2010 Honda Accord

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For more than 20 years, the top choices for a family sedan have been the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. These two favorites have been at the top of the heap, providing owners with safe, well-made and ever-reliable transport. Though virtually equal in popularity, they've traditionally catered to two different types of drivers. Those seeking a luxury carlike isolation from the road chose the Camry, while those wanting a more involving drive went with the sportier, though somewhat less refined, Accord. The two segment stars have grown in size over the years, resulting in the modern Accord becoming more accommodating but less fun to drive.

As such, the 2010 Honda Accord finds itself lagging behind sportier family car rivals such as the Nissan Altima, the Mazda 6 and the often-overlooked Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan twins. The latest Accord is well built and will likely furnish many years of trouble-free service for its owner, while providing a spacious and comfortable cabin for its occupants.

However, in addition to losing its sporty personality, it still carries on a few less-endearing Accord characteristics, those being elevated road noise at highway speeds and worse-than-average braking performance. Meanwhile, the base engine in the LX trims is merely adequate, and the top-of-the-line 3.5-liter V6 is outgunned by many rival six-cylinder engines.

Make no mistake -- the 2010 Honda Accord remains a very appealing car for several good reasons. It's got a big advantage over most rivals in the form of its sterling reputation for reliability, which not only makes for more enjoyable ownership but also gives the Accord one of the best resale values around. And when this upsized Accord debuted a few years ago, it moved up to the EPA's "large car" status, which is plainly evident when one experiences the commodious rear seat. The Accord's cabin also boasts excellent build quality and a premium look and feel that's noticeably a cut above the rival Camry's.

The Accord is also one of the few cars in this segment available in a coupe body style, which is substantially sportier than the workaday sedan -- particularly with the optional V6 and coupe-exclusive six-speed manual. You can't really go wrong choosing any Accord, but we suggest taking a close look at the aforementioned competitors -- particularly the Ford Fusion and Mazda 6 -- along with the value-oriented Hyundai Sonata and the stylish Chevrolet Malibu, before making your decision.

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2010 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 2010

The 2010 Honda Accord gets a couple of minor upgrades for its range-topping EX trim levels, including rear seat ventilation ducts on sedan versions of the EX and EX-L, a trunk lid liner for all EXs and Bluetooth connectivity for EX-Ls.


Ample passenger space, quality fit and finish, excellent visibility, high resale value, available coupe body style.


Intrusive road noise, below-average brakes, button-heavy center stack, some find the seats uncomfortable.

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By tc83 on July 25 @ 10:06 pm
Nice car, really
Purchased the crystal black pearl with black leather. First time Honda owner, it's such an attractive coupe for a single guy with performance, style, comfort, fun, reasonable economy. Love the looks in/out, power, handling, just overall feeling of the vehicle. Negative parts, the rear brakes started to squeal even before 1k and hearing interior rattle noises. Dealer's going to sand down and buff the brakes to fix the noise but that's all they can do for the issue. This is a very common issue with 2008 and up Accords, Honda did find out about the issue but yet to come up with a solution, see what happens. VCM works fine, it doesn't bather me. Really love the strong, smooth 3.5L V6 engine.

By Dave Perry on July 3 @ 9:20 am
Whatcha talking 'bout Willis?
I sure am glad I had a thorough test drive of this vehicle after falling in love with the looks and reading reviews here. If I had relied on the reviews alone I would not have purchased, which would have been a major mistake. I don't know about the seat, ride, noise or other features being dissed here, but my Accord Coupe with the 4- cylinder engine is everything I expected in a sporty personal coupe. I have owned two Elements and an S2000. My wife has owned the previous generation Accord and the current Civic and this Honda is a good as anything I would expect from Honda, which means great! I'm 6'1" and weigh 225 pounds and I find the seats extremely comfortable. Firm is good, soft is bad.

By moxie on July 20 @ 7:50 am
Joy of ownership
It's great to not be concerned or worry about defects or imperfections; my car is exactly what I had expected- phenomenal value and dependability.

By Andrew K. on January 7 @ 6:56 am
3rd Honda Accord
I recently purchased a 2010 Accord EX after trading in my 2007 Accord LX. The reliability/resale I receive is why I continue going back to Honda. Inside, the layout is very well designed and I don't have a problem with the button-heavy dash. I like the quality materials inside as well. The ride is firm and comfortable to me and passengers have complimented the space and ride also. I'm 6' 200 lbs and have no problem w/ 2 car seats in back. Although the 2.4L I4 isn't a dragster, it's plenty quick enough for me. I think the gas pedal takes some effort to accelerate the car but isn't a big deal. Wind noise isn't an issue but is fairly noticeable w/ radio off. Overall great car to own and drive.

By Elena on September 9 @ 10:20 am
Nice Car but Some Complaints
This to me seemed like a nice modest sedan, priced nice, safe, and it's a Honda. I recently bought it and am disappointed. First of all I had my husband break in the first 3000 miles and I started driving it a little over a month ago. I got this car for mostly driving around town, a grocery getter for my family. I'm a very conservative driver, the gas mileage is very disappointing, I am averaging 12 mpg city and 19 hwy, which is not at all what I expected. I brought it back to the dealer and the mechanic told me that all cars started like that, but it has not increased. I like the car, it's very smooth but too much power for fwd. It's been in once for warranty for a leak in the weatherstripping.

By Mort on June 22 @ 10:46 pm
2010 EXL-V6 Sedan is stupid comfortable
My 2010 EXL-V6 Sedan is stupid comfortable, and there is no road noise to speak of, just quiet and nice. The seats are firm and they offer great support, and are super comfortable on long trips. Depends on what you want! VCM is seamless. Great passing power but quite economical considering it's 271hp and a big car. The V6 Accord doesn't scream like a Maxima but it has all the power a person needs. Add to that sporty handling/feel, room, comfort, elegance and a well equipped Accord cannot be beat. I tested top of the line Maxima, Camry and Avalon. Had any measured up I would have bought one, but they did not.

By Dao82 on September 6 @ 9:30 pm
Shoulda listened
I can't wait to get rid of this car. This car is so loud maybe because the engine is underpowered. Road noise is horrible. The controls are confusing and the seats are uncomfortable and cramped. It does have nimble response just don't drive off the road trying to adjust the radio. The reviews are correct. I think no one wants to admit they bought a bad car. I am going back to Toyota.

By Riley520 on September 28 @ 10:23 pm
Always go with your gut... Love it!
At first, all I wanted was a Honda Accord Coupe, then I saw the Nissan Altima Coupe. I waited and waited and one day I told my husband to stop at Honda to look at the Honda Coupe to compare the size. Once I sat inside the Honda I was hooked! You can't even compare the Nissan to this car. I love how heavy this car is, how safe I feel in it. Like I said, always go with your gut, and after 18 months of waiting for the Nissan, I ended up with the Honda I wanted originally.

By dimitrir on October 31 @ 11:06 pm
Excellent, but...
This review is based on 4 days of ownership and 300 miles. The most impressive feature is the handling. I have a 2007 Acura Tl and the Accord handles much better! Big surprise. Engine is extremely smooth and powerful. Build quality is excellent. Road (tire) noise quite pronounced. This is the worst feature. If road noise bothers you consider this car carefully. No glove compartment light and no courtesy light -I am fighting with Honda about the latter because I don't believe that this is possible.

By tccas on December 26 @ 9:43 am
First 1,500 mile road trip
My wife and I took our first trip in the car, 1500 miles. She drives it daily, I don't. Our 6th Accord - we've been fans until now, but this car's head restraints, supposedly safer, project themselves so far forward, it's impossible to find a comfortable position for driving or riding in the passenger seat. We eventually placed pillows behind our backs to push our bodies, especially heads, forward enough to tolerate the uncomfortable position the head rest forces you into. If you attempt to rest your back against the back rest, normally, then your head is forced forward into an unnatural and very uncomfortable forward position. Deal killer, but it's too late for us.

By Tom H on April 19 @ 4:56 pm
Great Car, But a Few Things Missing
My Accord EXL V6 is almost everything I could wish for. Smooth power, nice handling, lots of features, good looks. It replaced my 10 year old Saab 9-5 and I'm delighted with it so far.

By Mark2010 on November 21 @ 4:16 pm
1st Honda and Love It!
First time Honda buyer and really have enjoyed the 2010 Accord. The leather interior is probably the finest you can find on any new car in this price range. Intended to buy the EXL w/out Navi but bought the 4cyl with Navi and love all the features. It took a couple of days to get used to the voice commands but the learning curve is very short. Once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. Fit and finish is excellent. There's a little road noise but not that much with the Active Noise Cancellation. Very satisfied with the performance of the 4 cyl engine. Noticing 21.2 mpg city and 31.7 highway driving 75 mph down interstate. Assume it will get better with time. Solid car, NO buyer's remorse.

By Danny Boy on August 1 @ 3:36 am
Just got the EX-L V6 Coupe...
After leaving my beloved Honda for Nissan for a period of three years, (biggest mistake of my life), almost a month ago, I was lucky enough to get a 2010 EX-L V6 Honda Coupe. Needless to say, the internet pictures does this car no justice. It's sleek, sexy, practical and inexpensive (in contrast to the other coupes available). Black on Black with the silver door handles is a must for this car...if not silver or the dark grey. The rear seat has just enough room for my son's baby seat and leg room for one more passenger. I still get head turns when I pull up next to people. Honda, I am back!!!

By jimmy on March 9 @ 9:43 pm
So far, so good...
Just got the car. Got black on black, and it is really slick, especially at night. I got the 4-cyl because it was about 2K cheaper than that v6, and I really wanted navigation but that was about another 2K. After driving it, I was surprised at the zip it had as well as the quiet and smooth ride. The v6 is easy to differentiate when compared to 4cyl on most cars, but this 4cyl feels like most other v6's. Drive it and you will see. I did get the bluetooth/heated seats/xm/alloy wheel package, and I couldn't see myself buying the car without these features. The entertainment system in the car is just like the Acura system. It is easy to use, but takes a little getting used to.

By peacefulone on March 8 @ 4:43 am
Love my new 2010 Accord
Had a 2002 Accord and was wanting to buy a new Accord for 2 years but reluctant because of the bad reviews about the seats. Finally bought a 2010 and I love it. It did take me a while to find a comfortable position for seat, but after a 6 six hour trip, it was still comfortable.

By Paulinflorida on July 20 @ 6:53 pm
Another great Honda
Purchased an Accord EX-L 4dr, 4 cylinder automatic after looking at Camry, Mazda 626 and Ford Fusion. All around comfort in the Accord is heads above the others I looked at. The seats are comfortable for both front and rear passengers. Displays and control knobs are easy to reach and easy to operate. Ride is quiet and smooth on the highway and the 190hp engine provides more than enough accelleration merging into traffic. Honda also is willing to deal these vehicles, I got mine for $1100 under invoice, with some extras also added. If shopping for this size sedan, give the Accord a try, I do not think you will be disappointed.

By ad on September 1 @ 1:50 am
Better than expected
This is my 1st accord. The fit and finish is great, best I've seen. The engine is quiet, smooth and very powerful. I had previously driven a 4 cyl and was worried about the road noise, but the v-6 seems much quieter (don't know why). The stereo and XM are awesome much better than expected. And the gas mileage seems to be about 25 mpg combined. We drove a 390 mile trip this past week and is was ultra smooth, low road noise and it was extremely composed in the snow and ice we had to drive through, the traction contol really helped. And the seats are good, you just have to get them set correctly, passengers is powered also, is a nice touch. Back seat is cavernous.

By highdraw on October 5 @ 10:10 pm
Another great Honda
Really happy with my new EX-L Accord. Great build quality as in my 02 and 07. I drive a lot of miles and really appreciate the quality feel of the Accord interior.

By Joel on June 19 @ 10:46 pm
I am back to Honda
Many cars today are close in quality and price and the choice is wide. So, I am reaching down to the soul of this auto to base my review. Peel away the layers and you find a very well engineered and built buggy with the best reliability in the business. Remember all the competition’s products are copycats of the Honda Accord, for me, I want the original item. This Accord is my third and they keep improving every time. This model seems like it has unlimited technology that I need to have an engineering degree to learn it all; which is a good thing. The car stands out (Pearl White) and I receive compliments on how classy it looks. The gas mileage on my last 200 mile trip averaged 34 MPG.

By joeinsacramento on July 23 @ 5:03 am
Nice Car
At 39 years of age, the EX-L is my first brand new car. I always bought used. And coming from a 20 year old BMW 3 series, the Honda is a nice change. Honda has a nice ride. Not too soft and not too harsh. Overall a nice basic mid size sedan with an elegant touch with the leather package. I4 motor could use a little more low end torque. It's a little slow at first, but does well once you get up to speed. Didn't want to spend the extra $2k for the 6 cyl. The styling is growing on me. I hope it stays as reliable as my wife's Odyssey.

By skip on June 1 @ 6:50 am
Each day I enjoy driving it more
My small wife did not like the seats at first but I felt that they are very good, not great, should provide more cushion/support. The steering and suspension provide great feedback and is much better than found in the competition. It is still new for me but each day I enjoy driving it more.

