2010 Jeep Wrangler

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On any reasonable hierarchy of wheeled conveyances, the 2010 Jeep Wrangler would rate only slightly higher than a vehicle towed by a donkey through the streets of Kabul. The engine is anemic and thirsty, and it sounds about as good as said donkey. The interior is louder than a dinner with Chris Matthews. The doors aren't intended to protect you in a crash, and they smack into your leg when they open because they're attached by a strap. The manual passenger-side mirror is adjusted by the passenger or your nine iron. The trunk can be broken into by opening the zipper. The plastic rear windows are defogged by opening the zipper.

Yet the Wrangler remains strangely appealing, not as a vehicle so much as an experience. While all those negatives count against it compared to conventional SUVs, the Wrangler scores points by being unconventional. The 10.2 inches of available ground clearance, the steep approach and departure angles and the two-door's short wheelbase make the Wrangler a go-to vehicle for off-roading.

The doors have that aforementioned strap because they can be removed, which improves off-road visibility (or makes you look carefree and cool on-road). The windshield, meanwhile, can fold forward onto the hood, which is good for catching bugs in your teeth and hunting the occasional water buffalo. Quite simply, if the Wrangler can't get you there, hire a helicopter, or maybe that donkey from Kabul.

The Wrangler Unlimited is also the only four-door convertible on the market. Of course, lowering that top can be an awkward, time-consuming process, but at least it's been made a little easier for 2010 thanks to a simplified removal system that eliminates the need to untuck and tuck the side rails. Aside from its roof, the Unlimited is noteworthy for being the first Wrangler model to offer a modicum of practicality, with four doors and a usable backseat and trunk. Not only can you venture to the Rubicon Trail, you can venture to Rubio's Mexican Grill with four friends as well. Just don't expect the quiet and comfort of some of Jeep's other models.

So despite its obvious, glaring drawbacks, the 2010 Jeep Wrangler remains appealing -- you just need to know what you're getting into. Among specialty off-road SUVs, though, there are certainly more well-rounded alternatives. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is perhaps the best as it, too, is tremendously capable and uniquely styled while adding decent on-road manners. The Nissan Xterra has less style, but its traditional four-door body is a more sensible choice for highway and urban use. However, neither offers a convertible roof, removable doors or a drop-down windshield. For better or worse, there's only one Jeep Wrangler.

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2010 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2010

For 2010, the Jeep Wrangler receives a more easily removable soft top. Standard features now include foglamps, tow hooks and a compass. Cloth seats replace vinyl ones in the base Wrangler Sport, while leather upholstery is now available on the Sahara and Rubicon. Finally, there are two new limited-edition models: the Islander and Mountain.


Superior off-road capability, surprisingly fun to drive around town, rough-and-tumble image, availability of two- and four-door versions, optional navigation system.


Gutless and thirsty engine, noisy cabin, long braking distances, security issues with zippered windows, no power mirrors, hard plastic interior, poor crash ratings without side airbags.

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By Purebred on May 11 @ 3:00 am
Fun fun fun!
My jeep is the first and have not looked back. I have enjoyed everything about it and more.

By calucyk on November 25 @ 10:53 pm
Did not purchase - needs more power
My wife and I absolutely love Jeeps. We have owned 3 Wranglers over the past 11 years. We were looking at upgrading our current Wrangler to a fully loaded 2010 Sahara Unlimited 4X4. After an extended test drive, we took the Jeep back and walked away. Today's Jeeps are much better than our 2004, but it lacks power and based on internet research, MPG is poor also. Jeep needs to install their new Pentastar engine now to make this package the ultimate off-road/on-road deal. If Jeep does not install the new Pentastar engine now, wait for 2011... rumor has it Jeep will begin installing the 280 HP Pentastar in Wranglers.

By BritMSU on December 28 @ 6:10 pm
Lovin' it so far
This is my first Jeep ever, so I didn't know what to expect, but so far I am loving it. The car does take a lot of gas, but that was expected. Acceleration is alright, but it feels like the car is really working, but it handles city streets and the highway just fine. The interior is nice and much better than my 2002 Ford Escape. The premium sound system is a must. I had heated seats installed because of Michigan winters, but so far they have not been necessary. The soft top seems warm enough and is pretty quiet. The heater really gets it warm and quick. haven't had a chance to drive in snow...yet, but looking forward to it. Test drive before purchasing. Its a Wrangler

By Kent on May 20 @ 7:16 am
Fun Jeep
Have only had my Wrangler for a short while now but that is not to say I do really love driving it. I find the seats very comfortable even though I am tall and the legroom in the front is plenty for me. Ride quality is good and yes it is rough but not jarring. All switchgear is easy to use and straightforward...in fact the whole vehicle is that way...no gimmicks or extras you don't need. We own other cars with the gimmicks so the Jeep certainly doesn't need them. Even though I have the cloth top the interior is fairly quiet although you do notice the wind etc. a little more then with a hardtop. Would definitely buy another one and recommend highly.

