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1998 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 1998

Honda redesigns its best-seller for 1998. A 3.0-liter V6 engine makes its debut in LX V6 and EX V6 models, marking the first six-cylinder VTEC in the Honda lineup. The standard 2.3-liter four-cylinder is also re-engineered, as is the chassis. The 1998 Honda Accord is also larger, and the interior boasts more room inside.


Good build-quality, spacious interior, peppy engine, and comfortable seats. We call it intelligent engineering.


Popularity. Bad guys steal them.

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By rlb on September 30 @ 10:06 pm
Great Car
This is the best auto I have owned over the last 25 years. I never have any concerns for my safety or for that of my sons. It is fun to drive, handles well, and gets great gas mileage.

By Vladik on August 18 @ 6:10 pm
the accord
it's a good car it's drives good and it's better then nissan altima

By Jgirlallen on August 8 @ 3:00 am
It was worth the wait!
Finally, after 20 years I own a Honda Accord. I owned a Civic, purchased new and had for 6 yrs. Great car. Thought I needed a big car and went to a Park Ave., boy was that a mistake. So after owning a 1994 Park, for 2 years, I found my dream car. A 1998 Honda Accord LX V6 Sedan. Black with fin. What a beauty. I love my Honda!!! Such classy styling and handles like a dream. The V6 gives me the power to manuver well on the highway. If you ever wanted a Honda, the Accord has my vote.

By Honda Owner on July 4 @ 3:00 am
98 EX V6 Coupe
After test driving this car, we fell in love with it. After 110,000 we still love it.

By Vegas34 on September 20 @ 3:00 am
This is my 6th Honda, what a car!
This is my 6th Honda and we've had nothing but good luck with them. This car is as safe and reliable as you can get. I firmly believe these are the best cars for the money. If you can't quite afford one, I recommend going with a Civic. They are smaller and not quite as smooth, but still great cars. I had an 89 Accord that had 210,000 miles on it with no major problems ever when I sold it to my cousin. I was also in a bad head-on collision in my 97 Accord and survived with minor scratches. I'll buy nothing but Honda.

By Mat on March 13 @ 3:00 am
Accord V6 Ex Coupe
This car is for surely on of the hottest cars out on the road. It has the performance to wow, and the look to turn some heads. This is deffinently one of the best cars I have every owned.

By Amber on December 7 @ 3:00 am
I bought this car with 11 miles on it, and have never ever had to replace anything save the brakes, a few sets of tires and the oil and air filters. MOST EXCELLENT CAR! The inside is amazingly roomy and the exterior is pleasing to the eye. My only complaint is that the paint jobs on Hondas in general since 1994 have gotten rather thin and this is painfully obvious on my 98.

By rx7guy on November 2 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!
This is the most reliable car I have owned. It is stunning on the road, and is only slightly underpowered. The engine is great, but I would love to have a manual trans with it instead of the mandated auto with the V6.

By angelcake73 on July 30 @ 11:00 am
Fantastic Car!!!
You can't ask for a better vehicle, especially for those like me whose primary concern was the pricing. I bought this used last year, the dealership was wonderfully helpful, no- pressure, and I have thoroughly enjoyed driving this car since. The Accord has a great design, very comfortable, and extremely reliable mechanically. I will probably never drive anything else except Hondas, based on my experience with this car and with the dealership.

By MNMan on April 7 @ 11:00 am
I feel for who I sell this to.
I loved my Accord when I bought it. I paid cash after saving throughout college. Then I had to replace the transmission, Desert Honda in Las Vegas where I bought it failed to replace the fluid when the scheduled maintenance said it was due. At 65,000 miles the transmission was shot and American Honda did not help nor did Desert Honda. I have gone through a catalytic converter, rack and pinion, new steering column and a new starter. None of it with the help of Honda. I will never buy another.

