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Baseball superstar Manny Ramirez gets away with a lot -- he's been known to disappear behind Fenway's Green Monster during pitching changes to relieve himself or talk on his cell phone. The 2009 Jeep Wrangler also gets away with a lot, too. By nearly all conventional measures, it's a horrid passenger vehicle that seems to combine the worst of all worlds. It's slow yet gets poor gas mileage, it rides stiffly yet handles poorly and the cabin features an abundance of hard plastic along with doors that provide all the crash protection of a trash can.

However, the Jeep Wrangler is the vehicular equivalent of the quirky Manny being Manny -- it too is cut major slack because it's very good at what it does. Rather than being able to consistently get the big hit, the Jeep Wrangler consistently is a hit in areas where other SUVs fear to tread and with outdoorsy folks who want nothing less than the most capable off-road vehicle available. Without question, the 2009 Jeep Wrangler is for those who want to reach the most remote locations possible using something with four wheels and a roof (rather than four legs with hooves). They probably also love the macho image associated with this icon that's been around in one form or another since the 1940s.

A number of unique features contribute to the Wrangler's charm and formidable rough-terrain abilities. If you're looking for the most invigorating exposure to the great outdoors this side of a dual-sport motorcycle, this is your ride. The top goes down, the doors come off and the windshield can fold down onto the hood (albeit with great effort). Meanwhile, the 10.2 inches of ground clearance, the steep approach and departure angles and the two-door's short wheelbase make the Wrangler the go-to vehicle for serious off-roading. If the Wrangler can't get you there, then you should probably consider traveling by helicopter.

Those willing to give up a little mountain goat-like agility off the beaten path in exchange for more passenger and cargo space have the four-door Wrangler model, called the Unlimited. There is a price to pay, however, for driving the only four-door convertible SUV offered in modern times, as that manual top takes two patient and strong people – hopefully, one who's tall and well-versed in mechanical engineering -- to lower and raise.

Even if you choose the Wrangler Unlimited, don't expect anything nearly as comfortable or quiet as other Jeeps and SUVs. Should your trail-busting requirements be somewhat less heroic, consider the Nissan Xterra or the Toyota FJ Cruiser, as they offer plenty of off-road ability and macho image without requiring one to put up with Wrangler being Wrangler.

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2009 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2009

For 2009 the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited receive a handful of upgrades, including hill start assist, trailer sway control and a small storage net under the center stack.


Superior off-road ability, fun to drive around town, rough-and-tumble image, choice of two- and four-door versions, upscale navigation system.


Noisy with standard soft top, finicky soft top operation, mediocre acceleration and on-road handling, no power mirrors, too many hard plastic contact points, security issues with zippered windows, poor side-impact crash test ratings without side airbags.

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By Brian on December 7 @ 1:53 am
much improved wrangler
I have owned two other wranglers in the past, the latest being an '01. This one blows the other away. The exterior, as always, is beautifully designed. The interior has more leg and hip room than the previous generation, and the soft top is remarkably quiet. I just took this on a 150 mile mostly highway trip, (in some nasty wind)and wind noise wasn't that bad at all. It did sway a bit in high winds, but that is to be expected.

By kentkpa on February 27 @ 10:16 am
Love my new Jeep Wrangler
I've always wanted a Jeep Wrangler but never could quite justify not having the ever so practical and boring sedan. Finally took the plunge in 11/2008 and WOW! To think that I could have been having fun in this vehicle years ago! Not only is it fun to drive and will go anywhere, its a real head turner. I still have a sedan for work but when I really want to drive instead of commute - I take my Jeep. Like the title of this review says, "Love my new Jeep"!!!

By Satisfied Buyer on March 14 @ 4:26 pm
Newer Owner
I am very satisfied to date with my purchase of an '09 Unlimited Sahara. I ended up getting a fairly loaded Jeep, dual top, 6 disk CD, GPS, chrome package. It has a comfortable interior and highway ride. With the hard top option the ride is as quiet as my HD pickup. The exterior look is outstanding. I plan on keeping this for quite a few years so added the additional Jeep bumper to bumper full life time warranty. I never thought that I would own a auto, especially a 4X4, that had a lifetime B-B warranty. This lifetime drivetrain and optional B-B warranty were the icing on the cake that sealed my decision to go with a Jeep over some of the other competitor products that I had reviewed.

