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2005 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2005

A Rubicon version of the Unlimited joins the lineup. All 2005 Jeep Wranglers get a new six-speed manual transmission to replace the old five-speed unit. The Sahara version of the Wrangler is dropped for 2005.


Cheap, fun to drive, classic styling, go-anywhere capability.


Soft top a handful to manipulate, poor ergonomics, difficult ingress-egress, slow steering, bouncy suspension on the street, can't get ABS on the Unlimited.

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By Busted2084 on March 21 @ 11:00 am
Jeep Wrangler--A must have
I absolutely love my Jeep Wrangler. When I sat in one for the first time, I just knew it was going to be a great ride. Some think that they rollover for pretty much no reason at all--not true. Wranglers have an excellent turning radius, and sensitive steering. Rollovers mostlikely occur from over correction and high speeds, not just from turning. I recommend everyone go out and test drive one if they haven't already.

By JEEPSr4GIRLz on March 21 @ 11:00 am
I love my Jeep!
I love my Jeep. Excellent reliability..can go anywhere...do anything. The soft top is easy to take on and off by myself in approx 7 minutes. I bought with a soft windowed door....next time I will buy with roll up window only due to the fact that when it rains, water will not come in from having to fold the window in when at a drive thru, etc.

By jdf on March 3 @ 11:00 am
Jeep Unlimited: a step up in quality
My 2000 Wrangler Sport was great, but this 2005 Unlimited is a quantum leap forward in build quality and comfort. The long wheelbase makes ride comfort really good. Almost bought a 2004 but could not do the 4 speed automatic tranny. I like to shift a manual in a Wrangler. So when 6 speed manual came in 2005 I bought as soon as I found what I wanted. Impact Orange color rocks...new gray soft top combo looks good. This is a daily driver for my wife and she loves it...course she drove the old Wrangler daily and liked it as well. First tank of fuel avg. 15.2 mpg. Not bad for this size SUV. Buy the manual tranny its the way to go.

By Samuel Turner on February 14 @ 11:00 am
It can go anywhere.
The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is good for what you need it for; off road, driving in snow, etc. It has the original Jeep deign features of the open wheels, circular headlights and basic interior. The bucket seats do not have that much support, and the rear seats are heard to get into. The dashboard is made out of a cheap looking plastic, but it is more for keeping it clean easier. On the road it is good for an off-road vehicle, with a lot of road noise from the large tires, and a little wind noise from the box shape and convertible top. Fuel economy is ok, but could be improved. The 6 cylinder gives more torque than power, you can decently cruise at 30 mph in 5th gear with no trouble.

By a mom on October 5 @ 11:00 am
diffrential has to be replaced
2 weeks old, and the teeth on differential gears are broken, less than 650 mi on car, no off road, just city driving, and no guarantee on when we'll get it back

By shook0002 on January 16 @ 3:00 am
My '05 TJ
This is my second Wrangler and 4th Jeep. These TJ's are a big improvement over YJ's ride quality and interior is great. People talk about road noise and slow steering, thats not what these are about. If you want a luxury car go buy a Caddy. The is not a cute-ute like a Honda CRV or Lexus, those have no off road potential. These Wranglers are one of the most reliable solid vehicles ever built and anyone with auto knowledge will tell you the 4.0 6cyl is one of the best engines ever made. There is no comparing these Jeeps to anything out there. No Honda, Suzuki(except the great Samurai), or anything of the like can compare to a Wrangler.

By p bloom on September 13 @ 6:06 pm
The original offroader, still the best.
A little under powered with a 4 cyl. But it still pulls a trailer without much effort. Fun to drive. It was never built as a heavy road truck for the family covered with off road clothing.It was built for what it delivers.

By jrainsa on May 30 @ 2:56 pm
great fun
fun to drive, a bit noisy w/ soft top..but who cares!! its fun!! AND I GET LOTS OF LOOKS FROM OTHER DRIVERS..ITS GREAT

By Bob Dog on May 29 @ 3:56 am
Ahhh the JEEP!
At 68,000 miles it has been- Totally reliable, actually getting better mileage than rated for, a pure joy to drive. This is a vehicle that is F-U- N! Wow, very, very pleased. Its exactly as advertised. Rugged, dependable, all road and all weather capable. The on & off road vehicle of choice. PLUS, wow compact size and tight turning radius makes parking/driving in the big much more relaxing.

By Keats on July 10 @ 6:30 am
Awesome Jeep
I have never owned a car I love more than my Jeep Rubicon. It is extremely fun to drive. I do get a little tired of strangers coming up to me in parking lots and asking me questions about it...

By Dave on October 11 @ 4:46 pm
Jeep Wrangler
I Have always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. The fun to drive factor is a 10. What other vehicle can you have covertible and off road vehicle for the summer. Then have fun with everthing winter has to offer. The clubs and events all year long to see all the after market toys for your Jeep offer everything to make it everthing you want it to be.

By JD on February 15 @ 11:33 pm
Unlimited Soft Top review
This is my first Jeep. The ride is great in the Unlimited, steering is very nice, and the 4 wheel disc breaks are excellent. The Unlimited Wrangler shifts into 4X4 seamlessly. My only gripe is the gas mileage, I have average 15.5mpg the first 1000 miles. But, I didn't buy it for its gas mileage.

By ken on September 9 @ 10:16 am
The extra room in the unlimited is great! I love the vehicle.

By Jethro1964 on March 24 @ 2:23 am
Great Fun Vehicle out of the Box
I have been waiting for a stretched Wrangler and here it is and I'm impressed. Drives very good and just love the 4 speed auto, the way to go in city traffic. The extra cargo area lets me carry the family and all our stuff without sacrificing comfort.

By mrwrangler on May 15 @ 7:10 am
My 7th Wrangler - I like 'em a lot
Can you get a better vehicle for the money? Drives through deep snow Subaru's can't. Top down in summer and 4x4 in the winter - super! I use mine to tow a small aluminum fishing boat; back it down in the lake - no problem where many other rigs get stuck. 4.0 has sweet power; 180 hp and 225lb torque early.

By Garrett Lynn on May 26 @ 1:36 am
jeep review
The jeep wrangler is a fun to drive trail capable vehicle. It is enjoyable yet lacks in creativity and is kind of stone age in its fuel injection system along with its less than arrowdinamic look. With a little more work it has the potencial of excellence in many fields yet the biggest step needs to be in millage and not just a bigger tank either. We also need to go back to lock out hubs and the paint job was weak with many thin spots where the under coat sees through. It also needs LIMITED SLIP

By Detroit mudder on September 6 @ 12:36 pm

By John on March 29 @ 7:13 am
Jeep unlimited
I have only owned this vehicle for a few days, but have been very pleased with it's performance. It is by no means peppy, but seems to tackle California hills with ease. It guzzles gas! But that is to be expected, I knew that when I bought it so I guess that is not a valid complaint.