By Gary Chester on July 2 @ 11:00 am
Chess 3456
The Hondoa Accord can fit 5 people in it comfortably. This is my third Honda and I've never had any problems, only normal M & R. Hoping the 2003 version is a winner, so I can look forward to another Accord in the future.If you want to buy a 1998 Hondoa Acord the price should be between 13K-16K.

By DJ on May 28 @ 11:00 am
Good Car
I've driven Honda since 1979 and have put over 200,000 miles on all 5 I've owned. This car is by far better refined than ever before. However, I have had some small problems the check engine light related to the new in 98' LEV emissions. I have 91,000 on this one and am going for 300,000. There is no doubt it will make it. It runs the same as the day I bought it.

By Daniel Beck on November 17 @ 11:00 am
Great car.. very reliable

By Hondarella on October 13 @ 11:00 am
My third Honda
I have had 2 Preludes and thought I would upgrade to an Accord. I was much happier with the Preludes. The leather seats in the Accord are so thin and unsupportive. The engine is slow on the uptake, but once you get it out on the interstate that is where it shines. Overall, I wouldn't buy another Accord, maybe if they add cushioning to the seats and make the interior and exterior a little more interesting. It is very reliable, I have had it over three years and no repair bills yet.

By ryoverde on August 21 @ 11:00 am
'98 Accord LX 4-Door 5-spd Manual
This is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned, the most reliable, plenty of pep, much more than expected, and the dealership is still a pleasure to work with even out-of-warranty. My biggest complaint ever was the sunglasses storage spring broke. Dealership replaced whole *console*, not just spring. Two repairs on master brake cylinder from Honda voluntary recalls, handled by dealership along with other routine maintenance without even having to ask. Planning to drive the car to "death", should be a long while then look into another. Wish I had bought one years ago; they are a tad expensive, but well worth it!

By Psalministry on September 14 @ 11:00 am
Car of my dreams
This car was my first pick. I am a manual transmission lover. I got rid of my 1995 Nissan Sentra, and went looking. I wanted a Honda, and I wanted it the way I wanted it... and EX, with power everything. I took it home to my wife to show it to her, and she liked it a lot. I then started looking at 2002's but could not get one with the right monthly payment without LEASING (to me glorified RENTING). So I then settled on the 1998, and boy am I happy! In fact, when we go anywhere together, we drive my car! Good on gas, drives smooth, quiet and is a classy vehicle!

By Nonoy on December 1 @ 11:00 am
One leads to another
Honda Accord 6 cylinder is very reliable. @94K miles in 4 years, it never had any problem. Never had a wheel alighnment either. It's sturdy and firm. Overall driving was enjoyable. Fast and easy to handle. I had a Civic before which I used for 10 years. Upgraded to an Accord 6th cylinder and it seems it would last forever.

By Hondalover on May 7 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Car
This is my 2 Accord and I love it. Looks great, fantastic interior. Seats are really comfortable - like a luxury car. Perfect instrument panel. Reliable and great gas mileage. I have a 5-speed and love it. Feels like I'm driving a sports car (the 3 kids in the back give me away though).

By Owner on October 28 @ 11:00 am
ok family car
If you're looking for a no frills, good family car, good mileage and reliability, then this is your car.

By WhyNot on September 22 @ 11:00 am
After owning my trouble-free 98 Accord for almost 4 years, and in the market for a 2nd vehicle, I tried to make myself buy something other than a Honda; once I did the pro's and con's of the Accord with everything else out there-when price, value, performance, and comfort do matter-it's still the best thing going. The 4 banger is quick, surprisingly roomy-both front and rear for my 50 something, 6'2" body. Result, there is absolutely no good reason not to buy this car. Honda makes the best, most balanced, family, fun car in the world. Check the data. Why? Why Not?

