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2000 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 2000

The four-cylinder engines now have a 100,000-mile no-tune-up service life. Side airbags are standard for all V6 models and EX four-cylinders with the leather interior. The feature-laden 2000 Honda Accord SE Sedan makes its debut this year. In the paint department, Nighthawk Black replaces Starlight Black, and Naples Gold Metallic replaces Heather Mist Metallic; Raisin and Currant have been dropped.


Great build quality, spacious interior, peppy yet clean engines, comfortable seats, excellent resale value, reputation for bulletproof reliability.


Everybody drives one, personality of Al Gore, taut highway ride.

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By Les Lang on December 17 @ 2:40 pm
2000 Accord Coupe Review
I thought overall this car had what it took to be a contender. I've driven other coupes and realized that my heart is still with honda products. It's quick, sleak, and on top of it all fun to drive.

By Rich5150 on January 28 @ 5:33 am
My Third Honda Accord...!
What can I say...This is my 3rd Honda Accord. It's still the best bang for your buck! This is my first 6 cylinder Honda. Plenty of power to accelerate out of situations. Love it & fun to drive...

By CMcFadden on October 15 @ 9:50 pm
2000 Accord EX Coupe
I love the way this car drives. It accelerates quickly and easily. I often have to watch myself because I'm doing 60 mph before I realize it. Highly recommended.

By DAnny C on July 30 @ 12:16 pm
overall nice car.... too bad it is a honda.... REALLY REALLY needs a 5 speed and rear wheel drive

By AccordOwner on August 10 @ 10:20 pm
Bullet Proof Engine!
Little things like the trunk release and gas door latch as well as the sun visors are well designed and have a sturdy feel to them. I drive this car like I hate it, and have over 51k miles on the engine without a hitch so far. Keep up with the sched maint and expect this car to last you a long time. The highway gas milage is great (~27mpg) even driving at 85mph, but if you enjoy the added power of VTEC around town expect about 17mpg.

By AmyM on December 4 @ 8:16 pm
Are you kidding me! This is the BEST car, dollar-for-dollar, on the road today. And you talk about holding it's value, wow! Only the firm seats keep this car from being a perfect 10!

By MC on August 28 @ 7:56 pm
Why I bought a 2002
I had my 2000 Accord stolen and then wrecked. I have seen other cars that have been wrecked and I was pleased to see that my car had protected the passenger compartment very well. (So well the thugs were able to escape from the crash unhurt!) My insurance company gave me $21,838 for the car before my deductable. I bought a 2002 the same day for one reason: VALUE. A new car is a bad investment, so if you must drive a new car you might as well buy one that is relible and holds its value.

By Mugen on October 5 @ 3:23 pm
I purchased my Accord "new" for reliability. At 6000 miles the flyweel bolt came loose and got stuck in the clutch, then my AC would come on and off without being turned on -- requiring 4 visits to repair. Now, the radiator fan comes on and stays on all night, killing the battery. This one must have been built on a Monday.

By Scott F on September 11 @ 9:33 pm
2000 Accord LX V6 Coupe
Great Car. Excellent build quality. Gas mileage is OK, 24-25 AVG. Car is faster than I thought, impressing me in 0-60 and passing power. In the LX a CD player was not standard, so I have to add a CD player. Interior is very comfortable.

By Lyle Page on July 14 @ 4:50 pm
Another Honda
Fun to drive. Excellent road car. Loads of power.

By duncanscott on January 29 @ 3:00 am
Wind noise

By Vegas34 on September 20 @ 3:00 am
My 7th Honda, this time the Coupe!
This is my 7th Honda and we've had nothing but good luck with them. This car is as safe and reliable as you can get. I firmly believe these are the best cars for the money. If you can't quite afford one, I recommend going with a Civic. They are smaller and not quite as smooth, but still great cars. I had an 89 Accord that had 210,000 miles on it with no major problems ever when I sold it to my cousin.

By Marcus on September 20 @ 3:00 am
2000 Honda Accord EXL-V6
Overall, a great car. I've had excellent luck with the car, except for an AC relay that went out. It was fixed under warranty.

By TomcatRyan on September 3 @ 3:00 am
2000 Accord EX V6 coupe
Since purchasing the car in Feb of 2000 i have put close to 50,000 miles on the car. The car has been very reliable other then routine maintenance the car has not had any major mechanical problems. The V6 could do better in acceleration. It lacks low end torque. Fun to drive rating is a little low as this car is more like a sedan made into a two door. However if you are a frequent driver who racks up the miles nothing tops the Honda in terms of reliability.

By al2000 on October 9 @ 11:00 am
I won't buy Honda next time
I replaced transmission 3(!) times + side airbag for 2 years(all expenses paid by Honda)

By Carguytwo on July 5 @ 11:00 am
16 years old with 200 hp. Any Questions?
I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX V-6 L The car is a fine example of what automobile ownership should be like. This is now our 4 honda, and all of the previous cars have lasted well over 250,000 miles. Car only has 22,000 miles on it, and no problems to report yet. Oh yes, and responding to a comment made earlier by someone. The reason honda doesn't come out with a car like the Acura CL-S, is beacause honda owns Acura, and there would therefore be no point making competition for a vehicle honda already makes.

By Steve Carlin on December 26 @ 11:00 am
Outshines my prior Lexuses!
Previously had a Lexus GS 400 and SC 300. Bought this as a commuter car in Boston. Quieter than either Lexus. Never a buzz or rattle. Adequate power, great ergonomics and engineering. Doesn't try to be more than it is (are you listening GM?), a great sedan.

By Smidrow on November 20 @ 11:00 am
First of 2 2000 Honda EXVLs
This car is the closest to a perfect vehicle of the sixteen vehicles I've owned in the past 37 years, from Corvettes to minivans! It's got style, performance, great gas mileage, reliability, is quicker than my Miata and is even almost as much fun to drive. My wife LOVES this car! Honda really did themselves proud putting together this 4-wheeled beauty. The only problems we've had with this car in the 18 months we've owned it are a hard to turn temperature control knob and a worn out windshield wiper insert. Harbor Honda repaired both extremely quickly and with no charge.

By Tiffani on November 2 @ 11:00 am
Best car ever!
Bought this car new in 2000 and love everything about it still. I have also owned Honda's before and definitely think they make the best cars out there. Never had one problem with the car! Was going to buy the V-6 but went with the 4-cyl SE model still has alot more get- up than I ever thought it would. If your going to buy a car, buy a honda!

By SFcommuter on July 30 @ 11:00 am
2 Yr review
2+ yrs, 32K mi. Reliability great. Rides smoothly at 85mph. But wind noise really loud over 60mph. Must crank up radio 4 levels on hwy. 4 cyl engine is peppy. I sometimes pop down to 4th to pass (although car is automatic). Seats way too hard during long commutes. I bought a furry sheep skin seat cover and this helps. Leather seats better? Test rides not long enough to notice hard seats & wind noise. Interior is clean and easy to use. The ABS, keyless entry and aluminum wheel rims are a nice value w/ the SE. Overall, I'm still very pleased with this car. Its a smart buy. The longer I have the car, the more it becomes a dependable/reliable friend.

By frank oconnell on January 2 @ 11:00 am
Boring car
No pep to this 4 cylinder. This car is average, average, average. I own a '95 Maxima that is twice the car this one is.

By Alec on June 7 @ 11:00 am
My first experience with Honda
Very nice car overall with great potentials.

By maddysnan on November 28 @ 11:00 am
Honda EXL- Coupe
This is the third Honda I have owned and I have good luck - until now. This particular car has wind noise and squeaks in the moon roof, the radio console has a rattling sound, the hood latch that you pull to open the hood broke off,and a bolt came off the driver side seat. Honda's make a great car and I have loved the ride, quality of workmanship, virtually everything about an Accord. I have had it to the dealership two times- and it still has problems. The last time it rained hard the moon roof leaked- a small amount- but still leaked. I am beginning to wonder if I got a lemon. Oh, yes, after the last time they worked on it my clock light doesn't work.

By paul171 on May 3 @ 11:00 am
Love our Honda's
This is our 6th Honda. Our first was a 1983 Civic that was flooded, hit, and survived two teenagers using it. Honda'a are fantastic vehicles. The 2000 is our 4th Accord and it has been fantastic. It now has 30000 miles on it and has not been back to the dealer for anything more than scheduled maintenance. It has performed flawlessly. It is fun to drive, economical, and very reliable. I have been recommending Honda's to others for years.

By Goldmine on July 2 @ 11:00 am
This is simply the best mid size 4 door car for the money. I travel alot and get approx 29 mpg avg city/hwy. Very roomy, comfortable cabin with excellent seating ergonomics front and rear. I would argue that the Accord SE is the only import branded mid-sized car that can solidly beat all of these fine domestic models.They combine performance with luxury features that no other car in this price range can deliver.

By us-desi on September 18 @ 11:00 am
Must have one in home..no compare
Great car, reliable, confirtable ... little bit noisy but I love it... Perfect HP..perfect family sedan..

By Catherine Rauch on September 18 @ 11:00 am
Seat belt hook-up too far back. Very hard to reach. Same with extra compartment by the belt hook-up. Too far back. Can't use it unless the car is stopped. Not a good feature.

By Tom308 on February 10 @ 11:00 am
This is my second Accord. The first, a '92,was (is) great. But the 2000 seems to do everything even better. In my around town driving I average 26 - 29 MPG. On a trip, I got an astonishing 38 MPG! And this at 70 MPH with the A/C on. All the controls have a precise feel to them, and the engine has a pleasant note, although there is a good deal of wind and road noise. Why would anyone buy anything else???

By TMTS on October 20 @ 11:00 am
This is an awesome car.

By gsa on August 28 @ 11:00 am
as nice as it comes
This is my 3rd accord with 36,000miles and my first v-6, everytime i drive this car it reminds me why i got an accord, rides sweet, cannot hear the engine on the highway, light throttle responds to quick power. no problems yet, but a little squeak from the sunroof. problem can be solve, spray a little silicon lubricant onto the rubber seal of the sunroof. this fixed my squeak, it's because the rubber is dry from its oil and is rubbing against the roof. anyways overall this car is a "10" on my list. slight road noise, depends in certain roads, but no wind noise in my car. my last accord had 256,000 miles on it and let's see how many can i put on this one.

By luvit on May 7 @ 11:00 am
dream car: best one for the $$$
This car is my dream car. Sleek, sporty (with sun roof and spoiler) and quick. Love the leather interior and climate controls. Love the radio controls on steering wheel. With 26,000 miles, no problems. Car is quiet on the highway. Get compliments all the time!

By JPM on January 3 @ 11:00 am
Good looks and fun all in one
Once in a while Honda give us a mass market vehicle that is an instant classic, and their current Accord Coupe is one of them. A head turner from the moment it hit the street, it looks as fresh today as it did in '98. Mine prompted my teenage nephew (teenage boys, often the harshest of vehicle critics!)to gasp and ask if I was rich ... how many other mass market, sub $20k cars will do that? Add to this the fact that it can be a blast to drive if you want it to be. The coupe has balanced handling and communicative steering. Put the 5 speed in it and the this becomes a genuine bargain of a drivers car.

By peel gallery on June 26 @ 11:00 am
a good car
Only problem is road noise. Would like less.

By Senor Den Gato on December 16 @ 11:00 am
Have had mine new since 03/00. Have 28k miles. Replaced rear deck speakers within month. ECM replaced under warranty after Check Engine light came on. Only other thing has been oil changes. Starting to get hairline cracks on side of driver seat leather near top release. Dealer told me this is common & they will replace. Seems prone to hood marks from stones, etc. Excellent highway car - but you'll need a radar detector because you'll go too fast without noticing it. Over 70-75 mph you will get wind noise. I'd be hard pressed not to buy another Honda or Acura based on my experience. Wife just bought a '03 TL.

By Cristian Voicu on September 12 @ 11:00 am
Ranking my Accord
It runs great. Have not had a problem with it. I only do highway miles with it.

By according to jeff on November 30 @ 11:00 am
Great for the Money
I have owned my Honda for 2 years and have had no major problems. Had a bad computer which Honda replaced at no charge. Interior console seems cheaply made, but the rest is great. Great mileage (31-35mpg). Handles great. Very spacious for 4 adults. Seatbelts in the back seat tend to lock up often and frustrate the passengers. Have had problems with paint chipping, we have little knicks all over the car.

