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2002 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 2002

A new "X" model is introduced, combining the potent 4.0-liter inline six with affordability. Sahara and Sport models receive upgrades, including hard doors with roll-up windows. New optional wheels, increased output from the climate control system and an improved premium sound system round out the changes to the tough and ready 2002 Jeep Wrangler.


Cheap, fun to drive, classic styling, go-anywhere capability.


Soft top a handful to manipulate, difficult ingress/egress, slow steering.

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By davidb72 on February 12 @ 1:30 pm
Back to basics....
I have found my Jeep to be a fun vehicle. My other vehicle is a Mazda Miata, so these two complement each other well. The Jeep is a suprisingly comfortable cruiser. One of the qualities I like most about my Jeep is the ease with which you can customize your Jeep. The aftermarket is full of options. All in all I can safely say that I am very pleased with my Jeep and that I would reccomend the Wrangler without hesitation.

By jimmy guns on March 16 @ 1:20 am
My Jeep Rocks!
My Wrangler is just the best! I've gone out hunting in places where you see Chevy's and Ford trucks park and their owners' walk! In November, a couple of my buddies and me went to our version of "the Dunes", and the Jeep never let me down once!

By mauricio on December 28 @ 4:03 am
the bomb
i love my jeep. it fits me and my personality like a glove.plus its american just like me...

By harvster on April 28 @ 1:03 pm
this is a good car
excellent handling

By Yogi on September 4 @ 4:00 am
Simple and to the point, Jeep!
Roomy, quiet, smooth are not words that describe the Jeep Wrangler. But like no other vehicle close to it's price will you get the fun go anywhere, open vehicle, invincible feeling you get every time you turn the key. The 4.0 6 cylinder leaves almost nothing to be desired. The ride is as good if not better than most small cars and pickups. Test drive it. You’ll either love it or hate it. Few people are in between. Opt. for the full doors over any other option

By person on June 13 @ 10:13 am
cool jeeps
I garentee that if you buy a jeep, you will have the time of your life.

By jsav262 on March 7 @ 8:36 pm
Bullet Proof
Pro's: This vehicle is what it is... It's a Jeep. If you love to play in the Sun or Snow, If you love to manouver in & out of a parking garage at the mall or trees in the woods, this is the one. You can do a good job of getting wherever you want with this one right out of the box without all the lift kits & tall tires. & for those people, well this vehicle lets you do that too. Con's: It's NOT the "family Vacation" car. Most families have at least 2 cars now a days anyway, so who cares?! Have Fun.

By wth51 on May 22 @ 3:00 am
second sahara
We had a 99 Sahara and loved it but the gas mileage was lousy so we traded for a 2001 Honda CRV. Honda was ok but not as fun as the Wrangler so we traded the CRV for an Accord and bought a 02 Sahara. The Honda works and the Jeep plays. Should have kept the 99 but we saw the error of our ways and purchased another Wrangler. Expensive mistake.

By revit on January 29 @ 3:00 am
There's Only One!
A true SUV!

By Gianna Roberts on September 20 @ 3:00 am
Flips, and scares me, so I got rid of it.

By Are you Kidding on June 17 @ 3:00 am
I was totally disappointed with the Jeep Wrangler experience. I was expecting an SUV that was fun to drive and got just the opposite. Oh well, back to driving a truck.

By Craig Erhard on September 21 @ 11:00 am
50 - 50
Here is the real truth about Jeep Wranglers. Either you love them the second you sit in it and you never want to get out, or you hate it. This vehicle isn't made for everyone, and that is why I love mine so. Don't listen to all the stories about Wranglers flipping. The only reason Wranglers flip is because of irresponsible drivers. This is not a sports car or sedan, so don't drive them that way and you will be fine! Give a wrangler a try, I LOVE MY WRANGLER!

By onemansopinion on September 3 @ 11:00 am
Remember Why & What You're Buying
I have envied the Jeep for off road abilities while my wife envied driving to the beach sans top. We both had a crush on this vehicle since our early driving days. This 2002 Sahara will be a third "car" for around town open air driving. Regarding performance, this is not a high performance engine. The automatic is very slow out of the gates and the engine is very thirsty. Be prepared to spend money on gas. The front seats are surprisingly comfortable while the second row bench is still best suited for pre-teens. This vehicle is a blast to drive. Cruising in the sunshine listening to Jimmy Buffet is exactly what we envisioned it to be.

By cpsteam on November 20 @ 11:00 am
Great underrated vehicle!
I have had my jeep for just a few months and it has been more fun than my wildest expecations. I ordered it from the factory and still got it close to 500 under invoice. I have alot of MOPAR and aftermarket options including BFG AT KO 31 inch tires on the canyon rims (A GREAT COMBO.) These tire work great in the desert. Only slight negatives is that it can be a little loud above 70 on the highway with high local winds, and a little bit to handle do to the high profile. Basically, unless you need to move alot of people or cargo..........the TJ is an OUTSTANDING vehicle and a really great value.