By jay on March 5 @ 6:33 pm
This Jeep Rocks
I've always wanted a Jeep, but with 3 kids it never happened. But with the Unlimited 4dr, it's now possible. I got the Rubicon with remote start, dual tops, GPS, and other extras. This thing is awesome. The new Orange color for '09 just seems to glow. Haven't had the top off yet, but can't wait for Spring weather to lose the hard-top, which is actually very quiet on the road. The longer wheelbase of the Unlimited removed the "squirreliness" on the highway that the Jeeps of yesteryear seemed to suffer from. Even the 2dr version is much more stable than the pre-2007 Wranglers.

By Brad on February 18 @ 4:06 am
2009 Jeep JK Wrangler Review
This is my 3rd Wrangler: YJ, TJ and now the JK. The completely redesigned JK is noticeably larger with a better ride and more spacious interior. The straight-six 4L engine has given way to the venerable 3.8L minivan engine, which has more horsepower, but less torque. The gas tank has been moved forward to improve the angle of departure. The soft top can now open partially, and the 3-piece hard top option makes for easier removal. Sound system is improved with larger speakers and dash-mounted tweeters, with Sirius satellite as an option. Tow hooks and fog lamps are now standard equipment. Vehicle feels larger, and sits higher. Outstanding off-road.

By Blake on August 18 @ 9:46 pm
I bought this Jeep about 2 weeks ago and I love it. It handles great on and off road and the soft top is much quieter than I expected. My wife and I hit some trails this past weekend and this thing is unstoppable. We covered lots of mud and rocks and it never even slipped. My only complaint so far is the operation of the soft top. It comes off fairly easily, but getting it back up was tough, though not as bad as I have heard some say. Bottom line: the Wrangler jk is awesome!

By Dennis on March 13 @ 11:20 pm
All American Quality + Value
Edmunds review is too harsh for the Wrangler Unlimited (4 door). Ride is more sure-footed than the 2002 Liberty it replaced. Styling is simple, and superb. Gets many compliments. Gas mileage runs about 16.5 local driving; not much highway experience yet to comment. Two option musts: side air bags (<$500) and hard top. Fabulous deals to be had (I'm in Northeast); 0% financing over 4 years. Buy American. This vehicle is styling, fun and fabulous value for your dollar. If you have to buy now (like me) think about this one.

By JetMech on July 24 @ 4:03 pm
Rocky Mountain Wrangler
I recently purchased a orange 2009 Sahara 2dr hardtop. It is loaded with all the goodies that make driving fun and comfortable. It is very quiet even at highway speeds and free of rattles and squeaks. Handling is good and it has a very tight turning radius, the ride can be a little choppy at times. The auto trans/eng combo works well, smooth shifting and adequate power along with 20 mpg economy. The exterior.... Awesome! The interior... Is somewhat unrefined with a lot of hard plastic, the seats are very comfortable. The climate control works well as does the my gig system, all of the controls are easy to use and the instrument panel is easy to read. I really enjoy driving my wrangler, it rocks!

By jw44 on November 6 @ 11:46 am
wrangler unlimited fun daily driver
I have had my Wrangler 4-door Sahara for 3 months and have had no problems. I have a long daily commute to work, but since I bought my wrangler I don't mind the 68 mile round trip. This Jeep is fun to drive. The 3.8 v6 engine has plenty of power and with 4,000 miles my combined city/highway mileage is 20.6 mpg as of today. My hardtop has no water leaks and is surprisingly quiet at highway speeds. The standard 18" Bridgestone tires are the best rain tires I have ever driven. No snow here in LA (Lower Alabama) but we have plenty of rain.

By Janson on December 24 @ 7:56 pm
What a difference
I owned a 95 wrangler,which I loved but what an improvement they have made. Better ride, no whistling through the windows and with the addition of the four doors, much easier entry. The passenger room in the back is better than most of the other suvs I looked at. If you get the stick sift make sure you get the 3.73 gear and not the 3.21 ratio the difference in performance is like night and day.

By What a bargain!!! on February 11 @ 5:53 am
What a bargain!!!
For years I wanted to buy a Wrangler. Every time I went to Hawaii, I'd insist we rent one. I finally talked my wife into it. The back seat is much bigger than I remembered. I saved $7500 off sticker and got 0% financing for 4 years. I never thought I would find a deal this sweet. My other car is an '05 Porsche Carrera. Call me crazy, but I have only driven the Porsche once since getting the Jeep. I was planning on giving the Jeep to my son when he turns 16, but we'll see if that actually happens.

