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1998 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 1998

Jeep has improved off-road capability by increasing the axle ratio offered with the 4.0-liter engine and revising the torsion bar for better steering. Optional this year on the 1998 Jeep Wrangler are a tilting driver seat, automatic speed control, a combination CD/cassette stereo, a new Smart Key Immobilizer theft-deterrent system and two new colors.


Unmatched off-road capability, overflowing with character, dual airbags, optional ABS, fun to drive, speedy with manual transmission


Soft top is fun, but still a pain in the $%!@#

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By j hall on September 28 @ 3:23 am
I love my jeep but its just too noisy.
Single guy, 25, buys new 1998 wrangler sport. Same single guy, 30, really wants to get rid of it. It's just too loud, too bumpy, easy to break into. Having said that; very reliable. Never needed to do anything to it. Simple is best, folks. Just don't plan on having it for too long. It'll drive you crazy. P.S. 4.0L a must. 2.5 is a dog. P.P.S. Sahara is stupid. Why pay an extra $6k for seat covers and a wood gear shift? PPPS. get a trunk added on the back.

By mightymikee on September 29 @ 11:00 am
Look cool but you will have to suffer...
I bought 2.5L with softtop initially. While I was doing a long distance trip it had a hard time keeping up 75mph uphill. I traded it in for 4.0L. It has really good power plant; more than anything it has a GREAT low end torque. MPG is not so good for its size and weight. Aerodynamically speaking, it has no aerodynamic considered in the design. Loud, loud, loud. The wind noise is very loud even with hardtop and full steel doors; Hard to carry a conversation on HWy. You will definitely look cool in one of these babies from outside. Definitely for a short term fun.

By JMAC on October 24 @ 11:00 am
Love this thing
I bought a 98 sahara, the thing is badass. Get the 4.0 the 2.5's are slow. And if you can get a sahara, the thing has the best off-road suspension i have ever seen. Oh yeah, and i nice shifter.

By C. Lively on September 18 @ 11:00 am
Loved my first one, just got another!
In August of 1997 I bought my first Jeep (I was single at the time). I ordered it as a Sport model with the hard top. Just recently, I decided to purchase another 1998 Wrangler Sport (for my wife). The 4.0L is a must and the mileage is what you would expect from an SUV. We're married and looking to have kids soon. Mine is a workhorse, a joy rider and a daily to and from work vehicle. The TJ jeeps handle great with the new coil suspension. Something is to be said about a basic design and philosophy that has withstood an ever-changing automobile design market since the 1940's. As they say "Jeep, there's only one..."

By stevegolf72 on December 1 @ 11:00 am
I love my Jeep
Runs great, The Gas Mileage sucks. I feel like I sink all of my money into the gas tank! It is very very very loud!

By JeffS on June 1 @ 11:00 am
Only in a JEEP
You MUST get the 4 Liter. 60 K miles and no major mechanical problems. Just a unique and fun vehicle. What other vehicle lets you take the doors off and put the windscreen down so easily. It's supposed to be bumpy and noisy, by the way.

By Kuentz on September 29 @ 11:00 am
RUST & BUST....it's a jeep thing
Rust from the day I drove it off the parking lot..It has never stopped, hinges and doors and mirror brackets..I have had to replace break calipers after less than 50k miles, new tires at 35k miles, new windshield washer motor, wireing harness to the dashboard controls,exhaust manifold,steering sway bars and many other small things..all done at a Jeep dealer...will never own another Jeep product..It's four years old and I have put $4000.00 into repairs in the last 8 months

By Nick Valentine on May 29 @ 11:00 am
Truely a
My jeep wrangler is the most versitile vehicle that I have ever owned. It preforms well on road, and exceptionally well off-road. Whether the road is flooded, snow-covered, or just thick mud, I have been able to travel down it. Were ever I go, I am honestly able to say that I have complete confidence that I will get to my destination in a Jeep Wrangler.