By Hugo on June 5 @ 7:10 am
First jeep
My first jeep it came loaded with nice rims and lifted, put cold air intake, throttle spacer and new exhaust without messing with my warranty I gain about 38 extras ponies and a little bit more in torque same deal with gas looking forward to drive my jeep in the sand south texas

By KCJAILER on March 10 @ 1:53 pm
Best Bang for the Buck
Went shopping and checked out H3- Alpha, GM Avalanche and many others. Then I took the Jeep Wrangler for a Test Drive. It handled, shifted and drove very nice. The ride is nice and smooth but it is no Cadillac lol. The acceleration is lackluster but its good enough. The turning radius is excellent. Visibility is also excellent. By the way this is the only 4x4 vehicle where you can remove the roof, and the doors! Now the fun really begins!! Driving is back! I use a stick shift. Better mileage and you become connected with the car and road… or off road! shunned the high dollar 4x4 as some of the extras were not really needed. $24.000 for a Jeep or $47,000+ for the others. Nuff said

By Dan on April 20 @ 1:13 am
Love Our Wrangler
Although fairly new, we love our Rubicon. It will go through any Michigan winter. We had to have one after off roading in a Jeep in Moab, Utah. No need for block heater, heats up within a block.

By Doug on June 2 @ 3:56 am
Finally bought a Wrangler
I have been wanting a Wrangler since the beginning of 2009, but held off because I expected significant changes to the 2010 Wrangler. The rumor of the Penstar engine was already circulating, plus I was hoping for other surprises. I broke down and shelled out 30K for the 2010 Wrangler Sahara with side seat airbags and every other option you can get. I totally love the vehicle! I do not understand the critics or the people who complain about the ride and performance on the road. The Wrangler is an American icon and I read somewhere that the Wrangler is like a penguin, “awkward on land, but a bullet in the water”. Wrangler may be a little awkward on the road, but a bullet off road.

By very satisfied on August 13 @ 12:23 am
AS a previous owner of a 95 wrangler, the ride is much more comfortable, and a 100 times quieter then before with the soft top. the ride is smooth enough. It is the only convertible that is practical year-round in snow country. price is as good as it gets for any 4WD out there. I am very satisfied with the dealer and the vehicle. plenty of options for aftermarket improvements. upgrade option for engine would be nice, but i am sure that is restricted by current regulations emissions, etc.

By Jeepster on October 7 @ 2:53 pm
Dream Car!
I recently purchased a 2010 2-door Sahara with the manual transmission. It is a blast to drive! Everything about the Wrangler has been impressive so far. . . I can't wait until it gets warm enough to take the top off!

By RockHead on July 16 @ 10:50 am
Top Shelf
What can I say. I'm all about Jeeps. CJ's, YJ's, TJ's, XJ's I've had them all. Bar none this one is the best one ever. Looked at H3. Poser. Way overpriced, too. I got the hardtop sport with ac, cruise, tilt, 6 spd manual and its a blast to drive! Turns heads.I get 18.9 combined and just under 22 on trips. Other people here complaining about gas mileage I don't understand. My old CJ5 still gets 10mpg with a six cyl. It's a brick with wheels, deal with it. And underpowered? Are you kidding? 200hp with a V6? It is geared down for torque not speed. Want speed buy a wrx. I'll pull you out too! Buy it, tear it apart, rebuild it...it is still a simple truck. Don't need posh and trinkets. It's a jee

By Mark D on January 28 @ 5:20 am
well worth it
after a great deal of thought and research I decided to get the jeep rather than a standard SUV. My 1st Jeep and I couldn't be happier, now my wife wants one! Fuel consumption isn't its strong point but some simple modifications (air intake etc) have lifted the town average to 18mpg, its comfortable to drive, it feels solid and well built and have had no quality issues so far (3000 miles to date). Kids are comfy in the back seat (we have 3 including a 3 year old in a center mounted child chair)plenty of space for everyone. With the hard top its as practical to drive as a normal SUV but 15 min work and the top is off on clear days!