By John on February 25 @ 11:40 am
1st Jeep
This is my first Jeep. I have had it for almost a month now and have close to 1000 miles on it with no problems. I have taken it off road several times already and it has performed well on all counts. I have a stock Wrangler and it still overcomes mud and hills with ease. It is a relatively comfortable ride.

By Kelly S. on October 4 @ 9:13 am
Ultimate 4x4 from the factory!
I purchased it new. So far I have done the usual city driving, taken it on a few highway trips and done some light off-road so far. For its size there is no vehicle that will park as easy as a Wrangler. It turns sharp and visibility is excellent. With the hard top on it is the quietest Wrangler yet on the highway. Some very minor wind noise and some whine from the knobby off-road tires, but still not bad. Off-road it is a killer! Once the axles are locked there is nothing that can stop you. The 4.0L puts out so much torque at idle it is amazing. The solid axles allow the suspension to flex and keep the tires in contact with the ground better than any other factory 4x4 I have seen!

By Val on December 3 @ 5:26 pm
Val misses the old style
I have a 94 Wrangler and LOVE IT; won't part with it, still runs and looks great 160,000+ miles on it. I recently purchased a 2004 because everyone said the 94 was getting too old. I still drive my 94 everyday. I'm finding it hard to get use to the new style. I really miss the old interior spread out simple dash; the old style soft top and its Jeep Thunder sound (much easier to use) ; the square headlights and bounce of the leaf springs. The newer style Jeeps just don't have that rugged look and feel about them. They remind me of that junk box Geo Traker that people use to refer to as a Jeep, except for us faithful Jeep drivers. Go back to the more rugged apprearance inside and out,less yeepie.

By allencat on August 12 @ 9:06 pm
My First Jeep
I just got my first Jeep and I couldn't be any more pleased. In the first few days I took it through flooded roadways and it lives up to the name. Just like a dog with a little training it will go about any where and do almost anything. It is a blast - way better than my Mustang. I will never go back to the sports car.

By C Wisehart on July 5 @ 1:13 pm
Finally a Jeep!
Just bought my first Wrangler yesterday and I love it. Owned a Liberty and gave it to the wife, now she wants this one. It handles like it should. The quality is outstanding and the design is proven and perfect. Not recomended to one desiring cushy creature comforts but I love it!

By CTJeepGuy on February 10 @ 10:33 pm
the only thing I wish I could improve on my Jeep is the fuel economy. It's a little on the bad side. I usually get about 320 miles per a full tank, unless I push the RPM's above 3000. It's great in the snow, off road, backroads, highways. My kids love the jeep when we go to the beach and drop the top. The seats and interior are comfortable, and in the CT winter with a soft top the heaters works just fine. I LOVE MY JEEP!

By Connecticut Yankee on July 20 @ 6:06 pm
There's Only One
I wanted one since I was a teenager; waited twenty three years and it was worth the wait. If you buy a Wrangler, you buy it because it is the original SUV, and it is built to drive off-road as much as it is on-road. Convertible for three seasons, bulldozer in the winter (if you're in a part of the USA where there is winter weather). You don't buy a Wrangler because it's practical, you buy it because it's fun.

By Jefferson1964 on July 29 @ 3:56 am
Rubicon Unlimited Owner
So far so good with the Unlimited Rubicon. The ride is nice with the longer wheel base. This has also allowed me to put items in the back I would not have been able to in a standard Wrangler. The extra insulation in the Unlimited has really improved the interior cabin road noise. Minor wind/road noise from the soft top is all and still allows easy conversations.

By shudawg7 on September 5 @ 10:36 am
Great piece of machinery
I absolutely LOVE driving this vehicle. It is everything I expected a Jeep to be. Rugged. Capable. Fun. I can't wait for summer - take the top off. It's a vehicle that has something for every season.

By John Brigman on April 29 @ 10:33 am
Fun To Drive
I haven't had it long, but it has been a very fun vehicle to drive. I am looking forward to getting it on the beach.

By joseph r clementz on May 16 @ 5:50 am
nice jeep
Very nice Jeep; the new model handles good and the stereo is good. Wheels and options on the Unlimited are a good package

By Wrangler Rubicon on February 6 @ 4:00 pm
Jeep Rubicon's Rock
I have owned 2 Jeep Wranglers and now a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. This is the Cadillac of Jeep's. Although the gas mileage isn't great, the power and comfort that comes with the Rubicon are awesome. There is nothing like putting the soft-top down and cruising around on nice day. Also, when the weather gets bad, you won't find a more dependable vehicle. Another plus is being a part of the Jeep Wrangler family. When you pass another Wrangler owner, most of them will wave at you. I will always own at least 1 Jeep Wrangler for life...

By Kmskimberly on May 7 @ 4:43 pm
Of Course It's A Jeep Thing....
Not only survived but conquered the 3 feet of snow in lovely New England. The gas mileage leaves much to be desired which is severely compounded by the fact that once you're in it all you want to do is drive. Great strength for the more difficult jobs and I love the shift on the fly instead of the hubs in my '86. Also glad they went back to the classic headlights. Once you get used to it, the soft top takes just a few minutes to handle. I'm glad they improved the suspension, and the heating system seems better as well. The seat is lowered a bit but can be raised later if you don't just get used to it. Careful of some blind spots and wind turbulance on the highway. Explore and Enjoy!

By JD Adams on July 25 @ 4:46 pm
A reliable, practical workhorse.
Jeep Wranglers fill a unique niche that seems to have no competition: a no-frills, no-nonsense practical, utilitarian workhorse that will easily take you to hell and back without complaint. Turn the key on that noisy, rumbly straight-6, and all becomes clear: this isn't your average foofy, grocery-getter SUV. This truck is strictly business. In the Unlimited, all the amenities are present: cruise, CD stereo, airbags, A/C. However, underneath all that fluff lies one of the toughest trucks ever produced. Jeep Wrangler's off road prowess is legendary, and now with the longer Unlimited wheelbase, ride quality and cargo space is very easy to live with.

By Mark on November 25 @ 11:00 pm
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
This is the 5th Jeep I've owned. I have so much fun going places most people only get to look at in a book. The Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon is extremely capable anywhere I have taken it off-road and very quiet and fun to drive on- road also.

By Jilian on May 15 @ 8:06 pm
Jeep Rules
Jeeps in general are amazing, but I love the Wrangler. It's fun to drive, stylish, and you can't beat its off-road capabilities. So the gas mileage isn't the best--are any SUVs that great on gas?

