2007 Jeep Wrangler

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Few vehicles in America have as much history or as dedicated a following as the Jeep Wrangler. This compact SUV and its earlier CJ predecessors have been providing Americans with rugged off-road ability and iconic style for more than 60 years. Whether it's South Dakota's badlands, San Diego's Pacific Beach or mud bogs in Arkansas, the original Jeep seems right at home.

While the Wrangler's traits and affordable price have made it a steady seller through the years, the vehicle has also come bundled with a lot of drawbacks, such as a harsh and noisy ride, a cramped interior and a dated level of refinement. So for the 2007 Wrangler, Jeep has performed a full redesign aimed at fixing the previous model's most outstanding faults without diluting its character.

The new Wrangler is about the same length as before but much wider. This provides additional shoulder and hip room for both front and rear passengers. For additional space, there's the new Wrangler Unlimited. Like last year's model, the Unlimited is built on an extended wheelbase. But this time it happens to be topped with the Wrangler's first four-door body style. The four-door has a roomier three-passenger backseat and a cargo capacity that's better than many other small SUVs.

The 2007 Jeep Wrangler's body structure is stiffer than before and works in conjunction with enhanced suspension and steering tuning to provide a more refined on-road experience. Additional sound insulation and new top designs reduce wind noise. For power, Jeep has replaced the previous inline six-cylinder engine with a new 3.8-liter 202-horsepower V6. It's more powerful than the old engine, but it also must move more weight; the Wrangler Unlimited weighs in at about 4300 pounds, more than 1000 pounds heavier than last year's regular Wrangler.

Underneath, the general hardware configuration is the same -- lives axles suspended by five-link designs -- and Jeep has made sure that off-road ability is still intact. There are 10.2 inches of ground clearance, steep approach and departure angles, and low-range four-wheel drive. The hardcore Rubicon trim level returns as well, and again features many hardware upgrades meant to make it the most capable production vehicle you can buy for off-road use.

There's little doubt that the 2007 Jeep Wrangler is much improved overall. The vehicle's character and heritage haven't been overshadowed or watered down by the new features and refinement. And yes, you can still fold down the windshield and take off the doors, even on the four-door. But as before, we consider the Wrangler a niche-market vehicle. Consumers just wanting a capable small SUV will be disappointed by its average acceleration, uninspired interior design and meager handling abilities. Nissan's Xterra or Toyota's FJ Cruiser will likely suit those buyers better. But for those wanting the original American rock crawler, there is still only one Jeep.

Jeep Wrangler Consumer Reviews By Year:
2007 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2007

The Jeep Wrangler has been fully redesigned for 2007. The new model is larger and more refined. Highlights include a new four-door body style, a V6 engine and additional convenience and safety features.


Superior off-road ability, available in short- or long-wheelbase versions, choice of soft top or hard top, upscale navigation system.


Unlimited model's mediocre acceleration, ride and handling suffer from off-road-oriented suspension, interior materials look and feel cheap.

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By Skylandry on February 19 @ 8:30 pm
The Jeep for a Family of 5
I just got the new jeep (9/14) in the 4 door, 4wd X model (loaded). This is my first Jeep only because I needed seating for 5 comfortably. Fun to drive and everyone wants to know what it is. Seats are super comfortable, stereo great, acceleration acceptable and removable top awesome! I drove it 340 miles on Saturday and had no sore backside. I am getting a little over 19 mpg. Everything feels solid and tight. My only complaint is "right foot" space on the drivers side (a little cramped). Everyone one else has plenty of room and the top is so easy to remove. I got "rescue green" and love the color. Haven't taken it to our ranch yet but I am not concerned about that - it is a Jeep!

By jeepranger on January 27 @ 4:20 pm
2007 Wrangler Unlimited X
Overall a great Jeep so far. Seating for five, power windows, and door locks, but it still has the classic Jeep feel. The on road ride is much smoother due to the stiffer frame. The new 3.8 liter is much quieter and has more torque overall, but it seems like less is available at idle. I have not taken it offroad yet, so more to follow.

By DadWithAJeep on April 24 @ 6:33 pm
4 Door Jeep X with Soft top
My first Jeep was a 95 Wrangler, and I had to sell because I had a baby on the way. Now that he is 3 years old, and Jeep has a 4 door wrangler I had to get one. After several test drives, and permission from my wife (she is critical of vehicles too), I was able to find one with all of the features I wanted. This vehicle handles great (100% improvement from my other Jeeps), it sits well in corners, and has plenty of leg room. I am 6'5, and have no issues with room. The design of the vehicle is superb and meets all of my concerns. I am still waiting on impact tests to see how well the vehicle rates. Until then, my son sits in the middle of the back seat just in case of a side impact.

By paffe3 on December 5 @ 5:40 pm
Too Much Fun
What can I say, I LOVE IT!! I use to own a little convertible and an SUV - now I have the perfect convertaSUV all in one. When you hit a good bump in the road it reminds you it's a Jeep, but on the highway it's a nice ride. If you love a Jeep but wish it had a little more comfort, the wait is over. Got for a test drive, you'll be surprised. Enjoy.

By JohnnyG on July 7 @ 9:06 am
Who Needs a Hummer
Well I have only had my new 4 door for 2 days (traded in my 05 TJ) but I will tell you, it is truly awesome. The ride is super smooth, and quiet (I even have the soft top. The new sound system is sweet. The interior is unlike any jeep. The only thing I will agree with Edmunds is, it is a little sluggish, but let the aftermarket games begin. I think this is a great innovation for Jeep.

By CTJeep on September 19 @ 6:00 pm
A Homerun
The new Jeep Unlimited is a hit. I bought the Commander last year and lamented the only short coming was that roof doesn't come off. I got the first one in town and have been enthralled since day 1. It's a Jeep for the family. Myself and wife and kids all fit comfortably (and securely) and we have room for all our stuff in the back. Can't wait for the warm weather to return to truly enjoy it. (i.e. get the soft top back on).

By tony on January 9 @ 7:23 am
My New Jeep
It is bigger and more comfortable on the road. Compared to my 04 Xterra this rides a little better. It actually takes the bumps instead of being pounded. The 7 speaker stereo is great and I love the hardtop and all the ways it can be configured. It still looks like a Jeep that has leaped into the future. Compared to the X I had this is a power monster. It is just me and my wife so I can take out the backseat and put a lot of gear in here for a little trip. I have not had mine off road yet either but I do not think that is going to be an issue with this Jeep. This is a great Jeep and the boys at Jeep ought to be proud of this one. The 4 door one is pretty bling to.

By clwnsc on August 26 @ 5:00 am
2007 Wranger Unlimited X 4dr
My wife & I just picked up our Wrangler yesterday (10/17/2006). We have always wanted a Jeep, but also needed a vehicle with some more room to it. So, when we saw the 4 door, we had to have it. So far, we love it. Ours is 2wd with the upgraded stereo & power group. Nothing but positive feedback from other people. It seems like there is not much take off power. Also, the center armrest/console is a little low, so there isn't anywhere to rest the arm while driving. Have been getting 16mpg so far. Overall, a great Wrangler.

By Ef on April 23 @ 8:53 pm
First Wrangler
My dad was hesitant to let me get one, until there was a 4-door version. Once it was driven off the semi, the dealer had it for 6 hours, before I drove it away. I have put 1200 miles on it in the last month. The only thing I want to do is to add all of the fun aftermarket accessories, like air horns, my CB, and some fun spotlights. I got an almost fully-loaded X model, with a soft top, and 6 disc DVD player. I have already removed the doors (all 4), and gone on the highway. I've had three of my friends in the back, and they were comfortable. With mostly city driving so far, I am getting 16 mpg. The only other thing is that I wished the half doors were available when I bought mine.

By Jay O'Keefe on November 14 @ 6:16 am
Way Too Cool
Always wanted a Wrangler. Wasn't practical for the my budget or family until now. Jeep has outdone themselves this time. I don't know if I'll ever buy another car. Great design, very comfortable, has power windows and locks, outstanding sound system and lots of room. I suggest the combo top (hard for winter months here in the northeast and soft for April-October). This car is so much fun already and let me tell you.... it turns heads everywhere! Too cool.

By Sammboni on June 7 @ 10:10 am
Very impressed
I've had my 2007 Unlimited Sahara for almost 2 weeks and it totally rocks and I haven't even been able to take the top off yet. I am impressed by the drive, the low noise and it looks great. I am looking forward to some muddy adventures and for the day when the weather gets better and I can take the top off.

By dgreenone on June 12 @ 1:33 am
Cool Ride Unlimited X 4dr 2wd
I've driven small trucks, 1/2 tons, 1 tons and now a Jeep. I'm going to stick with the Jeep. It's a lot of fun to drive and can really hang the corners without feeling like it's going to roll over. It also pulls my boats just fine and is very stable. I don't feel the Jeep getting pushed around by the trailer like some smaller trucks tend to do. The take off power seemed a bit lacking but turning off the ESP seems to cure that, but this could just all be in my head because I like this ride so much.

By Jim on May 8 @ 3:26 pm
Back to a Jeep....
I had a 2000 Sahara that I got rid of 3 years ago. I've missed driving a Jeep ever since. This past week I bought a 2007 Wrangler X 4wd. I think it's awesome; it is much quieter, much roomier and the new roof is awesome and gives you a lot of different options. It drives much more like a Cherokee but don't let it fool you it is still a Wrangler. You won't be disappointed, I highly recommend it.

By CallMeSassyGirl on May 6 @ 1:43 am
fantastic ride
I had originally had my heart set on a yellow Wrangler. I was disappointed when they discontinued yellow for 2007. It was love at first sight when I saw the 4 door. I also own a Dodge Durango, and the Wrangler is not much smaller inside than my Durango. I am amazed at how smooth of a ride it is. People give us the THUMBS UP! everywhere we go. It has extremely comfortable seating, even on long rides. I purchased the premium sound system and I am NOT disappointed. It has very little road noise. I have both the hard and soft tops, but have not had a chance to try out the soft top. This is an extremely fun vehicle to drive. I am loving the gas mileage compared to my Durango.

By Bob on July 7 @ 11:03 pm
Good Stuff
I've owned 2 Jeeps prior (81CJ & 99TJ). I have been waiting for a model to come along that retained Jeep "toughness" with more refinements and convenience (got old and picky!). Wish they had put out a V8, but the motor is still a vast improvement especially with the 4.10 gear ratio. The LOUD and well-done stereo is as nice as any new sedan. The ride also got much quieter. Not sure how they did that! Overall I think Jeep did a wonderful job.

By Tony on February 27 @ 10:30 pm
Way to Go Jeep!
This vehicle screams fun. Have had it for about a week now and just love driving it. It is very comfortable and offers a smooth ride. Build quality is great; the vehicle is tight, shifts smooth (I have the automatic) and the radio sounds great. Took it on a highway trip and got between 21 and 22 MPG. If you've always wanted a Wrangler but found them too small and rough, that excuse is gone. If you like Jeeps, you will love this one.

By yobuck on May 13 @ 1:13 am
Good to Go... anywhere
Love it! Best offroad vehicle I've ever had. Goes anywhere I want. Put 33" tires on it and the power still seems good enough.

By p-nut on August 26 @ 6:06 am
So far so good
I have always wanted to own a Jeep Wrangler, but they never seemed practical. However, once I saw that they came out with a 4 door model...I was sold. I have now owned my Jeep for about a week and am overall very pleased. Very solid vehicle with a surprisingly quiet ride (I got the dual top and currently have the hard top on). Plenty of room in the back seat for my 3 children and they love it to boot. The ride is bumpy as expected, but it corners and drives easy.

