2007 Honda Accord

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For much of the past two decades, the Honda Accord has been one of the most popular vehicle choices for American families. Why? No matter what year of Accord you examine, you can assume with fair confidence that it's safe, comfortable, fuel-efficient, decently powerful and above average in terms of reliability and resale value. Other cars have eclipsed the Accord in some of these areas at certain points of time. But only a rare few have been able to match the Honda in all of them. The Accord has simply been one of the best cars sold in America, period.

The trend continues with the 2007 Honda Accord. It's available as a coupe or sedan with either four-cylinder or V6 power. In a simple fashion, Honda gives each trim a select number of standard features. The range starts with the budget-oriented Value Package trim and tops out with the luxurious EX-L. The Accord Hybrid is available for 2007 as well. The Hybrid features the company's third-generation IMA electric assist system matched with a gasoline V6 power plant, making it the most powerful and elite Accord in the lineup.

Shoppers interested in a midsize sedan or coupe for 2007 should be aware that the current Honda Accord is one of the older choices currently available. Its last full redesign was for the 2003 model year. Make no mistake: Like Nolan Ryan playing for the Texas Rangers, the Accord still has the goods to back up its legendary name. But the Accord is starting to show its age in a few areas. Some of its features and design elements are starting to seem rather ordinary, and the Hybrid's real-world fuel economy is disappointing. While we still wholeheartedly recommend the Accord, take a look at the new Toyota Camry or Volkswagen Passat before you make a final decision.

Honda Accord Consumer Reviews By Year:
2007 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 2007

Other than the introduction of a new Special Edition V6 trim level, there are no changes for the 2007 Honda Accord.


Roomy and stylish interior with simple controls, tight build quality, smooth ride, refined drivetrains, good crash test scores, strong reputation for reliability, high resale value.


Brakes should be more powerful, missing some of the premium features being offered by newer competitors, Hybrid model's disappointing fuel economy.

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By Sheryl on June 19 @ 6:56 pm
Great car
I just bought this car a few days ago and did not expect to have a luxury car but that's what it drives like. I have had two LX models and this is not the same car! VERY comfortable, great stereo, wonderful luxurious features from heated seats to XM radio. The suspension is great, very little road noise compared to the LX. Worth every penny!

By Jordan on March 10 @ 2:16 am
Honda is the Best
The Accord is a wonderful vehicle. We bought the accord for the long trips we make. We ride in comfort.

By Dottie Mears on March 22 @ 12:46 pm
Love My 2007 Honda Accord!
The new 2007 Accord is fantastic! It's fun to drive, sporty and has plenty of power. I just sold a 1991 Honda Accord and was not sure what kind of new car I was going to get. I test drove some others and when I drove the new Honda Accord, I was sold! The quality and performance is just hard to beat, not to mention the resale value of a Honda.

By Dan on August 14 @ 3:03 am
07 Accord EX-L
Tested several cars but always went back to the Honda. Have only had it a few days, but it seems to be a winner. Leather, heated seats, auto a/c, heated mirrors, power seats, ect. The 2.4 has really good power, and mileage is 34/24. After inspecting the car at home, I was amazed at the fit, trim and paint, just perfect. Interior is very well designed with audio and cruise on steering wheel. Warranty was good but I selected the 7 year, 100,000 mile extended warranty/no deductible for only 817.00. The ride is smooth with the new Michelin Energy tires, with a 440 treadwear rating, A on traction and A on heat. The car is just a fantastic piece of work. Leg room in back is great. Buy it!

By W on April 6 @ 7:46 am
My new '07 Accord
The 2007 Honda Accord has some new standard perks including side heated mirrors, side curtain airbags and a redesigned rear end which adds to it's sporty look better than my 2004's. It continues to drive great; hugs the road, great pick-up and the safe feeling you get when you're inside one. The reason I purchased a new Accord was that mine was totaled in an accident after a front end collision. Everything worked as it should, all air bags went off, and my son and I walked away with bruises only. I didn't have to think twice about the next car to buy - it kept me safe and I was getting another Accord. Plus, they're fun to drive and I feel great being behind the wheel.

By Venkat on September 9 @ 3:13 am
Improved Accord
I have owned a Honda before and it has been a pleasure to ride these Accords. A good economical family sedan, with stylish interiors and good safety features.

By Mike on July 8 @ 5:30 pm
Reliability, solid performance
This 2007 Honda EX with the 4 cylinder 2.4L engine shows stark performance with solid precison handling and a quieter ride. I had a 2002 SE 4 door sedan that was flawless and the 2007 was that much better. This car has power from a stop position and rides like a six cylinder. The field of vision from the drivers side is wider and the turning radius is shorter and quckly adapts to tight maneuvering. A solid ride!

By Sandi on June 16 @ 8:00 pm
I will never buy American again...
I just purchased a 2007 LX V-5 4 door sedan. It handles superbly, and I feel 110% safe in this vehicle. I highly recommend it. I had a Chevy Malibu and it doesn't even compare. Honda is in a class by itself -- the Japanese have outdone themselves. Great V-6 engine, fast as lightning, terrific sound system and overall comfort. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Honda dealership. Awesome driving experience!

By Kim on November 19 @ 6:16 am
Great car
I tested several cars...Accord, Camry, Altima. I tried to test a Impala and G6, but the salesmen were not very helpful. The 07 Accord was my first test drive, and the Salesman said I would be back. And I was. best decision I mad. I've had the car over a week now, and have driven ~800 miles. It's great on gas, comfortable, and the style is classic (with some sporty type features...mud flaps, window deflectors, and rear spoiler).

By HK VALLEY STREAM on October 31 @ 8:16 pm
just bought the car 3 weeks ago, so i can not comment on durability. at first 300 miles suspension was harsh but the ride has improved. car feels like a solid luxury touring sedan. gas milage on first two tank fulls averaged 19 mpg , but i'm told after break in period it will improve. all and all the car is fantastic value. i'll be buying honda from now on.

By RIck on December 1 @ 5:56 pm
Best Car I have ever owned
I drove and owned my first Honda in 1987. Since then, I have owned a variety of different cars with the last one being a 2003 Honda Accord. I decided to purchase the new 2007 4 cyl Ex-L with Navigation after much research of the luxury car market. In the end, the overall quality,price and performance blew me away. Both the interior as well as exterior are fantastic and people I know who drive Mercedes and Lexus can not beleive that Honda could produce a car of this quality for under $30K. From top to botom taking everything into consideration, this is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

By DRich on November 3 @ 7:53 am
Solid choice
I don't think you can go wrong with this car. Although the V-6 offers plenty of power, this is not a sport sedan. It is a great family car at a very fair price. Hopefully some day the American companies will be able to build something this solid.

By Meryl on June 29 @ 2:50 am
I cannot say enough about the 2007 Honda Accord. I traded in my 2003 at the dealership where I purchased it. I was not intending to buy a new one just wanted to perhaps test drive a 2005 or 06. This dealership was out of stock on older models. Then this stunning 2007 caught my eye on the dealership floor, Bronze exterior, leather inside, sunvisor, and spoiler, hot looking wheels, need I say more. I had to test drive this baby. To me there was no difference between the power of my previous 2003 ex-v6 and this one. I drove it home that night after what I thought was a decent trade in value. I couldn't be happier. The finish on this car is smoother than a baby's butt!,,,Well close anyway.

By Accord guy on October 9 @ 1:10 pm
My 7th accord
I have owned 6 previous Accords ('95, '98, '99, '01, 02, and '04), and this is by far the best. The perfect build quality reflects that it is in the last year of this body style. I tried buying an 06 civic prior to this purchase but found many design flaws and rattles, and poor grade interior materials to be disappointing. I am sticking to Accords. Accords represent the best compromise between cost, fuel economy, practicality, and quality. If you are driving in an urban setting, there is not my difference in fuel mileage between a Civic and an Accord-- 28 mpg vs 25 mpg.

By sloher on December 18 @ 4:00 pm
Honda Accord
I just bought this car and have had it for almost a week. I loved it from the first time I test drove it. This car has everything from interior comfort to a sleek exterior design. I LOVE driving this car.

By Tee on February 20 @ 1:26 pm
What's Not to Love?
I am loving this car! This is a first Honda for me, but won't be my last! In my very recent contemplation of a new car purchase, I thought I was set on another manufacturer, until I had the opportunity to test drive an Accord. After having owned 3 used vehicles, I wanted to get the best that I could afford on my debut new car purchase. I couldn't have chosen better. Sweet ride, roomy interior, nice body styling. Although I've never owned a new car before, I've been both driver and passenger of many, so I knew what I wanted, and what it should look and feel like and Honda Accord does not dissappoint. Honda doesn't manufacture cars, they engineer them.

By windancer on March 25 @ 5:13 pm
First Time Honda Buyer
For the middle of the road for features, the SE brings a lot to the table for a reasonable cost. The ride is a little stiffer than other models, but the sport 17in 50series tires take some of the blame, but pay back dividends in cornering.

By COOL BLUE LADY on June 1 @ 1:33 pm
Cool blue lady
Have less than 1,000 miles so far. Went from a 99 Chrysler Concord with 180,000 miles to my first-ever 4-cyl Accord. Like it much more than I thought I would. Gas mileage on first tank was 29.9, second was around 28. Currently on my third tank. Miss the trip computer, power driver seats, and automatic door locks from the Chrysler. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Love the cool blue color.

By tbeezy on June 29 @ 3:36 pm
range of keyless entry
The range of the keyless entry and lack of horn or otheer audible single makes it hard to locate your car in a giant parking lot. the range of the feature is approx. 10 feet. If you have to be that close you do not need to hear the horn, you have already located the car.the the voice command system for other features is also poor.

By Shaun on November 11 @ 12:36 am
Great sporty coupe!!!
This is a great sporty coupe that looks great, drives great and even smeels great. I bought this car about 3 weeks ago and I am very happy with my decision. I have averaged 27 mpg so far. It drives great and with the 5 speed it is really fun to drive. If you don't need a sunroof, cd changer, and powerseats go with the LX! Cheaper and better resale value!!!

By COOL BLUE LADY on January 14 @ 5:30 am
My first honda
Great gas mileage, like it much better than i thought i would. Love the cool blue color. This is my first 4-cy and it has much more power than i anticipated. Traded in a Chrysler concord, 180,000 miles. Miss my overhead information computer and power seats--and my automatic door locks. Also did not come with a cargo net for the trunk--has to be an additional purchase.

By Matt-Guy on November 28 @ 10:13 am
Perfect, almost....
I have had this car since late August and I love it. I will start first with the engine and trans. They claim it has 244 hp and I have no reason to doubt. Performance is quite peppy for this class with the 6-spd. The internal design is great except for 2 things. First there is no Aux input for regular MP3 players. I don't have an IPod so their IPod adapter is worthless, forcing me to buy a $100 Blitzsafe aux adapter. Next the Deck shows the auto climate control on it so if you replace the deck you can't see the temp you set. Ride is comfortable and quiet (not Toyota quiet, better then Detroit's offerings) handles corners quite nice. Lastly is look, I love it, some don't.

By Jeffrey M. Sebastian on December 17 @ 11:40 pm
very satisifed with 07 Accord
Accelerates powerful and smooth.The five speed auto shifts aggressively, and handling is second to none.Very quiet and no rattles going over bumps.I've had mine up to 105 m.p.h. on the expressway and no vibration or excessive noise in the interior, just the sound of the 3.0L V-6 purring along at 3000 r.p.m.. Exterior styling is attractive,dual exhaust, body panels,rear digital tail lights and so on, all designed very well.Interior is nicely laid out. Speedo and guages as well as stereo and climate controls are all easy to reach and read. One exception is on the passenger side of the dashboard, I can see the cutout where air bag would deploy.This is my first Japanese car,and so far so good.

By LR on March 1 @ 3:33 pm
Great Car!!
This is my 5th Honda and I've not been let down yet! The 5M is a fun car to drive. Handles well. Love the Cool Blue Metallic color. I've filled up once and got about 27 mpg and that's with stop and go driving. I expect it to only get better.

By Chas4519 on August 8 @ 6:36 pm
Great Sedan
After a dealer buy back of my 2005 Dodge Magnum Hemi I was looking forward to getting the Accord. It was a come down from 340 HP to 244 but well worth the trade. Great materials and built quality. Classy interior, good acceleration for a V6, not as good as the 07 Camry but the styling is cleaner and built quality better. I was concerned about the many recent Toyota recalls. Also to get comparable equipment the Camry would have been thousands more. I can't wait for the redo in 2008. Hope the styling will be a little more radical, with keyless remote, push button start and a few more horsepower.

By me on September 30 @ 2:30 am
What you would expect!
Very nice, capable and competent sedan. Excellent fit/finish. Had for a few weeks and the Honda quality has been quite prevalent. The 3 L V6 is very zippy and makes this vehicle extremely nimble. Not like a big-clunky sedan. Handles more like a sports-sedan (not high-performance but fairly tight). Have been averaging about 24.5 mpg on regular fuel (mostly highway). The automatic shifts smoothly and is a nice compliment to the whole package. The 17" alloy wheels give the vehicle a nice steering, handling feel and look. No blind spots in all sight-vision views & lines (like some pillared sedans). The graphite pearl coat exterior paint looks very rich. Thought this was a better car than Camry.