By sasman on September 29 @ 11:00 am
I'm a new believer in Jeep!
I have wanted a Jeep Wrangler for years as a second car. I found myself looking for a new vehicle after my overseas assignment and went ahead and purchased a Jeep Wrangler Sport to stay in tune with my new "back to basics" kind of mode I was in. All I have to say is "wow". This is an incredibly fun car/SUV to own and drive. It makes you feel like you can go anywhere...safely. Looking to go to the upcoming Jeep Jamboree this summer to try it out. I'm a proud Jeep owner now.

By jerry on February 14 @ 11:00 am
Jeeps ugly dog.
Wrangler is like an ugly dog...you laugh at them until you live with one for a while. After a while you just love to spend time with them.

By royboy on October 24 @ 11:00 am
Expectations meet
I live in Southern California with an active family. We enjoy hiking, the outdoors, and getting off-road responsibly. I wanted a fun, outdoor- enabled, short commute vehicle. After much searching I decided the ‘X’ was the perfect vehicle for us. I looked at other SUV’s (the Suzuki Vitara/Tracker, Nissan Xterra, & Isuzu Rodeo) and even other AWD cars (Subaru Impreza WRX & Forester). Wranglers have a healthy aftermarket products community, simple utilitarian style, and are just plain fun to drive. Yes, they are less fuel efficient and comfortable than a car but I knew that coming in and have no regrets. We’ve had “the bee” (its yellow) for 7 months and look forward to many more.

By MacIosaig on July 20 @ 11:00 am
Still great after all these years
This is my second wrangler and they just keep getting better. The Wrangler speaks for itself. If your serious about off-roading, wait for the 2003 Wrangler Rubicon.

By Dave S. on July 20 @ 11:00 am
Porpoise in Jeep's clothing
Was originally looking for cheapest, most reliable convertible top vehicle, and like many, I was hooked upon the first test drive. You feel every bump, but it's in character, and I love every minute of it. That is, until you have to panic stop on the freeway, or stop at anything over 40 mph or so; this thing goes into a very unsettling continous front-to-rear hop, while diving noticeably to one side. Mileage is nothing short of pathetic, but again, in character (amazing, considering it's not carbed!!). For those who definitely appreciate simplicity with a touch of attitude and allure.

By toad on March 11 @ 11:00 am
I'm a happy camper
Love it and intend to keep it for quite a while. It is not a sports car or a luxury car, but it is a real fun car. It suits me just fine as far as comfort goes. This is my second Wrangler.

By mrroofer on August 14 @ 11:00 am
Not bad but could much better
This is one of my Play toys, and does what needs to do. But my first new Jeep (CJ-5) I bought in 79 was better because of the 304 V-8 power. I get the same MPG it did, at about 15- 17 mpg

By Flinger on May 10 @ 11:00 am
Almost Perfect
The Wrangler Sport is a great addition to any household. It's fun to drive and very comfortable. It even keeps the old Jeep attitude with its "rough" and "tough" ride.

By robbill on May 10 @ 11:00 am
Dream Come True
Off road atr Camp Jeep etc., commuting to work, everyday run about and three month round USA trip. All great

By dlivr8r on November 24 @ 11:00 am
I love my new Jeep
There are only a few things I'd add to the Jeep -- see suggestions below -- and nothing I would truly alter. The Wrangler is doggedly reliable, endlessly versatile, and the most fun you can have with your clothes on. At least the Jeep can go topless if you can't.

By elvjeep on May 17 @ 11:00 am
My Red Jeep
To me, It,s important to have a vehicle that will preform in all types of weather...My jeep does this. To have a body style thats old fashion but not old, practicle with strong features.I can hardly identify all the new cars on the road today...but you know a jeep when you see one. I will buy another unless they radically change.[I,m 62 yrs old and I love my jeep]

By My second wrangler on January 24 @ 11:00 am
Not Bad
If you are looking for something fun to drive with high versatility this is the vehicle. If you want a quiet reliable ride buy a foreign car. My previous '99 Wrangler had 20K miles, the electrical system had a short, the hard top was cracking. I traded that in for a Toyota Tacoma truck. The truck was built extremely well, but it's still a truck. I traded the truck for a '01 Wrangler (currently with 19K miles). I just received my second recall notice, the main seal has failed (replaced after three trips to the dealer), the throwout bearings are making noise, and it shakes at 70 mph. Despite all this its very fun to drive and can go anywhere.

By ret on April 11 @ 11:00 am
This is one of the coolest SUV out there. It even has a removeable top.