By Knight on April 13 @ 12:06 am
Its a Jeep
I have wanted another Jeep since I wrecked my CJ a few years ago. I can't believe how far Jeep has come in those few years. I took it off road the first week I had it with a few off- road buddies, and I embarrassed them in a completely stock Jeep. It made me realize something though... these things should come with a winch and a camera.

By red on March 19 @ 4:00 pm
its fun
love it. had it a month now, its been to the dessert and was awesome. climbing power and stable.out of our group the jeeps pulled the sand rail home lol

By NJelectrk1 on April 28 @ 1:56 pm
Jeep Comfort
I understand this is a jeep and it's rugged and tough and can go almost anywhere. In fact that is the reason i purchased it in the first place.That said however, I'm not sure what the people at jeep were thinking with a rock hard console cover and door armrest.come on a little comfort while taking this beast off road would be greatly appreciated by all.what could it actually cost to include a console like the Tuffy aftermarket. just a little bit of refinement would go a long way. sore elbows take away the fun of driving

By Rob from NY on July 21 @ 10:03 pm
3rd one and I love it
After turning 40 I got tired of driving my so so boring 4dr automatic Honda Accord. I missed the days I had my 80 CJ7 and 97 TJ. So this year I said that's it! I got myself a base 2dr Wrangler Sport with a softop and 6 speed. Best thing I've done in years! It rides smooth, looks super cool and my wife and 11yr old son love it! It's a great car without the bells and whistles. I even got a trailer hitch and bike rack. Can't wait to go fishing and camping. The only complaint is the gas mileage (about 16.5 avg) but I only have 1000 miles on it so hoping a new K&N filter will help. This Sweet Jeep is making my mid- life crisis much more fun.

By Frank on August 14 @ 6:30 am
The most fun vehicle
I love my jeep. It is truly the most fun car I ever owned. The ride is more comfortable than my 2001 Jeep wrangler.

By michael on December 5 @ 2:20 pm
not the best lookin
Have 6000 miles in cool weather. Starts fine running better with more miles, use Mobile one gets much better mileage the expected average city and highway 20 by the on board computer. Use cruse when ever possible. It is quiet on the road and rides Nice not like a BMW but ok even on long trips. Storage space is limited in drivers area, and the rear view is really bad bad. The rear seat head rest are always in the line of site. Then add the spare tire and the rrear wiper seeing out the back is a accident waiting to happen. I guess the rear head rests are a function of design in Washington DC. Other then these issues I love the Jeep and would purchase another one.

By giantsin06 on June 19 @ 3:43 pm
some of everything
Jeeps have it all.To get it all we have to compromise a bit .What other car lets you remove the top in summer , drive over and around sand dunes and then in winter is virtually unstoppable when the white crap piles up ? Back seat accessibility is awful...unless the top is off...then you climb over .

By WayneS on June 28 @ 4:30 pm
Best Jeep I Have Ever Owned
I have owned a CJ5, CJ2A, M38, M38A1 and a Commando- all VERY capable off-roaders which required certain “compromises” when driven on pavement. My new Rubicon is not only head and shoulders above every other Jeep I have owned in off-road capabilities, it is well-behaved on paved roads. Seats are comfortable, ride/handling better than adequate - it is pretty quiet-riding. But, it IS a Jeep, with off-road oriented tires, short wheel-base and convertible top. Those who expect the handling, ride and comfort of a CAR will be disappointed by it. I knew what I wanted and what to expect when I bought a Jeep. This Rubicon very capably delivers what I want, and has EXCEEDED what I expected.

By BALDY on December 31 @ 6:56 pm
Had A 2003 Sport LOVED IT. My 2010 Sport is much better looking rides 100 times better interior is roomer & much more comfortable love it with a little work it will be ready for some serious 4 wheeling

By Jon on December 29 @ 9:56 pm
Love It
Had my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for 3 weeks and I LOVE IT. This is the most fun I have had in a vehicle without going off road yet! I get a lot of compliments from people driving next to me when they see the top down and doors off. Great ride!

By Mark on May 23 @ 11:20 pm
Great machine!
Bought this for the bush mostly. Surprisingly quiet on the road. No rattles, tough as nails. Yet supple ride. Will get a performance chip to improve mileage. Along with a K & N air filter and HID lights. Thoroughly happy! P.S. I'm 67 years old! Never too late.