By Jody on October 26 @ 7:20 am
I arrived at my local Jeep Dealer three days ago simply expecting to take a look, as I had done with both the Toyota (FJ) and Hummer (H3) dealers. To my surprise and delight there is now a 2007 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited parked in my driveway. The four doors, longer wheel base and wider stance are all real attention grabbers. I have been approached several times by people wanting to take a look and ask questions. The drive is comfortable visibility is great. I won't be winning any races down at the track but that was not the point of buying a Jeep. I am looking forward for some cross-country traveling next month and I will try and submit a report on how that goes as well.

By Mike M on April 18 @ 9:16 pm
No need for a hard top
Love the new Jeep. This is my 3rd one I've had (94,01,07). They're hard to find in dual tops right now but I don't think you need a hard top unless you're in a climate that is predominately cold. Here in New Jersey I will get more use out of the soft top that the hard top. Even with the Targa feature, the hard top is a menace on those "Indian summer days". There is virtually no noise with the soft top up on the highway. I had my Sahara up to 80 and I was having a normal conversation (no yelling like the old soft tops). Chrysler really did a good job on the soft top design.

By Jeepster on January 18 @ 8:10 am
better than ever!
First off, I get 30+mpg at 55mph! Got the 6 speed manual with rwd and limited slip. With the traction control and abs it's certainly all you need in the South.

By Phil on January 10 @ 4:30 pm
The Legend Lives!
As an owner of two Wranglers, I was skeptical about this redesign. One drive and I was convinced it's still a Jeep and better than ever! It's beefier, wider, quieter, more comfortable, more powerful and sturdier than my previous Wranglers. First 250 miles indicated 21 MPG -- great for a Wrangler and during a 250 mile trip the seats and ride were firm but comfortable, very little wind noise from the new cloth top or around the doors and the radio with 7 speakers excellent. The new engine pulls strong and the 6 speed shifts very direct. Overall a home run for the Jeep folks!

By Chris on February 1 @ 7:16 am
I have always wanted to own a Jeep Wrangler, but being married with a child we needed more room. Then came the four door Wrangler. It was love at first sight! Then the test drive sealed the deal. We purchased the Wrangler with the soft top with a plan to purchase a hard top later. After a drive home from the coast with high winds, very little road noise made us change our plans on the hard top. The soft top will do fine. We are getting around 19 miles to the gallon with a lot of in town driving. We have taken it in the snow and love the traction that a jeep provides in snow and ice conditions. The only problem I have had is getting the keys away from my wife.

By roofer on February 12 @ 5:33 pm
This is awesome!
My wife and I were test driving BMW X-5's and Volvo SUV's. But when she got behind the wheel of the 4dr Unlimited, her eyes glazed over. I have never seen my wife so happy driving a vehicle. We live at the top of a steep hill in the Blue Ridge Mountains and this with its torque and auto transmission will get her up and down with little effort. Like others who have the new 4door model we are constantly asked by strangers if they may check out our truck. Jeep hit the nail square on the head with this vehicle.

By Ryan on November 25 @ 5:23 am
Room for 5...
The little lady always wanted a Wrangler, but it just wasn't practical with the old design. With the 4 doors and 3 seats across the back it now works for a family of 5 (small kids 12 and under). The middle seat has a shoulder harness as well. I was amazed at the cargo area in the rear... almost as much as a minivan.

By Brian on July 25 @ 8:30 pm
Family Fun
I also have an 02 Wrangler and love to drive it. I wanted my wife and kids to enjoy the Jeep experience, but with limited room, it was terrible for the ones in the back. I also couldn't carry any gear in the 8 inch trunk. When I saw the 4 door, I knew I had to have it. It has tons of room for cargo. Now we can all go camping, hiking, trail riding in comfort and it is a blast!

By Corey on September 24 @ 8:40 am
This has been my first Jeep product, mostly because I couldn't justify the cost and narrow field of use with my young family, until the 4 door Unlimited! I love the room and versatility of this vehicle, the gas mileage is a little scary (about 22 miles to the gallon) but better than you'd expect on this type of vehicle. Very good stereo and surprisingly quiet cab. Over all: I love it!

By crispy on December 3 @ 7:16 am
1st Jeep...Sweet.
Have had it for a month and turns heads where ever I go. Great handling, great color (Rescue Green), quiet ride, top removal is easy. Fold down seats are awesome to be able travel with larger objects. Great for families now too. Only way could get one was if was family capable for car seat and stroller space. Qualifies as practical and fun. Can't wait for spring.

By ndared1 on August 20 @ 5:03 pm
Second and Best Jeep I've ever owned
My first time to purchase a Wrangler tuned out to be the greatest. I drove a new 2006 and two new 07s; one stick and one auto, purchased the stick. A Jeep to me should only be a stick. What a nice vehicle, the 07 tops seem much tighter on the vehicle than the 06. Plenty of power with the new V6 and the tranny is smooth, German manufacturer I think.

By Frank on March 19 @ 4:06 pm
Good to be back
So much improved over previous years. Ride, noise level, handling, all big improvements. Getting better than advertised mileage with a combined 21mpg (6 speed). It's a real headturner. Did some mild off-road stuff, I thought I was still on the pavement. Looking forward to more in the spring. Too soon for reliability comments, but I'm hoping for the best.

By Skylandry on July 11 @ 8:13 am
Follow-up to Jeep for Family of 5
Well after 9k miles and several trips off road and I still LOVE my Jeep. It performs flawlessly off-road. Just like the "old Jeeps." As far problems, I have had two strange occurrences. Once I lost all power while driving 45 mph. The Jeep cut off for about 5 seconds then restarted (mileage 2k). The second was my traction control like came on to indicate a failure. I had both issues checked. Jeep said the power thing was not a known issue and it has not reoccurred. The EPS light issue went away but Jeep did say they have had some issues with a sensor for the braking unit. They ordered me a new one but I haven't got it in and the problem hasn't reoccurred.

By Geoffrey on August 18 @ 6:13 am
Jeep Owners Dream
Wow. It's been 6 days and I am still in heaven. The Jeep Wrangler 4 door will go down in history as one of the best things to ever come from DC/Jeep. The 2007 Wrangler (4 door) rides high and comfortable. Entry and exit is something you may need to practice, but I have owned three Jeeps now and it keeps getting better. My one and only negative is that the upward (looking towards traffic lights) visibility is limited with the top on. My Jeep steers true and gets plenty of looks. The gas mileage is low, but again I have owned three Jeeps. The interior space/design is awesome. Plenty of room for 5 adults and a dog!

By JeepX on July 4 @ 8:26 am
poor power
If you want a beautiful convertible 4WD this is your option. But if you need power, you rather keep working other options.

By 07 wrangler by Bob on January 22 @ 5:53 pm
good 07 Jeep
Our previous Jeep was a 98 Wrangler SE with four-cylinder, 5 speed manual. The new critter is six-cylinder with a six-speed. Ironically, the highway mileage we're getting is better by far at 70 mph than the four-banger got. This Jeep is also quieter with full doors with roll up windows. So far we have had no problems. Lots of plastic on the interior, but it's washable so who cares. Plastic cladding over the bumpers is a bit un-Jeep, but everything else is pretty rugged. Sixteen inch wheels are also a plus. We found with the old Jeep that tall skinny tires work best in snow. That is also the experience with the '07 as well. Just go with factory wheels.

By Brian H on March 16 @ 1:00 pm
Looks Great - Not sure of Quality Yet
So far I must say I'm happy with my new '07 Wrangler 4 door, but a little concerned. The incorporation of 4 doors sold me. The ride is not as rough and bumpy as one would expect. Handles just fine on the highway and I've gotten 19-20 MPG on the highway. The only concern I have is the quality. I've owned mine for 2 months and issues have begun to arise. The rubber pads on the hood keep falling off. Most worrisome, on 2 occasions while driving all the sudden the dash lights come on, the motor cuts out, and it completely stalls...it restart and regains power within 5 seconds. Sometimes when I unlock the doors with the keyless remote, the radio starts playing on its own. I'm worried. :(

By blaire on June 12 @ 2:56 am
New 07 Sahara is excellent!
I have owned 2 previous Wranglers and by far this one is the best off the showroom floor I have ever seen. The interior is more spacious, comfortable, and quieter. The new 3 piece hard top is great and is easy to take off and put back on. One my favorite views of this Jeep is the rear, with the new hardtop it has a very mean look. I took it off road this past weekend for the first time and had other Wrangler owners in amazement at its capabilities. I am also very surprised that I am averaging over 20 miles to the gallon! I would highly suggest this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a fun vehicle with improved practicality!

By BigJeep on November 2 @ 7:06 am
Family Jeep Fun
I love this jeep. Finally a Jeep with 5 seatbelts! It rides great in town and cruises effortlessly at 70mph on the interstate. This is the only convertible SUV that can carry the whole family. Everyone says it looks like an H1 Hummer. Thank goodness it's not. I get 21mpg on the interstate.

By islander on March 8 @ 9:23 am
Wrangler Unlimited X
It's been a week now since we picked up our new Unlimited X. Got the hardtop, picked the white with black top. People are getting whiplash just checking it out going down the road. It's fun to drive, it's quiet, didn't even realize I was doing 60 in a 45mph zone! The 7 speaker stereo system with Sirius Radio is unbelievable. This has to be the most fun vehicle I've had in years & I'm a gray spiky haired ol' beach broad in my 50's! It was well worth the 3 month wait for a white one with a hardtop!

By 2climbbig on June 26 @ 4:33 am
My second Wrangler
The on-road drive is Wrangler's best... the off-road driver is even better. I waited 2 weeks before hitting the trails. I out performed a friend in his TJ (no lockers). We did some crawling, some mudding, and a bit of a mix. while in a mud pit, I pulled out a Grand Cherokee. Definitely better than Toyota's FJ Cruiser.

By nilekinnick on July 25 @ 4:16 am
Jeep fan
I bought my 2007Jeep Wrangler greystone pearl X, s package, power package,17' rims with soft top. I've always wanted a TJ about 17 years now. Being in the market for a new vehicle for the second time ever I stopped in and test drove the redesigned 2007 Wrangler. I was impressed from start to finish - 5 inches wider, really well refined, so much more room and interior features. The body is bigger and tougher looking. Don't get me wrong it does not ride like a car but with the improvement in comfort from the TJ to JK I fell in love with it and drove my Jeep off the show room floor that day!

By sycolamb on August 4 @ 1:06 am
Great Jeep!
I've had my 2007 Rubicon for about 2 weeks now and I love it. I traded in my modified 2005 TJ Rubicon. I really missed it for a couple of days but after some mild off roading and a few rocks with the new 2007, I haven’t looked back. The new Rubi is so much more comfortable and quiet. The back seat is harder to get in to than with the 2005 Rubicon and the 05's 4.0 engine with 6 speed manual seemed to have more pick up than the 07 3.8 with auto. I was really impressed with the electronic sway bar disconnect. It is still completely stock and crawled over some smaller boulders really nicely! This is my 4th Jeep and I would have to say the best one that I’ve ever owned.

By David on July 29 @ 11:53 pm
2007 Jeep Unlimited X Wrangler
I use to own a 2000 Jeep Sport Wrangler and traded it in on the new 4 door Love it! Going to take it out and get it dirty tomorrow!

By Peter on July 2 @ 8:26 pm
I love my 4 door Wrangler
I feel this is the perfect blend between the toughness and utilitarianism of a Jeep and a family vehicle. My family of four fits comfortably in it for the drive to school and trips yet I still have the ability to take the top and doors off fold the windshield down and ride offroad trails in my Jeep. My mileage for the year will be more but I have not had it a year however I feel I have put a hard 5,000 on it and given her a thorough shakedown and love everything about it. I have found it hard to come up with a negative for all the positive things I could say about my Jeep.

