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The 2013 Jeep Wrangler proves you don't have to follow trends to achieve sales success. Today's SUV class is populated by car-based, city-friendly crossovers, but back when the segment first launched, those first models were rough-and-tumble rock climbers ready for anything. The Wrangler remains a rare holdout that still ascribes to this original formula, and its uniquely rugged personality has won it a consistent and fiercely loyal following.

The Wrangler is a purpose-built machine that exudes a certain stark charm. Its off-road skills are second to none; the Wrangler is a veritable mountain goat, ready to tackle whatever mountain or ravine you throw its way. Removing the doors and roof brings you closer to the elements, and though the ride is rough, this Jeep can be an entertaining companion around town. With its upright stance and angular silhouette, the Wrangler oozes boxy machismo in a sea of curvy crossovers.

Still, Wrangler ownership comes with notable drawbacks. That rugged ride quality can grow tiresome if you drive the Jeep daily. Nor is a soft-top Wrangler built with tranquility in mind, so prepare to speak in your outside voice if you want to converse with passengers. The soft top can be a pain to install and remove (but gets easier with repetition) and makes the Wrangler vulnerable to theft. An optional hardtop solves both of these problems, but adds cost. Finally, braking distances and side crash-test ratings are also disappointing.

If the Wrangler's idiosyncrasies are unacceptable and you'd prefer a more livable take on the outdoorsy SUV, consider the Nissan Xterra or Toyota FJ Cruiser. But for many, as evidenced by its status as one of Jeep's top sellers, the 2013 Jeep Wrangler's rustic appeal cannot be denied.

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2013 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2013

The 2013 Jeep Wrangler gets more comfortable, easier-to-use seats, a new tire pressure monitoring system that displays individual tire pressures, and a premium Alpine sound system. Unlimited models get a soft top that's easier to raise and lower and an available premium soft top. A limited-edition 10th-Anniversary Rubicon model includes upgraded off-road features and a special "Anniversary Red" interior. Finally, the new Moab Edition package bundles a variety of standard features with special exterior and interior styling details.


Superior off-road capability


Choppy ride

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By jordanl010 on December 27 @ 8:23 am
I just got this jeep yesterday. Commando green, maunal, hard top. I absolutely love it. Rides so smoth. Its like a SUV. The interior is nicer than most cars and its a jeep.

By breal3 on November 8 @ 1:25 am
'13 Wrangler Unlimited
I have had probably 5 Jeeps in my life... This one is one of the best! I have almost 10,000 miles on it now and haven't had any problems at all. The build quality is equal to if not better then my previous car (Acura TSX). The new engine is perfect, I use the Jeep to tow my 20ft boat to and from the lake with no lack of power.

By jansah1 on April 1 @ 6:17 pm
A Fantastic Blend of Capabilities
I just got my first Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition, manual, premium soft top with saddle brown leather interior. I live in CT. There are no official off road trails here but Wranglers are still very popular. I love the ride more than I thought I would and its pluses outweigh any minuses. Before buying it, I read reviews where people complained about various things. To those people I'd say...drive an updated one. They've changed a lot in the last 3 years. Road noise is no more than my previous car especially with the radio on. I don't have the hard top but the premium soft top keeps out the cold as the heaters crank even at 10 degrees outside. I love having the only Moab edition in my area.

By bu_tu on July 12 @ 9:35 pm
The most fun car for the money!
This is my first Jeep, 2013 Wrangler Sport with 6 speed. I have had many new cars over the years, but this one is the most fun car I have ever owned. It is a blast to drive, get 22+ mpg on the highway, fits in any parking place, have about 2000 miles on it now and am really pleased with the vehicle. Good fit and finish, hardtop makes it quiet inside. Have a convertible in the summer, something to go in the snow in the winter, and can go back country also. Nice work Jeep!

By objectively on January 2 @ 12:55 am
Modern classic
We drove a 2003 Honda Pilot for the last 10 years. It was the darling of the automotive press when we bought it. So that is the yardstick. When going to test drive the Rubi, I expected it to be loud on the highway. It isn't. In fact it's pleasantly quiet, much quieter than the Pilot. Huh? Yes. Every review about Wranglers goes on and on about how crude they are. We did not find this to be true. The UConnect features work perfectly and intuitively. We're happy with the Wrangler and enjoy the fun it brings on our local trails and off road parks.