By Hofgee Rofgee on April 24 @ 7:50 am
Best Off Roader in the world
I go off road a lot and the wrangler exceeds my expectations. I got out of spots that other members in my jeep club have said were impossible to get through. Jeep should offer more off road systems like Toyota has, like rock crawl, etc. Offer a compass, inclinometer, and temp gauge like in the fj. I replace my off roader every other year and will probably get a fj or 4 runner because of this,

By Cowboy Fan on February 3 @ 11:20 am
It's a Jeep, Not a BMW
I am 57 and this is my fourth Wrangler. Traded in an 08 BMW for the Wrangler and haven't looked back. We are having a blast. So when you look at the ratings given for comfort, quietness,and performance,understand this is a Jeep and that is part of it. Getting 20 commuting and almost 22 on the highway. This Jeep is much quieter and better riding than the previous Wranglers. BMW drivers seem to turn their noses up at other BMW's thinking theirs is better or something. I have found that nearly every Wrangler driver I meet, young, old, male, female, always wave. Can't beat that.

By Kmurray on August 2 @ 6:20 am
Should've kept my Tahoe
Well after bugging my husband to get our 71 Scouts done he finally caved and let me get the Jeep. I wish he had held his ground. I didn't really test drive it all that much, because if I had I would have never bought it. Rough ride more of a man truck and not a family vehicle. Need to trade it in for one with better fuel economy. Only bought it because I wanted a smaller car payment. Like the forums say "Your either a Jeep lover or not" I would be one of the nots. My husband on the other hand likes it. Looks cool, but just not for me.

By Joe on February 11 @ 8:10 pm
Small aftermarket changes
Tinted the Windows, rockslider Nerf bars, got rid of the extremely weak and ugly highway tires for bfg all terrain ko's and removed sport and wrangler stickers. Am now 90% happy with the sexy looking black Jeep, gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired but otherwise very happy. Have problems when using softop with the back window clips falling off, also seems to fit poorly around the rear. About 2000 dollars in upgrades really helped hive it a more rugged Jeep look, do think the fender flares could use tweaking, get a ton of road grime kicked up & plastering the door handles, actually noticed it more with the stock tires. It does get a lot of compliments as well

By Andy on December 8 @ 8:40 am
2010 Jeep Wrangler
First jeep I've owned and I LOVE it!! Added K&N cold air intake system. Mileage remained the same, power and sound increased! Sets you back in the seat while catching 2nd, engine GULPS for air when throttle down, sounds MEAN! Also added Westin step bar, and trailer hitch. Mileage 15-16 in city, 18-19 on road. Nice ride, built tough!

By Parker on February 3 @ 3:50 pm
It's Everything it Should Be
The ride may have a few more bumps, the styling may be a bit more rugged, & your hair may get a little messed up. The Wrangler is everything you would expect it to be while giving the comfort and conveniences you may not. The controls, seats, and functionality have the same ease of use & comfort as the Commander or Cherokee. (We've owned all three and love each of them) I was afraid I wouldn't take the hard top off enough but it's so easy, I've been known to take it off & put it back on multiple times in the same day. I do wish that it came standard with rubber floor mats instead of the wimpy carpet ones and the cup holders could use a redesign.

By BL on July 31 @ 12:36 pm
Fun Jeep!
Traded in my 2004 (8 cyl.) Buick Rainier for a loaded Sahara. Having owned a jeep 20 years ago; I was expecting a huge drop off in cabin comfort, on-road driving, and acceleration. I am really surprised at how well the new Wrangler compares in these areas...sure there is a bit of drop off; but with power everything, leather trim, and NAV/Hard drive/Satellite, I'm not missing the Rainier. This model and options make this a more than capable day to day family vehicle. I don't feel like I'm giving up much to have all the fun and capabilities of a Jeep. I think my kids were more excited than me when I pulled into the driveway. Looking forward to years of fun with this one!

By Mark on March 16 @ 1:26 pm
Wrangler: It's all about the ride!
This is my first Wrangler, an Islander. After trying different models, a Sahara and a Unlimited, I kept coming back to the Islander, with its Performance Suspension. It handles like a dream, even on curves and roundabouts. It has 3.73 rear axle ratio instead of 3.21 makes a difference when accelerating on the highway. I really enjoy driving it, as I have a feeling of connection with the road, but at the same time, it's quiet inside the vehicle, no noticeable road noise. It does have a hard top, which helps. I have driven Jeeps before, and I must say, they have come a long way in terms of comfort and features, but have kept the integrity of style. You can always spot a Wrangler!

By Kwlook on October 6 @ 10:20 pm
Great all season vehicle
I bought my Wrangler on Feb. 5 2010. A huge snowstorm hit Ohio and I was so impressed with this vehicle. But aside from that, this is truly a wonderful vehicle. I love the ride and it performs great on the highway. It is so easy to keep clean, (the windshield is a breeze to clean), and even when it's dirty it looks great. If you are considering a Jeep, you have got to drive this one.