By Ken Wuytens on January 23 @ 9:36 am
Jeepin' Its what we do
I drove a 1997 Wrangler in a medicine delivery business and put 150,000 miles on it in 4 years. It still runs great, uses no oil, and has been down Black Bear Road several times. So, my wife and I decided to modernize a bit with a new Rubicon. Its been fun figuring out the dealer installed nav system, and the lockers are a big plus. We will be heading back to the Silverton, CO. area this summer for 4-wheelin' in the San Juans. Took it out to nearby Glamis for some desert driving and it performed admirably. (Was there a doubt?) Jeep could try to better the gas milage and the Rubicon 16 inch tires do rumble some on the hiway.

By Evan Papajohn on September 16 @ 11:23 am
So far so good
I owned a '95 Wrangler...wow!!! what a difference in ride,comfort,and quiet. I can actually have a conversation with passengers and drive for three hours without arriving tired....then hop up to my favorite remote place to "chill out"

By iusta on May 3 @ 7:46 am
Capable, Versatile, and Fun
My first piece of advice is to take the Wrangler on a THOROUGH test drive if it is going to be your daily driver. It has very unique handling characteristics, so you need to know you'll be comfortable driving it in on the highway, in-town, etc. That being said, this Jeep is a versatile ride, offering room for two other people, or one other person and your dog. I chose the hard top and have been pleased with the isolation it offers from the elements and noise. Convertible in the summer, go anywhere in winter, and the Jeep is amazingly capable off-road. I've had it to a couple of Jamborees. If you buy one, you owe it to yourself to let the Wrangler show you what it can do on the trails.

By John on April 11 @ 7:50 pm
Just Empty Every Pocket
For those of you purchasing a Jeep TJ or LJ spend a few more bucks ($150) for the steps if you have a small wife and child as it will make their entry/exit easier. If you are even remotely considering going off-road, (as you should with a Jeep) opt for the Rubicon package; that way you won't wind up in my situation where i'm dropping insane amounts of money on armor, wheels, tires etc. I only recommend the Rubicon if you are going to be doing moderate off-roading; if your intentions are insane off-roading buy the reguler Jeep and upgrade as you go. I encourage everyone to buy the Unlimited package as the additional space really comes in handy. The added length also improves the ride quality.

By Larry on July 8 @ 3:26 pm
2005 Jeep Unlimited
This is my first Jeep and I'm well pleased with everything so far (1500 miles so far). It rides smooth and handles good and is surprisingly quiet (hard top). It comes with both tops. Gas mileage so far is 17.5 miles per gallon (6 cyl.).

By Bob on March 6 @ 2:33 pm
At long last
I've been searching for quite some time for a Jeep Wrangler. The newer ones are very simple, convertable roofs quieter, heat works well, and has plenty of power with the tried and true 4.0 six. The stick shift is great and gives you that sport car feel. I enjoy my four wheel drive sports car. Spring is just around the corner and the top will come down. I decided to go with the hard doors, for the ease of opening the windows in the winter months. The back seat either comes out or folds forward for the quick shopping experiences. The radio/CD player are more than enough with the sound bar. Over all I love the style the creature comforts, & it's simple, & fun to drive year round. Its a Jeep Thing

By SeattleGuy on August 16 @ 6:43 pm
Love it!
I love this vehicle. So much fun. Going up hills in my hometown of Seattle is no problem. Driving at the beach is a blast and the high profile makes crossing rivers no hassle. It is great to help everyone else out of the sand. ; )

By JohnnyTwoTimes on November 17 @ 11:26 am
Absolutely Amazing Ride
2004 Wrangler X was the best decision I could have made. It's a blast to drive in winter or summer whether you're throwing in the 4X4 or peeling down the rag top. It doesn't ride great but I think that's half the fun in driving it. You can get a ton of great options and customize your Wrangler any way you see fit. The 7 speaker factory sound system I have sounds great. Wrangler has that old school feel and look about it but also has the options and amenities available that make your driving experience comfortable and complete.

By PainterProLee on January 24 @ 4:20 pm
My Jeep
I needed a multi use vehicle and this has turned out to be perfect. I am able to use it for my construction work during the day and the rest of the time as our second family vehicle. With the choice of different options and color schemes I was able to have a Jeep that is perfect for work and "mature" in color and style for us, the over 35 group.

By Alex Ham on March 22 @ 11:56 pm
2003 Jeep Wrangler SE
I love my Wrangler. It's fun to drive and it will handle just about anything I want it to. Nothing beats driving with the top down on a clear,warm night. Taking it through mud and sand is just plain fun. Slap on some great All Terrain tires and you have one nice looking vehicle on your hands. Jeep owners are die hard fans of their vehicles. You can't find that with any other vehicle. Wranglers last longer than most vehicles if they are well taken care of. What more could you ask for.

By zorra225 on February 2 @ 5:26 am
4WD heaven
If you are looking for a smooth ride and fuel economy this is not the car for you, But if you're looking for an a car that can take you places you never been; this is the one.

By Jack on April 4 @ 3:53 am
I'm hooked
I'm on my third Wrangler now and won't buy anything else. I love the rugged exterior look along with its long history. There's nothing like taking the top down and doors off. I highly recommend this vehicle. I've already got my sister-in-law and a co-worker to buy one. There are endless ways to accessorize and personalize your Wrangler to your style. Wranglers are very reliable with vast improvements over the years. You'll never go a day without seeing one on the streets.

By Scott on September 27 @ 4:26 pm
Fantastic Fun
It's time to rate these Jeeps for what they are. These are fun vehicles made to play where others can't go. This is for a person who needs no GPS, DVD Screen and dislikes wearing a suit! My Unlimited has been exceptional since the day I drove it from the lot. Problem free and able to go anywhere, it's the perfect vehicle for a rag-top lover who loves a nice summer day. I have nothing but nice things to say. I don't even miss my 2002 Convertible Mustang GT. The Jeep is more fun!

By Tyler on March 17 @ 4:26 pm
This is my second Wrangler as I had one back in '99; a Sahara. There have been vast improvements in the sound system and I don't think the newer one has a distributor cap like the '99 did which seemed kind of archaic. It's a lot of fun, though not very comfortable on long trips. The under 30 set would love it though and there is nothing quite like the top down on a nice day, or being able to go through snow like it does.

By D on May 21 @ 3:40 pm
First Jeep
I bought my first Jeep about a month ago ('05 Rubicon) and I absolutely love it! I often take the long way home from work just so I can drive it a little longer. Although it is being used mainly for commuting, I do plan to take an occasional off-road excursion, and I can't wait to see what it can do. Not the most practical vehicle for everyday use, but that's not why we buy Jeeps. It definitely delivers everything that is promised with a Jeep. Pure fun!