By coons10 on June 28 @ 11:00 am
My Wrangler is so much Fun!
I've had this car for a few weeks now and I am having a blast! It took about 3 or 4 days to get used to taking the soft top on and off, but I'm getting much better at it and it takes considerably less time now. It rides better than you would expect. it's no luxury sedan or anything, but it's not a kidney buster either.

By CliffB on June 28 @ 11:00 am
Best vehicle so far!
After the first test drive I was hooked. I had always liked the Wrangler but in the past I always needed a more practical vehicle. The Wrangler is not all that practical but it is fun. There is nothing like driving the Jeep with the top down on warm sunny days. Other Wrangler owners wave and everybody else is envious. The soft top takes some practice but mastering it comes quickly. The upgraded stereo is powerful enough to use on the highway with the top down. The short wheelbase and tight steering radus makes manuvering in tight spots a breeze. The gas milage could be better but that dosen't seem to matter so much when the top is down.

By 97JeepTJ on March 7 @ 11:00 am
UAV - Urban Assult Vehicle
Five years and 62,000 miles and I still look forward to going - anywhere. 20 mpg new and still does it. 3.55 trac lock Dana. Feels like the old VW except it weighs twice as much and has 5 times the HP and A/C! Noise? I can't hear the noise. One recall for fuel sending unit. Had oil pressure sensor fail, replaced driver air bag and steering wheel both cosmetic, all covered by Jeep.

By Matthew J on July 24 @ 11:00 am
It's a Jeep thing!
Wrangler X gives you the chance to purchase a 6 cyl soft top for about 2 grand less than it's sibling, Sport. You can specifically choose the extras that are important to you without being forced to take delivery on a vehicle with extras you don't want or need. Wrangler is no doubt a fun vehicle to drive. You can get anywhere and highway driving isn't too bad. If you've always wanted a Jeep...take the plunge...it's worth it!

By Colorado Brad on December 27 @ 11:00 am
It's a Jeeper's Review
I read another review - a lady said it "flips" so I got rid of it. Uh, perhaps drivers ed. would be in order, ma'am. My Jeep is a superior performer - remember what Jeeps are built to do. Off-road. My TJ is unmatched in off- road performance and has been totally reliable.

By this car stinks on December 27 @ 11:00 am
The Best Car Ever
The Jeep brand is already the best type of car available, but the new TJ takes the cake. It is perfect in every catagory exept fuel economy, but hey, it is an SUV right? I hate all that Honda and Toyota SUV crap because its not real. That goes for pretty much every other SUV on the market as well. It is freeing to drive with the top down and music from the soundbar, almost like a religious experiance exept better. This thing cannot be beat. It is the best offroad vehicle in the world. Dont be fooled any imitations, get a Jeep.

By backslash on June 1 @ 11:00 am
Looking for fun? This is it!
With a smoother suspension and amenities such as air conditioning and cruise control, this Jeep is at home on the streets AND the trails. The 4.0L inline six provides adequate power for most situations. Coupled with the 5-speed, you can expect a smooth power curve and decent acceleration. Inside, you'll find a tight but comfortable cockpit. Headroom is certainly not a problem and the steering wheel is in a comfortable position. The exterior is where this Jeep maintains the closest relationship to its elders. Unique styling that has not changed in decades allows functionality and gives personality.

By Dante on November 4 @ 11:00 am
Beware of A/C
I love, well...loved, my Jeep. I was everything I had hoped it would be. Mileage isn't great, but the fun factor more than compensates for such pour economy. Nonetheless, I have only had it a little more than 3 months, and it has already been to the shop 5 times for A/C issues. In fact, now I have bubbling interior paint and moldy carpet thanks to moisture from the A/C getting dribbled inside. And I know two other folks with the same issues.

By Gemini751 on December 16 @ 11:00 am
My first Jeep...
Prior to my Jeep I had a Geo Tracker... a bit cheaper with alot of options... but after many years of wanting a Jeep, finally a year ago, I was able to purchase a 2000 Jeep Sport, and it's been awesome. I love it's solid feel, and how it drives like a truck. It's a Jeep, it's not going to have alot of pickup, but as mentioned in many of these reviews the gas mileage could be better. Overall... I'm extremely happy with my Jeep... and can see myself driving one for a long time!

By Stevie O on November 30 @ 11:00 am
Love you Baby
Always wanted one and now I have one. The experience is more fun than I thought. I would get another so I could have one just in case. Don't want every one having one. Ah, ok... Test drive one and your'll be hooked. I was tossed between a 2002 Camero SS and thought this was more of a change and looked and drove alot more in control. : )

By AllMyNeeds.com on May 4 @ 11:00 am
I LOVE my Jeep!!!
I could not be happier with my Jeep. I've taken it offroad several times and it does awesome!!!

