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"What midsize sedan should I buy?" The answer to this question has long been "Honda Accord." It's the instinctive response, like being asked your birthday or your dog's name. The Accord has been a top choice in the segment so consistently that recommending one has always been easy. Times are changing, however. With impressive new competitors, the 2011 Honda Accord now has more serious rivals to compete against.

The current-generation Accord (it debuted in 2008) is the biggest yet, offering the most accommodating interior in its class. Yet this super-sizing of the Accord also comes with a downside, because it no longer feels like the "right-size" choice in the family sedan class. While its steering remains responsive and tactile, the Accord has a tendency to feel super-sized when driven around corners. Its acceleration is also a bit underwhelming, with a five-speed automatic transmission doing duty here when most competing models now offer snappier six-speeds.

There is one bright spot for 2011, because the Accord's engines choices are now more frugal. Thanks to aerodynamic tweaks, engine friction reductions and revised transmission gearing, the four-cylinder Accord now has an EPA rating of 23 city/34 highway, a rise of about 2 mpg that takes the Accord to the top of the fuel economy chart for family sedans. The V6 is also a bit more efficient this year, too.

Unfortunately, the Accord's interior hasn't changed much for 2011. Compared to newer competitors like the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima, the Accord's cabin looks and feels a bit down-market. The plastics aren't as nice and the look is rather drab -- especially if you opt for gray. Honda has made some slight changes to the convoluted climate controls found on navigation-equipped models this year, but the Accord's center stack continues to be plagued by far too many buttons.

Nevertheless, it's important to note that the 2011 Honda Accord remains a solid pick among family sedans. It's spacious, fuel-efficient and reliable and should hold its value well. The Accord also comes in a sporty coupe body style, something that few other automakers offer in their midsize models. So we still recommend the Accord. But choices like the 2011 Ford Fusion, 2011 Kia Optima, 2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2011 Mazda 6 and even the 2011 Suzuki Kizashi now outpace the Accord in many areas, so the answer to "What midsize sedan should I buy?" is now more muddled than it used to be.

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2011 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 2011

For 2011, the Honda Accord receives the first significant updates for its current-generation platform. Most notably, fuel economy is up thanks to revised aerodynamics plus tweaks to the engines and transmissions. The SE trim level has been added and there are new optional features as well, including an iPod/USB interface, a rearview camera, driver memory functions and shift paddles. The exterior has been given a mild refresh, while the interior's climate-control buttons have been rearranged for compatibility with the optional navigation system.


Four-cylinder fuel economy


Seats uncomfortable.

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By Mike Greenwald on December 31 @ 11:00 am
Great design
Great car. I looked at the 2010 Accords & was comparing it the Altimas, VW CC, Sonata, Fusion & Malibu. I read all kinds of reviews & it seemed like all the cars were compared to the Accord. I didn't really like the back of the 2010 Accord , so I decided to wait til the 2011's came out to see it in in person instead of just internet pictures. I loved the changes to the front & rear of the Accord. I drove it and all the above mentioned cars and I realized the Accord's overall package was the best for me. The other cars were rated well, but I didn't think any of them were as nice a car with the quality & reliability as Honda. I couldn't be happier with my decision to buy the 2011 Accord.

By cam on March 19 @ 11:00 am
Honda Household
Just purchased my '11 Accord Coupe and have less than 100 miles on it. Initially thought that the ride was too firm, but tested the tires' air pressures and found them to be 6 to 8 pounds too high. After adjustment the ride is just about right for a performance vehicle. Striking appearance with the polished metal exterior color, black pin stripes, black leather interior and 18" styled, light gray alloy wheels. Have heard criticism about Accord brakes, but these seem great too me, with a good progressive feel as you depress the pedal. Excellent sound system. Handles like it's on a rail with little movement in the corners. Center stack is a little involved, but fun to learn and easy to operate.

By Mike Greenwald on September 9 @ 11:00 am
Thank you Honda
I think this is the best car in its class for overall package. I looked at all kinds of reviews. But this vehicle was the most complete & it is made in Marysville, OH with 80% parts made in America

By Tom Verghese on September 9 @ 11:00 am
Luxury, Performance, Affordable
Honda has done it again with the 2011 Accord 4 cyl sedan (leather with navigation/ rear-view camera) It feels like the Acura TSX / TL on the inside, is built on the same frame as the $ 43,000 Acura TL. It tales regular gas (instead of premium) and actual does 27 mpg in mixed driving. On the highway you can easily get 35 mpg if you drive carefully. if you want performance, the 4 cyl engine is more than adequate fro passing, merging and cornering safely. Cornering is a joy and almost feels like a BMW 328 xi. Main drawback is lack of AWD version for people who live in the snow belt like me.

By sbains on September 17 @ 11:00 am
Purchased Honda Accord EXL V6 - White
I purchased my 2011 Honda Accord EXL V6 on 10/9/10 from AutoWest Honda. I got a great deal, as I negotiated $26,250 + fees (=$750 destination, $482 DMV fees, $55 doc and 9.25% sales tax). This came to under $30k out-the- door. Car has very good torque (254lb) and 271 horsepower which makes it nice and punchy to get on freeways and for overtaking rubberneckers! I also own a 2005 Honda Odyssey and the 3.5l engine is similar but torqued differently. The road noise is not as bad as the editorial review, you will notice some wind noise and you will not hear the engine.

By Patricia on March 9 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Driving Experience
The 2011 Honda Accord SE is a luxurious car and a modest price. It handles responsively, especially when turning. The interior dashboard is no nonsense: what you need and nothing more. (This is a plus, IMHO.) The all leather interior gives this car a classier look, but it's also very practical-- very easy to keep clean.

By Surya on November 16 @ 11:00 am
2011 Accord
After a 1 month search I bought this car. I am not disappointed after buying this stylish car. I had Audi A4 earlier and always want a bigger car than. Since Honda cost less than Audi A6, I went with this car. So far it's running good. The features are good and very ergonomically placed. I have bad neck pain in my previous Audi vehicle. But the seats in 2011 Accord were good. I feel very comfortable. Though the initial pick up from stop is not that great, but it drives at high speed.

By Puru on September 24 @ 11:00 am
Please change the seats
I purchased a Honda 2011 LE last month. Before purchasing, test drove it for 10-15 mins. Well, 2 things that bothers me. 1. The driver's seat is horrible and not at all comfortable. There is hardly any cushion on the seats and the seats are very hard. My back pains if I go on a long drive ( more than 2 hrs). This could have been my deal breaker if I had experienced this earlier. 2. Road Noise : Honda's are usually noisy and this one is no different.

By Buckeye on November 23 @ 11:00 am
My 3rd Accord
Have had the car now since late September and like the styling. Radio is a bit cumbersome to get used to but the sound quality is really good. This is my third Accord ('98, '04 and now the '11) and I am surprised that Honda still has not done a better job with road noise. The Camry is better for keeping the noise down but the Accord handles better.

By Me on August 19 @ 11:00 am
The Best Decision I Ever Made!!
Recently, I upgraded from an '06 Civic EX Coupe to the '11 Accord EX-L V6. Very Smart move! Holds the road well, COMFORTABLE, and the best part, hidden POWER! People assume because it's a "Honda" it's not going to have "Guts" but this thing has plenty of PUNCH! Love my new car!