By Rob Austin on April 15 @ 11:53 pm
My Jeep
So far I'm getting about 19 mpg. The ride is a little stiff but fun. My only dislike is that I decided to get the 4 cylinder for gas mileage. For performance, that was not the best idea. This vehicle is slow.

By Papermaker on September 7 @ 11:53 pm
Bought my Rubicon Unlimited in April '05. Just had to get bigger tires (LT285) vs. standard LT245's, lift kit (3.5") and a rear tire carrier, and more to come. No issues so far! Fun to drive with the hard top off. Had to buy before the warranty went south in '06 - so I was told.

By JD Adams on March 28 @ 12:00 pm
Ultimate reliability and practicality
Great around-town SUV; it's small, maneuverable and fun to drive. Off pavement, it's as tough as a 4X4 can get. The Unlimited's ride is excellent, and upscale options now make this a very civilized choice for people who want a no-nonsense, ultra-reliable vehicle to get around in. Plenty of cargo room. Back seat folds down and is removable for extra storage. New 6-speed transmission is a breeze to shift; clutch pedal is light, and the 4-wheel disc brakes are excellent. Not your average SUV - far more practical and useful, especially off-road.

By Todd on August 13 @ 7:03 pm
Unlimited - it's about TIME!
It's about time Jeep came out with a new "scrambler style" Wrangler. Not only is the cargo storage a plus but it rides like a normal SUV unlike its lil brother the Wrangler. It's quiet and has a much smoother ride. I love passing other Wranglers....they get jealous!

By Doc Savage on November 11 @ 8:10 pm
Love Jeeps
This is my 4th Wrangler (still have the '98). I enjoy the open air fun and offroad ability of the Wrangler. Been a rag top man for years and love the open air.

By Surfwind on December 29 @ 4:00 pm
I bought a Lemon
My vehicle only has 3,100 miles. At 1,700 miles the oil pressure dropped. Dealer had to special order a new camshaft sensor drive that attaches to the oil pump. At 3,100 miles the same problem arises. Dealer is having a difficult time diagnosing problem and contacting Chrysler/Jeep. Have no idea of what is causing this problem. Vehicle is 2005 Jeep Wrangler with 4.0 liter engine.

By Pat on August 15 @ 11:43 am
Jeep Wranglers Are Fun!
Always wanted a Jeep. Now I have one! Pros: Easy to put the top up and down. One person can do this without a problem. The more you do it the faster it gets. After market parts just bolt on where the extra holes are. No pre-drilling. The 190 hp 4.0 V6 gets up and goes really fast. The 6 gears are great too. Love the 4 x 4. Should of gotten the one with cruise control for long trips though.

By Carol in TN on April 7 @ 2:10 pm
Truly Unlimited!
Just got back from an off-road Jeep Jamboree and my little yellow Jeep Unlimited went through and over things you just wouldn't believe! It's not for everyone, some just won't get it and others will drive nothing else! After all, "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand" I love driving mine as a daily commuter and as a weekend escape to the boonies. Can't do that in your Saturn ... also works great as a H2 and Land Rover recovery vehicle! If you go off road in anything else, make sure a Jeep Wrangler is always within sight to save you. If you buy one, just make sure to wave!

By Dennis Rooney on June 19 @ 10:50 pm
Fun in the sun
From the dealership to the road, my experience has been excellent 5 star. This is my first Jeep and I have always wanted one. I wasn't prepared for the lower gas mileage, however you don't but a Jeep for aerodynamics. It's kinda like driving a brick through a wind tunnel. However you can rest with confidence, that this is a serious off-road vehicle. You may find yourself driving down the highway and by impulse making a right turn into the woods. This vehicle has incredible off-road capabilities. I've found some really good fishing holes. If you buy a Jeep Wrangler, you will find a camaraderie on the road which was quite unexpected. Wrangler owners smile and wave at each other knowingly.

By MyBoyBlue on April 8 @ 12:56 am
This has been the most enjoyable car I have ever driven. I can feel the road underneath me and I am the one in control, not my car. Some people complain about the gas mileage and the ride, but they should have researched this before they bought it. Those are the reasons the rest of us Jeepers buy them. Looking in, and envy. Looking out, and understanding. It's a Jeep Thing.

By Steve on November 19 @ 2:43 am
Feels "cheaper"
This is my second Wrangler (3rd Jeep - we had a Grand Cherokee in between). The first was a '99 2.4. There seems to be a lot more plastic on the '05. Why? It was perfect before. Obviously, you are either a Jeep driver or you aren't. My only criticisms relate to the "improvements" Jeep has made over the past several years. Strip it back down! My new Jeep has the headlight switch on the steering column and a more complex back seat removal. There's a lot less storage in the center console. I also miss the front seat airbag shut-off. Why did they mess with perfection? I will admit, the six speed is a little nicer on the freeway. Overall, I wish I'd kept the '99. Still, better than the Grand Cherokee.

By Tom on May 24 @ 6:46 am
My jeep
Have never enjoyed a vehicle so much as this. Expected some lack of convenience, but it is such a fun vehicle that it makes up for any shortcomings.

By Sixgun on November 3 @ 10:26 pm
My Rubi Is Bad
I an older dude (51) who has always had Jeeps. I recently gave my old '89 YJ a break and bought a new '05 Rubicon. This Jeep take the name "Jeep" to new horizons. Smooth riding, responsive, tough and very ergonomic. The Dana 44's, 411 gearing along with the new tough transfer case give me piece of mind when tooling around in the boonies. I figure I have a good 20 years left on God's green Earth and I plan on spending all of those years with my "Impact Orange" Rubicon. The only problem I will have is deciding which products to buy when "accessorizing" my Rubi,

By JeepRubi101 on October 10 @ 10:43 am
It's a Jeep thing, and now I understand
I never really "got" the Jeep until I bought one. The gear ratio is low and very easy to shift. You can literally crawl without doing ANYTHING just by having the axle locks on. It's a thing of beauty. If you're just considering a Jeep, I suggest test driving it. I'm willing to bet that you too will understand the saying "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand"

By doug on July 12 @ 11:40 pm
fun ride
Fun to drive and very capable off road. I like the ease of folding the top down and the availability of aftermarket accessories.

By Steve on December 14 @ 11:00 pm
This vehicle is for the off road consumer. It rides poorly on the road and feels like it jumps around when you take a turn and hit a bump. I purchased it brand new and the dash squeaks (dealership said that is how they are from the factory). You can see the spot welds on the rear quarter panels. (again ok to Jeep's standards). Weld marks on the doors not ground down, just painted over. (again ok with Jeep).