By DA2799 on October 20 @ 9:26 am
In a word "wow"
Purchased my new accord and i have to say i love it drives great handles great and has an interior that's awesome second accord for me so it makes me very happy to continue with accord as it's one great vehicle

By Rey on May 2 @ 10:40 pm
Anybody wants to buy mine...
It's a Honda! quality, reliable it's going to be. But on another note had three Hondas before this one, and to be honest, I'm kind of disappointed with the Accord LX. The interior looks just like the 1993 civic that I had. They went to basic, on the LX model at least. Not so great for long trips neither. The radio could use some extra amps, it's hard to hear music with the windows down. It seems like the new Civic has more futures and it just looks like it was made in this century. Looking forward to trade mine in for a Civic EX. Sorry Accord LX not so top of the line in my reviews. Hope this its helpful.

By Mike on January 28 @ 11:33 pm
Pretty fun, cool car
I just bought this car after my 1999 BMW 328i had some mechanical problems. I am super pleased with this car. Fun to drive and very fast. Would definitely recommend this car to everyone.

By Dan on June 16 @ 8:16 pm
Accord Rules
This is the best car I have ever owned. The climate control system is perfect. My wife sets her side at 78 and I set mine at 70 which makes for a comfortable ride. The engine is a masterpiece and mileage is great. Handling and ride is quick, responsive, smooth and quite. All controls are within easy reach and the lighted controls on the steering are a plus.

By Deborah K-G on June 7 @ 11:36 am
l love this car!
I've been driving a hybrid,, first the Honda Civic and this is so much more luxurious, comfortable, all the bells and whistles... very good mileage, and with winter here.. the heated leather seats and sunroof and great sound system always make it a pleasure to drive.

By stan parratt on January 22 @ 3:53 pm
Great car, nice ride, good looks, nice interor and handles great. My third Honda keep up the good work.

By nathanapt357 on June 27 @ 6:10 pm
Great all around car
This is a $30K sedan that actually gives you a lot for the money; it handles well, is fun to drive, gets good gas mileage, has good acceleration, has plenty of legroom in both the front and the rear, the front seats hug the driver and passenger so they don't slide around in higher speed turns, and the 6-disc in-dash CD changer w/ XM radio is decent. The voice commands control the climate control, the navigation system, the stereo system, and the other electronics in the car-- a good thing since some of the manual controls are places slightly out of comfortable reach. At this price, the car should come with Xenon HID lights and Bluetooth. Navigation system is not as good as some portables.

By 07accord on August 3 @ 8:46 am
Great Value
After driving an older accord for many years, I upgraded to the 07 model and am very satisfied with that decision.

By petm52 on January 20 @ 7:56 am
Great, but...
My first Honda - test drive was great, engine peppy, interior top-notch, great price for the value. However, had a serious problem with seat comfort after driving for a few days. At 6'1" and 220 (wide body), I was unable to get comfortable in sporty seats. Had to trade in for car with better seat. Also, found sport suspension to be hard

By Bolingbrook on May 3 @ 3:46 am
Definitely a great choice if wanting to save money on gas. I went from spending $150 per week in an 8 cylinder SUV to $60 per week.

By cam on June 16 @ 8:33 pm
Great..but will return to civic next
The accord is very nice, but my previous car was a civic...and my next choice will be a civic.....much better on gas....

By RAC on May 5 @ 10:06 am
Another Great Honda
Just leased my 4th Accord. I had an 05, 01, and an 83 and also lease an 04 Civic. Loved them all, but really like this car. It looks classy and drives sporty,with excellent handling and a very comfortable and well finished interior. I don't think there is a better combination of quality, features, and price on the market. Fuel efficiency will improve once I break the car in. I miss the red gauge indicators on my 05 a little, but the gray/white ones are growing on me. The Alloy rims are an improvement, with no annoying edges like my 05's to collect break dust.

By Mark Johnson on January 2 @ 6:26 am
Very cool car!
This is a great car! Fun to drive. The Navigation is really cool. Easy. I will never buy another car without it. Definitely worth the extra money. My wife loves the heated seats. XM radio is great. Leather seats. Sound system is super. V6 power is peppy and a nice change from my 2001 Honda Civic's power. No complaints at all.

By bkm_mv on August 3 @ 11:43 am
New Accord SE excellent value
Have owned this car for two weeks now. Typical Honda: Excellent ergonomics, build quality. Rock solid; more so than similar Camry. Drivetrain smooth and powerful; ample acceleration. Pleasant surprise considering it's a 4 cylinder. Pricey compared to competition but you get what you pay for. Has everything I need without excess "gimmicks." Fuel economy near EPA hwy. rating when driven on the hwy. at reasonable speeds.

By richard lemke on November 4 @ 5:10 am
quality shows
This our 3rd Honda, the first two were civics. Honda has never let me down. Solid as rock. I expect to drive it for next 5-6 years.

By Discriminating Owner on October 25 @ 10:03 am
What a relief
I researched every car trying to decided what to replace an '04 Pacifica with. For the money, there is no other car with this level of refinement, performance, handling and price. The V6 is absolutely unnecessary, as the 4 cyl engine is smooth and powerful, AND efficient for this nimble, well balanced auto.

By Joe Coppola on September 4 @ 3:56 am
What's not to like!
Own this car for a month and what a drive. Power, handling, smooth ride. Engine very quiet and max pick up with the 6 cyl engine. Only drawback with the non-luxury models is the road noise. But hey for me it isn't worth 30k or more to eliminate that so called problem. Was a loyal Nissan owner, now a loyal Honda owner.

By SteveH. on May 30 @ 7:43 pm
Good-looking, good-driving car for low $
For the $20,500 (+usual fees) I paid, this is a great car to look at (in Royal Blue Pearl) with a great engine and sporty handling. I only miss the manual AT shifter to make the experience complete. This is the "sweet spot" in the Accord line up, imo--you get the most car for the least value, but give up some of the bells & whistles. The ride is more sensitive to road imperfections because the suspension makes cornering and maneuvering much more fun than even the 1999 Passat I traded in.

By jean on June 23 @ 5:26 am
my honda
I am very happy with my purchase of my second honda. I replaced my 1990 honda and am thrilled. It drives as smooth as glass. It handles beautifully. Am anxious to get my gas mileage count.

By G on May 6 @ 1:10 pm
Bad Seats
I love the way my Accord LX looks and drives. However, I have been very disappointed with how uncomfortable the seats are. The angle of the seat is much steeper than in other 4-door sedans. Without a power adjustment I find myself constantly adjusting the seat front to back and up and down without any success in terms of finding comfort. Hondas look sharp and their engine performance is incredible but they have really let me down on comfort.

By Brenda on January 23 @ 11:03 am
I love my Honda
My Accord has great maneuverability, is quiet, comfortable and sleek in design. I love it!

By a on May 29 @ 4:16 am
Great Car!!
Love this car. . . .would never have gone to a sedan if it weren't for the comfort of these seats. . . very sporty feel.

By Jean on November 23 @ 10:56 am
This is my second Honda. This 2007 Honda Accord replaces my 1990 Honda Accord. I am very happy with my purchase. The 4 cylinder is very responsive.

By Selles on November 29 @ 3:00 pm
So far so good.
I did too much research and this was the best choice for my budget. This car has a very high reliability rating. I wanted something that could handle pot holes a little better than a compact sedan and this does that. It's not as good at handling potholes as an SUV but it handles a lot better on the highway than an SUV. You could comfortably travel across the country with four adults and a ton of luggage. The car is very quiet on the highway. I'm sure the V6 is even more quite but this 4 cylinder engine sips gas and has no problem accelerating to get on the expressway.

By JBLaney on October 2 @ 6:00 pm
I now understand what the fuss is about!
I have only had this car for a few short days, but I am already in love with it. It handles like a dream, and has plenty of power to boot. This car has everything you would want unless a sunroof and 6 disc changer are important to you. With the LX you get the same performance of the EX, but for less money. Not to mention the resale value of a Honda.

By RND1 on August 1 @ 2:33 am
From BMW to Honda and HAPPY!!!
After my wallet was being drained monthly to repair and maintain my aging BMW, I decided to go back to Honda. I've only put 1500 miles on it so far, but this Accord is great! Solid build quality, V6 is getting 27 mpg with regular gas, plenty of room for the family, and excellent overall design. Expect to keep this 200K.

By Accord Mistake on May 26 @ 7:30 am
Over Rated Accord
I would still be driving my 2003 Camry with 4 cylinder and automatic if the gal with the cell phone had stayed in her own lane! I would be driving a 2007 Camry to replace the 2003 if Toyota had not lowered the headroom by almost an inch! (2003 was the first Camry that fit my long torso). Honda has a good reputation and the 2007 Accord has headroom equal to the old Camry so it seemed like a no brainer but I was wrong. The Honda isn't even close to the Toyota in so many ways. Unfortunately the test drive wasn't long enough for me to pick up on everything. The front seats are way too stiff and narrow...have to drive with wallet out of pants. Highway mileage is 2-3 mpg less than Camry.

By ED on July 15 @ 3:50 pm
Honda keeps getting better!
Just turned in my 03 Accord EX-L for 07 SE-V-6.Loved the 03 but this car is even better. Quiet, smooth, powerful,excellent handling, and great looking. This SE model is the greatest bargain on the new car market. Check out all its features. Drove Camary, Altima, Impala--they couldn't come close. Honda offering great deals on the vehicle. Safety rated 5 stars.

By Iggy on April 6 @ 10:53 am
best car ever
I had civic before this accord and this is the best car ever. It's fun to drive, fast, comfortable, looks very luxury.

By MS on March 20 @ 10:40 am
Great Car
Traded in my 2001 Honda Civic EX for the 2007 Accord. The Accord styling may be a little bland/vanilla, but the reliability and resale value makes up for it. Have driven the car for about 9K miles...no problems. Comfortable drive. Trunk seems small considering the size of the car.

By Lannie on May 10 @ 8:20 pm
My third Accord LX 5-speed in a row...
I suppose at some point I could drive something other than an Accord... but why? As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I'm a middle- aged lady, and I have three priorities when considering a vehicle: Reliability, reliability, and reliability. When I get in my car and turn the key, I want it to work. Flawlessly. Every time. For the past eight years, my Accords have done exactly that; so, I leased another one. (I believe this is what the youngsters call a "no-brainer".) I waited an extra two days so that my dealer could find me one equipped with a five-speed manual, which I love. I still get a kick from actually DRIVING a car; especially a really nice one like the 2007 Accord.

By Betcha on April 20 @ 12:53 pm
I Love My Car
I just bought my First Honda last month! Let me just say after a little Saturn this ride is awesome! The care that the dealership took in helping me find my perfect car made the whole thing worth it. I love driving a manual car and even though it is only a 4 cyl it has plenty of power to get up and over the flint hills in KS. My daughter is looking forward to me handing this car down to her when she is ready to drive in 3 years. I love the color of Moroccan red. Fun and sporty car for an older mom of two girls that doesn't want to grow up!

By Greg Nice on May 31 @ 9:23 pm
Honda lives up to its name
It has been a month and every day I love something new about this car. The build quality is outstanding and the Honda name is what I have been missing since dealing with Nissan. My Accord is amazing, the ride is smooth for a V6 and the acceleration will blow you away. I got a great lease price for 24 months on this car and I don't know if I want to give it back. I am paying under 265 month and I only put 1000 out of pocket, thats it, nothing else. I will never ever stray away from Honda to go for something else. This Accord is what a sedan should be made of.

By F12FAST4U on September 14 @ 2:56 am
No Regrets Whatsoever!
It has been about 5 years since my last exposure to a Honda Accord. It was a nice car but nothing to get excited about. Well, the 2007, opened my eyes. This car is great. The 3.0 litre VTEC engine married with the 6- speed manual....jeez, this thing is fun to drive. The suspension is sure. The interior is very nice; leather with heated front seats; dual temp controls on the A/C...I can go on. I will...I can get all three of my kids into the trunk with room to spare (joking!). With Honda reliability to look forward to, I have the confidence of knowing that I'll be enjoying this car for years to come. This car is worthy of serious consideration.

By OnBudgetTraveler on August 4 @ 5:40 pm
Strong, fast, and drives well, but...
I have the very mixed feelings about this car. I like how it drives. The steering is precise, cornering perfect, acceleration great. The transmission is fine when accelerating, but jerky in slow driving. It up-shifts when it is not really needed. Inside, everything is located logically, easy to use. CD player and FM are good but XM is not. I don’t like climate control because AC and heating are used together for defogging and windshield vents are too noisy. There are intermittent rattles that come in, disappear, and come back again. Suspension of Accord is “sporty” (bumpy). In overall, I am not completely happy with my Accord. I feel like I drive an oldie car but I still rate it high.

By dadiss on November 8 @ 10:56 pm
Bad seat
It is fun to drive and all, the exterior look is fine but the inside is very basic and the seat are owful and very very uncomfortable especially during long drive, even my old accord 92 was better.

By Brenda on December 12 @ 11:43 am
No Regrets!!!
I looked at both the 07 SE Camry and Accord. I was more impressed by the Camry stylish body. I purchased the Accord primarily because of the interior features: More horsepower and torque, both audio and cruise on the steering wheel, standard 6 CD changer, rear seat folding with lockable pass through, and standard security system. Also, Honda cars are very reliable. I drove a 95 Honda Civic for 9 years. I am getting between 27 to 29 combined miles. One of my favorite feature is the Oil Life Display. Currently, I have 5000 miles on my new new Honda and the Oil Life is 30%.

By R. Allen on October 25 @ 8:03 am
Honda Accord, Poor choice
Ride is uncomfortable. Dangerously pulls to the right, either not aligned properly or there is a manufacturing defect, gas mileage is less than I got on a Buick LeSabre. Very disappointed in this car. Would not recommend it to anyone.