By Big Hank on April 9 @ 4:23 am
Realistic Review of the 2010 Accord
Let's be honest, an Accord is not a BMW or luxury SUV. I had a 2005 Pilot before this and the Pilot was more functional and comfortable, but the 2010 Accord is very nice vehicle with a lot of space. Steering and cornering are tight, the V- 6 model accelerates fairly well, but nothing to be excited about. Not much road noise to speak of. You do feel bumps. For the first time in years the Accord is somewhat of a looker; In black, it looks similar to many luxury sedans (Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus). Seats are comfortable for a normal commute, but forward tilted head rests are a bit of a mystery. The passenger could get annoyed on a long trip. Overall, very happy with this practical purchase

By Jan T. on September 5 @ 3:46 pm
What a great buying experience!
I recently traded in my 2005 Honda Accord EX-L for a 2010, and even though I loved my prior car, I love the new one even better! The new car sits a little higher, and I definitely feel the better pick up that the car has due to higher horsepower. I felt very safe in my former car, and feel very safe in the new one. The salesmen treated me with the utmost respect, and with this new car being my 2nd car purchased at this dealership, I will come back and buy a 3rd in due time! I've already referred two people to this dealership, and will refer more in the future!!

By resconroe on June 20 @ 2:40 am
Most car for the money
Drove '09 Infiniti G37 Sedan and '10 Toyota Avalon Ltd. Eliminated Acura TL because of looks but bought '10 EX-L V6 w/NAV based on value and expected 5 year total cost to own. Runs fine on regular with enough power for me. Plenty of room for backseat passengers.

By Joedallas on June 21 @ 9:56 am
My first Honda
Have this LX-P for 2 weeks now. Drives OK. I compared with Camry and end up bought Accord mainly due to the body style. I have read reviews on Edmunds; most are true to my experience. My LX-P is 4 cylinder so the pick-up is slower and quite noisy. The radio controls are OK after you learned them.

By Ms.Honda on May 28 @ 2:23 am
Love MY Honda Accord!!!
Funny how I was trying to change another car, like Mazda, or the Toyota cause I wanted to change up lil. For the last 10years I had me Honda. I'll never will go with any other car but Honda.. Just love my Honda accord! I got what I wanted!. Very happy. Great start for the new year 2010!

By Paul on May 20 @ 9:16 pm
2010 Accord exl 6cyl with Nav
Very enjoyable to drive. Styling very similar to higher priced cars in this class. Excellent value, great equipment options comparable to cars costing 10,000 to 15,000 more

By Peter on December 5 @ 7:16 pm
2010 Honda Accord
This is no less than a stunningly great automobile. The handling is exceptional, there is plenty of leg room in both the front and back seats, the exterior design is very appealing and the comfort is outstanding. The 270+ HP engine is exceptionally powerful, and allows for easy acceleration, passing, and merging (the power, steering, and responsiveness is actually far better than a BMW 3-series that I used to own). The luxury features, such as leather, sunroof, and NAVI raised the quality of this car to an Acura or Lexus status--at far less cost. Overall a fantastic car and a great purchase.

By Sun on September 4 @ 5:30 am
Our First Honda Accord
We owned Honda vehicles for the past 20 plus years (89 and 00 Prelude, 86 CR-X, and 99 Civic). We just love the quality and reliability. Since the Civic had over 120,000 miles, we decided to buy another Honda. We first looked at the CR-V, but changed our mind to the Accord. I figured the EX model has the right combination of power and economy for our daily usage. So far, it is a wonderful car! We love everything about it. Great acceleration when going up hills and more than enough room for 4 adults. Accord has the common comfort features that anyone can ever ask for. The average city driving mileage is about 19 MPG. Not the best that I had hoped for, but overall it is a great car.

By Dave on February 2 @ 1:26 pm
Powerful and comfy
I have 2000 miles now, and loving it. The V6 gives effortless acceleration, and very silky smooth sounding. The ride is very comfortable and bumps are well suppressed. However, the road noise is pronounced, but still not bad. The Accord handles better than the Camry. The Coupe styling is much better than the sedan's.

By NavVet on October 6 @ 11:33 am
Honda lives up to its reputation
What a fun car to drive. Went in to trade our 2003TL type S for a CRV. While there decided to drive the Accords too, and on a fluke drove the 6 spd man Accord Coupe. More power than the Acura, and more fun to drive. Back seat is OK in a pinch, but the kids are gone, so it wasn't really needed. Shifting and clutch and very smooth. Car is laid out right, and with the 271 hp 6 it is fun. There was a limit on available colors, seems most with the manuals came in black. Looks good, just shows the dirt.

By Unearthed on March 26 @ 8:03 am
Great Sedan
I ended up with a 4cyl EX after looking at pretty much every trim Honda offers in the Accord. I really think the v6 feels slightly underpowered in this car...I couldn't justify the price difference to step up to the 6. The EX-L has all the cool tech gadgets and I wish you could have a regular EX with them included. I hate leather seats, especially when I felt how nice the cloth was in the EX version. The car handles extremely well, and I don't notice the body roll Edmunds mentions in their review. The 190hp is adequate and the ride is firm enough yet not harsh. Build quality is fantastic and Honda has done a great job with the quality of the interior.

By memphisguy1967 on March 1 @ 7:03 am
A fun car to drive
this is a great car. I have owned Honda's in the past and this has to be the best one. My only gripe is the lack of horsepower from the basic 4 cyl..but on the other hand I went from a truck getting 15 mpg to this car getting 23 mpg..so not complaining. the ride is great and very comfortable. Love the features this car has for a base model. Steering is light and cornering is fantastic. the back seat is large. My son who is over 6 ft was very comfortable and had plenty of knee/leg room. Everything within reach behind the wheel. the radio controls are different.

By Honda lover on December 23 @ 4:13 am
Driving experience is awful
I had higher expectations from the Accord Lx Sedan. I've only had my vehicle for one week and the driving experience is awful.My 2004 Honda accord drove so much smoother and faster than this vehicle. I can feel every bump and crack in the road while driving, the acceleration of the vehicle is depressing....what was I thinking when I purchased this car. I should have went with the sportier accord. The newer vehicles are'nt made like the older models. I'm stuck with it now so....I guess my warranty will be my best friend.

By 1st2themoon on January 12 @ 8:33 am
V-6 Loaded
I purchased a loaded white diamond sedan. I absolutely love this car. It's as fun to drive as my BMW (which was surprising). The 6 cylinder has plenty of power. Well worth upgrading from the 4 cylinder. I've had mine since Aug of '09 and not one problem. I've had 2 other accords in the past and this won't be my last. It's great to be able to operate the AC/heat, radio by voice. Works really well also.

By NW on February 7 @ 8:13 pm
We had not purchased a new vehicle since 1994, and we are currently still driving a 2006 Toyota Camry LE. I have wanted a Honda Accord for a long time and chose the 2010 Honda Accord LX-P for my "retirement car." So far I have not been disappointed in this car. My only complaint is that the driver's headrest will not stay in position. We took it back, and the mechanic swapped it with the passenger headrest. Once the passenger headrest was in place on the driver's side, it would not stay in place either. I am a short person so I really need this headrest in the correct position. If this can just get resolved, I will be a happy camper. The car drives very well. The road noise was not too bad.

By MichaelFlorida on June 30 @ 10:36 am
New To Honda Car
Purchased Honda (Accord)fir the first time. Purchase experience was good. Elected to purchase the LX-P LX-P seems to be cost effective with a base of $24K, reasonable gas mileage and I hope a lower insurance cost. Driver seat LX was very hard & uncomfortable. The LX-P solved this issue with 8 power adj. seat. Mileage from the 2.4 4 is MUCH better than my 2007 Pontiac G6 3.9 6 Noise is a minor factor- you do hear & feel every bump and change in road conditions. Car is base but highly functional.

By pakkya on October 17 @ 12:40 pm
Not worth 30K (incl interest on price)
spacious, comfy but 30K+ is a lot to pay for a car of this quality; but given the other cars out there in the same price range and similar feature set, this seemed the best pick. Premium sound is not so premium - FM/AM reception on my 95 maxima is far superior, sounds like they forgot to put in the antenna for the radio. climate control fan is starting to sound like a 5$ fan u buy from walmart, it emits other sounds besides sound of air - haven't been to the dealer yet

By ttank on November 1 @ 6:50 am
Accord a Great Value Proposition
I recently leased an EX-L I4 with Automatic Transmission and now have 1200 miles on the car. I am very happy with the features, performance and economy that this car offers for the money- I leased for $290/mo with $0 down and 12K miles/year. I love the way the car looks every time I walk up to get into it. I am averaging 28 mpg in combined ciy/hwy driving. My only complaint is an occasional interior rattle coming from the rear shelf area of the car that I have not yet identified the source of. The EX-L has virtually every feature a driver could need. Again for the money, it is hard to beat the value offered in a car with the features of the Accord EX-L

By EH on March 9 @ 1:00 am
Good not Great
Have owned two Accord Sedans - 1994 LX and 2002 EX V6. No problems with either, great cars. Looked at MB E350, BMW 535, Acura TL & RL, Nissan Maxima, Infiniti G37. For the money and lack of problems Honda has them all beat. Two issues: 1) Headrests are not comfortable - would be concerned about long trips. Fortunately I mainly commute. 2) With the VCM/ECO mode - the engine shuts down from 6 to 4 to 3 cylinders. It is too aggressive - in its zeal to conserve fuel as soon as you ease off the accelerator it switches to ECO mode and then the engine seems "confused" as to how many cylinders it should use 3 or 4 and the engine seems to "pulse" - speeding up and slowing down. Very annoying.

By swamy on March 8 @ 6:10 am
Honda accord EX.
Love the car, and color (basque red) and beige interior. Love the wood panels, controls, and interior space. Coming from fully loaded Nissan Maxima, miss some features, but no big deal.

By Jeff on June 9 @ 11:16 pm
Second Accord
After driving my 1999 V6 accord for 11 years it was time for a new one. The new design is appealing. Good features for the money but I expected much more. ROAD NOISE is pretty bad on the fwy and you will feel the road. Looks great inside and out, much like a BMW. powerful and handles well. poor gas millage, my ave is 20mpg and this is a 4cyl. the information display and console has a very poor design. The Acura series has a much better design. you would imagine for a 2010 completely redesign car they wouldn't use so many buttons and scattered and multi colored display. It took me such a long time to adjust the seats and they are still not very comfortable.

By David on August 7 @ 7:43 am
Buy if you like WHINE
Coming from an unreliable 07 Passat, I expected this car to be reliable. Not so! As the car heats up, there is this awful mechanical whine/drone coming from the engine. It is a horrible sound and makes driving the car intolerable. That and the stereo crackles in the dashboard and is clearly very flimsy. I'm really disappointed so far. Otherwise, the car handles well, is balanced, has great suspension with good road feel. The EX manual is calibrated as it should be, but the car would benefit from joining the rest of the world by developing a 6 speed manual. Decent performance, not great. My kids love the back seat room, and the interior is open and airy feeling. But this car has me worried.

By HappyDriver on December 3 @ 11:00 pm
2010 EX-L sedan w/Nav
This car is flat out amazing and very well built. I hear a lot of people complaining about road noise but I found it less noisy than others that I test drove, 2010 Nissan Maxima, Altima and 3 & 5 series bmw's for example. The center console offers wide array of controls which I love, however if you're stupid and wear bottle caps for glasses, you might experience a slight problem. The rear tail lights look much better as well; the past few years were God awful. Overall, great job on the car, would of appreciated the option of having a manual transmission in the V6 sedan models. That would of made driving fun for me.

By Tom M on August 29 @ 9:46 am
Great Car
Just rolled over 3000 miles and everything is just right. Went with an Accord for the bulletproof reliability and was pleasantly surprised by the speed, handling, and overall size of the thing. It's a big car, and getting into the back seats is a challenge, but it is very comfortable. The trunk is huge! The gearbox is lazy sometimes and the cylinder deactivation can get really annoying when trying to quickly overtake. Rapidly reengaging all 6 pots to light back up feels like the car is kicking down 3 gears and there is a delay, but only briefly. I recorded 5.6 seconds to 60, which for a relatively heavy and front wheel drive car, is amazing. MPG is about 27 highway, 20 city with a light foot.

By goodtymz on February 27 @ 11:56 am
Run away
Run as fast as you can from this jalopy! This is the 2nd Accord I bought and hated both of them and both dealers. Build quality is garbage! Sold this junker after 1 month because of shaking in front end transmission jerking, wind/road noise, dashboard does not even touch windshield (check any of them) this car is another joke from a company milking past quality! Gm did the same thing and look at them now--- buy an infiniti you will be treated as you should be any time you go to a dealer and that will only be for oil changes! Trust me spend the extra and be happy --life is too short to deal with this garbage company and their garbage products/dealerships! Run and run fast

By Ed on October 13 @ 1:30 am
Love it
Bought my Honda in Dec 2009. Was deciding between the Toyota Camry and the Accord. I am very glad I chose the Accord. Haven't run into any problems yet. Absolutely love the ride, handling. Road noise is not as bad as others say and haven't had any problems with the brakes yet.

By jkendall on January 11 @ 9:10 am
Honda tries to save on cost
I just turned in my 2007 Accord for my 2010 Accord, and I miss my 2007 Accord. This is a nice car, but it screams cheaper to me. I really like the exterior of the 2010 better, however, the interior is assembled with a lot of the hard plastics, an audio display that is unappealing, a seat I just can't get comfortable in, and an engine that seems a little more sluggish. I will say it does seem to have more interior room. I sold my 2007 to my brother, and I think he got the better end of the deal.

By Mag on May 24 @ 4:46 pm
Very good car for the money
I think the accord EX 4 cyl. is the best car for the money. I test drove many cars before I decided to get this car. The only car I found ahead of this one is the BMW 528. For that price I think I got the best deal. Road and wind noise is very noticeable, but this is the case for most cars in this category. Seats are not the best but I got used to them after sometime. The gas millage isn't great but the car is quite big. I wish Honda can improve that.

