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In the realm of modern wheeled conveyances, the 2011 Jeep Wrangler seemingly ranks only a few rungs higher than a Jamaican jitney bus. This is a vehicle that proudly boasts of solid axles, removable doors, exposed hinges and a fold-down windshield. Yet these symbols of antiquated automotive engineering remain strangely appealing because the Wrangler is still the world's most iconic off-road adventure vehicle.

See, those doors have straps because they can be completely removed from the hinges. Ditto the folding windshield, which also comes in handy for hunting the occasional water buffalo. And with 10.2 inches of available ground clearance, solid axles and a steep approach angle, you'll be able to track down that water buffalo on just about whatever terrain it may choose to hide.

The big news for the 2011 Wrangler is its revised interior; it's part of Jeep's attempt to become more appealing to mainstream drivers. There's certainly a cognitive dissonance associated with adding new luxury features like heated leather seats, automatic climate control and a steering wheel with audio controls to a cabin that you can clean out with a hose, but then not everyone uses a Wrangler to its most rugged, dirty potential.

The 2011 Jeep Wrangler is a unique experience to be sure. This isn't to say it's the only game in town; if you'd like something more civilized that retains much of the Wrangler's off-road talent and visual machismo, the 2011 Nissan Xterra and 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser are worthy alternatives. Yet for better or for worse, nothing matches the Wrangler's array of unique talents, foibles and quirks.

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2011 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2011

The Jeep Wrangler receives a new interior for 2011, with improved materials, increased acoustic insulation, larger rear windows and new available features like power mirrors, automatic climate control, heated seats, a USB audio port, Bluetooth and steering wheel controls. Stability control, hill start assist and trailer stability control are now standard, while the optional hardtop is now body-colored on the Sahara.


Superior off-road capability


Security issues with zippered windows.

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By Happy in TN on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Comfort without giving up Jeep nature
We purchased this 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sahara last week and couldn't be happier with our choice. The traditional Jeep crowd may be put off by the heated seats, navigation system with HDD audio, climate control, and power windows. For us, it's a great way to give us the comfort and convenience of a luxury vehicle during the weekly commute combined with a capable off-road fun vehicle on the weekends. The family hasn't stopped smiling since our purchase.

By JeepLady on May 26 @ 11:00 am
I love it!
They did a wonderful job redesigning the interior! I love the style. Also it is so much more comfortable to drive then my 2003! I would recommend this Wrangler to anyone whose interested. I have a soft top, and it's not cold and noisy as people said it would be! Everyone should join part of the legacy and buy an American made Jeep!

By Mike on July 8 @ 11:00 am
2007 vs. 2011
Traded in a 2007 Rubi for a 2011 Rubi. 2011 has all the capabilities of the 2007 with the added comfort features of a Lexus; heated leather seats, heated power mirrors, Sat/Nav/DVD system. The on-road ride in the 2011 is much better than the 2007. Off-road in 2011 is on par with the 2007. 2011 is quieter on-road with either top than the 2007 also. Makes for in-vehicle conversation more pleasant. Fuel economy is a "6" because it isn't a fuel efficient vehicle, but I didn't buy it for that purpose. I gave an "8" in performance because in the automatic, low torque/got it, the engine seems to really work hard when the passing gear kicks in, but it does the job.

By tricia on September 6 @ 11:00 am
My new toy
This will be my 3rd Jeep and by far the new sports package with the interior electronic features ie:electric windows/Sirius/steering wheel push button features and added quiet interior feel like luxury in contrast to my others. My last wrangler was a 98 and being clueless about the mechanics of cars I'd have to say I can detect less engine power when I'm getting up around the rocky mountains and need the power boost. It's a pretty big downside to this Wrangler. Also, after an hour or less the drivers seat isn't terribly comfortable. Lots more visibility out the windows and easy lift back seat is a good feature. 7 speaker infinity is nice & pass. side lift seat. over all very pleased.

By Dano0726 on June 2 @ 11:00 am
Just As Expected!
Took only 5 weeks from order to delivery. 2011 interior is designed far better than 2010/prior JK's. Dash layout is exceptional. Whatever you give up in fuel economy, you gain in (1) Jeep ruggedness (2) Jeep resale (3) Jeep recognizeability (4) just an ultimate Jeep coolness I can't keep wife + daughter away from Mac Daddy's ride!