By The Colonel on February 21 @ 7:16 pm
About Time; Honda Listened
This is my fourth Honda Accord since 2002. Had a 2002 6 cylinder coupe, loved it but hated the auto. Got a 2003 6 cylinder Sedan w/auto hated the car, suspension was the worse. The 2004 Sedan w/4 cylinder 5 speed totally built in Japan was awesome!! 100,000 miles in 2 years, no problems except for tires. This was corrected w/ Bridgestone LSVs. BUT the 2007, 6 cylinder w/ 6 speed is totally great. Honda did it all with this car! Will change tires soon. Stock Michelins are lame. Would put this car against Lexus IS 250, Cadillac CTS, Volvo, ACURA TSX and more. Thanks for listening Honda, you hit a home run with this car. Got great deal as dealer did not want the 6 speed on the lot. TOO BAD!!!

By daninoah on June 29 @ 6:40 pm
Sports Sedan Sleeper
Very few know that you can get an accord V6 with 244 hp and a S2000 6 speed manual transmission. The car is really a less luxury version of the Acura TL type S. It is fast, quiet, responsive, and just saucy!! All that, plus a lease payment under $300 including tax! This car has a sensible and ergonomic interior, a great sound system, carbon fiber look accents, great trunk, and good looks

By 2 Times a Honda on January 15 @ 10:00 pm
Another Excellent Ride
Well I just purchased a new Accord 07 LX V6 Sedan and so far I am very pleased with it. I upgraded from an Accord 04 LX 2.4L Coupe. So much leg room, the sunroof, power seat... 6 cd changer (in dash).

By Ted Detjen on September 17 @ 6:03 am
An affordable Honda Accord - VP
We began our search for a car by looking at Honda Civics but discovered that the Value Package Honda Accord cost only a few hundred dollars more. It comes with many useful features including remote entry, an anti-theft system, cruise control, a CD/radio, a maintenance minder system, a peppy 4 cylinder engine with a smooth five speed transmission, air conditioning, lights in the glovebox and trunk, anti-lock brakes, front and side airbags, and power windows.

By RangerFan4ever on September 18 @ 3:03 am
Soooo fun to drive Honda Rules!
I got this 07 accord after turning in my 04 accord coupe. I was looking to just upgrade to a coupe with leather, but after looking at the 4 dr I noticed the nice style. And after I test drove it, I realized it was just as great as a coupe. I only wish the tires were a bit quieter and less wind noise. But one has to remember you're not in a vacuum sealed place, and it's not like you are driving a Ferrari or Maybach. Still you cannot beat Honda's quality!

By dwood on April 9 @ 9:10 am
"My Response"
I have a 2001 EX 4cylinder manual, and it is a very good car with good acceleration. The purchase of the EX V6 manual is "my response" to those drivers who hate being passed and try to accelerate when they are being passed. The 6 speed is perfect for passing and provide smooth and quiet acceleration when zipping around those sour puss as they stomp the gas pedal. The car meets all my performance, safety and passenger needs. As stated before, I wish it had the MP3 jack instead of an IPOD adapter. And for the headlights not being HID...pay attention to the road and it will become unnecessary. The lights are bright enough, but I added brighter lights and adjusted aim and attention span.

By Susie on March 17 @ 5:13 pm
Happy Honda Owner
This car is by far the best value for the money. Very quiet and smooth ride, plenty of acceleration, excellent gas mileage, and extremely comfortable. This Honda is amazing!

By jwsmiths on October 28 @ 4:00 pm
Excellent Car
I just traded in my '02 Civic EX for something a little 'nicer'. It's not that the Civic was a bad car, but if you do a LOT of highway driving then you understand how much of a nuisance excessive road noise becomes. The Accord EXL offers an excellent, smooth ride with adequate power even in the 4cyl version. The body is well insulated and provides much less road noise than my previous Honda without feeling overly "heavy" as some sedans do. The interior feels every bit as nice as our '01 3-Series and offers many of the same amenities, but at a much lower price tag. The transmission is very smooth and the dashboard is a work of art in and of itself. I highly recommend this car to anyone.

By Ted Detjen on December 19 @ 5:30 am
An affordable Accord - Value Package
We began looking at the Honda Civic but discovered that for a few hundred dollars more we could purchase an Accord. The Value Package includes front and side airbags, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, power windows, remote entry and locking, air conditioning with filtration, and a CD/Radio combination. The four cylinder engine and five speed transmission is smooth and peppy.

By Choy on December 1 @ 11:36 pm
Best Sedan in the Market
First time to drive a sedan. This car is so smooth, nice handling and very steady to drive. Horse power is excellent and it is there if you need it. It is probably the best family car you could have.

By Dennis Lesieur on May 1 @ 7:23 pm
honda lx coupe
I had a sedan and find the handling better on the coupe. It has plenty of power for a 4 cylinder engine and handles well.

By Chris on August 17 @ 10:53 am
2007 Accord EX-L - Great Car!
I purchased this Accord a little over a month ago. I usually don't write reviews but wanted to tell everybody about what a great car this really is. Where to begin: 1) The seats are incredibly comfortable 2) All the controls are exactly in the right places 3) probably the best navigation system I have ever used 4)Smooth and quiet ride 5) 4 cyl provides more than enough power - unless you love speed, lol. I test drove the following cars before settling on the Accord: 07 Camry, 07 Mazda6, Ford Fusion, Nissan Maxima, Acura TSX. All those cars were great but there was also something that didn't sit well with me. The Accord fit perfectly. I've owned many cars and this is my fav!

By Fase79 on October 18 @ 1:43 pm
Very Pleased!!
Yes indeed very pleased...The drive is smooth with great acceleration surprisingly for a 4 cylinder. It's great on gas (24 city/34 highway). It has a nice subtle and sleek interior metal trimming on the door (black seats/carpet). Overall you get a car with a subtle and sleek design that's economical and will hold its value.

By Paul H on November 19 @ 1:43 am
Good Price and Great Value
I have been looking over the Accord for a while. The SE I feel is a great value. Think LX with Wheels and nice interior and upgraded sound. I bought the Accord for Invoice which I feel was a far price and with the lease special I pay in the 200s with tax per month. Great sales experience except for finance. Tried to force a security system on me. Didn't even try and sell it. Paul Honda Rocks!

By DA2799 on August 8 @ 9:03 am
Honda owner for life
This is our 3rd Honda and I must say Honda really builds a great vehicle every button is where you expect it to be works like it should and is as trouble free and user friendly as a vehicle should be my wife and I are Honda owners for life

By David J. Darnbrough on April 25 @ 6:40 pm
Honda's QA needs improvment
2006 & 7 sedan owners check your dash. I had to have the glove box replaced because it was not aligned properly and made a noise. The old one and the new one both have a dimple or sink mark in them. You'll also see one on the lower portion of the dashboard on the driver's side. Honda says that "sink marks are usually hidden by the graining but not on this dashboard. Regarding the question of replacing it with another dashboard, it will have the same type of sink mark so replacement is not recommended." So basically they got junk from their source and we're stuck with it. Another unsightly area is the pass. side airbag, it looks like a sticker was there then removed and left a mark.

By Jimmy on February 22 @ 6:36 pm
Can't go wrong.
This is my 4th Accord and I won't be turning my back on Honda anytime soon. I love everything about but the touchy brakes and the speakers could have better sound quality. (for factory it's pretty good though) I love the mileage, averaging 30 mpg city/highway. The engine has plenty of power for a 4 cylinder and it's very quiet as well. No nasty noises coming from under the hood. Interior build/materials is great too.

By Wise 1 on March 22 @ 12:56 am
A work in progress-Accord SE
The Accord has excellent power and a smooth shifting tranny, very strong stereo and cd player is great. Heat works well can't comment on AC until summertime. The brakes are very touchy and require very little effort, stops quickly and predictably. Fit and finish are excellent but drivers seat is short and doesn't give the support most will need if they are more than 5' 5" tall. Head room adequate for those 6'. Center armrest doesn't extend far enough for me. I can barely use it. The ergonomics of the cockpit are with larger and taller drivers in mind.

By Tomcat on May 5 @ 11:00 pm
Super Satisfied
The 'O7 for my wife is the second in this series of Accord. I have an 'O4 that is leaving for a TL. Love the car. Obviously with the 04, as well as multiple Accords previously, we knew what to expect. Only regret is not getting the navigation system...wife chose the V6 over that, but I had to get her a Garmin Nuvi660 for Christmas!

By Tom on April 28 @ 10:00 pm
Real Fun
Excellent car for that money. Easy on the pedal. Always have feeling that you have control over the car. It's a big car but you will control it like a smaller car. The inside is roomy. Overall, the car is great.

By hadleyt on February 18 @ 1:13 pm
Great MPG
70 MPH on Hwy gets me 33 mpg and conservative city driving gets me 29 mpg You lead foots are still getting decent mileage. I understand your desire, it's fun to drive.

By A. Harper on January 11 @ 8:50 pm
One thing missing
Car is excellent in nearly all respects, but the gear box should be illuminated for easier, safer use. The gear you're driving in should be clear when you move the shift lever. You shouldn't have to consult the dashboard to see if you're in drive or reverse, especially at night.

By Marcello on February 8 @ 2:43 am
Excellent car
Went from a 2003 Altima 4 cyl. to the 2007 6 cyl. Accord, so the comparison is a little unfair, but I have been very impressed with the Honda's power and handling. The fit, finish and build quality on the Honda are far superior to the Nissan--the Accord feels like a Mercedes Benz compared to the Altima!

By Tom on April 23 @ 10:13 am
Tries too hard to be something it isn't.
After a good experience with an 02 EX V6, I expected a lot from my 07 EX V6. After 5K miles, I'm a bit disappointed. The 07 is a step forward in some areas, but a step back in others. The engine is stronger, and noisier. The automatic shifts more smoothly, but less responsive. Handling has improved and there's less kickback through the wheel, but ride quality has eroded and the steering is less communicative. The 02 was roomy, with a large back seat. The 07 has comfier seats but feels cramped, especially in back. Gas mileage is equal at 23 MPG city. While the 02 was a nice blend of everything, the 07 tries to be more sports sedan than family sedan, and ultimately fails at being both.

By James on November 14 @ 1:33 pm
Okay - Not as good as I hoped
Was expecting all round goodness but was surprised and disappointed by this car. Was not going to buy a new car but the president's day sale made it all worthwhile. I like sporty cars but this car does not know how to smother a sharp jolt. Sends it right to your bone. May be the 17" rims. Steering is stubborn when you just want to make small corrections to your line. The sunroof is so far back that most of the time you will not realize it is there. Access to storage is not convenient, you will have to snake your arm through obstacles and make awkward contortions to access any main pockets. The rear view mirror blocks the sun visor's movement. Creaks and groans. Plenty of blind spots

By J Evans on February 9 @ 3:10 pm
Fun Little Car
Handles curves well with great acceleration. Doesn't have all the toys, but has all you really need.

By GARYSTEINHARDT on April 11 @ 3:33 am
great car, fun to drive, fast and good on gas, good workmanship, has lots of head room on the inside and easy to get into.

By kate on October 12 @ 6:06 pm
excellent car- gas mileage not as great
Just purchased first ever Honda for our family- very nice car great deal in Feb. Only drawback is mileage is not near what was expected. Sticker says 24 city and I haven't had a fill up with mileage above 18.1 mpg yet. I still am extremely happy with my purchase and plan on keeping the car for at least 10 years. Well designed car, good visibility for a shorter person(very few blind spots) I like where all the controls are situated- easy to reach- no looking away while driving.

By Trent C on June 17 @ 10:06 pm
better than the 1st.
This is probably one of the best new cars on the market for the 'average' household income. Finally a good car that 'most' people can afford. My purchase was the SE V6 model that offers improvements over my previous 03 Nissan SE, except hp which i'll be glad to make that trade. Road noice in the honda but that's because of the 17" tires that just about every-every- every manufacturer is going to. My 1st honda was a CRX when i was 15 years old and it had 13" tires, guess those days will never come back when you can buy a set of 4 good tires for $200! Should we call that progress?- guess we have no choice. Overall, my hat goes off for the makers of the 07 Honda SE. 5 speed tranny is a plus.

By CS on September 11 @ 8:10 pm
Accord issues
This is the 6th Honda I've owned, and the 2nd new accord. I have everything from mechanical problems to RUST in a 4 year old car! Very disappointed, Toyota next buy!

By zhang on August 16 @ 1:46 am
Knocking Noise
Last October, I was excited to buy this car because I trust Honda's quality. Unfortunately, it is not true. One month after the purchase, I feel that the transmission hesitates when accelerating. Three months later, I always hear a KNOCKING NOISE coming from the front of the DRIVER SIDE whenever I stop or lightly accelerate. This made me very nervous. Now, it is even more trouble. One day, when I tried to break at a sharp turn at about 30 MPH, I could feel that the break suddenly stuck for a very short time. Does anybody have an idea? This makes me very nervous. I am considering trade in the car if the break keeps sticking when taking sharp turn.

By Ddavi on January 20 @ 11:16 am
My First Honda
Picked up demo on 03/13/07 with 5100 miles. Excellent ride, very comfortable leather seats. Car should have headlights that turn on automatically and should have mirrors that dim automatically too. Should have an MP3 plug too. I bet these items will be in the revised 2008 model. I was considering a G35 but it seemed too tight inside and the steering wheel seem very small. Loving my first Honda.

By Pat Z. on December 3 @ 5:36 pm
One sweet driving machine
This car is a pleasure to drive! It has all the power you need to do fast safe passing, to merge onto quickly moving urban highways with comfort and to have a little simple g-force fun. The idle stop engine is great for guilt-free driving on ozone alert days. The car creates its own serenity zone: no engine noise while waiting at stop lights, good road noise damping on rough, patched highways, and one sweet little sound system. I also like the fact that it has 4 cup holders for the front seat and dual climate controls. The fuel economy is quite good for such a powerful, fun-to-drive car. I won't say we're saving money on gas though, because we do more driving just for the fun of it now.