By Edward on August 19 @ 11:00 am
Eyes catching car
Always drive 6 cylinder cars, first time with 4 cylinders vehicle and I am happy with the performance and most importantly, the gas mileage. I have seen so far none 2011 Accord on the street of Atlanta metro (of course there are some but I haven't seen yet) the tail lights are very well designed, much more classy than the 2010. Love it!

By Marin Driver on May 15 @ 11:00 am
Good Car, But Far from Perfect
The 2011 Accord is rated at 34 mpg/highway. I'm averaging 27.5 for mostly highway driving. Unlike my 2003 Camry, there are no cargo hooks in the truck, and the trunk carpet is one-sided only. In contrast, the trunk carpet in my Camry is two-sided, with rubber on one side - a must have for carrying potting soil, bags of cement, etc. And unlike my Camry, the Accord lacks a tray for 1-gallon jugs of milk. The installation of cargo hooks and a cargo net in the Accord's truck requires rivets and a lot of work. Most people will have to pay the dealer, which is expensive. The cargo net is not as good as the Camry's, as it's not very deep, can't hold heavy loads, and fits fewer grocery bags.

By kytom on May 4 @ 3:00 am
Best sedan out there
This is the best Accord ever! The drive is amazing, the interior design is very nice not flashy or overwhelming like other brands that are trying to compete with Honda. If you like quality engine and stylish interior yet simple and functional the Accord EX-L is for you.

By Vyker on January 29 @ 3:00 am
Good 'Middle-Age' Guy Car
Just purchased the vehicle, so I am in the new-ower phase. My color is Gun- metal gray, with black leather interior. It is an EX-L V-6 Coupe. I test drove the Nissan Altima Coupe (V- 6 and V-4, did not like to buy premium gas), the Kia Forte Coupe, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the Ford Mustang, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. All of those were good cars, just that the V-6 Honda Accord Coupe was the one I wanted based on reliability, safety, looks, and performance. Gunn Honda had a special, Got my car for $25,380 (before tax). It was cheaper than a used Honda. go figure.

By Michael on July 3 @ 3:00 am
Good, but could have been better.
Still too loud. Hate the engineered in road noise just to be louder than an Acura. Quality is very good, beautiful interior. Stereo is great. Seriously though, for $32K it should have a 6-speed auto by now and proximity key/ push-button start like it's competitors. Still a huge upgrade from my 2000 Accord though. My wife is very happy I got another Accord though the Sonata 2.0t was a serious contender.

By Becca Lynn on September 19 @ 3:00 am
Love It!
I got this car for my 18th birthday about a month ago && i love it so much. Before I got this car I drove my mom's 2010 Accord so when i went to get a car I didn't go for the Civic like all teens drive. I got it in White w/ Tan interior. I love how they changed the front && back of the car. && since I'm the only one I've seen with a 2011 within about 100miles of me is very cool! overall I love this car. Honda is the way to go.

By cntenn on February 28 @ 3:48 am
Love it!
I have only had this car a little over a week but I love it. We have previously owned a CR-V, Civic, and Accord Sedan so we are Honda people. When it was time to purchase a new car, we wanted something reliable, fun, and sporty. The Honda Accord Coupe V6 fit the bill and it comes with great gas mileage too! It is fun to drive and I know that it will give us the reliability that we were looking for.

By algary on November 16 @ 6:27 am
very pleasantly surprised
Based on the reviews I was surprised how quiet it is. Perhaps the active noise cancellation in the EX trim helps. Certainly quieter that the previous model series. The ride is very composed and smooth despite quite aggressive tires. Very solid feel. The 2011 front fascia looks much improved over the 2010. The overall styling is fine. The Hyundai, although a very good car, seems overstyled to me. All our previous Hondas were incredibly reliable and were fun to drive.

By brendawms on September 7 @ 7:06 am
Faithful Honda Owner
My first car was 1995 Honda Civic LP (drove for 11 yrs). I purchased a 2007 Honda Accord SE in Sept 2006. I was forced to purchased a new car because my 07 was totalled on Aug 12, 2010. I decided to wait on the release of the 2011. I ended up purchasing the 2010 Accord SE instead of 2011 Accord LP (more features for the same price). The 2011 Accord SE does have a front shock tower bar, USB interface, and auto on/off headlights. I still haven't seem any of the 2011 on the road, but I dont regret my decision.

By mgrow on October 22 @ 11:18 am
2011 Honda Accord
I recently purchased my 2011 Honda Accord from Maddy Zaalouk at Leith Honda in Raleigh, N.C. My experience was excellent. It was an easy and hassle free purchase. I also considered buying a Camry and an Altima. After comparing all 3 vehicles the Accord won me over for its overall package inlcuding body style, standard accessories, reliability, driving experience and price.

By tcarstar on June 12 @ 10:01 pm
EX-L V6 Accord Coupe is Upscale, Sporty, Reliable and Even Hot!
The 2011 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 looks great outside and inside. The exterior looks upscale and sporty like an entry-level luxury car. The handling is tight and sporty. The black leather interior looks sporty and upscale. It's hot! The Accord coupe exterior looks different than the sedan. I would compare the V6 Accord Coupe more to an Infinity or Acura than a Camry, Fusion or Sonata sedan. We also own a loaded 2010 Camry XLE sedan to compare against. The Camry has a more comfortable, quiet and luxurious ride, but the Accord V6 Coupe is more sporty and hot looking inside and out. The Honda Accord is super reliable, so you always have dependable transportation and no headaches. It's a good buy.

By usmc75 on April 27 @ 1:04 pm
Great Car
Had a 2010 Honda civic could not handle the noise and ride. Got the Accord LX-P WOW what a difference it's like day and night. Love my accord, power,ride roomy and MPG. Thanks Honda

By onlyhondas on March 26 @ 2:05 pm
I have put about 500 miles on my new 2011 Accord and have yet to achieve anything near the reported MPG ratings. I was hoping that it would get better after a few fill ups but only got 17.6 mpg on this last tank that was 80% in town and 20 highway. I squeaked out 20 mpg on the previous tank that was about 60% highway. Well below the rated 27 MPG for combined driving. I love the car but the low mpg is very discouraging especially since I gave up my beloved Civic to trade up.

By socalicious on March 9 @ 3:34 pm
I'm pretty darn impressed!!
I've had it for 3 days now and i have to say is an awesome machine to drive, i know it sounds fancy but it deserves the title IMHO. I'm a guy who has driven 8 and 6 cylinders cars for years but the way gas prices are now i decided to go for a smaller engine and after carefully consideration i chose this 1. I can't complain about this engine its middle of the week and i still have more than half a tank and have driven over 200 miles. I love how it handles the curves, great stability. I know is not a sports car but it drives sweet and looks sweet too!! it feels great when people get a glimpse of you while you drive by.. you wont regret it

By jaymac04 on June 16 @ 1:10 am
Great car especially for the price
This is my first Honda, I like the exterior look of the car, and I knew that I wanted one since the body style change in 2008. The big negative I read from consumer reviews on the 2010 models were the seats being uncomfortable. However, I could not disagree more, the seats are comfortable, the car is fun to drive, and all the buttons are within reaching distance. The heated seats warm quickly. The only negative I have is the gas mileage does not seem to be accurate. Although I drive mostly highway, the car still only averages around 25 miles to the gallon. If that's my only complaint about the car, then I have made a wise purchasing decision.