By THE BANK on May 4 @ 11:00 am

By kasuf on July 11 @ 11:00 am
i luv this car
awsome car never taken it to the shop the ex is a lot better than lx

By Zooppee on August 23 @ 11:00 am
2000 accord lx 4dr
I love my Honda

By buytxn on May 9 @ 11:00 am
Own for business from day 1
I purchased my Honda new off of the showroom floor. 50,000 miles later it is just as good as new! The car is comforatable and the Honda ergonomics are perfect. I get compliments even from high level executives when they get in my car.

By jaw99 on December 10 @ 3:00 am
Cool Car
I bought this car in april and over all it is a great dependable car but It just doesn't have enough head room. Also the noise sound from the out side is loud.

By troyanf on July 14 @ 3:00 am
2000 EX Accord
Truely a fine vehicle for the money! Haven't driven a car yet that can beat the all-round quality (driving performance and comfort especially) this car delivers. If you've never driven one, you must try it.

By b.young on March 23 @ 3:00 am
Honda problems
This is my second Honda. I have had excellent luck with my last honda. I went in to the dealer becuase my check engine light went on and strange sounds from the engine. They found that my a/c pully was broken. 1 month waiting for the part the dealer takes the car for an estimated 2 days. 7 days later they tell my that I need a new alternator and that there is a crack in the tranny casing.The next day my check engine light I go back in to find my fuel injectors failing. They dump in cleaner and if the light goes on again they will replace my injectors. I am $2500 in the hole and more pending. also, my leather is ripping and a lot of rock chips.

By JnMsMom on February 16 @ 3:00 am
Safe & Sturdy
The reason I bought my Honda was because of their rating for safety & reliability and it turned out to be a VERY wise choice! While at a complete stop, I was hit from behind by a pickup truck. The truck was totaled because the whole front end was smashed inward. However, my Accord required minimal repair - the steel behind the rear body panel was dented in about 2 inches and the trunk lid bowed up about 1/2 inch. It was amazing to see the difference in the two vehicles! Even after being in an accident, it still rides great, gets good gas mileage, and is a wonderful car.

By lphantom7 on February 6 @ 3:00 am
The Accord coupe has it all!!
2000 Accord Coupe EX. You get a lot for your bucks and that comes with the Honda reputation of reliability. Performance is top notch, from steering and road feel to acceleration on highways. This is the most well thought out interior I have ever experience. All the controls and buttons are well placed and visually uncluttered.

By AliveinBoulder on March 20 @ 3:00 am
Great Car!
I absolutely love my Honda Accord! It's a wonderful car for me. It's very reliable, reasonably fun to drive, great get up and go for a 4cyl/5speed, and loaded with many power features. I would recommend Honda to anyone!

By Anand Sukhlall on September 10 @ 3:00 am
It has been over two years now and still fun to drive. I have put almost $4,000 into the engine which gives it the edge I desire. It's a great car...very reliable and sporty. Maybe a lot of people drive one but it is very easy to make yours unique with the availability of after market parts. Where else could you find a car that will do 145mph + and handle like a charm!

By JenC on March 2 @ 3:00 am
Luv My Honda
I loved my 2000 Honda Accord SE, from the first moment I got into the driver's seat. This being the first Honda I have owned, I would have to say that I would not purchase anything other than a Honda. The only minor complaint I have is the position of the front seat cup holders, its awkward to grab my morning coffee.

By First timer on May 19 @ 3:00 am
Not to shabby
This is my first Honda and so far I'm happy with it. I always heard about Honda's reliability which is what I was looking for in a car. Road noise is more than I expected and I've recently heard about transmission problems with this type but I haven't had any problems and I'm at 20K miles. A little disappointed with the paint chipping on the hood due to rocks.

By J Thomp on February 13 @ 3:00 am
Satisfied Customer
The dealer's sales personnel were quite professional - did not pressure to sall any features. When the car has been taken in for regular maintenance, the service has been satisfactory. Overall I have been very pleased with the car's performance and especially its reliability.

By john1092 on January 26 @ 3:00 am
great car
Well I test drove many cars. This is only one I would choose. Well I guess thats why I bought it. Its got some get up and go. Easy to drive. Ok gas milage.

By Honda#2 on July 19 @ 3:00 am
This is my second honda, the first 199K, Lord bless, this one will take me over 200K.

By BASwanson on May 27 @ 3:00 am
Great Car I love it
I had a 94 Honda Civic, with 200k miles. never burned a drop of oil, never failed to start never had to put anything into except fluids, belts, hoses, pads, etc... I rolled it at 80mph 3 times throught the median and came to rest on the hood of car in the oncoming lane. I kicked the glass out, dusted the glass off and walked away. I swore I would only own Honda after that. I bought a 00 Accord and I love it. terribly safe, comfortable and with the V-6, a lot of fun to drive. If you don't have one, get one. They keep their re-sale, run great and never in the shop. Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, everybody love em. LOOK AT THE '03.

By NSXman on November 17 @ 3:00 am
2000 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe 5-speed
Not really any problems to speak of. It could have come with better tires, but that is easily remidied.

By D.M. Newingham on April 12 @ 3:00 am
I love my Accord Coupe
Honda Coupe is problem free. Took it on an 8 hour road trip and wasn't even tired from the drive.

By JIB on June 29 @ 3:00 am
My new (used) 2000
Just picked up a 2000 EX V6 from a private party. It is great to drive. I love the interior. It is functional and good looking. The car currently has the original Michelin MXV4's. I will be replacing them with Bridgestone Turanza LS-H's this week.

By Hondaacord on September 15 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
This car has all a driver entusiast could want, with its peppy V6, semi what styling on the outside and reliability expected out of a Honda. The factory tires were poor but other than that it's just a fun car to drive.

By love my honda on August 28 @ 3:00 am
Fun Fun Fun
I bought my first honda before starting a Travel job. 2 weeks after I bought it I drove from Alabama to Denver. What a pleasure. It is extremely comfortable. I have the 2000 SE. Fuel economy is excellent. other than routine maintence I have had no problems. Some of the Dealerships I have had to deal with have been problematic, but not even that can turn me off to my car!!! I have since driven it from Denver, to Miami, and had the smoothest ride. Go HONDA!

By skyway on August 28 @ 3:00 am
I Love My Accord
I've had my EX V6 2 door coupe since September, 2000 and I have loved it. I don't have one complaint about my car. Of course, I take great care of my car, so I don't let it run out of oil or water and I baby it's exterior. My last car was also a Honda Accord - a 4 door Special Edition, 1997 - and I had nothing but perfect performance from it, as well.

By M1ke on May 25 @ 3:00 am
Known Mechanical Problems
This is my first Honda. I have had the car in the shop for front end vibration. Balance and alignment did not fix problem. Car is now in the shop to replace the transmission,(31,000 miles). This is a known problem. Service bulletin has been issued. This make/model also has an intermittant problem with not starting. Sometimes you have to grind the starter and sometimes, you turn the key and nothing happens. This is also a known problem with no fix.(as stated by dealership).

By Kevinmclark on January 3 @ 3:00 am
My Opinion
Great Car! My lease expires in about four months I like this car so much I am considering buying it instead of getting a new car.

By aaspeer on January 3 @ 3:00 am
Questionable Dealership
I purchased this car from Penske Honda in Southern California. I loved the car from day one but have had creaking & ratteling problems. THe transmission shifts oddly & the paint on the hood chipped off to reveal rust!! Its not so much the car that i have a problem with, the dealership SUCKS at servicing customers. They dont return phone calls or actually fix any problems. I have been in over 20 times with the same problems and they act as if they dont care. The speedometer is off by 6% which is apparently acceptable up to 10% but the car rides nice and i am overall happy with the car, but not the dealership.

By OOJack on April 9 @ 11:00 am
Got it and like it!
Overall I would have to say Honda is a very thoughtful company. The whole car is just....designed the way it should be. Form the placement of the lighting switch, to the way the car's mechanics are built. Re-sale value is also a plus. After a ton of research, this was one of the few cars I felt comfortable buying used. So far So good.

By aerohead on December 17 @ 11:00 am
not bad for a sedan
I loved this car, but I dislike the handling so I installed a sport suspension to give it a tighter feel. The drivers seat cusion could use a little more support because mine is getting soft from everday driving. other than that it still drives, feels, and looks new. love it then,love it still. Great performance from the 200 hp

By opirty on February 15 @ 11:00 am
All around great car
Terrific value for the money,rock solid,good performance & economy.Excllent dealer service!

By sboersema on November 11 @ 11:00 am
Best Honda I've Driven Yet!
I've owned several Hondas, and this is my favorite so far. The V6 is powerful even with the air running. The climage control system takes a bit of getting used to, as far as fine tuning, but I love it now. The car rides smoooth, is comfortable, and is surprisingly QUIET! I compare this to Big 3 cars of the same vintage and size, and the Honda quality is still definitely above any of those. I just turned 250,000 miles on a '91 accord and am sold on the Honda name!

By HondaGuy on October 8 @ 11:00 am
80000 miles and no problems
The Accord just runs and runs. I really DRIVE this car and it is a performer. The engine is smooth, powerful and quite. The car actually rides smoother with the "V" rated Bridgestone than OEM so give them a go. Fuel economy? Hummm! I drive 80- 85 mph whenever possible, lots of stop and go traffic in Metro DC area. Brakes are fantastic and definitely use Honda replacement parts. Also the scoop makes the car look sexy.

By hondaguy on October 8 @ 11:00 am
80000 miles and no problems
The Accord just runs and runs. I really DRIVE this car and it is a performer. The engine is smooth, powerful and quite. The car actually rides smoother with the "V" rated Bridgestone than OEM so give them a go. Fuel economy? Hummm! I drive 80- 85 mph whenever possible, lots of stop and go traffic in Metro DC area. Brakes are fantastic and definitely use Honda replacement parts. Also the scoop makes the car look sexy.

By pinch on September 2 @ 11:00 am
greatest car ever
this car kicks ass 6 ways to sunday

By unhappy honda owner on June 5 @ 11:00 am
unhappy honda owner!!!!
i've had 2 transmission in the last 4 months put in this vehicle. the seal on the trunk has been changed twice. there are times when i start it in the morning and it starts to shake then just dies. i have taken good care of the car it only has 26k miles and the oil gets changed every 3000 miles. needless to say i have had it with honda!!!!!!

By guido on January 9 @ 11:00 am
nice car but bad trany
the car looks nice but i like to get on it once in a while, the trany is week and cant handle the power of the v6 engine, my friend went through three of them and mine is already slipping gears. im very unhappy

By schmammel on July 1 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Car
This is an excellent, extremely reliable car with outstanding service available. My only complaint is that the dealers know how popular the car is and thus the purchasing experience is not pleasant.

By bob@work on June 13 @ 11:00 am
I've had this car for over a year now and at first I loved it. The longer I drove it the more I noticed one MAJOR flaw, the automatic transmission. The transmission shifts great during steady acceleration but thats all. When coming to a stop the transmission has a long delay before downshifting. When it finally decides to downshift it makes a humming noise, and then slams into gear. This is driving me nuts and the dealer says its normal. Slowing almost to a stop and then step on the gas, you get a few second delay while it looks for the gear it wants, then SLAM it shifts. Now I'm stuck making payments on a car I hate. Thank you Honda.

By Problem free owner on December 4 @ 11:00 am
Never any problems in 3 years with my V6
I've had my Honda Accord 4dr EXV6 for three years now. I bought it brand new with 6 miles on the odo. First ever new purchase and I picked a winner for sure. I just can't get anything comparable to the top end Accord for under thirty grand. It is just a tremendous bargain and I have never had any problems ever. Recommended maintenance is all I have ever done with this car. Why would I even consider anything more expensive...except for name prestige, and how self-centered is that!!!!

By NEW320 on August 30 @ 11:00 am
2000 Honda Accord LX
Great car. I traditionally purchase Mercedes. This car has much of the quality, road manners, and performance at a lower cost. A great value.

By 2366 on July 26 @ 11:00 am
Everything is great but...
I love my honda with one exception, the paint. No other car that I have ever owned has reacted to road debris such as pebble to the negative degree of my Accord. The front end, both bumper area which is plastic and the hood which is steel have more then an average number of dings. All of the dings to metal have started to rust, some are now the size of dimes. Everything else is great, but this issue is one reason why I may not return to Honda when I replace my Accord.

By World Traveler on November 7 @ 11:00 am
Can't Go Wrong
Great Car. Absolutely no problems. Does everything it claims. Engine/power is great. Live in Germany now and drive on the autobahn... Has no problems keeping up.. maintains speeds over a 100 MPH no poblem with plenty of power to spare (to include when it is fully loaded with passengers and luggage).