By Jeep Girl on July 1 @ 11:00 am
Fun to drive and reliable too
Well keep in mind that a Jeep Wrangler is supposed to be loud, noisy, bumpy, and not aerodynamic!! It's not meant to go 75 mph uphill, it's an off road vehicle. Though I've never had a problem going around 65 uphill on the highway and mine is a 2.5L 4cylinder. I love the fact that I know that I'll drive through any weather condition. I've dealt with eight inches of snow, ice, and really heavy rain with quarter inch hail stones. I love the interior, sound bar, and soft top roof that comes down so easy. I don't think I'll ever drive anything but a Jeep Wrangler.

By algebra123us on September 28 @ 3:00 am
great car
Bough it with 27k miles for 8,000 dollars.

By jeeper on November 27 @ 3:00 am
Love my Jeep!
I bought the Jeep to drive to my office daily (1 mile) and for weekends off the beaten path. The Jeep has done these things without problem. I bought the Jeep knowing full well its strengths and weaknesses and have not been disapointed. The Wrangler is not a highway cruiser, but I have driven it on several long road trips and can only complain about the road noise and lack of power. Gas mileage is poor for a 4 cyl. Off road it can't be beat.

By OOJack on June 3 @ 3:00 am
Great Vehicle
There is seriously nothing like a jeep. I bought mine new in 1998 (Green Sahara Hard Top), and have put 75,000 miles on it. Other than basic service and minor warranty work, I have had no real problems. If your considering buying a Wrangler, make sure you comfortable with the expected wind noise, bumpiness, fuel mileage etc. Wranglers are just plain fun. You get looks all time, jeep drivers usually wave at each other, and this thing turns on a dime.

By Kathryn on September 22 @ 3:00 am
1998 Jeep Wrangler SE
First of all, there is nothing like a Jeep. What it lacks in ability it makes up for in fun. I regret not getting glass windows rather than plastic because they are considerably noisier. Plus, plastic windows are sort of a pain when you go through a drive through and its raining. I have never regretted not getting a hard top. They seem like an inconvenience not worthy of something which is an aesthetic improvement. Plus, I would like to dispel the myth that Jeeps are cold. A soft top suffices in keeping a jeep warm. The heater is awesome as is the air conditioning. Overall, this car rocks and I've loved it since the day I got it!

By jeep guy on May 4 @ 11:00 am
Love my jeep.....
This jeep is perfect for all occassions. I highly recommend the 6 cylinder.... I have no problems driving to the mountains to go skiing. During a recent snow storm (2 1/2 feet in two days) I took the jeep out to play and could NOT get stuck! Off roading is a blast as is highway driving. I've done three roadtrips of 1400 miles... no problems. The only things I don't like.... everyone likes to break in (soft top) even when there's nothing to take. That and the road noise takes some time getting used to (doesn't bother me anymore).

By Jeeper 2003 on January 11 @ 11:00 am
The Beast
I Love My Jeep. It gets all the looks on the road. The styling is like no other and this vehicle is the king when it comes to the off-road. On road the ride is not to bad, you have to remember it is a jeep though not a cadi. Taking the doors off and letting the top down make driving a pleasure instead of a hassle.

By hoosjon on December 1 @ 11:00 am
hoosjon review
i have enjoyed this jeep and plan to get another one that is similar. fun to drive, this is an experience that makes driving more of an adventure and less a way to get from here to there.

By morrisdg on December 15 @ 11:00 am
No regrets
A convertible for people who still want a rugged feel, who still want to be able to go anywhere. An SUV for people who don't need to compensate for shortcomings elsewhere. A fun car that still has a few practical uses. Friends may not be willing to buy one themselves, but they'll all want to ride in it. Life is better with a Jeep.

By Archaeologist on December 15 @ 11:00 am

By mrmoon04 on July 3 @ 11:00 am
Unstoppable, Rugged, Stylish, and FUN!
The Wrangler is an amazing off-road vehicle- by far the most capable of the Jeep family. I live in Wisconsin on a ranch and it gets me through some wicked bad snow and mud. Mine does have the I-4 2.5 Liter and I DO NOT think it's underpowered, especially with a manual tranny. And I can get 20 mpg if I'm careful. I would only reccommend a manual in any Wrangler. I have no problem maintaining my freeway speed. Yes, its noisy, but its a Wrangler, not a Grand Cherokee. It'll kick a Cherokee's butt off-road. You get used to the wind noise. I absolutely love my Wrangler.

