2008 Jeep Wrangler

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The 2008 Jeep Wrangler is not so much an SUV as an experience. It's slow and loud, handles poorly, gets bad gas mileage, has crummy interior materials and features doors that provide virtually no crash protection. Oh, and breaking into the trunk requires nothing more than undoing a zipper.

Under normal methods of evaluation, all these borderline-absurd negatives would seem to add up to a vehicle barely worthy of cab duty in Bangladesh. And yet the Wrangler is strangely attractive -- so much so that it's one of the 10-best-selling SUVs on the market. It exists for people who want something decidedly different -- particularly a macho image and serious rock-crawling capability that few SUVs still offer in this crossover age.

Part of the Wrangler's image comes from features and attributes that no other vehicle on the market can boast. Some are fanciful -- with considerable effort, the windshield can be folded forward onto the hood (to aid the occasional water buffalo hunt, perhaps), and the doors can also be removed. Why? Because it looks cool that way. But others, such as the 10.2 inches of ground clearance, the steep approach and departure angles, and the two-door's short wheelbase make the Wrangler the go-to vehicle for serious off-roading and canyon tours. Quite simply, if the Wrangler can't get you there, you're going to need a Sherpa or a helicopter.

Finally, the Unlimited model is the only four-door convertible on the market. Of course, that convertible soft top takes two people, several pages of manual reading, some muscle and practically an engineering degree to raise and lower, but hey, nothing else can do it. With the optional hard top, the Unlimited's four doors, impressive cargo capacity and relatively spacious backseat make it the first Wrangler that can be considered practical. If you love the prototypical Jeep image and capability but need something that can journey to Costco or pick folks up from the airport, the Unlimited answers the call.

Just don't expect anything nearly as comfortable or quiet as other Jeeps and SUVs. To its benefit, the 2008 Jeep Wrangler's character and heritage haven't been watered down by new creature comforts like power windows, four doors or a hard-drive-based navigation system. But the Wrangler remains a niche vehicle with major drawbacks that potential buyers should be aware of. And given that, you might want to also consider the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Nissan Xterra, as they offer much of the same off-road capability and macho image without as many compromises.

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2008 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2008

After setting a new trail with a complete redesign last year, the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited travel into 2008 with only minor equipment changes. These include a standard Sunrider soft top on Wrangler Sahara and Rubicon models, optional remote ignition and a new Sahara appearance package for both two- and four-door versions.


Superior off-road ability, surprisingly fun to drive around town, rough-and-tumble image, availability of two- and four-door versions, upscale navigation system.


Noisy with standard soft top, finicky soft top operation, mediocre acceleration and on-road handling, no power mirrors, too many hard plastic contact points.

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By L Lucas on March 18 @ 4:06 am
Fun to drive
This is a very fun vehicle to drive. Gets lots of looks, so be prepared to be asked questions, primarily how much they cost. I guess people think they cost a lot more that they do which makes it a value in itself. The only thing I have to remark on is the position of the arm rest, both on the door and the console. I am 5'8", so not abnormal in height for a woman....the center console is pretty low and there is no arm rest on the door. However, keeping in mind that this is not a luxury car and not bought for comfort, I really can't complain. Love it, love it, love it and really happy with the Jeep!

By DJ Bill on January 9 @ 2:03 pm
An Amazing Ride
This is my first Jeep. I have never even ridden in one let alone owned one. I have heard so much about them and all the stories were true. It is super fun to drive and with all the configurations of the top and windows, there is no limit to the look and feel of driving this vehicle. I previously owned a 2004 Durango and the gas mileage on this was horrible. I am currently getting 19.4 mpg in my new Jeep and very satisfied with that. Pulling up to red lights is interesting because everyone wants to know about it and other Jeep owners ask "So, how do you like it?" I say awesome baby! Just remember these things are built for power, not speed! No need for a radar detector!

By backinajeepagain on November 16 @ 12:26 pm
Back In A Jeep Again
Drives smooth, quiet, tracks straight, handles great for SUV. Getting actual 18.5-21mpg. Roomy for my 6'3" frame. Hard & Soft tops are much better quality. Trans shifts smooth, quick, and hardly noticeable. Very fun to drive. 3500 miles in 5 weeks, doors off 4 times. Love the room of the 4 door. You wouldn't be afraid to drive this to a black tie event. Gets lots of looks and questions. The electronic throttle is diferent,. takes a little getting used to. Could use more power. Mopar needs to offer post style mirrors that go in top hinge when doors are off, got mine off the internet. Really enjoying the amenities cruise, a/c, elec wdws, pwr locks, 6 disc, sirius. I drive 30K+ per yr.

By ownedseveral on November 8 @ 10:56 am
I got my Jeep back!
I have owned several Jeeps. A 94 Cherokee and 97 TJ Wrangler. After a brief and dull experience with a Chrysler Town and Country minivan, I got my Jeep back. Yes, everything about the Jeep is, well, Jeepish. I have the hard top model so wind noise is not that much of a big deal and I like the fact that I can take the front panels off on a nice day. They are light and easy. On a rainy day I have seen the top leak once and after reseating it not more leaks. I have the manual 6 speed so power is not that much of an issue. Get the power and door lock option if you have a child. My wife hates that we did not get this option.

By Rick on May 31 @ 7:46 am
Love my Jeep
I love my Jeep. Looks great. Drives great. Much more room than I ever anticipated. Cannot recomend it more.

By Rickxjeeps on September 19 @ 9:23 pm
Beyond pleased!
We've had 13 Jeeps between the two of us in our lifetime. From a 77 Cherokee to the most current model year, an 02 Grand Cherokee Limited. Retiring a 93 Wrangler that was my daily driver for the last 13 years for this model and we both are extremely pleased! The ride is impecably smooth even for a Wrangler but so much more car like. It is so quiet you forget your in a Hardtop, unlike the 93 Wrangler with the hardtop. People had trouble hearing me on the cell phone. Unlike the 4.0 in the 93 which could be heard easily, you can't hear the 3.8 motor and you forget you have it running. Factory remote start rocks! Opt for it, it's worth it! It's 10.5 inches bigger than an 08 Liberty!

By Sparky on September 22 @ 5:13 am
Nothing quite like a Jeep
OK, to start off let me say I'm a foreign car guy. Ever since my first experience with taking my 1995 Dodge to the shop on a weekly basis it's been nothing but imports. That being said, this is the best product Jeep has put out in quite some time (but don't forget those beautiful little words–Lifetime Powertrain Warranty). I have 2500 miles on my 2 Dr Sahara so far and it is rock solid. No squeaks, rattles, in fact the ride is nothing short of spectacular for a vehicle with it's suspension type and the short wheelbase. Sure, it's not Lexus quiet, but that's not what you're buying. There is high speed wind noise and you aren’t going to win any road races, but that shouldn't be expected here.

By DrDan on August 19 @ 1:13 pm
Not Much Disappointment
My 6th Wrangler. 5th brand new one. a 97,2000, 04, 95 (used), 06 and new 08. 97, 00, and 95 had 2.5L 4 cyls. 04 had a 2.4L. Downshifted constantly. 06 had a 4.0L 6cyl. 08 has a 3.8L. The 08 gets a couple MPG better but the electronic accelerator lacks. Body style is awesome. Interior, driver sits against the door and the biggest problem is the trip set button. They stuck it right behind the window washer/wiper lever. Every time you reset the trip odometer you get a window wash too. Overall I like it. Disc brakes all the way around are an improvement too.

By Missynrichub on June 18 @ 5:40 am
Best Jeep I ever drove
My husband and I have owned ours now for three weeks and it is the best Jeep we ever owned. We have had Jeeps all our lives from the years of 1977, 1986, 1993, 1999, and 2002.This Jeep is a smooth ride, handles very well, almost like my Eagle Talon TSi all wheel drive I owned in my early 20's. Not as luxurious as my 2003 Suburban Z71, but I didn't order it with that expectation. It actually came darn close. Who wants leather and plush seats in a convertible that is expected to get wet. Can't do that with my Suburban. Simply put, we love it and it is a better ride than a 2001 Cherokee and larger than one. The new Jeep is so quiet you cannot even hear or feel the engine idle or shift up or down when driving. We got 23.5 mpg with three kids, a 55 lb dog, a cat, me, my hubby and our cage with clothes on back. Awesome what more can I say!

By Bucky on November 5 @ 4:26 am
4 Door Rubicon
I love my new Jeep. Smooth on and off the road. No problems with it yet.

By redsoxnpats on August 31 @ 4:23 pm
5,000 miles and loving it!
Owned 03 Liberty, traded it for 08 Wrangler 4 door in mid-September and love it. We avg 300+ miles a week commuting and the car gets between 17- 19 miles a gallon. Seats are comfortable, car handles well. Gets lots of looks. Owning the Jeep is like owning a piece of Americana. This car is steeped in tradition. Once you remove the soft top from the rear, and the hard top is on, there is plenty of cargo space. Handles well if you're driving along at 70 plus miles an hour. Yes there is wind noise, but mostly at high speeds. Nice speaker system. It's 50-56 dollars to fill the tank @ $3.00 a gallon when close to empty. Nice hidden compartment in the rear to hold an ER Kit. I'm extremely satisfied.

By R3DM@N on November 3 @ 9:33 pm
Lucky # 3
This is my third go-round w/ the Wrangler. I have owned a '95 YJ (College), an '03 TJ(first married), and have now settled into the 4dr JK (w/children). The new 4 doors are functional with the new additions to my family and I do not have to sacrifice driving a cool vehicle. This is not a speed machine by any means, yet is fully functional for on road usage and the offroad capabilities speak for itself. The gas milage is fair given the ride height and lack of aerodynamics. If you own one of these you are in the club. If you want an Escalade experience when driving then keep shopping.

By Bouncer on July 21 @ 3:10 am
Jeep Wrangler Rocks!
My Wrangler is the most fun SUV I have ever driven. I am amazed at how the Wrangler can corner like a car. There is little or no lean in corners. Its a little under powered but nothing terrible. The ride is really quiet with the hard top, but honestly the ride is bouncy. No blind spots but I did put small mirrors on it. Gets tons of looks from people. The 2DR has very little space for cargo, but back seat removes easily. Awesome seat adjustments. Awesome view when driving! You can almost drive this truck like a car. Getting in and out of the Sahara is not pleasant for short people. Seats are comfortable. Stereo, dash is high and close. Fog lights are awesome! Bumper is killer. Love my JK!

By bob e on October 17 @ 6:26 am
Jeep not a Caddy
I have a two door automatic with a hard top without the s package. It is a basic Jeep but it will do everything I want it to do and more. I have had 5 previous Wranglers but this on is so superior in every way it is ard to belive. It is a Jeep so jthe ride lets you know you are driving not sitting on a couch. With the hard top it is secure and quiet. It does enjoy gas, but I knew that when I bought it. The rear seat acccess is awful, but I don't ride in the back seat. Water runs in when you open the door in the rain and goes right into the door storage pocket, so only put water proof stuf in it. It is a Jeep you deal with it and sit back and enjoy the ride even if it is a little rough.

By HUTTA on September 23 @ 3:30 am
Happy but sad
I love this Jeep, it's my first one and I'm totaly satisfied with the ride and reliability. I only have two problems, one is that the roof leaks (I have the 3 piece hard top) and the other is that the front bumper gets damaged to easily. regarding the first problem with the leak, I brought it in and the dealer changed the rubber seal,(that didn't work), I called the dealer back and he told me that this has been a problem with the freedom top and to bring it back in and maybe I could get a one piece top that doesn't leak. The problem with that is the weight, you would need 3 people to take off the roof(boo).I'm just gonna wait and see what else jeep can come up with to fix this problem.