By jakester on October 14 @ 5:23 am
Honda Accord EX Sedan
190 HP engine is smooth and powerful. Car really handles well on country roads and highway. Replaced a 2009 Ford Fusion with the Honda Accord EX, Ford Fusion had more bells and whistles but Honda is a more solid car. Also own a 2002 Honda Odyssey van, can't beat Honda for reliability and overall quality. Went back and forth between 2010 Fusion and Accord before choosing the Honda. Tough decision, both are good cars.

By pakkya on July 1 @ 3:23 am
Not Worth 30K+ cont'd
So I dropped off the car at dealer's for them to look at radio reception and fan noise. They came back to say they couldn't hear the fan and the radio reception was normal - given that XM is installed, it interferes with the FM/AM reception-BS!. Every car now has XM and not all have radio issues. It most likely is the antenna assembly that is inferior quality. Also, driver seat has started creaking whenever you shift your position while sitting - I am 6'4, 220lbs - but then this is a LARGE FAMILY SEDAN. I am very much convinced that Honda uses cheap quality materials for its interior to keep prices low and profits up. Its not worth buying an EX- L, a LX MIGHT'VE been worth the money.

By JoshK on February 6 @ 11:00 pm
good value
I was deciding between this, the Genesis Coupe, and the Camaro. I ended up buying the Accord Coupe for the history of reliability. I'm not brave enough to buy a Camaro or genesis in their first year of production. I'm not a huge car guy, but I do think performance is more important than comfort, especially for a machine that has transportation as its primary function. Which is why it was a huge disappointment that I couldn't get the V6 engine unless I also paid for unnecessary luxuries like leather, heated seats, dual zone climate control, etc. So I settled for the I4 engine. It's fine on the highway but the acceleration is weak (which I realized on my test drive). Oh well.

By Jay C. on April 26 @ 9:20 pm
2200 miles in the first month!
I purchased my Accord almost exactly a month ago & have made a few road trips in it already. My previous daily car was a '04 VW GTI VR6, which honestly I'm already starting to miss. I've owned a few Honda's in the past, and the reliability/cost of ownership/value was the reason for my purchase. On long trips, it's not a bad cruiser, & around town if you can get used to it's mammoth size, it's not too bad. It needs sway bars, better brakes, & a halfway-decent stereo like yesterday. It's better suited for people who view cars as appliances rather than adrenaline pumps. It's an ideal car for retirees, which is why I'm handing the keys to my parents in about a year or two.

By rob on January 20 @ 10:53 am
Great car
I bought 19.3k for this car (destination charge included). Not sure if this is a great deal. I showed the invoice price from edmunds and asked for something cheaper than edmunds price. I like the car so far. I owned an Accord before. This is my 2nd Accord. Very reliable car.

By donna on February 13 @ 5:13 am
Not fun to drive
I had driven the Accord EXL for no more than a day when I began to experience a backache. This car is truly one of the most uncomfortable to sit in. I test drove the cloth seats, found them uncomfortable but the salesperson convinced me that the leather was very comfortable as it had a lumbar adjustment etc. Not so, it's like sitting on wood. Wake up Honda, fix these seats. I rented a Kia Forte before this and it was way more comfortable, even in cloth. I need two pillows to avoid the backache. The road noise is unbearable on the parkway and you can actually feel it rumble underneath you as you drive.

By Marianne on September 3 @ 9:53 am
Totally enjoying this car
Purchased the car in February after much research on many models. Being a super fussy person in general, and particularly with the cars I own, I have to say that I am really surprised that for once, I can say "I really love my car!" Having previously only driven 6 cylinder cars, I was a bit hesitant about purchasing a 4, but I have to say that the difference is barely noticeable and I'm glad I made that choice.

By Happy with the LX-P on March 16 @ 8:16 pm
Happy eith the LX-P
Car is for 5'2" wife. She loves it! Chose the LX-P over LX for power seat & no hub cap rims. Driver seat is very firm & low. Have to get up to get out. Exterior is beautiful. Interior is nice, not stellar. Very functional with little compartments & sliding armrest. Road noise reduced by adding hood & trunk insulator for $150 via internet. Has more driver leg room than my 2005 4Runner. 5 speed automatic is smooth, but down shifts on slightest hills. It accelerates & handles very well. Fun to drive! Car is not a Maxima, BMW or a Lexas. Not meant to be. Good gas mileage at 24 MPH around town. In essence, we would select this model again.

By hondaguy2 on February 15 @ 7:43 am
Great dependable car
Just picked up my 2010 Accord lx a couple days ago, it's about as expected. I turned in a 2007 Accord se with the v6 engine so going to the 4 cylinder is tough. I'm sure I will get used to the lack of power over time. The exterior is nice, and the interior is just ok. I was surprised at the road noise, that's something I didn't have in the 2007. All in all, its a great car. I think you buy a Honda more for the dependability than looks or ride.

By IMFletch on April 11 @ 3:50 am
The Accord isn't a Buick
Some of these reviews are amusing. Did anyone actually test drive the Accord before buying it? This Accord is what it has always been - the sports sedan of work-a-day cars. This means it has a firm ride, quick, accurate steering, lots of road feel, a rev-happy engine and a slick shifting manual trans. Complaints about road noise, hard ride? Please. Listen, if you want a four-wheeled isolation chamber, buy a Buick. The Accord has grown up, but it still retains the qualities that have made its predecessors so beloved: a great DRIVING experience, quality, reliability and economy. My LX 5 spd is simple and fun to drive. The Accord is perfect if that's what you're looking for in a car.

By Miamitraveler on December 24 @ 4:06 pm
Loved this car!
Just bought the Honda Accord after LOTS of research. I spent hours reading every review possible online. It came down to two cars, the 2011 Hyundai Sonata and the Honda Accord. I test drove both cars on 2 different occasions from 2 different dealers. While the Sonata has a more beautiful exterior than the Honda, the interior of the Sonata especially the dashboard looks and feels cheap with low grade plastics. What were the Sonata's designers thinking? Also the drive in the Accord was superior to the Sonata's. Those two factors sealed the deal for me and I went with the Accord. Also, the Honda dealer was much more knowledgeable, professional and nice than the other dealers.

By hardten on June 27 @ 1:40 pm
You're winner and still champion...
Let's get real. For the past 3-5 years every midsized sedan has mentioned the Honda Accord in its advertising. Yes, there is a reason for this! As a 2006 Accord owner, my wife's 1998 Toyota Camry was recently rear ended and totaled while waiting at a stop light. What to buy? Camry? Way too many problems at this time and boring styling. 2011 sonata? Too new and unproven. Hate being a new model Guinea pig. And my trusted friend says Korea still not quite there yet against the Japanese. Altima? Definitely not a Honda. Push button ignition! Big deal! As a 58 year old "old school" driver there are some new gadgets I could care less about. Chevy or Ford? No thanks, I would Rather buy American. O

By William on August 2 @ 5:10 pm
Great Car
After 18 months with a Civic, I had to do something. This car exceeds all of my expectations, less one. My other car is a 1999 AMG C-43, owned from new, so my standards are high.

By David on December 18 @ 5:30 am
Very Hard To Get - But Worth It!
Finding a 6mt coupe was more difficult than finding Bigfoot. Had to order this car as there were simply none on dealership lots in a 5 state radius. Luckily car was already being built for another dealership, so they traded cars with my dealership, therefore only had to wait 3 weeks for the car to be built. Honda is slowly eliminating manual transmission cars from the US market, so if you want one of these get it while you still can. As frustrating as it was to buy, the end result is a car that is beautiful to look at, comfortable, and lots of fun to drive. Goes like stink (powerful engine), transmission is a joy to shift and the clutch has a natural, progressive take up. Car is a keeper!

By chris322 on October 21 @ 5:40 pm
'10 Accord EXL V6
This is a great car. I traded a 07 Camry for this car, and the difference is night and day. The Accord is the perfect car, and is a much better deal than a Camry. I love this car!

By Bill on December 7 @ 7:10 pm
Best Value
Recently purchased an Accord Coupe, EX- L, 2.4 auto. Build quality is great,that is why I by Hondas and this Accord has it. Exterior styling is fine but it is on the inside where Honda excels. Fit and finish is superior to any other vehicle in this price range. I was a bit leary of going with the 4 cyl vs. the 6 cyl. However, I tried both and did not notice enough difference to justify the 6 cyl price. Looked at the Altima, Maxima, Mazda 6, 2011 Sonata (liked the styling but have concerns regarding Korean quality), Fusion/Malibu (prior purchases of Ford/Chevy left me with concerns regarding long term reliability). Simply put, the Accord is clearly the best and this vehicle proves it once again.

By J.P. on January 5 @ 3:03 am
Hidden Cuts but paying more.
Fun to drive. Great gas mileage, a little noisier then some of my other Honda's I have owned.

By Jerry on May 29 @ 4:00 pm
Bought for 15K+ Trip
Bought my Accord EX-L for a four month trip we had to cut shot after six weeks. We will finish in about 2 months. Traveled about 6K and got about 29 mpg overall for the trip. It got better with each tank full and we had a car full of stuff and driving 70 mph. Ride very smooth and comfortable. Plenty of space for us and all our goodies.

By Adam Corder on February 21 @ 12:40 am
I don't understand the criticisms of the new Accord that I have read, particularly regarding the seats and the ride quality/noise. I found the seats exceptional and the ride quality to be fine; it's a great compromise between the mushy Camry and the stiff, sporty ride of the Maxima. The build, quality, and price paid for quality are all excellent - it looks great (black with tan leather - yes!), got the windows tinted, and it looks as sharp as any car on the road.

By Gail Karslo on August 26 @ 12:16 pm
car review
The car ride is exceptional. Our salesperson convinced us it was a terrific ride and he was correct and we truly enjoy the overall experience.

By atq on October 16 @ 4:30 pm
I have had 2006 and 2008 and this is my third car I am leasing. 2010 has somewhat improved in terms of suspension and better road noise. Long drive trips are comfortable in terms of seating, and tiredness. Avoided leather seats as some others have been complaining of backaches.

By John on December 29 @ 1:00 pm
Great car
We already have a 2008 Accord and love it. This purchase was to replace a 2003 Camry w/ well over 200,000 miles. Contenders included an Altima 2.5 SL and another Camry XLE(to many problems right now) & the Malibu w/ Onstar (They lost on ride, brushed suede for Leater seats, overall GM still doesn't get it). The standard wishbone suspension and accompanying drive helped win me over (have to go to Lexus for that in the Toyota family. Although this car is not an American "branded" automobile, it is as "American made" as the Malibu, or more. Overall the Accord is a wise choice in a midsized sedan.

By azbosox on April 11 @ 2:33 am
Liked Previous Gen Better
Years ago I owned a 2004 Honda Accord EX 4cyl and I have to say I thought it was a much better car. The new Accord is significantly larger which is great for some but it shows when cornering and the body begins to roll. The standard amenities are fantastic, but the interior audio buttons are made for Mr. Magoo and just too large. The engine is peppy but performance of the car is boring and not involving at all. The exterior design of the car is mediocre at best with odd curvature lines in places. Seats hurt my back after a road trip from CA to AZ and the build quality feels very cheap. That being said fuel economy is fantastic.

By rjl on February 24 @ 11:33 pm
Great Car
Traded my Acura TL S 2003. Wanted to buy a new TL but design (UGH). Anyway, this car has been fantastic. Road noise not a problem and seats are comfortable. Just drove a 600 mile trip and got 29 hwy. I feel like I got my money worth especially considering the $13K I probably saved on not buying Acura or Lexus.

By CrtJones on February 8 @ 8:16 am
2nd Accord within 8 months
I purchased an 09 Accord in July of last year. I was unable to locate the one I wanted with navi at the time. I loved that Accord so much that I upgrade to a 2010 with Navi 8 months after buying my 09! The car is comfortable, handles like a dream, and is worth the money. I've had no problems and have recommended the Accord (both 09 and 10) to many friends.

By GreatHusband on August 25 @ 11:03 am
Uncomfortable seats
This is my 3 rd accord and i have to say i'm very disappointed. very uncomfortable front seats. Make sure you test drive this car you buy.

By canso67 on December 11 @ 8:46 am
Good Solid Appliance
It's my 1st Accord and though only 2,000 miles on it, I like the car's tight steering and solid handling. It's far from exciting. If I had the choice I would have gone with the 5 spd manual but my wife drive the car daily and can't handle it.

By fatoldpig on August 27 @ 5:56 pm
Just love it
Just love this car. After I recked my previous car (1997 Honda Prelude, bought brand new, recked at 200K miles, so sad..), I was looking for a similar car since Honda discontinued Prelude (don't know why, it was such a great, very very reliable car. Dear Honda, please bring back Prelude). Test drove Accura TSX, Infinity G37S etc until I saw and test drove Accord V6 coupe and immediately fell in love with the car. Since I only wanted a black manual shift version, I couldn't find one to test drive the manual version. Luckily one dealer found one nearby and I was so happy. Though I still miss my Prelude, I'm very happy with this car. Hope to keep it for a long time.

By stinger427 on October 11 @ 7:13 pm
Excellent car
I really do not understand all of the complaints about road noise. The car rides smoothly and isn't noisy. Great car, very happy with my Honda. Our dealership we purchased from is by far the worst dealership I've every purchased a car from. Rosen Honda, Gurnee

By bconn on February 28 @ 10:10 pm
good car
Just bought this car. Used to have Toyota. Went with Honda due to Toyota problems. Overall good car. A little bumpy ride but will get used to it. came from corolla which had smoother ride.