By Dharvey on March 7 @ 11:00 am
Rock Solid
The Accord coupe is good-looking, fun to drive, completely reliable (of course it is-it's a Honda) car that gets good gas mileage to boot. My one complaint is the low entry height. I'm 6'2" and it's a little awkward getting in to the car. All the pluses more than make up for this, though.

By FokuSan on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Honda Certified? Not Really....
I bought this car and it was honda certified. They claimed to have the whole 150 point inspection and everything perfect with the car. I had problems from the beggining of purchase. The SRS airbag light kept coming on. We had it fixed twice. The transmission shift isnt smooth at all. When going uphill and accelerating, the car jerks and seizes, the cupholder cover doesnt stay closed. The service at this Honda dealership was horrible, they didnt service the car at all, they brought it to a private mechanic to fix it instead of their using their own facility.

By howardn on February 17 @ 11:00 am
good value
Although it is not the most excitingly style or fun to drive car...or the most comfortable on a long trip,it is what it is supposed to be...a practical, reliable family sedan which dollar for dollar is a good value compared to Toyota Camry and Nissan Maxima.

By wombat on April 1 @ 11:00 am
2000 Accord LX Coupe
This car is awesome. It is quite simply the best car I have ever owned. The acceleration, and fuel economy are excellent. Not to mention it is a blast to drive. This is truely one of the finest cars ever made.

By Stimpy63 on December 26 @ 11:00 am
My first & last Honda
I may very well be the only one with a BAD Honda experience. Either Honda can't manufacture brakes or the dealer is a moron. 1 year into ownership & I replaced the back brakes/rotors & the parking brake. The front rotors were cut regularly till replacement last April.

By rarva_12 on March 14 @ 11:00 am
I love My Accord
Well the vehicle has been outstanding until the recall was issued for the transmission. I've had problems with the dealership.

By HOWARDCPA on February 7 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accord is Great
This is my third Honda Accord that I have owned since 1985. It's my first EX and from now on, that's all I will buy is the EX. It is a maual shift, 4- cyl, leather and its a great riding car. I have almost 50,000 miles on it since Dec 30, 1999 and its been absolutely reliable, confortable and economical.

By csmith6281 on January 2 @ 11:00 am
Best Accord yet - 5Spd EX
Stepped up to the EX for my 4th Accord (the other 3 are still in the family and going strong). Sun roof, leather, CD player, great performance for 4-cyl, who needs a Lexus? I love this car. Comfortable for 5 adults, fun to drive, best styling of any Accord.

By Mark3939485 on November 10 @ 11:00 am
Awesome car, I love it
This car is absolutely worth every penny I have paid. Great gas mileage, nice handling, very reliable.

By z on February 22 @ 11:00 am
It's a honda!!!
I have enjoyed my 2000 Accord EX. I have 97,000 miles on it now but bought it used. So I only put 30,000 on it. Runs good. It's a honda!! My backlight to my clock went out - they want me to pay $150-200 to replace and I have an extended warranty up to 100,000 miles. What a rip off. Someone needs to come up with a better program where you can get these 15000/30000/50000/etc. maintenace intervals done at a more reasonable price. Come on you already pay thousands for the car. Should not some of these non-major problems be taken care as part of what you are already paying for.

By manager on December 30 @ 11:00 am
Everything's A Okay
My 2000 Honda Accord EX has been wonderful. My wife and I love it. We have a 2.3L VTEC engine which allows us the power we wanted in a car, but the fact that it's a 4-cyl. has been great. We save so much money on gas and the gas mileage is unbelievable. We have driven the car approximately 8500 miles in 6 months and we've not had a single problem. I change the oil regularly and check the fluids and this car rides like a dream. It performs wonderfully on the interstate, county roads, and in the city. We are very satisfied with Honda and the Accord EX.

By Jazzy on September 26 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
Great car to drive. Only complaints is that although i'm not sure where the noise is coming from it's either the shade or the sunroof that squeaks when open while going over something like a speed bump. They also could have put better tires on the car. Had to replace after 36000 miles. Is it normal to get approx 300 miles to a full tank of gas???

By lilmamaof2 on February 1 @ 3:00 am
Great Car!
I love this car! I have had absolutely no trouble with it. I have driven to California and up to the mountains and have had no trouble making the hills. It is a 5-speed so, for me, it makes it a blast to drive. I would buy a new one in a second!

By jjmax on December 27 @ 3:00 am
Report on My Honda Accord
My Accord, 4 dr EX has been a good car for me. A few things have happened that were negatives. The transmission went out on Dec. 24, 2002 at 51,000. Fortunately, Honda had just sent me a note saying that they were extending the warranty from 50,000 to 100,000 so the transmission was replaced at no cost to me. I was in a state of shock because I have believed that Honda was the best. Also, I do not like the set up for drink holders and my wife dislikes the deep glove compartment she cannot see into. But, I would buy another Honda--but it will be a stick shift. I'm through with automatic transmissions! I think I'll try a Civic.

By Cracker on June 1 @ 3:00 am
Still love my ex coupe
I purchased this car used in october 2002 with aprox 34000 miles to replace the nissan altima my wife totaled. After a year of ownership im confident that this vehicle will get many more trouble free miles it has been flawless mechanicaly. The clearcoat has chiped a bit off the passenger door. Otherwise a very good daily driver.

By Foghorn on April 26 @ 3:00 am
Get your transmissions checked!!!!
We bought this 2000 EX used with 93,000 miles on it, relying on Honda's rep that it will last a long time. We thought the tranny (automatic) was a little Jerky, so we brought it in, and it needs a new one, Honda is paying for it, but we nearly got scr*wed because it has 98,700 miles, and Honda only guarantees up to 100,000. Bring yours in and get it checked, they are not mailing out recalls!

By BobK on July 21 @ 3:00 am
Oil Leaks, Transmission Failures
At just over 100,000 miles the torque converter seal failed ($600.00), and now 4,000 miles later the transmission is sending fault code P0780 (Shift Malfunction), cost and cause as yet undetermined. 2000 Accord has 177 service bulletins issued, my 1994 Accord only has 66 service bulletins issued. I think the quality/reliability of the Honda Accord has slipped considerably over the years. I do not recommend buying another one.

By LeoTexas on September 20 @ 3:00 am
Good Car -- Bad Dealter
Great car. Haven't had any major probelm with it. Dashboard can be more elegant. Terrible dealer (Lute Riley Honda, Plano, Texas): Sales/maintainance and management.

By lacoursl on March 12 @ 3:00 am
Transmission Problems
Loved this car when I got it. I've taken it in twice for transmission work and it still slips. When I got the oil changed I was told it was leaking fluid...still. The cruise control went out and that took another day to be fixed. Some SRV? light has been on for months, I took it to the shop they told me to replace the battery and bring it back again. I've had to take this car into the shop more than any other, I was told Honda's are never in the shop. I love the style of the car but disappointed at all the work.

By natasha531 on November 19 @ 3:00 am
poor lighting
All in all it's a very good reliable vehicle. There are a few safety motifications that should be made. The lighting system is bad. It's hard to see at night without the high- beams on. The car is good on gas. It has a lot of leg room for one of my 5'9 female. I don't think men should drive this vehicle. It has a sporty feminine look to it (men should not buy this car).It's a very reliable vehicle. If your travling long distances and there is only 3 people 1 person can go in the back and sleep comfortable which is a plus in my book.

By R.J.A. on October 14 @ 3:00 am
I have to say that I used to be a toyota driver. I discovered Honda about 5 years ago when I bought my first Civic. Now I own a new Civic and an Accord. It truly is the Best riding car around and it runs like a dream. My Civic is just as fun as the first, but now I have even more room! Keep it up Honda! Thank you so much for the quality product you provide for my family.

By lsakizada on October 14 @ 3:00 am
Realy nice car
I have this car over 3 year, seems that it was worth the money that purchased it 23000$ before tax. This car can drive on the siera mountains smoothly. I will keep this car many years since it was realy reliable.

By stl man on April 6 @ 3:00 am
LX V6 2000
I have this car for 3+ yrs now and never was sorry I bought it. Feels always solid, comfortable, not the fastest but still very powerful. After 1 year I had dashboard and turn signal bulb burned out and still have strange problem with my ignition which requires some haggling before it can be turned. Spare key works fine (problem with a microchip inside this key?).When it’s wet and freezing windows won't open (no problem with my old Taurus).I get 19-23 miles/g,most I got on a long trip 26m/g.Beside that I have no worries, long gone days of my regular trips to repair shop with my old Ford. Will see when this car get to the same age my Ford was.

By hawkeye6 on December 14 @ 3:00 am
What a great car
This is our third Honda and we will probably never buy another make of vehicle. The 2000 Accord is a great car. As with all of our honda's we simply follow the manufacturers maintenance schedule and have never had to do any major repairs. Its a great car to drive, very comfortable. It handles great in bad weather(provided you have good tires). I would definately recommend this car to anyone.

By fang on September 9 @ 3:00 am
ordinary family car
The only thing it stands out is its reliability. You will find the engine has valvetrain noise around 1400rpm (rattle noise). Also the heater and AC is not strong enough comparing with Camery and US models, which will hurt engine gas mileage since you need turn it higher. So far my Accord EX has no problem except: (1) headlight (low beam) was off around 44000 miles. (2) vehicle paint loss (seems the paint layer is thiner compare with my Buick LeSabre)

By Matt3 on September 9 @ 3:00 am
Good Car, but why did I buy it?
I got the DX model, 135 horses but no A/C, no CD player, no creature comforts of any kind. It only has about 20,000 miles on it so I lucked out in getting a reliable car, but I can't stand knowing that come summer, I'll be sweltering in my new black car. Performance is decent, body style and interior room is great. I like the standard transmission, very driver- friendly car.

By Dalailama on September 9 @ 3:00 am
2000 Accord EX Coupe
Very, very solid car

By Randy12567 on November 26 @ 3:00 am
Solid All Around
Though I've had several problems in the 2 yrs (30k miles) that I've owned this car, including replacing the tranny (30k mi), front rotors (34k mi) side airbag sensor (35k mi), and the alternator (50k mi) I still think that its a steal for the price tag, especially since Honda's hold there value. Engine is powerful, handling is good, interior looks great, exterior looks attractive and sporty. Overall, I think that it's probably the best car in its class, thou tranny is inadaquate for engine. Even with its flaws my Accord still runs extremely strong and the build quality is very good.

By Dan82 on May 18 @ 3:00 am
Everything you want is in THIS CAR!!
I have owned many cars and i have never been more overall satisfied then with the car i own now(2000 honda accord lx v6). Since i am in school and i travel a lot i decided that i need a good reliable car. I considered new maxima (2000-2003), new altima, lexus IS300 and new Camry and after testing all cars honda accord seemed like the best bet for the money and i am glad i made that decision. Car is reasonably fast and it handles very well. I feel very safe in this car and would recommend it to anyone who likes to have more of their hard earned money in their pocket.

By DoxieMom on May 18 @ 3:00 am
Great car for the $$
Had no problems whatsoever

By purplehaze on August 12 @ 3:00 am
Honda Accord
I bought this car because I wanted reliability and that is exactly what I got. The last car I had was a dog ('95 Dodge Intrepid). The AC failed, the trans died, the interior trim fell off, and the electric windows. With my honda everything runs smooth.The gas mileage isn't as high as I hoped it would be. I was expecting 23-25 mpg instead it's 20 mpg.

By Sharyel A on May 9 @ 3:00 am
Throttle Body Unit
After only having approx. 34,000 miles, noticed the gas pedal sticking. Had to "Punch" it to get it to release. Unfortunately, complained to dealer 2 weeks after warrantly expired (3 yr warranty). Was told would have to pay $266.33 to have throttle body unit replaced. I thought was a safety issued, and should be replaced free of charge. Still in negotiation regarding this issue.

By Johnny Honda on October 29 @ 3:00 am
Keep making them like this!!!
I've owned Honda's for years but never an Accord sedan. This car is truly magnificent. It has the pick-up of a sports car (200 HP) and carpools like a champ! You can find all kinds of after market accessories to jazz up the design because let's face it, it's not all that swell from the factory. Make sure you maintain the maintenance schedule as recommended and you'll never have a problem!

By FamilyChavez on December 29 @ 3:00 am
Honda Accord
Our Honda 2000 Accord EX is everything we could of ever of hoped for. We have had many other American cars and have always had some issues with them. The Honda Accord is one solid car. It rides smooth and performance is great for a four cylinder. Its always a pleasure to drive. Very happy..