By johnny D on February 27 @ 11:00 am
The right choice
Needed a third vehicle that could plow through the snow [ wife drives rear wheel car] so i picked up the redesigned jeep wrangler Sahara they did a great job w the redesign of the interior, as well as dampening the noise level, only issue is the lack of power, but overall this is really the funnest vehicle i have ever owned, and the quality is excellent, nothing is "cheap". I cannot wait for the warmer weather so we can remove the hard top and enjoy the convertible. bought at garden city jeep..they are very professional and reasonable in the pricing of the truck. go for it!

By jeepsrfun on April 27 @ 1:58 am
4th Wrangler
Just picked up my 4th Wrangler over the past 10 years. I keep thinking I'd prefer a car, but the Wrangler keeps calling me back. By far the most comfortable one yet. My previous editions were all Sahara's, but decided I wanted a different look. LOVE the Sport model, looks "tougher." Got it with Auto, Satellite, Infiniti stereo (highly recommend if you're keeping stock stereo in car), tinted windows and supplemental side airbags. New model's soft top is different, no side drip rails, interior is much more quiet. Better interior materials than 2009, comfy arm rests. Seats are more cushy and supportive. Happy to be back in Wrangler, makes me smile when I do "Jeep Wave" w/fellow Wrangler owners.

By osucowboy1 on February 21 @ 10:12 pm
Red Wrangler
This is my fifth Wrangler in 10 years, the last being an identical 2010. We upgraded to the 2011 from the 2010 because of the interior changes and the need to take a 3,500 mile trip over Christmas break. The interior changes in the 2011 made for a very comfortable trip. Armrests are better placed and padded. Trim is rounded rather than squared. Seats are more comfortable and access to the rear seat is improved. The acoustics are better and the 2011 had less wind noise. Gas mileage was 21 mpg overall with a difference of about a mile to the gallon noted when using 10% ethanol. We love the Jeep and just helped our daughter buy an identical black sport. Nothing like the "Jeep" wave.

By jasmen on March 17 @ 8:05 am
Leaking Lemon Freedom Top...One of many
Owners of the 11 wrangler, I would pull out the seatbelt as far as it goes on rainy days. See if the belt is wet. Also reach your left hand up to the speaker area and feel around the cushion. Those are the less obvious areas other than dripping water from different areas of the top. When I went to the dealership in Ramsey, NJ (terrible customer service) to meet with the rep from jeep, they tried to figure out the leak by comparing my car to a same exact model on the lot. I felt around and alerted them that the backseat driver side mat was also wet as was the seatbelt. I wrote the VIN number IJ4-HA3H12BL-54565. Unfortunately, there're many others having the same problem. http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f96/water-leak-1138623/

By jdog63 on September 20 @ 4:06 am
Drip Drip
This is my first Jeep. The interior design is excellent. Power is OK but the fuel economy is poor. The issue with the leaking doors/top on the soft top is troublesome. I’ve had mine back to the dealer twice. They finally showed me a notice from the manufacturer that basically said it leaks and there is nothing to be done. Thanks Chrysler for leaving the drain plug in the floor and giving the 2.0GPA engineers a job – at least they’re not building bridges. If I’d known the doors/top leaked and every time it rains the carpet would get wet it would have been a deal breaker on the soft top. Oddly enough the wind noise is acceptable. To say the least I am not pleased – the dealer has had 2 attempts to fix it, we’ll see. Three strikes and it’s a lemon.

By dom12 on June 22 @ 12:02 pm
4x4 sahara automatic
very happy with the jeep wrangler , the power is ok , very strong feel , bumpy at time .very well done for the cost of the vehicle i do recomend this vehicle if your budget is in the low 30k with all the options

By thomm99 on November 7 @ 9:19 pm
Know what to expect and you will love it!!
If you want a Wrangler you know there isn't anything else that will do. I love my 2011 unlimited. The changes that were made to the interior have made a world of difference in the comfort of a daily driver stuck in traffic, but haven't taken anything away from what it can do off road. Be prepared for extra attention when you take the top and doors off. A wide open 4 door gets a lot of appreciative looks at stop lights!! As long as you know what to expect in terms of comfort and performance you will be very happy with a Wrangler. Having kids I highly recommend the Unlimited. Plenty of room for everything. The power is reasonable, mileage is decent for what it is, exterior is iconic!