By Daedalus on February 4 @ 11:00 am
Wrangler Sport review
I really enjoy this vehicle. It's roomy (I'm 6'4"), fast (but get the stick-shift), suprisingly warm in the winter even with only a soft top, and will go virtually anywhere. The gas milage is not great (avg. 15 mpg), but not as bad as my Durango!! I'm pleased I bought the full-doors option with glass windows as the soft top is noisy at highway speeds.

By PoorMe on April 6 @ 3:00 am
Don't Do It!!!
2nd transmission in 2 years

By bigpoppaxxl on September 9 @ 3:00 am
Sooo happy!
It is a lot of fun but be prepared to pay the piper when going to the gas station or getting your insurance bill.

By Jeepmanchuck on November 16 @ 3:00 am
6 Years with a 1998 Wrangler Sport
I took delivery of my special order Wrangler Sport in January 1998. The combination of a 6 cyl., auto., and 3.73 rear axle gets you 15-16 mpg. Adding the K&N induction system has improved gas mileage to 18 mpg. The factory sound system is limited. Adding the Jeep subwoofer system has helped. Interior and highway ride quality is good. However, off-road is where this vehicle rules! I recommend the factory limited-slip rear axle for off-road driving, and the full steel doors to lower int. noise levels. For a second vehicle that will see limited use, it dosen't get any better - a convertible with great off-road capabilities from the factory.

By Celty on April 9 @ 11:00 am
Wrangler soft tops are lighter than most SUV's,handling could be better in 2wheel drive but great in 4. The smaller tires have better traction for city driving.Top replacement is every 4 years,orig colors are not always available.After market products can dress a jeep up nicely.The body and paint started to get rust speckles immediately after purchace.I've had NO mechanical problems.The top seals nicely(when new) it's very warm in the winter,the heater is great.The zipper/sliders windows are hard to use in 1/2 doors.For it's size it's a gas hog. The top is VERY hard to take up. Highway travel is very noisy.

By snopro on April 13 @ 11:00 am
Love my Jeep
My nuddy had a 92 wrangler back in the day and we had a ball in that jeep. I always remembered the good times we ahd in it. I finally bought my jeep used from a dealer. It had 39k on it and it looked like it was taken care of. I have never driven anything that is so much fun. I will have this jeep for a super long time. If I had to get something different it going to be a new jeep without a doubt.

By sactownguy on April 25 @ 11:00 am
Good for short commutes..and that is all
Bought the car for short commutes around town. Ended up using as a workhorse. MPG is ~15 so that is brutal. Had numerous problems such as axle leaks, brake issues, transfer case replaced, and faulty electrical system for dashboard. Taken this puppy in to the shop at least 6-8 times and paid the piper. I only recommend this as a 2nd vehicle used for 4-wheeling or taking the top off and cruising around. All in all, not a very practical vehicle

By Karrye on July 2 @ 11:00 am
I hate this car
This car breaks constantly. In less than 6 months I have replaced the catalytic converter, muffler, clutch, several engine senors, raditor, fuel filter and pump, and still the car does not run right! Jeep truley stands for just empty every pocket.

By Mark326 on June 22 @ 2:10 am
Love the truck, MPG lousy!
I love everything about this vehicle except the gas mileage. My last tank I used 89 octane and averaged 15 mpg city/hwy. Jeep owners are their own breed of people. Be prepared for some repairs, squeaks, and bad MPG. The functionality of this vehicle is amazing. You can truely go anywhere with it! I wouldnt recommend this vehicle for people that have long commutes to work due to the gas mileage. The I6 is a very responsive 6- cylinder engine. I have the 3 speed automatic transmission with mine and I think it could be a bit better. I had to have the torque converter replaced under waranty when I first purchased the vehicle. 3rd gear was vibrating like crazy! Great for short commutes, not long trips.