By JONW on September 12 @ 11:00 pm
I ordered this Jeep back in October, then found out that they had a leaking problem with the hard tops so I waited. I didn't get my Jeep until January of 2007 and it's well worth the wait. I had a 2000 Jeep Wrangler which isn't a family car at all. I didn't want to break down and get a 4 door family car until I saw this. By far this was the car to have. My wife was happy that now it is a family car but it's still a FUN car to drive. I can't wait until summer time so I will be able to take off the top. More people will be getting whiplash when they see a 4 door convertible coming down the road.

By Justin on January 28 @ 5:50 pm
2007 Wrangler Rubicon
Hands down, the 2007 Wrangler Rubicon is the most capable civilian production vehicle in the world. Period. The front and rear locking differentials that come standard do their jobs, as does the electronically disconnecting front swaybar. In terms of on road comfort, you can tell that it's designed to be driven offroad, but it's still super-fun to drive. The tight steering makes is a joy to park and maneuver in town, while allowing you to dodge trees on the trail (or to create your own trail). The seats are very comfortable, the radio is great for it's being waterproof, and who can turn down the ability to drive anywhere you want...with the top and doors off no less.

By Natec on September 19 @ 1:56 pm
Two days and loving it
Bought it on Saturday, this is Monday and still loving it. Hard top, automatic transmission. Very quite on the road, both city streets and interstate. If you will be carrying shorter people, definitely get the step rails. Lots of room in the front and the back, stereo is good, transmission and differential shift with no problems. Definitely a great vehicle now for offroading and daily driving!

By Peter on December 2 @ 1:46 pm
Rides great but engine shut off once
I've owned a couple of Wranglers over the years and the 4 door is by far the best version so far. Rides great and turns heads. Family of four, we traded in the minivan. Softtop is fine in the winter, no need for the hardtop. I noticed another review where the owner indicated the engine shut down while in driving mode. This happened to me once on the highway at 65mph. The console lit up, the gauges went wild, and then the engine cut off. It fired back up after a few moments but I had an 18 wheeler behind me and a pucker factor of ten. It seems to be an electrical problem as the engine was running normally prior to the event. Look for a recall soon at a dealership near you.

By pinondesert on August 19 @ 11:46 am
Versatile and fuel efficient (surprise!)
I bought my Wrangler Unlimited Sahara a couple of weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it. It is not a racer but that is not the point. Whether on the freeway or on muddy dirt roads covered with snow it feels stable and safe. There is plenty of room front and rear and the cargo space is huge. The hard top keeps things quiet and the infinity speaker system rocks. I have the 3.21 differential and have driven for fuel economy. So far mileage is running about 24.5 mpg in a mix of in-town, freeway and back road exploring at 6,000' to 8,000' altitude. Expect to shift a lot at freeway speeds in the mountains, everywhere else it keeps up with traffic. It's my first Jeep. I love it!

By Mr. V on November 5 @ 2:56 am
The Real truth
Awesome Jeep. Tight, safe rugged!

By JeepJK on August 14 @ 8:26 am
New Jeep isn't bad!
This was my first jeep and I had done a lot of reading. The new 4 door jeep is really a nice vehicle and so far I have had no issues. I don't agree with those saying it is underpowered - while any vehicle could use more power, I don't have issues. Gas mileage is about 17MPG.

By Paid for by Xhubby on December 30 @ 2:36 am
Second Transmission Stinks Too
Only 4K miles and now looking at a possible third transmission. Have been without the car for more than 5 weeks. An annoying rattle turned into a much larger problem: I would depress the clutch, the shifter would then pop out of gear into neutral without even touching it. Then, while driving and in gear, the shifter would simply pop out and into neutral. No clutch action necessary. Now on the second transmission. Very loud all around gearbox; difficult to shift--esp into third. Last night, went to start it: depressed clutch and stepped once on gas pedal and released: next thing I know, engine totally revs like I am still stepping on the gas! SCARY! I just want a replacement--auto trans now!

By Bob on August 23 @ 4:53 am
killer Rubicon
I also had to wait for a dual top model but is well worth it. It is fun to drive looks great and with the lockers will go almost anywhere.

By devilinblue on April 29 @ 2:03 am
Great SUV
I got this car because I wanted to go off roading, and found that it runs great on the road as well. I have stopped using my primary vehicle (05 Trailblazer) for long trips in winter weather.

By Kat on January 11 @ 8:56 pm
I loooove my Jeep!
What can I say? I love Jeeps. I discovered them about 4 years ago, and I will NEVER own another type of vehicle. The performance is amazing. I've owned Jeeps in both Hawai'i and on the east coast, and there's nothing better for beach driving OR for snow driving.

By max on January 18 @ 2:13 pm
New to Jeep
I love it! Fun, comfortable, enough power, sits high, rough and tough, a real head turner ( can't keep people away, they want to look at it, lots of great comments). I love the simplicity of the interior, easy to use, big dials, big door handles. Men love it and so do women. One women told me it was a chick magnet and a client told me it was classy, a stranger told me it was nicer than a Hummer ( I agree, cheaper too!). Remember this is a Jeep not a sports car or Luxury Liner. You get a Jeep with lots of good frills. I love it!

By Nellamore on December 6 @ 3:13 am
In LOVE with this Jeep
This is my first Jeep and I absolutely LOVE it! It is so much fun to drive, and it's unique. The only negative thing was waiting for over 2 months to get it. I ordered one but it was taking too long (get a clue DC! Don't offer products you're not ready to produce) so I found another one I loved on the lot. The 4-door has lots of room and handles very well so far. Gas mileage isn't great, but that's a given with a Wrangler. My previous car was a Honda CR-V which is built on a Civic base. I am VERY happy with the Jeep and do not regret the purchase.

By Bob on July 16 @ 5:16 pm
Another improvement
I have owned Wranglers before this and all of them have been very good to me. This one will hopefully be no exception; so far all of the bells and whistles are great and I love the new ride.

By Syruis on June 4 @ 3:13 am
Lots of Fun
I traded a 04 Murano for this because I wanted extreme offroad capability and I was tired of all the comfort of leather/power everything. I knew what to expect of a Jeep (3rd I've owned) and have not been disappointed. This is only the base model and I have minimum features. I wanted to modify this myself so now have a blank canvas to work on. The soft-top seems nice and I look forward to the summer with it down. So far, with temps in the 20's, this lil monster warms up just fine and stays warm on the highway at 70mph. Bumpiness is something to get used to, but like my 350z, you get what you pay for. The suspension offroad feels good and the 4WD is nothing to scoff at. Lots of power to play in.

By smdoug on March 25 @ 2:03 am
still a Jeep
I have only had the Jeep for about 1 week and I love it. I waited for 12 weeks to get the MyGIG in it and it is worth it. I love the way it handles as well as the look and response is not as bad as I thought. Got the 18 inch tires, great look. Manual transmission is smooth but engine revs stay up even when clutch is in, and foot off gas pedal. Doors have to be slammed shut. Interior is a Jeep no place for change or sunglasses, and poor position for cup holders up front because 6th gear blocks access to them.

By Scott Ashmore on April 7 @ 9:20 pm
Unlimited X-Wrangler
I bought the Unlimited X-4door 4 wheel drive in February 2007. Have 1000 miles on it. Took it over the mountains and it snowed. The vehicle handled great. Only put it in 4 wheel drive once, smooth transition. Have an automatic, and at times it doesn't want to lock in gear when shifting. One problem I did have, I was driving 25mph when the light came on showing wheels slipping and the Jeep lost all its power, shut down. Love owning a 4 door. My first Jeep!

By Joy on October 12 @ 2:30 pm
Sahara 2007
Fantastic car! Have always wanted a Jeep, but did not purchase one several years ago due to the rough ride and noise. The new Sahara is awesome, rides like a dream, very comfortable with a lot of new safety options. The new hard top makes storing much easier with the cool benefit of having 3 pieces. Smooth enough with great amenities to be used as a primary vehicle.

By DJ Kelly on May 20 @ 6:40 am
The best Wrangler yet!
This is my 4th Wrangler. Had a Sport, a Rubicon, and the original Unlimited 2 door. This is it! The engine is the same as my Chrysler minivan engine (has 160K miles on it, runs great). This Jeep is great for camping, gets excellent mileage, the rag top is the easiest to remove (6 minutes by myself), and looks so awesome I have to carry my salesman's business cards around to give to people who stop and talk to me about it. Does ANYTHING I ask it to! This IS the one you've been waiting for.

By Frank on March 24 @ 9:26 pm
2007 Wrangler X Std
Drive up and down mountain roads in So. CA. Handles very well in the curves and plenty of power climbing hills. In the snow is very stable.

By ghjr on July 13 @ 3:30 pm
My Whistling Jeep
My second Jeep, with the first being the limited edition '02. I have an unlimited X and love it until the windshield was replaced not once but 6 times, and the whistle is still there. I got tired of taking it back again and again, so I had to have stripping placed around the shield so I didn't drive it into a tree. The problem is solved, but not the proper way, just a band aid. Takes a PhD to design it and a high school graduate to repair it. Go figure, it's not fixed.

By Kebba on July 2 @ 7:23 pm
Great Fun, Great Jeep
After one week of ownership I am extremely satisfied with my 2007 Wrangler Unlimited X. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly, the brakes are terrific, the heater is scorching hot, and the ride is comfortable. The downside is mostly gas mileage, but I my commute is short and I average less than 15k miles per year so I'm OK with it. For all the things you don't get with a Wrangler, you do get a really fun truck to own. I'd buy this truck again in a minute.

By Terry on August 23 @ 10:56 pm
Big Mistake
Worst car I have ever owned. Has been in the shop 24 days since purchase in February. I am starting Lemon Law paperwork. Throttle control has been the issue 3 times.

By Toos on June 24 @ 8:10 pm
Wonderful Vehicle
I have been driving Jeeps for years. I love having the ability to go where I need to go no matter what the road conditions are. The new Wrangler is an improvement of a proven product line, and it gives me the capabilities I am looking for. Frankly, if you don't want a Jeep why bother with the other SUV's? They are simply cars with lower mileage and no performance in rough conditions. My only complaint is there is no diesel engine option, but thats true for the rest of the manufacturers too. The Wrangler is like a Swiss Army knife on wheels. It's not an SUV, its a Jeep!

By Jay D on August 28 @ 7:23 pm
Happy New Wrangler owner - 2Door Sahara
I have owned 4 Jeeps in the past.This is my first Wrangler. So far this one has been the most fun to drive. Considering it is a Jeep with serious off road capibilities the ride is much smoother than expected. The interior room is also welcome change on this model. Plenty of room for my young child in the back with a safty seat.Getting into the rear seat is a little cumbersome for a full size adult though.

By Meangreen on September 7 @ 4:16 am
Great alternative to look-alike SUV's
We got the Sahara back in March and we love it. It gets lots of looks and we've had people stop and ask us about it. There are tons of H3's around here and this vehicle is so much better. We have the hard top and it rides very quiet and the front leg room is excellent.

