1994 Jeep Wrangler

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1994 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 1994

The four-cylinder engine can be saddled with an automatic transmission this year. Base trim is now termed SE. Center high-mounted brake light is added.

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By joel morris on June 25 @ 11:00 am
This vehicle is in awesome condition, exterior and interior. It has a great engine and is so much fun. It has only had 10,000 miles per year put on it, which is awesome and it had great up keep.

By J.D. on February 21 @ 11:00 am
If you are good at repairing yourself...
I have owned my jeep for 4 years now and I have had some wonderful times in it. I must say that it has to be one of the greatest things to drive in the mountain with the top off in the summer. The worst thing about jeep's are the mechanics of it. I have replaced everything (radiator, starter, alternator, water pump and the big daddy (transmissions). If you get a 100,000 miles your tansmission did a great job. If you have the money to make repairs, I would definitley buy a jeep.

By none9 on May 24 @ 11:00 am
Jeep wrangler
There are two problems with the car. one is that the cadilitic converter continually fails. Chrysler replaces it, bu not the parts that get damaged when it does block up. The transmission is not durable enoug for the vehicle and begins to fail under normal use at about 70,000 miles. I have about 200,000 miles on mine and it runs great other than the mentioned problems.

By Brock on February 1 @ 11:00 am
I love it
I just got this jeep with 94,000 miles on it. I love it! It's so fun to drive. The interior is plain and simple. Great car

By 4x4offroad on December 9 @ 11:00 am
Last of the originals
Has been the most fun and reliable new vehicle I have ever owned. I have 160,000 mile and have had very little problems. The big problem is the c- converter (lucky if it makes it to 50,000), I’m on my third, and the mirrors rust on every 94 that I have seen. Only on my second set of brakes and still has the original trans and alternator. Very easy to do the maintenance yourself, saves lots of $$

By robert p judge jr on April 17 @ 11:00 am

By jeepster17257 on November 1 @ 11:00 am
Best of the best
I love this vehicle

By MustangChris on June 9 @ 3:00 am
Mechanics special???
I love my Jeep. Off road it is superior to trucks twice its size and cost. However, my Jeep has been highly unrelaible, with constant repair being needed to the point where as much as I like being a Jeeper, if it cant get me to class or home reliably she'll have to go. Much of my problems have to do with its frequent off road adventures, but its a jeep... isnt it supposed to be designed to do that?

By Just Jeepin on November 12 @ 3:00 am
Why can't they build them all like this?
Its still any easy vehicle to maintain, you can still change the oil and perform own tune ups with out a Master's degree. This vehicle goes to Camp Jeeps and has as much off road time as on. But still only 35,000 on it! Great Ride. The only work EVER needed on this vehicle was regular maintenance and ego busting lift kits and big A** Tires. Need to get two more of these vehicles for my two kids. Most versital winter summer vehicle. Its a 4 season vehicle and don't have to have 4 different vehicles in the garage, after a long day of jeeping through mud and climbing boulders I can still stop at the grocery store to get milk.

By Calvin K. McMurray on November 2 @ 3:00 am
The Wrangler
Zippers break with regularity. Heater does not heat passengers side very well. View out the back window is very limited because it gets scratched fairly easly when rolled up.

By boowak on May 19 @ 3:00 am
1993 Renegade
My 1993 Jeep Wrangler Renegade changed my life. After driving sports cars and trucks for 15 years, I purchased my first Jeep. I'll never go back! Not the most comfortable ride on the highway, but when others are stuck on the side of the road I know I can get through. All the best!

By Erikro on May 18 @ 3:00 am
there just a rocks hevy duty engines but to expensive toy. realy easy to work on, lots of space on the hood

By Bob B Loblaw on April 9 @ 11:00 am
smart wheels
i love the fact that this thing is so easy to work on. i had to put a new radiator in it when i bought it at 76,000. road salt had eaten the other one alive. easy enough to do, and its still going strong. to me its the ultimate convertable. top off in summer, and 4x4 in the winter as well as smaller towing capacities to drag a little trailer along behind you. smart vehical in my opinion.