By Rescue Green on August 24 @ 9:13 am
It's a Jeep Thing
This would be my 5th Wrangler, And it just keeps getting better. Even stock it handles great on and off road, I went with the bone stock Unlimited Sport model because i knew i was going Change the suspension and add bigger tires, So great value and warranty,

By Richard Smith on April 12 @ 7:23 pm
This car is beyond imaginable off- road. Nothing can stop it-rivers, trees, lakes, mud and just about anything else it can handle easy. Formerly owned Mercedes G55 AMG which was much more luxurious as expected, but the wrangler blows it out the water in off-road situation. Beware though, this car is nothing like a usual car on-road so if you have the extra $$$ get a second car for urban commutes and driving.

By CTJeep on September 25 @ 3:13 pm
2010 Lemon -Transmission dead at 8400mi
Being a loyal owner of a 1998 Cherokee, I was really looking forward to the Wrangler experience. Turns out it was nothing but trouble. Alignment off day 1, clunking noises coming from the hood when AC was turned on. Automatic transmission takes forever to switch gears, etc, etc... Three trips to the dealer, who thought I was crazy. Now the transmission is dead 200+ miles from home. RIDICULOUS! I think the build quality of Jeeps have gone down considerably, probably too many cost cutting measures. Never again. This car was a piece of junk. At this point I'm trying to get it declared a lemon or have the dealer buy it back. They can keep it! Buyer Beware with Jeep.

By Clyde Kawauchi on November 8 @ 1:16 pm
Ideal Island Car
My ride home from the dealership, 100 miles was effortless. The ride home was enjoyable, and can't wait to hit those favorite spots. I can't believe that this is a off road vehicle. No regrets in buying it. Glad I live in Hawaii.

By gorman on September 17 @ 6:26 am
Love my jeep
This is my second Jeep it is all I expected. The first is a 2007 unlimited 4 door. I enjoy the feel of the 2010 wranglers power and stance on the road, ease of driving and the ease of parking and maneuvering around obstacles (even in the city) the soft top easily folds down over all happy with my Jeep, Jeep

By Dave on April 4 @ 3:33 am
2010 Wrangler Unlimited Mountain
So far reliability has been excellent. Mileage with combined city/highway averages about 16 mpg. The engine could definitely use a horsepower boost. The standard stereo, while ok, lacks wattage and sound quality. Interior could use more storage space. The freedom hardtop is great for driver "open air" while remaining good for northern climates. Shortcoming aside, I love the Jeep personality and have a lot of fun with the vehicle.

By Back 2basics on November 2 @ 4:36 am
It's About Time
I purchased my first jeep 18 years ago. Since then this is my 4th. As a prior jeep owner, I can say wow! This vehicle has made leaps and bounds since then. The ride is smooth and the handling is tight. Mostly everything that I used to say would improve the jeep has been addressed in the newer design. The front section of the Freedom Top is effortless to remove while the interior design is a drastic improvement. I hope the longevity of the 3.8 v6 is that of the old 4.0 straight 6.

By From Florida on April 17 @ 5:30 am
Upgrading to the Larger Wrangler
We upgraded from a 2008 Wrangler to the 2010 Wrangler Unlimited. No problems with the former except for the lack of a second set of doors. Both models turn heads. Ride quality on the highway greatly improved with the Unlimited's longer wheelbase, something we were not looking for but very please to discover. The hardtop blocks out most noise and the front seats have lift out panels for an open road feel. I have read many expert reviews that say the V-6 engine lacks power. I put a K&N air filter in from the start and have never had a problem merging into traffic. May be a message in there.

By Five0retired on September 23 @ 11:06 pm
All Smiles
This is a Fun Vehicle. Not one to cut down your fuel costs . This is the vehicle that brings a smile to my face first thing in the morning as I drive to work, with the top down weather permitting and the radio cranked up. It also returns that smile at the end of the work day as I drive home. It never fails to Not get polite and admiring remarks from passersby. From young and Old they all say what a Sweet ride she is. So to the reviewer on Edmunds , I would say "Get a Life, Get a Jeep"

By diezel on January 7 @ 12:26 pm
New owner
it's not just a car, it's a hobby, if you are looking to personalize it and make it unique then you will have a blast doing that there are not 2 that are alike, they are beautiful to look at and appreciate each owner individuality. There are many companies out there that offer thousand of after market products to help you do just that. I love my 2010 wrangler it's not a fast car or the best handling car out there but it is FUN to drive, top down, or up with the windows open. There are after market products that will allow you to increase HP and make it more powerful if that is what you are after. It's a vehicle that more than any other vehicle out there that is as unique and versatile.