By TmDe5 on June 9 @ 3:13 pm
Disappointed so far
I have had my Jeep for a couple months now. I love the whole Jeep experience but I am a little disappointed with the reliability. In New England we've already had some cold mornings... had trouble starting... then the electrical didnt work until the engine heated up. I bought it from a friend so i know it wasn't beaten on, just normal commutes. Two weeks ago the power steering gearbox failed and leaked every where. Haven't fixed just yet. Also a vent line fell out of the pumpkin axle and I had to crawl under and put back in... I'm not too happy right now. Puts a bad name on domestic products.

By WBSobe on June 10 @ 10:40 am
Best purchase I have made
I bought my Wrangler used last year with 72,000 miles on it. I have been loving my Wrangler since I bought it. Living in MA it's a great year round vehicle, top off in the summer and 4 wheel drive in the winter. I haven't had any mechanical problems like other have stated. I had to replace the rear brakes but thanks to it being a domestic vehicle it cost A LOT less then replacing brakes on my old Toyota. It's been a life changer in the past year I have been hiking and camping more than ever. It gives you a great respect for the outdoors. A Wrangler is not for everyone you have to be a specific type of person to buy one and to enjoy one.

By J1E9E9P8 on November 23 @ 1:03 am
Most legal fun you can have
Jeep wave says it all. You are part of a family of out going people who just like having a good time enjoying life. Always changing to suit my needs because I enjoy buying things to make my Jeep a one off creation. Fun to drive, easy to park. Top up, top down, rear window out or all button up with the a/c on. Ever changing with my mood.

By Andrew on May 3 @ 2:56 pm
my crap jeep
For off-roading and driving in the snow, This car is a lot of fun to have. However, if you have to drive it everyday, this is not a great car. Also, if you are looking for a car that is very reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance, this is NOT your car. it takes a lot of "upkeep". But its damn fun off-road!

By MSJEEPGUY on December 25 @ 6:56 pm
My favorite Wrangler ... so far!
I've owned several Wranglers, including the new Unlimited, and while the '98 is the oldest (and most experienced) ... so far, it's my favorite. The 2.5L 4 fits me better than the previous 4.0L engines, and this one is also my first with a manual tranny. Aside from a bit more road noise (a great excuse to add a "monster" audio system) than my other Jeeps, I have no complaints. The economy of the 4 cylinder is fine for me. It's a fun little utility vehicle, and I guess I've been lucky, but I've had no mechanical issues with any of the Wranglers I've owned, putting a collective 150,000 miles on them. I'll never be without a Wrangler as long as I live.

By jakestertsu19 on July 1 @ 6:53 am
I'm very happy with my Jeep . I can't wait for it to get warm outside and iI can take the top off. I've always wanted to do that and now I can. Overall I'm very happy with the Jeep .

By Chuck on November 4 @ 9:43 am
Dad's Jeep
This is the most fun vehicle I've ever owned. I drove it from Virginia to Idaho in 4 days and had no problems. Well, with the soft top it did get kinda loud.

By Dean on June 14 @ 4:10 pm
Great, but expensive to drive.
Everything is great on this vehicle. Drive it without dogging it, or beating the crap out of it everywhere you go, and it will last a long time without major repairs. The only downside is the HORRIBLE GAS MILEAGE! 15mpg if you're lucky.

By Vlad on November 21 @ 3:36 am
Fun in the Sun
Bought a Jeep 2 years ago in Philly where lived. I love to put my soft top down in the summer months, love to drive in the snow - its so much fun. Recently i have moved to Miami, and now i can have my soft top down all year round because it's always nice weather here. Recently I drove my Jeep with the top down on the sand on the beach; it was so much fun. If you live near the beach, try it you will not be disappointed.

By josh on February 28 @ 8:06 am
very nice vehicle
I love my Wrangler. It is very fun to drive year round. The gas and performance on mine is very low. I put a lift kit and big tires on mine. This caused the gas to drop to about 11mpg and the get up speed is slow (even though I have a six cylinder). Other than that it has been the best car I have ever owned. I would recommend this to people without children because of the lack of room in the back. Off-roading is where it does great. It climbs great and it goes through some serious mud/water. I have had many a truck that could not off-road as good as this. It looks great also. Top speed is LOW. Mine tops out at a whopping 84mph. It is also very easy to park.