By patel_dilip on April 4 @ 11:04 pm
I always liked Honda and decided to go for Accord 2011 EX-L hoping to get good MPG. So far I have managed to get only about 20-22 MPG. At first I thought it is a new car and MPG will improve after putting some miles on my car. Its been 3 months and around 2400 miles and still the same. I am really disappointed now. The interiors are also just about okay, they have used cheap plastic on door handles. The car may be reliable but MPG is so far very disaapointing for which I bought the car in first place.

By aces_full on June 30 @ 5:42 pm
Better than I thought....
I have to admit, this was not my first choice in cars, but I live in the city and just needed a car to get around on the weekends and a night or 2 during the week. That being said, the Accord does the job well. Overall the looks have grown on me (including the gaudy chrome grille) and the acceleration is better than adequate; definitely better than I expected based on the reviews I read. Trunk space is excellent and so is the access - I was coming from an SUV. The wheels on the EX give the car a sporty look. Overall a good car, but I do have some complaints you will see....

By ur_valet on February 26 @ 11:35 am
Disappointed if I'm going to be honest
First its very noisy, sound insulation very low you wont even be able to use a Bluetooth. Stock stereo is total garbage no clarity above 40% of the volume. Very harsh ride definitely not for NYC streets. So far I average 22mpg with 40city/60hwy driving. It desperately needs a sixth gear because on a hwy u will have 3000rpm at 72mph probably will improve the mpgs as well. Overall its a very good looking car with nicely designed interior and for the money its hard to match but Koreans are getting very close. Once the lease expires will not be getting another honda. This is my 2nd and probably last unless they step up overall build quality. Very happy i didn't buy this.

By rog2867 on December 11 @ 9:58 am
great deal
I got the EX-L V6 with nav for 26000, no on even touched that price in NJ. Purchased yesterday and will pick up tomorrow. Will write a full review after I get to drive it. Currently have 2008 same model but residual on lease was to high to purchase. Some nice new features. Memory seating finally and rear camera.

By cmncents on September 6 @ 4:06 am
Good car but have regrets
Bought my 2011 ex in Dec 2010 for a fair price after trading a 2007 Prius with 88k miles. Like some of the other people who have written reviews I found the short test drive did not reveal some of the negatives of this car and have only myself to blame. Primary complaints: uncomfortable seats, below advertised gas mileage, not having outside temp reading or gas mileage calculator display. I wish I would have kept my prius. For a smaller car it drove great, plenty of cargo space, gas mileage was awesome. Seats more comfortable and even though I have read the possibility of expensive hybrid replacement parts I think I could have put another 70k miles without a major replacement issue.

By laxguy95 on March 11 @ 7:45 pm
What happened to Honda?
Bought this car to take over daily driving duties from a 96 Accord. As others have mentioned, the front seats are uncomfortable after 15 minutes of driving. The clutch pedal is very smooth, but it provides no feedback to the driver on dis/engagement. The steering wheel has a very cheap feel from all of the plastic pieces. Sight lines look good from the outside, but there is a jump in height of the interior trim that cuts several inches off the bottom of the rear windows. The car feels as if it was hurried to be finished. Look at how the mirrors are only 2/3 painted and the dash is about an inch short of the the windshield showing foam insulation as examples.

By ontheroad11 on January 19 @ 12:26 am
What is there NOT to like?
I've got About 2000 miles on my 2011 accord and I have to say it's totally amazing. The ride is ultra smooth, to the point its the first thing people comment on when they get in the car. I'm not sure what people are saying about the road noise. I have the V-6, so the 4 could be louder, I'm not sure. The interior is ultra classy, not overdone like most of the other cars in this class. The navi is good, but not great. The accord seats are great for me, but not all. I have back issues and the adjustable lower lumbar support is excellent. The 271 hp 3.5 V-6 is one of the top rated engines on the road. The transmission is a 5 speed that gets 0-60 faster than any car in the class. Honda is quality

By wcascrs on May 11 @ 6:44 am
Kinda Sporty, Kinda Sexy, Very Reliable Coupe
I have the 4 cyl EX w/ AT and it does a lot of things very well. It is very reliable, the engine sounds nice and healthy. I like the AT, it is very smooth shifting. It likes to mostly maintain speed when you let foot off gas as it is trying to stay in higher gear to save fuel. Downshifts nicely when braking. Motor keeps quite low rpms cruising highway. Not amazing torque from stop, but hey, it's a 4 cyl. Steers nice, wheel feels great. Feels very secure to drive on windy road. Visibility is really good out windows. I’m 6’2” and still have couple inches headroom, rare for a sporty coupe. If this is the type of car you want, it is very competitive with good build quality, reliability.

By nyjock9 on October 11 @ 8:22 pm
One Sharp Car! Must keep tires at 34+
Picked up my Accord Coup EXL V6 Automatic,polished Metal Metallac,w Black leather interior on Jan 28th for 26,300$ before tax with splash and door guards,wheel locks and trunk tray included. Have 1,000 miles now and my V6 is getting 28mpg highway,15mpg city,fine for such a fast car. I've gotten nothing but praise since i bought the car,surprised i dont see more on the road here in the NY area. One thing i did notice is the dealership had the tire pressue at bout 38lbs!,I knocked them down to bout 35 lbs of pressure and the car is getting fine mileage with great handling and response from a dead stop,any less than 35lbs and the car feels sluggish and the gas mileage drops bout 2 or 3 mpg.

By nomorhonda4m on July 26 @ 12:43 am
I have a 2010 Accord V6 Nav. nice car. I bought this car because I drive allmost 200 miles a day to and from work. When it was time for my first oil change my car was 3 qts low of oil. Well not to panic thinking maybe it was low from the factory i said nothing. Next oil change same thing so then the tec. tells me to bring the car in every 1000 miles to have the oil checked. Well end result is the cat (2010 Honda Accord) uses one qrt enery 1200 miles and HONDA is saying that is normal oil consumtion. (WHAT) and there is nothing they can do. In reading online about it some people are fouling spark plug and having Catalytic Converter problems! So it is for sale if anyone is intersted. (Cheap)

By jimbo1937 on August 10 @ 11:02 am
Constant jittering except on the smoothest of roads
Wow, what a disappointing ride after driving a smooth Prius! Except on the very best roads, the car is constantly jittering and taking road imperfections hard. Watch your right leg; it will be constantly moving. Why hasn't Honda corrected this problem? Why do so few comment on it? Don't know why I didn't pick this up on my test drive. Tire pressure at 32. Within two minutes of being in the car, my granddaughter asked me if I HAD test driven it. Love the design and interior, with the heated seats and Bluetooth, but the ride is the key to enjoyment, and the car fails on this test.

By pierre6 on February 23 @ 9:47 am
Was this car built on a Monday after intoxicated weekend?
Bought this 2011 Honda Accord EX 4cyl in Jan 2011. The seats are a little uncomfortable, but am getting use to it. The Drivers door does not unlock every time the car is put in park, maybe its getting broke in? My biggest concern, is the Air Conditioning. The Car has 1400 miles, and the AC is barely Cool, not cold.My 2004 honda accord EX A/C is perfect. My 2011 Honda Accord is spending the night at the dealership because I did not want to go another day with a disapointing A/C, so left it with them! Today was 80F outside and the A/C was barely Cool. I traded in my 2004 c230 Mercedes for this Car, just hope this Honda is not a lemon! No problems with my 2004 Honda. Very concerned!!