By glhodges on November 5 @ 3:00 am
dependability in a honda accord
my loyalty goes to honda, it has proven to be the most reliable car I have ever owned (besides the civic) a true value when considering dependability vs. $$$$ at 120K miles still runing strong , only had to replace battery, and rotors, still have original timing belt although recomended to replace @105K miles. excelent interior & exterior intergrety .reliability a great plus for single parents, students , and single females who dont own stock in repair shops and those who do not like to throw away money in cheep disposable cars and/or parts .

By SeaBreath on October 19 @ 3:00 am
Nice transportation.. point A to point B
Overall it is a good car and I like it. It works fine for what I use it... transfer me from A to B an back. Has a good power but that's not enough to call it FUN TO DRIVE. For reliability, so far I had only one problem, had to EGR Valve recently ($250). But it's a used car.. :) Just one more time proves that it's ALIVE.

By kcallahan on October 1 @ 3:00 am
One Great Car
This is one great car to own and drive. Very reliable - no major problems to date. Comfortable and easy to drive. Power is very adequate for the type of vehicle.

By rda4him on December 19 @ 11:00 am
Good Solid Car
Year in and year out, Honda and Toyoto are 1-2 in customer satisfaction. Why ? They build great cars that (for the most part) will last around 200,000 miles. I've owned many different cars. Honda tops my list. This 2000 model has been good for me. No problems !!

By patrickc2004 on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Highly recommended
This is my second newer Accord EX V-6 (first was a 98) and I love this car! Quality in and out- heavy doors and seals keep road noise to a minimum, large trunk, comfortable seats, quick acceleration with good gas milage make this car a blast to drive.

By dgoetz on April 19 @ 11:00 am
Typical Honda
I purchased my 2000 Accord EX new -- it's my third Accord and I continue to be impressed with the quality and reliability of this product. More European than a Camry (tighter suspension and steering) and bit more sporty. The 4 cylinder will not impress you (vs. a V6) but is fine for more driving situations.

By coastaljohn on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Accord Time
I've only owned my Accord for close to 4 months but have loved every day of it. It's kind of hard not to considering what I was driving in the past. The ride is extremely smooth, and the care handles quite nicely. I purchased the car with 57K miles on it and it still seems like a new car. For some reason the rear passenger door isn't quite right - sometimes when I make left turns the dome light flickers on or just sitting in the driveway the alarm will go off b/c the door somehow triggers it - that's kinda frustrating.

By Frank93SER on October 9 @ 11:00 am
Love it
Love this car.Optional fog lites look really classy at night. Like agressive sound as you get on it. No tranny problems plus now has 7 years warranty from the factory. So far I have not had any tranny problems. 42K miles. Interior is easily equal to a $35K+ car.On the con side; Seat back edges wearing from entry and exit if you are not careful getting in. Side pillars too wide and block vision. Don't like the door rake,prefer more horizontial as it's difficult for short passengers to rest their arm when window is down. Passenger seat too low.Planning on installing 55 series performance tires. The michelins are good and quiet but make for a mushy ride.

By iloveoregon on November 22 @ 11:00 am
Love this car!
I love this car! The five speed is fantastic and the car is surprisingly peppy. It's a quiet body style - not too pretentious or showy. The interior is spacious for five adults or even car seats if necessary. I put the back seat down when I go to Home Depot and use my bike rack on the roof to haul other stuff. It's just a great car. I hope to get 300,000 miles out of it like three other navy blue Honda's I know.

By NATSCAT on July 31 @ 11:00 am
Sexy Coupe
The coupe's exterior is proportionate and aesthetically pleasing the the eye. The clearcoat is extremely elicate and shows swirls easily The 4- lug wheels on the 4-cylinder model appear too small for the car. Unfortunately, replacing them with the rims offered on the V-6 model is difficult because there are 5 lug nuts. I have also noticed minor rattles that seem to be coming from the glove compartment, but have not been able to pinpoint where they are to fix them. The transmission could use some refinement as it is jerky and shifts seem random. The sound system is adequate but weak, throw in a Maxima sound system and the car would be more pleasing.

By Justin Marinkovich on July 14 @ 11:00 am
Excellent sproty yet fuel efficient
I love this car its quick acceleration, high fuel efficiency, and overall comfort are amazing.

By smccann on January 10 @ 11:00 am
1st Honda Accord
Purchased the car in April with 82000 miles on it. Handles / runs like a new car, great gas mileage. It looks nice and shows little wear. One previous owner had the tranny replaced at 71K free of charge due to the recall on 00 & 01's. I hope to get many trouble free miles out of it.. I was surprised at the tranny defect, we have all heard about "bullet proof" Honda's, let's hope the reman'd tranny's last longer than the original..

By RubyRedSienna on May 11 @ 11:00 am
Solid Value at a Very Reasonable Price
I have only owned two cars since 1986: a Honda Civic and this Honda Accord LX, which I purchased new in 2000. In all those years, Honda has never left me stranded by the side of the road. They build a reliable car at a very fair price (about $15K new). Have experienced only one minor problem with the brakes,which began to vibrate at 12K miles. It was easily corrected by the dealer, who replaced the front brake rotors under warranty. The ride is a bit noisy, but it is absolutely the best value for a sedan under $20K.

By Vicky on December 31 @ 11:00 am
It's so relaxing!! It's ridiculous!!!!!
I have had barely any trouble with my Honda. It's comfortable for long drives,it's quick acceleration,high fuel efficency,and get's my fiance to work on time.

By Rufus Stone on November 25 @ 11:00 am
Read this before you buy!
I purchased my Accord EX sedan in 2000 new. For me it has been dissappointing car. The car rattles from the front dash. The worst feature is the seating, it is very uncomfortable and I can never seem to find the right driving postion. On long trips, you will be fidgeting trying to get comfortable,the lumbar support is poor. The engine lacks and torque. I would advise the V6 as the 4 cyl isnt any fun to drive, it is what it is. The air bag computer has been replaced twice plus recently the a/c compressor exploded and there is an oil leak behind the timing belt which is $770 to fix. I would not purchase another Accord.

By Chris Davis ky on April 30 @ 11:00 am
Great car other than the EGR Valve
The only problem I have had is the engine light came on around 49k miles because the EGR valve was stopped up with the winter additives thay put in the gas to keep it from freezing in the winter months. The EGR valve was replaced under Warrenty Free of Charge.

By SPAA on September 23 @ 11:00 am

By AKD on June 19 @ 11:00 am
Honda quality?
This is my 1st Honda, bought used with 24k mi, 7 mos ago. Must now replace rear main seal & front axle shaft for $1265. Tranny is weak. Factory radio quit 2 wks ago, 1 window motor about to go. More rattles & whistles than my 89 Corolla w/ 273k mi. Front seats uncomfortable if you're tall. Fuzzy fabric grabs clothing. One seat doesn't lock down readily after adjusting. Fit & finish sloppy vs. Toyota. Cabin air filter buried behind glove box, expensive to replace per schedule. A/C not cold enough & makes brakes mushy. Fuel light only when you hit fumes. Trading for another Toyota ASAP.

By pmsturgill on October 19 @ 11:00 am
accord coupe
where do i begin, this is the best car i have ever owned, the only thing i can complain about is the tail end looks strange without a spoiler and the 4cyl wheels are some of the ugliest wheels i have ever seen. the car drives amazing hugs the turns, i like the hydraulic clutch but could stand a performance upgrade. this thing is pretty zippy and good speed for a 4cyl. all i have done is put a cold air intake on it (it was free) and general maintnence recommended car.

By SanDiego1 on July 22 @ 11:00 am
This Car Rocks!!
I have owned this car since 1999, and have had zero problems with it. It's sleek exterior and outstanding interior are a tough match for any mid-size in this class. Performance is outstanding, whether in the city or plowing through the mountains. Overall, very pleased with the EX V6, and happy not to visit the service department except for scheduled maintenance.

By HondaJ on January 12 @ 11:00 am
2000 Honda Accord LX
This car is fun to drive. I like the large windshield as it gives you a better view of the road. 28MPG highway, 20MPG town. Problems with SRS system. Fixed at least 5 times. Most happened during warrenty period. It is expensive to fix. This was disappointing as everything else about this car is outstanding. Low reliability is for the SRS system. Otherwise a great car.

By ChrisfromKy. on May 30 @ 11:00 am
Outstanding, Quality,and Performance
I will simply say this is best midsize sedan on the road, bar none, Toyota Camery cant touch this. Very quite ride, strong V6 power,lots of room inside, Solid,Comfortable ride.

By Superman3 on November 3 @ 11:00 am
I like it so far...
I bought my Accord about 3 weeks ago and it seems to be a great car. I have read many positive reviews on the car and they all seem to be holding true so far. The only bad thing I noticed is the paint is very touchy to pretty much anything. But overall, I would highly recommend this car to anyone shopping.

By haraga on September 28 @ 11:00 am
A good family car
A good family car with no problems. It has now 68000 miles.

By T Kirwin on June 25 @ 11:00 am
Does what it's supposed to
With regular maintanence, I have had zero problems. What it lacks in power and racing qualities, it makes up for in ease of driving and quality workmanship. Honda has made an extremely dependable and enjoyable car.

By Pastor Bill on May 20 @ 11:00 am
Best Car So Far
Our first Honda. Purchased new. It has been the best-ever car for us. Average mpg on road 36-38. Competent handling. Comfortable interior of high quality materials. Excellent switch gear. Absolutely reliable. If this one ever wears out, we will purchase anohter Honda.

By Chill Will on February 14 @ 11:00 am
Roomy? Luxurious? Says who?
Okay, I do like the CD changer and sunroof. As for the rest of the car, I am not impressed. Outside, the design is bland, and the badly-aligned trunklid indicates poor build quality. Under the hood, I see a layout that dates back to 1990. Inside, controls and switchgear are well-weighted, but cheap materials are abundant. Seats are unsupportive, upholstered with econocar-like cloth, and cramped. The roof squeaks horribly, handling is wallowy, and the engine runs with an annoying drone. In the trunk, there is an un-lined trunklid, compact spare tire, and a rear seat that folds in one piece. No 60/40 split. This is unacceptable on a car of this class, where luxury is now an issue.

By markinri on May 2 @ 11:00 am
Fun to drive, always reliable, comfortable inside. Controls are very stylish and easy to use. Fun to drive with the sunroof open, widows down, sound system going...Feels sometimes like driving a race car.

By Filco & Neri on August 14 @ 8:03 pm
Best Auto Buy
It drives wonderful and beautiful plain contemporary inside. Outside design is clean and sleek. Outside may look plain, but I know that I'd rather have a Honda than any other car for its safety and reliability.

By mjhamm on February 20 @ 10:43 pm
Reliable Fun to Drive Car
Great all around car. Very reliable, did not need anything other than scheduled maintenance...ever. Highly recommended.

By OBES on August 24 @ 3:10 pm
Love this car!
I just bought this accord as a Honda certified used car...Great car i love it! get power with the V6 the interior is awesome and overall handling is awesome! if you are going to get a certified used car get a certified honda! best warranty and the service you get at the dealerships are great! I just recently took it in for service and without me asking they went a head and gave me a loaner car until my car was finished! great experience, I am glad i went back to Honda after owning a piece of crap GM product.

By Jissac on October 17 @ 2:23 am
leader to perfection
I have had this car for a while and I've have not had no problems with it. I just cancelled my extended service contract cashing in on it because of the reliabity my Accord has! I fill safe and I also have a piece of mind knowing that I'm driving a awesome car. I purchased my Honda in Mexico City under the a certification program which is similar to the USA program but would not cover me on a brake down in the USA, thats odd. The only problem I really had was the maintaince light comes on but I just reset that puppy I think it had something to do when I brought it from Mexico City and US customs made me change the odometer from Kilos to miles, that was a bummer!!!!

By Jeremy Clark on March 11 @ 9:00 am
that Honda, so hot right now, Honda
There is nothing bad that you can say about this car. Maybe a wish for heated seats (but that's only because I just moved to Chicago), other than that it's great. Great body design; stylish, sensible, not too big so you can't parallel in tight spaces (a must for Chicago or any big city). Great all-around car.

By beemerboy147 on October 23 @ 12:00 pm
The worst midsize sedan available.
I wouldn't reccommend this thing to my worst enemy. Outside, the design looks terrible and none of the panels are aligned properly. The sheet metal dents and bends very easily. The engine has no power, and runs with lots of drone and vibration, even on premium gas. Inside, materials are cheap. Period. There is plenty of road and wind noise, and poorly-sealed doors allow plenty of air to enter from the outside through the latch handles and window switches. The ride is stiff, and handling is lackluster at best. The interior is cramped, even up front. The backseat may be able to seat a Barbie doll, but it would be a tight fit. Reliability isn't that good either.