By george on December 21 @ 3:46 am
Gotta Love It!
Traded in a 2002 Liberty, and finally bought a real Jeep. Love the ride, have 17' tires. Had driven previous models, but this bad boy is smooth. The improvements are great, love the new 3 piece hard top. Have a buddy that has the '06 Rubicon, parked them side by side, and he is ready to buy new

By 20yrsinthedirt on February 27 @ 12:00 pm
The real deal
I have owned many off-road trucks including the original Willys "flatfender". I use my vehicle for off-raod use, and this is far and away the most capable stock vehicle I have ever driven, including Land rovers. It does lack refinement when compared to the typical "Suburban assUlt Vehicle" or Soccer Mom mini-van replacement, but if you really off-road, most of these refinements are meaningless when compared to the absolute utility of straight axles and 4:1 low range. "Only in a Jeep" is more than a pitchline

By Chest Rockwell on March 12 @ 3:03 pm
It reeks with testosterone!
I was looking for a vehicle that fits me a little better than a Toyota Corolla. I found the 2007 Jeep Wrangler. I'm very happy with the purchase. Don't know what everybody was talking about when they said this thing was noisy. It's no louder than my Honda CR-V. The ride is not uncomfortable either. Not sure what vehicle those people were talking about under the Jeep reviews. This thing is awesome! Yeah, it's a gas hog. But, if you're looking for a economical car why would you be looking at a Jeep? Gas prices cannot come into the equation when purchasing a Jeep Wrangler.

By Squint on August 6 @ 9:13 pm
Very capable Jeep even with the X model
I have owned my Wrangler X 2Dr for almost 2 months and I love it. I was skeptical at 1st w/ the 3.8L V6 until I racked up about 1000 miles and it finally broke in. It performs quite well now w/ my 33's and the stock 4.10 gearing that come with the Auto. Even the X model is very capable on the trail after numerous outings now. For the interior: the seats are fairly comfortable and modern. However, the dash is hard not to scratch when cleaning dust/dirt; the glove box and center console lock as well as rear floor cargo storage by locking rear swing door. The soft top is definitely quieter than previous models and it secures better around the doors. The headlights and fog lights are improved.

By Ramses on April 20 @ 9:43 pm
"Nice Jeep!"
I knew this Jeep was on the way for a couple of years from reading the magazines. I was finally able to get the one I wanted on Dec. 15th, 2006. Great vehicle! Always wanted a Wrangler but they where only 2 doors and the ride was harsh. This one is perfect, except for gas mileage. I've got the red rock pearl with soft top (Sunrider). It rode great in the snow and now I have sunburn from having the top down. Do a search on the net for aftermarket stuff and you'll be blown away by everything that is available! If your riding around New York City and see a 4 door red rock X with the top down and a red faced man in it say hey!

By holly on October 16 @ 8:00 am
Lovin' the new Wrangler
Traded in my '04 Liberty Rubicon for the Wrangler Unlimited X last weeked. Fun to drive, getting approx 17 miles to the gallon. Only complaint is the useless DVD Video feature (comes with the player but no screen and Jeep is currently clueless about this since they don't make a screen that's compatible).

By Ricky W on June 11 @ 2:33 pm
Fun but needs stalling problems fixed
The four door Jeep Wrangler is a fun vehicle to own and drive. The power is OK and if you keep your foot out of the gas it is not too bad MPG. Ours has the hardtop and it has never leaked as some have said. You do have to put it on a certain way or I could see how it could leak. The only complaint is that it does stall at highway speeds sometimes as many new 2007 Jeep products have with no fix available from Chrysler yet. Hopefully the government investigation will help get this dangerous problem fixed before it causes someone to get hurt.

By Burger on July 1 @ 11:40 am
The Most Practical-Impractical Vehicle
Jeep has flat out hit a home run for the person/family that loves to have the top down. After reading reviews I was a little leary of the '07 Unlimited, but this vehicle is outstanding. Driving 30 miles each way, hour and a half a day and this Jeep is great. Ride quality is great, seats are comfortable (did take a four hour cruise to see family already and the trip was easy as can be). Steering is responsive, no "roll" feeling in corners, very nimble. Enging is good, not great but I've been plenty happy with acceleration, passing, cruising, etc. Interior is extremely roomy for a Jeep. Plenty of cargo room. If you've owned a CJ before, don't drive this Jeep, you'll buy it!

By tulsaoklahoma on May 10 @ 9:53 pm
Do not pay sticker
Researched a fun convertible for months. Wrangler was obvious choice. Put 225 miles on it the first day. Got 16.2 mpg on first tank. My '65 Ford Mustang has a smarter easier convertible top but guess I will learn to live with it. Most Jeep owners wave. That's cool.

By b1pig on August 28 @ 8:46 pm
First year has major issues
I am in love with the overall design of this vehicle. I considered myself lucky to find a Rubicon in dealer inventory so soon, and in my haste, I bought it. It is a very functional vehicle with lots of thought given to offroad enthusiasts. Within 2 days of purchase, I took it offroad and "broke it in" and I have been happy with it for the most part. While this Jeep rides very well with 32" tall mud tires and is pretty quiet, the power is seriously lacking. The hood lifts when rigs pass at highway speeds. The engine randomly stalls. I submitted my complaint to NHTSA. Hopefully they will pressure DCX to come up with a resolution and get us fixed.

By KB on April 4 @ 5:10 pm
Boy Toy
We traded in our Tahoe for the 4 dr Jeep and I've had some trouble getting used to the loss of luxury. I know we bought it as a fun car, but in this day and age, every vehicle should come standard with power mirrors and power seats. And what about the small things like mirrors on the visor? Plus there are no pockets on the back seats so pretty much everything you put in the car flies out if you don't have the hard top on. Which is what makes the vehicle fun...no hard top. We purchased this car for our children and dogs and thought it would be a good practical car. I just think they could have made this a little more kid friendly and a little less man friendly.

By regtqm on November 10 @ 6:50 pm
All around utility at a fair price
We love our new Jeep 4 door. It holds us, two kids and the dog plus our luggage for a weekend trip and the tops come off! Rides well and handles like a sports sedan. We get 21 MPG highway with a 6 spd and cruise control set at about 72. In town mileage is about 16.5.

By GG on September 12 @ 6:23 am
Good ride and fun for kids
Traded in my Tacoma Truck for the Wrangier. Been a good ride so far except for a faulty ground in the first 1000 miles. Once fixed it has been a good ride. Only complaints are the hardtop to softtop instructions are vague. Soft-top is very snug and hard to manuver into closed position. DVD option is the dumbest design and poor planning. Jeep tried to used radio from other vehicles not thinking through the screen concept. Only option is to get built in headrest screen but that isn't practical with soft-top (theft). Great on lake road I live on.

By Bighaeb on May 16 @ 12:10 pm
2007 Rubicon, Loads of Fun
I'm on my 4th Wrangler, and so far, I'm not overly impressed with the reliability of my Wrangler or the build quality. It has spent 2 solid weeks in the shop since march, and will be going in again this week for more horrible noises coming from the engine compartment. Besides that, the offroad abilities far surpass my previous Wranglers, even past Rubicons. On road, the 07 has much better road manners, though it's still going to be a bit squirrly from the short wheelbase. Engine power is lacking a bit. Could use about 20 more horses or so. Transmission is smooth (I have the 6 speed). I live in Denver, and maybe that is why it seems sluggish. Compared to the 4 litre, it's a bit weak.

By Brad on October 14 @ 10:30 am
From Mustang To Wrangler
Having driven various models of the Mustang over the past 10 years I was a little worried that I might be too use to a sports car and would regret buying the Wrangler...not at all. Obviously, the ride is a bit different, but the 2007 Wrangler rides a lot better than any other Jeep I have ever ridden in. The build quality is classic Jeep and I am getting 17.3 MPG on average (not bad for what this vehicle can do). It seems to me that the only complaints most people mention have to do with features that make the Wrangler a Wrangler and not a Lexus. Sure, the doors don't stay open, but that is because they were made to be removed, etc. Best 4WD vehicle out there...by far.

By RLawson on March 22 @ 4:00 am
Wranglers are now practical!
The new 4 door Wranglers drive as smooth as cars on the highway, features incrdible upgrades as far as interior design and space are concerned, and gets much improved gas mileage from the older Wranglers (about 360miles to a tank). I have nearly 5000 miles on my Jeep and have not had any problems. For my third Jeep vehicle this is by far the best.

By jerryschutz on November 24 @ 11:56 pm
The Wrangler is a great improvement over the old design. It is quieter and more powerful. The ride is unbelievable for a true Sport Utility. Its off road capability is unrivaled to any 4x4. Hard Top leaked first day. Check engine came on at just under 3000 miles. Misfire. Clutch bearing or transmission just started making squealing sound. Now we find out how good the service is!

By Joe Chanin on March 30 @ 5:56 am
It's a Jeep thing.....Just buy it!
1st time Jeep Wrangler buyer and I love it. My wife loves it. Even may cats love it (ok..not the cats). I am not a big off roader but this is a blast. Added some accessories to make it my own and it is great. Everyone comments and stares. It's a Jeep thing. If you buy it you'll understand.

By JeniPa on January 23 @ 11:00 pm
Best Car I have ever Owned
I have owned 2 Jeep Wranglers ('95 & '98), a 2000 Jeep Cherokee, and a 2006 Honda Elemnet. The 2007 4dr Wrangler is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have two children and can finally drive my beloved Wrangler without making every outing uncomfortable for my family. This thing has tons of cargo space and leg room, the freedom top is great - just pop off the front tops and you can feel like you are in an open air Wrangler and still feel good about having the kids in the back. The ride is smoother than older models and is amazingly quiet. The stereo system is something Jeep should be proud of as well! The only drawback is the gas mileage but the fun factor makes it worth it!

By Milkster on November 13 @ 4:53 pm
Not like my last one
Had a 2000 Wrangler and loved it without question. I like this 2007 a lot as far as features go but build quality has proven to be bad. The Jeep has been back to the dealer 6 times now for things that shouldn't have left the factory: doors adjusted improperly, water leaks at top of doors, missing drain plug in floor (water leak again), rear window zipper defective on first try, fender flare not installed properly, etc. Since Jan. I have been without my new vehicle for about 25 days for repairs. Am seriously looking at a trade since it develops new issues every other week, but lemon law hasn't been met.

By Gammon on December 29 @ 8:23 am
Ventnor Jeep
This one has so much room--6'4" and plenty of elbow and leg room--up one weight class from the old body type. The standard shift is smooth and road friendly. Several GSP runs to NYC with comfort and performance all the way. If you keep it under 2000rpms, mileage in 6th gear is very good. The S package, Sunrider top and the 17" wheel options are the way to order this X-model. This Jeep is light years better than my '98 Cherokee 5 speed. There are no quality issues. The V-6 mates perfectly with the 6 speed. The paint, body fit and mechanicals are all German improvements over the last body type. No leaks with the big Sunrider soft top

By lh on April 26 @ 9:13 am
Love My Wrangler but...
Only owned it for a month but, love it, except for one thing. Fun to drive and so many cool things you can do to it. Very smooth drive. They've improved a lot. However, a very annoying feature that I didn't discover until after my purchase. They apparently did away with the passenger seat feature that allowed it to pop up and foward making entry into the back seat easy. Now it's very difficult to get in the back seat. My kids just climb over now. If you're an adult, forget about it! Jeep really needs to rethink that change. Gas mileage has improved but, definitely more room for improvement.

By Josephus on March 3 @ 9:13 pm
Rubicon - Get Some!
I've owned my 2007 Unlimited Rubicon for 60 days now and I love it! Offroad this thing is King. Everyone is amazed how well it rides on the street and trail. The automatic is geared a little high (so get the 4:10 gears) but gets 22-23mpg on the highway. The best part of this Jeep is the space and family sized comfort. It's definitely a "Jeep" interior, and everything is manual regarding the tops. But it is so much fun! I've taken it to the beach 3 times so far, and I've got 2 weeks coming up. Many new safety features have made this thing safer.