By Keith on April 12 @ 6:06 am
More comfortable than you'd expect
Went looking for a potential third vehicle, but went ahead and traded in my BMW. The ride on this Jeep is surprisingly comfortable. I've just had it 2 weeks, but can tell I'm going to enjoy it for a long time.

By Scooter on June 11 @ 11:00 pm
The Only Way to Go!
After months of searching and comparing, we finally purchased a 2009 Unlimited. This is our first Jeep and our first American car in a long time. We got the Unlimited X with all power options, satellite radio, tow package and dual tops. As you search for your next vehicle, remember, your comparison is not between other SUVs and the Jeep; it is whether or not you want a Jeep. If you want an SUV, then get an SUV. If you want a rig that will go anywhere without the top on, then this is the rig for you. If you want to take the doors off, then go ahead, why not, only Jeep owners can! The ride quality is better than expected and the Lifetime Powertrain warranty (original owner only) is great.

By Todd on August 28 @ 10:36 pm
'09's the charm!
I traded my '08 Rubicon two-door for an '09 Rubicon four-door(my family is growing!) about a month ago. The '08 turned out to be a great Jeep, but it had a couple of initial problems with the hardtop leaking and a defective catalytic converter. My '09 is trouble-free, and I couldn't be happier. I used to think the four-doors were ugly, but the look has really grown on me. They're only about 20 inches longer than the two-doors, and the amount of extra space you get is amazing. I'm not quite sure how the engineers did it, but I sure like it! Plus it's a Rubicon. I've owned a lot of cars and I've never been happier with one of my decisions.

By NC Aussie on March 5 @ 8:30 am
Too Much Fun Not to Drive
I have owner a string of BMW's then a MINI and thought they were fun to drive, but the Jeep is a blast. It IS a Jeep tho, and do not expect sedan like ride or all the bells and whistles in the interior, but if you want a vehicle that goes anywhere, turns heads and is just more fun to drive than you thought you could have then a Jeep Wrangler maybe for you! It came with satellite radio and power windows/locks and I thought - ahh ok, but I have not put in a CD or listened to commercial radio since I drove it off the lot. The Jeep is similar to my Harley in what is available aftermarket; I already have off road bumpers and look to add wheels and tires, headers, exhaust, etc. in the future.

By jeep450 on May 1 @ 8:10 pm
It's A Jeep!
My first new vehicle was a 1979 CJ-7 and I had to get rid of it when I started a family. I always swore I'd have another, and with the kids gone, the 30 year anniversary of my first Jeep seemed like a great time. This one is far superior in comfort and ride, but when you the pavement ends, it's still a Jeep! I bought it for $6K off sticker and have have a blast buying after market add-ons for it. This vehicle is just plain fun to drive, whether on or off road. It is not my primary vehicle, but I consider it a safe alternative to riding a motorcycle. If you've always wanted one, get it! If your more concerned about mpg and cargo space than fun, forget about it. I have no regrets!

By chn099s on March 11 @ 3:23 am
First new car
My wife and I are newlyweds, and we have never owned are own car before. I have driven demos my whole life and my wife has driven her parents 98 Malibu since it was new. We ordered the unlimited Sahara on 3/4/09 and we got it on 3/23/09.

By wrangler09 on June 26 @ 3:56 pm
buy stick shift only!!!
This is my first Jeep and I absolutely love it, great vehicle to drive, there is noting on a paved road that can stop and nothing off-road that cannot challenge it. You pretty much pay $20+ for a toy, a head Turner.. Every time I drive it (with softop down) I feel like I am on a safari or on a beach.. And with the unlimited after market options available there is always something new to spice up ur ride.. Its not been 2 months yet and I have already spent $1000+ on it....

By Jamie on September 6 @ 3:23 pm
Outstanding Vehicle
I owned a 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade and was very impressed by the durability. I traded the Liberty in for a 2009 Unlimited Sahara 4WD, which is far superior to the Liberty. The Sahara drives smoother, is more comfortable, and more versatile. I love the freedom hard top. I am able to remove the front half without help. I purchase on with the navigation system, which I highly recommend. It is also a DVD Player and allows for me to upload my music in the system-No more CD's!! Even though it was difficult to trade the Liberty, I am very satisfied with the 4-door Sahara. Plus, you cannot beat Jeep's Powertrain!

By Yooper on December 13 @ 6:23 pm
Interior Lacking
Overall, pretty satisfied. Didn't buy it for the ride, although the 4 door rides better than the 2 door. Seats better than expected. Stereo system is OK. Gas mileage not great, but OK.