By Brian on January 15 @ 10:06 pm
Honda - Best vehicle I've ever owned
I bought my Accord used with 83,000 miles on it. Still with that mileage, it drives and is rattle free like it was brand new. the car now has 94000 miles on it and other than oil changes, I've done nothing to it, unlike my 1994 Thunderbird that I had before it. I've owned many cars over the years and have always found the Japanese cars to be better built and extremely reliable compared to any "American" car I've owned. I don't think I'll go back to an American name plate again.

By ak145 on October 31 @ 1:13 pm
I'd buy another
Purchased a Honda for the first time used. I am very pleased with the car. Very minor problems, alternator, emmisions valve, all covered under waranty. In each instance the dealer worked with me with no hassles. Honda service is nothing like dealing with the Chevy house. I have had good luck with repairs, and the car is always ready when it is supposed to be.

By Stephen from MD on May 19 @ 11:10 am
Nice car, but could be better.
This car has excellent power, especially by comparison to other cars in its class. The leather seats are nice, but not quite adjustable enough for a driver my height (6'3"). The same goes for the steering wheel which is way too close to the top of my knees even after raising all the way up, forcing my legs into a somewhat awkward position and not being able to extend the steering wheel stinks. These last two problems may have been fixed on the newest model (2005). The sound system isn't the best either as the sound still sounds a bit muted at all volumes. All in all it's a pretty good car for the price I paid.

By Decent car on June 27 @ 8:03 am
It's not great but not bad
The transmission has a lot to be desired. It has been replaced once and is still acting up. The body is flimsy (dented by someone leaning against the fender. The paint is terrible (does not hold up well to pebbles and road debris. Will not hold an alignment for too long. One bright light quick working (replaced bulb and still doesn't work). Gas gage has never read full even when filled to the brim.

By howardc64 on November 25 @ 8:00 am
So easy to drive
This car is so easy to drive. You feel like it is driving itself. You feel firm and in control with the car interpreting every steering input precisely. Reliability is as advertised. In 5 years of ownership, I have had 1 failure (light for the clock, $3 part and trivial to replace)

By Doris on August 29 @ 10:16 pm
I found the seats a little hard. I think Honda should do a survey to new customers after they have owned their cars for about a year and ask what they like the least so they could perhaps improve on it or change it. Overall, Hondas are very good cars.

By Rhonda on September 8 @ 12:23 am
2000 EX v6
I bought the car new. Had no problems till around 80,000 miles. Transmission started to slip. Took it to dealer who said there was no problem, changed the transmission fluid. Since then, transmission has gotten worse and Honda will not help with the problem. They will do a 50/50 on cost of refurbished transmission since I am now over the 100,000 extension, over $1500 my cost! Dealer said they do not work on transmissions, only replace them. Now have over 114,000 miles on car and other than transmission, have no other major complaints about the car. Wind noise on higway is loud, but I just turn up the radio. Honda of Ocala is a terrible dealership all around - sales, service, etc

By Len on August 13 @ 2:16 am
My 1st Terrible Honda
I had been a Honda owner for many years when I bought this car. I always loved their reliability. This car was an exception. I have needed to replace the steering column, rotors, oxygen sensors, and more, all well before they should have needed it. I am just hoping the transmission holds out for the year when I plan to sell it. Many of these repairs took several visits to different mechanics to fix. The verdict--Honda is great with the basic models, but stay away from the high-end stuff. I think that the Accord infrastructure just wasn't built to handle the weight and power of the V6 EX package.

By Justin Espineli on December 20 @ 9:23 am
Excellent overall sedan!!
Bought this vechicle used with 88,000 mi. Changed timing belt at 100,000 mi. Had problem with EGR valve and had it replaced by Honda. Other than that, car runs like new. Very comfortable for commuting, but this car really shines on the highway. Calm, poised ride with little road noise. V6 power is excellent mid-range(60-90 mph). Exterior styling is a little bland and stock stereo provides average sound quality. Interior materials are high quality and feel solid. Ergonomics are excellent. Previous car was a '92 Accord with 215,000 mi. I expect this car to last even longer. I definitely recommend the Honda Accord (new or used) to the potential buyer.

By Joker on January 15 @ 9:16 am
Good Car but Bad Dealer
I bought a Certified Used Car 2000 Honda Accord EX V6. Some problems that I have is The windshield glass were cracked, part of the seats were falling apart and I did fixed it by myself, the clock's LED were burnt out (they changed it), promised to give me Carfax but nothing they gave me, no master keys (only valet key), the rear bulb brake light wasn't installed correctly, the side airbags light comes up suddenly, and now the 'Maintennance Required' light comes up. Other than that is fine. Very comfy, powerful but quiet and smooth, stylish, roomy interior, huge legroom, and many more. The bad thing is just the pedals needs to be adjusted and loosen up a little bit, now it's too sti

By Ricahrd Narvadez on September 30 @ 8:46 am
Honda Accord 2000
I believe this is the most reliable car out in the street in its category. It never failed on me at 92,000 miles. Ride quality though is affected by the kind of tires. My original MXV4 plus were the best in cornering and hadling, but my replacement, Michelin X Radial (from Sam's) got very harsh and bumpy as they age. My car is still very solid. I love it, and will keep it. My next vehicle is , for sure, another Honda Accord.

By Erik Orue on July 2 @ 6:20 am
This car is the funnest thing to drive. It has a surprisingly powerful 4 cylinder engine. The front end of the car is a little boring but the back end is so cool. Nothing has ever gone wrong with my Honda. It's the greatest. Although the interier design is a little boring the engine makes up for it. And the sunroof should slide all the way back in stead of stopping almost half way.

By meleto on July 3 @ 1:20 pm
Good for the money
2000 EX 4 cycl w/ leather purchased new for $20k. 88k miles & running strong. To date, only had to replace oil/air filter (normal sched), light bulb in clock (at 20k), brake pads & tires (at 60k), battery (at 84k), and transmission (at 84k, covered by warranty - known issue for this model). Also had dealer clean out sticking throttle body (at 84k). Just replaced windshield wiper blade inserts (at 86k). That's everything to date. The driver's side window squeals sometimes (probably due to tint install) and the cupholder lid doesn't close properly (appears to be a broken hinge); can live with all that. Overall a very good car for the price; very reliable; good exterior/interior design/quality.

By denc13 on April 10 @ 12:43 am
Disappointing reliability
I bouth my 00 Accord EX V6 more than 5 years ago new, and the reliability of the car was very disapointing. Right after the warranty expired, things started breaking down. The major repairs include alternator replacement, power steering pump replacement, EGR valve replacement, now a belt tensioner replacement. All within 30 thousand miles after the warranty ended and do not include a slew of minor repairs in the moonroof, door locks, etc. Very disappointed in Honda, especially considering the "legendary reliability" premise I bought the car on and has been much worse than any of the cars I owned or are currently in my household. This was the first and will the last Honda I ever own.

By Runs Forever on May 30 @ 4:53 am
Runs Fovever
See similar reviews for 97' and 2005 Honda Accord LX's - This is our 2nd Honda Accord purchased new, oil changed every 3000 to 4000 miles, has 73000 miles on it and runs the same as when purchased. Only one actual repair to date (power window regulator replaced). Comfortable and reliable car for around town or cruising down the highway. Has great power / acceleration for a 4 cylinder when needed.

By hondaSE on May 6 @ 12:33 pm
Best Car Ive Owned Thus Far!
This car is just awesome! I currently have 75K miles on my 2000 accord SE and it still runs just as good as the day I bought her brand new. No problems and still a pleasure to drive every day. Nice body style that should with stand ageing very nicely.

By Pigeon on September 6 @ 4:26 am
No more American cars 4 me!
4 cyl with all power. I have not had any mechanical problems with this car. Just hit 50K. The ride is nice and all the controls are laid out good. Gas mileage is ok for a 4 banger. The only thing that was replaced was the clock light bulb (not bad for 5 years) and normal wear/tear items (oil,brakes, tires). I would definitely buy another one if they had not changed the rear trunk design. I will have to step up to it's big brother and get a Acura TL if I decide to trade it. The only cars I will buy now that are American made will be the muscle cars from the 60's & 70's.

By Sold On It on March 17 @ 9:13 am
Sold On It
This car is solid. The engine is peppy, it handles great. The fit and finish is good and at 63,000 miles it drives like new. I only get 29mph (lead foot) wish I got more. CD Skips and there are a few rattles in sun visors. All minor. It drives so smooth and feels good. Outside is a bit conservative. The rear is nice, but the front is boaring. Wish it had a compartment for the garage door opener. I love my 5 speed. The front seat is not very confortable and the clutch pedal is too far away. Still love it.

By Holly W. on November 11 @ 6:40 pm
Very Happy
I just purchased this vehicle. This is my first car purchase and I couldn't be happier. It is a 2000 but only has 38700 miles. I had the dealership print me our a car history report and it has only had one owner and was very taken care of. I am very lucky I think becuase I believe Hondas are very reliable cars and I have always loved the Accords. I am happy with the interior since I came from driving a Civic. (liked it but definetly not as nice as the EXV6 Accord!) I love the power and the features!

By Jeffrey on March 21 @ 10:03 pm
Still Looks and Runs Great
Bought my VTech new - the 6 cylinder engine kicks - a little jerky off the line but the transition between other gears is slick. The car still looks contemporary (the spoiler helps) and people cannot believe it is 5 years old. It is fast and handles well.

By jrios80 on February 19 @ 4:53 pm
Awesome Honda
My 2000 Accord hs been one of the best cars I have ever owned. I guess lot has to do with my Accord being one of the few that's made in Japan

By Maverick33 on December 25 @ 1:36 am
Just a great car...
I've had this car for a year now and I have no complaints what so ever. I bought it last year from Carmax, a fine establishment, and the funny thing is I didn't intend to buy anything at all. I saw the car in the inspection garage on a tour of the facillity and I had to check it out. I test drove another accord that was a 4-banger and it just didnt have enough for me, so when I saw this V-6 model, I decided to give it a whirl. It had enough power (200hp) and it was a better looking car then the 4-cylinder version. I knew that I was picking up a quality car from this place, so I didn't have any hesitation buying it. I'm glad it all worked out.

By Laura on March 5 @ 5:03 am
Best car I've ever owned
I love my 2000 Accord because it's so reliable and fun to drive. Although it lowers the fuel economy, I love the speed of the V6 and feel it's well worth it. I've owned it for over 2 years and never had a single problem with it (quite the opposite of past cars I've owned). The inside is very spacious and great for long road trips. If you take care of these cars, they will take care of you for a long time!

By rzeles on January 6 @ 10:50 pm
Reliable Accord V6
Bought my Accord EX-V6 back in May of 2000, and still have it. Has about 60K miles. Overall great, reliable car. Would recommend it to anyone. I agree the styling is a little bland, however, I prefer something not too flashy. To date, aside from tire rotations and oil changes, I have done a few things to it to keep it up and running. I too had the EGR value issue fixed by a local shop, and was promptly reimbursed via Honda after writing a short letter. (Great service). Replaced the tires, new alternator, trans fluid changes, and 2 brake jobs. With the transmission warranty extension to 7 yrs/100K miles, I'll keep it for another year or so. Overall great car, would recommend it.

By Chad on February 26 @ 2:16 pm
Honda wins my money, hands down!
I bought my Accord EX 4 cyl in October 2003 as a certified with 42K on it already. At 73K still perfect, with not a single problem, not even a burned out headlight. While it won't win any huge styling awards that's not what Honda cares about. They build and engine, then the car not a "cool" car with a crappy engine. Honda owner for life!

By Ryan on February 9 @ 8:26 am
I love my Accord
This is the best car I have ever owned. I purchased the car new with 20 miles on it. It's a 5 speed 4 cylinder so it could use a little more power. But this car has been problem free and has only had the maintenance done at 60,000 and 105,000 miles. Cruising at 108,000 miles to day. :)

By Bw on September 26 @ 10:36 am
73k & still running like new
I have put 42k miles on car and only replaced tires & brakes recently. Solid, sound, refined car. I have had to do nothing with. Drive it, change oil every 3500 miles, no major disappointments. Could have better leather upholstery, driver side shows above average wear. Decent sound system, sunroof "squeaks" randomly when closed, slightly oversteers (heavy car) but ABS and "smart" transmission controls car well when braking or turning/going downhill. Metallica paint is average, just keep it waxed. Interior is very nice, well appointed controls and feel, quiet ride and it looks great. Will easily put 150k miles on this car.