By Bullfrog on June 3 @ 7:40 am
The Best One Yet
This is my 3rd Wrangler. Had an '02 and '04 and just traded in my '04 for the new '08 model. The engine on this model is significantly more quiet and has better pick up and gas mileage than my previous models. The additional 6" of length and width also make the new model much more comfortable to drive on the highway. I got the 2dr Sahara with the MyGig Navigation and the Power Group (windows and locks). The MyGig is awesome, loaded 2GB worth of music. The new softtop is cool because you can fold back the portion over the front seat without having to remove the entire top. My wife, who currently drives a Z71 Tahoe, now wants the 4 door Unlimited with Freedom Hard Top! I highly recommend!

By Nothing better on March 11 @ 10:30 am
Why did I wait to buy such a great Jeep!
I had reservations on buying a Wrangler after reading the "expert reviews". But I always wanted a Wrangler- and after seeing the 2008 2 Dr Sahara- I had to buy one! I never even test drove one...now I have driven it nearly 5,000 miles- including a 1,500 mile trip over the Smokey Mountains w/ ave of 21 MPG and as high as 23. I know perfomance is not of my Hemi Ram, or Corvette...but better than my Tahoe or Saturn Ion. I expected comments on it's great looking exterior- but nearly everyone remarks on how "nice" the interior is appointed... The ride is very smooth on interstates-seats are very firm and supportive...cannot wait for summer to take the "tops off"! Why did I wait to buy this Jeep!

By Bill B on August 24 @ 2:43 pm
It is what is is and that's not all bad.
Driving on the open road is terrific have yet to take it off road. Because of the low gearing of the transmission you must be ready to take off when the light turns green. This is were more power is needed without question. Love the seats which are curved like sport seats to hold you in place.

By Manny on March 10 @ 4:30 pm
A kid again
I just purchased the 2008 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, and it a joy driving it; I wish the 4 doors had been out a few years earlier. This vehicle is well adapted for the off road environment, more like amazing. It’s able to maneuver the harshest terrain. I find it to be the most solid built vehicle I have ever owned, and I have owned many SUV's in the past ten years. My average MPG is anywhere from 18.4 to 19.3, this is better than my King Ranch F150 (2WD). No buyer’s remorse here.

By Tony-Chicago on September 9 @ 5:30 am
Fun, fun, fun
I have had many 4x4's, but none of them ever compared to my new unlimited. I now know what the word fun to drive means. It performs in all types of situations, so far I have had it on ice, in deep snow, mud and to a wedding. It recieved more attention then the bride. Thank You Jeep.

By PB on June 16 @ 2:13 am
Fun to Drive
This is the 6th Jeep I've owned. It's very well built. The seats are very comfortable. Sirius satellite radio is awesome. Gas mileage is 16-17 with most being around town so far. The hard top works well with no leaks so far and I've been out in quite a bit of rain. My only true concern is how underpowered the engine is. It upshifts on any type of hill and just needs more torque. There's room in the engine bay for a larger gas or diesel engine.

By Superman68 on January 29 @ 7:26 am
My 4th and favorite Jeep
Wow! After owning my 4-dr. Sahara now for several months, I still look forward to every time I want to drive somewhere. First of all, the hard tops do not leak if you put them on properly. The most important thing is putting the panels on in the right order and tightening from side to side until both anchors are tight...nuff said. This vehicle can maneuver, brake, corner, and is very smooth. What other vehicle on the market looks cool, has one of the highest resale values, is a great 4WD, it's convertible, virtually waterproof, and is practical and fun to drive? I would've liked a lil more power, but there are upgrades to handle that...good job Jeep!

By Sahara on November 14 @ 8:53 pm
2008 Sahara Problems
I purchased a brand new 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and it is junk. 1,500 miles and so far 4 problems. Massive Freedom top leak that leaks down on the dash into the radio and speakers everytime it rains. Muffler heat shield loose. Drivers side heat shield loose. Factory Sirus radio TSB issued because radio sounds like speakers are blown out. Trading a used car in because I wanted the security of a new jeep and what a dam mistake. Car has been down at the dealer for 3 days now. Didnt want to give rental until i called Jeep directly. Jeep will only give $40 a day. Jeep quality is horrible along with gas mileage. Cant wait to see what goes next. I reccommend to anyone the life bumper to bumper

By Mauthie1 on October 28 @ 7:26 am
My 1st Wrangler
This is my 1st Wrangler and I love it. The drive is much smoother than I expected, I love the interior. The MPG could be better, but I bought it knowing this. Great SUV, I love the style and great look of it.

By CaliJeep on April 22 @ 6:00 am
1st time owner
I just bought my first Jeep. Oh my gosh it is awesome. My friend had one in high school back in the midwest and we used to mud every weekend and it would never stall in the water. Then he got a stinking Toyota and you couldn't go through six inches of water before it stalled. I love mine so far. I have only put a hundred miles on it, but it rides amazing. I am taking it up to the Sierras this weekend to check out the off roading. The only bad part is it is so nice I don't want to get it dirty. It is nice to own a piece of American History. My wife and I already established we will own this forever. With a lifetime warranty why not!

By Boston Bill on March 13 @ 12:16 am
I got what I bought!
This is the first Jeep I have owned. I had a salesman who told me that I was buying a fun vehicle that would keep me smiling and enjoying the outdoors and the kids would never want to get out of it. It was not for commuting or long trips. He told me it would be noisy on the highway because of the flat front and box design, it would be bouncy and not great on gas mileage. He has been right on all fronts. I did not go out to buy an economy car, a smooth ride or fancy interior. Thats not what Jeep is offering.

By weber on April 10 @ 6:20 am
Just bought it
The new Jeeps are very fun and much more easy to drive. they ride very comfortably. The problem is my door hinge was not bolted on all the way and now the brake light has come on and staying on. No fluid leak no loss of fluid.

By Big T on July 3 @ 5:53 pm
Fun for any age
This is simply a fun vehicle! It has good room, comfort and good safety features. Can't wait for the warm to take the top off but the Atlanta inch of snow was pretty fun too. Nope, not a little Hummer.

By Oldone on May 6 @ 6:10 am
Another Gear!
Originaly bought to tow behind our A Class RV. This it does with no problems. After towing down to New Mexico and using on the highway for journeys bup to 300miles and now using off road on the forestry trails etc we can only say what a great fun and accomplished vehicle this is. Easy to use soft top, fantastic go-most places, great turning circle and handling make it a fun, fun, fun car. Only downside is after a few months you feel it would be even better with at least a five or six speed auto. No I dont want a manual thank you. Ratio between third and top is to wide. Overall my wife and I rate it a "Thumbs Up". Dont try and think its something its not. Just drive it and enjoy.

By weemer99 on April 26 @ 9:56 am
No more trucks
I owned a 78 CJ 5 and loved it. Have had trucks every since. All have been 4 wheel drive. My new Jeep has been a joy. Mileage hasnt been an issue since I have driven 4 wheel drive pickups so the 22 I am getting is a plus. Not a speed demon by any means but I am not into raceing. The thing will turn on a dime and handles great. Serves the purpose it was purchased for. It really does turn heads. Stereo is nice addition. Love the 3 peace top. Have had no leaks and wont have top on much in the summer. Heater doesnt keep up with the low single digit but its a Jeep. Will go anywhere.

By Rappin' Jonny D on September 10 @ 2:56 pm
Luv It
Had a CJ-7 from back in the day and there is no comparison. This Jeep corners better than my car. True, the engine shifts a bit more than one would want and the milage is quite poor, but one purchases a Jeep for other reasons. Love the flexibility of the freedom top. No issues with water leakage.

By Keith on March 19 @ 4:53 am
2008 Jeep Wrangler-Massachusetts
This is my third Jeep Wrangler and the best one yet, comfortable and stylish. The all wheel disc brakes are a nice feature, very comfortable seats, its a blast to drive. Negatives: The side doors leak bad in rain, there is a TSB#23-002-08 (Tech Service Bulletin) to repair the problem for free. It will take a full day at the dealer for this to be completed. The engine power is less than my 2000 Wrangler on the highways.

By Brad on July 15 @ 8:13 am
2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
This is my first Jeep but after having a GMC Jimmy there's no comparison. Steering is light but responsive, corners well and the highway ride is much improved over past generations. Noise is still there but not dominating. Engine isn't a powerhouse but with the 6 spd that's up to the driver, and it can go fairly well. No problems with the roof or door seals. Suspension is firm but in town it doesn't have a problem absorbing northern Alberta potholes. If you want a cushy ride, buy a Crown Vic. I plan to have this thing for a long time, and so far so good!

By bsfman97 on February 21 @ 11:40 pm
2008 Jeep Wrangler X
I've owned this jeep 3 months and in the past month have had nothing but problems with it. The fan belt has come off 4 times. The dealership had to replace the motor at 1664 miles, put on a new alternator at 1700 miles and it has been in the shop for a week this time waiting for a new power steering pump. Every time I drive it in snow deeper than 6/8 inches deep the fan belt comes off which then causes the power steering fluid to spray all over the engine compartment. Now when I use the heater I have to open a window to get rid of the burnt power steering fluid smell so it doesn't make me sick. I haven't even taken it 4 wheeling yet. These are definitly not the Jeeps they used to be. Don't buy one.

By W on January 16 @ 5:10 pm
Wanted one for 10 years.
I have been wanting a Jeep for 10 years and now finally I have my own. I have had it for 2 weeks and I love it! The feeling, the community, the Jeep life. Yea it sucks gas and it takes 55 dollars to fill up. Who cares? It's a Jeep! i just love it! It is one of the few convertibles for men

By BBK on February 3 @ 3:43 am
I'm Happy With It..
This is my first Jeep, although I have owned other 4wd vehicles. This 4 wheel drive system is the best I have had, other have included Ford, Chevy and Toyota. I have the 6 speed manual tranny, I shift quickly and am easy on the gas and average 20.7 MPG (both highway and city). I have the hardtop with the removable sections over the driver and passenger. No leaks after removing them a few times and reinstalling. Open the door in the rain though and you will get a stream of water in the truck as water follows the gap in front and into the vehicle rather than down the glass on a closed front door. Ride is good up front but in the back you sit on the axle making it bumpy. It is what it is.

By rapsoda65 on January 22 @ 10:53 pm
Finally got my Jeep
Wanted a Jeep CJ back in the day, got married and never got one. Now she's gone and I got my Jeep. Most fun I've ever had in a car. 2 weeks ago took it out with the top down for the first time, can't wait for summer. Comfy ride for a Jeep. Handles better than I expected for an SUV, and this is not my first SUV. Gas mileage is about what EPA rating says it is. Looks good outside and in, but interior needs a little work. Odd placement of window cranks and center dash console has too sharp an edge at the drivers knee. Center arm rest could be higher. Seating position and seats are comfortable.

By Dave on April 23 @ 3:26 pm
Hinges rust
My hinges and black bolts/washers have rusted after 4500 miles. My Jeep is 100% garage kept. My local dealership cannot figure out how to fix and is not willing to. I am very disappointed and frustrated. This should not happen on any new vehicle. I have contacted my local dealer 9 times now without any luck. I have just filed a complaint with Chrysler which I hope will bring results. The workmanship is poor as well as their service apparently.

By M7 on February 29 @ 12:43 pm
2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4x, 4dr, V6
Hands down best 4x4 i have ever driven. i work in the mountains east of San Diego and i drive it over some really tough terrain (it's my work vehicle). it climbs like crazy and i can go places that the other trucks cannot. we beat em up and drive em hard out here, but this thing is solid. even rides smooth on the highway; it feels more solid and stable than the smaller jeeps. i love this truck.