By tjd on November 23 @ 11:53 am
Once a Jeep Owner- Always a Jeep Owner
My first Jeep was a liberty 06. I just recently purchased an 09 2 Door Wrangler. First let me say I'm a college student so I don't mind a little bit of ruggedness. I drive up to Phoenix from Tucson (160 mile drive) three times a month and I have to say I don't mind driving on the high way at all. I have a hard top. Ive dricing with no top but I find best is to drive with only the two front panels on. MPG are best at around 65mp: I've seen around 23, 24 mpg. But I usually do about 80mph so I avg like 18mpg. Around town I've seen 13 (I know). I haven't taken it off roading yet but it is such a fun car to drive and ride around in especially if you live in a nice place like Arizona!

By newwrangler on April 21 @ 8:03 am
Know what you want
Know what you want. Everything in Edmunds' review is true and is what I like about the Wrangler. I've only had my X model about three weeks and haven't had it off-road, but it turns heads, handles well and fellow Wrangler drivers wave at you (no small feat when living in a city), and you wave back. If you want a sturdy, truck- like vehicle, you'll love it. If you want an SUV that rides like a car, get a Cherokee. A Wrangler is what it is, the soft-top is noisy, no surprise. The interior is basic, well duh, but it's more comfortable than the wife expected. And if my 53-year-old wife (oops) can get in and out of the back of the two-door, so can you. Research and drive one before you buy.

By GOBICON!! on December 12 @ 9:40 pm
I purchased my 09 Rubicon 4 door JK just recently. The first thing i did was take my wife out to Hollister Hills to see what it was capable of... We spent the better part of 5 hours on every "Blue Diamond" trail (Intermediate rating) and it just asked for more! 4 low and all locked up with the sway disconnect,this thing is ridiculously capable of more than you might be tempted to throw its way. So far, I have basically made the undercarriage bulletproof. big tip of the day is: 1- ARB front diff. cover 2- AEV rear diff. slider This JK has exceeded my expectations thus far.

By Alex on December 29 @ 2:43 am
I love my Jeep!
I've owned Jeeps for the last 16 years, and this is my first new Jeep. I love it, it does everything I've asked of it so far. I've towed a trailer, and had fille the large amount of storage space numerous times without any problems.

By Rubi Rules on August 6 @ 12:13 pm
New To Jeep
We've owned numerous brands, various models. Traded a 4X4 Suburban for a Prius. We missed the off-road experiences and recently purchased the '09 Rubicon (kept the Prius, thank God). The Rubi was taken off-road immediately in the California desert. Buttes, sand, rock, highway, all very enjoyable. The side airbags were a must for our family. The Navi with it's "breadcrumb" feature is a plus. Music beats and movies move with the sound system. Very happy with the decision to buy this Jeep. v/r, br

By Dallas on January 9 @ 2:40 pm
Great! And the Top Comes Off LOL!
The ride is nothing what I expected from a Jeep!I have looked at every convertible that they make and just went by to LOOK at the Jeeps and after I drove it, I signed the papers the minute I stepped out of it! I absolutely LOVE my new Jeep! It is a beautiful piece of equipment and very easy to handle as well! My son is already calling dibs when he starts driving! So I am the coolest mom in town LOL! I have not yet taken it off road, but I definitely plan on driving it up and down the beach!

By Big Al Choo on February 24 @ 4:13 pm
First JEEP! Sahara Unlimtd 4x4 Automatic
Wanted one since high school but avid Consumer Reports guy and always drove Hondas and Toyotas. Not so good Consumer Reports ratings for Wrangler but hey, had to have one to see annd experience for myself! So far, so good. Top rating: FUN TO DRIVE! Folks, there's no other 4 door convertible out there and with 2 kids, this is the one that has room to haul the youngsters and the weekend gear! Topless driving is a breeze with the sunrider soft top. Undo the rain flaps and some clamps, and in 5 minutes you have a massive sunroof open to the passenger row. The complete removal takes 2 people and 15 minutes though. Outdoor free air driving: PRICELESS.

By sjs21 on February 4 @ 11:40 pm
3rd, but favorite Jeep!
Amazing Jeep, the best design yet by far!

By AZPops on January 3 @ 2:30 pm
Great Choice
This is my first Jeep, within a few days of taking delivery I took it on a 500 mile drive and I can say that it was a pleasure to drive. The 6 speed manual trans was very smooth. The soft top buffered quite a bit doing 70 to 75 mph when the cross winds were strong and with my window open (but, would like to add that I did not purchase this vehicle for the highway). Even with some strong desert cross winds the Jeep was very stable and sure footed. The AC worked extremely well in the 100 plus degree weather, on the highway and in the city. I did add the 17 inch aluminum wheels to the deal, which gave the Jeep a little more ground clearance and gave it a better look.