By jimbo1937 on November 26 @ 9:42 am
Does no one else care about the harsh ride or am I just an old guy who doesn't like the feel of the streets?
I posted once before about the harsh ride of this car. Only one other post refers to it, yet to me it is very noticeable. I traded in an '04 Prius, which, although a lighter car, was MUCH smoother over road imperfections. All other family members notice the difference. If you've ever been in a smooth driving car, you know what I mean. Can't believe Honda hasn't fixed the problem by now. Tire pressure at 35. If you go over a speed bump, the rear end flies up with a noticeable bang. Maybe I'm just an old guy who expects more comfort that an under #30,000 car provides.

By hondaremote on July 1 @ 12:52 pm
Very Noisy
I started using this Honda A-2010 Pros: very stable in ice/snow and curves, good control and smooth steer Cons: It sucks because it very noisy, last week i rented a Hyundai and amazingly silent inside the cabin HOnda please change this and if you can tell how to improve I really appreciate

By really1 on October 5 @ 11:46 pm
Love My Accord Coupe, Just NOT the Bluetooth
I love the car. The Ride is great because of the excellent double wishbone front suspension (wish it was still in the back also). The 4 cyl needs more torque. The Bluetooth is the worst of the manufacturer's system's. My Ford Sync was FAR superior. The Accord is a better drive though. No Satellite radio without leather! Really??

By wcbhm on July 29 @ 3:54 pm
A/C Problems
I am a loyal Honda customer, having owned driven Honda for the last eleven years, and currently being a 2 Honda household. I traded in my 2000 Accord last fall for a 2010 Accord. Other than the sluggish performance of the base 4 cyl engine, I have been generally pleased with the car until today. I recently noticed that my air conditioner was not cooling the vehicle. When I took it into the dealer, they said that a rock had popped through the grill and punctured a small hole in the condensor. This type of environmental damage is not covered under warranty, and I owe $769 to replace the condensor on my brand new car. American Honda was no help either. I have read of similar complaints b

By gstavros on January 21 @ 11:34 pm
Honda does it again!
This is my 4th Honda. I love the solid feel of a Honda. It feels different than anything else on the road. I've had the Accord Coupe for about a month now. It drives about like I expected - super, but the big surprise has been the interior space. I am 6'2" and from the front seat, the cabin spreads up, out and down and envelopes me in comfort. The handling and braking are outstanding, and acceleration for a 4-cylinder is very nice. The complaint some have about the buttons is something I don't understand. I had them figured out in a day. But yeah, if you want big, toy-like dials, this isn't the car for you. Great trunk space and visibility for a coupe too.

By alhouston on November 7 @ 2:02 am
Good Value
I have only owned the car a few days but have already been pleased with the comfortable drive and overall handling of the car. I have looked at a number of cars in this class (Camry, Fusion and Sonata) and think this was the best value given its reputaion for reliability and the strong dealer support (Commonwealth Motors, Lawrence).

By aalden on January 7 @ 11:43 am
Great car
This is my 3rd Honda, my last two I had for over 10 years each. I bought this because of the reliability and low maintence costs. I love the car, just wish the cabin was quieter. Not sure why people are complaining about the seats, they are comfortable. If you want a luxury car, then spend $30,000 or more for a car, or spend more time driving and checking out the car before you buy it. I do wish it came with a USB port, that should be standard these days.

By kyrider on October 14 @ 4:16 am
Very nice car for few months only
I purchased my 2011 Accord in November 2010 and in the beginning I loved everything about the car: handling, interior, exterior. But, after only 2200miles I started having vibrations in the steering wheel @ 65-70mph. Took the car for service and after few times back and forth in service they keep balancing the wheels and saying this is normal for Accord. Of course this is code for we can't fix your car and you just got stuck with a lemon. I know that many people have no issues with their Accords but if you want to roll the dice go ahead buy one.

By jackd990 on May 19 @ 8:45 am
3rd Accord...Great Car
My wife and I previously owned 1989 LX (165k+ miles) and 1998 LX V-6 with leather, wood and remote lock options (200k+ miles). Also have extensive driving experience with 1990-93 series, 1994-1997 series and a 2003 EX V-6. Have driven Camrys, Altimas and Sonatas. Purchased 2011 EX-L 4 cyl end of Feb. Already have 3500+ miles on it, with highway trips up to 3 hrs duration. Can tell that Honda's folks have been spending time in German cars. Firm European ride, firm and supportive seats (we like both) and acceptable road noise (it's an Accord!). Drives like smaller car...handles well, loves curves and steering is very direct. Brakes are comparable to '98's (very good).

By hondafam3 on October 28 @ 5:42 am
This is a follow-up to my initial review. I now have 3,500 miles on my coupe and experienced the oil burning issue that I've noted in the comments of others re the VCM engine. My car burned a quart in 3,500 miles. Took it to the dealer. They called Honda and Honda said that up to 1 quart of oil usage per 1,000 miles is within an acceptable range. This is my 4th Honda. The first 3 never experienced this problem. Had Honda disclosed to me that I should expect the VCM engine to use a quart of oil every 3,500 miles I wouldn't have bought the car. The dealer offered no solution other than for me to call Honda and repeat their effort. I'm not optimistic and am very unhappy with my purchase.

By rzeles on January 18 @ 4:31 pm
Uncomfortable Seats in the EX-L
I just leased a 2011 EX-L after driving a Sonata. I should have stuck with the Sonata. I agree with many of the posts I have seen on the seats. They are horrible. Extremely hard and uncomfortable. I'm 5'7" so maybe may body just doesnt fit properly. I bought a $20 cushion from Autozone, and it made it a little better, however, even after a short ride my rear becomes almost numb. The lumbar is also a problem. Frankly, the car just seems a little too big. Nice ride overall and I like the 190hp 4 cyl. Terrible seats for almost a $27k vehicle.

By acc33 on February 22 @ 5:59 am
08 Accord Coupe
I am reviewing a 2008 Honda Accord Coupe v6-L that I recently traded in at the end of my lease. I dont think a whole lot with the car has changed in the past few years and I wanted to share my experience with the car. For me this car is better on the highways than on city streets. The suspension is rigid and you feel a lot of the bumps associated with city driving. The car is long and wide so it's not nimble on narrow streets. However, it is very smooth on the highways. Corners great and really grips the road. Acceleration is awesome. Accord steering is the best out there and you feel "in touch" with the road. The car does not do well in the snow. Interior road noise significant.

By peter777 on March 3 @ 8:12 am
Very Impressed
Well this is my first ever car in US. But I have been driving another 2001 Honda Accord in our family for 3 years. Before buying my own 2011 Honda Accord I test drove the competition- Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima. Both were good at their own places. But when I test drove Honda Accord, I made my mind right away and bought it. What impressed me was the interior spaciousness, and the exterior style. I knew other stuff like the rock solid reliability of Accords and the less desirable traits like road noise they have. But overall package appealed me. The car's seats are really comfortable, road noise is less than 2001 Accord. Acceleration, handling, and breaking are nice for SANE driving.