By Happy camper on December 2 @ 8:10 am
Reliable and good looking
This car has been garaged entire time. Used for general around town and freeway driving--one long distance trip. All scheduled oil changes. one new battery. Scooter lift (automatic) installed in the trunk. No accidents. Ming finish. Looks (and acts like) new. "Loaded" with luxury extras. Moon roof. Cream color leather interior. One owner. Good gas mileage. "Squeaky" clean.

By James on July 19 @ 9:36 pm
Great Car for the Money
I have owned my Honda for 6 years now. Have had NO problems with it and love the car.

By A on March 2 @ 2:33 pm
Best Car to buy!
I've owned many cars over the years. I am talking about Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, Infinity, and of course Honda. I have a Honda Accord and even though the other cars that I've owned have served me well- my honda is MY favorite. In 60, 000 miles I have only changed the rotors and brakes, and the oil. Not that I am negligent- just that the car asks for little attention- it does it all and well! I am hating the fact that later on in life I will have to change cars and not be able to buy a new 2000 Honda Accord- I would've loved to buy two- keep one in the garage until I need it. The new models look great but the one I have is the best car to buy.

By mcadoo11 on October 31 @ 12:26 pm
2000 is the one bad year
I love Honda Accords and owned the 1984 version for well over a dozen years but my 2000 Accord has been a bust, as the engine had to be replaced with just 64,000 miles on it. Consumer Reports show it is the one bad year for Accords.

By WILLIAM FLOREZ on May 1 @ 7:56 am
Car has been babied from day one.
This vehicle is a durable and a very comfortable automobile that will be around for a long time. All the service has been done to this car and it still runs like it's new.

By Nancy on May 8 @ 8:13 pm
Excellent Choice
I purchased this car new and now have about 140,000 miles on it. I plan to keep it until the wheels fall off, which may take quite a while. It still runs and looks great! This car has more room in the back seat than some full size cars. I get at least 27 mpg hwy, sometimes more. SRS light was on for about a year and then Honda recognized that this was a basic safety feature and offered a recall, full replacement of defective sensor. I often travel on my job and can always rely on my car to get me there without any problems.

By lovemyhonda on November 5 @ 12:40 am
I Love My '00 Honda
I purchased my first Honda Accord 3 years ago. I was going through a divorce and told my salesperson that I needed a vehicle that would be dependable, low maintenance, safe and have good gas mileage. He recommended a '92 Honda Accord that was on his lot. I kept it for the weekend to test drive it, and I loved it! I was so impressed with the car, that when my son got his driver's license and I passed my car to him, I knew that I definitely wanted my new car to be another Honda Accord. It has everything you could want in a car. I have 100,000 miles on my car and I just got back from a 3,000 mile road trip. Not once did I ever doubt my car's reliability or safety. I love It!

By Atlfan on December 15 @ 2:33 pm
Good Choice
I purchase this car with 70k mi and now have 180k mi. I must say Honda does built quality cars, but there are issues. It is well known about the transmission issue. I had mine replaced at 120,000 and Honda shared the cost with me, no complaints there. The transmission still has a very weird shifting pattern, always has, always will. Wind noise from the front windows is a factor, but I understand updated molding from Honda corrects this. Love the leather interior and overall quality of cabin,(nothing rattles). Bland look on outside, but it is a family sedan.

By Car Lover on December 9 @ 9:10 am
Good car.
This car is proclaimed as the best, however, I bought it used with 110,000 miles in July 2006. I expected it to be excellent and it is. The only problem is that everybody has it. It may look good, but I think that with few modifications such as the wheels off of the V6, and a spoiler, then this car will be great.

By J.C. on October 15 @ 11:40 pm
Not as Good as you Think!!!
This car is appraised so much for its reliability...well its body hardware is horrible and there are better cars. There is 115k miles on mine, but still...they're supposed to keep running...something electrical keeps going wrong...

By Honda Happy on August 18 @ 7:33 am
Great buy
After several crappy cars, bought my daughter this 2000 EX model with 4 cyl. Great car, good MPG, Zero problems, Nice interior with leather and wood, little 4cyl has surprising power.

By tx_Honda on July 19 @ 6:00 am
I am a living testament about the reliability of this car. Bought in 2000 and lost this car in 2006 in a wreck, not at fault. I put 134k in 6 years in extreme winter conditions. This car did not give a single issue in any weather, summer, winter below 0, conditions. With out an issue, I drove 180 miles daily on this for 6 months – icy, snowy conditions of WI. Only thing I did was regular oil change and scheduled maintenance. Most of all, impact at around 35 mph, Accord’s front and Malibu 06 rear right, my young son in the back seat (WEARING SEAT BELTs) – we walked away from the scene without a single scratch. If this car has factory suggested maintenance history, I will suggest buying it.

By Bonnie on July 12 @ 8:33 am
This car sold me!
We bought this car used with 16,000 miles for my husband to commute with. Now has 128,000, runs like the day we purchased. We only replaced the drivers side window motor and NOTHING else! This has been a great car worth every penny. I was driving a 2000 Volvo V70 that was a nightmare. Finally after beaucoup repairs and $$$ we agreed it had to go. My husband was stunned when I said that I wanted a Honda. Mine being the family truckster we purchased an 06 Pilot and Blows that Volvo away. Thank God it's gone! I'm sure his Accord will probably stay in the family and end up being my daughters first car. We are very, very pleased with both our Accord and Pilot.

By Nic Niebel on November 1 @ 8:53 am
The energizer bunny of the car world
This is my second Honda Accord. The first one I purchased was a 1998 4 cyl. which I drove for close to 200,000 miles without a problem. The most recent purchase is a 2000 v6 which gets decent mpg and seems to be just as reliable as my last one. I would recommend this car over any Audi A4, Volvo, or any other luxury car in its price range. Even though the styling and other people's perception of the car is not as high, the dependabilty more than makes up for the thousands you will spend keeping the others on the road for more than 100,000 miles.

By okwey on July 26 @ 10:16 am
Wonderful Automobile
This is my first Honda. Impressed w/reliability. Short of routine maintenance and replacing the timing belt, it's hassle-free. Drives the same as we bought it 5 years ago. I'm truly impressed w/Japanese cars, and would buy another again in the future. Low emission, and best value!

By Honda Owner on February 13 @ 10:23 pm
One of the greatest cars I've ever had!
We've had this car now for over five years. It's been (and still is) a fantastic car! The sound system sounds great, even after eight years. The V6 engine makes it incredibly fun to drive. The only major mechanical problem we've had with the car was that the transmission went out about two years ago. Apparently this has been a problem for this particular Accord model. Honda replaced the transmission for free because the car had less than 100,000 miles on it. The only other complaint we've had with the car was that the leather on the driver's seat started cracking about four years after we bought the car. Other than that, it still runs and looks great

By E Serrano on July 8 @ 8:56 pm
No Complaints
Started driving this car with 11k on in in 2000. I now have 158k on it. Very comfortable and still a blast to drive. The V6 is quick and the handling is smooth. My sister has the 2003 and it does not compare. The suspension on this model is much smoother, rides like a luxury car. Have had previous Cadillac owners tell me it rides like a Caddy! The EX trim leaves nothing to be desired. I have had the transmission replaced after factory recall. Just replaced the 02 sensor. Other than an alternator replacement, no big issues with the reliability.

By pbhonda on February 4 @ 1:43 am
I love my Honda
I bought my Accord brand new in July 2000. I have put 158,000 trouble-free miles on it. I cannot say enough about this car. It recently suffered some pretty severe damage in a hail storm, so I am stuck driving a 2007 Chrysler Sebring while it is in the shop. I miss my car so much. My "old" Honda would absolutely kick the Chryslers! I will never buy anything but a Honda. It drives wonderfully, is reliable, and has proven to be a very safe car. Rear-ended by a Ford Mustang a couple years ago. Only a couple scrapes on the bumper, the Mustang did not fare as well. The only things I don't like are 1. the transmission hesitates to shift in stop-and-go traffic and 2. brakes could be better.

By Jim Rosalez on July 10 @ 8:43 pm
2000 EX V6 was Honda's best model
My 2000 Honda has been fun to drive and the maintenance which I has only been done by Honda for the entire life of the car, hence there is a record of all maintenance done on the car for anyone wishing to check it out. Clean and maintained properly. Really not sure that I will sell it but at the moment I am looking at doing so. All mileage has been on a local bases with the exception of trips to and from relocation areas. This is one of Honda's best cars done in 2000. Just recently got a letter from Honda on their Premier Program for 2000 Hondas. It appears that there is a great demand for this model year. Makes me think maybe I should keep the car.

By 00Accord on May 5 @ 8:46 pm
Amazing Car
I have had this car for about 9 years now, and I have to say, I fell in love with it from the very beginning. Immediately when you get in, the interior feels grand. You don't get that cheap feeling at all. Start the engine up and rev it a little to get your blood pumping. It is by no means a sports car, but the V6 version is definitely sporty for a family sedan. 0-60 is about 7.9 seconds, and you can really feel the 200 horses kick when you reach 3500 rpm and Vtec kicks in. As far as ride quality goes, I have no complaints. Turns are maneuvered impressively, the cabin is amazingly quiet, even at highway speeds, and the huge seats feel great. This is an overall perfect car.

By kidace on September 4 @ 7:26 pm
Love my honda
I have 265,000 miles on my Honda and it still drives great. I have only done oil changes and replaced the tires. I recommend people to consider getting a Honda or at least trying one before buying.

By Marko on December 13 @ 11:26 pm
Old Friend
My faithful 2000 Honda Accord LX 4 cyl auto has just hit 211,000 after nine years of ownership when I bought it new. It has never had a failure or unscheduled service of any kind during that time. There really isn't anything more to say. I'll swap it in this year for a new Accord, but I'll miss it.

By Twitch on March 26 @ 9:10 pm
5 Worry-Free Years later...
First car after college and it's been fantastic, just turned over 106K miles! Easily 30mpg highway, 25 city. If you are in the market, the 4- cylinder EX sedan is the safe bet...the transmission problem is primarily in the V6 models. I tinted the windows so mine doesn't look like everyone else's. My back seat passengers almost always fall asleep on road trips, thanks to the excellent ride and comfortable seats. This car has been very sturdy and predictable on snow and ice, and, thanks to the good handling, has got me out a tight spot a few times (i.e., 50 mph pileup during a blizzard, tapped the brakes, downshifted to 3rd and took the ditch, drove right out and kept going!). A great car!!

By HONDA on September 27 @ 3:10 am
I had my 2000 Honda for 2 yrs with no problems but a head gasket that had to be replaced (under warranty). It was an excellent vehicle it had all the extras spoiler, mudflaps, wood grain on radio console, sunroof wind deflector which enhances the appearance. Well traded in for a Ford well go figure I recommend this vehicle for any one looking for a nice reliable vehicle

By Dave on December 24 @ 9:33 am
All Around Solid Car
We purchased this car with 79,000 miles after our 93 Camry was totaled in an accident. Now have 90,000 on it. This has been a great car for us overall. It has sufficient power and is very comfortable. It just has a solid feeling and quality in all aspects. The interior has the look of a more expensive car, conservative but tasteful. Our gas mileage with this v-6 has averaged about 23-25 in mixed driving and 30 mpg on the highway.

By 2000 Accord LX 4dr on May 2 @ 10:30 am
2000 Accord LX 4dr sedan
4 cyl engine with 5 sp manual transmission. Purchased from dealer as a service loaner vehicle with 8K miles. Now at 106K miles with absolutely no problems in 7 years of ownership. My second Accord, this one is just as reliable as my '83 was. Reliably gets 35 mpg on highway. No service visits until 105K when timing belt/water pump are scheduled for replacement. I would very highly recommend these cars to others.

By mdurkin on March 29 @ 12:46 am
Love this Accord
I bought this car in 2000 and have owned it for 8 and half years. In that time I have put 135,000 trouble-free miles on it. Literally, no problems, not one. I have maintained it well, but have never had anything break on it. I am giving this car to my son this weekend, I am sad to see it go, but he needs a car and can't drive a manual transmission, so I am giving it up. It feels like a divorce. I have loved this car, and expect it to last another 10 years with good maintenance. Good fuel economy, about 25 around town, 30 to 33 on highway with cruise control. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new car.