By PLATINUM950 on December 30 @ 6:46 am
Just got her!
Well after a couple days with the Sahara Unlimited 4wd, I am having a blast. I love the space, I like how high it sits, and having test driven about 6 different Jeeps (my family has also owned about 4 Jeeps in the past 6 years so I am pretty familiar with them) I am pleased with the final choice. I sometimes think the people who come up with the "underpowered" statements are the same people who drive minivans like sports cars. A Jeep is for beating mother nature's collective butt when she throws hard weather at you. Just come here to Vermont, so these "underpowered" people might get it. Put it this way, would you want an xterra pulling ya outta the mud & snow or a Jeep? nuff said!

By PopPop on October 3 @ 12:53 am
What is that car, a Hummer?
We love our new Unlimited X 4 door. It rides nicely. We had a 2001 Wrangler Sport and it rode pretty well but was noisy. This Unlimited X far exceeds my expectations on ride quality and noise. It also has better gas mileage than the smaller Wrangler Sport. We are averaging around 20 mpg so far. It is a great looking vehicle. It has lots of room compared to the Sport. The engine is smooth but could use more power. The freedom top leaks a few drops but I think they fixed that. It is a great Jeep compared to its predecessors.

By Patrick on June 21 @ 2:26 am
This north American Icon is truly the funnest vehicle I have ever driven. Excellent vehicle good fit and finish quiet interior.

By Jeep Girl on August 6 @ 12:30 pm
Not Happy!
At first things were going well. I have had my Wrangler just under 6 months. and already had an issue. An ice storm hit my house a branch went through the soft top. Next day had a check from the insurance comp. felling pretty good. Took the jeep to the dealership who sold me my jeep they replied no problem we will order one have it here in 2 days. One week later and shipping my jeep 4 counties away still no jeep. The soft tops do not fit. Before the accident great! Do not ever let anything happen to yours because there is no replacement. At this time I am looking to trade it on a truck or some other 4x4. Love 4x4 hate the jeep!

By Kim on November 9 @ 4:23 am
Second Time the charm- My Jeep X 4dr
Was a wrangler owner in 1996, had tons of issues but loved to drive it. They fixed everything I hated about the old models. It rides smooth, layout inside and out is perfect. VERY QUIET-- love that. Performance is good, could be a tad better but I am happy with it. Get BETTER gas mileage than my 4cyl 4dr Saturn wagon [seriously]. so far 20-21 mpg with mixed driving and it is very new [500 miles] so mileage will improve with driving. I missed my old jeep for YEARS, used to go to the lot and sigh every time I saw one but a two door was too small for me now-- enter the 4door unlimited!!! Thank you Jeep-- I luv you!

By topdowndoorsoff on February 11 @ 11:10 am
Top Down Doors off
This is our first jeep ever owned! We love it! It was a toss up between a Jeep and a VW Beetle Convertible. No comparison here. My wife feels very safe driving jeep, especially in the snow. Love the Rescue Green Color. Be prepared for people to ask,what is it? Duh... A 4-door Wrangler! Looks like a Hummer. Can't wait till summer and take to the beach!!!

By hammer on March 20 @ 10:23 pm
Better equipment further to get stuck
I haven't driven a jeep in 20 years. The Rubicon has a good comfortable ride, low range no doubt is a true rock crawler, to truly enjoy the vehicle have no less than 5K on the vehicle. Great equipment, Keep in mind the better the equipment the further to get in deep trouble and far away from the nearest towing garage. I was once told that you need to buy an Wrangler X to build it up a true jeep. Don't believe that, there plenty of more building to get the Rubicon where you want it.

By Jon on January 26 @ 12:03 pm
This thing grows on you
I worry about driving my kids around in this.. What happens if we rollover? Would we be cut to shreds by a disintegrating hard-top ? Not my first choice. But my kids LOVE it. I like the utilitarian interior. 6- speed transmission is OK and fun to operate. Reasonable acceleration off the line in 1st and 2nd. After that, there is not much get up and go, but I think in this vehicle, too much acceleration would lead to trouble due to the high center of gravity. Riding around town in this is FUN ... Highway driving is a little wobbly. Steering is vague, which IS NOT GOOD. This is the only vehicle that does NOT look like something else, which makes it unique.

By Andre Neves on November 1 @ 12:16 am
A real SUV!
Sold my '06 Evolution IX MR for this. Was never an SUV type of guy but this thing is a blast. Gas mileage isn't anything to rave about but it is expected from a car like this. Ride is comfortable, great seats, acceleration is acceptable. Could use about 50 HP more for highway acceleration though. Off road capability is untouchable by anything out there other than a REAL hummer (H1). Haven't tried folding the soft top yet but looking forward to it. Al ot of nice features/options like remote start, SIRIUS, Infiniti system, Hitch, etc. Interior is a great place to be in, seats are firm yet comfortable for long rides. Handles great even with BFG tires. I would highly recommend this to anyone

By webou812 on March 21 @ 4:53 am
Rubicon or nothing!!!
Starting it up the first time,and driving off was awesome! Turned the first corner and hopped off road! Incredible!! on or ff road. I've owned lots of 4x4's including other jeeps, and this years 2008 jeep Rubicon has them all beat, hands down! If you can afford the Rubicon, get it with some of the new whistles and bells, power windows/locks in a jeep too cool! The new hardtop is a must it provides security, much warmer in the cold months, and best of all it comes apart in 3 pieces! I highly recommend this Jeep Rubicon!! Love the wheels too. All in all its hands down the best jeep I've ever seen, and the best 4x4 I've ever had! Don't forget to wave, It's a jeep thing!!!

By Mark on June 4 @ 5:26 pm
Fifth Wrangler and Best Yet!
My wife and I purchased this four- door Wrangler last Tuesday and immediately took it on a 250 mile round trip and found it to be undoubtedly the BEST Wrangler we've owned yet! It's very comfortable, quiet and even though it has less HP than our previous 4.0's, I haven't found it to be lacking in acceleration. Also, we achieved 23.6 mpg on the interstate. Incredible for a Wrangler, especially for a brand new one. I highly recommend the four-door Wrangler for someone looking for the best and most capable 4X4.

By policeroadking on August 25 @ 2:53 pm
i got taken
Oh it rides ok, on a flat bed tow truck. Bottom end rattles/hard top leaks & still leaks.Tranny leaks /soft top leaks /no power/had to pull it out of snow pile with my 2000 Jeep /I don't like it /50 % of miles are taking it to service dept!

By Sharon on October 3 @ 11:40 am
My 2008 Wrangler Unlimited X
I just got my first Jeep Wrangler X and so far I'm lovin' it! Traded my 2006 Expedition and no regrets, It drives, rides and handles real nice. It's a head turner and my friends are impressed.Love the sporty 4 door style. Good cargo room and seats 5 comfortably. Fuel economy? Much better! I see a long happy driving future with my Jeep

By doom trooper on May 20 @ 4:36 am
Unlimited SAHARA
I love my 08 UNLIMITED SAHARA it surprised me when I found out how quiet the ride is and how it has completely beaten the older models. I have owned 4x4's before both trucks and full size suvs and I will admit that they all had a good ride and handled well BUT this jeep beats them all. I showed my 08 unlimited Sahara to my cousin who still has an original CJ5 and he told me straight up that it completely beats his CJ in every way. He agrees with me that the removable hard top comes in handy in sunny worm weather.

By MNM!7 on August 4 @ 6:20 am
Love it!
My husband and I have three cars. His company car, my commute car and this jeep is considered our "toy". I love how it handles on the road. We challenged it up in the mountains and performed great. I love the dual top option and the color. Wish it has better gas mileage, but since its not a daily driver that helps. Can't wait to take the top off!

By Mike on September 11 @ 5:23 pm
first Jeep
After purchasing my first Jeep, but not my first 4WD, I am quite pleased. My 6 ft 2 inch son fits nicely in front or back seat. Incredible off road ability right out of the box. Interstate travel is not quite as adequate, but Jeeps love rocks and hills. The 3 piece hard top removes quite easily. The front reminds me of an old t-top vehicle. My 14 year old son and I can remove the rear hard top in about 10 minutes. What a great convertible it makes. I bought it to run in the woods with my sons, and I think we will spend a lot of time there.

By cdnjeepchick on July 26 @ 10:56 am
My Dream Fulfilled!!
I have dreamed of owning a Jeep Wrangler for 25 years. I came close 2.5 yrs ago when I bought my Liberty. I am so glad I waited for this amazing 4-door 4x4. It's everything and more I ever wanted. Was finally able to fold back the sunrider roof and enjoy driving my baby around town, smiling at everyone who looked, doing the wave to other Jeep owners. Way cool!! I highly recommend to anyone who loves their vehicles and loves to have fun. My only "con" was the available colors - while the rescue green is pretty cool, I did go with black but would have chosen the hot "orange" that he Nitro comes in. If that is one persons only complaint - can you really go wrong?? Jeeeepers!!!!

By Devils fiddle on March 2 @ 1:16 am
Fun fun fun!
Very nice to drive, only draw back is the backseat has no access and trunk space has gotten smaller compared to years past. Very quiet ride and comfortable it rides like a Cherokee Jeep and has the same dashboard. Overhead speakers are too soft, you'll have to upgrade if your picky about that stuff. Front speakers are ok.

By CTSahara on May 5 @ 10:10 am
Enjoy the moment!
I swore I would never own an American made car again, but I have to say Chrysler has definitely earned their bragging rights. I purchased my 2008 Sahara in Steele blue metallic with all the bells and whistles, including MyGiG. Who would have thought a Wrangler could be $30,000? I love the rugged look of this vehicle and the polished aluminum wheels for 2008. This Jeep is such a head turner and Memorial Day weekend reminded me over and over of why I purchased this Jeep, as I cruised along the highway with the top off.

By Brad on February 7 @ 3:53 pm
Great choice!! Love it.
I traded in an '01 Chevy Tahoe LT for this and have been extremely pleased with everything thus far. I really thought I would be getting a F-150 crew but once I saw this up close, I couldn't get my mind off of the Rubicon. The only real thing I would change would be a slightly more highway friendly engine for jumping on freeways in Houston. Other than that, it has been a pleasure to drive and a really fun car for the wife and kids. I haven't yet had a chance to get it off road but will put it to the test plenty once deer season begins. I went with the Steel Metallic Blue and have been really surprised that I have seen very few in that clr. I see a ton of the rescue grn and blk. Get one!

By treadmark on April 13 @ 8:00 am
I've owned a 75' Cherokee, '03 Liberty and now I finally own a Jeep Wrangler. I was waiting for them to become more practical and really appreciate the jump in functionality and space with the latest 4dr Unlimited version. It is more fun than I imagined and suits me very well as a daily driver while letting me get out to remote trail heads when backpacking. Aside from being rugged, it is much more quiet than expected both with the soft top and especially the soft top.

By bentjeep67 on November 28 @ 6:30 am
Where's the beef?
Just bought a new 08 x Wrangler, I have owned over twenty jeeps, cj's, yj's, tj's. I wish I could meet the engineer that decided to put the minivan engine in this Jeep! What was he thinking? The Jeep is perfect in every way except fuel economy and power! I can deal with the fuel economy, but I like to write off my poor gas mileage to power! Not doggy lagging at stop lights. The 4.0 was the best ever made, and I'm sure thats why they replaced it, they last too long. My Jeep is amazing other than the power. My advice to Jeep is don't fix whats not broke!

By chris on February 21 @ 8:33 pm
Watch the wind
I love my new jeep wrangler. It's fun to drive and I love all the new features but I have a big problem with my hood lifting when I'm driving on the highway on windy days.

By Maui Jeep on September 26 @ 11:46 am
Nice, but Liked my CJ5 Better
This is a Hawaii Jeep so the top is off a lot. Sunrider top is easy and quick. Still surprised by the poor gas mileage but it's improved to about 16 city and 22 highway with 5,000 miles on the odometer. I wanted the shorter model but the unlimited rides better. Back seat entry is best left to the kids. Can't see the wheel flairs so be careful around close quarters. Steering wheel diameter seems larger than what it needs to be. Maybe its my memory, but my 78 CJ5 was more of a kick to drive. Other 4WD I've owned: Toyota 4-Runner, Tundra PU, Chev Blazer and half ton PU.