By norberte on May 17 @ 9:58 pm
Uncomfortable seat!
This is my first Accord. I have it for about a month. I did not notice the seat issue with the short test drive. I like everything else about the car. However, I found myself still searching for a comfortable adjustment for the seat after almost a month of driving it. It is so hard and uncomfortable comparing to my Chrysler LHS's nice soft cushy seat. It seems that the adjustment range of the 10 way power seat in the Accord is too limited. The front of the seat is tilted up too high, even at its lowest setting, pinching on the back of my thigh. It feel like I am seating in a folding chair that is about to fold up on me. My bottom and legs feel numb after driving for about half an hour!

By bob1991 on April 21 @ 1:22 am
Beware of A/C
A/C failed at about 5000 miles. took to dealership and they said a stone punctured the condenser. also that this is a common problem which costs about a 1000 dollars to fix. None of the other cars I own have any problems of this kind. This will be my last Honda, why bother getting a trouble prone car when you can get a Toyota or any brand which is not purposefully engineered to make money off repairs.

By leesmart on April 13 @ 2:12 pm
Love my 2011 EX-L
Purchased my new Honda EX-L after researching the Infiniti G, Nissan Altima and Hyundai Sonata. Passed on the Infiniti due to cost and premium fuel. Was moving from my 2000 Nissan Maxima which I was disappointed with due to minor things like the sun glasses holder and arm rest breaking and other parts failing. Liked the look of the Sonata but unsure of reliability and resale value. Test drove the Accord and fell in love. The ride is great. Not sure why people are complaining about the seats. With the many seat settings I was able to find one that works perfect for me. The interior gives the feeling of riding in a high priced European car. Pros: Handling, regular gas Cons: No home link.

By thinktwice on January 1 @ 12:19 pm
Not Impressed
I have an EX-L 2011 Sedan that is far from impressive. The road noise on the highway is horrible. It sounds as though the windows are not up all the way. The seats are very uncomfortable as well. I had an 09 TL that I traded for the Accord thinking that the fuel economy would be worth what I was giving up. Well, other than the cost of regular gas vs premium, I'm not saving enough to compensate for what I'm missing. Honda needs to step-up. Although the leather is nice, the dash and console area are very cheap looking plastic. Almost embarrassing. I wish I thought longer before this purchase.

By rich_c4 on February 16 @ 10:23 am
Better than expected
I have driven this car nearly 7k miles so far and it has been great! very stable on the highway and easy to get around town. Long road trips are easy and the interior is just the right amount of form and funtion.

By hondasucks4 on March 10 @ 7:43 am
Uses Oil
I bought a V6 Accord about a year ago. After a couple oil changes notice car was low of oil after only 5000 miles. Long story short car uses 1 qrt every 1500 miles and honda is doing nothin. Please google Accord oil consumtion before you buy. This is a very bad problem that Honda will not fix for me are many other accord owners. It anyone has questions email me [violative content deleted].

By carrsss on March 11 @ 8:00 pm
This is my 3rd Honda. When you buy a Honda, you expect a solid car/good value...nothing complicated. My 2011 Honda Accord 4dr has the same problem that started with in 2008 with the current generation...body creak due to a failed rear passenger weld joint. Plus, this car makes all sorts of weird sounds/creaks/groans. Google and find out for yourself – many complainers. Solution? Rip out interior panel and spray toxic lubricant on the interior area of the car. Or bend the metal parts that are rubbing. There is a TSB on point so Honda knows about this problem but is still making cars with the problem.

By nova14 on July 17 @ 3:37 pm
It is not "the one" for me!
I bought this car after owning volvos and needless to say, I wish I did NOT! It may be advertised as "the One" but it is a NONE for me. The car is just plain ugly and lacks any sort of fun to drive feel that I had from driving my volvos. It is the most boring and uneventful car out on the road today. The interior design is acceptable and the cost of service is good and those are the only nice things I can honestly say about the car. They advertise the car as holding it's blue book value, but when I took it to the dealership recently to sell it back they took so much off my purchase price that it was not realistic---so don't believe the bunk about resale value--not true.

By eberleb on May 16 @ 6:11 pm
Things I'm not crazy about: 1) Body styling- but I didn't buy this car for looks. I bought it for the affordability with a good engine and a manual transmission. 2) Seats are kinda uncomfortable on road trips, but again I bought this car for performance, not comfort. Things I really like: 1) Engine gets up and GOES! 2) 6 speed manual is really responsive and I can get power to the wheels very quickly when some idiot is doing 65 in the left lane and I have to zip around him and make him feel like the moron that he/she is. 3) Interior design is well thought-out. All controls are easily within arms reach. 4) Bluetooth- 'nuff said. Creature comforts coupled with performance= Great car!

By bklynborn on September 4 @ 1:33 am
New Accord Is Great!
Purchased new Accord recently and it is a wonderful car. Very smooth and it rides confidently. The 190 HSP 4-cylinder has more power than I thought it would and feels almost like a V-6. The interior also has lots of room both front and back. The craftsmanship on this car is just terrific and exceeded my expectations. I test drove a Fusion, Camry and Sonata and the Accord handles much better and that ultimately was the deciding factor. To me, it still is the benchmark in this class of automobiles. The only thing they should have included was an outside temperature guage which is a safety feature in cold weather. If you buy this car you won't be disappointed.

By carsales1 on October 6 @ 10:00 am
2011 Honda Accord coupe
I have owned car lot for 8 years and have had good luck with hondas. This one was different. The beautiful design of the exterior and the good quality found in past hondas is why I bought it. The seat is rock hard so on 2 hr drives my legs and back hurt. Very uncomfortable car. this car sits very low making it difficult to get in and out. also difficult to find a position to hold the steering wheel so that you can rest your arm while driving. At 7500 miles the front suspension started making a popping sound when stopping and starting off. Honda fixed this free, but it started back the next day. The back also squeaked on bumpy road. Traded in with less than 10 k for a Ford F150. Happy now!

By finallyahonda on March 8 @ 12:42 pm
Gas Mileage Not as Expected
I bought my Accord for the reliability, resale value, styling, gas efficiency, and comfort. I tried sportier cars but liked the smooth handling and interior design of the Accord. Despite being a little noisier than I prefer, it was the best value for the price. The car looks and feels like a luxury vehicle. My husband has a 3 year old Odyssey and loves it so I thought I'd go with an Accord to be safe. It is a gorgeous car, but it is not living up to the hype. I wanted something with fantastic gas mileage but on the last few tanks I've averaged 19 miles in the city. This is not bad but I've never come close to the 23 mpg as advertised. I'm not a speed demon; I accelerate gradually.

By accsio on June 17 @ 8:16 am
1 MPG on my car
I picked up car last week, looked huge to me , i drove small car before..... then used to it. I was satisfied with interior, very good materials: not much of plastic, it has material as well. I've got basic model: no fancy wheels, no sunroof or gps..... big deal, drive ! not have fun with gadgets. Of course , stepped on gas first few times, so my RPM went to 5500-6000.....i thought gas will be eaten as a hell ..... not really, i filled up today and i got 20.5 MPG !!!! I will take that !!! I like that !