By odsjk13fap on July 19 @ 1:23 pm
Family Adventure Platform
First off it is a Jeep so the priority of being able to head off the beaten path, plow through snow, and over things have to be something at the top of your list o/w get yourself a Honda Pilot or Minivan! I have 3 x Kids (9, 7, 3) under the age of 10 and the most awesome facet of the Unlimited is the ability to host 3x Kids seats! They love it! I went on a ski trip and was able to pack for a family of five w/out putting on a cargo carrier or nothing! The Sahara Model - provides a nice balance of jeep ruggedness with creature comforts.

By aba3 on January 20 @ 12:14 am
Camo Green 2013 sport-loaded Wrangler
We were looking to replace the Mini(3rd car) As the pleasure of driving it in the warm east coast months with the top down, shifting its precise 6 speed, getting looks because charcoal and black racing stripes (totally hot car package)...was not doing it for us anymore. We wanted a reliable in -case of emrgency (snow) car. Also, something we can put the top down. The sun roof is easy and manual. Looking for just 2 weeks. We drove a 2012 and it was OK. It seemed to be missing a lot of things we've become accustomed to. Than we drove the 2013 and what a difference from the plush seats to the electric windows to the NEW great color-Commander Green.

By 323kidd on August 4 @ 1:06 am
I purchased my 2 door rubicon 2 months ago and have put 2500 miles on since. First time wrangler owner and I absolutely love this vehicle. I am used to driving German luxury cars with precise handling and power but I have a permanent grin when driving my ruff and tumble rubicon. My 4 year old daughter has little trouble working her way into the back seat. Do not buy one if you want fuel economy, excess room, or a smooth ride....do buy one if you seek adventure, your not afraid to get off the pavement sometimes, and you like to smile alot.

By jeepsrfun on January 31 @ 6:00 am
5th Wrangler & By Far The Best!
I felt I should write a review for all those considering a Wrangler. I purchased a Sport w/Auto, a fairly extensive list of options and soft top . But the best things about the 2013 version is the MUCH improved engine, the greatly improved comfort of the seats and the premium upgrade top, which is more of a fabric versus the plastic. It makes for a very quiet ride (as much as a Jeep can be.) I drive approximately 30 miles a day and it is a pleasure to drive. It will never be confused with a sedan, but it doesn't beat you up like the old Jeeps. Gas mileage is as advertised, approx 18mpg. The fun factor is great, easy to take down entire top or just flip the top over the driver area. Get one!

By jkmeriwether on September 20 @ 1:00 am
First Wrangler (2 door)
Wanted a Wrangler for a long time but didn't like the comfort in the 2012 and earlier. Also concerned about the gas mileage, being used to driving fairly economical cars. The 2013 comfort well surpassed the previous years'. The new seats are much better, though they could be a little firmer. The driving position is great for me (5'11''). I love having that higher vantage point on the road. Gas mileage is not bad. I've seen 23-24 on highway, keeping it at the speed limit. I usually drive it conservatively so my mileage is better than average I guess. I have a loaded Sport with dual top. I put the soft top on a week ago just to see what it was like, but decided to stick with the hard top.

By drdanobgyn on June 12 @ 1:30 am
9th Wrangler and counting
Just got my 2013 Wrangler 4 days ago. Had a 2012 and it seems like a huge difference. Drove it to Wright Patterson and back this morning. All expressway and got 27.7 mpg. That's 65 almost all the way. Driving 55 is better yet. Love the new seats. Much more cushioning. Got the Alpine stereo and it's awesome. Plenty of room for me and the dog. Took the back seat out, so my next date has to ride in the back since the dog has the front.

By bburgin on September 5 @ 7:14 am
Love it so far
I've always wanted a jeep. I lived in Southern California for 30 years and always had a motorcycle and convertible SL 500. I wished I would of bought the jeep back then and I would of killed to birds with one stone. I love how easy it is to take the top and doors off the way it drives on the freeway.....just a bit loud from the wind....but it's a Jeep. I probably found the make and model of the car I will drive for the rest of my life.

By mark2169 on February 17 @ 9:58 pm
Perfect 4x4 for me
This is my first Wrangler, and it is everything I wanted and expected it to be. I put off buying a Wrangler for decades because others told me it would be impractical and I regret having done so as I now have the vehicle I feel that fits who I am. One who buys a Wrangler isn’t someone who cares about luxury features, speed or slalom figures on the racetrack, or smoothness. They get a Wrangler because they want a JEEP. This is one of the most capable off road vehicles out there, and it works well on the road also as a daily driver.