By Jay L. on January 31 @ 11:53 pm
Great Sedan!
This is my 2nd Accord. I had looked for a good car/SUV for two years and had test-driven many. At last, after running a cycle and came back to the starting point. It is not a luxury car but it gives you a feeling of luxury. V-6 is quite and smooth. The reliability is needless to mention - rock-solid! The first tank of gas is giving me 25 mpg (local only). I'll see how the 2nd tank goes. So far so great!

By Accordian on September 8 @ 1:13 pm
Holy Wind Noise!
My fiancée just leased this car 1 week ago. The interior is very pleasant and accommodating. The 4 cylinder is not exhilarating, but adequate and smooth on the highway. However, on the highway, the wind noise inside the cabin is ridiculous! I am not exaggerating. I opened and closed the doors several times and open and closed all the windows because I assumed something must not be closed properly. NOPE. It is actually THAT LOUD. Completely unbelievable. My 2001 Hyundai Elantra is 10 times quieter in the cabin. The reliability etc is unmatched but unacceptable that Honda has overlooked thus obvious flaw.

By jme1281 on January 31 @ 4:36 pm
Safe vehicle
I bought a 2010 Accord V-6 EX-L less than 2 months ago. I loved the car! Then a truck turned in front of me and I was involved in a head on collision. My Accord was totaled. My wife and small child were in the car with me during the collision. We all walked away from the vehicle amazed that we weren't seriously injured. I just bought another 2010 Accord to replace the last one. Now I know what a 5 star crash rating means.

By belladonna on September 17 @ 8:20 pm
First Honda!
After driving only Nissans, I branched out to another dealer, and after much research purchased a Honda Cvic EX, however being almost 6 ft I could not ride very comfortably in that small car, so I called the dealer up (great people) and they were able to get into an Accord LXP which is so much more roomier. The dealer was incredible, and I am a happy first time customer!

By Gordon Lock on May 16 @ 6:53 pm
Vibration at highway speed
I drove an Accord that was 'on lot' before I bought. I didn't drive the actual car that I purchased until after I had paid for it as it had to be driven from another dealership. Big mistake! This car vibrates at highway speeds and after the dealership worked on it 3 times for a total of 27 days, it is not fixed. I was told that there was nothing else they could do for it and it was out of their hands. Talked to a Honda rep in California and was told it is not their policy to replace a car or to return your money. If you are considering Honda, be aware of their policy .

By Laura on August 28 @ 4:00 am
Awesome vehicle
Coming from a family that all own Hondas, I decided to see what all the talk was about and purchased the Accord for myself. Now I know why all family members have been dedicated. What an awesome car! Great ride, fantastic stereo sound, comfortable seats. An all around awesome car. Looks and runs great. Hope to have it as long as my sister has had hers; a 1994 with 230,000 miles on it and still going strong. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

By Fred on February 11 @ 7:16 pm
Good Choice
I considered the Accord, Altima and Fusion. Nissan incentives were not good and I cannot get over my past experience with Fords. I will always think of them as Fix Or Repair Daily. I selected the 2010 Accord Coupe EX-L/A 4 cyl. The 4 cyl provides more than enough power. I was torn between the 6cy and the 4 cyl but really did not notice much difference during the test drive. The interior of the vehicle is typical Honda, very good for the money. This is my fourth Honda and I have been impressed with the fit and finish of each vehicle. This Accord continues that tradition. For them money, it is hard to beat a Honda.

By get 'er done on July 12 @ 6:20 am
I like it.
Just bought this car about a week ago and love driving it already. Have had a Honda in the past and after testing the market for others, couldn't resist coming back and I'm glad I did. Of course, the more features the better, but I like the ride, comfort and space. It's just one of those cars that you can't be mad at.

By bigmistake on February 15 @ 2:06 am
Beware of Honda quality standard
If you are considering 8th gen Honda Accord, do your research on what you are going to deal with. It is not the Accord that it used to be. Mine is Silver and its painting has zebra stripes all over it. Yet, Honda insists that it is normal and refuse to deal with the issue while none of the silver Accord owners and Dupon automotive painting rep I contacted think its normal. You will have to deal with all kind of creaking and rattling noises, in addition to ear-deafening noises from road, tire, wind and so on. Sub par braking performance. So so engine performance and so so fuel economy. Styling is nice but not worth it considering what you have to go through during your ownership.

By NMT on May 6 @ 11:33 pm
Quality seems worse than the past
I owned a 1999 Accord LX for 12 years and I like it since it is a very solid car and not much trouble. When it was time to buy a new one, I decided to stick with Accord and I thought it should be a slight upgrade to buy LX-P but I just feel bit disappointed since the engine pick up, gas mileage, interior material quality are worse than the past. The engine is little noise than my old one. However, the car handling is still pretty good. I like the new look and the price. I almost paid the same price what I paid 12 years ago if I stick with the LX basic model. If you consider inflation, it is over 30% cheaper. I think you get what you pay for.

By Brandon C. on November 6 @ 6:13 am
Smooth and Powerful Ride
After shopping around for months, looking at many makes and models, the Honda Accord EX V-6 ended up being the winner. It replaced my old 1987 4-cyl Toyota Camry. And did I make the right choice. The ride is both smooth and powerful. The 8-way power driver's seat control is great for my big frame. It has a very spacious interior (for a big guy like me) and I like that the rear bench collapses to expand trunk space when I need it. Even though the Accord doesn't get the same great fuel economy as a hybrid would, I'm satisfied with the way it performs. It's a keeper.

By Marley on February 1 @ 1:46 am
Mostly disappointed
Quality doesn't seem to be that great and fuel economy disappointing. Spec indicates city MPG at 19 with expected range of 15 - 23 mpg. I get maybe 15 mpg. Two months and only 1400 miles on the car, my tennis shoe or docker shoe has worn a hole in the driver side floor mat. Mat quality is the worst of any car I've ever owned! Brakes already starting to grab and make noise now that there is 2300 miles on the vehicle. I expected a lot more from a higher end Honda and am mostly disappointed.

By Tim on May 20 @ 1:26 am
Good family car
Traded in our 2000 Toyota Sienna for a sedan. Was able to get a 60 month 0% deal so that was a great savings. Car has blue tooth system which works well and dealer was great at helping us understand car features. Car overall feels sturdy, safe, and quiet. I like this Accord and believe if you are in the sedan market, this should be a car to look at.

By shaymasdaddy on November 18 @ 10:56 am
The Family Man's Coupe!
Just trade-in a Civic EX-L for a 2010 Accord EX-L V6 coupe. It handles great and my kids (5 and 9) fit in the back sit with no problem. Now that the 2010s have the tan leather with the contrasting black floor mats, the interior looks awesome. I got the taffeta white with no pinstripe which gives it a more upscale look. If you have a family of 4 and thought having a coupe was impractical, check out the Accord V6 coupe, you'll be in for a surprise.

By TexReview on October 16 @ 5:43 pm
A Bit Disappointed
Honestly, I wish I would have spent a bit more money and upgraded to maybe a Buick LaCrosse. The Honda looks great, but after driving it a while, you realize they cut corners (i.e. noise dampening materials). I thought the seats were comfortable until I sat in my mom's Buick Lucerne, which is much more comfortable and more quiet. (for around the same price.)Is the Honda reliable? Probably very reliable. But they need to improve on comfort. Road noise is actually very tiring to the mind and body.

By Jeff on July 2 @ 2:40 pm
First car
I purchased my 2010 Honda Accord Ex-l coupe on 3/31/10 from first team honda. The buying process was smooth and easy, and the price was truly unbeatable. Before purchasing the Accord i looked at the Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Vw Jetta, Vw GTI, Nissan Rogue,Nissan Frontier, Volvo S40, and GMC Terrain. After looking at these car the accord was the best. It offers a comfortable ride, a sporty look,and good build quality. I also drove the Sedan which is a total different beast it offers a choppy and noisy ride, and rattles but the coupe is so much smoother and more powerful because it has more hp than the lx-p 190 vs 177. I would recommend this car to any one.

By thockman on November 25 @ 12:53 pm
Accord is one solid car
After driving my new Accord for two weeks, I'm still impressed with the solid feel of the car. I can tell that this car is well built and will last many years before starting to creak, rattle, and ding like all aging cars do. The 190 hp engine is more than sufficient most of the time, stereo sounds great and road noise is not problem. The EX has all the Must Have conveniences, but I do miss have an outside temperature indicator. The drivers seat is not comfortable in the lumbar area, but I am continuing to test lumbar settings for perfect fit. I highly recommend this car.

By Joe D on September 2 @ 3:43 am
Nice car
Rides nice, not noisy as other reviews indicated. Good price and interest rate.

By Seattleite on March 9 @ 12:30 am
Love this car!
Recently purchased a 2010 Honda Accord EX-L V6 with navigation. This car is fantastic and I have absolutely no complaints about it at all. Purchased the Alabaster Silver with black leather interior. Love the bluetooth and navigation, as well as the auto light feature. Hope to keep this car for many years to come!

By avgjoe on May 6 @ 2:56 pm
4th Honda, Seems Just Average Now
My 4th Honda. Still a good car but not much better than fusion, malibu, sonata. Road noise IS noticeable. Less so with v6 b/c of extra sound insulation on v6 models but still too loud. I paid $500 for an aftermarket sound proof kit for the trunk. Big difference. VCM is not transparent but not intrusive, just drive the car and forget it. Seats are comfy in leather, not so much in cloth. Buttons on dash, not a problem. Isn't that part of the fun of a new car? Learning where everything is? Averaging 22-23 mpg in mixed driving. Handling is great, visibility is good.

By andrew on March 8 @ 6:56 pm
One year old still nice
The Accord 6 cyl sedan is a year old now and has 11,600 miles on it with no problems at all. It's comfortable, sporty and it gets reasonable mpg. Winter driving 20 to 22 around town. Just did a check and summer combined 23.7. The one trip to n. Y. With mostly highway with some slowdowns it did 30.2. It would do better in a long run like to Florida I am sure. Always looking at other cars and for the price it is hard to beat this car. I have had 50 to 60 cars and this would be a hard one to replace since it does most things very well and is easy to live with.

By fnc119 on October 10 @ 12:56 am
2010 Accord-Perfect for me
After test driving and researching cars for eight months I went with the Accord. My wife, daughter and I took a trip to NH and it convinced me the Accord was the best car for me. I split the driving with them and they were very pleased with the car's ride, comfort and performance. I was very happy with the MPG/28.5. After the 450 mile trip my wife seems ready to trade- in her new Outback for a Crosstour.

By MarkB on March 8 @ 3:00 am
I Love My Accord
I love my new Accord. Got the EX-L w/o Navigation and can't believe the great price I paid for this car! I have had three great cars all of which lasted over 8 years and I can honestly say this is the best of the best! I know I will have many happy years of enjoyment driving this car. To those who made statements about outside temperature reading, the Accord does have outside temperature reading. You have to push in the tripometer pin and it will show the outside temperature. ;-)

By Tom on July 7 @ 11:33 am
Another evolutionary Accord
My wife has now owned 5 Accords, puts about 100K on in 4-5 years and then we get a new one. The Accord continues to improve with each generation, this one being quieter and more luxurious than her 06 LX. Plus, we actually paid less for the 2010 then her 06, some sign of the times for car dealers. I think the exterior design is horrendous but my wife likes it and no one buys an Accord for the "wow" factor. Interior is very well laid out, stereo is decent and any previous Accord owners will immediately know where every control is. Has to be the best 4 dr sedan bargain on the planet from both a price, performance and comfort standpoint.

By MiddleRoad on August 2 @ 3:03 pm
It's Honda. Just not the Honda you knew.
Driving this car is a positive tactile experience. Good throttle control, smooth drive train, tight suspension, good steering feel. It has a very rigid feeling chassis ala BMW. That's good. However, several weeks after taking delivery, I noticed little black and orange metal particles stuck to the paint in a few places. Rail dust. They're tiny, you have to be looking for them. If successfully removed by dealer, then I would rate this car pretty high. 8.5 to 9 re: meeting expectations. Still take a hit on quality for allowing this in the first place, no free ride.

By Ralph on November 6 @ 7:03 am
best Honda yet
Car handles very well with solid construction. Have had 2 other Accords but this is the best yet.

By cjs on November 12 @ 6:13 pm
Great Car!
I love the Accord EX-L 2-DR coupe. It's sporty-looking but still practical enough for a middle-aged mom like me. You can't go wrong with this one!

By BobMcK on August 21 @ 6:50 pm
Glad I Done It
Had this car for about 5 months now. The Belize Blue exterior/beige leather interior combination still knocks me out. All the whizzbangs (moonroof, heated seats, sat radio, etc) are nice, but the curb appeal of this thing is just amazing. Glad I got rid of a 2009 xxxx and got this.

By dgalliher on April 25 @ 6:43 am
3rd Accord
Just purchased my 3rd Accord, and first new one. Took a while to find an EX with the manual gearbox. I'm coming out of a 99 LX, so it's a bit of an adjustment. Awesome car though, fun to drive, great on gas, huge interior, comfortable, good build quality. Would buy again!

By scp91b on March 16 @ 11:10 pm
So far it Good
I traded in my 2001 Lexus IS300 for EX- L V6 Navi. I am still getting used of the not a tight handling and much bigger size. The v-6 has a lot of pull and I would never hesitate merging onto the hi-way. The shifting of the transmission is not smooth and going in and out ECO mode feels like the transmission is trying to find the gear to be in. All in all I feel I made the right decision

By TheTick247 on June 21 @ 6:00 pm
Solid value but missing some features
I was leaning toward other cars (Legacy, Sonata) but got such a good deal on this I couldn't turn it down. It's everything you expect from an Accord. Solid, comfortable, fairly nimble & well made. That being said, it's missing some features that you'd expect it to have and that the competition already does. The powertrain, while competent is beginning to showing its age relative to the competition. In the end, it's a good car that's better than the sum of its parts. It won't overly impress, but it won't disappoint, either.