By Jim on October 4 @ 2:26 am
Not a commuter vehicle
I bought my Wrangler used with 76,000 miles on it. It has a soft top, 3 inch lift and 31" Mickey Thompson tires. Looks great. The 4 cylinder has no power and with the automatic tranny and big tires the fuel economy is a horrendous 12 MPG. I bought it as a toy to off road in but need to use it as a commuter for about a month while my other car is in the body shop. I travel 120 miles round trip to work and I have had to fill it daily to the tune of about 40 bucks a pop. Fun to drive but don't use it for anything but a toy or you'll be disappointed.

By keydriver33 on October 17 @ 5:23 pm
!ow you dont know what your missing!
i see people complaining about this or that, it's a Jeep thing is right. I've owned several and sure it takes cash to keep them running right,but look at what your getting out of it. I 4-wheel a lot, almost every weekend and I gotta say I always make it back when others don't. My favorite saying as I'm passing them is "you wouldnt be stuck if you bought a Jeep". Thanks for your time and lets get out there and have fun in a jeep.

By Chris V on March 28 @ 3:13 am
Chris from Philadelphia
Bought my Jeep 4 years ago. Replaced the cat. converter 3 times. Replaced radiator. Constantly tightening belt. Without an automatic tensioner it squeaks about every 2,000 miles with the AC or defroster on. Getting kinda tired of the rattling of the cat converter. Unfortunatly I do not come under the recall they issued for that.

By Chris from Phila. on November 27 @ 10:40 am
Chris from Philadelphia
Bought this Jeep from a private sale. It was a completely base model when bought except for A/C. Put new top, tinted windows, "Canyon" wheels, fog lights to pep it up a little bit. I replaced the radiator at 115,000 miles, power steering pump blew at 133,000 miles, replaced muffler 4 times and cat. converter 3 times. Chrysler had a recall on it but I was out of warranty and over the mileage.

By DenverLoDo on April 13 @ 7:06 am
The Real Thing
I bought it new. Dual top. Dana 44. Biggest wheels. I only added the wench and towing package. It was the smoothest ever small Jeep at the time (don't buy a Jeep if you can't take the ride). There have only been 2 hiccups (they changed the bad part in less than a day each time). Other than that I have seen snow, ice, mud, mountains, 11,000+ ft, pulling, wenching, and she still looks new. I still go to the dealership for anything, and they DROOL over her. I think I'll keep her another 10 years, or more. A jewel.

By DeMatt on October 9 @ 5:06 am
When is it time to let go?
I am the original owner and find myself replacing this car piece by piece. The biggest problem that i have with it is the rust!! Not on the body, but everywhere else. The brake lines are rusted and ruptured. Keep an eye out!!!

By daryl on July 9 @ 9:30 pm
jeepers creepers
I have had my jeep for four years, and I absolutely love everything about it. I have a 4 inch lift and 33" tires, gearing, lockers, exhaust, both tops, and a lot of work put into it. The gas mileage is not that bad on mine due to the different gearing. I Get almost 19 highway. When you put bigger tires, in order for the engine to still get the "get-up-and-go" one needs to change the gear ratio to adapt to the large tires. I do like to beat mine up, and it still holds up. My Favorite vehicle.

By Bob on January 18 @ 8:33 pm
Always Wanted One
Its awesome, for a single person, i like it alot, ragtop little noisy, shift good runs good, cant say enough about..2,5 a little doggy but oh while..

By jeepmech on April 22 @ 1:10 am
fuel economy
Great auto, it does whatever you want it to do. It has had to have some repairs done to it, but with a vehicle that is designed to go anywhere, things are bound to wear out. The inline 6 is a great engine, the fuel econ is a little low but with knowledge of how the eng works you can improve it dramatically i.e.: a little diesel mixed in the fuel at the right levels sent mine from 16mpg to 20mpg keep the lift low 2.75 inch, run 33inch tires change the trans to an AW4 and I added 4 more now I’m at 23mpg. the last thing I did was use a cylinder cut out at 1200 to 3500 rpm (highway speeds) #2 and #5 drop out that added 5 to 6 more depending on who made the gas, now 29 to 30mpg. Anyone can do it.