By Manu on September 5 @ 11:00 am
Tight ride
I bought this v6 coupe last month. I am very happy with it. Rides like a dream. No problems so far and it seems like I just got it out of the dealership. I would totally recommend this vehicle

By Janice Govostes on June 1 @ 11:00 am
Engine light comes off and on all the time have taken it several times back to the dealer and they put it on the computer and nothing is wrong light goes out for a while and back on againe

By Tonisia on February 25 @ 11:00 am
My Honda experience.
The car has been great for me. It's good on fuel and it rides nice on the road. In additon, because the car is roomy inside, all 5 passages can fit comfortable and there are cup holders in the back for the passengers.

By Shortalishus on November 22 @ 11:00 am
I Love my first car!!
I just bought my very first car, a Honda Accord Ex Coupe, and I am in love with it!!!! Accords have always been my favorite car, and now that I finally have one, I love them even more. When I went to look at cars, at first I was skeptical to buy my car because of the high milage (78,000 on a '98). But the engine was immaculate, and the car looks brand new. I love it, and i recommend it to anyone.

By handler on January 21 @ 11:00 am
Pretty Nice Car!!!
I bought my Accord used with 60,000mi I like it alot. Only if it had a manual tranny, I would love it. I think Honda should decide if they want sport or luxery, or a little more of both would be nice.

By babc on July 13 @ 11:00 am
WS Honda
This car has had excellent care, has leather interior,compact disc player,automatic windows, door and dual airbags. Anti lock brakes,brand new tires all around.

By lawly on September 29 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!!!
This is a great car if you want reliabilty and style. After numerous months of research I settled on the Accord EX V6 coupe. I bought it used with 38K on it and never had a problem. It gives a smooth ride with large trunk space. The only drawback is the seats. After sitting in the seat for about 3hrs, it gets a bit unconfortable particularly the driver seat. I also wish it had a bit more torque for the faster acceleration.

By nutty-1 on August 26 @ 11:00 am
Hondas Rule!
I bought my 98 Accord after my 92 with 100M miles was totalled (also had a 87 CRX which I traded for my first Accord). It really didn't feel like the same quality from the start (i.e. noisy engine, air conditioner) but it is still super reliable, quality transportation. Became a bit small with two children and car seats but I'm fearful whatever I get to replace it will never measure up.

By joebob on August 8 @ 11:00 am
I love this car
owned this car 4 and a half years 94,542 miles later still like new. giving to my daughter. it will be her first car. Oh and by the way yes i bought another honda.

By dav-w on April 24 @ 11:00 am
Sporty, Smooth and Reliable
I bought my Accord new in '98 and have never regretted the purchase for a second. It is, undoubtedly, the most reliable car that I have ever owned, and is my third consecutive Honda. I now have over 75,000 miles on it and still have the original tires, brakes, clutch and exhaust. This car shines on the highway, with smooth power delivery, effortless passing and superb fuel economy. Opt for the manual transmission to get the best out of the 2.3L engine.

By Braindead on November 27 @ 11:00 am
Money's Worth...almost
Good value for money but perfomrance not upto expectations. I had a 90 Maxima before which had more comfortable seats and felt like it accelerated faster. Honda's controls are better placed though and it has better resale value for sure. Honda makes better cars - Nissan makes better engines

By barrola on May 19 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Buy
You won't go wrong with a honda. End of story

By daveral on February 13 @ 11:00 am
Great Car v6
This is a great car

By Mishuff on November 9 @ 11:00 am
Great Vehicle
The 1998 Honda Accord is a wonderful vehicle. I love mine and have had no problems with it. I bought it brand new in 1997 as a 1998 year model. It is maintenece free! The gas milage is great, as wel as the reliability, and it is fun to drive.

By ch on July 1 @ 11:00 am
Great car
Great resale, reliability and value. This car is fully equipped, and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the car.

By CH on July 1 @ 11:00 am
Great car
Great resale, reliability and value. This car is fully equipped, and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the car.