By Mark on October 30 @ 10:06 am
Not as reliable as previous
I never had many problems when I owned my 1994 Accord EX and unfortunately this one, 2000 Accord EX v6 Coupe, has not been as reliable. It seems there were a few years where Honda models had issues with carbon build-up in the engine and I was an unfortunate victim. $2400 later and still have some minor issues with though nothing serious. Had all but two valves replaced due to carbon build-up burnt and cracked valves. Also just recently I spent another $1500 due to power steering pump and fluid leak in rack and pinion. Merry Christmas to me. These repair items, though costly, are to be expected for the most part although I would have preferred a little better reliability.

By Dave on February 20 @ 7:33 am
Transmission Went Out
I knew that the 2000 Accord had a history of transmission problems but since my car had made it to 108,000 miles, I felt it would make it to 200,000. I loved this car. But last week the transmission did go out. I would still recommend this car since most of them do fine. Fortunately I still got a good trade-in, and got a new 2009 Civic, which I love just as much.

By Emay1965 on February 23 @ 1:33 am
Solid as a rock!
Purchased my 2000 Accord EX V6 back in Nov. 2004 with 68k on the odometer. All I can say is this has been the best car I've ever owned. I took the vehicle to the dealer at around 75k for an oil change and they indicated that the tranny was going and recommended I get it replaced by Honda. This was a known problem and Honda was handling for free as long as it was done before 80k miles. Outside of that and my alternator being replaced recently, this car has been a dream. I'm currently at 161k miles and hope to own at least to 250k. I'll probably replace with another Accord but just afraid the later models won't compare in reliability.

By Scipio on December 9 @ 11:00 am
Long term review of Mean Joe Green
All cars should have names. My Accord is affectionately known as Mean Joe Green. I'm at 216,000 miles, having purchased it at 65,400. I've replaced the belts twice, two motor mounts, bought two sets of tires, two water pumps, and two sets of brake pads. Aside from those issues, most of my indicator lights in the dash have gone out. But I still get at least 28 mpg on the highway. Handles best with Goodyear Assurance Tripletreads. That was my first replacement set of tires, and it went about 65k. Perfect for twisty Mississippi back roads that I used to commute on, 164 miles round trip daily. Leather driver's seat is torn up. Replaced the seat frame. Best car I've owned ever.

By Honda4Life on September 23 @ 10:23 am
Reliability of Honda
My Honda has been in the family for nine years and counting. It has been on numerous rode trips to Vegas and is very dependable. There have been engine problems but minor fixes is keeping it alive. I love Hondas.

By MrShaggs on April 27 @ 4:36 pm
Best Car Ever Owned
I bought my 2000 LX 4cylinder coupe in June of 2000, and it has been nothing but good to me. I have driven many higher end cars that weren't even as comfortable or responsive as this car. I have Koni/Neuspeed Suspention, forged rims, light flywheel, all sorts of mods, and it never lets me down. I have bent a lot of rims, but the car is solid. The only thing that would have made it better was if it came with an H22 5speed it would have been perfect. Over 100k on it and it still looks better than the day I bought it.

By MAX on December 24 @ 8:10 pm
2000 Accord 2.3 high miles
This is my daily commute 200 miles everyday. For me it is the best design for Japanese coupe compare to solara. The Cargo space is huge for its class. I just made 200K miles this week and I haven't replaced my alternator yet, water pump and timing belt that's how reliable this one can be. Honda Engine and transmissions is so reliable. The secret is oil change and transmission fluid - change service is a must for long life of a car.

By Jonathan on February 7 @ 4:03 pm
Great car!!!
I have owned my accord for over nine years and it still performs the same way as it did during the test drive! The only thing that I have had to replace is an alternator and it was actually covered by a factory bulletin and I only had to pay $25 for its replacement! Great Car!!!

By HawaiiFive0 on May 11 @ 6:23 am
Great Car
I have the V6 and it is great, has 190,000 miles and still goes. Of course I have changed a few sensors and alternator but nothing before 100k. Gas is ok in Missouri I got 28 mpg but now here in Hawaii I only get about 21 but she is getting old. No major problems but you must be sure to take it to someone who knows Honda or else.

By Krina143 on December 13 @ 5:56 pm
Awesome Car!
My first car was a Honda Civic that I loved, so I wanted an Accord for my next. It was the best decision! I have had this car for 5 years and it now has 147K miles, still going strong. Nothing but routine maintenance, so reliable. I would highly recommend buying this car!

By Mark on December 3 @ 1:26 pm
Okay overall, transmission failing
My wife's car has 112,000 miles and is starting to have some transmission problems. Windshield defroster stopped working a few years back, and some dashboard lights and radio LCD burned out. Honda usually makes reliable cars and I still stand by them, but I still expected more miles out of this car. Our family is crossing our fingers that the transmission holds up. With this economy, who has the money to buy a new car? I have had Hondas through the late 80's and 90's from the CRX to the Honda Accords and the older cars performed and lasted a little longer.

By G*Luck on February 24 @ 3:50 pm
Great Car!
I bought my Accord new in 2000. It currently has 227,000 miles on it and still runs great. The car has always had the scheduled maintenance done by the dealer and I have only had to replace the alternator (2007) and the starter (2009). The gas mileage isn't fabulous but the quality, durability and reliability far exceeds my expectation for any car.

By KELLY on May 24 @ 7:10 pm
Transmission blew after only 70,000
I absolutely love this car - it drives great, nice looking. I bought it used at 12,000 miles. I now have 71,000 miles and I need a new transmission. 2500.00 this is unbelievable! I am so bummed. I cannot afford another car or even this trans. but I am doing it. Aamco is doing the work and said they have had 1999 and 2000 Honda's needing new trans. I think this should be a recall, especially since I only have 70,0000.

By Lori on May 3 @ 3:33 pm
Several problems
We bought this car in hopes of keeping it "forever". Now at 85,000 I've had to have the transmission replaced (this week)- seems a little too soon for that! Honda did cover 50% of the cost because of the low mileage (they call it Goodwill). The alternator had to be replaced in 2006 (very expensive). The ECM for emissions had to be replaced in 2003 (under warranty). The climate control motor assembly had to be replaced in 2007. The CD player stopped working and the radio had to be replaced in 2004 (Honda covered that). All in all, I guess it's been a good car- it's never left me stranded- but I think the things that have gone wrong are excessive considering the low miles.

By ErinS on December 29 @ 7:10 pm
My Favorite Car Ever
This car is probably the best I've ever owned. While it may not be the "sports car" I've owned in the past (although the coupe model does help) it handles better than any of the others I've owned. This the first Honda I've had and I don't think I will ever buy another make again. The reliability is unbelievable! 169K miles and still going strong! I hate to give it up, but it's time to upgrade to my next Honda!

By Old frugal guy on February 28 @ 11:13 pm
130K and still running strong!
I have a 2000 EX sedan which I purchased new in 2000. I change the oil every 3K miles, installed my first set of brakes (front and rear) at 105K miles, the dealer said that I still had at least 10K miles left on them. Replaced my battery last year. It didn't fail, but it was getting weak. Replaced timing belt and all other belts. Brake fluid, clutch fluid, transmission oil and anti-freeze is changed every 3 years. I get 33 mpg driving 70MPH on the highway. Never had a problem with the car and expect to be driving it for at least another 10 years.

By Roberta on October 4 @ 1:03 pm
Transmission went out at 100k
I Loved this car until at 100k or so transmission started slipping. Due to the design of these years I was advised not to change fluid- big mistake. Manual should have suggested in severe driving conditions like NYC stop and go, change fluid every 12k. Maybe it would have helped; maybe not but I decided to cash in at a paltry $1400 and try a Subaru. I miss the Honda am stressed thinking that if I bought another one (could only afford up to a 2002) the same thing could happen again. Honda should have covered warranty 125k miles and no year finality.

By Monty994 on July 3 @ 2:53 pm
2000 4dr EX
I bought this car new with high hopes of Honda quality. Unfortunately, I am at 160K and on my 3rd transmission. The first died at 95K and was replaced under warranty. The second died at 135K. Honda did contribute towards the trany and it only cost me $500. Otherwise the car has been pretty good. Other than the transmission, I have only had to replace my starter. Some interior dash lights are starting to die, but it is 10yrs old. The size of the trunk is huge and the car is relatively comfortable and has no problem rolling 80mph on the highway. So in short, I am happy, but expected better reliability from Honda

By healnghanz on March 4 @ 10:46 pm
Great car with some problems
Transmission was recalled. Honda replaced it but the new tranny leaks. The factory radio stinks. No spacial imaging and weak power. Eats 1 qt oil every three weeks and the dealer says its normal. I think the engine was a lemon but the dealer just snowed us. However, aside from these problems, the car is wonderful. Interior comfortable leather. Just a pleasure to ride. The Hallmark of this car is its visibility. Its a pre raked non wedge design that lets you have total visibility. Perfect in that regard.

By Annie on July 29 @ 1:06 am
Great until trans went
We are the original owners of the Accord SE. It's been remarkably reliable for ten years. After 85k, the trans needs to be replaced. I don't want to put the $ in it but don't want to buy a new car either. It's disappointing to have the transmission go. We have meticulously maintained this car.

By D Mott on July 23 @ 3:43 pm
I bought this car new and have been driving it ever since. When I had 250,000 KM on it I was told I needed a new transmission because it shifted hard and I mean hard it jolted the car and everything in it. I did some research and found that a solenoid on the transmission was to blame so I took it off and cleaned it and it fixed the problem. I haven't really done anything to this car but maintenance. I now have 570,000 KM (354,200 miles). I'm looking to replace it. This is my 3rd Honda and I have had great success with them and would recommend them to anyone. The car hasn't even started to rust in these cold snowy Canadian winter - that's something to say.

By aliceBettyAnna on July 14 @ 12:46 am
Accord SE - Should have lasted longer ;(
At 86,000 miles the transmission went on my 4 cylinder What a major disappointment. Could have gotten it fixed but it seemed to much $ to put into a ten year old car. Really sad and mad to see that Honda Accords have documented transmission problems. It was fun and reliable until then. Too mad at Honda to buy another one. Went Nissan Altima this time and am loving it.

By Steve on September 1 @ 4:10 pm
Transmission at 70K?
Bought used Accord EX with 41K. Our transmission failed at 70K but I reported issues much earlier. Honda America was rude and irresponsible about transmission failure. They refused to own up and replace my transmission despite the class action suit requiring them to do so. Honda quality is far overrated. Parts and labor are very expensive also. Ride is not great on 2000 and seems worse in newer Accords. Interior is very nice although seats are not comfortable on long rides. Hope new transmission makes it to 150K. Honda has had a lot of issues with transmissions on Accord, Civic, and Odyssey. Like I said, much overrated for quality. Daughter's 99 Accord was an absolute money pit.

By swarun on December 5 @ 7:53 am
Great vehicle
I have had this car for 10 years. It runs great. Very reliable. Has never stopped me on the road. The original battery lasted 9 1/2 years.

By Jeffery Allen on December 28 @ 6:06 am
8 years of fine
Had car for 8 years and a half. Original battery is still in the car. Had to replace the alternator for bad bearings. Did so with Honda parts. Never had a issue with the car. Interior is fine, all accessories have been excellent. roomy trunk, good room up front and the rear seat. Paint is great, I still get comments on the shine in the red. Engine really stays clean. Purchased the car with 30,500 miles on it in Feb. 2002. Great buy and possibly resell it soon and will get a great resell amount. So 8 years for $60 a month for the time owned. EXCELLENT

By moparfan1790 on June 6 @ 10:13 pm
This car screams reliability, not style
I bought this car from my uncle with 89k. Have had absolutely zero problems; the only maintenance I've done is a routine timing belt change (along with the water pump, which I figured I might as well replace w/ belt). Have not had the major transmission issue that seems to be common in the Honda V6; however, the tranny does hesitate between 1st and 2nd. The V6 is very quick, but I do not get very good gas mileage (20 in the city, 27 on highway) for a car of this size. Is not a head turner, but gets me from point A to point B in comfort and without problems.

By Emma on April 26 @ 3:50 pm
First Honda, Definitely Not The Last!
I got this car as a senior in high school with 85,000 miles. I have never had any mechanical problems - only routine maintenance. This has been the best car I've ever owned and still runs very smoothly with 141,000 miles. I would recommend Honda to anyone - you will get a car that will last well over 100,000 miles. The gas mileage is still good with a V6 - I'm willing to trade power for a few more dollars at the pump.