By Sara W. on March 15 @ 4:23 pm
Don't Buy This Car
I leased this car with 122 miles on it and at 800 miles I started hearing a loud popping noise coming from behind the driver. I have had it at two Honda dealerships, for a total of five times and was also assigned a Honda Rep out at their HQ in California. The rep says Honda relies on their dealerships and the dealerships say there is nothing wrong. It sounds like a piece of junk! Honda is not taking ownership for this poorly build car. I wouldn't buy or lease this car, and for that matter, considering the way Honda has handled this situation, I wouldn't buy or lease a Honda again either.

By CJ on April 9 @ 6:36 pm
If you need a nice sedan, get an Accord
This is one of the nicest mid sized sedans out there. It's roomy, quick, nimble, and has some really cool features. We crossed shopped this model with the Camry equivalent and the Accord just blew the Camry out of the water. It's a very nice step up from a 2000 Toyota Camry LE. The V6 is an extra nice feature. I don't know how we ever lived without a V6 in a midsized sedan. The power is always there.

By ck949 on February 28 @ 2:30 am
Most car for the money!
After looking at all the competitors, going with the Accord was a no-brainer. With the navigation, this car feels to me like a true sport-luxury car. The fact that this car is entirely controlled by your voice is just amazing. Although I love the sound system, I find myself not using it so much because I am always having a conversation with the car! I went with the silver/black combo, and added dark tint and the rear wing spoiler to give it a little individuality. I could not be happier with this car. My father owns an 06 Acura TL - and I have to say, this car is SO close to that car. He agrees, and is kicking himself that he paid $6K more for a non-navigation TL! HA!

By Cincy M on June 29 @ 11:26 am
Better than ever
Previous vehicle was a 2003 Honda Accord, and loved it so much was reluctant to trade it in, as I was afraid the new model would not be as good. That thought was gone forever once I drove the 07. It handles great, seems to be quieter, and the ride is luxurious. Very very happy.

By Pam on November 1 @ 10:10 pm
Great Car
I only purchased this car 3 days ago, and I really love it. This is my 3rd new car in less then 2 years and I think I finally have found a great car. I test drove Camry, Milan, Elantra, I owned a 2006 Sonata did not like, On my first gas fill up I got 27 mpg city. Have not been on highway yet. Am thrilled w/gas mileage so far, can't wait to take it on a trip to see what I get. This is a great car, the EX had the features I wanted, the only add on was the Protection Package and I am going to add the auto-dimming mirror at a later time. I highly recommend this car.

By Josh on October 1 @ 4:00 am
What a car!
Got my new Accord last month and it is a wonderful car! The design is top notch, and the 6 speed manual really makes this family sedan into a true driver's car. I would recommend this car to anyone who is in the market for a practical automobile that will give you some excitement when you want it to! The 244 hp V6 pulls strong in all situations and the manual transmission is smooth and easy to operate. The EX also has pretty much any option that you would look for in a car standard! Including leather, CD changer, alarm, power everything, heated seats. It doesn't get much better than this!

By rick on May 1 @ 8:46 am
Great family sedan
I had the car for about a year now, it is great! It gets the stated or higher mileage, and the manual transmission is a joy to go through. Heated leather seats are great for those cool days, the XM I can live without, but it's ok. No rattles, tight steering, it is a sport sedan for sure!!

By Tim on August 24 @ 4:36 am
07 Accord EX-L
Very smooth ride. I love the XM radio, dual climate control, and heated seat features. A high performing car with a luxurious feel. I have received several compliments on the car after owning it for just 3 weeks.

By TypicalHonda on October 30 @ 11:26 am
Lovin' my Honda
Everything you expect in a Honda and more. Great options for the $. Living up to its reputation. Mileage estimates are accurate. 4cyl outperforms the 4cyl Camry. Very sharp looking.

By bobafett on February 21 @ 10:20 pm
Solid Car
A good car all around for the family. Nothing stands out negatively after a month of driving and 1000 miles. The gas mileage for city driving is close to the sticker (23.5) although that is trying to be easy on the motor during break-in. Performance is very good for a 4 cyl. and handling seems solid. The interior is comfortable and the controls are easy to operate, though the automation of the environmental system is a little complicated. If you just want to "vent" normally you have to check that the A/C is off, etc. My only complaint is the road noise is more than I expected.

By tgoyer on December 30 @ 1:30 pm
Rough Riding
I have owned several Hondas over the years. I have owned LXs, EXs, and CRVs. The '07 Accord has been very disappointing in regard to the ride compared to the previous models I have owned. It is like riding in a log wagon. On bumpy roads you feel every bump and the steering feels unstable. Does not have the solid feel of the previous Accords. Does fine on smooth roads but get ready to get your teeth rattled on bumpy roads at any speed.

By jf on August 14 @ 12:03 pm
Comfort and balance
Just received 2 weeks ago my new Honda Accord EX-L w/navi. It is my first Honda purchase after owning a Subaru Legacy. I love the light of dashboard and comfort of leather seats. The interior is amazing and the navi is so user friendly. If asked for same amount of money to choose a navi or a V6 I will opt for the Navi; it adds a dimension to traveling that a V6 will not give you (might be slower to unknown destination). Smooth drive.

By Lewis on December 23 @ 2:00 am
My 2007 Accord 2DR 4cyl EXL
This is my first non GM or Ford car. I was so impressed by my son's 2005 Accord sedan I test drove a 2007 two door coupe and love the ride and wood accents on the interior. The 4 cylinder has plenty of pep, averages 26 mpg city/highway mix (31 mpg on the highway at 70 mph on a recent 1100 mile trip) and the transmission doesn't search for gears like the 2007 Camry I test drove. This car is Lexus quiet inside, even at highway speeds. I am 6 ft 4 and have plenty of room in this car and the seats are sooo comfortable. Fit and finish on this car is EXCELLENT. 10,567 miles and not even a minor problem yet. The XM radio came with the car & I didn't want it, but after 6 months I love it.

By Mathew on August 14 @ 12:16 pm
Very spacious car
This is my fourth Honda vehicle. So, far very happy with the performance and features. This has more room in the back seat than most other midsized sedans.

By anon on April 28 @ 9:10 am
Almost There
A solid car but one that has real but not fatal flaws. Build quality is very high but it does however have some quirks: the engine shut-off feature is too aggressive, especially in common stop-and-go traffic. The battery recharge process that occurs during braking causes a shudder towards the end of slowing to a stop (<10mph to 0 mph) almost like the car is trying to stall (which it doesn't). The steering is smooth and especially easy at slow speeds. Aggressive acceleration is fairly jerky as the motor assist comes and goes as the car shifts gears. Good news - most of this stuff is probably just software fixes. Bad news - Honda let this car out of the lab before it was totally baked.

By lzainster on June 3 @ 5:56 pm
Not Much
I just purchased a new 2007 Honda Accord. I really didn't like the power of the engine. It could have more torque and horsepower. But overall I really like the 2007 Honda accord. I like to drive it but still don't feel the power. The smooth ride will give some a headache.

By zzzooom on July 4 @ 5:00 am
Lives up to the hype
After driving a Mazda 6s for three years, I purchased a Honda Accord EX-L 5 sp manual with the 4 cylinder. The Honda is not the drivers car the Mazda is, however, this car has better quality throughout. After having the V6 in the Mazda, I was concerned that I would not be satisfied with the 4 cyl in the Honda. However, I am very impressed with the Honda 4 cyl. It has great torque and does a great job in this car.

By Jeffrey D. Reifman on May 6 @ 1:00 am
Very happy with Accord Sedan SE
I very much enjoy my 2007 Honda Accord SE 4 cyl sedan. I am very suprised will the amount of power the engine has, not to mention that the tune up timing is far and few between. I hope that it will be able to keep the car running at the same quality that my current 2000 Honda Accord EX 6 cyl sedan has. Should I need to purchase another car I would look at the Honda Accord, as well as checking the market place for the best car for me. Given all things remaining the same i would have no trouble in purchasing the same 2007 Honda Accord SE 4 cyl sedan.

By Accord SE on October 24 @ 5:10 pm
Great at what it does
The Accords have always been great family sedans. I did expect a little more from mine, but then again, the car is meant to be driven with assured safety and reliability. The brakes warped at 3000 miles and were replaced under warranty. AC fan is loud. Also, a loud thumping wind sound is heard when rear windows are opened ,and rough engine noises when accelerating. But none of this bothers as much as the firm ride. This is the payoff for better cornering, but unforgivable in the streets of New York. Stick with the Camry in cities with many potholes.

By Linda on November 9 @ 5:36 pm
2007 Honda Accord EX-L 4dr automatic
Have been driving the car for a month. Seats are not comfortable, a lot of wind and road noise. The dash has a consistent rattle which Honda has worked on twice. Rep from company is coming this week. We'll see what happens. Honda makes their cars so that they have a slight pull to the right which I do not like. This feature doesn't make the car fun to drive.Only the driver's seat has automatic seat adjustments and the lumbar control is on a different side of the seat.

By Jennie on August 29 @ 9:16 am
Great for the Money
Fun car to drive, great on gas. I have only had the car a week but I can't get enough of driving this, it is so quiet and handles great. I would recommend this car to anyone looking at mid size sedans.

By ljd on December 13 @ 2:26 pm
Nice, but over-rated
Although I am happy with my first Honda, I feel they are somewhat over-rated. The Accord EX-L V6 sedan's ride is very firm and can be punishing on some road surfaces. The paint has some orange peel and is very susceptible to stone chips and scratches, particularly on the front edge of the hood. Some of the ergonomics and features are quirky. However, it's averaging 23 MPG in a daily commute, and it looks great in Nighthawk Black Pearl.

By Zzzooom on February 17 @ 9:36 am
Pleasantly Surprised
As the current owner of 2 Mazda 6s V6s which I just handed over to my sons to take off to college in, I did not think I would like the 4 cylinder Accord. However, I am very impressed with this 4 cylinder. I have the 5 sp manual (as I do with the Mazdas) and the Honda engine is very impressive. Another thing I noticed is that the Mazdas are more of a driver's car in that they feel like they are going fast around the twisties; however the Honda takes the same curves at the same speed and makes it feel uneventful. After thinking about that I conclude that the Honda is actually the better handler, it just does not make an ordeal out of it. The fit and finish is superior to any car I have owned.

By silvia on September 18 @ 2:20 pm
Great Car, not getting the gas mileage
Love everything about the car. The gas mileage is not panning out. On highway best mileage so far has been 27 MPG. On street stop and go I have gotten as low as 14 MPG.

By DTAccord on April 2 @ 2:26 am
First Accord - Love it
I really like my Accord SE 4cyl. It's roomy, gets great gas mileage, looks sharp, and drives a lot nicer then my 2002 Camry. My Camry has a very soft "Lincoln like" ride while my Accord has a more sporty ride. DON'T BUY THE HONDA MUSIC LINK IPOD CONNECTOR! Honda should not be selling this unit. It expensive ($289 inc/install), the functionality is useless, can't use the iPod controls when it's connected. Can't wait to see the 2008 model.

By Steve on March 29 @ 12:20 pm
You Can't Beat It!
Picked up this beauty 2 days ago. The vehicle so far has exceeded all my expectations. The ride is excellent, although on the firm side, but that is expected on this model. The craftsmanship and quality of materials and fit and finish are fabulous. The interior layout and roominess are premium. V6 is smooth and powerful. Auto transmission is very smooth and precise. I had considered a Pilot, but I am so happy I went with the Accord. You cannot believe how much room this car has until you sit in it. You cannot get more quality and enjoyment for your money.

By Lisa Y in VA on July 14 @ 5:56 pm
Honda Fan for Life
This is an excellent car. I bought it new and now, over a year later, this car has cost me nothing but gas. Smooth quiet ride, great stereo system, safety in mind all the way, easy and fun to drive.

By seagar on September 29 @ 10:46 am
I like it.
Turned in my leased Civic EX for this purchase. I know this is the last year before the newly designed Accord. The car rides solid and smooth. I feel a bit more protected on the open highway than in the Civic. The additional side/curtain airbags add confidence. The 4 cyl. is plenty of power for my world. My Civic was more fun to drive around town, but the Accord feels more secure at 70+ mph speeds.

By mike112 on September 21 @ 8:10 pm
I'm not so sure
Well, this supposed to be nice car with navi and v6. Well, the body is kinda weak, gets dents easily, paint chips, and brake and tires aren't so good for what I paid. Even though it is Honda, they should improve on those categories. I bought Honda for quality, but now their quality is getting poor. The seat is kinda uncomfortable compare to TL-S 2003, and compare to VOLVO T60 which I had. Also one of my dim lights is not working.

By William on March 3 @ 4:33 am
A lotta bang for the buck.
I've had my new EX V6 Navi for about 3 weeks and it's doing okay. My previous car was an IS 300 so this is a big difference in sizing and quality. I knew that there would be a new model in 2008 so I decided to save a lil cash on the highest model available now. I'm very happy with my purchase. Can't go wrong with this car. It has every single option available. Comfortable for long trips or during the daily grind on the LA freeways. What? No memory seats? Awww man...