By Bert on October 31 @ 4:23 pm
Too Much Fun!
Convertible sports car owners eat your heart out! The open air driving experience doesn't get any better than this...and you don't have to worry about getting a ticket racing anyone. It sure is nice not to worry about the road conditions limiting you when the outdoors call. I used to have to get friends with high clearance vehicles and 4x4's to take me to the hiking and biking trail heads. Not anymore, I am like a dog in the back of a pickup truck now days, smiling the whole time, and I go when I want. I have a Sahara with all of the bells and whistles because I liked the fenders the same as the body color. It is a great way to travel in a very capable vehicle in style.

By george on August 8 @ 2:40 pm
Roof leak
This Jeep's top leaked since day 1. It has been in to be repaired 6 times and out of service more than 30 days. I have filed under lemon law /and was given a mediator /with no resolution. 5 months later I was forced into buying a foreign used car so I could get to work. I do not recommend this Jeep to any! Chrysler does not back product, they sure can sell you a car, but service is not there anymore. Stay away

By shar52 on February 22 @ 4:50 pm
Silly boys jeeps are for girls
I bought this Jeep and I just love the ride that I get out of it. What I don't like is the inside of the doors get scratched so easy. I bought it in Michigan then moved to Virginia and the dealers here don't do much for you. Not like the big city. This Jeep could have more get up and go. I have the six speed manual and when it's cold out it jumps out of second gear all the time. I bought a lot of chrome for it(bumper, side boards, gas cap,mud flaps) now everyone that sees it says it looks like a hummer. I love my JEEP

By WAVE NY on February 9 @ 1:16 am
Jeep seeking mud
I love my new JEEP! I like walking up to it from a store and just thinking this thing is just a big ol toy! About the leaking, there was a notice about the freedom tops leaking due to inadequate weather stripping. What warranties are for! Plenty of power for me, and i don't think anyone buys a wrangler that is overly worried about shelling out for gas. Keep Jeepin and Wave!

By ninjask8ter on September 22 @ 5:10 am
There is no Beef
I Just bought the new 08 x Wrangler as well. I've owned previous wranglers, but since they stopped making the Sport, my only option that was similar was the X Model. I must concur with the other person who rated this vehicle. I definitely notice the difference between the 4.0 and 3.8. The Jeep is perfect except for the power! Fuel economy will never be good for a Jeep, but theres a give and take. It is very slow starting out, and the six speed manual forces you to change gears more often, at slower speeds. I do hope they go back to the 4.0 liter, and I'm sure I will upgrade to the newer model if they did this. I wouldn't be able to switch out the motor on my own, because of the warranty

By Pat on March 19 @ 4:00 pm
Smile from ear to ear.
This is by far my favorite vehicle. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it. The fuel economy has been surprisingly good 21 MPG. I have had zero problems with this Jeep. I love it and hope it lasts forever. I can’t imagine driving anything other than a wrangler now. I’m so glad I traded in the BMW!

By chuchi on September 30 @ 4:46 pm
I love my Jeep! Traded in my Ford f250 diesel. Do not regret it! Gas mileage sucks, but oh well! I knew that before I bought the Jeep. I've traveled from flat Florida to the smokie mountains in western nc, towing a 13 ft travel trailer, yeah it struggle a little going up the mountains, but not too bad. I have the dual top options and so far no leaks on neither top.:) I have mygig. Awesome! The radio is great. Its a fun Jeep! Glad I did!

By JC on October 2 @ 12:46 am
New Toy
Just purchased Unlimited X, could not be more happy! Don't believe all the cons you hear/read about. No its not like driving a sports car and it shouldn't be. Pick up is more than adequate(unless you need to drive on the autobahn) I have never driven a more "fun" vehicle. Go with the freedom top not the soft. It's a 4 door, 4 wheel drive go anywhere convertible. I cant say enough. I drove a GMC Envoy for the past 6 years, don't have the bells and whistles I had with the Envoy but I don't need them. MPG at this point has been close to 17 both in town and highway. Straight out high way I got almost 21, its only a day old! Don't believe all the negatives you read, test drive one for yourself

By Mick on May 26 @ 3:16 pm
JK is unbeatable
Long time Wrangler owner and just upgraded to an 08 Rubicon Unlimited in black, all I can say is this is not the Wrangler of yesterday. Space is respectable, surprised that it is bigger in the interior than the Commander and the GC. My only complaint to date is lack of storage pockets in the dash area and the mediocre power. Jeep should have at least put the 4.7 v8 as an option with the Rubicon having an available Hemi.

By idtpes on September 20 @ 9:43 pm
No Question! Underpowered! But fun!
It really is a fun vehicle. Wife and kids love it. I put aftermarket muffler, cold air intake, throttle body spacer and I get 18.5 city, 25 highway, slight HP increase. Needs seat pockets, storage compartments lacks. Hit a deer, minor bumper damage, rest of vehicle was undamaged, can't say same about deer. Aftermarket supercharger is now available adding 125 HP...very expensive though. Chrysler, make the 4.7 L or a HEMI option avail! The hard top/soft top combo is very nice feature. passenger rear windows are engineered very well, the Velcro isn't very stable, at highway speeds they separate from the frame. mygig option is dynamite feature. Uconnect is disabled though.

By Mark on May 20 @ 4:46 am
4 Months And Lovin' It
We have owned this '08 Wrangler for 4 months now and totally love it. Reviewers keep harping on lack of acceleration. I have no problems with the V6. It is very sufficient. If you want sports-car acceleration, you should buy a sports car. For God's sake, this is a SUV. It wasn't designed for extreme acceleration. It truly does everything in an extremely FUN way. You need to test drive one to understand.

By Eddie on March 1 @ 1:26 am
2008 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (3.8L)
This is my first Jeep and I love it! I am pleasantly surprised with the handling and power because of all the articles I read which advocated the lack of power. Further, I was worried about fuel consumption; however, this jeep gets better mileage in both city and highway then my Toyota Tacoma, 4x4 TRD. I have a six speed which may negate a lot of the issues surfaced by other owners... The bottom line is that it's an American made vehicle that looks and drives great!

By texas coast on June 22 @ 11:20 pm
Lifes a beach, so get a jeep
I bought it to use it, been off roading too many times to count! Have not had any major problems yet! about a week ago i got it stuck up to headlights in mud and the thing kept running, true offload vehicle! Always have the top down and doors off.

By Betty's Jeep on November 12 @ 10:36 am
Our Jeep
I compare our Jeep to a '47 cj2a. My first. It meets and exceeds expectations. Bigger gas tank. Built like a tank where it counts. Can go anywhere better than any stock 4x4 except another Jeep. Still looks and acts like a Jeep! Gas mileage around 18 average. Did not buy for economy. My wife bought it for the looks, everything else is gravy. The ride is good on and off road because the weight distribution is almost 50/50. Braking, turning and handling are better than expected. The stereo is awesome. Warranty the best. We paid less than a 1000 for 7year/100k bumper in addition to the lifetime powetrain. Just hope they stay in business before we die! We like our Jeep!

By Rex Johnson on May 5 @ 4:20 am
The Rubicon That Replaced the Minivan
We are a family of five and most people with a penchant for traveling and camping would have opted for a Caravan or SUV offering a little more space. We were being pushed towards a Durango, but insisted that we go with the Jeep. We had a Jeep Cherokee in the past and missed her greatly and with the new four-door option, it was a no brainer. We grabbed the 08 Unlimited Rubicon and we are not sorry. After logging over 23,000 km on our Jeep green machine, we are definitely considering it to be a "Ruby". We travel between Ontario and B.C. through all types of weather and this vehicle has saved our skins countless times. With it's ESP and 4x4 overkill. It is the ultimate family ride!

By maynard on October 20 @ 6:23 am
Brand spanking new Rubicon in shop 3x
Alright so my husband talked me into this vehicle and heck it is fun to drive, when it actually works. I have less than 4000 miles and already the jeep has been to the shop 3 times due to all the indicator lights coming on and the gauges not working (speedometer, rpm) while I was driving. Then once you turn the car off, it won't start. I have called the customer service department and they expect you to keep running it back and forth to the shop to get it fixed while you are paying your car note and insurance.I am hoping that this will be resolved but I have to say be weary to those who are interested in this vehicle. anyone else with this issue?

By RC on November 8 @ 3:50 pm
2nd wrangler
I had a 1997 wrangler soft top w/ a 4 cyl and I loved it. Finally drove it into the ground so I bought a 2008 x. Coming from a 4 cyl to the new v6 I don't have a problem with the power that many ofter people seem to. The 2008 has power everything, 6 speaker stereo system, a 3 piece freedom top. It's a huge step forward over my old Jeep and I love it. The only thing I don't like as much as my old Jeep is the fact that the passenger seat does not roll forward like my old Jeep did which makes it harder to get into the back seat.

By Butler Jeeper on February 4 @ 5:26 am
Wrangler; I'm back!
Traded in my Mustang convert in order to get back into a Wrangler. This is my third one and they just keep getting better. Sahara has the perfect trim level for cruising. The 18" wheels and Dueler A/T tires can take you anywhere. Plenty of power and acceleration for freeway cruising. The 6-speed shifts so smoothly! No complaints about gas mileage. The trip computer consistently shows I'm getting just over 23 mpg average per tankful (30/70 city/highway). Almost 6000 miles and not a problem. This vehicle gets a lot of looks. Can't wait for Camp Jeep 2009!

By TamiW on March 31 @ 9:30 am
Muffler Gone Bad
Purchased 08 Wrangler 2 weeks ago. Own a 94 and wanted a new one for once. Absolute blast to drive. Very disappointed with the muffler. Two weeks old and 500 miles later it's a rusted mess and Chrysler won't do anything about it. Do they actually want me to drive around and advertise for them? Why would I want to purchase another one? What are my options? Why should I have to replace the muffler and will I have to every two weeks I own it?

By joanie on January 13 @ 3:23 pm
malfunction already
first my jeep popped out of gear sitting still and yes it was in first gear that was last week, now the malfunction light won't go off says maybe fuel or gas caps, checked both of those?

By AHM on August 4 @ 9:56 am
What's ya'll problem!
Everyone is complaining about leaks. Well the only leakage is on 4 door, sundowner tops 2 or 4 and hard tops. I bought a 2008 X w/auto, a/c with standard top. No leaks! Only two pain in the behind areas are the weather stripping on top on opposing corners that come flying off, and the front passenger seat that does not slide froward enough to access back seat. Mileage is good,18 around town and 21 hwy. Not a racer, just a regular ole hippie/biker guy. Performance is adequate, ride is comfy and handling is pretty darn good. Turning radius is outstanding. Yes there is some wind noise, but it is a rag top. What other vehicle gives ya'll as much fun, reliability, and enjoyment for 21 grand.

By Gary on October 2 @ 2:36 am
Loving It
Bought this car in June. Had an '89 Wrangler when younger. Traded in my Acura TL and don't regret it for a minute. I was concerned with build and reliability after reading reviews, but so far so good. Jeep is just awesome in the summer months. Definitely get the soft and hard top. Ride is great. Our kids go crazy for this car. My neighbor bought one last week because they loved it so much. You must learn the Jeep wave if you are a first time owner!

By Mike on August 15 @ 6:40 pm
1st Jeep Owner
This is my first jeep. I love it. Highly recommend it. I drove my first one on vacation as a rental in St Martin and immediately came home and traded in my Dodge Ram for a 2008 soft top.