By Jabuitra on March 27 @ 11:00 am
Best Car Ever!!
I bought this car 4 and a half years ago and put 82,000 miles on it. Nothing ever broke on the car. Just oil, gas, and 15k miles interval service. This is by far the most reliable car in the industry. I installed an aftermarket Typhoon air intake system, which boosted the V6 engine's power by at least 10%. Changed original tires at 71,000 miles. Original brake pads (I actually took it to the dealer to have them replaced and the dealer told me they still have another 40,000 miles to go). Nothing breaks in this car!!!

By toni on January 22 @ 3:00 am
time to drive and look fine
I am very happy with my Accord. The fuel economy is very helpful at this time. With the right mind and the right money a person can truly make this car stand out. I can't wait to atach all the acessories, all the head will be turning then!! have fn driving!

By Mike Henley on June 9 @ 3:00 am
Loving My 1998 Honda Accord EX
I bought my white 1998 Honda Accord EX (leather) about a month ago and DAMN I love it. Bought it with 76,000 miles on it but the car is friggin' amazing. Its only a V-4 but it has some decent pickup for a V-4 Ill have to admit. Car rides great, smooth as ever. Trunk space is awesome, alloy wheels are hot looking, and white looks classy! Sunroof is a great feature, really love this car! My first car by the way and damn I love it. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles to make sure it lasts well past the 200,000 mile mark.

By Ralph Lawrence on June 17 @ 3:00 am
My Second Honda Accord
This is my second Honda Accord, having owned a 1985 Accord LX previously. This is an excellent car, and I plan to get another one in 2003. The only complaint, really, is the "pitch" of the steering wheel. It was slightly awkward in the 1985, and even with the tilt feature, still leaves something to be desired (Honda should check out the pivot tilt as used in General Motors cars). The "up and down" is not really a "tilt", just a height adjustment. Otherwise, I really prefer the Honda over any other car in its class.

By hanleybc on June 24 @ 3:00 am
Easy Decision
Hanles exceptionally well in the snow, we have two of these and we have never had any difficulty. Interior design is exceptional, large knobs and buttons are all at arms reach. Gas mileage is excellent, gets about 27 around town. The 4 cylinder is enough because this is a very light vehicle. Highly recommend.

By alias777 on June 6 @ 3:00 am
Best looking car w/ excellent performanc
This is the 4th Accord that I've owned. It's truly an awesome car that's reliable, fun, and awesome looking. You get the sporty look on the outside and a luxury feel on the inside.

By HappyHoustonOwner on March 2 @ 3:00 am
Great Car But Buy the Extended Warranty
My first brand new car and I love it! Have had it for 4 1/2 years and am still happy. I really like the way the car feels and handles. A little dissapointed at the reliablity. I have done not only the regular oil changes but all of the extra maintenace that is recommended, and I mean all. Thank God I bought the extended warranty as at 77000 miles the transmission had to be replaced! Was free with warranty but would have cost me $4700.00!!! Ouch!

By ejgarc on November 9 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
Good, solid economical car that has a little bit of everything. It has some sportiness to it, but can still carry 5 passengers comfortably, good on gas, but still has passing power on the highway.

By Shelly124 on July 9 @ 3:00 am
Where has all my oil gone?
I bought this car new summer 1998 because I drive a lot of miles. When it turned about 2 years old, I stated RUNNING OUT OF OIL! It's not leaking, it's not coming out the exhaust. I have taken it everywhere and nobody knows where the oil is going. Also, the 1998 and 1999 have EGR problems, and Honda wouldn't cover mine (or my Dad's 99) under the recall. They told me it needed replacing for 400.00, turns out an independent garage cleaned it for 65 and its fine. The other problem, lights keep going out on my dash. At night, I can't see the clock, mileage and half of my speedometer!

By FRANK on February 28 @ 3:00 am
bought used with only 25,000 mi.
Great car.Drives like a brand new one.Very quiet V6.Got lucky with the low miles.By the way its a Accord LX V6 sedan.