By unlim rubicon w/6 sp on June 19 @ 4:26 am
Unlimited Rubicon
I've only owned this vehicle for a couple of weeks but it is more than what I anticipated. Given the expected ride and noise levels of prior models the unlimited version is much quieter and rides much more smoothly. If you are in the market for a Jeep I would encourage you to go for the Unlimited Rubicon vs ANY of the others. The price differential is minimal given whta you get.

By Eric on March 10 @ 3:46 pm
Jeep Wrangler Review
I've had this vehicle for a year, so far it has worked without a problem (knock on wood). Consumer Reports was disappointed with it. They were expecting a Lexus Sports Activity Vehicle with every computer enhanced stability control system. This is a vehicle designed to take a beating in the harshest environments and bring you home. It's not designed to drive you to yoga class in total comfort and burled walnut trim. The Wrangler will get you through 2 feet of snow & 2 feet of water without advanced yuppie technology. It was designed to ford water, and have 8.6" of ground clearance for off-road adventures. You can't do that in a Lexus. If you want a tough vehicle, go for the Wrangler not a Lux SUV.

By ANOTHERJOHN on January 30 @ 5:20 pm
Top down. Hair blowin'. Shirt off. Senses Tingling. "Its a Jeep Thing" Finally, I bought a Jeep Wrangler, after years of yearning for one! Only thing I can say is "I", better yet, "my family LOVES IT!" With out a doubt, this is the perfect fun car, truck, SUV, whatever, for a family of four. I'm looking forward to taking a vacation to Pismo Beach, and drive the dunes to the ocean. Anyone looking for an outside toy, this is the one to buy!

By Karl on November 5 @ 4:33 am
I finally found my car
I've owned a G35 Coupe, a Mitsu Eclipse, an SUV, and this takes the cake. I've never had so much fun driving a car. Driving with the top down on a sunny day, I get more looks than I ever did in my fancy sports coupe. Once again, "It's a Jeep Thing". Yea the ride's a little rough, who cares?! I plan on keeping this baby for a long time.

By Kevin on August 19 @ 12:36 am
Great car
I love this thing. Will own it til it dies. The only thing I dislike is the gas mileage. But I enjoy the vehicle thoroughly.

By Dave on May 19 @ 5:00 am
1st Jeep
I wish i would have bought one 10 years ago! It`s fun to drive. Short and compact. I usually trade my vehicles in every two to three years. I have a feeling I may keep this Jeep for many years.

By PrdAmrican on June 1 @ 4:13 pm
2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport
I have owned my Wrangler Sport since October of 2004. It is without exception the most fun vehicle I have ever owned. Probably the most modifiable vehicle in existence, it can be customized to meet the owners own personality. A go anywhere vehicle that looks good getting there.

By Joe on July 20 @ 7:10 am
Fun in New Mexico
This is the most fun I've had with any vehicle. It is perfect for the wilds of New Mexico.

By kennedysaura on November 4 @ 11:50 am
great vehicle
Lots of fun around town or off-road, family enjoys local day trips when the weather is just right. Very easy to use 5-speed manual transmission, operation of interior buttons is simple and are a good size (important since the Wrangler is not the smoothest ride). I have just the hard top option, should of gone with the soft top. I was 50 miles away from my home with the top off in the middle of a rain storm. The extra noise from soft top is worth the extra freedom of Michigan weather. I very much enjoy the Wrangler and hope to have it for the next twenty years or so.

By Corey on April 25 @ 12:20 pm
freaking love it
I have wanted a Rubi ever since they came out of the factory. I owned an '88 Wrangler that I rebuilt from the frame up. Sad thing is that I built it almost exactly like what the Rubi has in it already. I've taken it on quite a few road trips so far and I must say, it is one cool ride. Top down with the air flying through your hair or top on with the A/C; either way, provides plenty of power and head turning ability that make it a Jeep.

By Giantsfan on May 9 @ 2:56 pm
Excellent SUV
This Is the best car i ever owned. It is a lot of fun to drive, and it is so reliable. Nice 6 cylinder engine gets up to speed fast, amazing off roading.

By Mike on February 12 @ 5:56 am
Wrangler Unlimited
Jeep Wrangler has a bad wrap with automotive critics!The Unlimited is the most fun and versatile vehicle I have owned. The extra space the Unlimited has is a big plus for hauling cargo. I hope Jeep continues its legendary style for years to come.

By Jones on August 14 @ 3:23 am
Love the Wrangler Unlimited; just wish it had better mileage. That is the one draw back for me.

By Justin LeVrier on May 3 @ 4:33 pm
What a life ... a Jeep life!
This is my first Jeep. I've always wanted one and finally got one! Two weeks ago I purchased the Rubicon and have already logged close to 750 miles (75 off-road). I keep finding myself looking at a mountain thinking ... "I can get to the top of that" and so far I have. While 4 wheeling this past weekend I was with a friend who said "well, looks like we can't go any further, better turn around." She must have said that 5 or more times, and each time she did we climbed higher on more ridiculous terrain and the Rubicon never even hesitated. I LOVE THIS BEAST! Fun, Fun, Fun and it's great how all the other Jeep owners smile and wave whenever you pass. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

By aubjh on January 18 @ 7:23 am
Love it.
Always wanted a Jeep. Now I have one! Aftermarket parts just bolt on. The 190 hp 4.0 V6 gets up and goes really fast. The 6 gears are great too. Second has been a little clunky; going to have that checked. Love the 4x4. Should of gotten the one with cruise control for long trips though. Powersteering already has gone out. Other than that I love it.

By Bikergal18 on November 24 @ 4:26 am
I have been wanting one forever, so I broke down and got a Wrangler. It is everything I wanted. Being a Honda person, it was a bit of a leap, but well worth it. We will see if long term reliability will be a problem. I went basic with the SE, but then a Jeep is not a luxury vehicle. Not great for lots of highway travel, but also not as bad as I expected. Luckily I have a short commute. Soft Top is a snap to get up and down, and perfect for Cape Cod in the summer! I went automatic, full metal doors, and A/C. Came standard with CD player and back seat. What more could you want? After all the snow last winter, I can't wait for the 4WD.

By TOWBOAT on October 25 @ 12:33 pm
I can Tow I can Tow
Great capability, took it up South Mountain my first weekend, absolutely awesome, drove a 1950 lumber road that was over grown and washed out. Second weekend towed my 17 foot Bowrider up into the mountain roads of Western MD; no problem, 65+ on most hills except the gap. Very steep; engine definitely was working and I heard it. Top down effect excellent with Bikini top; can get blown around a bit at 65, of course I am 6'3 and I sit higher than most. With bikini top not a problem. Got pulled over for having the doors off in West Virginia. You need mirrors in WV. I got a warning. Down hill with boat trailer wasn't as bad as I thought but it could be better.