By Captian on June 17 @ 3:03 pm
It's a Jeep... an ORV (Off-road vechicle)
This handles extremely well on and off- road, though it does lean more as an Off-Road vehicle. I don't buy the "SUV" title it is given, I call it an ORV or Off-Road Vehicle. C'mon it is a jeep! If you never plan to take the doors off, tops off and get muddy inside and out, don't you dare think of getting one. If you never plan on letting your Jeep taste dirt, mud, and stone, get dings dents scratches all over it-don't buy one, or you will be disappointed. If you want a luxury SUV then buy one, but don't buy a Jeep, it is "comfortable" while you bounce around on potholes rocks and mud, but it wasn't designed to stay clean, detailed and comfy. It is rugged and mean. I mean its a Jeep a true ORV

By JJ on February 14 @ 4:23 pm
Jeep Rocks! Best Wrangler Ever!
This is my 5th Wrangler and it's leaps ahead of my last Wrangler, a 2000 Sport that had a higher sticker and less equipment. I'm totally impressed with the new exterior and interior design on my X-S, Dark Green, 2DR, soft top. It handles great on the highway, is quiet and the 6 speed manual helps the fuel economy but it could be better. The Daimler quality influence is very evident.

By Chris on August 25 @ 9:13 pm
JK Rubicon
This jeep is a lot of fun but the quality of the jeep is crap. I hope this is because it's the first year.... Roof leaks hard and soft tops. Hinges corrode and rust on the doors, visible in the cracks of the hinges and eventually the paint on the hinges. Interior plastic scratches very easy with a fingernail...and I mean very easy!. The new motor is a bit underpowered for a 4dr but liveable. Hey it's a 4x4 but you'd think a V6 would get better fuel economy than 15- 19...v8's are getting better mileage than this 6. It's a blast to drive with the top off or on, it's can climb a wall. I hope the new Chrysler takes note and fixes the issues with the 08 model.

By Ros on May 15 @ 8:13 pm
2007 Wrangler 2DR w/Freedom Top
Unable to use back seat due to poor design of Freedom Hard top and inability of passenger seat to fold forward far enough for easy access even for small dog. In my opinion, it would be almost impossible to get any passengers out in case of a crash.

By JC on September 1 @ 4:30 pm
2007 Jeep Unlimited 4 Door
I absolutely love my new Wrangler 4 Door Sahara package. The only trouble I have had so far is when I took the hard top off and put it back on and went to the car wash, it sometimes leaks. You have to be very careful with the weatherstripping or it leaks, and I have had the water blow through the doors edges. There has to be a better system to keep the water out at high pressure. Engine could use a little more pep. I'm averaging 18.5 MPG. It only has about 2500 miles right now, so it may need more break in time. I bought all the chrome accessories and get tons of compliments. Headed to my first Jeep Jamboree..so we'll see how that goes.

By podedwards on April 6 @ 12:46 am
A great car!
The 2007 Wrangler is hardly underpowered. In fact, the V6 with six speed manual and 4.10 rear end is an excellent cruiser and can't be touched off road. When I want to go quickly, I drive my 2006 Hemi Grand Cherokee. The hard top on my Wrangler Sahara Unlimited is trouble a makes for a very quiet ride. The MyGig system is by far the best in technology for navigation and sound system. Lots of room and a comfortable ride.

By Don on January 1 @ 6:20 am
2007 Sahara 4WD 4dr.
I love my 4dr Sahara. Red Rock Pearl, Khaki Freedom Top which is awesome, Khaki interior which is also awesome. I love the room, the sound system. 7 speakers. Great ride, great time, 18in wheels, tow pkg. Only drawback was I ordered a Rubicon and after 4 months, was told I would have to wait another 3 months, so I built a Sahara as close to a Rubi as I could get. It has so much room and is actually bigger then my Cherokee Sport. I love the looks I get and the comments from folks. If the gas mileage was better it would be perfect. I'm still very, very happy.

By R Williams on March 11 @ 2:13 pm
Great looking Jeep
This is our first Jeep and it looks great and is fun to drive. Really like the removable freedom top. It has a few loud rattles in the door pillers but someday I will take apart and find. The gas mileage is OK and we tow a 16 foot ATV trailer on weekends OK. We finally got the recall for the stalling in the mail and hopefully that will be solved as it was pretty bad on the highway for the last year losing all power for a few seconds then restarting with no help from Chrysler. It goes to the dealer in the morning and I have crossed my fingers.

By No more Jeeps for me on April 14 @ 1:33 pm
I'm trading it in after 6 months!
This vehicle looks great, and I bought it 6 months ago, it has 7,000 miles on it. Good cornering and acceleration. The transmission was replaced. I drove it through a touchless car wash, and water came into the interior. Cannot get in and out of back seat with ease. Interior panels and paint scratch easily. A recall exists for many '07 Wranglers, per NHTSA. Mine was not included in the recall, therefore, I was never informed. But my vehicle stalled out for the same reason as the recall while I was driving 55MPH in the rain. Soft top windows scratch easily. Noisy and cumbersome driving. Well priced, but a huge disappointment overall for me.

By Jeepin Dad on October 27 @ 7:23 pm
I love my JK
I upgraded from a '89 Wrangler to the '07 with the 6 speed, S-package, freedom top, tow package, rear locker, swaybar disconect, 17" wheel/tire package. The ride is great, the engine is responsive with the 6-speed and 4.10 gears. Gas mileage isn't great, I have been averaging about 18 mpg which is what the sticker said it would get. The seats are comfortable, the height adjustable drivers seat is a nice feature. I really like the removable hard top panels, it takes less time to remove and replace these than it did to put up and down my soft top. I have had it off-road and with the rear locker and swaybar diconnects it performed great. The disconnect really smoothed the ride out.

By alindsey12535 on March 9 @ 1:06 am
Too many problems with the new Jeeps
I liked my Jeep when I first bought it. They look great, but are not very practical. The interior scratches up very easily. I couldn't get my soft top to fit, so I scheduled 2 different appointments and left it with them all day. To keep my interior from being ruined, I had the hard top put back on. Now the roof leaks any time you take it through a car wash or it rains hard. There isn't any touch up paint for the hard top if it's needed. It will scratch easily esp when taking it off the veh. In the heat, the sealant melts and drips a tar-like substance, which will stain the interior. My advice: Buy something a little more practical.

By Jim on May 8 @ 2:36 pm
My new Jeep
Awesome Jeep, we are really enjoying it. The only downfall I see right now is the soft top with half steel doors leak a bit in heavy rain as so does the rear compartment. We have 33" tires which were on it from the dealer and it's a little slugish on the highway maintaining 65 mph. In town is fine.

By MikeP on July 9 @ 11:33 pm
Best Jeep Ever
The versatility of the Unlimited can't be beat. Better than expected MPG. The Freedom top is great for nice days (no leaks either). Can go anywhere and have fun doing it. Our 3rd Jeep - previously drove 2000 XJ and 2003 KJ. This one is the best yet. Looks great clean or covered in mud. It's a Jeep thing. f you don't understand, then oh well.

By wfj on January 7 @ 5:10 pm
A Jeep Owner and Lover
The first thing I did with this vehicle is install a fresh air intake, a cat back dual exhaust system and a jet chip. This vehicle needs to come stock with at least a 260hp engine in it. I have boosted this engine up to around 235hp but it still drags in sixth gear on an up hill run. Also only offering two rear end ratios is a crime. Mine has the 3.21 in it and that is to high and it still only gets about 19mpg. A mid range of around 3.51 would help. I have already decided to get my next one with the automatic transmission and the trailer towing package. A small diesel would also be nice, something with a good torque rating. All in all this is the best jeep I have ever driven or owned.

By jeff clifford on May 24 @ 8:56 am
Rubicon Unlimited
Horrible on fuel and surprising lack of power. Probably due to the large tire size and it aggressive nature. The door locks automatically lock when you put the vehicle in drive but only the drivers door unlocks automatically after being placed in park. This is extremely annoying with children and retrieving items from other doors. All things considered, we do love this vehicle and its a joy to drive on a nice summer day w/ the top down. We would certainly buy it all over again as in our case as a second vehicle.

By jmontgomery123 on November 27 @ 11:23 pm
Best Wrangler Ever
I have 15,000 miles on my Unlimited Rubicon and I love it. It's fun, it pulls my boat, carries wife and kids, and protects us all with electronic stability controls. No complaints whatsoever.

By sonsofpar on October 9 @ 8:16 am
My first Jeep
Very comfortable to drive and on long trips. Nice styling and features, I thoroughly enjoy driving it. I have mixed city/highway driving and am averaging 20MPG- above estimates. Really nice stereo on my sahara unlimited version. Storage is good. I have a family of 5 with one in a child seat. We can all fit and have room in the back for our gear. On the negative- I have the hard tops and they leak, 4 trips to the dealership for the 'water doctor' and they can't get it straight- 28K is too much for a vehicle that drips water on you . Starter sticks and blinckers will sometimes not disengage. Only 5k and lots of squeeks and rattles. Brakes squeak loudly

By DPV on September 11 @ 4:36 pm
Jeep Rocks!
This is an excellent offroad vehicle that transitions onto the road very nicely. If it is you and one other person the two door is perfect and has plenty of room for gear. Offroad capabilites are outstanding. The freedom top is great and have had no problems with any leakage since buying it and I remove the top all of the time and wash with a power washer. There is lots of power as long as you know how to drive a stick. Gas mileage is better than expected with 19.5 average city driving and I've gotten up to 23 mpg on the highway. 4-low is a beast! No hill is to steep, no trail to rough, and it is still as quiet as when I first bought it almost six months ago.

By Starla on September 29 @ 12:43 pm
don't buy it
Absolutely hate this vehicle. It has only 14000 km on it and already has two recalls, one for sudden egine failure which lasts about 5 seconds then starts back up, the second with the electronic brake control causing a delay in braking, which I did not even receive a recall notice for but found out from my dealership when I phoned about a third proble. Sudden acceleration up to 125 km for unknown reason. i have returned it to the dealer and am waiting to see what they are going to do. This is not a safe vehicle to drive!!!

By brentg on October 16 @ 4:06 am
So much fun
This thing is just too much fun. Everything is better than I expected. Longer wheelbase gives it a smoother ride than I expected, the interior is quieter than I expected, and the millage is even slightly better than I expected. The power is what I expected. In low range it will climb anything, and it will easily tow a Toyota FJ out of the mud that you just crossed. On the street, however, you are going to get beat across the light by a Chevette. This thing has been everywhere, up mountain trails, in mud up to the frame, over rocks and boulders, and even stuck in downtown traffic, and it has never disappointed us. Had a great summer, now I can’t wait to get it into the snow.

By bigo on April 8 @ 5:13 am
Nice and fun, but...
Keep in mind, I’m single and this is my only vehicle. Got my Jeep back in July. Almost 6500 miles on it. Fun ride that definitely turns heads. I do get the mini Hummer comment a lot. Hard top takes two people to get it off (back portion.) I continue to have problems with a leak anytime it rains. Drips right down on the dashboard and then onto the radio. Supposedly been fixed by dealership but by the sound of everyone else, there is no fix. When starting it seems to stick sometimes. Recently got a recall about my brakes. This Jeep will suck gas. I get about 16 mpg. On the interstate I get around 19-20. No power! Love driving it in the summer and look forward to next year already.