By reg on February 23 @ 11:00 am
Like a four wheel drive Miata

By Doobie on November 19 @ 11:00 am
New sport
Only two weeks of heavy driving so far, but it all I expected....FUN. Pleanty of low end and mid range torque. Accelerates decently. Getting 17 mpg with mixed, but mostly city driving with the A/C on. Would not be my choice for a family car; but, since my wife has the minivan, the family part is covered. This is for fun and commuting. I cant imagine anything more versatile. Just buy it.

By pgardner on April 24 @ 11:00 am
Good Off-Road
Good off-road performer. My 6 cyl's gas mileage has been 15mpg off-road(4- Low), 17mpg city, and as high as 21mpg highway. For more ground clearance, I'm running 33x10.5x15 BFG MT/KM's on the stock 15x7 wheels, had to do a 2" spring spacer lift to fit.

By Big E on January 4 @ 3:00 am
Jeep problems
see below

By What a joke on January 3 @ 11:00 am
what a joke
This is the worst vehicle i've ever driven. I have 6 cylinder, wish i had 4 because they put 3.07 gears in mine which makes it suck. I have not used 5th gear yet. can't climb hills in 4th. Gas mileage is about 14 (probably cause i can't use the high gears). Water comes in through floor when i go through puddles or it rains (about an inch, easy). Brakes warped when i got it, warped again at 12000 miles, again at 20,000 miles. Shakes like hell at 60+ mph. They said nothing was wrong. I've had two CJ's, 3 YJ's, and this TJ. Worst wrangler I ever bought. Never buy one again, unless it's an old CJ or a YJ. Plus it cost me almost twice as much as those ever did.

By Apolinaras on July 22 @ 11:00 am
Great Jeep
Great convertible/SUV. How many people can say they own a car that is convertible during summer and SUV during winter. Plus, Jeep Wranglers hold their value, KBB and other places might undervalue than in their first years after build, but I haven't seen them sell one themselves ;-)

By david tufano on January 11 @ 11:00 am
Simply Great
Think this truck is awesome, sad to see it go.

By Joshua Ash on March 12 @ 11:00 am
Favorite Car Ever
Put a set of 31x10.5x15 with chorme rims and this SUV looks excellent. Plenty of torque and low range 4x4 performance for the hardest rockcrawling or mudding. Great in the snow, mud, or rocks. Plus looks great on a sunny day with the top off.

By Dannigirl on April 24 @ 11:00 am
I love my Jeep
Shorter persons can easily adjust the seats and the steering wheel to accommodate. The Jeep makes it makes it easy for me to parallel park without embarrassing myself. Off road I have been impressed with the engine power and maneuvering capability. I pulled my husband's Ram 4x4 out of the mud with ease but haven’t used the limited slip differentials. Having the vehicle in 4x4 in 1st gear and not needing to accelerate is great - this baby pulls itself along nicely without stalling. The wider fender flares give it a unique style. I love that "bump and sway" has been eliminated - older stock models are all over the road when hitting a dip or bump.

By ksimon on November 26 @ 11:00 am
Love this thing
My first jeep. Bought it used but you'd never know it to look at it or drive it. I love this thing. Flame red is about as attractive a color as I've seen. Far more comfortable to drive then my "non jeep" friends warned me it would be. For the first time in my life I am anxiously awaiting a huge snow storm.

By jmiron1 on August 23 @ 11:00 am
After all, there is only one.....
It seems to me that this vehicle is either loved or hated for the same reasons. So either you get it or you don't. All I can say is the only people I see waving to each other as they pass on the road are Jeep owners and Harley riders. Not bad company in my book. Just own one and you'll understand.

By jacked up on April 11 @ 11:00 am
I own a 2003 Wrangler X. I've added 35" tires, 3inch body and 2inch suspension lift. This is the most fun I have even had driving. I'm barely getting 13.7mpg though. I wish I had gotten one sooner, this is the coolest ride ever!

By dzeppfan77 on October 2 @ 11:00 am
will always have one
The Wrangler has been everything I expected and more. It's one of the funnest vehicles I have ever driven. It will take you just about anywhere you want to go. Jeep has been around since the 1940's so you know they are doing something right. You have to get a Jeep Wrangler.

By jimped on July 12 @ 11:00 am
old faithful
very satisfied with this vehicle for the price fairly solid and well made tested this vehicle to the max on and off road and was happy to say it held its own the outside body could have a little more strength, sides could be reinforced

By Carboy on November 18 @ 11:00 am
Wrangler---It IS What It Is
After looking at Jeeps for years...I finally purchased a 2002 X six cyl with auto transmission. It is a fun car to drive and rides very well. I have 27,000 on the car without a problem. Two areas to be aware of: 1. The part time four wheel drive can not be used on dry or wet pavement. It is not an all wheel drive vehicle. Goiod for off road or in snow only. 2. Wranglers depreciate more quickly than anything I have owned. Paid about $21K and Edmunds says it is now worth about $12K. Ugh!!

