1992 Jeep Wrangler

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1992 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 1992

Three-point seatbelts anchored to the roll bar are added. New colors round out the changes.

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By ski-nh on November 7 @ 11:00 am
Toy Jeep
Jeep is driven year round as second vehicle. Off road occasionally. Purchased with 75000 miles and has run perfectly since with normal maintenance.

By Todd McCrary on January 7 @ 3:00 am
The great JEEP!!!
I love to drive my jeep . I love the way it performs and how easy it is to work on it

By Dalfun on October 14 @ 3:00 am
Its a O[[[O
They said if I bought a Jeep I'd be hooked... and they were right I love it!!!

By RUF RYDR on May 14 @ 11:00 am
Once you buy one, you'll love it!
I've had my Jeep going on 4yrs now. If you've ever wanted to buy one...DO IT! The things are an absolute blast. Mines a daily driver which gets about 15,000 mi a yr and I also use it off- road offten. This vehicle can't be beat for fun and reliability!

By riddy on February 22 @ 11:00 am
It's a JEEP thing, u wouldn't understand
I bought my Jeep new in '92 and 12 years and 98k miles later, it's still going strong. It's fun to drive on dry roads, dirt, or 2 feet of snow. Just don't expect any creature comforts in these older Jeeps - they're sparse inside. But even with a ragtop, the heater works great.

By john on April 10 @ 11:30 am
square headlights bad
The YJ (sqare headlight) jeeps are horrible. The new TJs are nice and the old CJs are nicer. I has my 92 YJ for 4 months and sold it because it had no character and i couln't take the sight of all that interior plastic! Now I have a classy 1985 Jeep CJ-7, more work but much more fun- and it has character!

By Jeepin dg on November 7 @ 10:13 am
Jeep the wonder Vehicle
I am aJeep fan but this is a vehicle of all trades -- it is not a master of anything on-road but it does it all and it can truely take you anywhere you want to be. For a daily driver I truely recommend it

By Kevin Maude on September 8 @ 7:20 pm
Amazing Summer Vehicle
I bought my Wrangler as a second summer car and boy did I make a great decision. There is nothing better then taking the top down and riding with the tunes turned up in a Wrangler! And don't forget to give the "Jeep Wave" to fellow Wrangler owners - priceless.

By lil on January 10 @ 6:03 am
Jeeps are dependable
I bought mine new and put every mile on it. Over 155,000 now and I like it just as much as I did when I bought it. Only needed one repair. Keep the oil changed and kept it clean. Been an excellent vehicle.

By Kelly on February 3 @ 8:26 pm
Surprised at Great Reliability
We bought our Jeep because of the look, the fun, the "Jeep thing". We thought we were taking a chance with reliability because it wasn't a Japanese import. We were so wrong! This Jeep has been our favorite vehicle for 14 years. We keep saying we are going to sell it - we have two little kids and you can't fit a wagon or many groceries - it isn't a practical family car. But it's so much fun... and it's certainly the last vestige of coolness we have left. Our Jeep has 115,000 miles on it, and I'm shocked to say it has been one of the most reliable cars we've ever had. We've had American sedans, Japanese sedans, and the Jeep continues to amaze and delight us even now.

By scott wilson on April 15 @ 2:13 pm
Jeep rocks
Bought in 98; it has been a solid vehicle. I had 200,000 miles on the original engine.

By mac on September 29 @ 2:50 pm
car check
Fun to ride in and to drive. Can go off road and handles road nicely. Nice getaway car for two people.

By David C. on June 11 @ 10:43 am
234K miles and going strong
Bought my 92 Wrangler used with 33K miles on it. I've driven it over 200K since and she still purrs like a kitten and looks great after a new paint job a few years back. I'm only a shade tree mechanic with a ratchet set and I find it extremely easy to maintain. The inline 4.0, 6 cylinder engine is the best around. Keep the oil clean and it will take care of you. I just replaced the radiator myself with that same old ratchet set. Biggest and easiest repair I've had to make. I confess she is my second car now but she is also my favorite toy to this day. Plan on keeping her forever and giving it to my 2 year old when he is of age. He's already calling it his Jeep.

By Spencer Cooke on March 17 @ 12:16 am
Absolute BLAST at low speeds
As long as you can accept what a Jeep WON'T do, you can truly enjoy what it WILL do. WON'T go over 70 mph WON'T save you money on gas WON'T impress your girlfriend's mother but it WILL go ANYWHERE at about 5 mph WILL save you money up front (it's cheap) WILL look good when dirty This is the coolest vehicle you can obtain for under $5000. Make sure that it's got a manual tranny, 33" tires or larger and a good top. 6-cyl is fast and has a more-reliable transmission but also gulps fuel - but if fuel economy was the point, you'd drive a prius. Get the soundbar, take off the doors and live a little.

By billy sanders on September 27 @ 3:53 am
Fun In The Sun...........
My wife and I really enjoy our jeep we frequent Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer Tx. The four wheeling is awesome. On a nice sunny day we take the top off.

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