By pennfootball71 on July 22 @ 10:33 pm
Niche Product Delivers Fun Times
This is not a car to drive to the grocery store and bring your Grandmother/Mother/Sister/Wife/Girlfriend/Mistress! This is s purpose built "offroad" vehicle with some garnish of comfort. The Navigation system is excellent and leaves "crumbs" to find your way back on an unmarked trail. The 4WD system is best in low range when you lock the front and rear differentials. Do not skimp and get a cheaper Wrangler, you truly get what you pay for with the Rubicon model with beefier axles, better gearing, offroad tires, differentials, and an electronic disconnecting anti roll bar for better wheel articulation.

By 10purrs on June 18 @ 8:40 pm
hmmmm-towed twice,here we go again
This beauty (orange sunburst) is my 3rd Wrangler and the only one I've had trouble with. Towed twice with <500 miles and have an appointment for a check engine light at 2700 miles. Anyone had trouble with sensors/wiring?

By klhorn on February 17 @ 11:20 am
Just get it.
Like most reviewers I was always a very cautious car owner. I test drove a Wrangler and had one ordered and signed for within the hour. Fun to drive, handles great, just an overall fun toy. I would highly recommend the power package, as well as the upgraded sound system. The bass is amazing! Nothing beats a nice Wrangler, with the top down after a long day at work.

By John Graham on July 21 @ 10:40 pm
I love the Jeep
First wrangler I have owned and I think it is the most fun suv on the market. I love the top down and really hope they never change the jeep look because it is one of the last American icons left.

By Devaughn on January 5 @ 6:36 am
Always wanted one
I have owned cars and trucks from across the pond for the greater part of 10 years and loved them, that is until I drove a jeep. I did not set out to buy one, I actually was at a Landrover dealer and decided to schedule a test drive in a jeep for a comparison. Needless to say I didn't go back to Landrover. The look, the rugged feel and the down to earth attitude jeep owners have has solidified me in the category of lifetime jeep owner. Its funny I bought my son an 08 Dodge Charger for his 16th and he has asked on more than one occasion when he can trade it in for a jeep.

By Daved on December 6 @ 3:13 am
Just a kittle more power please
I planned on buying a base Wrangler X and tricking it out myself. My wife talked me out of it a said to get a 2dr Sahara. Thankfully I listened to her. The convenience features are great. The ride is good and the quality is among the best vehicles I've owned. The freedom top is easy to use. I had the Dual Top Group and have no intention of using the soft top. I sold the soft top to purchase a Banks Cold Air Intake and Cat-back Exhaust. Hopefully, this will add some much needed power. I would buy another one in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone that is looking to add some fun to their daily drive. I had no idea this much fun could be had on four wheels.

By hawk on August 23 @ 8:20 am
Best Jeep Wrangler EVER
fun to drive and people look at your jeep as they wish they had one.

By Dan on February 22 @ 9:10 pm
Love the Sahara
I bought my first Sahara in 1998. I Put 100,000 miles on it with no major problems. Just bought a 2009 2dr Sahara...absolutely LOVE IT! I must admit I test drove other SUV's before making my purchase. The others just don't compare. The Sahara is solid, rides great, is quiet (with hardtop) and is a very reliable, fun vehicle to own! (and, if you have to, you can go wherever you want!)

By Kurt on October 15 @ 6:40 pm
Fun Ride
It is nothing fancy but what a fun car to own. Have both a Wrangler and BMW 750i. Would much rather drive the Jeep. Nothing better than cruising around with the top down on a Saturday afternoon. I highly recommend this vehicle. Get ready to wave at all the other Jeep owners. You are part of a family.

By Gene Lee on September 4 @ 10:53 am
Always wanted Jeep and now I have one
I have wanted a Jeep since high school and when I reach 65 I bought a Wrangler X 2 door 4WD. I really love driving the Jeep, my wife drives a lincoln and I have not driven her car since buying my Jeep. In fact she had to go out of town last week and asked if she could drive my Jeep. I get between 20 and 21 MPG driving about 65 MPH. I have the 24S option which has every thing I wanted. I will use it as my tailgate vehicle this fall and look forward to talking about my SOONER red Jeep.