By Mike on June 18 @ 1:13 pm
Like no other. Period.
My Jeep is a rugged, strong vehicle that is nearly bullet-proof. Mine has nearly 95,000 miles and the only problem I've had was when my clutch died, but that clutch took 45000 miles of hard driving. It is extremely easy to fix up or add upgrades, even if your not experienced. Wranglers have extreme capabilities out of the box, and with a few upgrades, there's few places you can't go, and even though the top speed is around 80, that doesn't mean it's lacking any power. Also, there is nothing else like driving around in the summer with the top down, and whenever you pass another Wrangler, there is the all-knowing "Jeep Wave" that tells you that there is someone else who understands your love.

By Preston on April 25 @ 2:13 pm
Awesome first car
I got a 98 as my first car And I absoulutly love it ! Its not the most powerful car in the world but it helps avoid the speeding tickets. The suspension is like no other its so bouncy its fun to go over bumps. I have a few bolt on accessories like Nerf bars and brush guards and you can find Cheap used. mine is an Automatic and unless your a serious off roader or have to do alot of interstate travel its really nice. The Jeep isn't for anybody ( my dad doesn't care for it ) but If you want a fun car there awesome. and if you want to get into off roading there Beast even stock I don't get stuck in light mud under a foot or so thick and nothing is funner then going off roading

By csamn on September 1 @ 1:06 am
Its a Jeep...
I bought this a few months ago. It has been nothing but a dream. I see a lot of people complaining about the gas mileage, if you buy a jeep you should expect that. I have a lift and bigger than stock tires i love it. I have 32's on it and it will go any where trucks with 35+ tires on it no problem. I would recommend everyone to get a dual top or just a hard top for security reasons. I always leave my doors unlocked and don't leave anything valuable in there. If you leave your doors unlocked they wont cut the 150 dollar doors or even the top. Love my Jeep, really consider if it is something you wont before you purchase one. There are way to many mall crawlers out there already...

By crazywvlady on November 18 @ 9:26 am
You Gotta Love the Jeep
I have owned my 98 Wrangler since June 2004. I originally bought my first Wrangler in 2001 (a 98 model), that was hit head on by another Jeep! Totaled! I loved the vehicle so much, I bought one of the same year. I'm so glad that I did. It has never left me stranded and repairs have been under $200 since I've owned it. I baby it though, wipe it down every night, change oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. If your Jeep is maintained, will probably last you a lifetime. My next vehicle: hands down: A JEEP!

By lmnop on January 27 @ 3:26 am
You'll never know unless you own one.
I recently purchased my Jeep from my brother. Sure, I drove it once or twice, but didn't love it. I've had it now for just about a month and am sure I will always own one. I enjoy it more than anything I have ever owned, from sports cars, performance sedans, big granny wagons to full size trucks and vans.

By Asturgeon on September 9 @ 11:00 am
I love my jeep, but.....
I love driving my jeep. Its fun to drive, and i love being able to go anywhere anytime. I bought it with about 120,000 miles on it and put a 4 in lift with 33 in tires. That killed the power and gas mileage. It has about 154,000 on it now and just replaced a water pump and the power steering is on its way out the door. I replaced the rear axle with a ford 8.8 about a year ago. The Dana 35c that comes in it is junk. Overall, it takes cash to keep it running right, but its worth it if you got the cash. I highly recommend the hardtop and full doors. I wish it came with a better quality stereo so i can actually hear my music when I'm driving.

By agildner1 on April 9 @ 6:53 am
Very Fun, bulletproof but expensive
My first vehicle(a jeep isnt a car) is a 98 sport with the 5 speed. I have both tops and hard doors, and its still very loud(I have NOISY mud terrain tires which dont help). I have driven this things over ice, then the ice cracked and I was bogging through 3 ft of mud with ice scraping along the bottom and no problems from that. This Jeep has 192,000 miles and has been well abused like no other vehicle. But its been expensive. trans rebuild at 190K($800) is only vehicle related part but I still got many miles on it. Other problems that all cars will have is new power steering pump($120), AC system overhaul ($250), brakes ($150). I did all the work myself(very easy to work on). FUN!!!