By Jim on July 16 @ 7:33 am
Why didn't I buy one sooner?
My Wrangler Unlimited has brought my love of driving back. What other vehicle excites you enough to make you think about it all day at work? What other vehicle makes you feel like a kid again ... you know right after getting your first new bike when all you do is daydream about being on it? Here's my stress relief even with today's higher gas prices; hey, we all need a vice, right? Mine is spending money on gas but the fun it returns is well worth it! After work, top down, drive home with cool breeze and tunes flowing, dinner, get the kids and wife loaded in, drive the country back roads flying over bumps and raising dust to a small town ice cream shop. Drive home with stars above; kids asleep.

By JeepChic on February 18 @ 9:56 pm
There's no better vehicle!
This is my second Jeep and I love it as much if not more than the first one. Every time I get in it to go somewhere, I think wow ... I have a new Jeep. It doesn't get any better. For all the people who want power locks, windows, etc. It's a Wrangler ... it's not supposed to have all of that. This is the ultimate on/off road vehicle not a luxury car. Please buy a Liberty if you want all the "extra features."

By DougC on May 13 @ 4:53 pm
Three words ... FUN, FUN, FUN!
I had a CJ5 back in the 80's and have always missed that Jeep. Fast forward to 2005 and I have a new Rubicon, 6 months now. The Rubicon is light years ahead of my '76 CJ but still has the same level of fun. I have a smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel. This baby can climb! I live in the desert in Southern California and we are always taking this Rubi on the mountain and desert trails. Trails I wouldn't hike up on foot, no problem for the Rubicon. The top is off 90% of the time here in the desert, it's great! Around town we have a blast as the Rubi always gets the looks. I love the rough ride and feeling the road. Cushy cars you drive with one finger are not for me.

By JASON on December 31 @ 1:16 am
I have had my Jeep for just over a week now and love it. The ride is nice and the interstate road noise isn't that bad. I have added an alarm and keyless entry that makes it really nice. I have the Ecco tire group that makes it a little higher, when its time to get tires again I will go larger.

By Kevin on December 16 @ 4:30 am
Dual purpose
I've wanted a Jeep as long as I can remember and the Unlimited finally made it practicable. The ride is good for an SUV - the longer wheelbase helps a bunch, the extra storage room in back is reasonable. It's my all-weather convertible with removable hardtop. It's been trouble free so far. Love it.

By Alisha on September 22 @ 5:03 am
Wouldn't Trade It For the World!
I've wanted a Jeep for a VERY long time and finally got it! Regardless of what the overview on this site says, the soft top is not that hard to work with once you get used to it. (I'm 5'7 with very little arm muscle and can do it!). Now we have 2 Jeeps in the family and can count on mine to do everything the other one does (and it's more reliable than our '91 Wrangler too). A little noisy at 75mph, but it was never meant to be an interstate vehicle really, and the noise of the soft top is a good sacrifice to make with the unpredictable weather of New Mexico. I wouldn't trade my Jeep for the world!

By molly on December 16 @ 9:06 am
My 2nd Wrangler
I have been a Jeep fan since my first Cherokee in high school. This is my second Wrangler and it is definitely fun. I would however consider another vehicle if it is your main source of transportation! Convenience is not a word to describe these cars. You should also consider safety. Both of mine were broken into and you should never leave the doors locked because that will get your windows slashed! Other than convenience. you should also consider the effort to take the top off when you first buy one. Practice, Practice, Practice. Most of all have fun and remember its the only suv of its kind!

By Marcus on December 29 @ 8:13 pm
I've had older Jeep's
I've had older Jeep's but this one is the best I've had. Although it doesn't have the V-8 that I'm used to, the 4 liter has more than enough power to run down the highway @ 80 mph, and of course off-road on any trail that is suitable for vehicles. Haven't done a lot of off-roading in this one, but the 4WD is torqued enough to handle anything, providing you have the right additions (lift, tires, rocker guards, etc.) I would recommend if you want something that is fun to drive and can take you wherever you want to go, this is what you need.

By PKey on September 23 @ 3:26 pm
Rocky Mountain Edition Wrangler
I have owned 4 Wranglers and will own nothing else. Love 'em!

By tmnavy on January 30 @ 3:43 pm
the unlimited Jeep
This is the best Jeep ever, all that extra space and not losing any capability. I've had it for 2 months and gone everywhere and nothing stopped it.

By Jason on May 19 @ 9:03 pm
Nothing Like It!
If you ever thought about getting a Jeep Wrangler, DO IT! You only live once and I can tell you it's worth every penny. I bought new in June 2005. Had the top down all summer. Not as hard as I thought to put back up (less than 5 minutes). Top seals up perfect for Autumn. This past winter I drove my girlfriend to work in a blizzard (biggest recorded in NYC). It handled great. I owned a 1984 CJ7 when I was 19. This Jeep is so much more civilized. I have an "X" edition with a Rocky Mountain package. LOVE IT.

By Joe D on July 23 @ 8:33 am
3rd Wrangler I've owned
This is my 3rd Wrangler but the first I've owned with a 6 cylinder. It has much more torque; have to downshift less. Am getting used to the 6 speed manual which is a little more balky going into 6th or reverse than my 5 speed was. I have the larger wheel package and the traction in the snow is unsurpassed. Prior 2 Wranglers were very reliable.

By antonia nin on August 25 @ 11:00 am
beyond dangerous
In the past eight months that the Jeep has been with me it has had and still has these problems: abrupt vibration of the steering wheel and dash board. It feels like the Jeep is going to fall into pieces. The Jeep till this day accelerates on its own. Water gets in the vehicle and the rug smells afterwards. Under carriage is cover with rust. Rear seat would not fold down. Air conditioner vents stop working. The Jeep has been in dealer to resolve these problems but till this day most of the problems still exist.

By Bumski on September 26 @ 5:30 pm
This is my third Jeep, first Rubicon. If you are looking for a child hauling, store stopping SUV look somewhere else. This is the ultimate factory Jeep. Designed to go anywhere and return. So if your looking for an SUV for adventure, look no further! This is the perfect vehicle. It has taken me rock climbing, mud bogging, trail riding, and some fun in the snow. Never stuck, nothing broke. I'll pass this vehicle on to my kid one day.

By Rob on August 9 @ 1:40 pm
Best Jeep Ever
This is the best it can get till the 2007 Unlimited comes. Drove both normal and Unlimited side by side and the ride difference was unbelievable.