By Stash on October 17 @ 12:46 pm
A Blast to Drive, But Will It Start?
Have had this car for a month now and have found it to be a blast to drive, very powerful and smartly designed interior. Last week in 85 deg heat, car wouldn't start--would turn over, but not catch. Dealer replaced fuel pump sensor module and said that should fix problem, but will it? Prob has not recurred, but only time will tell. Like the fact that it goes over 100K between tuneups, 7500 between oil changes, depending on the conditions you drive in. Beautiful paint job-- got a lot of complements on this car. Car could be better on gas, mileage average--have to use premium or mid range per the dealership.

By John on May 17 @ 11:33 pm
Best car in the segment
This is the best car available in this market segment at this cost, by far. I've had 3 Hondas now, an 02 Odyssey (still own), 05 Accord LXV6 and this 07 EXL. All have been totally reliable, never an unscheduled visit to the dealer. Accords are no BMWs, but do provide a good compromise of performance, price and comfort. The 4cyl (I4) engine has good performance for everyday driving. I rarely miss the power of the 240 bhp LXV6, not as much as I first thought. I switched to the I4 for 3 reasons, EX for LX-V6 price, daughter learning to drive (V6 too powerful), fuel economy. I averaged 26 mpg from the V6 and only average 27.5 from the I4 so far (5k miles), I was hoping for 30 mpg.

By Sean on February 5 @ 9:53 pm
3rd time is a charm
This is my third Honda vehicle and the best by far owned 89 Accord Lxi sdn had a 2006 Accord EX-L 4cyl now the best 2007 EX V6 love the car it had great performance love the way it hold the road and the mileage for a V6 is the same as the 4 cylinder I had last year this is a great vehicle and I am a proud Honda owner. My wife drives a 2005 Accord so we are hooked on Honda Accord owners to the end. GREAT JOB HONDA GREAT JOB

By Happy Oly Family on August 24 @ 9:16 am
Similar to RL, nicer on my budget.
I traded my 2004 Acura TSX w/57k for this baby! I looked for months for a car to "catch" my eye. I got the Sapphire Blue w/ black leather & NAV, its a beauty to drive! Great feel of the road, and roomey enough my kids no longer kick me. We loved our TSX, but this is extrodinarily similar on the inside! All the buttons are pretty much the same, but gave me the creature comforts of my old TSX while giving me the RL space. AND I saved money! I couldn't figure how to program the radio presets, or turn down the fan on the climate control yet but I have the bible to read now. Honda hit it out of the park with this one! The 6-speed is a blast and the V6 makes it not my Mom's car! Watch Out Road

By Maynard on February 26 @ 7:30 am
Good, but mundane transportation
I've owned this car about 2 months now. Overall I would say the car is OK , but nothing really stands out about it. I would recommend it since it's not a bad car, but this review is basically to point things out that I wish Honda had done differently. I wanted a 2 door car, but nothing really caught my attention while car shopping, and I basically settled on this car (I will drive it until something more interesting comes on the market). I will say that it gets good gas mileage. On straight highway driving, it gets the 34 MPG that the window sticker says, and in mixed city driving I get 26. I think the 4 cylinder engine has enough performance for my taste. I haven't owned it long eno

By WVUPIKAPP on January 8 @ 12:06 pm
My First Honda
Bought this car 2 weeks ago. Ride is smooth and on the highway I don't even realize am going 80 mph. Comfortable seats, plenty of leg room, especially with tilt and telescopic wheel. Fun to drive. Glad I bought a Honda.

By ILU on April 20 @ 2:13 am
Two weeks later...
LOVE this car. Drives well, looks great, all-around wonderful. Wish I could've sprung for the navigation. My only regret is in getting black on black. I've only had it for 2 weeks and I've had to wash it twice already.

By FJT on July 11 @ 5:43 pm
Very Impressive for an Accord
I've owned Hondas ever since and have been happy with them but wanted to try the luxury version so had my eyes set on the '07 TL. At first, I was reluctant in considering the Accord but with gas prices on the rise and after doing multiple researches, reading reviews and such, I gave it a try. I've had it for 2 wks now and am enjoying every minute of it. I avg 33.6 mpg mixed driving with A/C, navi, and CD on! It has good acceleration, enough power, smooth and quiet ride. I recommend this car to anyone looking for comfort, functionality and efficiency. Honda has lots of standard features that other manufacturers offer as options.

By MJSND80 on December 13 @ 9:56 am
The Right Choice
This was The Right Choice for several reasons. I had it down between a Volvo V50 and the Accord and picked the Honda for mileage and interior room reasons. I have a long commute, so interior comfort and mileage were top priorities. Skip Honda's link for iPod. I had it installed and wrote the dealer that very night to arrange a time to bring the car back and have it removed. Got an aftermarket unit that's half the price and mixes the ease of an iPod with the direct-link sound quality. Great car. Comfortable, practical and keeps its value at trade-in time!

By gearup75 on January 1 @ 6:23 pm
Slipping perfection
Great car except for rough downshifts when coming to a stop (SE auto) to the point where it feels like the car "jumps" a little. Took it to the dealer twice and they reassured me that it runs fine. And the brakes are pretty weak/soft.

By brodym on June 6 @ 12:56 pm
Wonderful Car
I own a 2007 Honda Accord EX-L (I4). This is the best car I ever owned. The ride comfort is awesome!! Heated seats and mirrors. Automatic Dual-Zone climate control. Standard auto driver's seat. Standard power moonroof on my model.

By coryn on June 22 @ 11:56 pm
No regrets
This is my first new new car and I love it. I went with the LX V6 because I don't care about leather seats and dual climate control and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Compared with the new Nissan coupe and the Solara, this car was far and away the best desicion.

By Sean on April 1 @ 4:33 pm
What a wonderful car
Second Accord. First was EX-L 4cyl, opted for the V6 this time and I'm getting the same mileage as the 4cyl with loads more power and refinement. It also has stability control which the 4cyl didn't have. This is a very nice riding and handling car. I will definitely buy Honda products again.

By funfuncar on December 26 @ 5:20 pm
Fun car
This car is great. Got it new for less than 19k and it was worth every penny of it. Could have a little more power in the 4cyl though.

By HondaOwner07 on June 2 @ 10:46 am
Love My Honda But Mileage is Horrific!
I just purchased the 2007 Honda Accord 4 cylinder VP. I had it for two days when the AC delay needed to be replaced. Which was no big deal, but the gas mileage is absolutely horrible. I've been getting about 18- 21 MPG. Get this, I travel 85% highway. I'm very disappointed in the mileage. I thought for sure I would at least get 28-31MPG or more since I drive mostly highway. Other than that, great car! I would recommend the car, but make sure you are aware of the mileage.

By Tug on June 27 @ 6:20 am
'07 EXL-V6
Exceptional car. Great performance, handling, gas mileage, build quality, very comfortable. Better looking cars out there, but the more I drive it, the better it looks. In my opinion the best car for the price, hands down. Resale is second to none, may not find out for some time though.

By Mike on October 16 @ 2:20 am
Recent Purchase
I've owned my Accord for 2 weeks. This is our 3rd Honda and I purchased based on reliability/performance I've had with other vehicles. I averaged right around 25 mpg on first tank of gas. I really like the fit and feel of the interior and like the way the controls are layed out. I've seen other reviewers cite it as boring, but I like it. I've seen others cite the brakes as an issue-but not so! (but even with the price didn't think it could match Honda). Love the car, especially in beautiful royal blue pearl!

By Patrick on January 19 @ 11:26 pm
This is my first Honda and I have had it a little over a month. It has plenty of pep for a 4-cylinder, doesn't lag too much when accelerating I am looking forward to years of trouble free maintenance and reliability, both major factors in deciding to purchase the Accord. Estimated mileage is OK, currently I do 60% city 40% highway and I average 24- 25 MPG. I know the car has to be broke in, so hopefully I will see closer to 30 in the coming months.

By Condor1 on January 22 @ 9:43 pm
No frills, lots of thrills
This car reminds me of the quiet looking family sedans of the 1960's that housed serious power. But with the Honda you get the addition of handling. Can't tell you how many times we have lost this car in the parking lot. It looks like every other 4 cyl LX model.

By k03ep0r on October 6 @ 11:16 pm
What's happening to Accords?
My last 2001 Accord LX V6 was probably the last best Honda Accord model. I had to trade it in for EX-L V6 and here all my disappointments started. New EX Accord interior design is very good, however leather trim on steering wheel is sticking out on one side, while it's flush with plastic on the other side. The car developed rattling noise somewhere in the rear door or behind it. The car is in repair now at only 300 miles on it. Trunk liner and rear door plastic are cheap and not flush with metal.

By Scott on August 14 @ 11:50 pm
Why bother with an Acura?
I bought my coupe after looking at the Acura TSX and the TL and I'm glad I saved my money and went with the Honda. It drives like a dream and the engine has all the power I need not to mention it takes regular unleaded.

By ian stuart on December 14 @ 7:50 am
Solid choice
Turned in my Honda Civic lease car with plans to lease another Civic. But the Accord was so much quieter and smoother riding than the Civic. So I ended up leasing an Accord. Love the 6 CD set up. Nice sound system. Manual transmission is smooth. The manual transmission seems to be much better mated to the engine than the automatic. Automatic seemed noiser and rougher. Plus the manual gets a bit better mileage. I average about 27 mpg in mostly city driving. (The Civic did get better mileage.) The engine is silky smooth for a 4-cylinder. Plenty of power. Who needs 6 cylinders? Honda makes great engines. Love the Moroccan red color.

By Billy on December 5 @ 7:20 am
Really disappointed
We were very excited about our first Honda. Words cannot express how disappointed I am with the car and with the dealership. The rear windows in the car have not worked properly since the night we got it home, dealership has replaced everything except the window pane itself and we are still having problems with it. The car makes a loud whining noise when moving in reverse, dealer claims it's just regular brake noise. Fuel economy is great, but the quality of this car is awful. As soon as my head is above water I'm going back to Toyota. A lot of my friends love their Accords, I think I just got a bad apple, which unfortunately tarnishes my entire image of Honda. Will never buy another.

By Ferds on October 25 @ 11:20 am
Pretty good car
Fun to drive, very good mileage, interior is ok, reliable, handling is good and I like the performance.

By ken pittman on July 21 @ 1:26 am
Great mileage
Had my accord for 4 months now, I was hoping when I bought the manual tranny, I would get better mileage. I drive mainly on country roads, so not town or highway, my vehicle is averaging between 31 and 33 mpg in these conditions. The car handles great and is fun to drive, great job Honda, a satisfied customer.

By Mike on April 15 @ 4:53 am
6th Honda
I have had my Accord for three weeks. The SE was an easy choice over the LX for the added features at a slight cost adjustment. Ride is classic Honda: tight and stable, and the quality is super. The four cylinder is more than adequate and gets very similar mileage that my 2005 Civic had. The five speed automatic is very smooth and reads speed and geography superbly. I changed from the Civic to the Accord for safety. The Accord offers a great list of standard safety features. I wish that a customer didn’t have to go to a six cylinder to get Vehicle Stability Control; it should be standard in this day and age. The Brake Assist has a little too much exuberance.

By DavidS on February 24 @ 10:43 am
My New 6-Speed Accord Coupe
I decided to wait to write this review until owning the car for a month. I love this car and have no idea why people are complaining about the ride? Ride is not stiff enough actually, a little more body roll than I would like. But overall I think this car does an amazing job of balancing luxury, sport, reliability, and comfort in one vehicle. The 6-speed/V6 combo rocks!

By Chris on July 19 @ 9:06 am
Great Car
Bought this car to replace my Dodge truck and its terrible mileage. I have been very pleased with the car so far. Gas mileage has averaged 28-31 mpg in mixed highway and city driving. I drive over 50 to work and back each day and am never uncomfortable. This is the second Accord I have owned (the first was a 1987) and the improvement is immense.

By hondalover on August 21 @ 1:03 pm
Best Vehicle Yet!
We just bought our 2007 Honda Accord in June of '07, and honestly it is the best vehicle we have owned yet. We had never owned a Honda before, but became interested in their reliability when the 2007 Indy Car series chose to use Honda engines, and have yet to experience a single problem with them. It is amazing. The Accord itself is very sporty on the outside, yet very luxurious on the inside for such an inexpensive base priced luxury vehicle. We owned a Chevrolet Tahoe before the Accord, but do not feel squished or that we have lowered our expectations for a sedan. If anything they have been raised by our Accord! The fuel efficiency is quite close to what Honda estimates. Very Impressive.

By dknight211 on December 5 @ 6:46 am
Nice car, but some drawbacks
I purchased a 2007 Honda Accord Coupe LX V6 based on Honda's reputation for reliability and the good looking coupe. It's a strong car, but have discovered quite a few issues: (1) at 300 miles on the odometer, something inside the dash started rattling loudly, (2) when driving slowly (5 - 10 mph), the automatic transmission keeps jerking with a noticeable thud up and down, (3) the suspension is very rigid and you can feel all the bumps, and (4) seats are a bit uncomfortable. The jerky transmission makes me a bit worried that it will fail in a couple years.

By Judy on February 8 @ 8:03 am
Glad I chose a Honda
I had owned a Sebring 2004 before buying the Accord. Had done a ton of research on all the cars as far as reliability and gas mileage and found Honda to be the best for the price, as I got a terrific deal. Even with the 4 cylinder, it has a lot of pep. I haven't gone on a long trip yet, but the around town gas mileage is a LOT better than the Sebring!! I'm VERY pleased with this car.

By Sonia on June 20 @ 1:53 am
I love this car!
First week with new Honda EX - no regrets. Car is very smooth, quiet, roomy. Dark Graphite color looks great on it, grey interior matches with metal trims - very elegant. Fuel economy after first week not bad at all. On first tank gas 70% hwy 30% city my averege is around 32 mpg! Love it!