By juspassinthru on May 28 @ 1:13 pm
No regrets
I have owned this vehicle for one month & have put about 1800 miles on it. Wind noise is not any worse than other cars in the same price range, ride quality is good, gas mileage could be better (avg 21-22 mpg around town) Over all I have no regrets. Nice Car.

By Jeff on June 15 @ 12:10 am
Pleasure to Drive
I just purchased two weeks ago put over 500 miles on already, it is really a pleasure to drive. The seats are a little stiff, however I have some lower back issues and prefer the harder feel, although my wife does not. I hope that two weeks of driving qualifies me to give a review. I know that I found all of the reviews listed on this site as well as other sites helpful in my decision making. You have to take some of the negative comments with a grain of salt because there is always going to be some that cannot be pleased or some may have a bad experience. Perhaps I should have waited until after we take the car on our vacation to give my review oh well. Thus far I am loving' it!

By Ron on November 7 @ 7:03 pm
Accord is the right car for me
Full disclosure, I still own a 2001 Accord. Went shopping for several months for mid size 4 door sedans and dealt with a lot of car sales people. I drove Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Subaru, Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Hyundai, then went to the Honda dealer and found I wasted a bunch of time. For the money the Accord while not perfect meets my driving needs. 4 cyl 190 hp. is fine and have had no problems. One slight fit and finish problem that is fixed. 4500 miles and expect no problems. Do your homework BEFORE you buy any car. You’ll be much happier with your selection.

By PINOY on September 10 @ 7:33 pm
Cabin Pressure?
Been driving the car 30 miles one way to work for a month now and been satisfied so far with the ride, power, and space. One negative is my ears gets plugged when driving this car. I thought it was because I had a cold but now that my colds gone, I still experience the same plugged ear. Driving my 2 other cars don't give me this problem. Not sure what this is yet but hopefully it goes away soon.

By STL Bill on October 22 @ 11:10 am
Perfect Car Except the Seats
My wife and I owned a 1992 Honda Accord and drove it for 12 years before replacing it with a 2003 Toyota Camry. I loved the Accord and always wanted to go back to one and did. The 2010 EXL Accord we bought is a marvel of engineering and quality. I'm 6'3" and had to make sure I could fit in this car. I did. After buying the car and driving it for more than 15 minutes, it feels like the seats are made of granite. Plus the lumbar support is too low for tall people. I went in to a Relax the Back Store, and they said other customers have the same problem. My wife has no problem. Sadly I will drive our Odyssey: comfy seats! No achy back!

By Rebecca on September 14 @ 11:30 am
Love this car!
I traded a 2009 Caliber for this amazing car. I didn't need this car I wanted this car. In my job I drive 50,000 miles a year so I wanted comfort, gas mileage and bling. I got all three. It's a head turner where ever it goes. Love it! Worth every penny. Hands free blue tooth is so easy to use. The sits really fit my body.

By Mike S on October 18 @ 2:00 pm
2010 Honda Accord Coupe V6
We bought a Belize Blue 2010 Honda Accord Coupe from Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, NC on May 31, 2010. We were able to get the car for about $5k under the sticker price, supposedly because Honda is motivated to sell cars. We also got some post-sale options for dealer price, saving us about $150 on options. It pays to ask about a discount on options. The reviews for this model unanimously rate this car as having loud road noise. This is true for our car also, primarily on old/unimproved asphalt/concrete road surfaces. On newer surfaces, it is reasonably quiet. The V6 performs great, even with AC on. Mileage seems good, tho still determining actual mileage. Excellent Bluetooth and radio features

By wfdfire76 on October 31 @ 2:16 pm
Overall opinion
I have owned this vehicle for a month now. I have put about 1,500 miles on it already. I honestly didn't research other vehicles because i knew that Honda is pretty much one of if not the most reliable vehicle out there. How many recalls have you heard Honda have? ;-) I have been please with the vehicle for the most part.

By shaymasdaddy on February 2 @ 12:06 pm
2nd Review: Just a Solid Sports Coupe
After 2600 miles, this Accord coupe loves to run. The steering is weighted very well which helps you enjoy the way it handles. I love the auxiliary port that allows me to listen to Pandora from my blackberry. The seats have great support and the A/C has been awesome while battling the Texas heat. I have experienced ok mileage due to my spirited driving, but otherwise it is very good compared to other sport coupes on the market. I did have a rattle in the roof above the passenger sun visor which was fixed after the second time, but other than that it has been a blase to drive.

By skhusky on March 10 @ 9:03 pm
Like it a lot
Traded in my 03 4Dr Accord for a 2010 Blue Coupe. I love the way this car looks, it is actually longer than my 03 4dr. Did not get the leather and miss some of the gadgets that come with it (outside temp, auto headlights, dual climate zone, etc). For a coupe, it is almost inexcusable not to have a drop-down driver's seat (leather does)? Interior build is awesome and looks great but could have been better. No chrome accents at all, ambient light gone, no glove box light, no door mud lights gone and housing for fuel release is very cheap looking. Car rides great and I'm sure I will get at least 7 years out of it. Great car for me but Honda seems to have cut a few corners

By Oblique on January 3 @ 2:26 am
Accord after an Altima
So this 2010 Honda Accord is my 5th Honda. My previous car was a Nissan Altima that had been in back to the dealer 5 times for other than routine maintenance. As paying customers was demand our moneys worth and so far the Accord like all other Hondas I've owned has delivered comfort, reliability and value for the price I paid. I don't expect a 50K car quality for only 25K. So far with just 2000 miles, we are averaging 30.1 MPG highway! Impressive compared to the 26.6 with the Altima.

By good car bad seats on February 16 @ 11:03 am
Good car, bad seats
The car does what it said it would do, the 4 cyl Is slow on passing but good at hwy speeds. The worst thing is the driver seat for me, it is a killer on our back if you have any type of back issues.

By Tom M on July 3 @ 4:30 am
I love my accord
A great ride comfortable and quiet on the road. Lots of room and a nice big trunk. The mystic green metallic makes the car look real good moving or standing still. i love my Honda.

By herb on April 12 @ 5:00 pm
This car is awesome!
This car is absolutely awesome! I love both the interior and exterior looks. It is wonderful to drive and quick. The build quality is evident as has been the case for Honda for many years. I traded in a terribly unreliable Cadillac cts for this auto, and do not miss the Cadillac at all! Also, the seats and climate control system are excellent. Beautiful car! I look forward to driving it every time!

By harv on July 17 @ 5:36 pm
Bad Seats
Good car, it's a Honda, but the driver's seat is killing my back! Had it about 6 months and looking to trade, i cant take the back pain any longer. 4cyl. is under power when taking off and passing, but good at hwy speed.

By Neshelle on October 16 @ 7:30 pm
Upset Honda owner
I purchased a 2009 Honda Accord in February 2010. My front left passenger wheel began to pop and I took it to the dealer only to find out my new car has a broken axle. The dealer informed me that this should never happen to a car this new. I am distraught. I have purchased several Hondas before and have never had this much difficulty with one. I am at a loss for words.

By Elvis in Austin on April 14 @ 5:56 am
Love this Car!
I bought this car in Apr 2010. Love my Honda. Drives excellent. It has exceeded my expectations. 4Cyl in the EX has great pickup. Intend to keep this car for 10 plus years!

By David on April 24 @ 11:33 am
Really Bad Car
It's hard to believe that Honda's are reliable. This car has had so many problems so far, and I only have 6K miles. Brakes vibrate, steering wheel shimmies (yup, most likely rotors, but dealer is baffled as always). Build quality is sub-par. Dashboard top shelf is warped like a wave, but dealer says all are like this. Glove box hangs down about a centimeter, and that's after being "corrected". Engine whine is annoying at best, maddening at worst. Car has no power, not get up and go. The AC pump vibrates the car at idle. It's crude and unrefined. My wife hates the front seat. At highway speed, there are gaps where air comes through and you can hear it! 22 mpg really poor for a car this slow.

By dick on July 14 @ 7:13 am
2010 LX-P automatic 4dr
So far 31 MPG, mostly highway; got rid of my 06 Civic to grandson, "stepped up" to larger Accord. Wish I had something in between. Liked Civic aerospace dash better. Comfortable but some road noise. Should make split rear seat; also put trunk lock on exterior. Need manual vertical adjustment for passenger seat. Interior not plush. A bit noisy.

By Bill on October 21 @ 12:33 am
The only way to go
We researched every car in this class. Camry, Focus, Altima, Sonata. No comparison. This car is comfortable, smooth, handles great, looks great and Honda pays attention to so many little details that make this car so great. The tactile feel of every switch, fabric, door panels etc. you handle is perfect. The word is quality! And at an unbelievable price. The Sonata was sluggish and the seating positions were strange and the interior was caodic. Accords interior is tasteful. All I can say is you won't be unhappy with this car.

By L.S. on September 2 @ 12:40 am
Great but
I love my honda accord! I have read several reviews and was hoping that the comments regarding paint peeling was not ture! However, someone backed into my car in the parking lot and the paint is off in 2 places! I have been overprotective of the car because I didn't want anyone to hit the car. I always park really far away in parking lots so that no one is near my car. I had a 10 year old mitsubishi galant that has been hit in the bumper several times and paint NEVER came off! It's very cheaply made. Also, the buttons to operate AC control and radio are centered making it difficult to reach buttons closer to the passenger side of the car.

By zackinthebx88 on March 2 @ 5:23 pm
Under Rated
Handles like a dream. I have not had any problems with this car. It takes off as fast as a G35 (beat it top-end) and a Carrerra (he let off first). Front stabilizer bar and large front tires keep it glued to the road. Check their 2008 vs Altima comparison, watch the slalom. Obviously, you can compare it against similar priced coupes (like the Altima Coupe, Genesis Coupe, And 370z) but, ONLY the Altima has nearly as many features. Stock audio sounds amazing, although I did upgrade the subwoofer easily. Definitely a sleeper. I found it to be an excellent balance of luxury and speed. Couldn't be any happier.

By SMKHuskie on June 18 @ 8:56 pm
2 Dr EX Coupe-5spd
Last Accord (03' 4DR EX-L) was great, after 207K decided to go with a coupe this time. Love the exterior look of the car. If this were my first Accord I would like it more but Honda has gone a bit on the cheap. No interior ambient light, no mud lights on the doors, light in glove box is gone, housing for trunk/fuel latch cheap looking plastic, no lever to fold and slide driver door up. Need to spend another 3K for leather to get an outside temp reading. Road noise and even idle noise is louder than my 2003. Bottom line, I love the look of the car and I'm sure I'll get many years of use. Admittedly went cheaper on this model (cloth) but previous EX standard features missing.

By ODIS on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Couldn't go wrong with this car.
I was comparing accord v6 with ford fusion v6 and Acura TSX . Accord won because of better acceleration and larger size. Pro: 1. Spacious size, EPA rating large. 2. Comfortable seat with lumbar support. 3. Fuel economy: 50% local 50% high way 25-27 MPG. Con: 1. No outside temperature display in EX V6. 2. Rear trunk hood could be more sturdy. 3. No preinstalled door visor.

By tjkennedy on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Great car
After looking around at Mazda, altima teat drove them all I liked the Ford fusion, but after driving the Accord its a 5 speed manual that was it, I love it, I just changed the oil, smooth ride better than the fusion I am a happy camper

By jdm on October 14 @ 11:00 am
Easy to Operate
Researched the car. Has lived up to much of the hype. Hard to put a car seat in the back (knew this going in). Bluetooth setup with cell phone was easy.

By MichelleA on September 26 @ 11:00 am
Honda Is The BEST!
I have owned all Honda cars. I traded my 2009 Honda Civic for the 2010 Accord. It feels more roomy, comfy, and less engine noise. Got to say I feel safer in the Accord over the Civic. I love driving this car I purchased 3 weeks ago.

By Mike_D on March 19 @ 11:00 am
Could be better
Love my Accord. I traded in my 07 Civic to this package. Bluetooth freezes up sometimes, I get the rattle from the AC Fan, the driver seat really is uncomfortable, and the idle is rough sometimes. Had my brakes replaced at 5k miles, they were off for some reason. The car is amazing though. I have to say the performance has improved since I first bought last year. Wish I would've waited for the 2011 because they did fix a lot of the issues I have now. Amazing car. Road noise is loud but I plan to put continentals on when these tires are ready for replacing. Got mine for $23k fully loaded black on black. Absolutely gorgeous and I still get compliments. To me, sort of looks like Malibu. :-(

By Accords For Steve on November 26 @ 11:00 am
Accords Just Keep Getting Better
My 2010 Accord EXL coupe is my 2nd Accord. My previous one was a 2002 4 dr which I owned for nearly 9 years. It was the best car I have ever had so I stayed with Honda. This time I wanted something sportier so I bought the coupe. I now have 5,000 miles on it and have yet to have a single issue. I love it. It's fast for a 4 cyl (190 HP)and handles well. If you want to purchase any new car do it on- line using the Edmunds website. I received six different quotes within 24 hours. My local dealer, who I wanted to buy from, matched the lowest quote. I saved over $1,000 by using this simple on-line method. It was the easiest car purchase I have ever had.