By deltadawn on October 11 @ 2:26 pm
A Fun vehicle
2008 JK is very much improved, from previous models .It rides much better than YJ and TJ's. The only bad thing is you can't reach the back seat.It could use a little more power, but nothing is perfect. I have an X and it's the most affordable SUV on the planet. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which isn't bad either. No other vehicle can you personalize like a jeep wrangler.

By C.J. on November 15 @ 10:16 pm
Even better than expected.
I purchased an X model with the 24S option package that provides better off road capability than the Sahara while giving up very little of the convenience and none of the comfort. I added rock rails to protect the underside of the body's rocker area. Options include the wonderful Freedom top, automatic transmission, Sirius radio, Side air bags and fog lights. Compared to the previous iterations of the Wrangler, the new JK series is vastly better in terms of quiet and ride isolation. If you've own an older Wrangler, you will be astounded at the refinement of the JK inside and out, on road and off road. Fuel mileage around town is 16 mpg, while getting a surprising 25+ mpg highway.

By jiminma on April 20 @ 2:16 pm
It's a lemon
My driver's side door latch keeps coming loose and making a clunking sound when I go over even the smallest of bumps. The dealer has repaired it 5 times and the noise came back again. I'm in the process of taking the car to Lemon law arbitration to force the dealer to give me my money back. Jim in MA

By dave on May 8 @ 6:43 pm
Tank of the road
This truck is great. With the right tires its great driving in all weather. Goes through everything with ease. Its the perfect truck for WNY weather. Snow driving couldn't be more fun. Road noise and wind noise are bad but it is a box. Awesome off road truck. Nice cause it can fit in small areas. Real easy to see all the way around the truck. Great breaks. No complaints other than noise and fuel mileage. Its a babe magnet. LOL

By Todd L on January 28 @ 2:16 am
We've come home
We rented a Jeep Wrangler X when we were vacationing in Maui and came home and bought one. We had owned a CJ5 about 20 years ago before we started having kids. We had so much fun with the Wrangler on the Road to Hana as it took every curve and hill with ease that it reminded us just what we loved about having a jeep. This one definitely has a better heater/AC than the CJ (thank goodness) and handles great. All we own if 4x4's but the jeep handles so much better than our trucks. Thanks goodness we rented one and rediscovered what a joy it is.

By Jeepin Fun on December 1 @ 10:16 am
Jeepin' Fun
Besides the horrible experience with the dealership, we found others now, we love our rig. Bought it in Feb. "08 and put into storage in Washington with 1234 miles. Bought a home in Vegas, fly back, picked it up, loaded it and a 6x12x6 ft cargo trailer and headed back to Vegas. I did change the oil and checked it over before we left. No trouble at all coming back! I shifted down manually a lot of the time to keep rpm up as with OD off, (it just didn't down shift early enough) and it pulled every mountain pass doing the speed limit with No problems. Need to mention the trailer was loaded to the limits too! What a rig. Two and a half days! I'm fighting blood clots, so we had to stop a lot. Love it!

By ScottR on May 14 @ 1:36 am
Jeep J-J-Jeep
As soon as Jeep came out with the Unlimited (4-door) Wranglers, I knew I wanted one. I only have 2000 miles on it so far and can't really comment on reliability (been great so far!). Otherwise I love it! Design gets all 10s from me -- from the outside in, it's a Jeep! And the drivetrain seems to be as solid as they claim. Love the freedom tops. Sound system is much better than older Wranglers. Road noise with the hard top is not bad, which surprised me. Handles well on highway at 80+ MPH, which is also surprising (though it wanders a bit). I'm a big guy, and interior is very comfortable for me. Fuel economy? I gave it a 10 because it meets my expectations. It's a Jeep, not a Toyota.

By jane the greek on February 27 @ 7:30 pm
my 2nd Jeep
I am pretty content with this 4 door box. I also have a 2 door 99 Cherokee se that has the in line six. That Cherokee has 150k on it and still runs like a champ! It also influenced my decision on purchasing this new one i got. It's just awesome off the road.

By Erik and Millisse on February 2 @ 2:36 am
Second Jeep I'M IN LOVE!
Got a fantastic deal. Love the choice in colors and models. The X with the power pack is darn close to the Sahara without paying the Sahara price. Get the hard top 3 piece. No leaks, yet. Gas mileage is ok 18.5 avg. I'm going to put a cold air intake and spacer to improve fuel consumption. Its fun to drive looks great and can go anywhere offroad i need it to go. Plenty of room in the back seat and cargo area. The stereo rocks. Those who want more zoom should by a car, hello it's a Jeep

By House of Fun on September 13 @ 3:46 pm
I was a bit doubtful that the Jeep would work as good as it looks. I'm very impressed with the ride, handling, quality and surprisingly, the gas mileage. The interior ergonomics are very weak, it's like no one actually sat in one before okaying it for production. So far I've had 2 odd occurrences: A one time puddle of gear oil under the rear end and I was driving down the highway and the dash lights came on, the windshield wipers wiped once and it never happened again. Summary: I love it

By mattjk84 on June 23 @ 3:26 am
07 Wrangler that knows rocks and trails
Bought my 2007 JK while still in college so I logged many miles during its first year, now it is used more for rock climbing and hunting. Extremely tough and reliable, I installed a 2.5" lift and 33" BF Goodrich M/T's and it will take anything I can throw at it. Great fuel mileage given the use, and no mechanical problems.

By nelson on February 24 @ 8:43 am
love our x
This is the 6th Jeep I've owned and the best, although the 47 cj2a was almost as fun to drive. The power to fuel economy ratio is fine for us. With a catback exhaust and k&n air filter we brought both up. By selecting the x with s pkg. Along with locking diff. And sway bar disconnect we have all the offroad guts we need without geting the more spendy Rubicon. Also Jeeps are for the most part made in the USA and by not retooling design every year are more eco friendly and less expensive. My only change would be a seperate swing away spare tie and drop down tailgate. (makes a fine bench) we expect to own our x for a long time so the lifetime drive warrenty is also Nice-----thanks

By J.B.D.S. on October 28 @ 3:10 pm
best hunting vehicle there is
This Jeep is great I have been a truck guy all my life and was looking at new vehicles and decided to try the 4 door Rubicon. I am loving it goes more places then my fx4 ever thought about going doesn't bottom out over the tx terrian when I'm going to the deer stand. I got the hard top wish I had the soft top also for summer looking to buy one my wife didn't want me to buy this and now she drives it more then I do going to have to trade her car in for a another one I recomend this vehicle to anyone. Took it to sedona az in the mountains and it was great no problems did anything I wanted to do. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned keeping till the wheels fall off.

By BLUTOV on November 21 @ 2:26 pm
My 1st JEEP... what joy!
I've had my Jeep for 2 weeks now and it is outstanding. It's a Sahara unlimited 4x4 2008. It sits on forte chrome blunt 22"wheels with toyo tires. Chrome gas cap, door handles, and side steps. Custom paint (the hard top, bumpers and mirrors too) rescue green. Katzkin leather seats with suede in the middle and a 368w 7-speaker infinity sound sys incl subwoofer with Sirius satellite radio... Remote starter... A bought it from the dealer like this and got a real good deal... The rake is beautiful... It stands tall... Looks and is tough... In short a show stopper... I love my Jeep! Buy American! The drive is smooth... Average gas consumption 19.5 mpg. People just gawk at it or grin with glee.

By CCJ on May 2 @ 9:13 am
So far, so good
My third Wrangler. This one is best by leaps and bounds. Power is adequate for highway use, but another 40 hp would be welcome. Handling is much better than earlier iterations. I bought an X with the 24S option package. Adding the Limited Slip rear axle, rock rails, extra skid plates and the Freedom Top. To date, I've had no issues of consequence. A minor, but annoying rattle in the driver's side. A pillar was traced to an over-tightened screw in the plastic trim that stripped out the plastic. Going up one size fixed that. A minor rain leak between the halves of the top was corrected by cleaning the sealing area and silicon treating the seals. 18/25 mileage so far. I love this beast.

By BTM449 on October 24 @ 12:36 pm
Enjoying the Jeep
This was the first American car purchased in the last 20 year. Along with the Jeep, I own an 08 Acura MDX, 04 BMW 3-Series convertible, and an 06 BMW 5-Series. The Jeep is exactly what I expected; the complete opposite of these vehicles. It drives like a truck and has minimal luxury features. You either love it or hate it... And after the first extreme snow storm here in New England, I love it. The Jeep does exactly what it is supposed to do. The 4-wheel-drive plows though and makes you feel quite safe even though you do not have a lot surrounding you. There is not a lot of power, cannot accelerate quickly, but you can get yourself unstuck. Excellent quality and value (so far). BUY JEEP

By Asartain29 on December 4 @ 7:56 am
My first Jeep!
I have wanted a Wrangler for a long time, and I finally purchased one in Feb. 2008. It is a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2DR, steel blue metallic in color, BF Goodrich Mud Tires, Infinity sound system, satellite radio, wanted manual transmission but went with automatic. I have owned my jeep for almost a year and I love it. Have had no problems, and it is off-road all the time. It is a beast off-road, and is impossible to get stuck. I have went up inclines that would make most people urinate on themselves, and she has never once slipped. I have only had to use 4low twice. I am going to drive my jeep until the wheels fall off. I love having the top down, and the doors off. Buy One

By azrljones on August 23 @ 9:16 pm
Likin' it
Always wanted a Jeep but need an everyday drive vehicle. This feels the order now, rides smooth and low noise. Averaging around 20 MPG. I have the freedom hard top and was in the rain once (AZ) and car washes with no leaks. I was out this weekend and drove 1300 + miles and was very comfortable. Offroad capabilities speak for itself. I did some things that we held out breath. On the trip I drove over a mountain pass with over a foot of snow on the road and I didn't use/need four wheel drive. I love my Jeep.

By Bayrat on June 16 @ 3:03 pm
Water Leaks But Otherwise a Good Vehicle
I love Jeeps, have owned them for years and find this one to be much "better" or more well rounded than previous models. The power of the V6 is barely adequate but with the stick it does OK. Not sure how one would do with less than the 4.11 gears in mine. Fit and finish is good, the paint is flawless. The seats are comfortable for my bad back, large enough to use my portable lumbar support. It rides better than previous models and handles well too, given it is built primarily for an off-road vehicle. Soccer moms, forget it, you would not find the rough ride is a good replacement for your Lincoln Navigator. The only problem I have had and continue to have is hardtop leaks.

By Jason on February 13 @ 3:56 pm
Needs improvement
I will give credit to the fact that the new style rides and handles a lot better for everyday driving. The tractions control is a feature that should never have been added as I have found while pulling out into traffic on snowy roads the vehicle hesitates to get going and have almost been hit. There also seems to be a power band in every gear which gives it a sluggish feel when accelerating, not impressed!! I think the people at Chrysler should have just stuck with the 4.0 litre. The tire pressure sensor likes to come on when its cold out and the "Change oil" indicator comes on and doesn't shut off even after changing the oil?

By Wilie KihotE on October 27 @ 12:16 pm
Real Sport Utility
Have owned lots of suvs including 3 Jeeps. The Unlimited is the most capable. It can haul more inside than a Grand Cherokee. It tows my trailer with tractor easily. Lot of leg room front and rear. JK's are 4" wider so there is shoulder room. AC is powerful as is heater. The 6 speed is smooth shifting even when it is -11 outside. Nice stereo system. 1st birthday with 18,000 miles. Not a single problem. What else can you ask for? Bottom line: Where else can you get a 4door 4wd, convertible with a great ride and unlimited options for under 20 large? No wood, no leather, no separate climate control, no fleeting styling cues. Just solid performance.