By Ron on June 6 @ 9:23 pm
07 Accord is lovable
We have enjoyed the car immensely. Every time someone sees it they say it is such a beautiful car. In addition, they mention to us how reliable and how good the gas mileage is.

By Marc on March 20 @ 5:23 pm
First Accord - Somewhat Disappointed
Perhaps my expectations were too high. I have owned three Acuras, which were of higher quality. And three Mazdas, which required no warranty service visits. This car required three warranty service visits before the 18,000 mile point. One for a blocked drain and a rattle in the dash, one for a protective cover in the wheelwell that fell off, and one to turn the front brake rotors that warped at 7K (mostly highway) miles. One of the reasons I paid a premium for a Honda is to avoid these multiple service visits. The brakes are weaker than they should be, and the handling could be somewhat more crisp. I find the ride quality to be comfortable.

By 07V66MT on January 26 @ 11:43 pm
Fast, Smooth & Refined
I also tested an 07 V6 6MT altima but decided to purchase an 07 Accord sedan v6 6MT 2 weeks ago so I haven't opened it up yet but, coming from someone who's owned 2 5.0 Mustangs, Taurus SVO, and a Grand Prix GTP, the 6speed manual definitely holds its own. I wish others would discuss prices and help future buyers determine a decent deal -- with destination charge i paid 24899, plus 6/100,000 warranty (no ded.) and wheel/tire protection both for 1130. I dealt directly with the sales manager and this was his first offer -- and I always heard Honda wouldn't negotiate. Only modification is K&N drop-in air filter which seems to help some. I'm very pleased thus far.

By HondaVeteran on June 30 @ 2:26 pm
Most Un-Honda Among Five Others
Among the five Accords and Civics we've owned, this one is the most un-Honda. At freeway speeds, the power train has a gear whine like an old bad differential. It whines under load and is quiet when coasting. So on the flat and level, as the load goes on and off, the whine flutters irritatingly. The acceleration is uneven when shifting from first to second. Over moderate undulations on the freeway, the rear suspension feels loose like the boulevard ride on a big, heavy GM sedan in the old days. The gas mileage barely makes the Maroni numbers (altho we've got less than 1000 miles on it.) The speed related power steering assists too much at freeway speed, and not enough when parking.

By Newbie on December 12 @ 1:30 pm
First Honda Owned
This is our first Honda owned. We also test drove the new Camry but we would have had to buy the v6 due to the v4 lack of power and transmission responsiveness on the highway. We test drove both the v4 and v6 Accord and decided that the v4 had enough power for highway driving so it saved us some money up front and later on with gas mileage. The steering and handling of the car is amazing going around corners and parking. The exterior and interior design is very polished and sporty. The engine and transmission of the v4 is very smooth. So far its been a very fun car to drive!

By nycarguy on July 11 @ 8:13 pm
Good Car so Far
Car rides tightly, smoothly, great on winding roads. Good engine power, AT transmission a bit abrupt at stop and go slower speeds trying to find comfortable gearing. Great rear seat room!

By mssp on September 21 @ 12:00 am
So smooth!
I finally thought it was time to let go of my beloved 1994 Accord and replace it with another one. I looked at the options out there and kept coming back to the 2007 Accord. I'm glad I made the right decision!

By Love it on November 20 @ 4:00 pm
Love it
First brand new car I ever purchased. Totally worth it . Drive smooth, quiet inside. Great on gas. I find it roomy for a coupe

By John on August 10 @ 12:26 pm
Reliable and Efficient
Previous owner of a 98 EX coupe with 183K trouble-free miles. I hated to sell it, but I needed 2 extra doors. The '07 fits like a glove, handles crisp and tight, and gets great gas mileage. Had to get used to a couple of things from my old Honda like the absence of the change drawer on the left, but there's one in the center in front of the shifter. The radio controls are a little more complex, but having basic volume and channel buttons on the steering wheel are great. An overall well-rounded and well-balanced car. Best of all, no more timing belt! (I think the timing chain was introduced in '03) With the suggested improvements listed below, this car would have no rival. Coming in '08?!

By dave on March 19 @ 7:13 pm
After considering the purchase of this car for almost 20 years, I finally picked one up. I paid probably more than I should have but the dealer would not let it go and I could not find another one on the north east. It is the most impressive family 6 cyl, MT car I have ever driven in its class. I have not had such a thrill diving a car since a VW Passat almost 10 years ago. This car is simply amayzing.

By DanaS on March 19 @ 5:20 am
Could be better
Picked up a Honda Accord for the wife to drive. It seemed to be a good economical car, but hasn't gotten near the EPA mileage. The six cylinder with the auto is nice, but not as economical as we thought. The interior is well put together and somewhat plush like a 1980's Buick. The parts fit together well and are acceptable for a 25K car. The ride is an anamoly...flaccid yet tinny. Not much of a step up from a Civic.

By Jon S on January 16 @ 6:40 pm
Thought about BMW and Volvo but..
I was a 7 yr Honda Civic owner and I really wanted to branch out to something more exciting and sexy; BMW or Volvo. But after months of research and learning what I know about reliability and resale value of these brands, I could not leave Honda. I am very pleased with my honda accord LX 4 cyl manual. I really love the shifting in a Honda, compared to a Toyota, which is more mushy and clunky. A Honda shift is smooth and exact. Love getting a bigger car but still 26/34 mpg. Very happy.

By S. Paul on January 19 @ 8:00 am
Fun, Good Power, lacking some features
Just got my 07 EX-L 2.4L Graphite Pearl. Very comfortable seats, leather is good quality. A bit sluggish out of the gate normal w/4 cyl. On fwy passes with ease and seems to be in its groove around 2500+rpm's. There are 3 things lacking. 1) fog lights should be standard on all EX-L's. 2)Moonroof should fully open without having to hold the button down 3)Door locks should automatically lock when shifted in into drive and auto unlock when shifted into park. All of these features though can be added to the car later if you really need them. The fog lights are readily available and also electronic after market modules for both the automatic door locks and moonroof.

By Mauiboy520 on January 28 @ 12:20 am
Can't believe it's a Accord Interior :(
Purchased this car in June of 07 as a 2nd vehicle and have about 5000 miles on it. The ride ride is nice and smooth and no mechanical problems to date. As for the bad stuff....TONS of road noise, Interior function is nice but quality has slipped. Power door switches in the driver door keeps popping out, rattle in the driver door and somewhere in the dash and don't know if Accord owners noticed but light from the glovebox comes through at night with the headlights on. Radio needs serious updating/more power. Seats are nice but with it had more support and adjustments. The engine is smooth but the transmission shifts are rougher than I am use to in other 5- speed automatics.

By TimC on September 5 @ 5:06 am
about what I expected
I chose the 07 Accord SE over a Camry LE as the Accord has a better engine (VTEC) and to my mind sportier look and feel. I chose the SE specifically since it has the better brakes and tires of the higher-priced models (as well as the six CD changer) but not the luxury accutrements I don't need at this point. I've always been a fan of Hondas and the Accord has not disappointed me so far. There are no surprises--a great look, super reliable engine and superb engineering.

By peter on October 21 @ 4:26 am
Accord EX-L nav-A
Great on the road and very smooth engine and just great on the MPG. Love the calculator since i am metric...lolol

By Brian on December 26 @ 3:46 am
Excellent Value
I now have 15000 miles on car. Superb body structure and build quality. Paint quality amazing for production vehicle. Quiet, comfortable, reliable. Excellent fuel economy for its size: 29 mpg. avg. I drove Camry, Fusion, Aura...Sportier than Camry, Much better build quality and interior design than either Fusion or Aura. Reliabilty should be top notch: I have 220000 miles on 1991 Accord that I still own.

By Jami on December 26 @ 9:03 am
Honda Driver For Life
I've had Honda's my whole life - from 16 until now (34). This Accord is a beautiful car and incredibily comfortable. We've driven it from Houston to Phoenix, to OKC, and back again and haven't complained once. It rides so smoothly I have to really keep an eye on my speed.

By Will on April 8 @ 4:36 am
Excellent vehicle
After many weeks of deliberation I finally decided on an EXL Honda Accord. I have previously owned Accords and my track record with them has been excellent. I am impressed with the car's interior and the responsive handling. It sure feels nice to be driving a new car again.

By kaly on July 1 @ 6:23 pm
Simple, Typical, yet Comfortable
Bought because of the reliabilty of Honda not so much the style or performance. Typical middle class family car and very common on the road. Simple controls are convenient but its not fun to drive.

By Clean & green on March 6 @ 11:56 am
Accord Hybrid - great mileage & perform
Wow, I was strictly a V-8 man before purchasing this V-6 Hybrid beauty. I get 35 to 38 mpg highway and around 25 in town. Comfort, style, and great handling in this car. I actually bought two 07 Honda Accords, one for my wife (4cyl) non hybrid and the 6cyl Hybrid for me. She loves her Accord also -- it gets 34mpg hwy. Honda quality and workmanship throughout. Too bad Honda has made the decision to discontinue the Accord as a Hybrid. I really don't think they marketed the car that well. I didn't know Honda built an Accord in Hybrid form until I saw one at the dealership.

By Tom on August 16 @ 9:23 am
Honda Home Run!
Just drove home the 2007 Accord V6 and it is fantastic. The V6 is better than my I30 V6 and nearly as good as the G35. This is my 3rd Accord, had a '93 and '96 before I lost my mind and bought the 01' I30 which was a great value but current G35 and M are overpriced so I went back to Honda. Looked at TSX several times and again not as good as the Accord V6. And did I mention the year end deals...3K below cost...Thanks Honda!

By Tim on May 14 @ 3:33 pm
Best car that I have owned, so far. Quality is no 1. Amazing room for a Honda. And great handling. Can't even hear the engine run!

By ConserveLiberty on January 30 @ 10:06 pm
Lives up to the Reputation
This is our second Honda. My children drive a 2005 Civic LX We have been very impressed with the quality and value of that car, so when it was (finally) time to drive a car again and trade the Suburban, we researched mid- size sedans. All of the consumer claims about the Honda Accord seem to be true. Interior controls come to hand easily and logically (except the airconditioning On button), exterior is very well designed and attractive and build quality is excellent. Rear passenger room is the best of any car we sampled. Seats are comfortable for a long drive, the truck is cavernous and the eng9ine is silent and powerful. All in all, a sober, prudent, great value.

By Nuwarakolla on April 7 @ 10:20 am
My Second Accord(bang for the buck)
Looked everywhere on for Scion TCs, VW Rabbits and got the best deal amongst all of them and got it for under $15k. Great car, my first brand new car and my previous car was an Accord too. Handles great. Plenty of space in the back for friends. Only issue is that the VP doesnt have power mirrors or rear speakers. Going to purchase some Infinitis for the rear and sure that this car will run forever.

By FugieNY on September 21 @ 3:36 am
The Complete Package
I got the base model LX and it came with nice rims, CD and all of the basic options one would need in a car. The car has a great appearance. I love the clean and simple lines and it looks awesome in red. The handling and suspension is far better than any car in it's class. It really feels very Lexus-like on the road. The 4cyl could use a touch more power but it has good pickup and it's very quiet and smooth with the 5A. The only issue I have is the defroster - it takes a long time to defrost...

By TDN on June 26 @ 7:30 pm
Another winner
Owned 1999 Accord V6 sedan for 125,000 carefree miles. We sold it at full price to the first person to see it. Decided to try a 4 cylinder coupe and glad we did. Not a big difference with performance/ride(initially a concern) compared to V6 sedan and much more fun to drive. We were looking for value and feel that the premium for the upgraded models is not warranted for our needs. My wife drives a Lexus and has no complaints with this car. I will always drive a Honda, buy one and you will also.

By Allegro on December 3 @ 9:23 am
I like this car more every day
I will own this car for a long time. I like to drive and this car is a great balance of performance and economy. I purchased a new Accord in 1990 and it has 160,000 miles and it has had no issues. I intend to keep this one even longer. It is nice to get a good quality car without having to pay for countless fancy options.

By Dave on January 19 @ 8:53 am
Sweet Ride
Roomy and stylish interior with simple controls, tight build quality, smooth ride, refined drive trains, excellent crash test scores, Honda's strong reputation for reliability, high resale value and no sales tax for my hybrid in CT. The car rides like a $40,000 car, I love it! Feels and drives like a much more expensive car than the Toyota Camry. Way more engine horsepower & torque than the wimpish I4 Camry but not quite as thrifty on the gas. The V6 performance and higher quality road manners is worth it over the Camry plus mid 30's MPG- Very happy!

By CHIEF on November 30 @ 11:20 pm
Too much fun for a 4-cyl
I have 1300 miles on the car and I am impressed with the ride. The drive train tends to whine when put under pressure, but the engine is top of its class. I am not sure why you would buy the 6-cyl when the i4 is so peppy and quiet at hwy speeds. I get 26 mpg around town with the manual. I think this is the best buy hands down.

By Bo on May 16 @ 5:50 pm
Bad city mileage
I bought my Honda Accord a month ago. I am not very happy with the acceleration I get. I believe the VTEC engine takes time to respond especially at the lower gears. I drove my car for the first month only in city (several lights& traffic) and got very bad mileage of 18-19 compared to the advertised 24 mpg. Have been driving without hard braking and use of much air conditioning or heat. I was expecting atleast 21-22. Very disappointed! Not sure if I was handed the last bad piece they had.