By E L Stair on March 8 @ 3:00 am
1998 Honda Accord EX with a Moon Roof
This is a fun car to drive, especially in the Spring and Fall. It is easy to maneuver, holds the road very nicely and is economical. Good for small families. Does not seat 5 adults comfortably. The center console takes up too much space. Leather seats would help seating and leaving. A quality automobile. Too close for a 6 footer in the driver's seat.

By smiles498 on November 14 @ 3:00 am
Great car
I'd always been a fan of the 4th gen. coupe's design. I bought my car used last year with 53,000 miles on it, which made me a little skeptical. But the car now has 71,000 miles and runs like a champ. It still looks great too on the inside and outside.

By Jeff Twoey on May 7 @ 3:00 am
98 Accord EX V-6
Well it's been 5 years now since I first purchased my Accord EX V-6 new! It now has 126,000 miles on it..I have done NOTHING to the car besides routine MX and the timing belt. There is really no change in the way it rides since new! I salute everyone who played a role in this cars production. Thanks Honda..I'm buying an 03 Accord

By jjyjj on October 28 @ 3:00 am
Good quality car in it's class
In general, after little over 5 years of purchase, I'm very satisfied with this car. The engine power is still there with no problems at all. Noises while driving is almost same as when first purchased. I was going to trade- in for another car when paid-off, but I decided to keep it for another couple of more years, then trade-in with another Honda or Acura.

By caballo on July 24 @ 3:00 am
1998 Honda Accord
excellent and economical car

By Kakashaka on June 18 @ 3:00 am
Love the car
Awesome car, everything you expect from a Honda. I drove it for almost 2 years and had absolutely no problems with it. Love everything about it. Gas millage was significantly noticed when upgraded from a 4 cylinder. The feel of the car when you drive a v6, was well worth it though.

By Rahooool on August 18 @ 3:00 am
Honda reliability on its way down
Honda's are supposed to be reliable but my Transmission got messed up somewhere in the 50K - Lucky I bought Extended Warranty. Engine runs smoothly but lacks power for a V6 (I guess im comparing it to my previous Nissan Maxima which was awesome until i sold it off at 186K). Interior is quite convenient and comfortable but im beginning to hear squeaky noises. External sounds are minimal though. Car looks decent - better than the bland Camry but not like the Passat. If I was 40 Id probably like this car but not at 25.

By James Bartels on April 9 @ 11:00 am
Love this car
Never had a problem with it. Wonderful. I've driven it for 3 years. Incredibly reliable.

By samuel jones on September 12 @ 11:00 am
I cant wait to get into my car everyday and drive < i dont know if you could ever feel to pure joy that i have when i start my engine. My car out gos and out prefoms every car that i have see and been in even the top of the line lux. car.

By Colin Higgins on April 17 @ 11:00 am
Very overrated
The car is difficult for me to get into because I am tall. The suspension is lousy, and it is very underpowered. Repairs include 1. 4 brake jobs (and I don't ride the breaks), including rotor replacement and drum replacement. The breaks are still lousy and the car shudders when breaking. 2. Doors out of alignment, causing alarm to go off and window to stick - even though the car has never been in an accident. 3. Car hesitates when changing gears, indicating a transmission problem. Car has 83k miles on it, but the whole reason for purchasing a Japanese car is to get better engine reliability -this is no better than a Ford Escort.

By Viking9950 on November 19 @ 11:00 am
1998 Honda EX Coupe
Bought new. Vehicle is better than what we expected. No troubles what so ever. The 4 cyl. engine has plenty of power, is an excellent preformer, great fuel mileage. Vehicle has been lowered, rear spoiler added. Still gets plenty of looks. The leather interior is great with the sunroof. Radio needs to be upgraded (only bad feature on car). All else is wounderful.