By alan on June 3 @ 2:03 pm
Sahara 4 door lemon
Only have 1,800 miles and have been back to repair Jeep Chrysler dealer 5 times for problem with anti-skid engaging while driving. This causes an unsafe condition. Chrysler customer service in uncaring. All they did each time was replace the crankshaft sensor. Last week they kept my Jeep 6 days while they put in a shim to stop the sensor from causing the problem. I was left with no ride. I love this vehicle, but would never buy a Chrysler product again.

By 530n52 on April 6 @ 8:33 pm
Fun to Drive
The Wrangler Unlimited maybe the most enjoyable vehicle I have owned. I have been surprised by the on road driving comfort and especially the braking performance. Off road ability is expected since this is the focus of the design. It has enough power for my needs, but could do better on MPG. Still a fantastic rig. Took the top off the first day and still have not put it back on.

By allaboutink on August 16 @ 12:43 am
"Salt Life Baby" it's a jeep
Well I have had this for a few months now and was able to take it off road, this is by far the best jeep I have driving. I had a 2002 X series before this Rubicon and it is a night and day difference. The Rubicon is by far the best off road vehicle for a stock off the lot s.u.v. there is no comparison. I was able to go through every place and it did not even act like it was off road. This truck is a beast for sure. It is not a city vehicle if your looking for gas mileage by a hybrid cause you are not passing many stations with this vehicle, but I don't care I love it. I wanted a jeep for the off road not gas mileage.

By drdave on December 17 @ 2:40 am
Second Wrangler
I have been pleasantly surprised with consistently attaining 21+ mpg for local drives and 25+ mpg for long distance. The Freedom top is an excellent feature to allow quick removal for either/both the passenger/driver. The new sound proofing makes engine noise disappear making for a quiet ride. Overall driver comfort has improved tremendously since 2002.

By pairof98s on July 10 @ 11:00 am
Loving the Jeep Unlimited
I've had my eyes on the Unlimited 4 door since it came out in '07 and finally bought one over the Labor Day weekend. Love the improved Jeep body and the Freedom hardtop. Got the 2010 cloth interior that may change for the worse in 2011 pics I have seen. Incredible ride quality and impressive road manners thus far, but terrible fuel mileage and towing ability. Needs a small V8 option or better V6 to be perfect. After the warranty expires, I may do my own V8 swap.

By Mazzuchelli on December 13 @ 11:00 am
There's Only One Jeep
Needed a "dog" truck to more practically manage my pack. The Sahara is much easier for the dogs to enter with the back seat "tumbled" and it's a lot easier to keep clean than a regular SUV. This is my second Wrangler Sahara so I knew what to expect. This '10 seems much quieter than the '98 and the engine seems smoother. Miss the manual transmission but wanted a deal so had to work with dealer inventory. All-in- all this truck is a terrific, practical package I'll keep for the long haul. Thanks to the great people of Toledo for building this unique vehicle.

By Kent on September 9 @ 11:00 am
Love my Jeep
As my title says, I love my Jeep Wrangler Sport 4 door. Am not an off roader but instead needed a rugged vehicle with 4 wheel drive capability. This vehicle is fantastic and will go through almost anything mother nature throws at it. The four doors make it very convenient and the extra space in back is well appreciated. Gas mileage is decent although could be a little better. Highly recommend the Wrangler 4 door.

By Zzooom on July 18 @ 11:00 am
Soft Tops Leak Badly
I want to love this Jeep - the sunrider top is awesome - in 1 minute you can take off the top half doors and fold back the sunrider top and essentially be completely open air - its supposed to be my all weather vehicle, unfortunately, the top leaks so bad both driver and passenger foot wells fill up with water in even the lightest rain. This is a $26K vehicle that will be ruined in no time by water intrusion!

By Dennis on February 20 @ 11:00 am
Love my Jeep
Have had my 2010 Jeep Sport with hardtop for 3 weeks. MPG keeps moving up; now getting 22.9 mpg. Handles off road like a dream and in town the ride is quiet, maneuvers beautifully, and the red rock color with chrome package is an eye catcher. Puts the fun and adventure back into driving again. One rock-solid and handsome car. Now I understand the term, "It's a Jeep Thing!" It really is.