By Zak's Dad on April 23 @ 11:00 am
X-Factor: Why I love my Jeep!
Had my X for 1.5 yrs now, and still love the bugger! It is fast, nimble, goes over any obstacle, and parks like a Geo! A Tonka Toy that I drive every day, it is most high on the grin factor. Must haves: full steel doors, with real windows, premium sound, good sunglasses for top-down enjoyment! I have the 3.73 gearing option, and it launches like a jackrabbit. Only thing I wish I'd gotten was ABS. This is the best convertible/truck/toy/go- anywhere vehicle ever! I've owned musclecars, foreign sports cars, trucks, and various other vehicles, but nothing has turned my crank like this Jeep. I fall in love all over again every single day!

By sjmaderia on June 12 @ 3:00 am
Jeep Wrangler owner
This is 2nd wrangler that I ahve owned. I never should have sold my old 92 wrangler. This is a great car with could ride and handling characteristics. provided you are not expecting sports car handling or luxury car ride. It is bumpy and loud. You get good mileage if you stay around 72 mph. Faster and gas gauge drops much faster. There is no possibility of using a cellular phone at any speed above 20mph with top down. Top up increases that speed to about 40.

By Chris92307 on June 27 @ 3:00 am
So good, So far
This has been my first new vehicle purchased that did not have a warranty issue within the first 30 days. I have actually had none after 35000 miles. I wish I got the power of the gas the gas used but this thing is supposed to be off road. Even with the stock "tires" I was not scared to take it off road. Now that I put bigger tires on I can better a lot of dirt bikes when it comes to hills. This is the best vehicle I have owned and would reccomend it to anyone who wants to go off road.

By CTeta on July 21 @ 3:00 am
The only problem was a rear axle seal leak that my mechanic brother found during inspection.Dealer said it needed the bearing to be reseeded. One year later when I had it in for inspection and the leak was still there. I took it back to the dealer AGAIN hopefully the work was done right this time.

By witchspawn on February 5 @ 3:00 am
Best car I've ever had
I've had everything from a mustang to firebird and back to a chevy pick up. This has been more fun than all of them together. I drive to the mountains a lot and often pass 4 runners that are stuck in the snow. The performance of this thing is more than I ever expected and has been a very good experience.

By gotfungu on November 1 @ 3:00 am
Kicks ass, no questions
Reliable, goes anywhere, 19mpg with a 4.0l engine... what else do you want? Did I mention babe magnet?

By Moondogs on August 22 @ 3:00 am
Great ride
I have had my jeep for two years and love it. It's best for around town and especially with the bikini top on in summer. Always a fun, reliable ride. I've taken it on a couple of all day trips and don't recommend it. Lots of wind noise; I drive my corvette on any long trips now. 13,000 miles and everything is perfect.

By Julia Rhodes on December 21 @ 3:00 am
Fun Fun Fun
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a Jeep, actually a CJ-7. When I turned 20 I bought my Wrangler and I love it. I can't wait until the summer time so I can get that top off!

By frosty1 on September 6 @ 3:00 am
Wrangler Wreck
Our Wrangler was crashed into the back of a van at 35mph, the airbags did not deploy, the seat belt did not retract and our daughter broke her nose on the windshiel, $9500 damage. We have found other related airbag incidents in similar Jeeps, Chrysler investigated for 3 months and determined "the impact, which did not involve the frame, did not create the longitudinal deceleration to deploy the airbags." This care will not protect you.

By LarryH on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Soccer moms need not apply
I have had my jeep for over 2 years now, and I love it. It truly is a legendary vehicle. It is a fun to drive vehicle, and with the top and doors off, it's open driving rivaling a motorcycle. Although there are an infinite amount of aftermarket mods available, I encourage any owner to try the stock vehicle's off road ability. I have, and it is an amazing off road vehicle.

By ROBIN on July 23 @ 11:00 am

By chopper on September 12 @ 11:00 am
First Jeep
It is reliable and fun. Think of this 4 wheeler as a Harley with more aftermarket accessories. Drawbacks, small cargo space, plastic dash, and you will have to downshift to 2nd gear to climb even the mildest of hill inclines at highway speeds. I have driven long distances twice (1200 miles and 1600 miles) and it is compariable as a standard cab small pickup. Mine is an 02 Sport but came with half doors, Khaki paint, and low gears not listed for 02. I think Jeep was experimenting with my '02 and a half Sport for the later Rubicon.

By Boulder Wrangler on February 11 @ 11:00 am
This is a great car
I bought my 02 X and then customized. This is a great way to build the perfect offroad vehicle. I love this car--and my kids (3 and 6) love it too- -as does my wife. I have had no problems AT ALL. This car is perfectly designed for what it is-- though probably not for commuters :) The car is unstoppable in snow and is very well balanced. When it slides, it slides well and enhances control. The Jeep X is very low cost and can be easily customized.