By slc on February 13 @ 11:00 am
Nice car, but consumes oil
I had Honda Accord EX 4cyl 1998 for 12 years. It was a great car. I put 182000 miles on it. The car started to show some signs of wear and tear, but it never consumed/burn any oil. But it was time for update. Because my positive experience with my old Honda I just decided to go with new Honda Accord EX V6, I read positive reviews on Edmunds site and purchased one. Well I am very disappointed in the quality Honda delivered in this car. Engine consumes/burns oil. It consumes about 1 qt of oil every 4000 miles. Just to give you an idea 1 qt it is when oil is below lowest mark on orange dipstick. It looks like I am not alone, a lot of people who have Accords 2008, 2009, 2010 seeing this problem.

By Greg Rasa on February 13 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accord impressions to date
Traded a 2003 Accord for a 2010. An Accord is a great balance of things: Great horsepower, yet excellent fuel economy. (New car is getting 22 mpg in town, and it looks like it will get 30 on the highway. On several occasions, I got 34 mpg from my 2003 V-6.) Interior that's nice enough. Exterior that looks good, at least from most angles. Bulletproof reliability. And a big car that is roomy enough in front/back/trunk, but still handles nimbly. Plus, the navigation with voice commands that is one of the best in the business. All of this for $28K out the door. You simply can't beat it, not for the price.

By Big Al on May 1 @ 11:00 am
Easy to own
I like the car, it is fast and low slung. Brakes seem good and the ride is decent. The radio is very good. Only two problems so far the brake discs are pitted from road salt, and the seats are not smooth when moving back and forth. The brakes work well and the seats still work it's just not something I like. I am not getting anywhere near 30mpg more like 20mpg BUT it is only driven in the metropolis of DC. Anyway it is a great car the V6 is good too I love it when I push the loud button and it lifts the front end, real old school feel. I can put a car seat in the middle of the back seat and my other two kids on either side. It works great, not something for long family road trip but it works

By Daniel on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Good Job Honda!
I love my accord. Couldn't be better.. There are a lot of pros and cons but to start off, FUEL ECONOMY! My V6 used less fuel than my brothers Suzuki Swift 1.6L.. Just amazing fuel economy! I don't like how Honda still uses a 5 speed and no manual shifting or anything. Navigation is a bit hard to use and finding places can be challenging unless you already know the address that needs to be entered. Stock tires are horrible, i feel shaking when going 120km/h + . Trunk space isn't very good at all especially with the DVD in the way from the GPS. Stereo isn't very good and subwoofer shakes the plastic too much (cheap built)All in all a very good car but Honda needs to do some updating SOON!

By scp91b on October 4 @ 11:00 am
saved our lives
I owned my Accord for 5 months before getting hit head on by an impaired driver doing 75 mph. With a combined speed of 110mph my accord received massive damage. I broke my wrist from the holding onto the steering wheel and preparing for impact. The accident was devastating with very sad results for the other cars driver and passenger. After inspect my accord I was impressed that the front doors still opened without having to force them open and the rest of the car looked undamaged. The Accord design to absorb energy and protect its passengers proved to work for me and my passengers. Thank You Honda!

By james brinson on December 4 @ 11:00 am
Do not buy a honda
Honda not a car you want to buy. Leather seats do not stand up to standard. Their air bags will deflate and you hit nothing . My advice be do not ever buy a Honda form no one they will lie to you. Thanks for nothing . Pat

By Cheri Westlake on May 8 @ 11:00 am
Love my Honda EXL
This is my second Honda we had the pilot years ago. I purchased Mazda 3 for a runabout just sold for an Accord. Mazda 3 felt tin like and feathery compared to Accord exl. Fun car not a real safe feeling compared to Accord. Accord is luxurious and roomy. Love it on the hwy especially in inclement weather. I love my new Accord exl. Thks Honda! I feel safe and all my friends fit in comfortably and their golf clubs fit in the trunk! Gotta love it! Worth the little extra to purchase a Honda.

By beb on February 2 @ 11:00 am
Great all-around car, except fuel
I am leasing this vehicle for $269/mo. For less than $10/day, this car is amazing. It's comfortable, has all the creature comforts anyone needs and looks great,too! I wish it had some more power and less active ABS - but for the price of this car, there really are no major complaints! Negative things to note: Fuel consumption is surprisingly high! Also, don't forget that insurance on an Accord is not cheap, the brakes on this vehicle go out fairly quickly too!

By Etorres on October 29 @ 11:00 am
Norm Reeves Honda and me...
Where to start? I am Honda Fan through and through. In 2008 I purchased my first Accord. It was a V6, EX, Sunroof, Clothe interior, and pearl white. From day one this car has been FUN to drive. It handles great, smooth acceleration, and looks amazing with a great set of wheels. Now 2 years later I wanted to treat myself to an upgrade. This time around I got every bell and whistle available. I just purchased a 2010 Accord, 4 doors, EX-L(L = LEATHER!), Navigation, Bluetooth, upgraded sound system, and in pearl Black. NICE! I only have two words to say about my experience with the 2010 Accord: EXTREMELY HAPPY.

By Todd on November 23 @ 11:00 am
2010 Honda Accord EX
As is my want, I did a lot of research prior to purchasing my new Honda Accord. I was somewhat concerned about some of the reviews on this site (and others) dealing with road noise, seat comfort, and premature brake ware. To date I have put 11K miles on the car. I have used the car for a couple of longer (6 to 8 hour) trips, and can say that I found the seat to be comfortable (I am 6' tall, 230 lbs.). Nor has the road noise been bothersome to me. Regarding the brakes, no problems so far. I like the Accord, and though only a four cylinder, it seems to have plenty of acceleration for me and is a pleasure to drive. Nice car, overall.

By James Brunskill on May 15 @ 11:00 am
Good quality too much cabin noise
We are happy with the quality of the car and the color combinations that are available over previously owned Camry's. A bit more sportier. Very disappointed with road noise in the cabin of the vehicle and squealing brake noise on occasion. Will look back to Camry next time and include a look at Sonata and Ford Fusion before buying.

By Tom H on May 15 @ 11:00 am
Not quite the Accord it used to be
This my 4th, and worst, Accord (I had a 98, 02, and 07). The Accord has never been quiet, but this one seems loud at all speeds, with an ever-present booming sound in the cabin (ANC?). The ride has improved, but it's still quite firm. It handles fine, but the steering feels dull and spongy on-center which is unusual for an Accord. Power from the I4/5AT is mediocre. It's fine at part-throttle, but always feels flat-footed when you push it. The interior is big and well-arranged, with a large, comfy back seat. The front seats are the worst of any Accord yet (the 07 had the best) because the headrest pushes my head forward uncomfortably. Terrible sound system, even my '02 sounded better.

By STLAdam on May 15 @ 11:00 am
3rd Accord
Best Accord yet. Low comfort ratings? For who? mini me? This car could not be more comfortable. The deck lid spoiler is a must to complete the rear. Voice commands, navi and many other geeked out toys on this bad boy are better than what my BMW friends have. Some say too many buttons...I say give me more! It's 2010 more buttons are coming anyway. Very classy car.

By BJ on December 17 @ 3:00 am
I'll never buy another Honda
Problems: A/C poor. GM figured it out 40 yrs ago. Squeak & rattles at shifter/headliner/sunroof/dash. Daytime RL makes speakers "buzz" Tires force balanced, still ng. Water leaks behind both rear door trim pads. Poor hood/fender fit. Poor taillight to body fits. Exhaust misaligned to bumper cover. VERY ROUGH 2 to 1 downshift (Dealer says normal)Poor driver door fit. Hondas are so over-hyped. They have the same problems as other cars, it's just that most people don't notice. Honda builds the same garbage as every other maker in this price range. I can imagine the problems this will have when it has more than 3K.

By Matt_Landers on August 26 @ 3:00 am
Nice Ride
As the title suggests, the Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 is a NICE ride. The 271 HP moves out strong and leaves you with a feeling of confidence when maneuvering on HWY roads. The front fascia has an aggressive presence and while the rear fascia isn't any eye catcher is compliments the car nicely. The leather seating inside is comfortable, however I'm sure some will disagree. Handling is firm and sporty.

By Blanca on February 15 @ 3:00 am
My first Honda
I have owned only Toyotas (corollas and Sienna), this is the first time I bought a 2010 Accord LX sedan, 4 cylinders. The test drive seemed OK. But after a week of driving I notice excessive vibration in the car when braking at low and even worse at high speed. I took it to the dealer and they resurfaced the front rotors. Other thing that I am noticing is the vibration of the front car at idle when the car automatic transmission is in D position.

By BluePearl on January 29 @ 3:00 am
Excellent Car
I bought this car in Aug 2010. I chose Honda because of my experience with a previous 1999 Honda Accord that I still have and still drives like a dream with very little maintenance. The 2010 Accord is also a great car. I love the VCM feature and unlike what other people said, I found it to be super smooth and I do not feel any issue with it. I love the extra power that the 6 cylinder provides and really love speeding up and merging into traffic. After driving this 6 cylinder, I am never going back to 4 cylinders. I am getting very close to 20 mpg in city driving and get as high as 29 to 20 mpg in highway driving. The level of noise inside the cabin is nothing compared to what I expected.

By Doug on July 21 @ 3:00 am
Bad Honda
I recently traded in my '08 Ford Fusion for the 2010 Accord Sedan EX. I miss my Fusion. There is too much road noise on the 4 cyl version. the 190 hp doesn't kick in until about 6000 rpm? my Fusion was faster and more fun to drive. I gave up trunk space for the Honda name. Gas mileage is about the same as I was getting with the small v6 on the Fusion. There are a lot of bells and whistles that the Fusion had that the Accord doesn't, that you would think would be standard on a higher level car. I have also owned a 2004 Honda Accord. I preferred that one better than this one. the 160 hp was better than my 190? The best thing about this car is that it's a Honda and I only have it for 3 yrs.

By Pat on December 24 @ 3:00 am
A Winner!
We just sod a Nissan Maxima and went new with 10' Accord LX. Getting used to the 177 HP vs the Maxima but not regretting with 34 mpg highway. Other reviews are correct,the seats are not comfy at first but they are not a deal breaker. Overall, a great car with great fuel economy..and the fuel savings really adds up vs big V6's. This is our third Honda. Went away for several years and thought we would try Accord. Not disappointed!

By Ben B on December 6 @ 3:00 am
Another Great Honda
I traded in an Acura on this car and feel like I stepped up to a more enjoyable experience. I drive a Ridgeline and the dealer experience is one reason we bought the Accord. They do a great job. Have previously owned Accords (1996, 2002) and also have two Civics in the family. I'm a 30 year dealership Service Manager (never with Honda) and now have only these trouble free cars in our garage. Fun to drive and the V6 helps when merging with freeway traffic.

By Phil on July 31 @ 4:26 am
Very pleased
I bought my coupe in April, after having 2 Accord sedans ('91 and '01). Both earlier ones were 4 cyl 5 speed manual. I decided for the 6 cyl manual. The dealership made the purchase FUN and the car is awesome. My mileage (mostly highway, 70 to 80 mph) is in the high 20's and the performance is great. It is NOT a race car, but I've yet to have a performance or handling problem. The AC works well (100+ degrees); the windshield wipers work well in heavy downpours; it doesn't leak. The only complaint is the inside of the windshield and rear window attract a deposit which is difficult to clean off and returns in a few days. I really enjoy the car!

By John on August 8 @ 5:45 pm
A Very Good Car
Traded in a '99 Accord, which served me well, so I was looking for the equivalent. My coupe has ample power, excellent handling, good fit and finish. The cloth seats are reasonably comfortable, but would have preferred the looks and feel of leather. The ride is smooth and quiet, transmission shifts smoothly, and the brakes are very responsive.

By fnc119 on May 29 @ 3:00 am
Best Honda yet
I have had this car for 6 months and taken on several long trips. The performance is outstanding, the car is comfortable and the MPG is as advertised. Have performed the routine maintenance and expect to keep the car for years. My son-in-law liked mine so much he bought one too and feels the same as I do.

By bolivero25 on January 16 @ 3:27 pm
This car is wonderful. I bought it brand new about 2 months ago. So far so good. Engine is strong for a 4-cylinder. The seats are a little bit uncomfortable, but you eventually get use to them. For the most part it is fun to drive. The V-6 must be amazing. Honda has one of the strongest re-sale values, so that's a plus. It get's you from point A to Point B with a sense of style. It is definitely a big car, so if you like small sedans this is not the car for you. Gas is great but the tank is huge, you put 20 bucks and the needle doesn't move. This is my first car and it looks like I will be a Honda Lover for the rest of my life.

By driveon2 on January 28 @ 6:06 am
Disgusted with gas mileage
I have owned Honda's for the past 20 years so when it was time to by a new car I naturally decided to get a Honda Accord LXP 4 Cylinder. I liked the looks of the car, it drove nice and I thought that with a 4 cylinder I would get pretty good gas mileage. Boy was I wrong! The fuel effeciency has been extremely poor 16-18 mpg in town and a combined Highway & City of 22 mpg. If I had to do it over I'm not sure I would buy a Honda again.

By mj06iu on October 26 @ 3:55 am
My 5th Accord
Overall I am happy with this car. I have owned 17 cars in the last 19 years and Honda's have been easy to drive because of their great resale value. I drive about 40K miles per year, so I need a reliable that I will not lose my shorts when I fall out of love with it. I am a bit disappointed with Honda's lack of extras compared to competitors. So like I said, I'm happy with it just not in love. I will say that my last car that I owned for 30months was a 2007 Acura TL S-Type and I LOVED it. At the end of the day I would love to be able to buy American, however the reliability and value for my buck just doesn't seem to be there yet.