By wolv on May 8 @ 11:00 am
Too much fun
This is my first Jeep and won't be my last what a great 4x4 a total blast to drive and a great value. Off road it's a demon nothing it cant handle if your buying for gas mileage buy something else, needs more power but I'm going to correct that. You cant beat the price or reliability nothing comes close in a 4x4 and tons of accessories to trick it out to your needs, but my truck got bad mileage and was nowhere near as fun to drive, won't buy a Chevy truck again got to have a Jeep

By Rich on July 25 @ 11:00 am
My jeep
I have a 2010 and I love it. I have both tops, and there is no wind noise or water leakage, even in heavy rain. Best fun vehicle I have ever had. Infinity sound system is perfect, and the A/C was great even with the soft top at 95 outside. I drive at a normal rate and speed so the V6 is fine. High spreed is also fine, with good control on the road. What can I say, but that I love itI am 57 and i love the color and comfort. It is a bad boy! I owned a honda pilot, but this is much more fun. Glad I bought it.

By Mike on May 29 @ 6:46 pm
Four Wheeled Dirt Bike
I have had a number of Jeeps but, not the new JK Wrangler. A few weeks after buying it, we drove it from Indiana to Moab, UT and were pleasantly surprised at how well it rode, tight build quality, fuel economy (low of 18, high of 24), did not feel wore out at the end of the day, etc. We took it out on some mild Utah trails and this thing is awesome off road in stock trim! My wife is the daily driver of it and she absolutely loves it (weird as it sounds. went from a Jetta to the Wrangler). I have always thought Wranglers were the perfect vehicle for both summer and snowy winters. Not perfect but, IMHO, the imperfections are irrelevant. Buy one, they are a BLAST & hold a great resale

By mark3840 on April 15 @ 2:03 am
Fun Toy
Bought this Jeep (2 door) just to have a toy. Got the Mountain Pkg. Love the looks and seats. Didn't go with the 2011 model because I hated the seat covers and the "softer" interior look. This is an outdoor vehicle. Why did they need to make it "softer to the touch?" It really needs more power. It amazes me how quite the interior is with the soft top. It's not a quite vehicle but it does well for a convertible with a soft top. Seems like the stereo should be better. I didn't get the subwoofer - but I honestly didn't feel it was much better anyway. I wouldn't recommend any Wrangler as a primary vehicle - especially if you drive a lot. But I would buy another one because I love it.

By wtbuck on January 20 @ 3:37 am
New jk sold to me with known Problems
I purchased this JK on May 5,2011 and noticed battery light was on. Then it was alt, then battery cable, then oil change etc... Just the start of the delivery from Hell. Can't possibly get all the lies and bs on here. To make long story short today's date is June 14, 2011. I still have no air and according to corporate no date when they can get parts to fix problem. All I ever get is I can't tell you that I'm not authorized. I thought I bought a new vehicle. I feel like they used this Jeep for a parts vehicle of course they say no. But they can!

By jthumanist on March 14 @ 8:30 am
Yep Yep
Been wanting a Jeep Wrangler for a long time. Occasionally paruse the consumer reports and then it happened; a seeming nexus of all things good about the Wrangler came together in 2010. So I went for it and have not looked back since. The 2011 and 2012 models look like Jeep is trrying to get a broader customer base by making it gentler and kinder to the occupants. A Jeep is a Jeep and should not be messed with unless adding accessories. Speaking of which, the 2010 Sport that I have was designed for add-on's; I'd rather do the stuff myself than buy factory installed. Its my DD and my DFV (Daily Fun Vehicle).

By alphadog10 on September 29 @ 5:13 am
Makes Me Smile Every Time
I have the soft top version, and wow, with the top down, it's so much fun, it just makes me smile and feel happy to drive around town. With the top up, it's quieter than you might expect, but I prefer the top off every chance I can get. The only thing I don't like about my Jeep is that it's absolutely terrible to drive on the freeway. When I test drove it before I bought it, I really didn't spend much time driving it on the highway, but after living with it for a while, I sometimes wonder whether I made a good choice. This is my one and only vehicle, and I think it makes a better second car than a primary one. I find it terrifying on the freeway.

By T-Mac on June 26 @ 10:20 am
Loved it, then hated it
It's a vehicle I have always wanted, so I got a 2010 JKU and loved the look and treated it like a baby. Just before paying off the loan at 5 years, several expensive (each approx. $700) repairs became a concern within a period of 6 months: alternator, brake booster, screeching sound, and not starting. The last straw was a master cylinder and other repairs that the dealer said would cost about $1,000 to fix. I was done and asked for the keys so I could trade it in for a reliable Japanese vehicle. It was fun for about 4 years and I got $17,300 trade-in after 5 years and 56k miles.