By perunest on March 8 @ 1:34 am
Great family car
I have the 4 cylinder EX leather edition. My previous car was a BMW M3 that cost more than twice as much. I bought the Accord for its reliability and the reasonable price for all the features that are inculded. I have 24,177 miles on it in 11 months and I have had no problems. Maintenance on the BMW was minimal while it was in the "free maintenance" period. After that it became very expensive, so I traded it at 50,000 miles.

By bdazzled on October 4 @ 1:42 am
Another Winner from Honda
I traded in a 09 Civic Sedan for the 2011 Accord LX-P. What a ride! Drives like a dream. All features are right there in front of you, easy/user friendly. I can't believe the engine is only a 4-cylinder for such a big car. This car has spunk. Why others have said the seats are uncomfortable, is beyond me. With the 8-position power seats & the Telescoping steering wheel-I was able to meld myself to the seat perfectly. Like sitting on my sofa at home. So far, this car has been perfect. I hope to Update this review in the Spring after our Winter here in the N.E. That's a true test for any car.

By mreich1 on May 9 @ 9:44 am
This is my fourth Honda in less than 10 years and second accord, so that should tell you how much I have like Honda in the past. Well, they really blew it on this car. I truly hate this car. I hate it so much, that when my lease was up on my Pilot, I replaced it with a Toyata, because Honda obviously does not care. This car is way underpowered. You hit the gas, and almost nothing happens. Goes from 0-60 in about 10 seconds. Try going up the hills in San Francisco. You will stall unless you are in first gear. This car should be offered only in a six cylinder. I think I want my 1979 Dodge Colt back. And gas mileage is terrible, of course it should get 25 mpg, it barely has an engine

By thunderhexed on July 16 @ 9:56 am
Back to my roots...
My first car in High School was an Artic White 1985 Accord LX sedan that my family and I put over 200K miles on - it had 60K on it when we bought it in 93. The car I was driving before my 2011 Accord sedan was a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe, which i THOUGHT was my dream car until I realized the headache it was to own - directional tires, premium gas, and electronic malfunctions galore - not to mention HORRIBLE paint that literally came off in chips - fast forward to 2011, and I traded it for my Accord. Its smooth, quiet, classy, GREAT on gas, gets compliments galore and I have piece of mind knowing that I have a reliable, quality vehicle to get me around town.

By bimmercity1 on September 9 @ 8:59 pm
Don't let looks deceive you....
I bought this car on account that I could not afford to buy what I really wanted. I wanted sporty and reliable. I was told top look at Honda. I ended up looking at the Accourd Coupe. It looked great on the outside. It's been 5 months, I am so disappointed with Honda. 1. It's the EX you would think top of the line would add insulation. I hear everything. I cannot use bluthooth on the highway. Dimmer on the display is a joke, light sensor too sensitive. Suspension is too soft, steering well has not been centered from day one. Windows if lowered, vibrate so does everything in storage along with rear shelf. Only some buttons are lit at night?? No puddle/underdash lights.

By pierre6 on August 2 @ 11:45 am
Honda brand is degrading over time
We have owned Hondas in the past (1995 accord) and present (2007 Civic, 2004 Accord) Purchased my 2011 Honda Accord EX and 11 months has passed and on 10,000 miles on the odometer. Below are my observations: First the Bad news: (1)At 500 miles brought the car back to the dealer because the Air conditioner appeared that it did not blow cold Air. Compare it to 2004 Accord which uses the same Freon type which there was a big difference. The Dealer said that there was nothing wrong. But when it is Hot it takes forever to get cool in City driving. On the Highway it cools faster. (2) The Auto lock/unlock system. When the Car reaches 10MPH, the doors automatic lock, if they are unlock for security. When the CAR stops and the gear shift is put in “Park” the Drivers door should unlock (Passenger door unlock if you program them, as per the Manual.) My problem is when the Car is put in “Park” then the driver’s door unlocks about 60% of the time. (3) Third problem is Interior Noise. There is a creaking noise coming from the back seat. It does not respond that much to bumps in the road. It seems like two pieces of metal clicking. Most of the creaking noise is on normal smooth roads, but is very annoying. (4) My last problem and the biggest issue are the front seats. They are very hard, and on long trips my legs and back side get numb. Additionally related to seating on the driver’s side, there is not comfortable place for my left arm to rest while holding the wheel. NOTE: Our 2004 Honda Accord EX and 2007 Civic EX has been great since we purchased it new. Good news: (1) Very nice body style, which is Aerodynamic. (2) Fuel economy is great, average 31 to 32.5 miles per gallon on the interstate (75MPH). Have not reached 34 yet as Honda has advertised. (3) Reliability has always been great on our Honda’s (4) This new style type is larger than older Accords like the 2004 accord. My plan is to bring the car back to the dealer and address the issues noted above, and hope the problems get resolved. As for the Seat problems, other people’s Seat complaint’s search (Websites) has no fix from the Dealers or the Manufacturer. Many people with this condition of the uncomfortable Seats have sold or traded in their Cars, with only a few hundred or thousand miles on the odometer. I am considering on doing the same thing. In closing, the Accord is better and worst in other areas. I still prefer to drive my 2004 Accord mostly because of comfortable seats especially on long trips!

By 2011lemonlx on April 23 @ 3:47 am
Do your research before purchase,lots of complaints!
This will be the last Honda chosen, have also a 2005 model which is a great car. 2011 EX-L 4cyl is more like a lemon,driving 135 highway miles daily, speed 60-75mph, fuel mileage 26-27mpg,no mountains,1 person in the car, has issue with fuel tank when more than half filled you hear fuel splashing in the back giving impression of waterbed in the trunk. Hydroplaning starts at 55 mph with normal rain, rear brake pads wear prematurely,driver seat lumbar defective causing discomfort and requiring to adjust seat constantly to remain in the car. Leather is low quality, exterior appears cheap, "lighting section" left & right to license plate is fake, would not recommend this vehicle.

By kyrider on January 11 @ 11:20 am
long gone the Honda myth of reliability
Bought a 2011 EX-L sedan and after 6 month I started to experience steering wheel shake, took the car back to dealer more than 5 times and they can't find the problem. Last time they told me this is "normal" road noise.... go figure from a 6 months old car the wheel shakes like crazy and they can't find a problem !? If this is Honda quality I'm looking at other brands. Check forums for many many similar issues with the Honda Accords. I contacted BBB to get this issue resolved because Honda is not making good on their warranty. Over time Honda brand has slipped way down in quality/value. Look at other brands for better buy for your buck. Better options for same price @ other brands.

By kyrider on April 7 @ 6:40 am
read reviews before buying!!
Many people are reporting steering wheel vibration and dealers can't fix this issue. For example read this thread: http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.f197b14/0 Do your research before buying! Some people are reporting success in having Honda admit there is an issue but I bet not everybody has money for a lawyer. The best course of action is to call BBB Auto line and get them involved. With enough people complaining Honda must look into this issue.

By gccmb5 on July 31 @ 1:46 am
A great value
This is my fifth Accord, and they continue to improve and refine them with each new model. Very well put together. I have had mine for about eight months and have almost 10K miles on it. Everything is still as it was when new. No squeaks, rattles, or issues of any kind. Great ride, great feel and handling. Tire noise is a little loud, but once I wear out the Dunlops I'll put on something quiter. I'm 6'4", so the seats could be a little larger, but there is plenty of head room and I have no problems driving for six hours at a stretch. The 4cyl is peppy around town, but it is by no means fast, I would describe it as adequate. I have need averaging just over 30mpg in mixed driving.

