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1993 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 1993

ABS that works in both two- and four-wheel drive is newly optional with six-cylinder engines. Islander model disappears. Other changes include a stainless-steel exhaust system, tamper-resistant odometer and tinted plastic windows for the convertible. Sport package includes new graphics and five-spoke steel wheels.

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By PWA on February 14 @ 11:00 am
Used but barely
We found the 1993, via internet searching, for sale from a local dealer that I've worked with before. The biggest selling point for us was the low 33,450 miles. This is our 1st jeep and has been a dream to work on and drive. It's flexability and ease to work on a benifit. The 4.0L Fuel Injection has shown to provide plenty of power. The 30" tires seem to be a good mix for on and off road(sand) driving. Currently setting it up for towing behind RV W/TowBar and Wiring kit.

By I M Wonderful on January 14 @ 11:00 am
I sure miss it!
A little over a year ago, I bought my 1993 Jeep Wrangler S from my parents; who bought it from my brother. What a fun vehicle! In Texas, you can almost live year round with the top off - and what a better feeling that riding around town with the wind blowing in your hair. Unfortunatly, it was wrecked just a few weeks ago - I'm going to miss it. It wasn't the "family" type vehicle I've always wanted, but it was in wonderful shape - was garaged since day one, never seen an ounce of dirt or mud, and wonderfully maintained. I couldn't have asked for a nicer Jeep. I will definately miss it.

By Ziggs on May 29 @ 11:00 am
best jeep ever!!!
the jeep yj is the best SUV ever made

By KulDip on November 9 @ 11:00 am
Dependable and Fun
I have owned my YJ for two years now and have well over 120K miles on it and have never had any problems. Fun to drive, especially during the summers. Very rugged and dependable. If you want a cush ride, go buy a Lexus, Jeeps aren't build for comfort, they are built for form and function. Overall, one of the most reliable, well built rigs I have ever owned!

By gcorey on July 24 @ 3:00 am
Best of U.S.
I just sold this rig a year ago(needed the cash), but it was probably, of all the cars I've owned, the most fun to drive. Very quick and agile. You don't need a 6cyl if you can get a 4cyl with fuel injection. The gas mileage sucks. Best I got was 18mpg. But, it's great in snow, and will fit in any parking space. The seats are simple and incredibly supportive...but let's be honest - it's easier to change a tire than put up a soft top. Unless you live in the sunbelt, buyer beWarned.

By rwdc on May 29 @ 3:00 am
I had the opportunity to get a low milage older model Wrangler. I have had no problems with it and would highly reccommend it to anyone without a family.

By waytac on October 12 @ 3:00 am
Fun for the short-term
I've really enjoyed my '93 Wrangler in the six years I've owned it, but it's cost me a bit: new clutches, emergency brakes, alternator--reasonably above average in the repair cost/budget. It's a better all around vehicle that might appear if you don't have kids, etc. The *big* problem, which is forcing me to sell it for salvage right now, is hideous premature rusting out of the entire undercarriage (I live in New England, in a coastal region, but...). The entire 1/4" metal underbody has rusted to the consistency of paper, and other Wrangler owners have told me of similar experiences. Just 10 years, 70K miles, and the car has been rendered undriveable.

By shane gipe on January 9 @ 4:43 pm
My Jeep has been reliable and fun to drive but it is too small for hauling my tools for work and also my three children. One downfall I have found with my '93 Jeep is that the frame around the driver and passenger side windows (the doors) is rusting away. These frames are replacable but why are they rusting so bad.

By jenny on June 14 @ 9:10 am
Many happy miles...
If you want to be cradled in comfort this is not the car for you! If you want to play in the mud, sand, or snow you can't beat the Wrangler! The 4 cylinder is a little sluggish on steep hills but it keeps on chugging. Replaced the exhaust manifold at 115k, but also had to do that on my 87' Cherokee; I think its a fairly common issue for Jeeps. Mine has 125k on it and runs like a champ with no issues. Long trips are annoying; the steering is sensitive and high winds really shake it (big square box on wheels). I love driving around with the top down and the doors off!

By John Gerbrandt on September 27 @ 11:10 pm
by owner
This is a used Sahara ragtop Jeep, green in color with tan top. It has been used with care. Mileage is approximately 65,000 miles. Was used for some off road travel for rockhounding. Otherwise was used for travel around town for short distances. Has been stored in a garage and well taken care of. It is a 6 cylinder 4 wheel drive, 1993 model in better than average condition. Has been regularly maintained. Has new tires. Has been in one fender bender accident, but was completely restored by the dealership.

By jeep4fun on March 15 @ 10:53 pm
Jeep 4 Fun
This is my and my wife's 3rd Jeep. We love to go 4 wheeling and Sunday rides. Mileage is OK (6 cylinder get 19 mpg, better than a 4 cylinder) This Jeep is dependable; we drive it to work 95% of time m-- we work at same location. People alway trying to buy it, even neighbors. Have pulled 4000 trailer in west NC mountains and to the beach. 140,000 miles, same clutch, same rear brakes shoes, have only replaced starter, radiator, coil, camshaft sensor and front brake pads. Not much for 140,000 miles and how hard we use it. We pull a utility trailer often too. We live in a cove with a steep 20 percent grade and we are almost alway the first ones out in deep snow. Mostly standard from the factory.