By mdirvin on December 5 @ 8:23 am
Great all around vehicle
We purchased the jeep to tag along with our RV. It has been the perfect choice. My wife loves the way it drives around town, its comfortable on the highway. We have been able to go places that we never could have in a less capable vehicle. We are now able to go on unimproved/unmaintained service roads in MT, and CO to do hiking and photography. The gas mileage is much better than expected. We have never gotten less than 20mpg, over the road I get 24+, and of course my wife gets 26+. She just has a gentler right foot. Its getting to the point now that if I want some "Jeep" time I might have to get one for myself. We are thinking of getting small trailer, and heading up to Alaska in 2010.

By Lauramarie Stuart on April 11 @ 3:50 pm
I just purchased a 2009 Wrangler X 3 days ago. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I always owned trucks but NEVER drove anything like this. It rides like a dream, handles beautifully a REAL looker. My boyfriend took over my 2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Hemi...I don't even miss driving the truck. I get high 18

By simplefello on December 22 @ 10:16 am
Love it
I traded my 200 Silverado single cab z- 71 for this vehicle because of a growing family. I love the jeep and have ever since I rented one for a week. This thing gets so many looks and is very capable off road. I really love that it can fit two car seats in it and I can still feel like a real man...lol.

By iceman on November 9 @ 4:40 am
Finally got it
I bought my X sight unseen via email with my dealer. I took the only X they had at the time. I have wanted one for quite awhile and have been completely happy with my purchase. It's is so much fun to take the top down and just drive. Mileage is 20-21 which is good. I bought it for the winter snow, but am sure I won't be able to wait for spring.

By kj's jk on May 18 @ 12:36 pm
great suv
I bought my Jeep Wrangler to drive in winter. Although I have not driven it in poor weather yet, I really love my Jeep! It is so much fun to drive. I sit up high but do not feel at all like it is a big car! The controls are very convenient and easy to use.

By Aaron on October 5 @ 8:13 am
2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara
The best feature of the Jeep is it's ability to go through anything. It has great ground clearance, a solid four wheel drive system, and room for four with plenty of gear. That being said I have been disappointed by the cheap grade hard plastic interior, weak engine performance, and white knuckle highway driving experience.

By Laura Stuart on July 28 @ 2:33 am
2009 Jeep Wrangler X 2-DR
I have NEVER owned a Jeep before and I am so happy with my purchase. I also have a 2008 Dodge Hemi Quad Cab through this dealership. Although the two vehicles are night and day...I'd rather be in the Jeep! It is the best riding vehicle I have ever owned. I will never own anything ever else! Thanks for building a wonderful and AMERICAN made product!!!

By Edwin Ramos on August 18 @ 11:26 pm
Fun to Drive ....Soldier Toy Car
After been deploy in many locations. I look for a vehicle that was reliable and fun to drive and that vehicle was the JEEP WRANGLER with 2S pack 4X4. The vehicle can climb anything and do anything.I just love it and cant wait until summer comes so i can put the top down. I learn how to drive standard in a Army 1/4 ton JEEP back in 1989. We just have a relationship that have make me fall in love with this icon .

By lovemyjeep on January 17 @ 2:40 pm
2009 Jeep Wrangler X 4x4
My dad bought me my first car last month and I love it! I wanted a Liberty instead, but I'm so glad he convinced me. We bought it for the purpose of off roading in the desert. It rides so much better than our old Jeep. The hard top is very easy to take off. The design is great. My dad even drives it instead of his Mercedes to work because it's so much fun to drive. My mom wants to trade her Tahoe for a four door model!!

By downtheroad on May 14 @ 6:30 pm
This 4 door unlimited with 4.10 and stock tires can't move itself down mostly flat roads and 20mph winds. The interior is extremely cheap. Tow rated for 3500, I couldn't pleasantly (by any means) tow my 350 lb motorcycle trailer with 1,000 lbs of motorcycle and gear on it. Guess I'll wait for the 2012 pentastar motor and then looked for a used 2 door later - hope they do something for the interior too. Nice to look at. Nice convertible options -- overall - I sold it 3 months after buying it!

By LR on February 16 @ 11:10 pm
I have owned my silver rubicon for about at year. I love this jeep. I wanted one of these for a few years before I actually made the purchase. I'm still in love. Of course the rubi has its quirks, there is not alot of room, and is not great on gas, but the pros outweigh the cons. The rubi will go through anything. The rubi looks sharp. It is fun to drive and a total blast to taking the top off. Bottom line is it is a JEEP. It is not a cadillac or a station wagon.