By Mike on June 27 @ 3:03 pm
Has some problems
I have owned a few Jeeps and this one does have a comfortable ride compared to the others. Mine is a right hand drive, I use to deliver mail. Any snow at all and I have to use 4 wh. drive or the right rear just spins. With 4 wheel I have had no problem. Auto. trans. feels "soft". Will roll backwards on the slightest incline when you take your foot off the brake and you are in Drive. Have to use a lot of throttle to force a downshift when climbing any grade. Leaks in around top of doors. Rear window washer hose comes loose and sprays fluid all over the interior. Engine is noisy when you first start it at 20 degrees or below. Steering damper is shot at 16,000 miles. Tires wear fast.

By ajb1975 on July 13 @ 2:16 pm
So Far So Good!
I purchased it used with 8K and have had it for 2 weeks. I have to admit it's one of the most fun cars I've owned. The ride is great compared to earlier years. Get the 6 speed over the sluggish automatic. Summer is coming and I have both tops (soft top is going on in 2 weeks). As far as long term reliability, can't answer that yet.

By J3-Colt on May 1 @ 7:43 am
From CJ to JK
This Jeep is our 8th in 20 years, and it's quite an improvement over the previous generations going back to our very first CJ-7. We use our Jeeps as daily drivers and they spend a considerable amount of time off-road, camping, hunting, fishing, and exploring. Jeep has made the Wrangler more comfortable in all aspects, plus it's still highly modifiable (like a big Lego set) and we have purpose built ours to fit our specific needs. If you demand luxury and on-road perfection, then this model is not for you; however, if you need a 4 door with above average off-road prowess (and can embrace the inherent quarks found in an open top Jeep), then this is the perfect vehicle for you.

By chez on June 29 @ 12:43 am
This is the second Jeep I have owned. By far the best ride, but there are too many Plastic parts (i. e. the skid plate, grill, and door interior). I improved my mileage by 3 mpg and horsepower by 23 with after market products. Great off road performance. A joy to drive.

By jimj on May 27 @ 11:50 pm
Long term fun
I have had 2 Jeep Cherokees, but didnt realize I never had a real Jeep till I bought this. I got the limited slip rear axle, and rarely had to use 4wd through a fairly tough Illinois winter. Have had no problems thru 33,000 miles, get 20 mpg, hauled my 21' boat to Canada, my camper to Oklahoma, and many business trips. My only complaint is that whenever I take the freedom top and doors off, the Jeep disappears (my wife takes it!) If I had to do it over, I would have gotten the power windows and locks, but other than that, I have no complaints. The 4 door model is practical for families, and it is just so much fun in both the winter and in summer, with the top and doors off, it rocks>

By Cheadlem on June 16 @ 7:53 am
Driving is Fun Again!
I've only had the Jeep about a month but I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I've had numerous compliments on the color (Red Oyster) and the style (Sahara 2D) and have taken the top off and on multiple times as the rain dictates. It is easy and comfortable to drive in the city and on the highway. The sound system is fantastic and it gets better than expected mileage (~16 city/21 Hwy). It is extremely maneuverable and I can park it right beside my '03 Suburban in my garage and open both doors. I wouldn't have gone for the satellite radio or navigation system but they came with it and now I wouldn't want to do without them. I'm a Jeep man now.

By bob on June 10 @ 3:06 am
jeepers creepers
I have owned 4 jeeps similar to this one. The jk has the smoothest ride so far. All the nice things in the "S" package are great. I was really shocked about the drips and wind noise- -the worst ever. But my local jeep dealer in Clarion, PA fixed the problems.

By NordTexan on November 12 @ 6:33 am
Exactly what I expected, FUN
Although I have only had it a couple of weeks, I am fully pleased with the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. I left behind a Cadillac CTS at the dealer and really haven't looked back. The Jeep's ride is not as bad as some say. You should know what your getting, but I was actually pretty surprised by how comfortable it is. Power and mpg suck, but I am going to address that with the savings on payment and insurance costs by adding a cold-air intake, exhaust and flash-programmer. From the documented dyno results, I don't think I will have any complaints going forward. Final word: practical, 4 door convertible. The REAL "ultimate tanning machine!"

By Skip Bosworth on June 7 @ 11:46 am
leaking roof electrical problems
I traded my 05 Wrangler for the 08 Wrangler in Oct 07. I like the way it handles and being a Jeep owner for 40 years I appreciate the comfort. I'm very disappointed in the roof leaking. I have given up on the dealers attempts to resolve the problem after three repairs it's worse than ever. I had to remove the carpeting and replace the front seat covers because of water damage. I have electrical problems resulting in the vehicle not starting, leaving me stranded 25 miles in the back woods.The jeep dealership has been unable to find the problem. I already have over 50000 miles on the car and have spent lots of money attempting to resolve the problems. I wish I'd keep my 05 Jeep.

By Dan on May 2 @ 2:06 am
Worst of 6
My 6th Wrangler. 5th new one, bought on 10/10/07 in Barberton, Ohio. Love the Wrangler vehicle, but this one does not compare to my other ones. Body style is awesome and comfortability is fine. Problem is the clutch is going out. Never had it off road and I've driven a standard shift my entire life, so I know how to drive one. Took it to the dealer yesterday and the tech told me it was the bearing that pushes in on the clutch was rusting. Causing the bearing not to spin properly. Touch the clutch pedal and the squealing stops. They ordered the part and said I could get it put in next Wed or Thur. Then the service writer called me back and said it was not covered under warranty.

By Megan on December 8 @ 2:10 pm
Hold On Tight
I have wanted a 4-door Wrangler since they first came out. What was I thinking? The first 9 months were awesome, fun to drive, no issues. Ever heard of "death wobble". I suggest you look it up before purchasing any Chrysler product especially the Wrangler. There is a reason it is called death wobble. One reason is it scares you to death. The other is that it could cause you to have a fatal accident. It is a violent shaking of the front end of the Jeep that you cannot control. I found out, unfortunately too late, that this has been an issue with Jeeps for several years. And people wonder why we don't buy American.

By Jaded JK on February 9 @ 3:20 am
Under powered gas guzzler
After 60 years the Jeep as we know it and have come to love is very much improved, but sadly, with much more to prove. I personally own the 08 Jeep JK, Sahara, Wrangler "California Concept". I got a great deal, considering the bad economy but read my other comments below to appreciate my findings.

By Steven McCrate on January 15 @ 2:10 pm
35 years as a Jeep customer
I have owned Jeep Wranglers since 1974 and I have yet to be disappointed in any way. I have owned 8 all together and at the present time I'm in a 2008 Wrangler Sahara. I don't work for Chrysler, so I don't get employee discounts, and I still buy Jeeps. I feel safe and free to travel at any time in any weather that the Michigan climate can dish out. My job depends on me showing up for work every day bad weather or not. And my Jeep Wrangler gives me this feeling. I know what to expect and what not to expect from a Wrangler, same as you would from a Corvette or a pickup truck. I am very pleased with all my jeeps and I at the age of 60 years old I don't plan on any changes. Thank you.

By Denise Mesmer on July 6 @ 6:40 pm
We have owned our Jeep for a little over 1 year and are in the process of having it towed for the 4th time back to the dealer. Three times for the throttle body light and once for a problem we have heard referred to as the death wobble. The entire front end shook so violently that it rendered the vehicle uncontrollable and impossible to hold on to the steering wheel. The Throttle body issue although not dangerous leaves me without transportation and Jeep wants me to buy an upgraded warranty to pay for my own rental. At best the vehicle is unreliable and uncertainty steals the fun out of driving it. The door hinges are rusting under the paint and causing the paint to bubble. Lemon. Run

By KNS on June 19 @ 5:40 am
I've always wanted a Wrangler & got it!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Wrangler!!! I really wanted the Rescue Green (it was the color of my '96 Cherokee), but couldn't find it with the options I wanted. I got the "S" package and it rocks! I do have the annoying door/latch rattle and the back lift window has leaked a few times in the rain, but definitely not the Freedom Top (keeping my fingers crossed). The design of the water drain stinks . . . water runs right into the car when you open then door when it rains & the doors need the hinge stops. They should include the tool needed to take off the back top too. Other than that, it's been a blast and I get a lot of Jeep waves & flirty smiles for being a little chick in a hot ride!!!

By jeepvstoyota on October 1 @ 2:00 pm
We bought the Jeep in December of 08 and bought the 08 because they were trying to get rid of them for the new 09s. But the Jeep has been amazing! We've yet to use the 4wd but we want to. Its been to the shop once for a mechanical problem. It has the freedom top and we love it! The Jeep has been a good vehicle. The only bad thing is the back seat sits straight up, and a car seat is pretty hard to fit in there! But overall a good buy.

By Harsh on March 25 @ 11:20 am
Looks good
I traded a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer for this Jeep when it caught my eye at a used dealership. The four door Jeep looks great but its not built as good as it looks. The 3.8-liter V6 is a bit under powered for a SUV especially on interstate as it shifts in and out of overdrive. When the cruse is set it will very 5 mph before it shifts. I find the seats uncomfortable especially the backseats they set up to straight and with no adjustment. There is not enough storage for small things like glasses or change. I have the hard top with removable "T" type tops and the Jeep is fun to drive on a nice day but I think I would take the Mountaineer back in a minute it had more power w/better fuel econ.

By MyMistake on August 1 @ 8:20 am
I Won't Miss It
I bought my Jeep Saraha Unlimited in August of '08. I traded my Honda Ridgeline because I wanted to drive American. Big mistake! The Jeep is very underpowered. If I even tow an empty 5x8 enclosed trailer, I know it is there. When I tow a single Waverunner the Jeep struggles and revs excessively. It is a good off road vehicle, if that is what you are looking for. I have had Jeeps before and this one was an improvement in areas like ride and interior comfort. Keep in mind that even with the longer wheelbase, the ride is still that of a Jeep. It is a lot of work to take it on a trip of 300 miles of more. It is affected by small amounts of wind and the interior is noisy. Not recommended by me.

By Bill on March 9 @ 2:03 pm
Some Pros & Cons
This is my 7th Jeep I bought new to date. I liked the 4 door concept. I travel and the added cargo area works great. Gas mileage is not great, but better than many other SUV's. I enjoy driving it. Beware though, I was driving on a 5 lane Highway when the Death Wobble hit me. It almost resulted in a big crash. This came at 34,000 miles on the clock. Also rear disc brakes over heat on occasion. Both calipers & rotors needed replacement at 390000 miles.

By Disappointed on February 19 @ 5:36 pm
Most fun vehicle I have ever owned. Not 1 problem until 36600 miles. Dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree and engine overheated. Overheating caused the head to warp. Dealer said "sorry, bumper to bumper ran out at 36000". Would not back up the vehicle. Really a shame, I would have kept it a long time despite the sluggish motor. There are some things that could use improvement, but the fun factor far out weighed the negatives until it broke.

By Orlando on October 11 @ 12:43 pm
better than the sahara
I have had my X model for less than six months and so far it is great. the top comes down and goes up in less than three minutes. i made a few improvements, changed the tires to M/T's (old ones were slippery in the heavy rain). added a brush guard, side rails, rear bumper and seat covers. all for less than $3500.00. i spent a total of 21500.00 with all the upgrades and it looks far better than a stock sahara that cost 25k or more. would recommend the x over sahara or rubicon( make your own improvements and save money)

By 95yj08jk on September 14 @ 2:43 pm
Performance and Value
I purchased my 2008 Wrangler 4-dr X new in December 2008 after trading a Chrysler minivan for it. This is the fourth Jeep I have purchased in the past 15 years and I have to say that I love the new 4-door option. Compared to my wife's Grand Cherokee it's just as roomy and a lot more stylish, it's the icon of the Jeep lineup. Though the Grand Cherokee rides and drives better, the performance between the two is comparable. I overall average 23 MPG with mostly highway driving and the 6- speed manual transmission. I do have a K&N filter and run premium unleaded. In the past year I have put over 24,000 miles on the Jeep and have zero issues, tire rotations and oil changes are the only maintenance.