By iamatt on December 10 @ 5:21 pm
3.8 Minivan motor is junk
Wife had to have a jeep and she picked an 2010 3.8 with the 42RLE. Performed engine flush and amsoil signature series for the oil. The motor spun a bearing 2 thousand miles before the warranty was gone. So brand new long block was installed after not having the POS for a month. The 3.8 is a minivan motor which eats oil and spins bearings like there is no tomorrow. We are probably going to lift it a couple of inches, throw on some tires, dbag led light bar and sell it. Only way I would have a newer jeep now is if it had the hemi conversion or tdi conversion. American vehicles are junk and I laugh when I see so many people driving these jeeps as daily driver pavement pounders. Nothing like my old 1979 cj5 amc 4 speed with GMC 350 in it. Updated Review. It is still a total POS. Since the first review the transaction control has go e out. I just pulled the fuse to disable it. The CEL is on for evap. Leak. Maybe just need new gas cap, not sure. The vehicle will only start in neutral because a sensor in the tranny is bad. When it rains the seals leak, it is a hardtop. Now the carpet is moldy and the floorboards are rusty. Worst vehicle I ever owned. Update. Still a pile. Evap leak somewhere so the dashboard says "gas cap". And the Dana 44 rear axle has now blown a seal and leaking.

By scott on September 11 @ 11:23 pm
2010 wrangler mountain 3.8l
excessive oil loss at 45,000... about 3-4 quarts every 2000 miles ..just out of warranty ,took it to a machine shop and the piston rings are stuck to the piston.....update did a compression check on all cylinders ..they all tested good drove the jeep from indiana to florida ...it stop losing so much oil...not sure how or why

By Robert goff on May 6 @ 10:49 pm
lack of power
If you have any aftermarket parts like 95% of the jeeps out there such as bumpers, fenders , skid plates , winch etc. Your jk will significantly heavier than stock . The 3.8L v6 is a slow toad of a motor for a stock jk let alone a 6k pound vehicle making 200hp & low torque #s they should just make it come with a hemi like every other jeep model or at least a supercharged v6 option I have headers, exhaust, programmer, gearing, intake and my jeep is very slow getting up to speed the only way to get any power is to rev it to the moon which kills your mpg!

By Velazquez on January 19 @ 7:52 pm
Rock Stumper
Just remember, it is an Off Road vehicle, specially the "Trail rated" model. Comfort is Not an option. It helps the fact that 6 speed manuals helps a lot on top speed and gas mileage. Have Fun!

By Steve on May 24 @ 5:10 pm
Durable and affordable
Know before you ever ride in a jeep or consider buying one that it is not like a car or 4X4 pickup. My 2010 2door Wrangler Islander is bouncy and has a high center of gravity so you will feel the road and g forces in turns more so than in afore mentioned vehicle types. And mine is a 6-speed manual so you have to actually perform the gearing changes via the shift lever and clutch pedal. It is easy to see out of and the steering is quick and precise. Mine is completely stock and I love sitting higher above other vehicles in it. No more scraping the front bumper on steep transition parking lots or driveways. Easy to access most things under the hood and I run Firestone Destination A/T tires in stock size which have an off road tread pattern and are not louder than street tires. My mileage is between 19-21.5 mpg city/highway.

By Brenda Whitt on August 8 @ 9:09 am
Dream come true
this is a great vehicle! I had always wanted a jeep and when I got it, I was very pleasantly suprised to find that it was better than I could have ever expected! Ride and drive beautifuly. Sound system is great and love the cd changer! Gas mileage is better than advertised!

By Greg B on February 3 @ 9:27 am
Best Vehicle Ever
I love my Wrangler, I smile every time I get into it. The looks and image of the Wrangler fits me to a tee, adventurous, go anywhere, freedom, and utility. After almost 100,000 miles, other than scheduled maintenance and the airbag clockspring recall, it has been trouble free. I'm still smiling after 7+ years and counting. I love the sunrider roof feature, where I can easily flip-back the front part of the soft top roof and get a great open air feel with excellent up angle visibility that most sunroofs can't provide. Of course maneuverability is fantastic for easy parking or u-turns in the city and making tight turns on the trails. It's also great have to higher ground clearance for confident city or off road driving. Even though my Wrangler can last me at least another 7 years, I'll be looking carefully at the next generation Wrangler for possible acquisition.

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