By James on July 21 @ 7:00 am
pretty good truck
Jeep is fun. Great to park. Back is very small. A little hard riding but put the top down and you forget all about the ride. I would like to see a little more power out of the engine, might increase gas mileage. 6 cylinder is nice but needs more horsepower. Maybe with a stick it would be better but I got the automatic because of my wife.

By Jmiville on May 11 @ 3:10 am
I like my Wrangler
I bought an 05 Wrangler used...I guess...it only had 3,000 miles on it. I traded in an 03 VW Golf. Sure, the gas mileage is very different, but on 80 degree plus days with the top down and the doors off, I somehow seem not to mind. My friends have Wranglers, and said the first New England winter where I pass some poor soul on the side of the road in a Golf who cant handle the snow on the roads will only make me smile as I pull him along with the jeep.

By tyrus on May 25 @ 8:13 pm
None better.
The Jeep TJ is possibly the finest American vehicle ever produced. I will be a Jeep owner for life. I live in the city and have absolutely no problem fitting my Jeep into any parking situation. I also spend a great deal of time in the North Georgia mountains, where I would not want to have any other vehicle.

By gayjeepboy on April 26 @ 10:23 am
My 2nd Wrangler and lovin it!
I had a 97 Wrangler Sport and had to sell it and regretted it. After 3 years of searching, I finally found my new 05 Wrangler "X". I love this car but it is not a vehicle for everyone. A lot of the used Wranglers I encountered had very low miles indicating to me that the owners did not know what they were buying. For me it is the perfect Southern CA car - easy to park and maneuver, fun for beach cruising, and an all around blast.! It does not ride like a car so if you don't like a harder ride this isn't for you. Unlike most Jeep buyers I have no intention of taking this off road. For me it is my fun car and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are even thinking of getting one - GO FOR IT.

By Andie on August 7 @ 7:33 pm
It's a JEEP thing
I love this rig! I have actually taken it to a JEEP JAM in Maine and it did great with the stock package. The only flaw in the interior design that I see is the cupholder placement.

By Totenkopf3 on April 5 @ 7:53 am
It's a Jeep Thing
The absolute, bar none best factory 4 wheeler ever produced. If that doesn't excite you don't buy a Rubicon because you won't appreciate it for what it is. If you're an on-road warrior you will likely be unhappy with the very characteristics that make it such a supreme off roader. Purpose built for the boondocks, she isn't built for comfort or speed. Know and appreciate what you're buying and you'll love the Rubi.

By Eggs on October 2 @ 9:36 pm
Can I get a woot woot?
I love this Jeep! Ok, so this is the coolest ride. It is, however, not that great on gas. However, I look forward to getting into it every day and driving to work or out to do errands. The extra cargo space in the back is great for groceries and such - bigger than one would think. Overall, really, really happy with this rig.

By herman on April 24 @ 9:16 pm
Do NOT buy a JEEP
I purchased a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Sport with 4wd and the inline straight six cylinder motor used with only 1400 miles on the odometer. It looked so great sitting at the dealership I had to have it.(Despite all the warnings about Chrysler products) This was the worst vehicle I ever bought. The fuel economy was terrible for such a small vehicle with hardly enough room for 4 people and no cargo space whatsoever. I suggest all families to stay far away from this vehicle because there is no room for anything. It was very loud to drive and the soft top was very noisy. Also if you plan to go over 60 mph be ready to hear the wind. I quickly traded it back in after 4 lousy months.

By Amber on March 24 @ 12:23 am
3 years later, still lovin' my Wrangler!
I purchased my 2005 Jeep Wrangler X brand new in June 2005 (it only had 21 miles on it). I have never regretted purchasing this vehicle. It was everything I expected and more. Plus, Wrangler drivers are the friendliest people I have ever met! Its easy to drive, easy to judge, easy to park, and easy on the eyes. And believe it or not it can hold an infant seat and stroller in the standard wheel-base model with no problem, just a little creativity. I drive my Jeep 40 miles each day and still wouldn't trade it for anything!

By fistfullofsteel on February 13 @ 11:06 am
It's a tank!
Go anywhere except past a gas station, hard to get kid out of the back due to 2 door, nothing better come winter though.

By Clarkbar on June 15 @ 9:30 pm
Wrangler # 3, I won't buy another new one
I have owned a 97' SE 4 cyl 5 sp, '01 sport 6cyl 5sp and now I have an 05' rubicon 6 cyl 6sp. I have had nothing but problems with the front end. 4 sets of sway arm links, 4 steering stabilizers and 3 axle seal sets and it currently needs to go back in to the shop for more of the same I am sure. Other than that I love the Rubicon. It will go anywhere you want to go. Yes, it's noisy, with the soft top. Hardtop helps a lot. mpg should not be a consideration. It's bad. I will own another Wrangler but it will be an old one. I absolutely loved the 97 (car accident took it from me), 2001 caught fire in the garage from a wiring short, 2005 my lawyer is negotiating with Chrysler. Buy an old one!

By eknotot on January 13 @ 12:46 am
The Beast
I been all over the world (literally) through all different types of weather in my Jeep. Hawaii -> California -> Germany -> France -> and now back in Cali. From the humidity in Hawaii to the freezing temperatures and snow in Germany, it always runs like a Beast. The extra cargo room in the back is a big plus. You can easily throw in 2 12s if you want. It always runs solid no matter what kind of terrain you are in. As long as you take care of your Jeep, your Jeep will take care of you. IT'S A JEEP THANG! Mods: Rubicon Express Super Flex 2 1/2" lift ProComp wheels Nitto Terra Grappler A/T tires K&N CAI Spintech exhaust Die Hard Gold battery (highly recommended)

By RandomGuy32 on March 29 @ 9:00 am
(J)ust (E)mpty (E)very (P)ocket
Got my 3rd Jeep (1st brand new one) when I was 25 and still single. Outfitted with lift, tires, all kinds of hitches and attachments for kayaks, mountain bikes, and surfboards. Never had any problems of any kind. Fun to drive and easy to park anywhere. Awesome in both snow and the desert. Now I'm almost 30 with a pregnant wife and twins on the way and its time to move on. Just not practical to keep for 'family' adventures anymore. Not enough room for wife, kids, dog, stuff, and my toys even with all the expensive accessories. Time for a truck. Would still recommend this to anyone who's not worried about $5 gas in the near future. Lotta fun for young single guys or cool old retired dudes.

By deliveryboy1 on September 8 @ 2:53 am
wicked awesome!
My 3rd Jeep. I've owned 2 Cherokee's and I'm loving my wrangler. Nothing stops it, snow, rain, mud. I live in nh and we get a bunch of snow and I go out to drive in it for fun! Ain't great when it comes to fuel economy, but what do you expect from a 4k Pound square going down the road. Mine is stock and still keeps up with friends who have lift kits when off road.