By jeepguy on January 15 @ 6:30 pm
I Will Always Own A Jeep
This is my second Jeep, I leased a 2007. This one I purchased. I have the same complaints as before: Terrible mileage, performance, wind noise, even low highway speeds can be a test of will. Did I mention an interior that is 20 years out of style and very poor handling as well. All that being said, this is still the best car I have ever owned since my last Jeep. I still can not explain it. I can only tell you, you must own one to understand. They really are the most fun you can have driving short of a Ferrari.

By marie on April 14 @ 12:26 am
Oh What a Mistake!!!
I was so excited to get my good looking red rock 4dr Jeep! It looks great and I purchased it with all the bells and whistles. (navi, big tires hardtop) two days after having it, I stalled in the middle of an intersection. The alarm works sometimes and other times I have to use the key to open and the alarm goes off until I quickly stick the key in the ignition, water pours on the headrest when I am driving when it rains, I have brought it back 4 times and they cannot stop the leaking.. This is not dripping water but pouring water.

By Orlando Rodriguez de on August 1 @ 3:16 pm
My Yellow Jeep
Well, being this the first time I own a Wrangler, I do not feel like I have too much to compare. All I have to say right now is that having one it’s a lot of fun for me and for my family as well. It is a totally different sort of car, not comfortable at all, but it is a jeep. Not good on gas efficiency, but again it is a jeep and you have to pay for the fun part. First thing first, I recommend everyone is to upgrade the rims and tires; the factory ones are ridiculous for a jeep as well the plastic bumpers.

By Bruce on March 10 @ 5:03 am
3rd Jeep
My 09 Rubi does everything I've asked. If I wanted great gas mileage I would have bought a Yaris, high performance on the road a mustang and tow a trailer a pickup. This is a fun vehicle that does a lot of things well, but off roading excellent.

By Run while you can on July 22 @ 4:10 pm
Dont Buy Jeep
Problems from day 1, water leaks in like a river (hard top), can't be fixed and caused rust in only a few months. Underpowered, driven 4cly cars that have more power. Had a cracked radiator. Many electric problems, odometer not working, windows not working, doors locking on their own, and more. The seats will kill your back, very uncomfortable. Headlights are VERY poor, worthless if you do a lot of night driving. Bought brand new and this all happened in the first 4 months of having it. The only good thing to say about it is that it preforms well off road.

By gtrbt01 on March 1 @ 4:40 pm
This my 2nd unlimited 1st 2007 2wd Sahara 53k no problems, this one 09 4wd Sahara and love it 18 mpg city 20 hwy has both tops changing to soft now for spring so much better than old wranglers. I had no water leaks at all with either and I believe people arn't realizing its a Jeep not a Acura SUV, but the ride is outstanding, very satisfied but do worry about Chrysler rep. Has decent pwr but a small v8 would be great, mine even has leather seating I wouldn't have wanted but its worked out fine nice quality

By greysmoke on August 28 @ 4:56 pm
18 months later, not one complaint
This is my 3rd Jeep Wrangler. The first was a '95; great fun. Then an '00; even better. The '09 4-door is a Jeep for grownups. The longer wheelbase makes for a much more comfortable ride. They've made the new ones much wider, too. I'm not completely sold on the 3.8 V6, but so far, so good. Most important points: (1) It's a Jeep. (2) Nothing has gone wrong. I've not had any work done on this Jeep except for fluid changes. For experienced Jeep owners, this model is much more civilized than what you're used to. For those new to a Jeep, be warned: it's still a real Jeep, and that means it's not going to suit everybody.

By 09JPX on October 21 @ 8:26 pm
My first Jeep
I have always wanted to buy myself a Jeep. I finally got a job where I could afford to get what I wanted. Although it is a much different driving experience than my Honda Accord, it is so much more fun to drive. I have taken it off roading just once so far. Waiting for summer to take the top off and keep it off. And I also would like to do some upgrades to it. It is taking me a while to get used to all the gas that it guzzles, but it is a JEEP. Looking forward to driving up into the mountains for fishing and camping this summer. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase.

By 09jeep on February 6 @ 8:06 pm
Fun junk
This thing is a fun. There is nothing like being able to drive with no roof and no doors, no other new vehicle can do that. Not to mention the offroad capability, which is also unmatched. Having said that, this is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. 7000 miles and the clutch has gone bad 3 times. (throwout bearing noise - common problem) Also leaking hardtop, lots of other small problems. Cheap materials and build quality everywhere you look. Check out some JK wrangler forums, mine isn't the only one with issues. "It's a jeep thing" doesn't change the fact that $30,000 ought to get you a better vehicle than this.