By Suzi on February 13 @ 11:00 am
Serious Transmission Problems
I have always been a Honda lover. However, with only 2 more car payments to go, the transmission began to slip severely, with only 70,000 miles. The problem only occurred when starting the car cold. After the engine warmed up, the transmission ran like a new car. The car is currently at the dealership, and they rebuilt the transmission which did not correct the problem. The 2000+ Accords had a cold- start transmission problem, and Honda offered extended transmission warranties, but this does not apply to my 98. I am very surprised and disappointed. I plan to get rid of the car as soon as the Honda dealership can figure out how to fix it!

By minster7 on May 2 @ 11:00 am
Car is basic, yet dependable and pretty much mechanically sound. Have had for 2.5 yrs and just done oil changes.

By Lindsay700 on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accord
The last four cars I have had were Hondas. You can not beat their reliability. Their interiors could be made a little more comfortable for those long trips. Overall there are a great car and they hold their value.

By chuck seccombe on May 27 @ 11:00 am
Excellent car with one exception
the car is great and fun to drive. Has great pick up. One chronic problem is that the check engine light came on at approx. 75,000 miles and have not been able to determine why.

By mjfoley on November 16 @ 11:00 am
I love this car!
My first car, and it is a gem. The only problems I have had so far is so- so gas mileage, but I live in the city, and a touchy battery terminal that resets my programmed radio stations, other than that the car has great pick up and is really fun to drive.

By regdawg30 on October 30 @ 11:00 am
Love my honda
Bought this car new in 1998 and have 70K miles and running. It has enough power and good handling to get me out of trouble. Maintenance has been reasonable and overall it has been the best value for the money. Only complaint is the paint is beginning to spot in couple of places.

By hoktaskbasdh on January 16 @ 11:00 am
Solid ride for a travelling salesman
Fantastic car. I bought used 45,000 miles on it. I crank the car 4-5 times a day and really beat on it. 2 years after purchase, the car now has 105,000 miles on it and overall I dont know of any other car maker that can match its long term durability (other than toyota) 86,000 miles had a EGR clog that there was a recall on but the dealer lied to me and never told me about it/tried to make me pay.I had to fight them on it to get them to cover it under the warranty. Hondas rule! Will keep car to 150K and then sell to a family member!

By freddiemac on October 12 @ 11:00 am
Simply the best bang for your buck!
Over 5 years now and absolutely zero problems (not that I expected any). Just change the gas, oil, and take it in for routine maintenance and it goes and goes. The steering seems just as tight as when it was new. and I really don't know what more you could ask for from a V4. The interior, exterior, and performance have not lost a beat from the day it rolled off the lot. I could not recommend another car more enthusiastically.

By Adam0331 on October 12 @ 11:00 am
A Benchmark
Bought it as a returned lease vehicle namely going off Honda's reputation and haven't been dissapointed. Other than fixing the front wheel bearings (previous owner abuse problem) the car has been 100%. Would like a more sporty version w/4 doors. Looking to upgrade to the Acura TL Type S.

By ace on February 10 @ 11:00 am
Always a Honda
Have never had a problem with a Honda. I have had four.

By bentley on October 20 @ 11:00 am
1998honda accord
i really enjoy my honda it's reliable and has a sporty look to it and it's comfort is wonderful.it in good shape gas mileage is good

By sitao on April 11 @ 11:00 am
Fun to drive
I bought mine 5 years ago and still have the power and reliability that comes from Honda. It still have enough gusto and fun to drive. Installed an AEM cold air intake and boosted power by almost 10%. One of the most reliable cars I've owned. I will keep mine for many years to come.

By heatherismad on January 31 @ 11:00 am
will never buy a Honda again
I have had more problems with this car than any I have ever had. I have already had to get a new transmission and now the EGR valve is clogged. It's one thing after the other. I should have gone Toyota!