By JeepFL77 on February 19 @ 11:00 am
Looks good, runs like crap
If you want to look good at the beach or driving thru your neighborhood, get a Wrangler Sport! Oh, and get one if you want a plastic and cheap interior, awful gas mileage, a hit or miss transmission, absolutely no cargo room, windows that scratch when you breathe, ventilation that turns on and off without turning it on or off, a cd player that skips at every bump, painful shocks, check engine light that is always on, POOR Dealer SERVICE, parts that RUST (screws, attachments on vehicle exterior, windows) and if you like replacing your windshield every three months, GET A WRANGLER. I cannot wait to get rid of this piece of garbage.

By Carrie Cowell on October 1 @ 11:00 am
Jeep Wrangler
The Jeep Wrangler is definetly not a car for everybody, but for people that like a fun ride and don't mind the bumps, this car is great. The pro's are that it has 4 wheel drive in the winter and is a convertable in the summer. So you get the best of both worlds, and how many card do you know that you can do that. Also I like the feeling of freedom I get when I drive this car. Every time I get into my car it puts me in a good mood. The down sides are, it is not really great for groceries because there is not much storage space. And sometimes people complain about the bumpy ride. But all in all for me it is a daily escape and makes driving fun.

By kwrhodes on December 18 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Choice
A Jeep is a Jeep -- you must know that going in. It won't get good mileage, it has a rough ride, and it is "plain Jane" on the inside. But, IT'S A JEEP and I love it. This is my second one and it is just as much fun as the first. I highly recommend a Jeep to anyone who wants to have a true original off-road vehicle.

By raider88 on August 8 @ 7:30 am
2002 2.5L 4CYL Wranger SE
This Jeep was driven at Camp Jeep 2003 in the Blue Ridge mountains. It's been through all kinds of trails and weather. This was even good in the snow for a lightweight. I recommend to everyone the following: Get rid of the Goodyear tires! Since I got 215/75/15 BFG AT KO tires, the Jeep has handled even better and it doesn't slip in the rain. Also get a tow hitch and replace the bumpers. I hope to travel south to the Ynes Mountains for Camp Jeep 2005 in California. I did purchase the sliding glass half upper doors from Quadratec.

By mhitesman on August 19 @ 4:06 am
Reliable fun and not much to go wrong!
Owned just over 3 years. Never even one thing wrong with it. The ride in the backwoods is just as smooth as on the highway (rough!), but then I expected that. Cannot beat driving with the top down on a summer day. Gotta have the V6 -- people I know with the 4 cylinder are very sorry as it’s underpowered. Not good gas mileage. Not a touring car.

By fife5150 on June 23 @ 8:10 am
My second and LAST Jeep (also bought a 1997 Sport new). I've had nothing but trouble with Jeep Wranglers. Can't believe I was stupid enough to buy another after all the problems with the first. The 2002 Sahara wouldn't start the other day -- had to have it towed. I'm a little more than 3000 miles outside warranty, so the fuel pump module was a nice $600 treat! Mechanic said much is prematurely wrong with this vehicle after his inspection. Total bill $1195! BUYER BEWARE!

By Coleman on May 15 @ 12:20 pm
Great Money Pit!
I love my Wrangler TJ. I have traveled all over the country. It has performed flawlessly. Ah, there are flaw though. Gas mileage is not that great. It has more torque than hp for speed. Plastic windows will scratch and fog over in time. The accessories will drive your bank account way down. Fun it is. Reliable - totally. Practical - not. Always in the build stage with all the aftermarket parts and accessories on the shelf.

By Paul on December 19 @ 4:10 pm
Wranglers Rock
If a great car should give you a feeling of excitement and happiness when you get in and turn the key, Wranglers have got to be near the top of the list. You don't have to drive a Lexus, BMW or other fussy sled to have a car that actually transports you while adding a kick to your daily life. Wranglers don't go 0-60 in a nano second. They don't fly through a line of cones in record time. Actually they don't climb boulders. At least not in my daily grind. But then, most commuters don't get to drive our country's beltway roads at rush hour going 150 mph. So, for fantasy, why not have a funmobile that is not afraid to pick up the mulch at Home Depot for a fraction of the cost?

By UncleMark on June 1 @ 7:20 pm
American Classic
I'm in Colorado. Guess what, the 3 speed auto on my 2002 Sahara does a better job than I can on our inclined "roads." I'm very tall and though the comfort level is far better for me than I thought it would be, it's no car. Gas mileage is actually good for hauling around that heavy transfer case all the time. Excellent seat comfort and support. Impressive fit, finish, build quality. Bad: lousy soft-top, but I run around in a safari or bikini and don't use it; hardtop when it's on is DELUXE. Outstanding air/heat (no wonder Mercedes uses the same). There are years of off-road features and refinement in the design of this outstanding vehicle. You should buy one before the 4.0L is gone.