By exarchon2 on May 3 @ 7:40 pm
Enjoying this car
Bought my Accord in August '10. Now have 5,000 miles. Silky smooth transmission. Very comfortable inside. The 4 cylinder has adequate power, but won't win any races. Wanted a 5 speed, but none available so took the auto - very smooth but not as fun. Previous car was a Subaru Legacy, and I miss the AWD. Accord consistently gets 23 MPG in mostly city driving. If doing it again, I might get a Civic SI...but overall, very pleased with the Accord.

By arizgeorge1 on September 1 @ 2:11 am
Great car for the price
My 2010 Accord is very comfortable and the 4 cyl is adquate for my type of driving. I have almost 4000 miles on it and the gas mileage is reasonable. Interior and outside design is similar to other vehicles in its price range -- nothing unique. I was disappointed that an outside temperature gauge is only available on the top model. For highway safety reasons, it should be standard across the board! Don't expect any technical support from Customer Service at Honda headquarters. They will just refer you back to your dealer.

By molliebear1979 on April 25 @ 7:04 am
Honda Lover
This is my 4th Honda Accord but my first 4 door. I feel that they down grated on the interior. Everything is plastic. I find the car rattles at times when the ac is running. It doesn't do it all the time. It also makes a loud noise when the temp outside changes when I turn my ac on. Is anyone else hearing any noises kind of like a roar noise when the ac is on? I love my Honda other than the ac noise.

By wyomatt on July 27 @ 3:05 am
Some drawbacks but pleased
Glad for a car this loaded under $26k. Snow tires for these 18's are $1k so we just relied on ESC/ABS. No winter problems but I'd be torn if still in the Dakotas. With spirited driving expect 19mpg city/27 hiway @82. Use low octane for best results. Don't use high-octane on Accords as they do not have high-compression so not only is it wasteful but actually reduces mileage. Low octane doesn't mean inferior gas....it means it burns quicker. Accords all suffer with road noise, even after using several can of rubberized undercoating it's still almost unacceptably loud. This is surprising as they obviously attempted an upscale feel. If you want peace and quiet better get the Acura.

By mstiltner on March 15 @ 1:34 am
Leased this Honda in Sept. 2010 for 36 months. Just need to commute back and forth to work and one vacation a year. I have owned Honda's in the past and I am disappointed with this Accord. The ride quality and road noise are HORRIBLE! I expected more from Honda and now I'm stuck with a 36 month mistake.

By ken117 on March 28 @ 4:48 pm
Outstanding Value
Bought this Accord Coupe EX-L with Nav about eighteen months ago. So far the vehicle has performed without a single issue. Very comfortable. EX four cyl engine is more than adequate and gives about 30 MPG combined. Interior quality, a big thing with me, is very good. With over 15K driven, I have not noticed a single rattle. While some reviews complain about intrusive road noise, I have not noticed any unacceptable noise levels.

By shaymasdaddy06 on December 11 @ 7:55 pm
3rd Review: Life is Good after 14K miles
This is car is rock solid fun. Aside for a rattle that was fixed right after delivery, it has been a blast to drive. My kids are 10 and 6 and still have no issues being in the back seat. I had a chance to compare it against my father's 2011 CTS Coupe AWD and it is a worth competitor. The CTS has a smoother ride but have great handling. The Accord Coupe wins the seat comfort contest...CTS Coupe seats are hard and not very comfortable (the kids echoed the same for the back seat). For looks, the CTS gets the nod, but the Accord Coupe still looks good. For everyday, the Accord Coupe is the better buy if you can deal with a slightly rougher ride. Thanks Honda for this good lookin' coupe!!

By acg00 on October 27 @ 8:26 pm
Honda Accord Review and rating
So I have been a honda fan and owner for nearly 2 decades. We owned a civic way back in the 80s. Sorry to say the Honda Accord sedan though a fine car has not improved and the competition is working hard. Sure it is reliable and spacious, though trunnk capacity is average. In terms of handling the accord sedan rolls a bit though the coupe handles better. Also its styling is a bit chunky. If you want to read a good assessment and review of the honda accord sedan go to.... [HTML deleted]

By ndskimr on July 9 @ 11:14 pm
Very reliable
Great car except for all the road noise and the seats are not the most comfortable. Very reliable and good on gas. Would recommend for anyone looking for a sedan that will last.

By thechiefusaf on July 25 @ 5:01 am
V6 Oil Consumption
This vehicle from day one used oil --The break in oil, used by Honda had to be drained and changed in less than 2000 miles Honda attempted several fixes then says its normal to burn one quart every 1000 miles!! My lawnmower does better than that. My old Toyota with almost 200,000 does not burn oil--It will rust out first. The maintance reminder is a joke as it is suppose to get to 15% before oil changes it never gets below 50% and there is no oil reading on stick. I have checked this on line and its a big problem with Honda as reflected by many many other owners. My plan is to use the Lemon Law and possibly use Chapter 93A in Massachusetts against American Honda.

By burguy on August 2 @ 9:29 am
2010 Accord
Bought new & have owned a little over two years now. Sixth Accord we have owned since 1989. The car is all Honda, except for the road noise. We have had the car back to the dealer multiple times and they finally said the V6 is just noisy. "after all, it's not a Lexus" We were told that "this is a common complaint and the 4 cyl. is much quiter". I think it will be a great car mechanically, but we are trading it in at 30 months and about 30,000 miles. Move over Honda, we are going to look at the '13 Camry & maybe the ES350.

By santaclaus on October 17 @ 5:30 pm
Thank GOD for Lemon Laws!
Purchased the car in early 2010. In August of that same year it spent 12 days in the shop with engine and PCM problems. In December again back to the dealer for PCM problems. In August of 2011 the engine blew up while driving at 30MPH in residential area. At that point Honda refused to continue fixing the piece of crap. I had to go through all the hoops of the Lemon Law process in order to force them to take it back. Owned it for 26 months.....the car was broken for eight of those

By dennisrk on March 18 @ 9:20 pm
Bad car no dealer support
My 2010 Accord uses oil 1liter every 4000 km, gas milage is very poor 9.5 km to the liter best I ever got on a trip.The bumpers are a different color than the rest of the car.Dealer blames milage on blended fuel ,I get 8km to the liter with my f150 4wheel drive.

By tflower on June 7 @ 11:47 pm
Buyer Beware!
I am a three time Honda buyer because of the reliability of the vehicles. This car has major issues with oil consumption due to poor engine design. At three years old and 50K the engine has to be replaced. I had the oil changed 4 weeks prior and the car started running rough and check engine light came on. There was not any oil on the dipstick! Honda knows there is a problem but has not issued any warnings or recalls. The fact that they are not forthcoming has really angered me. This is not Honda quality or reliability. Buyer beware and do your research before buying this vehicle.

By honda2517 on September 21 @ 4:00 am
I purchase the V6 EX-L early in 2010. Starting at 40,000 the car started to "consume" oil. The dealer says that it is normal to "consume 1 quart per 1000 miles. This is completely ridiculous. Honda finally admitted there was an issue after a ton of wasted time getting oil consumption tests. People say well oil isn't that expensive, just add as needed. I am concerned about the long term reliability. I am also appalled that all the service people at the dealer say it is normal. This is a company problem and I will not own another Honda. Update 11/9/2016 - I will never trust Honda or the people that work at their dealers because they lied about the issue. Shame on you Honda and the people that said it is normal to have up to a quart of oil "consumed" BURNED in a 1000 miles, REALLY! Worst car I have owned todate.

By gimpus on March 16 @ 12:29 pm
Honda Accord Reliability
2010 Accord is nothing but trouble. In t.5 years, I've experienced all the problems mentioned in the past blogs....oil consumption of 1 qt per 1000 miles is "normal". I purchased an Accord to do the exact opposite of what I am doing now--checking oil levels, spending time at the dealership letting mechanics tell me everything is within "parameters". Now I had to change brakes, deal with AC not getting cool, flashing check engine lights, wheel alignment problems; all in 2.5 years. I am a careful driver and 80% of the mileage was on highways. Avoid this car.

By frustrated2013 on November 26 @ 9:11 am
Can't trust this car
I have had my 2010 Accord for a little over three years. Just this year, I was told the oil was low so I needed a $125 software update. Within a couple of months, I was stranded on the highway with what Honda says was misfired spark plugs because of the low oil. Spark plugs changed software update re-done on June 1. By, July 7, oil was low again, I added a quart and then again around 2 weeks later. Last night noticed the car running rough, then it happened again. Check again light flashing car feeling like it was going to shut off. Off to the dealership we go....time to get rid of this clunker!!! I am so disappointed. Wish Honda would step up to the plate, Toyota did.

By pjinca1 on March 22 @ 4:44 am
Honda used to mean quality
Our 2010 Honda Accord has been pretty terrible. From panel gaps you can drive a truck through to the battery lasting less than 3yrs/40k miles. Andd now, the NAV is blank, dead, deceased, it is an Ex-NAV system. Pathetic considering the 3yr/36k mile warranty.

By nairad on April 16 @ 12:14 pm
Sexy Beast
I love this car. This is the first car I have even owned and it has so far been a perfect match for me. It is sleek and stylish with a very fierce look to it. I bought her used and have so far had no problems. She drive like a champion, and I dare say, quite like a mustang (drove one a lot in drivers ed) . This baby is able to take some fast corners without loosing any traction! Great breaks and the dash is very well organized. I can reach out and instantly know where the button I'm looking for is. I cant wait to test her out in some snow.

By jrasero23 on November 22 @ 5:06 am
Hidden Gem
Odd to say an Accord is a hidden gem, but Honda sells thousands of more 4 door sedans compared to the 2 door coupes, so its easy to overlook the coupe. The coupe is 70% mid size sedan and 30% sports car. No one will ever think the Accord is a sports car, but with its sporty coupe shape, Bentley like back, and aggressive front the coupe looks great. Pair the coupe up with a V6 and you have 271 HP to whip you around. Where the coupe falls short from a sports car is steering which is numb and while the VCM saves gas, acceleration isn't always 100% smooth with the auto. By far the Accord coupe has one of the biggest backs and trunks for a coupe.

By slazar77 on May 3 @ 1:05 pm
Poor Gas Mileage and Oil consumption
I have a 2010 Accord V6, and i get anywhere between 14.5 - 15.5 mph. I drive in the city, do not accelerate fast, and only use Shell oil (87, sometimes 89). Tire pressure is always checked. Also, i do burn about 3/4-1 quart of oil about 1,000 miles. The dealership tells me that burning 1 quart of oil between 1,000 and 1,500 miles falls within Honda's guidelines. (Maybe they just changed the guidelines?? No other car seems to have this issue) Anybody experienced same issues. Anybody brought their car to the dealer for an "oil consumption test"? Beware buying this vehicle. It's an awesome car. But if i knew i would get an average of 15 mph, i wouldn't bought something else.

By jmsms on March 8 @ 1:06 am
not as reliable as expected
at 45000 miles began having popping and crunching sounds from the front end especially in hot weather and at 48k took it in to get looked at and was told that the front end ball joints were bad and also that the rear brakes were gone and rotors needed resurfacing. Now reading about Hondas and ball joint failures on the web, but this seems awfully premature. I have not had ball joint issues like this even in cars that I have kept over 100k(no previous Hondas). Some of these failures can be catastrophic. I had thought to keep this car and give it to one of my kids to take to college but now I am not so sure. Apparently a design flaw from what I have been reading.

By whitegloves on September 5 @ 8:46 am
Still love it!
Bought 7/2010 for mechanical reliability, that's what I've gotten so far. Not a single problem there, not even a funny noise. Snappy, responsive engine; handles firm and tight. Good visibility compared to others in category. Great family car, roomy backseat/huge trunk. Fantastic sound system but totally unusable at freeway speeds due to Honda's legendary high level of road noise transmission. Also don't like: headlights weak in intensity and range; seat comfort = meh; no fuel economy data readout; headrests from hell (but other brands worse); steering-wheel wrap turning color ever so slightly, developing a dark purplish cast to the original charcoal -- but only I can see it apparently. UPDATE March 2016: Outside transmission switch went out at 40,000 miles, which I regard as way too soon for transmission trouble of any kind. Overall the car performs and handles just as it did when I drove it off the lot. Almost six years into owning it, the negatives I still grumble about are the very dim headlights (were dim when new) and very loud road noise when I drive on certain types of pavement -- far worse than my other vehicle (a base-model pickup).

By capitals1 on December 10 @ 10:58 am
Check Engine Light and Repair costs
Since this summer, my 2010 V6 Honda Accord has been in the shop for well over 2 weeks. The check engine light comes on and after reading of others' experiences, I just drive it to the dealership before it lets me sit. We have spent a minimum of $700 for each repair. Very disappointed and will not buy a Honda again because I purchased it for reliability and going the distance. My old Dodge gave me 250,000 reliable miles and this car starting having issues a little before I hit 100,000 miles.

By welltraveled on January 24 @ 11:06 pm
Great car - avoid it anyway
Bought this car used with 35,000 miles on it; the car burned a quart of oil in 1,000 miles consistently. Check engine light came on and the car began running rough on a long trip; stopped into a Honda dealership who told us that there was a class action lawsuit over this car, and Honda extended the warranty for this issue to 8 years / unlimited mileage. The piston rings fail and oil enters the engine. This fouls the spark plugs, and the engine fails. Remedy was to rebuild the engine with new rings, gaskets, etc. - four days worth of work. No guarantee that the issue won't recur, so I would avoid this car. This is my second Accord and third Honda / Acura. Disappointing.