By beachgirl100 on April 9 @ 3:21 pm
2011 Honda Accord EX-L 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
I am still debating if I like this car! I had a SUV for 12 years and downsized for fuel economy. The seats are very uncomfortable and the road noise is HORRIBLE. You CANNOT hear someone in the backseat talking to you on interstate without them almost yelling at you. If I had to do it all again, I would not choose this car based on the interior noise and very uncomfortable seat. I have read reviews and saw that others have complaints about the seats as well so I guess nothing can or will be done to correct my car (problem). Definitley take for a test drive on interstate if possible..

By kyrider on September 5 @ 6:57 pm
many issues!!! buyer beware
I finally met with the Factory Rep in my area and he verbally ack the shimmy issue but refused to put in writing! Of course, he's not stupid.... [non-permissible content removed]

By robloe30 on April 1 @ 3:03 am
I'm very picky about what I drive, which is why I chose the Coupe. This car has beautiful lines, I can't tell you how many compliments I get on this car. I bought the Polished Metal with Black Leather and couldn't be more happier. I could easily see 10 years from now this car still turning heads. I really wanted to buy stick shift but after I saw the automatic came with the paddle-shifters I chose the automatic and couldn't be more happy. What is truly amazing is that I've seen used versions of my car selling for nearly what I paid for the car Brand NEW! Oh Honda, I love their re-sale value. That's exactly why I didn't buy the Genesis Coupe. Oh and did I mention the car is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

By trcolli on September 25 @ 3:35 pm
Accord EXL V-6 Blows Smoke
Have 22k on my 2011 Accord EXL V-6 and it blows a blue/white smoke on hard acceleration. Looks like an old Volvo Diesel with smoke billowing in the in the mirror. Its done this since new - dealer says its common but not a problem?? Makes me wonder. This is the 3rd Accord I've owned, all previous 4cyl. Never had a problem with any of them.

By ponygal1 on March 6 @ 8:49 pm
Accord = back and neck pain
Hated this car. Got rid of it after a year. Seats were extraordinarily uncomfortable and caused problems for the whole family. Headrests put your chin on your chest (neck, upper back pain), and the angle of the seats caused hip and low back pain. I didn't expect much power, but the mileage wasn't even that great. Cheap build quality - Honda ain't what it used to be.

By thunderhexed on April 16 @ 6:28 pm
Serves its purposes exactly as intended.. with a little bit of class..
Tired of the numerous issues I was having with my 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe, I decided it was time to get into something more practical and economical. Trying to dedide what to look at I just figured, hey, why not go back to my roots? My very first car in high school was a very clean and reliable 1985 Honda Accord LX. So off to the honda deealer I went. The first Accord I test drove I purchased a polished metal Accord LX-P. Granted, it doesn't perform like the Infiniti did, but this car just said to me, "hey! It's ok, to slow down a bit and just enjoy the ride and drive!" I feel safer, I can see better, the ride is firm yet supple and my insurance and fuel costs have dropped dramatically!

By marissas on July 8 @ 9:16 pm
Great experience
My Honda accord is comfy, roomie, I absolutely love it!!!!

By mike_in_sc on March 23 @ 9:14 pm
2011 Honda Accord LX-P
Coming from a 2000 Honda Civic, this is a big step up. My Accord is a polished metal metallic (dark gray) LX-P and looks decently sharp for a mid-size sedan. I like most things about the Accord, but am a little disappointed that the interior isn't that much more comfortable than my Civic. I'm a relatively tall guy (6'2") and really wish the steering wheel telescoped out farther. I have to move the seat up much closer than I'd like to be able to comfortably reach the steering wheel, so a lot of the extra room gained by moving up from the Civic is not really usable to me. The lumbar support is too aggressive and not adjustable on the LX-P model.

By hondaaccord11 on March 25 @ 3:01 pm
Not what was promised in milage.
We do not know what other cars like this one does, but our car averages 13 miles per gallon in San Francisco driving. Most of our city driving is done on flat ground. Very little driving is done on hills. Our 2000 8 cylinder Chevy truck makes 11 miles per gallon with the same type of driving. We had expected to average less than the 24 miles per gallon advertised, but not at the ridiculously low rate of 13. The other major gripe is the seat belt. It has to be one of the most inconvient in buckeling. If you do not have the rear view camera, you will have major problems is seeing where you are backing into.

By edson1957 on June 2 @ 2:14 am
Overall Great Car
The gas mileage on this vehicle is excellent. It is a very nice car to drive. However my one major complaint is that it noisy when out on the road. You can really hear a lot of road noise. Needs to be a much quieter ride.

By deemic on March 22 @ 5:14 am
Hidden gem in the sport coupe class
Most people are looking at Ford Mustangs or Chevy Camaros or even Dodge Challengers when shopping for a sport coupe. Time to rethink. This super reliable gem has 271 horsepower, accelerates 0-60 in around 6 seconds, and is extremely responsive. Factor in the amenities like a 270 watt stereo system, power windows, power locks, 2 position memory seating, leather seats, sunroof, dual zone climate control, Bluetooth interface, paddle shifters, TPMS, Oil Life Monitor, 18 inch wheels.... well you get the picture. It's loaded, classy, reliable and looks fantastic. I look forward to every drive. The only thing I've noticed is a slight push when driving hard through turns. But still top notch vehicle

By deemic on October 14 @ 8:11 am
Sport car performance, Honda reliability = win win
I knew I wanted an Accord for my next car. Honestly, before researching I didn't even know Honda made an Accord Coupe though. Once I started researching this vehicle, I knew it was the one for me. It has every option imaginable in this version, except navigation which I haven't missed. The look is definitely Accord, but much much sportier than the sedan version. Also, the handling is improved with the 18in. wheels and tighter suspension. You can paddle shift down a couple gears and take the hair pin curves and freeway ramps with incredible speed and precision. For that handling dynamic, the ride quality suffers slightly. But with a 6 second 0-60, It's well worth it.

By hondafan32 on January 21 @ 1:27 am
Great Pick
The Accord is a great car and we have had ours for 3 weeks. It is plenty fast and handles well despite what some magazines say. Yes it is a little big but it drives small. The VCM and grade logic are good features but can get annoying if you don't know how to manipulate them. Ours is white and it stays cool in the heat. The AC is great and so is the sunroof. I wish there was a back-up camera and Bluetooth but they aren't really needed as the visibility is great and you shouldn't be on the phone while driving anyways. The turning radius is FANTASTIC as are the headlights and all of the safety features. Road noise can be intrusive at times but it's not a deal breaker.

By drfish on June 7 @ 8:35 am
Peeling Paint
The paint on our new 2011 Honda Accord began peeling off after not quite two years. Both front and rear bumpers had paint peel off. Some pieces were 4X5 inches in size. The Honda rep allowed that Honda would repaint our bumpers as a "courtesy" because there was no evident cause. The body shop told be that the reason for the peeling paint was an improper repair of previous damage. Honda told me that they had no information on the car regarding previous repair history. They said that they just manufacture the cars and are not responsible once the car is delivered to the dealer. Seems that Honda lacks in honesty and integrity.