By drbphoto on April 11 @ 8:40 am
I have the'93 Wrangler S. Many friends scoffed at me when I sold a Toyota truck and bought the Jeep. It's been EXTREMELY reliable and has held up to abuse that would destroy almost anything else out there, So far I've put 100k miles on it with 3 non-user induced repairs; starter fuel pump and oil pressure switch. Extremely fun to drive on the short haul but abusive on a long drive. Spartan interior with almost no creature comforts, Leg room could be more. Over all it's the best car I have ever owned and will keep it in one form or another for a very long time

By wesrick on February 14 @ 11:00 pm
Review of Jeep Wrangler - 1993 - 4 cylinder
Like the other reviewers have said. It's a Jeep. It can be expensive. But, fixing things and doing regular maintenance right can make your Jeep really last. You must want a Jeep to get one, not just a car. They are not comfortable, they are not cheap, but they are very, very fun. There's nothing else like it. I am a creature of comfort (also drive a Lexus) however, I can't get rid of the Jeep. It's just too much fun.

By Firefighterjake on February 18 @ 2:40 am
One of the worse vehicles I have owned
I bought this Jeep shortly after graduating from college . . . guess I shouldn't have believed the hype about it being the ultimate off-road vehicle since it was the biggest lemon I have ever owned. In fact, it was this vehicle that made me decide to never own another Chrysler product (well that and my experience with a Dodge Omni and a Dodge Aspen.) Where do I start? Broken motor mounts, terrible service at the local dealership, a blown motor, a broken windshield wiper motor (I know of no one who has ever had to replace their wiper motor!) . . . and this was with minimal off-roading (i.e. old dirt roads). I will admit however taht it was a blast on warm summer days with the top off.

By ATVArcticWolfVTA on October 1 @ 9:20 am
Love It
I love my Wrangler! I'm 16, and it's my first car. When we bought it(for $2000), it wasn't that great, had been abused. But Wranglers are so easy to revive. I put a 3" lift on, 31" tires, painted it silver, new top, new carpet, added Grand Cherokee seats, complete new stereo system(soundbar, 6x9's, 4x6's, subs, and deck), new bumpers, nerf bars, etc. It may sound like a lot, but it is so much fun, and this is a teenager speaking here! I utterly love gonig topless(leave my doors on, have half doors).

By blue93yj on December 28 @ 9:03 am
Asphalt Hater, Dirt Devil!
Picked up ol' blue almost a yr ago on July 4th. Had 119K on it, now it has 123K. In her retirement, she's received a lot of TLC - 4" Superlift, 33x12.5x15 BFG Mud Terrains on Series 152 Black Rock Crawlers, AEM cold air intake, high flow cat., along w/40 Series Delta Flow Flowmaster, Detroit lockers rear, Detroit true-trac front, and 4.88 gears f/r. No oil leaks (yet) on original 2.5L I4 AMC engine. Engine runs strong for a 4 banger and now takes synthetic motor oil for more TLC. To date, no white or black smoke from her tailpipe. Has been a good experience mechanically, and overall, easy to work on. I have had too much fun giving this rig a new lease on life.

By T-Good on July 6 @ 5:43 am
Go Anywhere
We bought our 1993 Jeep Wrangler to pull behind our 2007 Winnie Aspect. The really nice thing is we don't have to run any brake system on it. Our RV is rated at a max 20,000 lb GW and we only have a 14,000 lb RV on a Ford 450 Chassis. Hell, don't even know it's there when tooling down the interstate. Have a modified military tow bar that's permanently attached to the jeep. Folds up and secured by 2 bungee cords. Hangs in there in the draft of the RV. Only loose 2 MPG of 12.6 MPG so 10 MPG with a 26 foot RV with Wrangler in tow is fine with me. I cut the wiring harness to the rear lights system next to the foot brake and attached a 4 wire trailer hookup. It's that easy. Unplug & plug in the trailer

By Becky on May 12 @ 7:33 pm
My Toy
I am a 29 year old female and I Purchased my YJ about 6 mos ago with 125,000 mi. when I got it, it needed new axle seals,rear brakes, new fluid, and new u-joints. since Ive done a lot more. Its my favorite Toy ever. Its so easy to work on from changing fluids to changing the timing chain. Everything Ive done to my Jeep I did myself. The only thing I dislike is the internal slave cylinder. I will eventually change to an external(with a new bellhousing). My Jeep is my pride and joy and I love when I get looks from everyone, especially when they find out that I do all the work myself. I better since I took 4 years in auto tech in High school.

By lonnie on February 9 @ 8:10 am
310000 mile jeep
I read about jeep owners loving their jeep with 150,000 miles. My jeep has 310,000 miles and doing remarkably well. I have used it like a log truck and pulled logs at one time. Patton said the jeep and the browning BAR automatic rifle won WWII. I also have a Grand Cher Laredo. It can't hold a light to the wrangler with the sports package as far as performance and reliability.

By Kevin on March 31 @ 3:00 pm
I Love my Jeep!
This little YJ is the ultimate go anywhere, do anything vehicle. I have it all pretty much stock, with slightly oversize tires (235/75/15). The tires aren't even off-road style lugs, they are street tires and this jeep will go anywhere on them. I have only gotten stuck in deep mud, and once high- centered it. If you like to go off-roading this is the best, most affordable, toughest little vehicle for that. If you like to cruise on the highway at 70+ mph this is not the best vehicle for that. Fuel mileage on the highway is dismal, but in town it is acceptable, and off-road fuel mileage is surprisingly good.

By balcuthra on October 30 @ 10:53 am
I’ve had this ride since 93. My only complaint was that Chrysler failed to implement a recall on the fuel gauge system failure. And replacing it would have cost me $700.00 at the dealer, which I promptly refused to do. I drive without a working fuel gauge till this day. Needless to say, I had that car shipped to Hawaii for three years, and Italy for four, now it’s in Florida waiting to be shipped to Puerto Rico. I will own it till it dies. It went through three transmissions, fuel pump, water pump, two belts, five brake changes, four u-bolts, four shocks, tires, and that about it, aside from oil and tune ups. I have off road several times

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