By plymouthma on February 21 @ 8:41 pm
VCM problems
@ 40,000 car had fouled spark plugs from oil leak, got software update, then again burned too much oil fouled spark plugs and needed new small engine block @ 70,000. Honda paid for this after class action lawsuit. Now @ 105,000 the catalytic converter gone, I am told converters usually last the life of car unless fouled by oil. Honda won't take any responsibility for it. They have sold me my last Honda.

By tominnh on March 4 @ 10:26 am
Great car with minor faults
I've owned my 2010 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 for 5 1/2 years. Outside of the rear brake issue that Honda had with this model, I have nothing but praise for this car. It's has smooth and quick acceleration. It's well put together and nothing has gone wrong mechanically. It's classified as a large car so there's plenty of room everywhere. Gas mileage is acceptable and on a 1400 mile trip I got 26.5 MPG thanks to the cylinder deactivation feature. My only real gripes are that the compass is useless. Whenever the car goes under an underpass that has electrical conduits under it, the compass goes haywire. Over the years, it seems to me that driver seats got so hard that a I had to get a cushion.

By Courtney on November 16 @ 10:55 am
Ridiculously Dissapointing
I am a first time Honda buyer. Purchased this vehicle with the knowledge that I commute 100 miles a day. Wanted something large enough to contain passengers comfortably and was reliable and going to give me a decent amount of years before needing to purchase a new vehicle. I have had nothing but problems from about 20k miles. It has had several "safety bulletins", basically Honda recognizes there is an issue and doesn't fix the problem until you are in the dealer complaining or broke down and have been towed in. I have broken down 7 times in the last 5 years, 4 times in the last 2 years since getting a new engine. I was breaking down on the freeway about 2x a year, everything was blamed on oil consumption after several fixes and "safety bulletin" fixes Honda agreed to replace my small block since I had purchased the extended warranty. Since receiving by new small block I have been stranded or limped my vehicle to the dealer 4x from a busy metropolitan freeway in the bay area and still received an oil consumption explanation. At one point I was told that I needed to be checking the oil in my 2 year old vehicle every time I pumped gas, umm NO I am not making a payment on a new vehicle to treat it like a 1970 Nova. Im now at 100k miles and am still breaking down. I know have unexplained engine issues that the codes will not translate. I feel like I am the one in a million people that hate Honda and have had a horrible experience. I am convinced it has to do with the fact that I got the V6 instead just the basic 4cylinder!

By Ashley Chalmers on November 20 @ 12:11 am
Do not buy 2008-2010 Honda accords! There is a defect with the engine. You can read about it here http://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/1713-honda-accord-oil-defect-class-action-lawsuit/ I bought my car "gently" used 7 months ago and am having all of these issues. Honda was kind enough to replace my engine block, but all other damages and bills incurred BECAUSE of the initial issue with the engine fall back on me. Cause I'm the sucker who purchased a vehicle from a "reputable" dealership, trusting that they'd put me in something SAFE and RELIABLE. I learned my lesson. Currently looking at trade in value of my vehicle. Will NEVER purchase Honda again.

By Michael F. Kelly on December 28 @ 11:51 pm
Most disappointed. At 50,000 problems with coil, not once, but twice before 64,000. Cracked spark plug in addition to front end problems. Perhaps Honda needs to keep manufacturing in Japan or stick to four cylinder engines.

By Mike in Boston on September 15 @ 1:36 pm
No problems in six years
Bought the car new six years (54,000 miles) ago. It has not needed a single trip to the shop except for oil changes and tire rotation/alignments. Acceleration is sufficient to merge and pass on the highway. Won't win any drag races, but at this stage of life I am more concerned with fitting three baby seats across the back seat, which is no problem with this car. I am completely satisfied. I'm even happier that edmunds.com now allows me to enter a New England ZIP code starting with 0; it didn't used to like those. Thanks, edmunds.com Web people!

By Marci Ko on November 22 @ 3:00 pm
Honda Envy
Keep hearing radio ads for Honda where they talk about Honda Envy. I have Honda envy when I see people driving Toyota or Mazdas. My brakes went way before any car I have owned in 36 years of driving. I have to add oil every 1500-1800 miles. The dealer is telling me going down less than a qt per 1000 miles is industry standard! Be warned.

By Simon on August 27 @ 3:22 pm
Accord EXL v6 wNavigation-Love it
Specification of my car Honda Accord EXLV6 Navigation Color Black Leather Seats Michellin Pilot original tires Miles put on the car 644288 miles of highway driving Let me touchwood, I have owned Honda Accord 1991 and used it for 12 years with 275K miles and it was running like new, I just donated it because I felt that someone who needs ot could use it for another 250k miles.,and in 2010 Oct bought another Honda Accord but this time with some bells and whistles like Navigation leayher seats V6 some luxury. on 2015 Oct me and my car celebrated our 5 year anniversary, I never took it to dealership for mainainance even though they sold me the extended mainainance package (I was a sucker), Just changed my nreak pads once because of mountain driving. Original tirea still looking good will change in anothwr 5000 miles and uae thr full warranty of Michellin Pilot tires. I would like to know suggestions what other ownera think of replacement tirea should i stick with michellin or try Bridgestone? I intended to drive thos baby for another. 10years and this time. I am going to enjoy it

By Adam Zaharchuk on March 27 @ 3:24 pm
2010 Accord LX Sedan - 83,000 miles of reliable tr
Very reliable, has needed no mechanical repairs. Only oil & fluid changes, tires and brake pads. Drives and handles great! Very comfortable seating. High quality interior (for the most part). What I don't like: plastic wheel covers chip very easily, and after 83,000 miles, the steel wheels behind the wheel covers are discolored. The window belt molding has been replaced on all four windows as the rubber that was used has basically disintegrated. Unacceptable for a Honda that is only five years old. The paint is also of very poor quality. I have the dark gray color, and gave recently started to notice some very slight oxidation. The paint also chips fairly easily, especially on the front of the car/hood area. The headlight housings are also of poor quality. They have already started to haze up. I am tall (6'3") and when I enter the car, my knees tend to hit the dashboard.

By Jason Quade on April 18 @ 10:01 am
2010 Honda Accord EX 4 cyl.
Leased the car new, and then purchased based on trade in value. Very good mileage. Was overall a solid car with minor issues that were not addressed by Honda during visits. The car had issues with some gaskets causing cross contamination between oil and coolant systems covered under warranty. Poor range/life with the keyless entry was replaced several times under warranty, but you still need to be within 20 feet of the car to open/close locks. The engine made rattling noises at startup from the day I purchased it. Once warm, the care would not make the noise. Several years later a TBS was put out for a faulty VTC actuator that Honda will not honor. Top that off with the fact that the car burns 3/4 quart of oil every 1000 miles (Honda warranties require 1 full quart per 1000 miles for warranty claim) and this is not a good option for anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle. Other minor issues are uncomfortable seating (forward fixed position head rests), noisy AC fan (would not cover under warranty), noisy drive in general, lights went out in dash (5 years is common according to Honda service) and repairs at a dealer are absolutely insane ($200 for swap out bulbs in center console, $650 for front brake replacement only, etc.) I believe the Honda products have fallen off. Family friends Fusion was the same price and features (some extras) and the car is holding up much better mechanically and resale value.

By Anatoli on October 18 @ 5:04 pm
started consume oil after 64K miles
2010 Honda Accord EX-L started consume oil after 64K miles and engine started make weird sounds. Honda Dealer said its ok, you can drive it! Never will buy Honda again!

By jhill on September 16 @ 8:35 pm
After 4 Years, Not Impressed
I purchased a used 2010 EXL off lease where one would assume minimal issues. I got sucked into "It's a Honda, you won't have to worry about anything!" Needless to say, that was not my experience. In my opinion, the car is unpleasant to drive and very noisy. There is so much wind noise that you can't even use the Bluetooth radio feature because no one can hear you! The stock Michelins were loud and I replaced them with supposedly a more quiet tire and it did little to improve Road noise. The brakes should be recalled. I spent over 1k trying to get them fixed and then finally replaced. Mine rewarped twice before deciding to replace them. Honda could care less about this even though every single owner had the issue. If you buy one of this year model make sure they are fixed. The electronics use a lot of battery. Found this out when I was working in the car on a few occasions. 20 minutes of radio equals not enough power to start the car. Always fun trying to find someone to jump you. The battery tested fine at the dealership. I also had dumb things like 2 door locks that went bad. I couldn't open either passenger door without manually unlocking first. Another stupid thing that went wrong at $200 a piece. To top it all off, Honda didn't manufacture the transmission with a basic filter so it is recommended to change the fluid more often. Every other manufacturer has this, but in their genius engineering, decided to eliminate a basic feature that can avoid costly transmission repairs. The reviews about people losing their transmission are likely due to this. All in all, this car was not worth the money. It is unrefined and not as reliable as their reputation would lead you to believe. There are much nicer cars that can be had for less money.

By Orville Morris on December 29 @ 12:44 pm
Like most Honda's

By Enrique Gomez on August 29 @ 11:27 am
mixed reviews with the 2010 Accord
bought the car with a break problem (shaking/making clanging noise) and oil problem (using oil too quickly )from a gas station dealer at about 53k. I replaced all the pads and rotors at 53k before I realized the true cause of the braking problems is a bad brake system. The oil problem was fixed by a Honda dealer through a warranty/recall where the engine was pretty much rebuilt. The Accord is great because despite being quite large it has good acceleration and handling. Unfortunately, I gave the car low marks for Road Holding because the car is easily tossed by highway winds.. irrelevant to Road Holding but related on the highway the cabin is very, very noisy., otherwise, the suspension/steering are phenomenal at slow speeds (25-45mph) I have Good Year All Season Tires and they work really well in the snow. The Accord just hit 83k miles and the brake problems have returned.

By boston0259 on August 5 @ 12:50 am
Excellent daily transportation
I have had no problems with this car. Bought it with a certified warranty and only 2,350 miles on the odometer, this car has now taken me over 230,000 miles without any significant repair other than a replacement wheel bearing and standard maintenance like oil, tires, and wiper blades. Easy to drive, good acceleration for a 4 cylinder car. i have no reason to sell this car any time soon. Every time I go in for an oil change, the salesperson will ask me if I'd like to look at a new one. My response "No, Honda should not have built such a reliable car. It doesn't help your sales business"

By LLBytes on December 1 @ 2:13 am
Reliable and that's about it!
If you are looking for a car that is very reliable and you don't want to worry about break-downs then this is the car for you! I never had any issues with the car other than the breaks which is a known issue. Every year I had to purchase new pads and/or rotors. Thank God I found a trust-worthy repair shop near my house that only charged me $300 to replace the pads and rotors! The engine otherwise was solid. It drove the same and performed the same no matter the weather conditions. I owned this car for 7 years and at year 5 I replaced the battery, which is expected. I had 4 main personal issues with the car. First, the ergonomics were horrible. The head rests were not adjustable and very uncomfortable. The seats were really, really hard and it took too long to find a decent driving position. My back would hurt after driving for 30 minutes. The rear seats in my opinion were a lot more comfortable. Second, the car was too big and it sits really low, which made it hard to parallel park. It's size lead to my third issues which was the performances. This is a large car and it really felt like it. The engine always seemed to struggle and highway passing and merging was a bit tricky. The steering was accurate but very heavy at slow speeds. Everything felt labored with the car and driving took a lot of effort. Lastly, the suspension was too stiff. I like a great handling car just as much as everyone else but this particular model was just too stiff. You can and will feel every bump in the road! Forget about rough roads. I felt like I needed a helmet regularly. The prior model and the subsequent model were light years better than this particular Accord. I like the Accord but due to my very bad experience with this one, I will be very caution about buying another Honda Accord.

By PLambert on September 2 @ 5:04 am
Decent Car
This car looks great inside and out. The interior is quite spacious with good trunk space. Gets about 32 mpg on freeway and about 23 mpg around town. Bought the car used about 7 months ago and currently has about 92K miles. We have the 4-cyl engine and doesn't require any additional oil between oil changes. This is certainly not a luxury vehicle. There's a fair amount of road noise and the ride is not as smooth as you'd expect. Acceleration and handling is decent, although there is some body roll when making sharp turns. It also has a wide turn radius and rear visibility isn't great. If you want a smooth, quiet, luxurious ride, don't buy this car. If you want a car with a decent driving experience that's spacious, safe, reliable, and looks great, then consider getting the 4-cyl Accord.

By Casey P. on July 17 @ 4:05 pm
Leather seats
This is my second Honda Accord. My first was a 1999 EX-L I never had one issue with my leather seats. They were great quality. It had 240,000 miles when I sold it and they had the normal wear but no cracks. My 2010 Accord I have now the seats are ripping and I've already replaced one armrest and it's tearing again. They are so cheap!!! It ridiculous you spend this much money on something and it's junk!! I'm very disappointed in the quality of leather. It looks like crap!!

By No more Hondas on June 13 @ 6:43 am
Might start, might not start
We bought this car new and it has done well until recently. It has 71,000 miles on it, looks like new, has been well maintained and garage kept. Over the last 4 months the battery has been too weak to crank it on 5-6 occasions. Most times the car has set less than 8 hours when this happens, and nothing was left on. This only happens about every 2-3 weeks and otherwise it starts great. This has been in warm Alabama weather while being driven about 25 miles daily. I have done parasitic drain tests, replaced the AC clutch relay that Honda won't admit has caused many costly AC failures. I have done mechanic work for many years but this happens so rarely it's very hard to diagnose. Anyone thinking of Hondas legendary reliability might want to read about how many problems Honda owners are experiencing.

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