By emtjjp on September 8 @ 7:10 am
Not what it used to be.....
I have owned Honda's in the past, my first car was an Accord (1992). So when I needed to purchase a reliable car, I went back to the Accord. How times have changed. The first thing I noticed is the build quality has gone down hill (cheap plastics, rattles in strange places etc). I had to replace my "battery" at 15K miles (what they consider a battery) and have just replaced the REAR brake pads and rotors at 29K miles. To me, it seems like Honda has started cheaping out. This will be my last Honda, until they start putting some quality back into their vehicles.

By vegas71 on February 6 @ 4:40 am
LOVE my accord.
I had a '94 accord ex coupe as a first car- literally could not kill it. So after some not so great luck with a nissan, and deciding a toyota was too bland for me, I decided I wanted another accord. Got an awesome deal on this one! Love the heated leather seats and the leg room (I'm 6'1). I didn't think a 4 cyl could move a car this heavy, but it actually has some pretty decent power (for what it is). Love the safety features, especially after a recent wreck. I wanted a safe, reliable car and the accord is just that.

By ernie26 on September 16 @ 10:40 am
another happy owner
I've got 45k miles on my car and haven't had to do anything other than routine maintenance. Actually, this car has been a better and more dependable performer than my wife's Lexus. I bought this car because my daughter sold her Accord coupe to a friend with 400k+ miles and they're still friends. I would have rather bought an American car but..... well, you know about the reliability issues. I'm placating myself knowing that although made by Honda it was manufactures in Tennessee.

By gangofme on November 21 @ 8:48 pm
BORING, desperately boring
I have never questioned the reliability and build quality of Honda cars. This is my third. But I need out of it. I'm getting too old to think the rest of my life will be spent wondering if i'll be able to merge onto Texas highway traffic, and having cars behind me wishing I'd install a supercharger on this slothful, well-built family car. The aftermarket doesn't exist for this car. Know why? Because you need to start with a realistic platform to even think about buying more performance! If you're retired, or maybe wanting a slow safe car for your teen, this car is for you. If you like to drive, not so much.

By kay57 on August 18 @ 11:15 pm
2011 Honda Accord LX- Noisy on the road
This car ought to be awesome. The only issue with it is the road noise. When running still no noise but once you start driving, the engine is really loud which takes the fun away.

By Tyler Crisp on February 20 @ 10:38 am
Not Impressed with my 2011 accord
(1)After driving the car for about 5k miles the screen in the dash started to flash "tighten fuel cap" the fuel cap was on, i took my car to honda and they said nothing was wrong.(2)The steering wheel shakes, not extremely bad but enough to raise a flag, honda said nothing was wrong though.(3) There is a problem with the lock also. Sometimes they will not lock after exiting the car, and ill have to lock all of them manually(not a big deal but not expected for a 2011 vehicle especially a honda) Sometimes they will not unlock with the remote. I haven't even bothered to take the car to honda to see what the problem is.(4)I had to replace the battery at 37k miles for some reason.

By Shemeka on January 17 @ 7:01 pm
Cooler than I thought
It is a nice an comfortable ride. It hasn't given me many problems. I have a little roughage at about 40 mph. But other than that everything else is decent.

By steve may on September 17 @ 1:09 pm
This car is great. It drives nicely, handles great and gets great mileage. The SE trim is perfect - just the few bells and whistles we wanted and nothing else.

By Adam on February 1 @ 11:08 am
Absolute Garbage!
I bought my 2011 Honda accord ex coupe automatic at a Honda dealership in Oct. of 2015 certified used with 37k miles. The transmission has already started to grind gears, accelerates on its own when at a red light as well as oil burns extremely quickly. This is an almost new car owned by an older couple who traded in for a Honda Crosstour. This car is poor in every aspect and I will NEVER be buying a Honda Again! Going right back to Dodge, not Honda garbage.

By Dani on January 5 @ 11:27 pm
Honda lover
This is my 3rd Honda. The car has a lot of interior room for its size and enough leg room for my husband who is 6'1". The car sits comfortably and I love the heated seats. Although visibility while backing up is okay, I wish we had bought a 2012 with the backup camera. (A camera can be added to the 2011.) The brakes are fantastic! Shimming is a BIG problem with this car. I have had it balanced and aligned 3 times at two different places and it has not solved the problem. I plan to take it to the dealership while we have the warranty on the car. Update: We bought new tires and this has helped with the shimming. It has too be balanced and aligned on a regular basis or it will shimmy. Still running great

By Honda Lover11212 on October 16 @ 8:39 am
Amazing Engine
this car is powerful for Honda. Amazing power voommmmm. MPG is average for what its worth..

By Latasha on January 7 @ 8:52 am
Not my Favorite car purchase
I purchased the Honda accord after owing a older model Hyundai Xl and although it was a 2011 it didn't run as smoothly as the 2001 Hyundai xl. This Honda is very noisy. The RPM is constantly ramping up once speed increases. I'm not sure if this is normal for these cars, but the Hyundai I had got up to 200k before any major problems start occurring. I can't say I would buy another at this point..

By louspag@msn.com on December 5 @ 2:31 pm
Not exactly a sports car, but a Grand Coupe withV6
With the V6, the EX-L Coupe is more Acura than Honda. I've owned 2 BMW's, and I'm used to a "driver's car". Handling-wise, this is no BMW, but power-wise, the V^ certainly does not disappoint. This car is tops for reliability and reasonable dealer service fees. It is also a super safe vehicle. I bought this one after being rear ended and run over by a Mack truck in a 2008 Honda EX-L V6. No, its not as fun as a BMW, but if you want a nice looking vehicle that is somewhat fun to drive, go for the V6.

By Peter Mancusi on February 16 @ 11:37 pm
Honda Accord LX P
Good value for the money. Should get many years and miles out of it Car needed minor repair after 3 weeks and Dealer covered costs as well as a loaner vehicle. Car runs and handles very well

By Jc on February 14 @ 2:32 am
Great buy
Base model but a great car! Quick, quiet and a great highway cruiser . 35 mpg plus on highway trips at 75-80. Car has great visibility, a huge trunk , and a spacious back seat. The 4 cylinder has plenty of power . The original equipment Dunlap tired were horrible, I put Bridgestones on at 30,000 miles and she's quiet and smooth. Love this car.

By stephen villa on September 21 @ 11:21 am
Dependable and easy
I bought this used as it was my first Honda and I wanted to see if I liked it. I love it. My car insurance premium went down significantly and it's very dependable. Maintenance has been as scheduled with no surprises. Fuel mileage is good, but I do wish is was better. Now that I've had it for a few years, I know I'll replace it with a higher end Accord. I love the coupe and will keep the same style.

By Sheila White on December 19 @ 7:21 pm
I love my accord!
I have the V6 model and it is powerful! The ride is smooth and maintenance is amazing!

By John ayotte on February 23 @ 6:45 pm
Always reliable. Never unscheduled repairs
This is a simple ex 4cyl 5 speed. Performs well, flawless shifting, great mpg. A little too large to be sporty

By Me on November 24 @ 5:37 pm
My last Honda
I had such a terrible experience with both the car AND Honda after purchasing this vehicle that I will never buy another one. The engine would rattle and make all kinds of noises that Honda's lawyers basically told me I was making up. Until they did a bait and switch on us, telling us they would resolve it for us, but just high pressuring us into another sale. THEN they admitted that there was a strange noise!

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