By donnaviolin on September 14 @ 5:20 pm
I'm in LOVE!!!
I have wanted a Jeep Wrangler since I was 5(I am 34 now). When I bought my Honda CRV in 2010, I wanted the Jeep and everyone told me it was impractical, and I listened....but I am glad I waited until 2013, because I love the changes and I had a decent trade in with the CRV. I have a Rock Lobster color Sport with 6 speed manual and soft top. Even though I am in this Jeep for over 2 hours every day, I still find any excuse to go out and drive in it. I know, now, that I will never drive anything but a Wrangler!! And, if anyone is looking in the Northern VA area...go to Lustine Jeep in Woodbridge!!! My salesman, James, was a Jeep owner and entusiast....and he Was amazing!!!

By rocket1992 on March 4 @ 4:39 pm
6 months. No problems. Fun to drive.
It's been 6 months and about 6,000 miles and I could not be happier. During the summer with the top off it was great and very fun to drive. I've not had any problems (mechanical or otherwise) and have only paid for a couple oil changes. The little touches are nice especially in the interior: little Jeep logos, lights for the cup holders, etc. Gas mileage has been right on the mark at 17.3mpg for mostly city driving. I do wish that it came with a coin holder, but aside from this it's been a fantastic vehicle. Can't wait for the Michigan snow to fly!

By brownjeep on March 6 @ 8:36 am
Love it
Always thought a Jeep would be a cool - but was concerned about reliability. With the new V6 and other improvements I decided now was the time. Best decision ever! I love driving this Jeep and off roading in the mountains and desert of So Cal is great. I get 17-18 city and as much as 23 mpg highway if I keep it at 65. No problems or concerns to date. Currently at 6K miles.

By rogerdl05 on May 30 @ 8:51 pm
New JK Kicks [non-permissible content removed]
I have owned other Jeep Wranglers and this one by far has been the best! The new Pentanstar engine makes it, I have put on 33"s with a 2 inch lift and it still feels spunky when the engine decides to kick in. This vehicle is great but it is has a few things that drive me crazy.

By jeepola1 on June 14 @ 12:05 am
2013 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited
I've had our Wrangler approximately a year and a half. For the record - I'm a Jeep NUT. I still have the first Jeep I ever bought new: A 86 CJ-7 Laredo. The wife and I have always had jeeps in our 25 years of marriage. Mainly Cherokees and Grand Cherokees. Reliability was always decent, except for the disc brakes, which always suffered from warped rotors. The new Wrangler was our first venture into "regular" jeeps since my '86 purchase. In a nutshell - I LOVE it. Power and handling are spot-on. It's comfortable, hard top removal and install is a cinch, and it's a blast to drive. Long term reliability remains to be seen of course (especially with the Pentestar) but for now I am sold.

By sonto13 on December 5 @ 8:53 pm
family fun
This is my first Jeep, overall I am very impressed. I have wanted a Jeep for awhile. I wanted something that was capable and practical for everyday life as well. This is a timeless vehicle that stands out in the parking lot or trailhead. With two young kids and all there stuff and mine, the unlimited was the way too go. A little tough for them to get in on their own right now, but this thing goes almost anywhere. Which is what I love the most about my Jeep. Especially living in the northeast lake effect snow belt. The unlimited has good storage in the rear. The alpine stereo and uconnect is a great feature. After owning a jeep for two years my option had changed. Jeep claims this is a capable vehicle, it is till it gets wet. Jeep needs to use marine grade electronics. I left the top down in a downpour, numerous electrical issues after that. I was very disappointed and I sold the Jeep and did not by another one.

By britqueen on November 2 @ 5:59 pm
a timeless classic
I've owned this car for a year without any problems and it's been a fun to drive. I wish it had keyless start and the upgraded infotainment system they put in the new Jeep Grand Cherokees. Otherwise, I love the off road capabilities and the after market modifications that can be done. I plan to own this vehicle for many, many years and so far no major problems at all! Update 8/2015: The engine block was defective and ended up getting a new engine. However they still couldn't get it to work so I just bought a new Jeep!