By Ron on October 15 @ 10:40 pm
Death Wobble
I really enjoyed the Jeep for the first six months that I owned it but at approximately 12,800 miles, while driving down a freeway at roughly 65 mph I hit a small bump in the road and the entire front end of the vehicle started to shudder to the point that it was almost impossible to control. I took the vehicle to the dealership and after checking they advised that I had a leaking steering damper which was replaced under warranty. After doing a lot of research, I discovered that this is a condition commonly referred to as "Death Wobble" which appears to be a recurring problem with Wranglers. I don't feel that the vehicle is safe to operate and I will be getting rid of it.

By CEOofTNFYA on September 29 @ 3:13 pm
A car you have to own... for two years
This iconic vehicle is the most fun you can have driving under 20mph. The design will never get old and the amount of bad weather confidence you gain by getting behind the wheel of this beast is unmatched. The deeper the snow the more I wanted to go out. I think it drives better in the deep stuff than on a clear road. That is also the problem. It is incredibly loud at highway speed, the hood will lift up and slam down in the wind, and it needs constant input to keep in a straight line. This is the least practical vehicle on the road but one you simply have to own at some point in your life. Left me stranded at 2500 miles due to faulty fuel gauge, took 11 days to fix. No confidence in brand

By Anthony on September 6 @ 8:43 pm
Bought the Jeep thinking it would be a tough, fun, dependable vehicle. It turned out anything but. Many problems, several of which the dealer won't warranty. Shakes and gets "death wobble" over bumps which is very scary and makes the vehicle undriveable. I really wanted to like this vehicle but the build quality is just too poor. On the plus side the top and doors come off, but the fun is defeated by the poor build and scary ride.

By rob on September 16 @ 9:20 am
Bought this 2008 used with 13k miles. I have had an issue with a leaky soft top since I bought it. Taken it to the dealer 3x's to fix it and every time it rains, the floor boards in the back are soaked. Had to replace one of the tie rides already. Transmission line is leaking. Death wobble happens all the time, dealer can't fix it. The vehicle lacks power, should have stuck with the 4.0. Factory stereo is horrible with the top off. I used to have a 79 CJ7 witch was a mistake to get rid of. I think I will be trading the 2008 in for some sort of SUV and maybe buy an older jeep again. Jeep needs to get back to thier roots.

By 08WranglerRHD on August 22 @ 8:23 pm
Wrangler Right Hand Drive
I purchased my Jeep new in September of 2007 to replace my 98' right hand drive Cherokee. I owned the Jeep less than two months when the first problem occurred. The removable roof panel on the right side developed a leak. The warranty covered the repair. The next problem wasn't until February of 09' at 38k miles,out of my warranty period, the horn stopped working. I had the repair made in September of 2009 at 52k miles when the airbag light came on. I called Chrysler and filed a complaint once I found it to be a faulty clockspring inside the steering column, they covered my repair due to safety concerns. The last problem occurred in December of 09' at 60k when the water pump went out.

By OIIIIO on January 15 @ 9:20 am
08 HardTop Water Leaks
We own a 2008 Unlimited X 4-door. Since day 1 we've come across a mayor issue with water leaks coming from the hard top and deposits on the driver side floor causing a bad smell. Dealer did a test and the warranty part number 68004562-ac is on a "nationwide backorder" not available for anyone. Mean while our Jeep keeps getting deteriorated as a cause of the part not being available to any customers anywhere on the entire USA and Puerto Rico. No one can tell us when will the parts be available. Mean while, we might have to invest $1,600 on a soft top to avoid having continuous water leaks which can rotten and rust our floor panel. What a shame JEEP... not a good experience for us.

By pditty on December 6 @ 6:00 pm
Death Wobble
I love the vehicle for top off cruising great gas mileage (23 on the highway) but the wobble happened when crossing railroad tracks it was very violent at 30 mph. hitting the brakes stopped the wobble and everything returned to normal. tires have been balanced and rotated every 5000 mi. dealer will be looking into problem this week. I consider this vehicle to be very dangerous to drive in it's present condition.

By DK on September 12 @ 2:13 am
My jeep is highly modified i.e.-motor performance bolt-ons, bumpers, tires(37"tall), 4' lift, 5.13 gears, dual steering stabilizers, etc. I love off roading it and all the looks I get driving on the street. Big fun in a small package. However I have many other rigs to drive on a daily basis better suited to my needs depending on what I am doing. This jeep is for fun only! It is not the best only rig to have.

By slobberdog68 on December 5 @ 4:30 am
No Longer Admiring From Afar
I have wanted this since it came out. I got it Saturday 2008 Sahara in Black- 18K miles on it! I love it. When I go over any bump-big or small something on the drivers side door or backdoor area rattles-almost like the door is not shut all the way. I have checked everything and cannot find anything loose. My husband says it's a Jeep-what do you expect? I test drove the 2010 Islander before I bought this last week and there wasn't a rattle to be found. If it's just a Jeep thing then find but I want to take it in while it's still under bumper/bumper. Otherwise I love it!

By erik on October 9 @ 4:13 pm
Don't buy
Bought new in 2008. Gets me cool points ( I was driving a Ford escape.) lets me go anywhere off road and in bad conditions ice, high water etc. I like the stereo. Overall though the driving comfort the underpowered engine the "death wobble" the leaks the poor storage room inside make this vehicle one I will never buy again. What is wrong with Jeep? Why would they make such a large vehicle so underpowered? Who ever designed it should be fired along with the jerks who okayed the design, along with me for being stupid enough to buy it. It looks great when you first start looking but after a few months of driving you find out its a very bad choice

By Bronze8020 on December 30 @ 8:43 am
Only for the 1st 10-20,0000 miles
Less than 30,0000 miles - I expected better. Rear caliper froze up destroyed rotor at 20,000 miles - Caliper under warranty - rotor not even though the warranty part destroyed it. Now at almost 30,000 miles it inexplicably bucks violently and uncontrollably once in a while when I let off the gas. Scary experience at 55 mph in traffic - won't stop till you get off the road and shut the car off. No trouble found at dealership. My advice? Don't buy one !

By Ricky on January 2 @ 3:53 pm
It's a jeep nuff said
Have had many jeeps in fact traded a 2002 gc limited to buy the wrangler so far only minor problems that the dealer has always fixed in day I most problems are dealer related (either don't now how or don't want to fix problems, guess I'm lucky.

By VSmith on December 14 @ 8:36 pm
Very Satisfied
I bought my 2 door Sahara in Dec 2007 and put about 6K on it annually. I've been very satisfied with it, no problems or service needed beyond oil changes. I've had good luck with Jeep products with respect to reliability.

By Matt on June 15 @ 12:43 am
It's a Jeep!
Love it, nothing like taking the top off for the evening commute, and just cruise. Smooth ride, good fuel mileage. Get 20-21 hwy, if you can keep your foot out of it. People complain that it is sluggish, it is made to get you wherever you want to go, not a 0-60 hot rod. Everyone that has taken a closer look and ride, wants one. I will be a Wrangler owner for life.

By Jsami on April 13 @ 7:10 pm
Don't buy this car
I bought this car almost three years ago and it operated fine until four months ago. First the car developed a starting problem. I have taken the car in five times for this problem and they still have not fixed it. Then the car developed another problem this time all the cars alarms went off at the same time then the win shield washer turned on and then the transmission began to kick. Apparently according to my dealer the problem was caused by my car's radio which came with the car. Then my cars AC gave out when I took it to the dealer they kept the car for four days and said nothing was wrong. Then a few days later the AC broke down so I took it to the dealer and showed it to the manager.

By max888 on August 21 @ 1:33 pm
Rethinking My Loyalty to Jeep
Initially purchased 2007 Wrangler 2- door X model. Freedom top (hard top) repeatedly leaked, despite many trip to the service dept at the dealership. Service manager told me, "They all leak," as though it should be expected. Jeep did a buy- back and shipped it back to Michigan. Replaced it with '08. Same thing--top and doors leaked like sieves. Repeated servicing, heavy-duty gaskets installed finally solved leakage problem. Next--the "death wobble." Not a new experience, as '95 Cherokee had done the same thing. Steering stabilizer replacement fixed the problem. Now, the dealership is telling me that at 54k m., the shocks are "seeping," steering damper "leaking." Want $800--NOT!

By David Fekete on September 17 @ 11:00 am
No power
For a vehicle that they've been making for a long, long time, this thing is lacking in so many areas. My biggest complaint is that it's horribly under powered. Most V6s are pushing 250 to 300 horses, this thing rates at around 202. Mine's a 6 speed manual..forget about passing. The lack of a hood latch is almost dangerous. On a windy day or when a truck passes the hood slams up and down. Those big rubber bands holding down the hood just don't cut it. The soft top is not an easy off and on, they could and should have done better. In a nutshell, never again! What once was an American icon is now pretty much junk.

By Beth 0505 on February 27 @ 11:00 am
Love love love my Jeep!
I absolutely LOVE my Jeep - have wanted one ever since I turned 16, and now at 34 finally got it! The 4 door was the selling point for me as I have 2 kids to transport all over town. My Jeep is really fun to drive, the kids love it, and I can put all their sports equipment and groceries in the back! Then take a drive and take off the top - have the freedom hardtop, the front portion literally takes me 3 min to take off and stow in trunk (I've timed it)!

By Keith Cywinki on November 23 @ 11:00 am
Last Chrysler product I will ever buy
The hinges on the jeep have already began to flake and fall off, and when it was taken to the dealership for repair, Chrysler denied the claim. This has been a problem with jeeps for years, and they know its a problem, but continue to ignore the problem. So, much for spending money on the extended warranty. There will be no more Chrysler products in my drive way. At least GM stands behind there products.

By C Cherry on June 9 @ 3:00 am
Jumped tooo fast !!
Fell in LOVE with the four door Jeep...hunted 3 months before I found 1 I liked and affordable. Four door has come along way for Jeeps-however IT IS STILL A "SUV" JEEP, NO comfort - particularly on long trips. Back seats sit straight up with No adjustments, doors swing open, lights are not auto, TEST DRIVE - LIVE in it for 24 hours first. It is a GREAT size and a looker but NO comfort!

By jason on January 11 @ 3:00 am
Jeep needs to get it together
I just sold my 2008 wrangler x unlimited. Until Jeep gets there act together and builds a quality, fuel efficient wrangler, I won't buy another Jeep product. I loved my Jeep but the fuel economy, power, and build quality far outweigh the good things about the car. I live in Florida where the roads are flat. Getting 16 mpg at 70 mph on the interstate is unacceptable. Also, I feel like the lack of power can be dangerous sometimes when merging onto an interstate or pulling out in traffic when you need power. The Jeep hesitates and doesn't move. Get it together Jeep!

By gumby1995 on September 3 @ 6:46 am
Jeep Is Junk - 2008 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 4x4 (automatic)
Bought 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited new in 2008. Noticed right away absolutely no power during normal acceleration, to point of being dangerous. Had one incident where gas pedal stuck on hill on windy backroad. Was able to unstick pedal and break before losing control of jeep. At time thought maybe floor mat had gotten stuck, after reading reviews online, not so sure. At 40,000 miles dealer telling me power steering leaking - cost - over $1,000! Advised me during driving I could lose control and cause major accident. Sounds like death shudder others commented on in reviews. Also burning oil like crazy at 40,000 miles, dealer told me well, thats just normal for a jeep!