By Val on May 3 @ 12:43 am
Tranny Leak
After 1 week I got it the tranny leak on the transaxle left side. Honda dealer wont fix it because I brought it as-it.What a big disappointment! When you brought a car from Honda dealership, you think they maintain the quality. I will never gonna buy a Honda car again!

By bcav on May 12 @ 5:43 pm
Don't try a Honda!
I bought this car from a private seller after owning a '98, should have sold and had a car payment. I have changed numerous brakes, rotors and calipers, and rear wheel hubs $600(i did the labor). Sway bar bushings went $400. But misdiagnosed as needed 4 new struts $800.EGR port in upper intake clogged common problem new EGR $150 for parts.Transmission metal line that goes to radiator rusted out and started leaking before i knew it, at the same time I thought the front wheel bearings were going. Garage couldn't diagnose it, 2 months later, got P0740 code. Transmission failing! $2,300 to rebuild. decided to buy from junk yard $1,700 with install,no warranty but not my problem. kept it to 137k

By Cyd on April 17 @ 5:06 pm
Best Car I've Ever Had
Bought used EX w/ 36K miles. Replaced transmission at 67K under class action suit. Since the transmission work, only oil changes and tires needed for the past six years. Most reliable car ever! Rides like a dream and at 10 years old, still accelerates at 80MPH. Husband drives '97 Accord, son drives '90 Civic. Daughter has P-O-S GM car that proved American cars lack quality and longevity. Can't say enough about Honda quality.

By sydus on December 30 @ 12:06 am
Most Reliable Vehicle Ever
This car came into our family when our grandparents passed away, leaving it to us. Overall a very calm, not very catchy design (at least with a tan color) but I'm actually impressed with performance. Even with the 4 cylinder engine she can still move, but overall the reliability is where this car's at. 134,000 miles on it and no major repairs, no problems, in fact it's recommended to replace the timing belt every 100,000 miles which we never did but it's still running beautifully. Very impressed with this car. Expect to have it for years and years to come.

By Erik Olson on January 18 @ 11:00 am
Overall great vehicle
I bought my accord in my second year of college. I was replacing my 00 GMC Sonoma due to lots of traveling. When purchased Honda replaced its cursed transmission at the dealership for free. I have had no problems with this car but basic maintenance such as tires, timing belt, oil, adding 134-a, and brakes. I am currently at 142,XXX miles and the car still runs like new. The car is a blast to drive and can keep up with almost any current v6 car. The vTec system engages flawlessly and still impresses me for a 2.3 L SOHC motor. As for comfort, I am 250lbs and I am very comfortable for 500 mile road trips. Plenty of power for passing. Gas mileage 55 mph 34 mpg, 65 mph 28 mpg, 75 mph 22 mpg, 100+ 12- mpg

By dexter on December 4 @ 11:00 am
Ten years with my 2000 Accord EX
Had this car for 10 years, traded in for a 2011 Accord for the newer safety features. However, this is an amazing car. Never had a single mechanical problem with the car, the paint is still in excellent condition and the drivetrain will undoubtedly last another 10 - 15 years. I have nothing but positive memories of this car. The shifter is a joy to use. The steering is so precise that you can place this car in a turn, even at the limits of adhesion, with complete accuracy. My 2000 Accord is an admirable vehicle which hasn't lost an ounce of its original quality, performance or reliability over the past 10 years.

By Dom on May 8 @ 11:00 am
Best purchase
I bought this car early of September this year to replace my Plymouth breeze. This car is great to look at, fun to drive, gets impressive gas mileage even when driven not so responsibly, and easy to work on. I've timed my 0-60 with the 5 speed at about 7.1 seconds, give or take a few milliseconds. The car looks mean, feels nice, and when you shift just right, ooh it gives me tingles. Only trouble i've gotten so far is i need to replace my struts, and my driver side window regulator went so the window only goes up until there's 1/4 inch to go, and i just use my hand to put it up the rest, just can't bump my sound system without it falling down again! Buy this car!

By Kelly on February 2 @ 11:00 am
93K and a New Transmission
After my 04 Civic was totaled I needed a cheap car reliable car. I found my hail damaged Y2K Accord with only 89K. Three months and 4K miles later, I need a new transmission. I called Honda Customer Service and they said that I was out of luck but I could TRY to get financial assistance IF I take it to a Honda dealership. Pay $3500 for a new transmission and MAYBE you'll pay me some back? No Thanks! Also another code was thrown with the bad transmission code (P1164 bad oxygen sensor) due to some research online it could mean that the ECM needs to be replaced (the car's computer which would cost $800). Good car other than that (haha). Hope it makes it to 150K.

By Kelly on April 16 @ 3:00 am
Rebuilt Transmission at 93K
Like so many others on this website, last month, I had to rebuild the transmission with only 93K to the tune of $1800. The CPU is also a little fluky. When the trans went, it sent a code that I needed a new Oxygen Sensor ($400 to replace). After a little research, this code is a common problem with the Y2K Accords' CPU ($800 to fix). Rebuilt the tran and the code went away. I'm so glad I didn't replace that part. I hope it lasts me another 3 years without any more major repairs, but I'm not counting on it. Pity Hondas are supposed to be SO reliable.

By bobh on February 22 @ 3:00 am
Still runs like new
I bought this car new, and still drive it ~80 miles RT each day to work. Just turned 254,000 miles. Original trans, exhaust, motor, etc. Had to replace wiper linkage and catalytic converter last summer. Otherwise, no significant issues.

By danielmchick on January 27 @ 12:11 am
2000 Honda Accord -- Dependable? :/
The transmission is terrible in this car. I mean, absolutely terrible. Honda's claim at reliability is totally false-especially with this year model range. I purchased the car two years ago, and I'm very lucky I got that much out of it. I had the standard transmission failure that most experience: first gear shifts hard when going to second. Finally, the car went into fourth gear and stayed there; it wouldn't shift down unless I used the gear shifter; even then I only had access to first and second gear. Cost to fix it? $1500. Even then the repairman said the car would go through the same process three or so years from then because of an inherent defect in the design. Don't buy this car.

By idahoguy248 on May 5 @ 3:06 pm
Love this car!
Bought my 2000 Honda Ex with 100000 miles on it. It now has 165000 and runs like new. I havent had to do anything to it except change the oil ever 3k miles. Dont know if tranny was replaced before I bought it but I dont think it was. Honda hit the nail on the head with this car. Easy on the eyes and wallet. Plan to drive another 100k.

By kcinga1 on September 21 @ 3:22 pm
268K and still driving great
I bought this car new in Sept of 2001 during the honda clearance event. When I first got it, I used to have probs with the EGR valve every 40K or so. But then they finally recalled and the problem was fixed. I think I've been through 3 alternators. No engine/tranny work. Replaced brakes a lot because I'm a rough driver. I drive @ 120 miles daily rt to work. I'm in Georgia so I can't really say how it handles cold weather, but it's been a champ in the extreme heat. About three years ago, I had freon added to the AC because it wasn't getting as cold as it should. It's great now.

By gjken on November 30 @ 1:32 pm
150K and still drives like new
I purchased this car new in 2000 and it is definately without question the best car that I have ever owned. The most expensive part of owning this car is tire replacement. I am currently on my 4th set. I do oil changes at 3K, changed out the O2 sensor's at 100K, replaced the battery twice, timing belt and F/R brakes at 105K, had refrigerant added at 105K, flushed the antifreeze twice, brake fluid changed three times, transmission oil changed 3 times (manual 5 speed), recently had a ball joint replaced. Replaced the wires/plugs at 105K. Currently have 150K on this car and expect that it will easily go another 150K without any major problems.

By jeffoweho on November 17 @ 7:35 am
Was My Mom's Car
I just inherited my Mom's Accord in 10/10. I hand picked it for her in 07/00. I got a great deal 4 her, $22k out the door. She only drove it 60k mi. I sold my 93HondaDelSol (I bought brand new 08/15/92-that car was AWESOME)[thought since I'm over 40 now, a bit more mature car will serve me (and friends) better] I am really grateful to get to drive this car - it drives just as good as the day she got it. The transmission does act a little funny when backing into my parking space; she did get it repaired under recall but, I should follow up with the dealer when I get the timing belt done. Need new tires. I drive very little so it should last me another 10+yrs! I do miss my Mom though!

By dlpadilla1 on March 8 @ 4:43 pm
All hail HONDA
All I can say is "WOW FACTOR", I have owned my Honda for the past 6 years, brand used with 49,000 mi on the odometer. Reliability - flawless, fun factor - yeah baby, comfort - oh yeah! I have put little into this car with the exception of routine maintenance and here 136,000 mi later it still runs like a dream. I have no plans on getting rid of it, new car - uh no, new motor - yeah when it needs it, same goes for the tranny, I would definately recommend this car to anybody looking to buy one, sorry kids, get your own Honda.

By abynum16 on April 17 @ 5:32 am
Transmission FAILURE
I would say this is a reliable car but, it's either it's great or your transmission fail no in between. Transmission failure with a P0730 failure code. Failure with automatic transmission & gear shift. My father and I both had this problem with two different honda accords. I recommend that you do not buy this car because you don't know what you'll end up with !

By nolimitt168 on June 29 @ 3:36 pm
after 12 years, still running great!
I bought this car in 2000 when I went away to college. 12 years later, I am still driving it everyday without any problems. The odometer is closing in on 120,000 with no mechanical problems at all. I keep up to date with the maintenance. The light behind the clock and odometer went out a couple of years back, but all else is running fine. I will keep this car for another 1-2 years then give it to my sister. Very reliable car. What more can I say!

By redgemon on February 7 @ 6:56 pm
Five Hondas - All Problems
Unfortunaetely it has taken the purchase of four Honda Accords and one Civic to finally get me to decide to not buy Hondas any more. All of the Accords (years 1968, 1988, 1990 and 2000) have had major problems, and the Civic nickled and dimed me to death. My current 2000 Accord V6 developed transmission problems within one week after purchase. I did not buy the extended warranty because it took every penny I had to buy the car. The Honda Dealership I bought it from said there's nothing they can do because I bought the car "As Is." Now, I can't drive it, and need to save over $2000 to have the transmission rebuilt. I know some have great Honda stories, but mine are nightmares.

By annachen239 on August 11 @ 9:11 pm
It's a great daily commuter
I bought this car when it was on sale in 2000 it is very realiable but the seats are really uncomfortable and there is a a lot of wind noise and when you are going up hill there is no power at all

By aimgargiulo on March 15 @ 9:04 pm
I purchased my 2000 Honda with 133,000 miles from a man who commuted about 100 miles round trip to work. He took really good care of it, and I purchased it for a steal price of $3,300. Three years later, I have a 150 mile round trip commute to school, and she's up to 216,000 miles with no signs of slowing down! It's passed inspection every time (I do regular maintenance), and it's never left me stranded at all except for when the clutch master cylinder went at 200,000-ish miles... but am I really going to complain about that?! I just get in and go with nothing but gas and a monthly oil change... it's also a beast in the snow with studded snow tires! What more could a northern commuter want?

By albertjohnn on January 20 @ 7:47 am
My First Honda.. made me to buy two more Hondas
I bought this baby in 2005 for $10K when it was on 35K miles. Never had any problem. Only regular oil changes and maintenance. Changed timing belt at 90K and now its ready for 120K servicing. Have been getting an average of 25MPG. This car made me to buy two more Honda cars. Very reliable beast to depend on.

By kovacic_frank on May 17 @ 3:59 am
Big Upgrade from my 2001 Sebring
Ive had the car for about a week now after going through tooth and nail failure with the 2001 Chryslar Sebring. The seats are very comfortable in the EX and the controls make sense where their placed. The back bar in the seat for extra support where you need it is great and the handling is very smooth if you drive considerate. My car has 140k miles on it when i got it and some where and tear are showing with the looseness of the accelerator, and the dashboard lights are flickering on and off from time to time. Gas is alright but im not getting what I thought id get from a Honda. Still a much bigger upgrade from other Sedans of that era. Also no Transmissions issues so far unlike 2002s.

By yori2929 on July 10 @ 10:55 pm
Love my baby!
I bought my 2000 Honda Accord Coupe from an auction dealer. Within a couple of months, the transmission become faulty. I figured I'd still use my car till the transmission gave in. I even took him to the Honda service center near my home and they immediately diagnosed the transmission giving it 6 months worth of use. Here I am, over a year after Honda diagnosed the death of my Accord and he's still running. No check engine light or anything related. I do take care of him and don't abuse it by sticking the pedal to the floor, though in Georgia it is known to go way higher than the speed limit. Can't say enough great things about my baby Accord. Still very dependable being a 14 yr old car.

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