By mike on October 29 @ 9:43 am
At home on the road and rocks
This Wrangler rides great. Traded a 2003 Rubicon in on it. What a differance in ride. Jeep keeps doing better and better. Just keep the solid axles. i.f.s. would ruin the Wrangler

By Rodney on February 6 @ 3:06 am
Overall Satisfaction
I'm coming out of a Land Rover and with gas prices the way they are this is welcomed relief. Having a 4-door convertible, SUV is amazing. I love it and plan on keeping it. A friend of mind just ordered his because he got tired of just riding in mine. Seriously! My wife jokes with me that everytime I stop at a gas station, to get my salesman hat on so I can answer all the questions I get while getting gas. I get looks from the Ford Focus driver all the way up to the Audi Q7 drivers. Seriously, amazing

By newchryslerhater on August 27 @ 7:16 am
BEWARE! LEMON. No Help From Chrysler!
To make a long story short...this vehicle has been a nightmare. Drove it off the lot with 3 miles on it and had immediate problems. Have taken it to 4 different Chrysler/Jeep dealers and only a few problems have been fixed on it...mainly TSB's & recalls. Chrysler will not help and the dealerships have outright refused to fix my car. Needless to say, this is illegal. The list of problems now consists of 35 line entries...bad clutch, rough shifting, broken seatbelts, pourous soft top, leaking hard top, high-pitched shrieking sounds, dead horn, fluctuating stereo volume, and the list goes on & on. Although a very cool vehicle, customer service & mechanical assistance is unacceptable!

By Bob on March 27 @ 6:16 pm
10K Mile Report
Excellent performance on/off road. Problems: 1.) No where to mount CB radio for off- road communications. This is major design flaw. 2.) On dry paved city streets, ESP and Sway Bar will activate for no apparent reason. May or may not deactivate even when motor is restarted. Occurs frequently in hot AZ weather. 3.) Annoying squeal from left front wheel. Dealer can't identify. Most noticeable at low speeds (10 mph and less). Other than 3 items noted, vehicle is fantastic. Solid performer on the trail and comfortable for long road trips with family. Would buy another one in an instant.

By James on April 11 @ 7:40 am
I have driven my Rubicon through mud pits, up 50 degree slops, up rock banks after driving through rivers and almost nothing has stopped it. It's gas mileage is miserable compared to my old BMW. I get around 15 miles to the gallon, yet it's well worth the trade considering the hauling ability. Removing the back seat I was hauling 70 pumpkins in the back and putting my friends F-250 to shame. The reliability is amazing as well, and it is extremely easy to change the oil and do minor work. I love putting all the Hummer owners to shame when they realize they spent 15,000 more on a vehicle nowhere near as good as my Rubicon.

By 2 Door Sahara on May 15 @ 8:50 am
Happy in Denver!
Have had my 2 door silver Sahara since July and still love it! This is my second Wrangler. The ride has been improved greatly and does well in the snow when in four wheel. Love the freedom hardtop (no leaks). Power windows and locks are a nice change. This is my only vehicle and I love driving it (especially in the mountains)! Get lots of compliments!

By Boulder on March 9 @ 2:36 pm
Much Improved!
I've really enjoyed this vehicle. Plenty of space, good fuel economy for an SUV, and one of the only SUVs available in a manual transmission. Four door convertible in the summer is certainly fun, and the hard tops have improved (ease of use/installation as well as reduced leaks, squeaks, etc.). Great in the snow and ice, and the longer wheelbase and new suspension make it comfortable (not luxurious) on long road trips. Underpowered (needs something larger than the 3.8) at elevation but with a manual you can certainly get by. No maintenance issues to date (~1 year and 12k miles). Overall, lots of fun.

By Dr. Kris Johnson on June 10 @ 7:16 pm
Four Door Jeep Wrangler
This car is much sturdier than the two door Wrangler. The larger wheels and stable frame makes this car an excellent and safer drive. I've purchased a couple of 2007 four door Wranglers and they have not tipped over or "flipped" over. I love this car and the bigger the body and wheels, the safer the Jeep is.

By still going on November 17 @ 12:00 pm
You have to remember you didn't buy a Cadillac so it is still a rough ride but a huge difference if you had a jeep with soft top so the difference is now you can hear your stereo & you don't have to yell to speak to your passengers while driving. Very disappointed with the U-connect, we were told it was available and now we are told it cannot be installed because of our windshield what a sales pitch they gave us and then to inform us after a few months that we cannot get u-connect.

By SciFiChick on March 20 @ 5:26 am
Rent one before you buy one
What can I say, had I rented it for a week, I would not have bought it. In the heat it smells like cheap marine plastic melting in the sun. If you use the highway, you're safer in someone else's car, this one stalls. The middle of the back seat has NO SUPPORT so it sinks in. The plastic scratches very easily. I cannot wait to get rid of my Jeep.

By Laura on December 22 @ 6:56 pm
Love my Jeep
I have owned 2 other jeeps ( a 78 cj5 and a 94 cj) my husband has owned 3 jeeps (a 89 cj and a 99 cj and a 02 liberty)) we have both Loved our old jeeps but with the single life gone they weren't practical any longer... Until Now! we have only had our 07 for a couple of weeks but we love it and fight over who's turn it is to take to work. we can fit the babe, the car seat and the groceries with room to spare, still look great... and have fun driving again! The sound system rocks and the drive great. A+ in my book

By sacopaddler on July 29 @ 2:03 pm
Jeep Can't Do It
This vehicle is a danger to the driver, passenger, and anyone else on the road that is near it. My Jeep has stalled repeatedly, even after the "Recall Notice" and was repaired. Can't drive with kids in the car and really shouldn't drive with me in the car. Have to fight Chrysler for it to be returned. Really too bad!!!! I have always wanted a Jeep. :-( A very big let down.

By DD on October 23 @ 3:40 am
Tons of problems!!!!
I have been waiting for a 4 dr jeep and I was so excited when it came out. I am sad to say that I have had the jeep in the shop for major repairs 10 times in past year. Cracked top, Steering block broke, Brakes bad, Skim key failed, Wireless key module failed, broken latch, Stalling while driving at any speed, now it wont randomly start while in park. I have to put it in Neutral for it to start sometimes. Dealer cant figure out whats wrong.I keep sending back to the shop. Very inconvenient and frustrating.

By Rick Williams on December 29 @ 1:36 pm
Shake, Rattle & Roll
The Brake Pads were shot @ 2000 Miles. I had to pay for a new set out of my own pocket. The cheapest brake pads I have ever seen. At 40 mph the front end will shake you out of the drivers seat. This folks is a brand new jeep. I can't seem to get any dealer to fix the shimmy. So I am selling it never to buy another jeep.

By Jarhead on July 21 @ 7:16 am
Mine rusts too - before 4K miles
Really, really like the Jeep idea - the wife hates it, however. This is my 3rd (I think). The 4dr is surprisingly comfortable (vs. earlier Jeeps). Similar to other posts, I have had annoying RUST on various (hopefully) insignificant parts of the Jeep. I feel just like I bought a 1970 something CJ. Worse - the dealers want to "take photos" for evaluation at HQ. Wimps. I also had the clutch replaced earlier this year (4K miles). Yikes. The only thing that is worse is that I'm honestly thinking of selling my silver 07 (with 5K miles) and buying a black 08. Why? So the rust does not show as fast! I'll probably always have a Jeep - no matter how poorly they are made! Sick, isn't it?

By BBeep on March 26 @ 9:43 pm
Beep beep!
I leased the new 07 instead of buying used because I wanted the 3-piece Freedom Top. I have not been disappointed - it's SO easy and the panels fit in back with seat folded up! I keep the panels wrapped in blankets when not on, and I have never had a leak. Acceleration and power can be problematic on any SUVs, but this is just fine IF you know how to drive it. I have left a Camaro in the dust right off a stoplight. Handles beautifully in all weather. I've never had the stall complaints other people have. A few recalls (normal for a new model!) and dealer fixed everything. Read the EPA estimates BEFORE you buy a Jeep and complain about gas mileage, by the way.

By Robert Sanders on May 8 @ 8:13 am
My First Jeep
My wife insisted that I buy this vehicle and it has definitely improved my image! It is well appointed with the Freedom Top and 18 inch wheels and is fun to drive. I added wheel locks, a spare tire cover and the heavy duty floor mats. Have had no drivability problems to date (6800 miles) and a only one recall involving a brake module. There are no water leaks with the top, however, when entering or exiting the vehicle in a rain, water will drip into the cabin. There is an air whistle which I can't seem to locate. The brake pads had to be serviced at 2000 miles due to "glazing." I have achieved up to 22 mpg with the auto which for a vehicle of this design seems reasonable. Happy so far.

By MattAllen10S on April 12 @ 9:26 am
Love My Jeep!
It rocks!! Nothing else to say. OK Maybe a little more. I wish it had a little more pickup but it doesn't need it. The interior does scratch easily but it is beautiful.

By Eric in California on November 13 @ 6:00 am
I've Been Waiting for a Jeep Like This
My '97 Wrangler was stolen and I was forced to buy another SUV after a decade of loving my first Jeep. Boy am I glad I rented a car for months waiting for this Jeep to show up in CA. I loved my Jeep and it was tough to lose it, but my pain disappeared almost instantly once I test drove the '07 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. I was hooked. It was far fancier. I never thought I would get into the comforts of this upgraded model, but they are easy to get used to. Four doors are awesome and extra cargo...I needed all along. Everyone that drives in my Jeep loves it. After a year I am still in the infatuation stage. Jeep did right on this one. Here's to another decade, or much longer I hope!

By Love my Jeep on May 16 @ 4:20 am
Glad to be a Owner of a Jeep
I am very pleased to be a owner of my Jeep. It is fun to ride and has many looks (top half-way off, all the way off, doors off, or just take it all off!). I never knew about the Wrangler family but as soon as I started driving I quickly found out. The four doors have great space and handles well. As for gas (gas is just to high to even say anything good about that) but it's ok. The hard doors with electric is the way to go. I have a soft top and wind is still a little issue but not that bad (will soon get a hard top). But over all very happy.

By koolcat352003 on December 7 @ 6:33 am
Fun time
This has been a really fun Jeep to have and it gets where you need to go and also great in the winter time. Great in the summer with the top off!

By SciFiChick on March 9 @ 9:40 am
Fun to drive, lacks performance
While I am new to the Jeep Wrangler World, I am a veteran of other Jeep models (which I LOVED). When I got into the Wrangler 4 door it was purely a question of lust. It looks GOOD. Alas, I live in Miami, it's rare that I can take the top off (shocking yes) because you either bake, scorch or get soaked. Once that fact finally sunk in, I realized I had bought a box on wheels. If you want 0-60 in decent time, get in someone else's car. If you drive off a cliff, don't worry, the aerodynamics (HA!) are SO bad, you'll stop mid-air. It's very good looking, easy to modify, but horrid to drive on a daily basis in the urban outdoors. You're better off with an XTerra.

By Nic on July 8 @ 5:50 pm
Better Be Willing to Live with Problems
Bought this a while back and we just got rid of it because of all the problems we had with it. Transmission jumped from gear to gear, roof leaked, door rattled excessively. Just because it's a "Jeep" doesn't mean they can put out crap. Pros - handled well in the snow with good traction and decent mpg if you drafted semis.

By mom of 3 on June 1 @ 9:16 am
Terrific fun
As a mom of 3, I insisted my husband buy this Jeep! It is the only convertible on the market that has 3 seat belts in the back seat. It wouldn't be a great every day car for me and the kids, but when it is a day at the beach--LOOK OUT!! Throw your boards in and who cares about the sand--its a Jeep! It's fun and makes me feel young. Living in southern California means the Jeep is topless all year long.

By james on June 6 @ 8:23 pm
lovin my jeep
I love my Jeep. I drove my first one for seven years. I needed a larger vehicle with more space because of children. The new 4 door was just what I was looking for. The new v-6 is nice, but I would still like a V- 8. The ride quality and quietness of the new Jeep is much better that the previous year models.

By Assessment of Jeep on April 10 @ 12:30 am
Jeep Assessment
I have had my jeep about 10 months. It handles very well in the snow, and is a blast to drive in the summer. The longer wheel base make it a much smoother ride. I have a soft top and have mastered its removal (about 2,5 minutes), but putting it on takes a little longer. I am very happy and look forward to years of driving. The down side is its lack of acceleration and low miles per gallon. I am glad I bought it and recommend one for anyone who wants to have a little fun while driving. It is not a really comfortable car, make your second car the comfortable one. When you live up north, way, way up north, give me reliability over comfort anytime.