By uber on June 19 @ 6:31 pm
It's a Jeep thing....NOW I understand :)
70th Anniversary Unlimited Auto - Bronze Pearl. I had pretty much decided on a Dodge Journey based on reviews and my requirements. So....I hiked off to the dealerships...drove the Journey....it wasn't bad.....good in fact....but....there they were....all those Wranglers....looking cool and iconic....made the Journey look pathetic....then I found out about the rebates and I was sold....$11k off sticker incl tax!! Three weeks in and I can't stop smiling... a bit more power would be OK but, when you are in a Jeep you don't care if you go a bit slower. It's not a sports car...point it in the general direction you want and it will go there....over almost anything! So much more than I expected.

By snobnk on February 12 @ 11:26 pm
If you are planning on buying a four door wrangler think again.I love the ride, style,ruggedness but can't stand that I paid 30000 for a vehicle where the floorboards fill up with water when it rains........6 times serviced and still leaks. Before buying Google jeep leaks..to bad because I love jeeps, my 2006 didn't leak at all.Chrysler has known of these problems since 2007 and still not fixed..They don't care they've got you money....mad mike

By gimtar on February 5 @ 5:31 pm
Leaks everytime it rains
I purchased the unlimted sahara in July 2011. This truck is fun to drive but when it rains, it rains inside also. I have the freedom top. I brought it at Bayside Jeep. I have taken it back at least ten times. The problem still has not been fixed. I contact chrysler and I am trying to get my money back or a differnt vehicle. They really need to work on this problem for $40,000.

By spider41 on December 31 @ 6:20 pm
so far so good
veryy happy with my jeep,first time owner,no leaks yet and we have had alot of rain here (N.Y.).I like the ride,pretty smooth.just wish I would have waited for the 2012,more power and maybe would have better gas mileage.on a rating of 1-5? I would put it at 4.....

By jeepsucks3 on December 3 @ 8:00 am
Don't Buy Anything from Jeep
Worst new car I ever purchased in my life. Jeep has been in the shop 5 times and only has 2,600 miles.Jeep will not take back the jeep and replace it with a new one(yet).Reason why is the jeep must have the same problem 4 times(which it has)They claim it's only been in the shop 3 three for the same problem.I've drop the jeep off three times and have been in two rental cars,about 15 days without new jeep I paid about $34,000 for.Everytime I pick up the jeep they say the same thing "problem fixed" I heard that 5 times now and it's getting old.I've been calm so far,but enough is enogh.like when my 6 and 8 year boys and wife are stuck in a parking lot because are new jeep won't work Thanks Jeep

By mtgvolvo on August 5 @ 11:08 am
Great mid-life crisis car!!!
All-around great vehicle for what you're expecting: rugged and simple with the extra comfort elements that make it perfect for the non-off-road enthusiast!

By bender64 on March 12 @ 10:31 pm
I have a lake in my Jeep?!?
I have always wanted a Wrangler growing up and finally purchased one several months ago. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Its been to the dealer 4 times and for water leaks. The service manager told me there was 4 major leaks and several other from the factory. I have no idea what Chrysler was doing when they had this thing assembled but it had to be on a Friday or before a holiday. I am in the process of talking to Chrysler now but who knows what they will do for me. Plus there was mold forming on the inside of the hard top from the moisture.

By ucalum10 on November 28 @ 9:19 pm
Dream purchase gone wrong
Im a very dedictaed Jeep customer. this is not my first Jeep i've owned. I purchased the exact Jeep featured in the photos on this site for about 30K. The passenger floor is a POND and the freedom-top leaks on the dash and on the radio everytime it rains. I AM NOT HAPPY. The jeep is into the dealership for the second time to fix the problem. After the first visit; I am confident nothing was resolved. I am now waiting for the mold and mildew to set in and I am now scared that my floors and rockers are going to rot out. The jeep isn't even a year old yet and it's been wet since day one. My state has a Lemon Law and I plan act upon it if it's not fixed by the 4th time. Why isn't there a recall?

By phontom on August 17 @ 5:14 pm
Water Leaks
Go ahead and purchase this jeep as long as you are prepared to fight the dealership you chose to purchase it from. Granted not all jeeps leak but is a good chance is will. I love my jeep but hate the headache it has given me when they can't stop the water from coming in.

