEP! Unless you want your top cut. (new cloth top costs almost $1000 dollars... even with a 2 door) 5. Don't expect this to be a quiet and easy ride. It's loud, noisy, whistles, and on the highway with a strong crosswind, it's difficult to control. But hey, It's a jeep! Every one has had the same issues. (THIS IS NOT LUXURY! IF YOU ARE BUYING A JEEP FOR LUXURY, BUY A MERCEDES, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU) With all that, that's it! Welcome to Jeeping and loving a Jeep! Some people love it, some people hate it. [HTML removed]

By Tammy Willis on December 21 @ 7:28 pm
I have had numerous electrical problems with this Jeep and a oil leak. The oil leak was within the first 6 months of owing it and it took the dealership over a week to get the part in to have my Jeep repaired. Now as far as the electrical problems, that is a different story, the first problem was, when my tire light would come on my door light would also come and, and they dealer did not know how to fix it, still not fixed to date and my Jeep is 2-1/2 years old, then my buttons on steering wheel were very hard to push, and when I would turn blinker on my interior lights would blink with the blinker, and my lights on the shifter never would light up, at this same time I complained how when it barely rains my Heep slides going around curve very slowly if I apply my brakes, and of course the dealer did not know how to fix that either, but did have to replace my blinker arm, and this fixed the buttons hard to push on steering wheel and the flashing overhead lights when blinker was one. Now it is going back in shop because my esc light keeps coming on and my jeep makes a funny noise if I turn to the left with my brakes applied. It seems like it is always something with the electronics on this Jeep, I am so glad I bought the extended warranty or I would not be able to afford all these so called repairs. I gave up my 1997 Chevy z71 to try a Jeep. Not for sure if this was the best idea. I always heard that Jeeps were tough and you don't have very many problems, so that I was convinced of so I purchased mine. I do love the looks of the 4 door Jeep Wrangler.

By Conrad on September 16 @ 7:52 pm
2 Years and 55k miles of Dream Ownership
I drove my 2014 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (automatic transmission, 3.73 gearing) for 2 years until a car crash (another driver's fault) took her from me. I loved the car so much I've ordered a 2016 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock as a replacement. This was two years and 55k miles of hard, varied, challenging driving. The Jeep took me on two long, 3000 mile roadtrips to national parks; it also served as my commute vehicle from Boulder to Denver and around Boulder (city driving) for that time. First, a disclaimer: this review is about a loaded Rubicon. Some of the positives I mention will not relate to a base Sport or even a Sahara or a limited edition, but at the core (engine, transmission, basic off-road capability), all Wranglers have a lot in common. Now, the positives (there are too many to list, but I'll cover my favorites). (1 - Off-road ability) My Jeep saw two trips to Moab and countless trips to the Colorado trails. The mud-terrain tires, heavy Dana 44 axles with lockers, the sway bar electronic disconnect, and trip computer with navigation and tire pressure monitoring and etc. proved invaluable. Not only was I able to climb terrain my friends in Nissan XTerra Pro4Xs and Toyota FJ Cruisers could only dream of, I was able to do it EASILY and often quite slowly. Sometimes momentum is your friend in challenging or slippery conditions. While some cars had to floor it in 4-LOW to ascend a hill, I could do it at a leisurely crawl. Furthermore, when I bought the Jeep I was an offroad novice. This vehicle endured countless crunches (and I mean crunches) onto the skid plates and rock rails while I made rookie mistakes. And at the end of the day, I drove back out onto the two lane highway, shifted into 2WD, and drove away without a hitch. Most cars would have been rendered immobile by what I often subjected the Jeep to. (2 - Luxury) Yes, luxury. A Wrangler is not, and hopefully will never be, a Mercedes-quality vehicle. But the Rubicon surrounds you with heated leather seats with "Rubicon" embroidery and contrast baseball stitching, illuminated footwells and cupholders, leather wrapped (yes, real leather) steering wheel and shift knobs (both the transmission and the 4WD knobs). My Rubicon also had a very good 7-speaker Alpine sound system with a subwoofer. New Rubicons have a 9 speaker, 500 watt Alpine system. The UConnect system has Garmin navigation and voice-controlled sound system (iPod, radio, etc.) and voice-controlled Bluetooth calling. Mine also had a TravelLink subscription which allowed you to check weather, ski conditions, movie times, etc. from the touch screen. Another qualification: my Rubi cost almost $50,000. With that kind of money, you could buy a much more luxurious Ford Explorer Limited or Honda Pilot Touring. The Wrangler is not plush. But it IS comfortable, and sitting in it makes you feel special, and isn't that all you can ask of a vehicle? To scope out the interior more, simply build the edition of your choice on CarGurus and look at pics of the interior - it speaks for itself. (3 - a feeling of command and safety) The Wrangler's upright driving position, planted stance, and almost entirely vertical glass make the road easy to see, the vehicle easy to place on the road, and you confident that you're driving less of a passenger car and more of a tank. Especially with the hard top, you really do feel in command of the road and ready to meet anything the world or other drivers want to throw at you. That confidence simply isn't felt in a reclined, car-like CUV like a Honda CR-V or Toyota Rav4. (4 - SAFETY!) As stated, I was involved in a car crash. I was going about 40 mph through a green light and another driver made a left turn into me going the opposite direction (she was going about 20 mph). It was a fast crash (60 mph) but not awful. Even still, head-on collisions are always scary and you want a car that can protect you. Both front airbags deployed and I got out of the vehicle without a scratch and feeling relatively fine. The other driver was stuck in her car and distressed. Speaking of the other car - it was totaled, the hood crushed and the front end pretty compacted. The Jeep looked almost fine aside from the bumper being dented in dramatically and damage to the grille. Ultmately, it was totaled anyway - it needed a new frame apparently (which I blame on a combination of the crash and aforementioned rock crunching, which I'm sure weakened the frame). Feel free to argue amongst yourselves what this means about crash durability of the Wrangler - I simply care that it protected me so well and had very little visible damage. (5 - A few cons) Fuel economy decent but not great, lack of some luxury or convenience features you'd want for 50K. Other than that, its an absolutely incredible vehicle.

By jon on February 18 @ 10:14 am
To expensive to do serious off road stuff

By Harold B Donnelly on December 4 @ 6:10 am
fun fun fun
This is a true suv and fun to drive

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