By B. Churchey on March 21 @ 11:00 am
Its a jeep thing!!!
There is no other SUV, Car or truck that I would ever want to buy other than a jeep wrangler! When its hot out take the top off...when its cold put the top on...when its snowing put it in four wheel drive. What other car or truck can do the same? Its an all around awesome vehicle!

By E on October 10 @ 10:20 am
Best Money Spent
I purchased our '94 Wrangler with a 4.0L automatic with 46,000 miles on it in 2000 for my son. It has 91,000 on it in 2005. In 4 yrs we have replaced the radiator. In 2004 we replaced the canvas top. Some vacuum problems with the heater but less that $25 to repair. The body only developed a small rust hole on the front fender. We will upgrade the suspension in 2005. Excellent SUV for the money.

By Fred on May 4 @ 8:33 pm
Long Term Report on 94 YJ
I bought this in Mar 1999 after realizing the price of a comparatively aged full size pickup was too high. Found out on the test drive about Jeep waves. Fun to drive, more ways to modify than can you can possibly afford; a great Jeep is built, not bought, and never finished. Auto transmission mount bolts fell out once, holes stripped. Once I identified the issue, I popped in 2 bolts and wrapped 2 giant zip ties around the transmission; problem solved. These Jeeps have amazing offroad capabilities. It only gets better by adding a modest suspension lift, rear-locker, and better tires. I highly suggest having an aftermarket amplified stereo. Deep water dunking cost me one transmission rebuild.

By wulfcity on March 29 @ 12:36 am
Still Jeepin' after 11 years
I bought this Jeep new in 1994. Overall, it has been a great vehicle. It is a little underpowered with the 4 cylinder engine. The 5th gear was replaced at around 75,000 miles. It does handle its own off-roading.

By jeepin on October 6 @ 7:50 pm
4.0L 94 YJ
I have had the Jeep for a couple thousand miles and love it. It has never had any major problem. The headers were cracked, but what 4.0L's are not; I replaced them with a Banks set for about $300 and put them in myself. Very simple and easy to work on if you decide to take the time. A clean Wrangler will never go out of style and they hold their value pretty well. I go off-roading and have never had a problem. (4-in lift with 33in BFG All-Terrains on black rims). Also the ride stinks really bad. You can feel every bump in the road, but it's a Jeep and i would not have it any other way. :)

By Hans Aubuchon on October 18 @ 10:26 am
This Jeep has had a number of upgrades such as a lift, larger tires, 4.10 gears, Borla, chip, Jacobs ignition, K&M filters. It is a rugged off road vehicle that still is used as a daily driver that gets 21 mpg on the highway.

By viperstyle007 on April 6 @ 12:03 am
'94 Jeep Wrangler Sahara in NYC
I have had my Jeep since day 1, reliable tough rugged vehicle. This year's Wrangler is probably the best of all time, with modern styling and heavy duty construction. Never a major problem, not even a flat tire. I give it regular maintenance and it keeps on going. Now that the Jeep is 11 years old, it is equipped with every high-end accessory known to man for this Jeep, except the stock engine & transmission. It now sits equipped with and Old Man Emu Suspension, and all the ARB equipment from bull bar to lockers. When it snows is when we have most fun! NYC potholes, I laugh and spit at! The only other vehicle I would switch to is a Rubicon. A new beginning!

By RedRagtopYJ on March 22 @ 2:50 am
Still runs like a champ!
I bought my Wrangler brand spank'n new. I wanted it so bad, when the dealership called me to say my order was in, I made my girlfriend take me up there to look at it all wrapped up! The Jeep Wrangler/CJ is the only vehicle that makes me get excited like some silly kid. I've done some off-roading, but nothing extreme. I've NEVER been stuck off-road, nor in the snow. It's been a pleasure to drive daily for the past 13 years. It's not perfect, by any means, but something I've cherished. Getting almost 170,000 miles on it now, the 4.0 inline 6 is tickidy, but keeps on going. From talking to others, this engine is good for 250,000 or better. And you thought only Hondas got that kinda life.