By lock3056 on October 31 @ 9:36 pm
Its a Jeep
Bought a 2008 when it was new, I've had it 3 years and have no complaints yet. I think people seem to be confused about what under powered is. Its not a power thing its a gear ratio thing, I have a 6 speed Manual, its a Torque monster. While it may not run 12's in the Quarter mile it will pull a stump out of the ground. Love the Hard top, It is Quieter than our 2008 Cadillac CTS on and off the freeway. Great Family Vehicle. If acceleration is an Issue you can purchase a Bully dog tuner/gauge it makes a world of difference.

By vak1 on January 18 @ 10:08 pm
This is a little late
I have been driving Jeeps since 1976 and my loyalty to this company is over. At 45,000 mile the problems on this Jeep are too numerous to mention. I hope that people who read this and other reviews will seriously take heed before purchasing a Wrangler.

By cameronghanson on September 21 @ 9:49 pm
Very disappointing
I had sold my 2007 Range Rover to get something "American Made". Unfortunately, all my fears about doing this were realized. Within weeks of getting the Jeep, I found my car in the dealer almost on a weekly basis. One part, the parking brake, failed 4 times. This car is fine for what it is built for...off roading in extreme conditions. Its amazing to me that this car is STILL 2 wheel drive, which the majority of the time, is extremely inconvenient. If in 4wheel drive, it has considerable power hop when turning, can't exceed more 55mph. Very disappointing car.

By chezeppelin on June 14 @ 5:05 am
Deep Money Pit
i had my 08 wrangler x for four years. in those four years my emergency break broke ( right after the warranty expired of course), i had a leaky rear differential, there was a recall on the fuel tank because sometimes while filling up the gas would over flow and spill, and last but not least, my steering gear box went out. the steering gear box was a 700 dollar fix, too much if you ask me from a 4 year old vehicle. the steering gear box started going out relatively quickly, but the dealer refused to fix it because it technically still worked, when it finally went out around the 80k mile mark, i was in for a costly repair. the jk was loud on the highway, no room, rough, and a guzzler.

By lmbrans06 on May 21 @ 12:55 am
Will never own another...
I have always loved the Jeep style so I bought the four door and loved it... until 69,000 miles. That's when the spider gear went out. It was covered under the lifetime powertrain warranty because I bought it new in 2008. I was told Jeep wouldn't cover it because the spider gear wasn't under the warranty coverage. If the spider gear isn't powertrain, I don't know what is. I threw a fit to Jeep and they finally covered it. It stayed in the shop a week. I went to go get it and was told the axle seals were leaking. So it was gone another week. Got it back and the axle seals were still leaking. They replaced them again. After that, it never worked right again.

By jrut1 on November 16 @ 8:56 pm
I bought a used Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited with 45k miles. By 65,000 I'm totally disgusted. I had planned to drive this thing until it was dead. No idea it would happen so soon. It's a jeep, with the looks and the fun to drive aspect. And that's where it ends. I've had: - cracked exhaust manifold - o2sensors go out - catalytic converter go out (thank g-d a federal warranty makes these guys fix it!) - radio (xm/Sirius) go out - repeated "hot oil" (transmission) warnings during MILD 4WD - roof leaks I bought this vehicle thinking it would be a rugged, reliable vehicle that would last as long as I kept fluids clean. Whoops. One time buyer...

By sbunker on March 3 @ 1:15 am
So after my divorce, I really needed something that was rugged enough for me to take camping, pull my dirt bike trailer with dirt bike, but still be a fun car. I feel like such a fool for having picked this jeep. My brakes were toast before 25,000 - oil was ridiculous... always always low, I have done more oil changes-no leaks-Right rear caliper sheered off, thunking down the road... Unbelievable quality issues, leaks almost from day one, have had it in the shop they replaced the foam, still leaks. Now I take it in, will not honor Lifetime warranty. I was off on the inspection that was on this piece of paper. Not in the warranty manual.Call Chrysler-no assist. Sucks would never own again

By hlisle on January 7 @ 1:43 am
125K - still going strong
This is not a vehicle for anyone - it is not a luxury vehicle, though the price suggests otherwise. 1) Terrible on the highway - unless it is blizzard! Good news is that you won't be pushing it so hard to get a speeding ticket... 2) Not a mudder - don't buy this vehicle in Florida/South Georgia thinking you have a mudding truck... Nuhnt uh... 3) Shift linkages are 25 cent pieces of dung...

By dstanzini on June 9 @ 5:05 am
2008 Jeep Wrangler 2 door X
Must say I love this Jeep! I've had Jeeps my entire life from CJ 5's to now. This rides like a car. I've had no issues at all. Plenty of power, love the 6 speed stick, amazing turning radius. I must also say this; it get amazing gas mileage. I was certainly not expecting that. The last Jeep I had was a 2000 4 cylinder automatic and the best that got was about 18-19 MPG. This can get up to 24 on the highway, very surprising and unusual to get more than what the deal says. Maybe I just got a good one. But I am extremely pleased. Very fun to drive. I've only put about 60,000 on it so far as it is just a pleasure vehicle

By ranchez on February 26 @ 12:55 pm
Waa waa waa!
I've had my 2008 Jeep since it was new and love it. I see a lot of complaints here about comfort, noise, ride and acceleration. All I can say is that maybe they thought they were buying an Escalade. You don't buy a Wrangler for luxury, zero-road-noise, or racing from the light. You buy it to take on any off-road terrain you throw at it and crawl through the ick that would sink an Escalade to its axles. You also buy it to pull out the idiots who buy the other "SUVs" and try to drive them like a Jeep. Maybe you should sell your Jeep to someone who knows what it is and go buy a quiet, squishy little soccer-parent wagon.

By timbob55 on January 31 @ 8:01 pm
Used ex-BLM Rubicon
I bought my Rubicon two years ago with 50k miles. I've since put 49k miles on it. I found a couple receipts in the glove box that indicated it was owned by BLM. If I'd know that ahead of time I may not have purchased. but I'm glad I did. In the two years of heavy use I have owned it there has been no reliability issues. Performance: The 3.8 is a dog! Maybe it's better with a manual tranny. Comfort: This is the Cadillac of Wrangers. Very comfortable, car like ride. Value: expensive, but well equipped. Fun to drive: If it had more torque it would be great. Interior design: Its a Jeep Exterior design: I like the removeable fenders. Build qualilty: Its a Jeep Reliability: Great

By coggin on April 23 @ 1:50 pm
Total piece of junk!
This car is great in the snow, and that is about it. Also, I learned a great deal about working on cars while living with this piece of crap. At 30k the clutch went out. I have had manual for 30 years and this is my first clutch repair. Gas tank spews out gas if you try to fill it. Death wobble at 35k due to a "broken" steering stabilizer. Front hood latches allow hood to shake whenever trucks go by. Rear gate latches went at 60k. Coolant leak water pump replacement at 50k. Tow package was defective and replaced because of a recall. Acceleration is on par with my 1981 VW Vanagon. Headlights are really poor and the brights don't blind anyone. Torx bits are a bit problematic. Dash rattles and squeaks constantly. The antenna whips the windshield when trucks go by or if there is a big wind or brush. The tires that came with the jeep, were done by 35k and were crap when new. Burns plenty of oil. Hard top retains water and sloshes about.

By Dave on December 31 @ 2:57 am
Love it
My 2008 x i bought used with 56k Im up to 66k now and i had a few very minor problems but i love it Lord willing i plan on driving hr until she dies I take very good care of her kee her clean all her fluids up to level oil changes before recommended change Like anything else if you take care of it it will last. I drive no higher then 70 on the highway but its usually 60-65. I accelerate at a reasonable pace. I plan on gettingg a little commuter car so i can make this jeep last I absolutely love it

By Tammy on August 2 @ 8:22 am
Never will buy a Jeep again
I have contemplated on buying a jeep for many months since I have a 5 mth old and I'm a huge chevy girl. Since I live in Michigan we get alot of snow where I am. I heard a jeep is the way to go. I test drove unlimted and rubicons 4 dr brands cuz that's the style I liked narrowed it down to a sahara unlimited since the rubicon felt like it bounced around way too much. I seen one at a dealership test drove it quickly because they were closing in an hr. I bought it that night drove it next morning to work it shook so bad end up needing a right caliper, brakes and rotors. They fixed for free but I don't trust it at all still feels like it bounces all over the place god forbid if i hit a small bump in the road and i get scared if i go faster then 60 in it so no highway driving for me. Cannot wait to pay this piece of crap off and buy me a chevy product.

By Deserteagle on January 5 @ 12:05 pm
Bought mine and am having fun Modding it
My wife and I are new empty nesters so I thought it would be fun to own something not as practical as the usual SUV. My wife was completely against it since she loved the other SUV but I talked her into it and it's good that I did. Her Honda Civic seemed to have developed a crack in the engine block the week I bought this and she had to drive the Jeep while her car was getting a free engine from Honda. During the two weeks it had dumped about 2 feet of snow and she hadn't driven a manual that much in her life so for the first couple of days she really, really didn't like this Jeep and was very vocal about it. After that she started to like it and after her car was done I had to bribe her and pry the keys from her hands (she literally has a grip of a ninja!). The Jeep was used but in incredible shape with only 60K on it. The previous owner had put on a 2k winch front bumper,lights, side bars, 33 inch tires, 4 inch lift, nice winch and many many other custom parts. He also Rino coated the whole under carriage. I asked the dealer if it was possible for me to talk to him and they made it happen. Apparently him and his new wife were having a baby and she put her foot down and demanded a more responsible SUV for the family than the Jeep. He never took it off road and basically just liked to customize it. He said he put about 6k worth of stuff on it and was surprised I got it so cheap from the dealership. He looked sad to see it again actually. We've had it for about a year now and I've spent about 3k more on customized parts for it. I've had it off road for hunting and whatnot but not anything serious because I learned it takes all day to clean the thing after taking it mudding. After the 16 vehicles I've had in my life this is my favorite. It gets good mileage for what it is in town going to work, has plenty of room for the trips to Sam's Club and Home Depot, turns heads where ever it goes and is fun in the summer with the top off. It's very comfortable to drive for a 6'2 guy but also my wife who is 5'5. The only problem so far is fighting over who gets to drive it now. I would buy one again but to be honest I don't see us getting rid of this one unless some meat head wreaks into it or it get's stolen.

By Anthony on February 15 @ 7:44 pm
I would have to say this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Rubicon lives up to its hype.... best in comfort, handling, and looks great! Theres not much you cant do with the Rubicon... love the lockers for the front and rear. My whole family loves this vehicle.... I will never own anything other than a Rubicon!!

By Jeff Murray on December 9 @ 8:25 pm
If you hate yourself...Buy One!
Least comfortable automobile I've ever owned. Added candles to the front the headlights were so bad. Rusting inside out. Never been offroad. Piece of crap!

By A on October 16 @ 7:07 pm
Consumer Reports was correct
I ignored the fact that consumer reports rated this year jeep the worst they have ever rated a car in all their years of testing. It burns oil from the day it was purchased. Tons of electrical problems. Crysler refused a recall even though this was a huge problem for many. Jeep engine is too small and can't get out of its way. As far as stability Google "death wobble ". You'll thank me.

By Steve on December 18 @ 7:05 am
Great vehicle!!!
4 door Jeep Sahara has been an incredible vehicle for us. Only reason we are getting rid of it is that we need more room for the family. Other wise we would not part with it

By Tm on March 26 @ 5:15 pm
3.8 engine problems
Problems with 3.8 engine can be costly. Had to replace intake manifold gasket 3 times in 5 years. Dealer did it once. About $600 each time. At just over 100k developed clicking noise in lower part of engine. Dealer wanted $600 to pull oil pan to investigate. Seem to suggest selling to avoid costly repair or replacement of engine. Hinted at bearings. Online seen more of the same with the engine. Poor decision by Jeep to use that engine.

By Kris on November 30 @ 7:08 pm
The jeepster
This a cruiser 4x4 done expect to blow people off the line but it will leave the rest behind on the trails

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