By pwayne1 on April 20 @ 11:53 am
Can't be Fixed!
In 2010 I purchased a beautiful '98 Wrangler Sport,from an elderly lady that had only 51k miles.It had a 4.0 with air and auto transmission.Within a week,the jeep would for no apparent reason,begin to stall and miss.This episode would last anywhere from 45 to 60 seconds,and by stomping on the gas,it would backfire,and then smooth out.In the last 10k miles,I have spent approx. 2500.00$ trying to resolve this problem,including 1300.00$ and 18 weeks at the Dealership.After 4 and 1/2 months,I brought it home today,same problem.After owning four Jeeps, this is my last.

By tari5 on August 27 @ 2:13 pm
We've done a lot since 98 and still going strong.
I bought my Jeep new at a dealership in Colorado. When it was brand new a huge snowstorm hit and there was a pounding on the door. The ranch owner stood there up to his waist in snow. "Can I borrow your rig?"he asked. He needed to do an emergency insulin run for a friend and none of their big expensive ranch trucks could get through the snow. It got through when nobody else could and spent the day rescuing stranded people in what turned out to be a deadly storm. Since then I have driven it across the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We have lived in rural Colorado, New Mexico and now on the Plains. Hauled feed to horses, pulled a boat, loaded goats in the back and transported them. Hauled railroad ties and used it as an anchor to stretch fence. My two Irish Wolfhounds curled up in the back and slept for long trips between New Mexico and Kansas. It gets no babying and it has given no trouble. Pop it into four wheel drive and it can get you almost anywhere and back. It's still going strong and I drive it nearly every day.

By GuyFromTMA on December 27 @ 8:12 am
Best Vehicle I've ever owned
I was given a 98' Sport with a 5 speed, 6 cylinder and a 3" body lift riding on (initially) 32X11.5 tires as my first car. The "Bigfoot Edition" package had been put on by a dealership when new. It had 140,000 miles on it but was very clean. I kept it for the next 9 1/2 years and (for personal/financial reasons that weren't connected to the Jeep) sold it with 262,000 on the clock. With a set of All terrain or good mud tires, it was a beach machine. Dunes, mud, none of it stopped it...even with a trailer in tow in areas known to swallow much more powerful 4X4s. I used it to pull stumps, tow other vehicles, drive long distances and cruise through town. The torque of the 4.0 combined with a good 1st gear and 4Lo is very handy. My only complaint was that the A/C wasn't strong enough to cool the back seat terribly well in super hot weather. The heater, however, was astonishing. I could drop the top in 50 degree weather, wear shorts and have to turn the heater DOWN because it was scalding my feet. Everybody will ask if it is top heavy. Honestly, I've driven a stock height Grand Cherokee and felt much more likely to roll it. The following things failed and had to be replaced: Exhaust Manifold-Apparently every Wrangler will have this happen at some point. A shop in the next town replaced it but put a small "flex" joint after the header. Never had a problem with it after that. Power Steering Pump-150,000. Easy replacement Alternator-188,000 Not unexpected nor difficult to replace. Rear Axle-Mine had a Dana 35 rear in the beginning, bigger tires and was regularly used to tow boats, pull stumps and recover other vehicles. This failed at the 210,000 mark. I replaced it with a Dana 44 that was easy to acquire used and never had a problem after that. Seats-The support gave out somewhere around the 230,000 mark. I replaced the fronts with relative ease. Transmission - Synchros on 1st and 5th gear started to fail around 220,000 miles. I replaced it with a crate transmission for cheap at about 245,000. Soft Top-I replaced this twice actually. They just don't last much longer than five years it seems. Cheap to replace though. I misjudged the depth of a mud hole and killed the engine at the 232,000 mark. A dealership replaced the engine with a $400 donor from a same year Cherokee. This illustrates the final point I want to make: It is ridiculously easy to get parts for these Jeeps. Everything can be replaced in short order. There is no waiting on a part and it is relatively easy to work on the 4X4 yourself. The straight six isn't a powerhouse, but (unless it inhales a bunch of muddy water) it won't die.

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