By Brian on September 30 @ 3:06 am
Spoiled brats won't like.
Read some of the reviews on this forum, and from what I understand most of them don't understand what they got themselves into. Please don't consider buying a jeep unless you understand your purchase. You aren't buying a luxury car, you are buying one of the finest off roading, highly versatile vehicles on the road today. People that complain about water leaks probably don't understand how to correctly install their top. All and all this is an awesome vehicle to own.

By SFC EDWIN RAMOS on October 7 @ 1:03 am
Off-road beast
The Jeep is not fast and the fuel economy is poor. But the Jeep wrangler, regardless of the trim, is the best off road vehicle that I have ever drive. My first experience was in the jungles of Panama. I saw a Jeep wrangler assigned to the us embassy negotiating hard terrain. After that I promised I would get one.

By Dawn on November 26 @ 11:00 am
Not So Sure About JEEP!
I bought this vehicle new in Oct 2009. I have only put 9500 miles on it in a year. I just had to take it to the shop to have A LOT of work done to it. First there was a recall. I took it in for that and they found a right front axle leak. While I was waiting for the part to come in I had the oil changed and the guys at the oil place found a front differential leak, a rear differential leak, intake leak and also had to replace the steering shaft. The Chrysler place had to rebuild my rear end differential. It also kicks when it goes into first gear. I just got it back and it still does it! I think it will be going back again! I love my jeep but the quality of this vehicle is not good!

By Dacoda on October 4 @ 11:00 am
Jeep Wrangler
Had a 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara for 13 years. Bought the New 4 door and just love it. Now I find myself looking at the New 2011 Jeep Wrangler 4 door. They changed the inside and some more equipment. It is now your every day drive with comfort and extras and your off road toy. What a great way to get it all in one package.

By JDH on December 28 @ 11:00 am
Mixed Feelings on our Bailout Buggy
Got this bailout buggy in 4/09 and have 17,500 miles. The transmission went out at 14,000 miles and it's been a downward spiral ever since to the point that we are considering trading this in for something else. Before that, though, we loved the car. While performance is mediocre, nothing beats a topless Jeep in the summer. Keep the tops off, though, as long as possible since they were poorly designed and engineered. The hard top leaks consistently. Fuel economy is lackluster around town at 14 mpg, but shines on the freeway at 20 mpg at 75 mph. No complaints on the interior of the vehicle, so far. The Sahara model specifically has a smooth ride as well. Also, the 4x4 system is beyond great.

By The Last Car on August 8 @ 3:00 am
The Last Car.
I call this "the last car" because I will never drive anything else. That said, it is not a "car" as much as a street legal toy. A giant go-cart. The feeling of driving a jeep is incomparable, but certainly not for everyone. In fact, if you even have to debate whether you should; then you probably shouldn't. If you are comfortable, however, with the idea of changing a heavy stubborn top (hard or soft), having little freeway acceleration, and generally driving a giant go-cart; then this is the car for you! You have to be prepared to think of your Jeep as a street-legal toy to really appreciate it. (Also, get the manual transmission or just get yourself a minivan)

By Rascula on February 14 @ 9:17 pm
Great Fun but Time to Move On
I bought my 09 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara in June of 2009 and will be honest for the most part it was a great vehicle. It did what I needed it to do getting me wherever I needed to be, protecting my children and I when we were hit by a drunk driver from behind at nearly 40 miles per hour, and the touch screen radio with GPS and HDD were wonderful to have for getting to places and not having a vehicle cluttered with CD's. I rarely took my front top panels off but when I did everyone loved it (cant say how heavy or difficult the back portion was as I never removed it). My torque converter did go bad at 42K miles (thankfully I bought the lifetime warranty on the vehicle which in and of itself paid for the tranny issue), I had to replace the brakes at 65K miles with the rear passenger side shoe sticking and needing a-lot of work, the door hinge bushings were starting to go bad, and finally the O2 sensors (which there are 4 of) went bad twice. I did truly love the vehicle. Visibility was great, the ride was smooth for a 4x4 and it was easy to handle. My main reason for getting rid of it is that the gas mileage is lower than I would have liked and I travel a-lot. I never got more than 21 mpg on the highway (and roughly 50k of the 75k miles I put on it were highway). If you want a fun 4X4 and can get past the lack of mpg and a little less than desirable power the 2009 was a good vehicle (at least for me).

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