By zamarrda on February 20 @ 12:05 pm
Sales to Support: Dodge Chrysler Jeep NIghtmare
Bought a new 2013 Wrangler. Was very excited. Loved Jeeps, not anymore. Electronic Stability Control went out on me 3 times("and fixed") on the freeway. Went into Limp mode(kills the engine) and was almost run over by a Big Rig. Chrysler willing to do nothing. Had to get a lawyer and lemon law it. Worst company and service EVER. Jeep are iconic and I know thay are appealing BUT they are not run by the same people anymore AND the service is on par with cable companies. Be very careful. ruined my summer and almost killed my family.

By cleveintn on December 31 @ 12:02 pm
Jeep doesn't stand behind product
This is my 4th Wrangler. So, I have been a big fan for a long time. This is my nicest Wrangler yet, but sadly, my LAST. I was driving down the interstate and heard a rattle. My wheel fender had come loose i.e. the plastic clips holding it together had broken. I take it to the dealer (still under 3yr/36k bumper to bumper) and, they tell me they have to get it approved. That should have been my first warning. After I don't hear from them for two weeks I call and get denied. They say its not a warranty item....guess bumper to bumper is just an expression. To call this vehicle trail worthy ha! maybe after you get aftermarket parts! 2 recalls and 2 warranty visits in one year of ownership!!!

By Gayle Weathers on December 10 @ 2:46 am
I got a lemon.
50K on 4th set of tires. Airbag light on all the time.Check engine light stays on. 11 mpg. Rides terrible.Ask Dealer for help said no.Ask Jeep for another Jeep no response.Also the A.C.quits.2013 with only 50K these problems started when it was new.CD player eats CDS.

By Aaron K on December 27 @ 12:26 am
So far so good
Great vehicle so far. Closing in on 50K miles and the original tires still look pretty good, 17" all terrain. No problems whatsoever. The last new Wrangler we had before this one developed front suspension troubles around this time but I am not seeing anything like that with this one. The black paint on the plastic roof top scratches easily is about the only nit I can pick. Would be nice to have some standard cradle or something you can attach the tops to in the storage area. Mileage is not the greatest. My crew cab Silverado 4x4 5.3 liter gets almost the same; 16-21 mpg in mixed driving. Still, I Love this Jeep! Update: 28 Jan 2017 Daily driver. Still running well, still no problems. Replaced original brakes and tires at 58kmiles.

By Pam Cox on September 24 @ 4:53 pm
Looks great! Troubles great!
I bought right hand drive for post office. Ordered it. Loved the looks, loved the drive but it wasn't a month old when I had to replace all the 4 ply tires due to flats!!! Who puts 4 ply tires on this type of vehicle... Then all was great for first 25,000. Miles. My engine light came on, then airbag light came on. I have replaced brake pads 3 times at this point. Take it to dealership get the light issue fixed, I thought... Then something in steer wheel goes wrong, meanwhile engine light is back on. When all is said and done, I'm up to 40,000. Miles now with same issues. Seems this model jeep has electrical problems. I know about 5 different people with jeeps that are having same issues. Mine ended costing 2000.00. Because right hand drive does not get bumper to bumper warranty. I just want to say to jeep reps, you need to have a recall on this electrical problem. Been to many complaints on that alone. Dealerships know this but try to give every excuse in the world. Yes my jeep still looks great and I still like it but not sure I'd ever buy another.....I have a co worker that just bought 2015, she's having same electrical problems.

By Jason on June 8 @ 11:42 am
Great Fun!
I bought my 2013 Jeep JKU new and currently have 40000 on the clock. Only a couple of warranty issues, other than that the Jeeps been outstanding. This is a fun vehicle to drive. We take it everywhere and leave the Honda Acccord in the garage. I look forward to climbing into to it every morning. Bottom line, if you want a fun vehicle that can tackle the tough stuff and still look buttoned down for a night out or at the office, get one!

By frank on December 29 @ 4:28 pm
Problems Overblown
To the consumer report devotees, the Wrangler is a really great vehicle. I've wanted one forever( and considering I'm on S.S., it is) and glad I bought a 2013 Unlimited Sport in 2012. It has given me 25,000 trouble free miles. Not a single rattle ! Maybe because it's stock or because I don't beat on it like a juvenile - this is a very liveable day in and day out vehicle. Have driven it 400 miles in one day without fatigue and it handles just fine. The only times things get a bit rough are when the road traveled has frost heaves ,dips, etc. My 1991 Jimmy 4x4 road worse . I could use a bit more room( gave up a 12 year Odyssey for this), but no regrets. And, along with the great resale value , I'm driving a vehicle that always looks current ( with other Wranglers). When I decide to drop the top, it requires several minutes, but no biggie. Cool. Many friendly waves from other Wrangler drivers. The last time that happened is when I drove a Vette back in the 70s. The only improvement I'd like to see on the restyled 2018 is a hatch glass for the softtop . The aftermarket has already done this, but my top is like new .