By Mike on July 18 @ 5:33 am
These are a dying breed...
As I write this the 4.0L 6cyl has been retired and the new Wranglers now have a minivan motor.(sad day) As you can tell from the first sentence I love the old 4.0/6cyl. The 4.0 and 5spd manual is the most desirable stock engine/tranny combo if you are shopping for a Wrangler YJ from 91- 95. This is a reliable vehicle now with 133,000 on the clock all I have done is replaced a rusted/leak radiator and water pump. Jeeps do perform best with regular preventitive maintence. (plugs, wires, oil-changes in engine, diffs, transfer case & axles) The ride is rough which should be expected and learn to love it. If ride quality is your concern I would recommend going straight to a TJ (97- 06)or new JK

By newyorkgiants76 on April 12 @ 6:40 am
1994 Jeep Wrangler SE Sport, Manual
Bought this Jeep Jan of 2000 had 44K, and now has 146K still fun to drive and still turns heads. Although gas sucks, 17mpg highway, I would recommend it as a second vehicle for fun. Overall it has been a reliable vehicle. But now I'm ready to get sometime for the highway.

By FiremanLuke on January 19 @ 7:20 pm
Love this Jeep
We just bought this Jeep this month and have had so much fun already! It already had the nice add-ons like a suspension lift, 33" mud tires, rear luggage rack, swing-out rear gate, spare fuel cans, custom bumpers, grille guard, air-locker 4X4 and a 6 CD changer! It has only 70,600 miles on it and we look forward to many years of fun from this car.

By BajaMan on July 25 @ 9:16 am
Nail in the coffin of American cars
One of the worst vehicles I have ever owned. Gas mileage was terrible, 15 mpg. Acceleration was terrible. Wind and road noise terrible. Build quality terrible. Reliability terrible. Top took forever to install (like 15 minutes). Had lots of problems with exhaust system. Owned it nine years. Developed an intermittent starting problem. So I finally decided to unload it.

By A great ride on February 23 @ 7:26 pm
She sure was a good ship
Always wanted a Wrangler, and I got one in 1996! Had it for 14 years. She was the Millenium Falcon to my Han Solo. Sure there were problems. All cars have them, but my love for the car outweighed any daily annoyance. It's the kind of vehicle you either love or hate. What I liked: Tight turn radius, no bells or whistles (I'm old school that way), , various top/no top options. Didn't like that you felt every bump in the road. Mechanically it didn't really give me too much trouble til the last several years. I didn't miss a day of work for car trouble. Met its untimely end early 2010 when it flipped on its side on an icy highway. Green w/ tan hardtop.

By Carolina Jeeper on February 22 @ 3:00 am
Favorite vehicle of all time
My Jeep was a 40th birthday present to myself. It's a great vehicle. My favorite of all time. Has been reliable, is rugged, and there is no shortage of ways to upgrade and make it better.

By jgrann75 on December 19 @ 1:10 am
you will be missed, my old friend
this jeep was my first car, and here is my testament to it. i barrel rolled this jeep going 50mph down the highway about 6 months after i got it. the accident was my fault, and i drove it home the next day. a little at home body work, along with new doors, new windshield and new hardtop from the junkyard (cost $1500), and it was like new. exaust was as loud as a tank, and acceleration was not that great. there were lots of little repairs here and there, but what else could you expect form a car that old. it will be sorely missed, as i am selling it to the junkyard tomorrow. im only ditching it due to back left leaf spring coming unattached and grinding into gas tank. extremly fun, i loved it

By tmgj on December 19 @ 9:20 pm
I Love My Wrangler
I have my Wrangler as a toy, not a daily driver but whenever the weather is nice, it's my daily driver. The 4 cylinder gets around great in town, slow on the highway but it wasn't made for highway. I have a Rampage bowless soft top that's really nice. A 90's jeep is cheaper than a new 4 wheeler and a lot more fun! Aftermarket parts and modifications are never ending, you can do anything you want to a jeep(if you have the money).

By Mike on March 29 @ 10:43 am
I named mine the Duke!!
Best vehicle ever!! I use The Duke as a daily driver with a commute of 36 miles a day. It runs, steers, and stops like a Champ. Then there is the 4×4 !! Just had 14inches of wet snow on mountain roads. I could not make it spin in four high!! I felt in full control!! If you want a reliable,safe,and tough vehicle you found it. Buy one you will not regret it!!

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