By Red on June 28 @ 1:50 pm
Now, it's Jeep or nothing!
I bought my 2007 Wrangler 2 dr and love it but, there are some problems. I have had to have a roof leaf repaired 3 times, and now I am experiencing "Death Wobble" I sure hope that it can be fixed. If there is one thing I want to stress, DCX, please look after us Jeepers.

By Mike Garry on December 11 @ 12:26 am
great 2nd car
use it to tow behind a Motorhome works great not a hiway vehicle. great for two people and a little gear. Wish it had more towing like the 4 door

By remmons on July 28 @ 9:20 am
Only dreamed that I could own one!
My wife and I were looking for a newer vehicle to replace her 2006 Toyota Corolla. We needed something more practical for the environment that we live in. Being in Utah, where we have the mountains and the desert, along with the frigid, blowing snows of winter to the arid, hot summer days, we needed a vehicle that was capable of getting us around at any time of the year. The 2007 Wrangler four door unlimited was possibly the best choice for all of our needs. It gets better mileage than our Suburban, has more passenger and cargo room than the Corolla, and better highway capability than my old 1965 CJ5. Thus far, this is the better model of Jeep. I cannot imagine anything better than this.

By Gunny on January 18 @ 5:43 am
2 years and running
Two years in and still a hoot --had minor problem with hardtop leak in torrential rain in second year --soft top never leaks -Hard top on OCT to APR, Been off road several times -very capable and bulletproof. Interior is so far so good and sound system is very good. Really good on road comfort given 4X4\ suspension -average about 18mpg --have seen 21 on highway and 14ish in total city driving (automatic). 3.8 has only OK power on road--- weirdly much better off road (been off road at altitude in the Rockies). Run full synthetic oil -no leaks. Vehicle has never been back to dealer so far. Better than the 91-99-06 Jeeps I am familiar with Still a jeep thing!!!

By Jasmine on February 14 @ 6:33 pm
I hate this vehicle
It's loud, blows all over the road, has bad gas mileage, it's uncomfortable (forget long drives), and let me ask: WHY would an engineering flaw that causes the ever- so-common "death wobble" be tolerated by consumers?! I cannot believe Chrysler hasn't been sued over this! This is a dangerous vehicle and I will never buy American again. It's also a pain to take the top off and put it back on.

By GtrBt on July 10 @ 7:13 am
Only regret should have got 4wd, haven't needed it but just want it. Love the 3 piece hard top also have soft top, great ride for a Jeep really any suv. Gas mileage is decent at 18-21 mpg. Its truly a lot of fun to drive and gives you so many more options, went from an avalanche and haven't missed it

By indyCalifornia on June 9 @ 10:33 am
Still love it!
I've had my '07 2dr Sahara for just under two years now (just over 36k miles) and I STILL love it. I haven't had any problems so far. I have a hard top and haven't had any leaks whatsoever. I've experienced "death wobble" in my previous Jeeps, but I've gone w/o on this one so far. On the 2dr, the entry to the back seat is pretty ridiculous compared to my older models- we call it the "jungle seat" b/c tarzan would probably get in just fine, but every1 else feels outrageous. Passengers complain about comfort, but this is the comfiest Jeep I've had yet. I receive compliments wherever I go and I've felt completely confident each time I've been in a tough spot (lots of snow/mud/dirt!)

By TheMagicTiki on October 21 @ 2:16 am
Finally A Jeep for Me and The Family!
I have longed for a Jeep for years, but always needed something that was also practical for the family. Now we have both! I have to say that I love my jeep. Fun and easy to drive, great seating position, enough niceties to take the "rough" edges off for the family. It's plenty roomy enough for vacation trips or trips to Lowes. Compared to older models, I also feel much safer with my kids in the back of the 4- door. The sunrider top is also great... rain in the forecast? You can pull pull the top off the cabin in minutes without taking the whole top off. Yes, it's a Jeep thing... and I am good with it! Just try it for the ride before you buy!

By Ben on October 9 @ 11:46 pm
Love it...but worry
This is my 4th wrangler. I have had this one for 2.5 years. Maintenance so far is 2 recalls, rear brakes at 18,000, electrical problem with ESP light, new exhaust, wheels are starting to rust, and a mystery rattle from under the jeep which took 4 trips to the shop to fix. I absolutely love driving it, but going to the shop so many times has become a bit tiresome. I have thought about getting rid of it for something of better build quality, but then I get behind the wheel and I just can't do it. I do worry how much this thing it gonna cost me once it's off warranty. 31K miles so far, I hope the kinks have been worked out. Gas mileage is about 19MPG, and that is mostly back road driving.

By brian185 on July 20 @ 9:36 am
So far so good.
A previous Jeep owner I was excited to move up to the 2007 4 door and it has not disappointed. I'm approaching 60,000 miles without a single mechanical or quality issue. Even the tires are still the original and I'll bet I get the rest of summer out of them. Obviously I travel alot and I also pull a fairly large trailer for my business so this Jeep is worked hard. It's not a sports car but I find the power to be more than enough, even when towing. I love this Jeep and will continue to buy this vehicle for a long time. Just thought it would be helpful to review after 60,000 miles. Good luck.

By Jeff on February 13 @ 11:10 pm
My 3rd Jeep Wrangler, love this one
This is my third Wrangler and my first 4 door. Excellent handling on the road but have already been stuck off road, something that never happened in my 2 door. But the family loves the extra room and comfort and it tows my boat much better. Love the easy to use top but have had some leaking in heavy rain. With top down the seatbelt vibrates loudly. Really miss my In line 6 engine as the 07 seems underpowered at times and reves high. Over all though this is a great vehicle with high marks in styling and curb appeal. With the top down on a sunny day it just can't be beat. Remember the Jeep Wave when you are out and about.

By Cody on January 26 @ 4:13 am
A blast to drive!
I love my Jeep! This is the first one I have owned, but when I was little mom had one. It deff takes me back 20 years and I love it as much now as I did then! Door off, top down is the best! Not a lot of power in this little Jeep but I didn't buy it for that. Handling is really good and ride quality is surprisingly great!

By Chest on November 5 @ 1:36 am
Don't do it!
This is the worse purchase I've made in a vehicle. It's been in the shop 3 times! It left me on the side of the road one too many times. The engine light has come on twice already. The engine needed a lot of work. Hey, guess what? The engine light is on again! This time it is for the cat converter efficiency. How the heck does a cat converter go bad in two years! The dealer will fix at no charge, but I am waiting for the next time the "check engine" light comes on. Maybe a couple weeks? I hate this vehicle. I will never again buy American!

By Gymshark on April 14 @ 2:06 pm
Awesome Vehicle !
This is my second Wrangler first was a 1995..sold it and now bought a 2007 with only 12,000 miles. The Wrangler is my weekend fun machine. The ride is comfy and stereo is awesome. The top is way easy to drop and put up. I upgraded the wheels and tires, not the suspension because it doesn't need it in my opinion. I don't extreme off road. The new design is by far the best because it's still looks the same just bigger and better than previous years.

By Starseed on September 25 @ 4:10 am
Great, but leaky
I've had my Wrangler for about 2.5 years now and I have to say I love it. The only real complaint I have is about the tops. I have both soft and hard tops and they are put together very badly. I've brought it into the shop for top at least 8 times now. 5 of those are for water leaks. They have not real way of stopping them, just a short term "oh the weather stripping is crushed" blah blah blah. I will never buy a new model year again.

By Ed from Charlotte on March 20 @ 10:06 pm
Toy on wheels - simply love this truck!!
My conservative friends thought I was nuts when I leased this vehicle, after all they used to see me driving Lexus or at least a Tahoe. But I was looking for a car that has these 3 qualities: 1. Fun to drive, manual and 4-wheel; 2. Convertible (to take advantage of sunny weather); 3. Has towing capability. I did not want to buy Jeep, because I knew this maker is not a reliable one. And that's why I leased it. To my big surprise, I had not had any problems with the car in 30 mo, and the latest Consumer Reports show very high reliability ratings for Wrangler. Jeep really did an excellent job on re- designing this model. What a huge difference comparing to a previous Wrangler they used to make!!

By Paddy's on July 13 @ 2:20 pm
Its a Jeep Thing...
All in all, a great vehicle which is very fun in the summer sun and great in winter snow. Minor complaints include leaky driver-side door (which I've heard from almost every other Wrangler owner), extremely difficult entrance/exit of backseat (I took my backseat out b/c it was pretty much inaccessible),and rough ride. Those things aside, I would recommend it to others.

By zmt214 on January 21 @ 5:13 am
love the looks, hate the handling
This is my second wrangler, my first was an 01 sport automatic(this one is manual) that I had lifted and loved it, besides the acceleration. I recently lifted this jeep 4 inches and put some 35s on it. it looks great but rides terribly. my first jeep rode about 10 times better with the lift, but this one seems the exact opposite. well, it is worse but it wasn't great to start with. it is a very bouncy ride, riding on the interstate is almost terrifying especially when even a slight curve comes up, lousy acceleration and i HATE the death wobble. I haven't had any mechanical issues yet with this vehicle but it is my daily driver and it couldn't be any worse of a choice in the way of comfort.

By ABUHAMAD on July 4 @ 2:20 am
This is my second jeep Wrangler in my life, Its noisy on long trips but even though i drive it every where and all the time. and no plan of having any other 4X4 except this. It looks more great when the hard top is off, gives u the feeling that ur the Hero and that nobody else enjoy the weather like u do. Its powerful and gives u everything that u need in off roads.

By Leo on August 7 @ 12:10 pm
Best thing on four wheels
This is my second Jeep, the previous one was a TJ. This is a far better machine. I just love it, soft top in the summer and hard top for the winter. I had no problems with starting it in -35C temperatures. It gets really cold here in Northern Alberta. It heats up quickly and the interior is quite warm. Would I buy another one, definitely. The only drawback is lowering the soft top, it's a pain and takes about 10 minutes or so, but once done, what a fun vehicle to drive. What can I say, I just love it.

By JTM in TN on May 29 @ 12:53 am
07 Wrangler X
Love the Wrangler. It has been very reliable and fun to drive. It is LOUD on the interstate, but that is not what it was designed for. Top is down and doors are off as much as possible during warm weather. It could, however, use more horsepower. Almost dangerously underpowered at times.

By ron on June 17 @ 10:43 pm
simple and fun
I purchased my Jeep used about a month ago and I would have to say that it has been fun to drive around; everywhere i go other people with jeeps are always waving at me. That being said there are a couple things that they could change. The shifter needs to be 3"-4" longer and i have the half doors with zip up windows and it stinks when you are on the tollway and have to pay a toll. they should have an option of upper sliding windows from the factory. You can't even find them in the aftermarket. The paint isn't that great, already starting to show some rust on the exposed bolts and door hinges; but thats to be expected.It also needs better speakers. All in all it is what it is; its a Jeep.

By Jack on June 30 @ 2:23 pm
No more Jeeps for me
I had bought the 4 dr automatic Sahara, JK with the hard/soft combo top in 2007. Loved it at first; but when the transmission started slipping driving through town at 45mph; not once, but twice. No dash or computer error, and the dealer couldn't find a cause/problem. Traded it for a 2007 GMC 2500HD. Nuff said. I got 24 mph on the hwy, but I had made some changes to get that mileage.

