1991 Jeep Wrangler

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1991 Jeep Wrangler

NEW FOR 1991

New Renegade option replaces Laredo and adds fender flares, fog lights and alloy wheels. A new six-cylinder engine boosts horsepower substantially, from 112 with the old 4.2-liter unit to 180 with the new 4.0-liter motor. Four-cylinder models also get a slight bump in power. New seats with reclining backrests are new to all models except S. A sound bar is also available on all models except S.

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By joehelmet on February 17 @ 11:00 am
My Wrangler
Not for everyone. Look for one w/hardtop. New hardtops are ungodly expensive in retail aftermarket ($1600-$2K+). Get it with the jeep - figure out how to take it off later. Conversation at highway speed w/o hard top, forget it. A/C, forget it. Don't get too excited about a stereo system. A Jeep is a big vibrating square metal box & you fight road noise too. Recommend a bra/guard up front, or the Jeep grill gets all chipped up. Not for extensive traveling, OK for day trips. Can really have fun & trick it for 4-wheeling. Lots of fun stuff to buy. Watch the tranny with the 6-cyl., esp the 3-spd auto. But you still got to stomp it!

By 97irrover on March 30 @ 3:00 am
my white jeep
love the outdoor feeling of the jeep although a pain in the colder months

By Rhea1 on June 24 @ 3:00 am
Built Great
This is a tough workhorse. After 12 years and 140,000 miles still runs great. Starts every morning. But it is what it is... Don't buy this vehical thinking you are getting anything else but a Jeep. It is not a car! If buying make sure you get the 4.0 IL6- It makes all the difference in the world. I have had two batteries and the water pump replaced in 12 years. I cant say enough good things about Jeep.

By scott20 on September 30 @ 11:00 am
mud monster
My jeep was the best suv i think i will ever own. I used it for off-roading and i drove it throw a mud up to the middle of the windshield and it powered right throw. It was crazy off-raod. I had Mud Kings 235/75/15 that is only 2 sizes bigger then stock. There was no lift in it. I had to replace the tranny once but i was rough on the jeep when i was off-road. Other then that it just needed basic maintance. I am sad to say that i totaled my jeep.

By zsundsten on February 5 @ 3:00 am
Great all around Jeep
Looking for a dependable, strong, go- anywhere fun Jeep? This is it. I opted for the 4 cylinder because it has plenty of power with better fuel economy. Wranglers are for adventurous people who want to have fun - not for people who want a comfortable cadillac. Since the Jeep is not the most comfortable - but does what it is supposed to excellent.

By bigticket42 on January 5 @ 12:26 pm
Great if you realize what you're buying
I had alway wanted a Jeep and I finally bought one. First of all I love mine, but you need to realize what you are buying. These are loud and ride very stiff from the factory. I have the 4 Cylinder and like it because I get 18 - 20 around town. The downfall with the 4 is that it is not fast. I think 75 mph is pushing it on a flat surface so it is not great for going out of town in (although my daughters will drive these when they get their first car) I recommend the soft top, although loud one person can take it down and back on in under 5 minutes. The hardtop is a pain to get off and on and is a multiple person job. If you have both the hardtop is ideal for winter. Mine has been reliable.

By Famousff on June 14 @ 5:36 am
My adult Lego!
This is my second Yj wrangler, they are very fun to drive. Not bad on the freeway with a hard top and full doors. Very easy to take on and off. There are so much you can do to this ride to make it your own. Nothing can beat driving a wrangler with the doors off and top down on a nice sunny day!

By Sarge on December 30 @ 11:17 pm
Little tank YJ !!!
You don't buy a jeep thinking it's a car ! It's a jeep! , these things are tanks and will take a licking and keep on ticking! Rust is a issue if you don't keep up on washing the undercarriage. Rides like a old truck , creaks pops and rattles but your in a old jeep !

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