By rayeldon on October 11 @ 4:03 pm
as expected
I feel that it has been exactly what was expected. Fun to bop around in. I do not drive it much. Prob. 300 miles per mo. The last two mileage checks showed 12, and 13 mpg. I knew it would be horrible. Did not think it would be quite this poor. My neighbor has a newer V6, and gets much better mileage. Family raised, did not like the looks of the 4 door unlimited. Oh well.

By Jeepster0202 on January 1 @ 9:33 pm
Its a Jeep
After 3 other jeeps, my fourth will be my last of the newer jeeps, I traded up from a 98 to this 05, and cant get over how bad the gas mileage is, i have had all 4 cylinder jeeps and only regretted not having power, now i wish i had the mileage! Alot of Rattles in these, to many plastic pieces and clips,water leaks at body seams, and way to small. Basically if you want something fun, with for wheel drive and endless supply of aftermarket parts buy this! If you want comfort,and gas mileage this is not for you!

By ColJessepUSMC on May 7 @ 12:43 am
Happy Jeep Owner
Bought this Jeep Wrangler X with special Rocky Mountain package right out of showroom. Never been sorry. This is a head turner,all silver w/black accents. Matted to 6speed Mercedes trany,can't beat tourque. Soft top still in great shape after 4 1/2 years.Take the doors off and you never want to get out of it. Took it to Camp Jeep 2006 in stock mode. Over 3000 jeep owners and there families. What a great experience. Drove thru mud,creeks,and trails. I drive this as a daily driver,average 18mpg(mostly hwy). Don't like it??Buy a hybrid! This is for people like me who on a snowy NYC day,don't want to shovel. Engage 4wd and blast out of the parking space! Bury me in this when i die.

By Master Blaster on November 9 @ 5:20 pm
Entered the military, in 1984, and got to drive the last of the iconic M151- A2's. Even with it's rollover issues, 25 years later, even after driving HMMWV (Hummers), Ford Broncos, and other 4x4 pickups, I returned to an '05 Wrangler Sport. I am NOT disappointed. I love driving it!!! Yes, the soft top is noisy, and no it doesn't get the best gas mileage, but if you've ever driven a vehicle of this sort, you know to turn the stereo up until you can't hear the road noise anymore! Plenty of pep, with the I6, sporty feel, go anywhere, I'm begging my wife, like a kid with a new driver's license, to go and get milk and bread! If you want quiet and style, buy a Honda. "It's a JEEP thing!"

By hankmiestro on June 14 @ 8:10 am
05 jeep unlimited
I love my 05 unlimited (bought new). But it has very poor build quality. I have had to replace u-joints and sway-bars almost every oil change. Also the heater unit has broken twice and the cd player once. Another drag is the finish on the wheels has peeled off making them look terrible. All problems have happen literally 1 month after warranty was up, totaling some hefty bills. O yea and the starter motor had to be replaced (but that was covered by warranty). I consider these types of jeeps as toys or secondary vehicles. There just not practical enough for any serious amount of driving. If you're a young guy who doesn't drive a lot (like me) it an ok choice. Most people haven't had an many problems as me.

By Melissa on August 28 @ 12:13 pm
Was a nice car
Bought brand new at the end of 05, and drove it till my teen wrecked it 2010. They really are prone to flipping over belly up. Had it when it first had 200 miles on it till 49k miles. Only troubles we had was with the rotors. Had them replaced,or resurfaced every 6 months or so. It would shimmy as slowing down from high speed. Never had any other mechanical trouble with it stalling, not starting, it was very dependable. Was a gas guzzler, and for me the the windows and top were a pain to take off and remove. Id still be driving it now, and I miss it.

By ArmyDoc115 on February 14 @ 10:43 am
The Mud
I absolutely LOVE my Jeep! This is the 4th I've owned. The 1st was an 85 CJ. There is nothing like a Jeep. Period. They're absolutely a BLAST to drive, they look amazing, get attention everywhere, and the 4.0 6 cyl is unstoppable. If you're concerned about gas mileage, a Wrangler isn't for you. The fun factor and satisfaction of the Jeep is a worthwhile payoff in my book. I average 13 mpg, but I don't care because I LOVE my Jeep. I can haul my Harley in the trailer on the highway. Not fast, but I can do it! Road noise, loud top, stiff ride. So what! It's a Jeep, what do you expect? It's all part of the experience. Unlimited possibilities to customize it and make it YOUR Jeep.

By bill pierce on March 26 @ 6:00 am
Fun to drive
This is my first jeep, so I didn't know what to expect. Every chance I get the rag top and doors come off. The mileage is what was listed on the factory window sticker. I get 15 to 19 mpg with my jeep, and I do not baby it. With the 6 cyl engine it has all the power I need. I tow a small boat and also an 8 ft trailer on occasion. I tow it behind my motor home which is very convenient. I recently towed it to Big Bend where I spend 4 days of off roading. Performance was exactly what I expected. I would certainly buy another.

By Tinker on December 13 @ 11:00 am
Great Used Jeep
Bought it used and I am loving everything about it. The only thing that I have had a problem with is the zipper with the back window coming off.

By docjaime on August 23 @ 11:00 am
Faults IGNORED by company
Overall I love driving my Jeep. The idea of it is exactly what I want, the execution is lacking.

By David on February 28 @ 12:58 pm
Love my jeep
I love my jeep, don't get me wrong I have spent a lot of money in aftermarket parts, lift, wheels & tires, bumpers, lights, etc. But I love to drive this vehicle

By Shawn Larson on December 20 @ 8:22 pm
Not a racecar
This vehicle is not fast, does not stop quickly and will beat you up on any journey over 50 miles. It maxes out at 80mph which is good because it becomes unstable after 70mph. It's noisy and rides rough (bouncy) and quick braking can be scary. Now for the good. It's cool to drive, the ladies like them, they can go anywhere if outfitted right, the 4.0L engine is bullet proof and the transmission is stiff but durable. The resale value is incredible. Edmunds isn't accurate with resale values as they grossly undervalue Wranglers by thousands of dollars. You will see this as you investigate the purchase of a used Wrangler. A fun car that requires careful driving habits. 4 star rating is for fun factor.

By Karen Miller on April 25 @ 6:11 am
Never buy a Jeep
The Power Control Module went out on my jeep over 2 month ago. I continue to be told its on back order. I am still making payments on a jeep that I can not drive!!!!

By Pamela Farmer on May 16 @ 8:41 am
Fun in the sun!
Total Blast but not a great family car or hauling things.

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