By P.T. on February 19 @ 7:50 am
Purchased a 2002 black Jeep Wrangler X in 2005. After 10,000 miles of pure fun, no problems at all. Take the top off in the summer and cruise down by the beach. In the winter go and rescue other drivers including over confident TRUCK drivers. No complaints.

By crrazy1 on July 25 @ 4:30 pm
Jeep Wrangler
Fun to drive all summer with the top down. In the winter there is no stopping you. Aside from a little bumpy ride and not the greatest gas mileage this vehicle is GREAT!

By TP on August 31 @ 11:00 am
Perfect Description
Yes the exterior mirrors' paint comes off, yes the plastic windows scratch, yes the gas mileage is crummy, yes the interior is cheap, yes the sound system is inferior, yes the ride is bumpy, yes the tires clamshell, yes the softop is a pain, yes you need two people to change back the hardtop, yes the cargo room is small, and yes, I have bought two Jeeps in a row, because the driving experience is something to look forward to every time you get into it, from the day you buy it to your last day with it. Open air driving is incredible. Not worrying about every tiny imperfection, getting a little dog hair in it - priceless. It's stress free driving. Every time.

By CJ's TJ on June 27 @ 7:16 am
It's a Jeep Thing. . .
Before I bought my '02 Wrangler Sport, I used to see the slogan "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand." Since owning it I do understand. Nothing compares to going off-road, climbing over hills and rocks, plowing through water or mud that is fender high, just to commune with Mother Nature. One thing I will say, the more you want to play, the more you pay. The acronym fits JEEP - Just Empty Every Pocket, but it's been worth every penny.

By Jim on July 5 @ 4:43 am
My Jeep
This is a fun vehicle to drive, is excellent in the mud or sand. Handles well off road and living in Florida, I ride with the top down 80 percent of the year. One of the best things about a Jeep, is I can pretty much go anywhere I like without worries of getting stuck.

By Jim Simmons on November 22 @ 1:20 pm
What Fun
The Sahara is undisputed among the 4 wheel drives. It is one of the funnist vehicles I've ever driven. It handles sand, mud, dirt and rock like no other vehicle. One downfall to it is the gas mileage, the the power of the 4 litre motor makes up for the poor mileage.

By VC on December 5 @ 8:56 am
Jeep Wave
Picked up my 02 Wrangler (4.0L 5-speed) earlier this year. Had about 95k when I bought it and is creeping upon 110k now. This is my first Jeep and I am really surprised how much I enjoy driving it. I also have a 4x4 Ford F150, Dodge Viper RT/10 convertible, and a motorcycle, but I find myself driving the Wrangler most often because it offers a little bit of everything I want in one versatile package.

By Marco on October 7 @ 3:16 am
It's a Jeep!
I went from a Jeep Cherokee to a Wrangler. Wow what a difference. The Cherokee was bigger but lighter than the Wrangler (because of the unibody) The Cherokee was quicker but not nearly as fun to drive. The paint is horrible. It's so peeley but overall it's built well. The 4.0 is a very very solid motor. Other than a cracked exhaust manifold, there is no problems. Sadly this will be my last Jeep. The 4.0 is no longer made

By Jeep Life is Good on November 7 @ 6:53 pm
I came back to the Jeep
In 2004 I bought an 2002 Wrangler Sport. I loved it, but in Jan 06 sold it for a 2003 Land Rover Discovery w/ 20K miles. In over a year the Land Rover blew an engine and tried to kill me when the brakes failed. The 15 other annoying trips for service were only minor issues. Now it's 2007 and I am back in another 02 Wrangler Sport. Same color, miles and option as the old one. It's simple, fun and always works. Any problems can be fixed by me and internet Wrangler forums can show you how. It goes anywhere, looks classic and is cheap to purchase. Winter or Summer always bring a smile to my face in the Wrangler. Dump your heap and buy a Jeep.

By ragarver on May 27 @ 6:10 am
Great 3rd Vehicle
This vehicle is a lot of fun to drive. Pull the doors and roof off and enjoy the sun and beach. This is a well built and very reliable vehicle. Keep in mind, this vehicle has a very short wheel base and will wear you out on a long drive. The original Jeep has limited storage space and but is great for just enjoying a day of sun and fun. Words to the wise, opt. for the larger "Unlimited" or 4DR if this will be your daily driver.

By its.a.jeep.thing on October 26 @ 7:03 am
Jeep Country
It's a Jeep things, either you love it or you hate it. Where I'm from, the mountains are everything. My 2002 Wrangler X took me everywhere through the mountains. Going along with 10 - 20 other Jeeps through the mountains & the mud made my weekend full of excitement. The short wheel base making it easier to get over hills & through mud. Although taking it through woods & mud & sand & water has tore some things up on my Wrangler, everything was simpley fixed by me! [& "me" being a girl!] Some people may choose not to use their Wrangler as an everyday vehicle, but it was my "everyday vehicle". Sure, gas mileage wasn't the best, but having my Wrangler was worth every penny.