By strangely_diff on February 7 @ 2:52 pm
Buyer beware
I have owned my jeep wrangler for over a year and it is falling apart. I'd wanted a jeep my whole life and finally able to afford one, it was a joke. Chrysler has ruined them in my opinion. Off road, it's awesome. Driving on the highway is terrible. The leftover v6 is severely underpowered. 6th gear is useless unless your state is perfectly flat. The major issues I had; death wobble, even a week after the recall was performed to fix, leaking hardtop(common issue, pass side a pillar, water stands under floor mats), and my wireing harnes 'came apart' at the fuse box melting the connector and rendering my ac useless in the Texas summer. Only good for driving in 4-low.

By volito on March 27 @ 5:20 pm
Popping Out of Gear-trouble getting into gear
Had this rpoblem ongoing since it came out of showroom. Everyday problems getting into certain gears or shifter popping out of gear. In and out oof dealers for 3 years. Now recently wouldnt go into gear as gear plates stuck and had to get it towed to dealer. "Now maybe theyll see the problem" Nightmare from day one back to lawyer for lemo law.

By nyc6 on July 2 @ 2:40 pm
Love my Jeep!
I have a 2011, 4 door Wrangler and haven't had any problems at all -- no water leaking and I have the freedom top. I wish I would have waited for the 2012 to see if the acceleration when getting on a highway is better and better gas mileage. The only thing that is questionable is sometimes when I step on the brakes it doesn't feel smooth and I'm short so I have to have the seat all the way up--pedals are not close enough.

By 87llc on August 15 @ 6:23 am
fun and easy
We have a 2011 Unlimited 4 door and drive it to Va. all the time from Ct. The ride with the heated leather seats makes it a comfortable. We have the freedom top and when it is on the ride is not at all that loud. We took off the hard top and use only the soft top the last 2 years and now we get a little water under the drivers rug but not much and after all it is a Wrangler. Load capacity is great Air and Heat more than enough the back seat fits 3 with room to spare. People should not buy a Wrangler if they want total comfort and luxury. The ride is harder the noise louder but it is the most FUN Car/Suv you can Drive! all for 40 k and in bad weather nothing stops it . It is now 2015 and we are just as happy as if we just bought it, the miles are plus 50,000 and everything has held up....no problems at all water/rain still seeps in with the soft top but that is all part of a Wrangler. The grand son has his eyes on it and he is only 4 and he calls it his Jeep. now it is 2016 still fun to drive 65000 plus miles. The wrangler has held up interior looks like new , no rust or major problems. As above a little water every so often in wind driven rain but we have not put the hard top on in 3 years. We will buy a new one when we pass this one on, my wife will not go with out a Wrangler and this is her first one.

By Mitchell McCormick on April 29 @ 12:30 am
Good, Reliable Vehicle
I drove my Wrangler Sport Hardtop for three years, and never took it for repairs of any sort. The ride wasn't the best and the technology was a tad lacking, but was enough considering the model and price. I never had a leak, even with the freedom top, and the steering was on point and unless it was particularly windy it didn't wander around the road. When the time for an upgrade came, I got excellent trade in value on a 2015 Wrangler Unlimited, almost exactly what I had paid for the car to begin with. If you want a car with great mileage, a smooth as silk ride, as well as all of the fun and capability of an off-roader, the Wrangler isn't for you. What you will get is a hardy and reliable car with much capability and many smiles per gallon!

By m. collins on March 14 @ 11:45 pm
2011 Unlimited Rubicon
Even though it's a 2011 it looks like new. Previous owner took very good care of it. The2012's have more power but this one isn't bad. If it stays as reliable as my Xterra was I will be very happy!

By Frank G on June 12 @ 1:43 am
First Jeep
Very happy with this vehicle. My first Jeep and first Chrysler product. Haven't had any problems and over 120,000 miles since November 2010. Soft top is still tight although it gets a lot of water on the floor from leakage around the doors. Took out the floor drain plugs so it drains out somewhat. Took 1000 miles and more trips and was very comfortable, also plenty of room for "stuff " and sleep. Thinking about a new car but it won't be easy to replace this Jeep.

By Tom Paurtsch on April 16 @ 7:36 am
The electronics are at best Pathetic, radio does not work plus many other electronic problems spent close to $2,00.00 on them still don't work

By Celtic on January 24 @ 1:55 pm
Go Anywhere in Character
Better fuel economy than expected, original tires going strong at 70,000 miles, quieter than you would think, ice cold a/c and heater that is beyond belief and riding above the crowd!

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