By maxdriver on December 23 @ 12:50 pm
Sleeper sedan
I traded a Focus SVT for my 6-speed sedan. I wanted something with more room and refinement. I am extremely pleased with the Accord. The 6-speed is very smooth shifting; the engine is powerful and smooth. I recently sold my G35 coupe, which sounded like a tractor engine at WOT compared to the Accord V06! I like the stealth(sleeper)appearance of the sedan. The body leans more than I like in curves. I plan on adding some TL sway bars in the future.

By DK on November 1 @ 12:26 pm
Honda Hype
I have owned 5 different Honda Accord models. The 2007 EXL-V6 is a big disappointment. I have experienced an unusual vibration that shakes the steering wheel, dash, and mirrors whenever the car sits (parked) for periods longer than 8 hours. The dealership states its caused by the tires "flat spotting". Michelin somewhat agrees, and were good enough to swap out the OEM tires with another model of Michelin Pilot tires, and they also vibrate. So I had them install Yokohama Avid V4s and guess what--they also do the same thing! I called Honda Corporate and they claim this is how the Accord was engineered to ride, and that I should get used to it...needless to say, I'll be trading very soon!

By king on August 3 @ 10:46 pm
Great Pick!
We shopped around for different sedans and it came down to the honda accord and toyota camry. In the end, we liked the feel of driving the accord. The driving was more responsive than the camry. We got the honda accord fully loaded V6, it's very nice... drives great so far!! I'm a first time honda owner, and loving it!!

By Kathy on December 1 @ 4:06 pm
Nice car, missing mini-extras
I traded in my 2004 Lincoln LS for this car and waited two months before writing this review to be fair. This car has a little better mileage than my LS and not require premium gas like my LS. Missing some of the little things that would make this car really special.

By rsand on January 29 @ 8:36 am
Solid car
I purchased my 2007 honda accord lx 4 door 2.4 manual transmission in september 2007. Thank you honda for doing a body change in the 2007.

By J5F on February 28 @ 7:13 am
Safe and Sound
I purchased this car 7 months ago and now I have about 6500 miles on it. I travel mostly around town with the AC on. This is a reliable, well built, and comfortable car. I'm glad I bought this model with the 6 cyl as it has good acceleration and a very quiet engine, plus the SE model no longer is available in the V-6. I don't need a sunroof or auto climate control and it is not any big deal to have manual seats. Now the V6 is std. with all that and it jacks the price up close to an extra $3,000. But is does have stablility control, traction control and the luxury of the V6, which I really like. Really, this is a great used car buy too.

By mspringeril on March 8 @ 6:26 am
Great car except for the gas mileage
The car has been flawless in the 11 months I've had it. It accelerates very well and handles great. I enjoy leaving other cars in the dust with my family sedan. The other drivers always seem surprised for some reason. So far all the car has needed has been an oil change and tire rotation.

By 2007 exl honda accor on April 30 @ 8:16 pm
2007 Honda Accord
This is the third Honda Accord that I have owned. Great cars lots of nice features for the money. My wife puts on 25000 miles a year. My first car was a 1979, 2004, 2007. Our 2004 had 77000 miles on it when we bought the 2007. Oil changes tire rotation and some time keeping the car clean so when we drove it we could enjoy it. In a nutshell, these are great cars.

By veridikal on November 5 @ 12:33 pm
bottomlin: 2007 Honda Accord EX-L disappoints. Compared to the competition, it hold its ground but compared to previous Accords, it fails misebrably. i have owned a 2002 Honda Accord and a 2006 Toyota Camry in addtion to this 2007 Honda Accord EX-L. Things I don't like: The interior material is cheap and subpar. the 2002 accord has superior interior craftsmanship. 2007 accord has black leather interior. the leather is of the cheapest quality. it emits a fould odor like bad body odour.the pillar and roof are light grey while the rest of the car is black. it is supposed to be black uniformly but the dashboard is dark black plastic while the vinyl dashboard is grey. no black uniformity.

By Gene on May 28 @ 7:23 pm
Honda lives up to it's name
This is my fouth Honda product, but my first new Honda purchase. Six months and almost 12k miles in the buy, I still love to drive the car. There's no hint of interior or exterior fatigue, much less any sign of mechanical problems. Everything is precise and predictable from starting in the morning to the seams that run between every panel on the vehicle. The SE V6 is nothing but fun to drive. There's plenty of torque and HP from the 6 shooter. This car has made Honda Motor Company very proud.

By sven on March 24 @ 11:53 am
Could be better
Overall the car has been mechanically reliable and runs great but with only 7000 miles it's not saying much. The body integrity is horrible. The driver's door flexes, creaks and rattles in a way that's unacceptable for a $20,000 new car. I've been to the dealer 3 times to fix it to no avail. However, if the window's cracked open slightly the rattle almost disapears.

By Tony on September 23 @ 1:46 pm
Solid Car for the Money
Traded in my '95 Accord EX w/ 218k miles for another Accord. Why? I drive 100 miles daily and need safe and reliable transportation. I figure I'll drive 25k miles annually. Looked at VW and Toyota but found Toyota bland and was scared off by the ever present electrical issues found with VW (as with most German made cars - go figure!). I can confidently drive my Honda knowing I've bought a solid, safe and reliable vehicle. It's not a sexy pick, but you don't buy an Accord for sexiness and sporting appeal rather you buy it for its solid reliability and resale value. Have 15k miles on it and so far no problems. All this car needs is regular maintenance and you're good to go!

By Sunshine on November 21 @ 2:33 am
Honda Convert!
I traded in an Olds Intrigue 1999, which I loved but which I realized (after going through all the paperwork) I put far too much money into. This Accord is sweet. Leather seats, XM, V6, moonroof - it's nicer than my Intrigue and it cost less than what my mom paid for an Intrigue five years ago. I adore this car! It's a joy to get into it and know I get to drive it. Smooth handling, great sound, comfy leather, I feel like I'm driving a car that's worth far more than what I paid for it!

By PRKID on February 20 @ 8:36 am
Best car I've ever had
Was driving a Hyundai Sonata before I leased the Honda Accord coupe. Thought I enjoyed the Hyundai until I drove this car. It has been a blast. The 2008's are re-styled and I like them but, to me, this coupe has a timeless style. The fuel mileage has been outstanding. I get an combined average of over 30 mpg with 37 highway and 28 city. I find it fun to drive and sometimes just go out for a drive even if i have nowhere to go. For the price, this is a winner to me.

By accord-lover on October 29 @ 3:26 am
Excellent coupe!
Techinically reliable. Good-looking interior. Smooth driving. Sporty exterior (backside). Comfortable elbow desk.

By Happy Honda Owner on October 6 @ 10:26 pm
Excellent Car!
I have owned my 4-cylinder EX-L w/Nav since July 07, and I have been very happy with it. I hope this new car will be as trouble-free and reliable as my two previous Hondas. The fit and finish of this car is excellent - no cheap-feeling or cheesy-looking materials. The leather feels durable and supple. The instrument panel is easy to see and all of the controls are within easy reach and are easy to operate. The car has plenty of get-up- and go - no problem getting up to freeway speed or accelerating to pass cars. The ride on both the street and the freeway are very smooth and solid. Great fuel economy: 33 mpg highway.

By Dagwood on May 13 @ 5:46 am
Some Good, Some Bad
I like this car, but the manual transmission has become frustrating in cold weather. Difficult 3rd gear shift and it will occasionally throw the stick out of gear. This is not uncommon with this transmission in the sedan, coupe, S2000, Civic si, and Acura TL. I love everything else about the car and I still like the 6-speed even with this problem - I just wish Honda would solve the issue. Comfy seats, good accel and passing power, nice ride, decent handling, nice stereo, heated mirrors & seats. I put Dunlop Wintersport M3s on the car and the are wonderful - better than the stock Michelins. I'm not a huge fan of the look of the rear end of the car, but I like it better than the '08s.

By Amy Dizney on February 9 @ 6:56 pm
Awesome drive
I can't say enough about the performance. Fast, smooth, handles very well. I just wish I could legally really get on it to see how fast it will go. Beautiful black leather interior. Easy access to console. Highly reccommend Ipod adaptor,the controls are on my steering wheel. Heated seats required in Mass winters. Fits my family of five comfortably in back seat. The roomy rear seat was my major decision for choosing this over larger SUV. Great on gas. So far got me to work during 2 snow storms at ease. Sunroof gives a nice breeze rather than huge air rush through the vehicle. Huge trunk with fold down seats for large items like lumber. My 10 year old can't wait to get license to drive this car 2015.

By nycarguy on June 28 @ 7:30 am
1st Honda, and so far so good
Nice smooth ride, drive 1500 miles monthly on hwy. Mileage on the V6 ranges 18-20 city, 25-28 hwy depending upon conditions and my foot. Car really handles nicely, feels almost sporty at times. V6 is powerful. Good build quality, great balanced feel, quiet and comfy for my 6' frame.

By Jake on September 16 @ 6:33 am
Smart Buy
My 2007 Accord EX-L V6 has run great since I bought it 6000 miles ago. It has the looks and the performance I was looking for. I bought this as a gas-saver, and compared to my full-size truck, it definitely does that. All around, the '07 Accord has everything I was looking for, and I would highly recommend it.

By BOS man on July 30 @ 6:56 am
They keep getting better
This is my 4th Accord ('77, '83, '94, '07) and definitely the best. Very smooth ride and manual shift. Lots of power above 3K RPM. Tight steering and suspension tuned exactly as I like it (stiff but comfy). This car is very fun to drive, quiet, well-designed and solidly built. Back seat quite roomy even for my 6ft sons. Mileage is a little disappointing (28-29 on suburban commute with few stops--less than my '94), but that may relate to the car tempting me to drive "aggressively." I love this car!

By driver1 on April 2 @ 8:13 pm
2007 Honda over 2002 STS
I traded in a lemon of a 2002 Cadddy STS for this commuter and I love it considering the down trade of the luxury issue. This 2.4 moves when it has to, and I know after driving many V8s. Passes up hill & changes lanes like a champ. Gave a few full size pick ups a little surprise when they tail gated. Took off up hill before they could think ..was that a HONDA? LOVE IT for what it is.

By Dan on December 24 @ 4:13 am
Mutil-talented car
This car new is a great compromise between comfort, performance and practicality. I added fog lights and a rear wing spoiler. I am tall, and find it very roomy, with plenty of leg room in the back seat. The interior is very nice and the overall build quality appears to be great. It is very quiet and smooth. The 6-speed manual transmission is fun to drive, and the smooth free-revving engine feels quite powerful. The engine is only at 2100 RPM @ 65 MPH in 6th. I do experience rough shifts in 3rd gear, like many other Honda/Acura 6MT owners. But it is not too bad. I put Dunlop Wintersport tires on, and this car handles very well in ice and snow

By JV on July 6 @ 8:03 pm
The car is responsive and pretty fun to drive. Feels powerful at higher RPMs. Tows a light trailer with 1 motorcycle easily with no issues at all. Trade in value is already lower than I expected for an Accord. Lots of storage compartments inside passenger area. despite VP coming with only 2 speakers. The other 4 are wired from the factory - just pop aftermarket or honda speakers in and go - mine sound great. Stereo does lack technology compared to competitors, does not support MP3 discs or input from player, need an adapter for another $200 to use CD changer jack as input for iPod etc.

By Noel Ness on November 9 @ 5:50 pm
Quality car, fun to drive, reliable
Driving at 68-70 mph I average around 35 miles to the gallon, In city driving it drops down to around 15, but in the winter time (Wisconsin) with slippery, ices road I only got 21. I love the power of acceleration compared to my 1997 Accord. Love the Honda Accord NN

By Andy on August 19 @ 6:40 pm
Great car - from a former Toyota lover
I was a 100% Toyota fanatic because my grandparents and parents swore on Toyota vehicles. After driving around a Scion tC for a while, I decided to try a Honda. I am now 100% convinced that the Honda Accord is the best car ever made. It has plenty of power, great fuel economy and it is a joy to drive. I will forever be a Honda owner now!!!!

By Keith Shoemaker on March 31 @ 12:46 am
Is there any other car to buy!!!
I bought this car after doing my home work on Toyotas, Hyundais, Acuras, and Nissans. There was no comparison to be made. The engine was smooth and powerful. The handling quick and agile. The comfort level was incredible. And the over quality is fantastic. Best car for the money, maybe even for more money.

By marcos258 on January 19 @ 4:56 pm
My first Honda
I've driven a Camry before, but I liked the body style of the Accord better this time around, so I researched and realized that they're pretty similar under the hood. I've had this car for almost a year and have not had any type of mechanical problem with it. It's pretty quick and fun to drive and the sound system is really good. The only issue I've had is with the passenger side window. When I'm on the highway, the wind noise is a little louder in this window than any other. I took it to the dealer to get checked out, and they said they replaced the seal. But I can still hear the noise sometimes.

By KD on December 6 @ 7:30 am
Still A Fan
Long time Honda driver. Owned this car since 08/2007, loved it then, love it now. Read some reviews complaining of a pull to the right and I had the same problem. I was patient and it eventually resolved itself at 6000 miles. Considering the decent power, even at highway speeds, I get decent mileage. 24 mpg city, 32 mpg highway. A/c always on, and spirited acceleration while not over-speeding. Did a little experiment and drove over 450 miles @ 70 mph on one tank till it stopped dead on the road (had fuel in trunk-just me letting my inner boy play). Lumbar support is good, seats are comfy while supportive. Audio system isn't Bose, but still very crisp. Had zero problems with the car.