By AJ on December 6 @ 8:46 am
Fun car
With gas at $3.70 in southern California, my jeep is getting a little hard for me to afford, getting a whopping 12 MPG. Extremely fun car to drive, great offroad capabilities, and sweet to have the top off and cruise out to the beach. Good car to have if you don't do a lot of commuting, maybe as a second car, just a toy. Haven't had much problems, one $500 fuel line problem. other than that nothing. fun car though

By Sanders on November 28 @ 2:43 pm
Great off road but lacks Fuel economy
I bought this Jeep in July of 2007 used it only had 48,000 miles and it now has 62,000. At first I was in love with this vehicle being able to just put back the top on sunny days. But then after a few trips with some Jeep clubs, I realized off roading is not good if it is your daily driver.

By robert on January 19 @ 8:43 am
Just plain fun
First let me say that I am 58 years old and always wanted a jeep, but life got in the way. I am a pilot and marine captain. I own a beemer 5 series, an F150, and 2 Ford Focus. So if I want to haul, I take the f150, if I am going on road trip, it's the beemer, if I want to conserve fuel, it's one of the focuses. But if I want to have fun, it's the jeep. Bought it used and I had to replace the starter, the battery, and a few bulbs, but it's 6 years old. The ride is not as bad as I thought it would be. But, folks this thing is too much fun, you will find excuses to go somewhere. I can be heard saying, honey we need something from the store? Get one, the fun factor is worth it all.

By Fireman Steve on May 8 @ 11:53 pm
Fun in the sun
For the most part, this is a fun vehicle to own. Keep in mind, however, that for some, a vehicle is a long term investment and you have to think about where you will be at 5 or even 10 years down the road of life. If you don't plan on taking many long trips, needing space for cargo, or many passengers, and if you can afford the gas, go for it. It is exceptionally fun to take the top down, go off road, and also handles great in the snow. If you have a family, take a lot of long trips, or feel the need for a smooth ride going to and from work, you may want to consider something a little bigger. I have had a Jeep Cherokee in the past which has many of the same capabilities as the wrangler.

By Bykryd on March 26 @ 3:56 pm
Excellent performance. The soft top is the weak link, as the Florida sun bakes the stitching and the roof falls apart. The engine is solid V 6 and only needed the head gasket replaced at 100,000 miles. Other maintainence was within normal limits.

By Badpork on February 16 @ 8:00 pm
Fun, thy name is Jeep!
This is my first Jeep and I love it! Got a good deal on a used Wrangler Sport with only 54,000 miles on it and it's everything I expected. Yep, the ride is stiff, gas mileage around 16 mpg and there's a good bit of wind noise but that's what you get with a Jeep! You wouldn't buy a horse and then complain about no air conditioning, would you? Enjoy it for what it is, a fun, go anywhere vehicle that you can modify as much or little as you want. You can get it muddy, run over bumps, drive through ice and water and if you take care of it, it will get you where you want to go. Fill the thing with gas and go find an adventure!

By cam_ on May 25 @ 3:32 pm
(Jeep TJ, Auto, under 100,000km on engine). Mixed Thoughts
I have this Jeep for almost 3 years. Here is what I have to say about these certain topics: Fuel Economy: It has the same fuel economy of a Honda Civic that has several holes in the fuel line. I average around 16 mpg during the winter and 19 mpg in the summer (All Stock Setup, Automatic Transmission). Do not buy this car if your concision about fuel. Do not drive over 110km/h..you wont make it to your destination. Driving: Interior is stone age compared to 2007+ models. Sound system sucks, speakers are made out of paper..literally. Off road is very fun, you wont get stuck. Getting into 4wL is tricky (high chance of grinding your gears) Reliability: Great, gas cap problem is common.

By Old Jeepster on December 12 @ 5:28 am
16 years... and counting!
My wife bought this new and, aside from the top needing to be replaced every few years, it's a great vehicle. 112,000+ miles and it is as strong as it can be for a 4 cylender engine. Highway mileage stinks but, it's a Jeep, never meant to be an economy commuter car. You will not get stuck under anything less than a 3' deep snowfall. And, even then we were only detained for about 5 minutes until we rocked back out the way we came. We've taken it through some gnarly situations and, she's breezed through easily. I've driven Jeeps since 1966 and nothing else. If you want a full out, barebone 4x4, the SE is it. We added a few things to ease our aging bones but, nothing more than custom padded seats. Want reliability: buy a Jeep. As the commercials used to say: they wrote the book on 4-wheel drive.

By Tom on November 7 @ 8:02 pm
Jeep tj
Great old 1st car for son

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