By formerjeeper on August 16 @ 5:16 pm
Loved it, but too many problems
I was really hoping to keep my Rubicon for a long time, but it just had too many problems for only 40k miles. A couple of recalls, ball joints, gasket leaks, power module gone, and on and on. Also, the radio was toast towards the end. Finally, the body was starting to show rust spots, lots of them. Come on. Cars don't really rust anymore.. I enjoyed driving it, and it was great in the snow, but the quality control issues killed all of the fun stuff for me. I just traded it in for a new SUV, as my warranty was off, and I need something much more reliable. This could however, make a great second car.

By TT on October 30 @ 3:06 am
3rd and counting
This is my 3rd Wrangler, '97 & '05 unlimited, before this one. I have had NO problems with this or any of the others. I see a lot of people talking about a 'death wobble' I have never in the 2 before or in this one had anything like that and I have taken many road trips that were well over 500 miles one way in my Jeeps.

By BushMan on August 4 @ 4:30 pm
New to Jeeps
I have always been a Ford guy so when I went to Jeep, it surprised me. I was impressed with the comfort of the ride although riding on the highway is quite uncomfortable. It does have a lot of wind noise but its a Jeep. So far, I haven't had any issues with the vehicle yet. I do have minor leaks through the hardtop which I figured was going to happen. I do have some rust spots too but other than that, I hope its a good vehicle.

By Joe C on March 20 @ 9:46 am
Finally a 4 Door
I has always wanted a Jeep but owning a 2 door was not an option. When I saw the 4 Door as a concept in Autoweek I told my wife if they make it I will own it. Purchased a 4 Door Wrangler X 2 wheel Drive in 2007. Loved it every day until it was totaled on Jun 1st, 2010. I had 40,000 miles on the Jeep with no Issues. The only thing I wished was that I had purchased a 4 wheel Drive. Well, On June 15th 2010---I found a 2007 Wrangler Sahara 4 door 4x4 with only 13,800 miles on it and jumped on it. I love this Jeep. My son has a 1997 tj and although it is a completely different animal he love his as well. Thanks, joe

By chris on June 22 @ 2:16 am
Loyal Jeep owner for 22 years.
I have owned 4 jeeps and this one may be my last. Terrible engine. The 4.0 L is a more responsive, more powerful and yes stronger engine than the 3.8 L. I don't care what the numbers say. A stock 4.0 Jeep with 33" tires, lights, brush guard and only a k&n filter, absolutely walks away from the new 3.8l on road and off. Did mention the 4.0l has 140,000 miles on it? Jeep really blew this one. Buy the way the 4.0l Jeep is mine also, so it is a good comparison.

By itsajeepthingsucks on March 28 @ 5:06 am
Cure for the "it's a jeep thing"
Bought new. Problems from day 1. Had to register complaints with ntsb. Car would shut off driving down the road. Did this at freeway speeds. Cracked header; Chrysler said it must have gotten wet while hot-this is trail rated? Rear brakes go out every 12k miles. 4wd transfer cable broke. Motor is underpowered, struggles at highway speeds forget about passing. Avg 14-17 mpg. Rust spots. Automatic transmission shifts randomly. The body sheet metal is extremely thin. Interior panels scratches easy. Rear seats sit straight up. Headrest extremely hard. 4th and last Jeep (3rd wrangler), done with the 'its a Jeep thing'. If you just have to get a Jeep: buy a cj-and a daily driver with the extra money

By Aremee on November 1 @ 11:00 am
Great vehicle
Bought this new with hesitation in 2007 my wife had to have it. I love this vehicle! Fun to drive very good build quality. I have had 45k miles of trouble free driving.

By Dzurinko on October 29 @ 11:00 am
3rd Wrangler
This is my 3rd Wrangler. My first 2 wranglers had the 4.0 in them. I think the 3.8 has a little more pep and the MPG seem a little better than my other jeeps(17 vs 19-21). The 4.0 seemed better on the low rpm end. Also, I can't hear the 3.8L so it's not as easy to shift smoothly. Not sure why they went from the bulletproof 4.0 to a motor that performs marginally better, if at all... My only other complaint is why not put some BF Goodie All Terrains on out of the factory. The Goodyears are pitiful. They have worked so hard to put out a rugged vehicle, but then put street tires on it. It won't be our last Jeep Wrangler. Lots of reviews on here from multiple wrangler owners. :)

By Corben on May 29 @ 3:00 am
Don't make 'em like they used to
Cheap. Everything about the new JK Jeep screams cheap. As a previous owner of 2 TJs (1999 and 2004 models), here's a list of things that bugged the hell out of me on the 2007 JK model. -Neither front seat flips up. The 1999 model, both seats rocked forward to allow easier access to the rear seat. The 2004 model, only the front passenger seat did so. The 2007, neither did making it extremely difficult to get into the back seat. -Rear window on soft top attaches with plastic clips which work poorly. The TJ models had the clips manufactured into part of the body. -Cheap feel to the whole vehicle. 2" speakers jut out of the dash - tacky. -Bumpers look cheap, crumple under a small rub.

By tangoromeo on December 28 @ 11:01 pm
almost a home run
With only minor improvements (2 1/2" lift kit, 33" tires, and a 10,000 lb winch), I have used and abused this Jeep for everything I could imagine doing in a vehicle. It's pulled tree stumps, dragged an F350 out of the mud, driven through flooded areas and snow, and it never quits on me.

By k7su on September 7 @ 1:26 pm
Death Wobble Unacceptable!
I purchased a pre-owned 2007 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited in Feb.2011 with 16,000 miles. About a week later the front end would go into a bad shimmy when I hit a little bump. It was out of warranty so I took it to a local 4x4 suspension shop. He knew all about the death wobble. We tried a heftier steering damper, new cam bolts, rotating and balancing tires...nothing fixed it. I read about it on the forums after it happened to me and saw the problems with the death wobble so I figured it was pointless for me to try to spend more money on it. I traded it for a Toyota 4Runner. Too bad Chrysler. That was my 7th Jeep product. No more for me!

By traveler55 on February 14 @ 7:43 pm
Was very hesitant to buy American, as I am a devout Toyota guy, but the new FJ Cruiser didn't offer everything I wanted(especially a soft top). Also neede more room inside, so the new unlimited fit the bill. Bought it used in 2010 w/27,000 mi. on it. Have only had to do normal maintenance so far on it. Brakes, oil, belt, fluids, etc. I am big on preventative maint. anyway, so hopefully I won't have too many issues that are unexpected. I also tow a tent camper with it, and it tows very well. Gearing is for off-road, so it shifts a little more than a pick-up, etc., but all-in-all, tows well. By the way this is an automatic, but wasn't a choice. .Wife can't drive stick. Oh well.

By trixie8 on April 17 @ 8:18 am
High Oil Consumption
Good car, very poor build quality and Chrysler will not stand behind fixing engine issues.

By skenjr on April 14 @ 5:17 am
2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rescue Green
I purchased my 07 Jeep JK Wrangler new. It came with a soft top. After 5 years and 105k miles, I've had relatively few problems. Overall, I've been very pleased. It's fun to drive, still looks great, & holds it's value. My few issues are summarized below: 1.) The highway noise is extreme. To the point, that I can't talk to people in the jeep with me. It's a soft top, so I guess that's expected, and I don't drive on the highway that often. 2.) The soft top leaked above the driver's side door. I took it in and the dealer fixed it. They said the plastic harness warps in the Missouri extreme weather...so they replaced it. 3.) At 100k, it's starting to burn oil. No smoke, no leak.

By dave456 on October 22 @ 2:10 am
Top still leaking
I like my jeep, It does everything I would expect a jeep should, My problem is the Freedom top seals. I have had it in the dealer 8 times to get the same thing fixed. Every time they tell me its all fixed. I get back on the road and the whistling starts around 50 mph. I parked in my driveway 4 days ago and didn't notice when it started raining. By the time I went out to get it in the garage (4 hrs) I had a half inch of water on each side of front. Ive had heaters and fans going for 4 days now. I think is dry. I wish I could get rid of that top and get a real hard top (not a freedom top) or at least get the dealer to fix it.Dave Rushmer

By cmik10121 on September 19 @ 4:08 pm
Jeep JK Oil burning
2007 4 door 4x4 automatic V6. This thing is a slug off road and in town. Freeway speeds 70 MPH plus it feels like it is at home. Trail rated....ha. Burns about a quart of oil every 1000 miles since 22000 miles. Got 58000 now and seems to be getting worse. It always has clean oil in it cause you have to add so much. No smoke, no drips on garage floor, no visible oil on the engine of underneath the jeep. Chrysler says it is normal and will do nothing about it. I got other vehicles with over 200K miles and might burn 1/2 quart 7500 miles. Not satisfied with this and will never buy another Chrysler product again. I wish someone else owned it... Search internet...comon problem.

By rdegaris on February 4 @ 2:22 am
unhappy customer
I love everything about the JEEP except the steering damper which is a flaw that JEEP recognizes but will do nothing about it. I am on my 2nd out of pocket expense even when I purchases the care plus extended warranty. Called JEEP and they could only say sorry for your problem. I think it is crazy for them not to send behind a product.

By dj9281 on December 23 @ 9:02 pm
Too many problems
Jeep just hasn't made the decision to get on top of the complaints that have been around for decades. So, this is my fourth and last Wrangler. Unless you need a vehicle that can be towed behind a motorhome, check the FJ Cruiser. It appears superior in almost every way.

By Linda Camargo on August 7 @ 5:23 am
2007 4 door jeep unlimited
I love this car! Everything about it . It's awesome. The only thing is that it's not a travel type car not very comfortable for long distance driving. How can you not like a jeep. It's rugged because its a JEEP! I will always have a jeep wrangler! (OllllO)

By Fred Valentine on January 24 @ 6:44 pm
It's a Jeep
Original owner. 210,000 miles. Manual transmission. No power windows, door locks, soft top, 2 wheel drive, etc. Basic car. No tech. Lifetime powertrain warranty. Change oil every 3000 miles, all service performed per spec. Replaced stock suspension with a heavy duty shock system. Also upgraded steering adapter after I got the "death wobble". Couple small oil leaks fixed by dealer under warranty. Replaced a couple batteries. I handle my own brakes. I was going to sell so I took it to get it detailed. I'm keeping it. I love the jeep. The noise.... I'll rent another car if I need to take a long trip. The jeep has been pretty reliable.

By KF on January 11 @ 12:33 pm
after having my 1995 jeep grand Cherokee for 10yrs 200,000 miles with no problems aside from normal wear and tear - I wanted nothing but a new jeep. My husband and I got a new, one previous owner, 2007 jeep wrangler with only 80,000 miles. we didn't have it 3 months and the engine blew on the way to our honeymoon. I was devastated. the gwc warranty that we bought specifically for this reason will only cover a portion of the cost for a brand new motor and labor. now we are stuck with a crap vehicle and are upside down on our loan. and since ive heard many other similar horror stories from other jeep owners. stories from other years, other models, even ones newer than ours that got screwed over worse than we did. Please DO NOT BUY JEEP!!!! I only hope that someone else can learn from our mistake.

By M. Behm on October 17 @ 9:02 am
Buyer Beware!!!!
At 50,000 miles the automatic transmission (torque converter) failed along with other internal parts. I did NOT modify the suspension nor did I use this vehicle in extreme off-road conditions. I followed all mfgr service/maintenance schedules yet I experience multiple problems the most serious was "death wobble". After multiple attempts by the dealership and other trusted mechanics I had to get rid of it because of safety concerns. Regretful automotive purchase I every made...I have owned Jeeps prior to this one but this is the worst!!!

By Mad Dog 73 on July 13 @ 9:11 am
07 Jeep Unlimited Sahara
Flashy and cool to drive. Sure an eye catcher and you become part of the Jeep family!! Everyone who drives a Jeep gets the extra nod from other Jeep owners!

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