By Jeef L on March 16 @ 7:05 pm
You get what you see
I have the 10th anniversary Rubicon and I love it. If you're looking for a great jeep, this is it! If you're looking for a comfortable SUV, move on. This is a rugged, mountain climber and it rocks with the lid off. You get what you see

By VINCENT Lombardo on October 3 @ 8:18 am
Wranglewr review
Not a great family car. More of a single man or woman's car. Good for commuting or off roading.Good winter driving car. Good for long trips. Sport model doesn't have a lot of electronic gizmos, so there is less to go wrong. There are tons of after market parts you can put on these, to dress it up. An all around fun vehicle.

By Dan Ouellette on October 1 @ 2:09 am
It's a Jeep!
I don't understand people who bash the Jeep saying it's not comfortable, it bounces a lot, etc... It is a JEEP people! If you want comfort, go buy something else. But just remember, whatever else you buy just isn't a Jeep! The first Jeep I drove was in the Army back in 1984. I loved that Jeep! My next Jeep was a 1965 that I bought in 1994. I loved that Jeep also. Now it is 2016 and I just bought my 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. And guess what... I love this one too! I can't believe how comfortable this Jeep is. I traded in a fully-loaded Lincoln Navigator for this Jeep, and I honestly think this Jeep is more comfortable. Of course I do not like leather seats, so that might be the whole reason I like this more! It's comfortable, it drives great, it rides great, everything is right there where you need it (once you get used to the location of stuff). I have three complaints: 1) I wish it came with a standard hood lock. 2) I wish it came with standard grab bars to haul your butt into the seat. 3) I wish the wind noise wasn't so loud. Other than those three things, my Jeep is perfect!

By Steve Ward on November 8 @ 11:54 pm
Good Review!
So far this Jeep has never been worked on. Tires, battery and oil are the only time my Wrangler has ever been in a shop. I'm well pleased!

By John on February 28 @ 10:47 pm
Love the jeep when it Runs
I an second owner of a 2013 jeep wrangler. fun to drive when you are able to drive it. This jeep is loaded everything you can get on it. Remote starter works but then can not shut off ac unless you turn car off and restart. dealer says hmmm never heard of that event though there are bulletins describing issues with remote start. second will not turn starter over unless it wants to and now won't turn at all after a week. have been told it is the tipm module failure 1200 dollars of course a bulletin stating it is a big problem. now guess what again tipm and they won't warrant it after 30 days only been 3 months. jeep less than 36000 miles on it. I will never buy chrysler again. had a 2001 jeep wrangler was great. the new ones to much electrical problems. so now i have a 2013 jeep in driveway won't start. and the jeep place i brought it too is now fighting my credit card dispute. hmm wonder if they will when. already have yellow curved sticker on it saying Lemmon. and it will be sitting on trailer across street from jeep dealer for all to see.

By freddy collett on April 6 @ 4:36 pm
love my jeep
not your dad's jeep of the 70's or 80's , nice modern vehicle , V 6 gets bad gas mileage thou

By Todd on July 11 @ 3:39 pm
Low quality and poor design = cost of own
I have owned three Jeeps (1996, 2001, 2013) and have experienced first hand declining quality. In the five years of ownership; leaking oil cooler (safety recall, under warranty), rear axle bearing seal leak ($780), anti theft key system failure ($700). This is my third and last Jeep. As a professional mechanical engineer the culprit is clear; poor design most likely driven a management desire to cut corners for profit.

By Jim Davidson on March 2 @ 2:16 pm
Love the Jeep, Hate the Manual Transmission!!!
All of my cars have been manual transmissions, including two trucks and three cars. First of all, a manual transmission was hard to find (even for a Jeep)! Second, the worst idea in the world was to put electronic hill assist in the vehicle - this little engineering marvel is made for "mo-tards" who don't know how to drive manual transmissions. Finally, it's extremely difficult to shift into reverse because of the weird angle. I'm guessing this Jeep was designed for REALLY BIG people.

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