By Stuart Florida on March 11 @ 6:00 am
Bloated and Oversized
This is my 4th Accord, my first was a 1983 model. This is definitely not the nimble Accord that I remember. The Accord has grown to from a compact to a midsize. The Accord suffers from the "bigger is better" American car syndrome. Older Accords were definitely economy cars, not bloated family sedans. The 07 model suffers from some surprising (for Honda) design flaws. The rear doors are oddly designed, forcing you to move far away when opening the door. The trunk is large but difficult to access, with a small opening. And no outside temperature gauge or fuel economy monitor, standard on most VWs. If you're looking for a fuel- saving efficient small car, the Accord's not for you.

By zzzooom on November 7 @ 6:16 am
After One Year of Ownership
This is a follow up after one year of ownership. The strengths of the car are gas mileage (WOW - better than any econobox) build quality, low ownership costs. The fun to drive factor is not there - I miss my Mazda 6. One discovery is that even though I have a fully power seat with adjustable lumbar, the leather drivers seat is hard on the seat bottom and the seat back has no upper back support. This seat feels good for the first 10 minutes and then it becomes the most uncomfortable seat I have ever endured in any car or truck, including an old vinyl bench seat. Also, I have had continual problems with brake pulsation due to rotor warpage or pad deposits.

By kevin on April 23 @ 9:03 pm
Little Ms. Almost Perfect
This car is comfortable, refined, safe, well mannered and the driving experience is consistently uneventful. In bronze, the car looks classy and conservative. The motor offers reasonable power and is quiet. The automatic transmission is smooth and deliberate. The cabin is quiet and comfortable. Fuel economy is excellent.

By Brian on October 11 @ 2:43 pm
Better than Expected
Terrific car so far. Best navigation system on the market. Pretty fast for a family sedan

By Zzzooom on March 29 @ 4:23 pm
No More Accord
I hated it, but i had to get rid of my Accord. The driver's seat is so uncomfortable - my back hurt all the time - I was miserable. This is in spite if the fact I have teh EX-L with all power seat adjustments. Additionally, for the second time in 1 year my brakes rotors had to be turned and new brake pads installed. Honda would not replace the rotors so I know that since they have been turned twice, it's only a short time until the vibration when braking returns. Beware of Honda Seats.

By Michelle on September 21 @ 8:43 pm
Not exactly a sports car or a family car. The V4 doesn't accelerate as fast as the V6 would but the engine is more powerful when you are already at high speeds. A little too bulky compared to original Hondas

By Jason on December 28 @ 11:30 am
So far so good
Overall i love the car! It has great pickup and a smooth ride. A few things I've noticed. The AC pulls on the engine a little and you can actually tell a difference in performance with the AC on verses off. I notice it more when going from a complete stop to start or basically going from traffic light to traffic light. Sometimes you can feel it jumping a little when it's changing gears. It's funny because i have friends with an 06 and 05 model and they all say theirs performs in similar ways. So maybe its just a Honda thing. Its my first front wheel drive vehicle. Love how the car feels and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.

By L.T. on June 25 @ 2:33 am
Better than expected
I purchased my Accord after discovering that my Acura CL had manufacturing defects in the paint and transmission, (I loved it & the Acura line until then!!). Despite the unforeseen problems w/the Acura I loved its speed, agility and Bose Stereo. So, I got the Accord because it was affordable and practical, and did not expect to love it. But..the V6 is quick, agile, (not as much as the acura). I get tons of compliments on the smooth, quiet ride, more of a sporty,roomy sedan. The look is not especially sporty, but not boring. The brakes are overly sensitive/grabby, and there are some blind spots at the pillars and front end. Overall pleased & pleasantly surprised.

By trent on August 31 @ 9:00 pm
exceptional value
Was in the market after surviving for a year driving an '07 Yaris-poor handling for New England winters! Drove the Accord and we were convinced that we made the right decision. Gas mileage is consistently 25+ mpg. Handling is quick and secure. Winter tires/wheel package (Tire Rack) with standard VSA make driving in Vt winters a breeze. Unbeatable combination of power/performance and value .

By M. Henry on April 26 @ 5:33 am
Lousy gas mileage
This is the last Honda I will buy, owned a 2003 and traded it in hoping I would get better gas mileage. Well since I have owned it I have never gotten more than 20 miles to gallon in local traffic, which is where most of my driving is. On longer trips, yes I do get 30 mpg. but since most of my driving is local it is costing me a fortune in gas for a 4 cyl. car. it said 24 to 32 mpg. Never go by that sticker on the side of the window. the inside is exactly the same as my 2003 accord they had 4 yrs. and changed nothing to the interior. I will go back to owning Toyota's after this car.

By Travel Junkie on June 27 @ 6:46 am
Good car with a few faults
I have had my 2007 Accord for almost 10 months now and have 23,000 Miles on it. I love the car, but it leaves more power to be desired in the low rpm. My g/f's 08 Civic seems more peppy and feels quicker in the low ranges. I do not abuse my car and have had all services done by a certified Honda dealer. Recently, I have had trouble with the brakes "Clunking" when applied at low speeds. I also hear a clunk sometimes when making low speed turns, but not in curves. Overall, I am very happy with the car. I average 34 mpg (more than double my truck.) This is a highway car even though most people will probably use it as a city car. If I had more city driving to do, I would buy the Civic.

By greenchili on September 10 @ 3:13 am
OPEC Can Kiss My Toe.
Outstanding quality sedan that got a little over 30 mpg with tailwind doing about 85 mph on 350 mile trip. However, going into the tailwind dropped mileage down to 26 mpg. We also did a 1500 mile round trip for $130 in gas during first of May 2008. It feels so good to NOT send so much money to the middle east.

By Angie on December 1 @ 9:23 pm
Great Buy
This was my first Honda and I was not disappointed. Reliable, spacious with a smooth ride. I get complements every where I go. In fact three of my friends went out and bought one because they enjoyed mine so much.

By sam on October 31 @ 9:53 pm
Lives up to its expectations!
This is my first Honda ever.. I just got a certified used Accord 07 after trading in my Dodge Intrepid. The best part I love about this car is the fuel economy. I just got an average of 27 mpg on my first tank with about 30% highway -70% city. I think that's awesome!! The Leather Seats are comfortable and I kinda like the factory installed stereo too! MMS also works great and shows the life of your engine oil so one less thing to worry. Love the LED tail lights. Actually if you think about it 06-07 models are unique relative to other accords since there will be only two years of such cars on road unlike the other models.

By jedo97 on November 14 @ 1:06 am
Great Value
Great car for those on a budget. I have the V6 Special Edition, nice big 17" wheels, steering wheel controls and 6 disc Cd player. Ride is slightly firm because of bigger wheels, but trade off is excellent steering feel, superlative road feedback and above average acceleration. If you're like me and love to drive, then no other car in this segment fits the bill. Nothing could touch it for finish, reliability, sporty nature and good looks. The Camry doesn't look this good and definitely isn't sporty in driving dynamics. This car loves the backroads and twisties and the brakes are excellent. I don't agree with Edmund's rating for the brakes.

By ananymous on October 26 @ 5:36 pm
Good Car except brakes skid
#1: The car doesn't seem to stop/ skids , when brakes applied over road bumps. It's a little frightening when it does that. No problem driving in the winter though (may be because I drive slowly). #2: 2007 model accord doesn't has a auxiliary port.

By My favorite car on February 3 @ 2:46 am
i love it
Well, I used to own many kinds of cars, that include 6 of them is Honda. In my own experience I would not own anything else beside Honda. Yes I heard all kinds of complained about gas, noise, performance so on, so what you expect the car under 30 grand. But my car very special, leather w/nav, dvd, premium sound w/6disc changers, 6 speed manual v6 with 245 hp, and 4 doors. Please note this : if you want a better gas mileage on your car that depend on how you drive it.

By Matt on October 20 @ 3:50 pm
Great Family Sedan!
We traded our 06 MB C-230 for the 2007 EX-L V6 and couldn't be happier. The MB was in the shop almost every other month. The Accord has been absolutely maintenance free, other than oil changes. The performance is terrific, and I much prefer the styling of this one to the new 08's - like most everyone else too! The only issue we've noticed is when the transmission downshifts during normal braking (@ around 30 mi/hr) it causes the car to lurch (it feels like the driver tapped the brakes hard) for a brief sec. If this is the worse that we experience, we're extremely happy. I previously had a 2003 EX-L V6 and the leather began to deteriorate after only 1 yr, hopefully this will hold up better.

By Dick on June 20 @ 9:13 am
Happy i bought it
This my first foreign car. I bought the car because of the raves about Honda quality and reliability. I chose the Se auto. V-6 because it had what i wanted in a car without all the frills. The car is everything i thought it would be,and more.

By dimasin on December 17 @ 9:43 pm
Worst new car to the date
We bought Honda after having small intermittent problems with our Saab 9- 5. Oh boy we were wrong about this "value" jump! I just trusted to BS reviews of majority of people who drove Fords and GM in the past. Although some can say Saab is another GM product, it was quite impressive for something based on Opel chassis. Anyhow, here is a short list of Honda quality problems: 1) Rattle in both front door attributable to TSB in Feb 2008 Service News Article, 2) Shaking, scraping and pulsating front brakes (fixed under warranty - warped front rotors), 3) Tires out balance (fixed under warranty), flat-spotting is something I will have to live with on this car, 4) Scratched cheap plastic panels.

By Terry on July 31 @ 2:33 pm
The best car for this price
I purchased this car exactly a year ago, so it's a time to write a review. This is an excellent car for this price. There is no one feature from VP-to-LX differences I really miss. I believe it was a mistake for Honda to drop a budget style for the new Accord lineup. Hope they will have one for 2010. BTH, we have also 2007 V6 in the household - don't buy V6, the relatively small difference in acceleration doesn't worth paying extra money.

By Dave on May 25 @ 2:46 am
Sweet to ride and smart!
Very comfortable and easy to drive, plenty of room. I laugh at Prius owners all swished in and not getting much more gas economy.

By kshoshy on May 20 @ 7:30 am
Disappointed in gas mileage
I purchased this vehicle because all the reports said Honda and Toyota have the best crash rating and best gas mileage. I am very disappointed. I do all city driving and I'm getting between 17 and 19 in the city. The service dept. ran a test for me but, their road test was a combo of city and highway. The test gave me a rating of 20.5. All the reports said I would get 21-23 in the city and 31 on the highway. I got better gas mileage on my 6 cylinder Nissan. In addition to the gas problem the car tires are louder than usual. I had it checked out and apparently that's just how they are. I am an unhappy consumer.

By sae185628 on February 27 @ 5:33 pm
No Disappointment
I traded in my truck in order to get better gas mileage. I have not been disappointed at all. I average 27 mpg for city and 31 mpg on the highway. And believe me that I am hard on vehicles, taking corners at higher speeds than one should, speeding, etc. This car has been nothing but impressive from my standpoint. I have had no issues with it and it has over 24,000 miles.

By Jimmy Ray on January 11 @ 6:40 am
Nice Car
It's been a great car so far. I check my mpg at every fuel-up and always get 25-point-something (my driving habits are about 50/50; city/hwy). The remote all-windows-down feature is neat but I don't use it. It's a very smooth ride with plenty of style. No major complaints. Though for the money, the minor complaints shouldn't exist. If Honda built the body and interior with the same quality as the engine, they'd have a perfect car. Do I have to spend $10k more and opt for the Acura?

By msantiago on October 29 @ 4:40 pm
Great vechile - built to last!
The Accord LX is definitely one the best cars on the market. The 4-cylinder is fuel efficient and surprisingly smooth and powerful. I have no problem passing and accelerating past faster, V-6 cars on the freeway. The handling is great and other comparable models can't compete (i.e., '08 Malibu, '08 Fusion). This car is reliable and I've yet to to encounter one problem in over a year and a half. Also, speakers sound incredible.

By Koz on April 7 @ 1:23 pm
Good Ol' Honda!
I've had my V6 EX-L coupe for 2 years now (3 yr. lease). This is a great car, as reliable as it gets. Maybe a little boring, but aren't all Hondas? Very quick for a Honda. Looks great, but no "wow" factor. No worries driving this thing around.

By KA on September 24 @ 6:06 pm
Great Family Car
Very comfortable family car, even for long trips. Great front seats, OK rear, handles and performs like a sports sedan. Zero maintenance issues, except for a little window rattle. Average about 25 Mpg in mixed city/hwy driving, and 32-35 Mpg for trips @ 63-65 mph. Economy drops with a heavy foot or above 65 Mph. Stereo speakers were awful, had to upgrade on aftermarket. Would have preferred the 4 cyl/5 M but not available with stability control.

By Jim on June 9 @ 3:10 pm
Noisy Accord
I had a 93 Accord and loved it. Then I bought this 2007 top of the line EXL- V6 and am not really happy with it. First, the rattling/vibrating when car is cold. Wind noise is lower than my '93 Accord but still could be improved. Then the disappointing fuel economy - 25 mpg. Then the interior. The dash board seems to have 20 pieces put together and each has a different shade of black/grey. The center console door (below the radio) broke and won't push-lock anymore.

By Zzzooom on November 5 @ 5:43 am
Good Car - Terrible Seats
Had the car a year: Loved the economical operation, the room, the dash layout and the BEST navigation system on the market. HOWEVER, the drivers seat was terribly uncomfortable on the upper back and the leather seats were hard. I actually hated to drive the car because of the seat comfort. Resisted selling the car, but when the front brake rotors has to be resurfaces three times due to warping (under warranty) i decided to sell it. Very mixed emotions when selling however, in retrospect, it was the only choice. I HATED the seats!

By Dani on May 17 @ 1:46 pm
2007 Accord SE
This is my second accord, the first was a 5-speed and I REALLY miss that, however this car is SO comfortable and have not had a single problem with it in 2 years. I love my Honda!

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