By rdimler on January 31 @ 11:00 am
Best Car Ever!
This is my second Honda Accord and I will probably always drive one. It is the most economical, dependable and attractive car I've ever driven. The body is sleek and it handles very well. This car runs forever and is so economical on gas. Accessories are so varied, creative and cool it makes it easy to dress it up.

By Angelica on October 9 @ 11:00 am
Never Again
I bought a '98 Honda Accord LX a couple of years ago, had regular service to it and it was great up until recently. The air conditioning knobs on the dash break off easily, and also the catalytic converter went out. All before it even reached 100K on the odometer! When I had to take the car in to have the catalytic converter replaced, there were FOUR other Honda owners there, ALL of them were 1998 Accord LX models, and they all had the same problem w/ the catalytic converter. As a result, I'm having to spend yet MORE money in repairs that should have otherwise not been an issue in such a reportedly reliable car. Will NOT buy a Honda Accord again.

By decliningquality? on July 5 @ 11:00 am
Locks and Transmission
My locks have been malfunctioning and I have not been able to resolve the issue. Also my automatic transmission will not always go into gear. Sometimes the button on the shifter will not allow me to push it. I have owned four Hondas and this is the only car I have not been absolutely thrilled with. Of course, this is the first one I purchased new and I paid up for it. Maybe that explains the problems...

By Thew60 on September 4 @ 11:00 am
Love it!
This is my third Accord. Can't beat Honda's reliability, quality. The ride is harsher than that of a Camry but a hell of a lot more fun to drive, and the seats are more comfortable.

By fenderkev on July 12 @ 11:00 am
Transmission Problems
At 69k miles my accord automatic tranny had to be rebuilt. I've heard alot of incidents of accord auto transmissions needing rebuilding at 50k-90k miles (98-2002)... thats why honda extended the transmission warranty for 2000-2002 (i didnt get so lucky.. if you talk to them right.. they might extend 98's - 99's). If you get this car.. you might want to *possibly* look into getting a tranny cooler as well. This applies to both i4's and v6's. Overall its a good car with a reliable motor :)

By marc132132 on January 2 @ 11:00 am
Best Car owned yet
I have owned many cars a 99 Grand Cherokee Larado which was horrible with gas, 98 monte Carlo, this Honda is by far the best car yet, got lucky with buying it with only 20,000 miles on it and put 50,000 miles on it in 2 years with no problems at all except for a dead battery due to stereo system, will buy another Honda when time comes

By tessa on January 2 @ 11:00 am
Boring, reliable car that MOOS
Good car, fun to drive, boring to look at, very reliable, but there is a mooing sound near the gas tank which has never been resolved. Every once in awhile, more often when it is hot, the car moos like it is relieving pressure. Very weird. Owned this car three years and have to sell for a minivan now. But won't consider the Odyssey because of the mooing.

By csmith6281 on January 2 @ 11:00 am
LX 4Dr, 5Spd
This is my 3rd LX 4Dr, 5Spd sedan, and the best one yet. (The other 2 are still in the family, and going strong) Honda gets incredible performance out of 4 cylinders, and the smooth, easy shifting clutch and trans make this car a ball to drive. Great handling under all conditions; never stuck in snow in New England winters. Loads of room, comfortable for 5 adults.

By HondaCoupe on March 21 @ 11:00 am
Good Car
Good Car, Great Style, Very Reliable

By Milford Bob on March 29 @ 11:00 am
Not quite as good as I'd expected
Bought it new and now have 94K on it. I figured it would be trouble free for at least 100K miles. Had to replace both rear wheel bearings. Check engine soon light has been going off and on for the last 40K miles (after having been fixed by dealer at 35K. Wind noise is more than it should be, but overall has been a good car. Too bad I see dozens just like it every day!

By chiffon on March 29 @ 11:00 am
it's been sure pleasure

By housencarnut on December 6 @ 11:00 am
Reliability with minor complaints
Bought car based on reputation of quality/reliability. Past 2 cars were Toyotas. Although not Toyota quality, was pleased with look of interior. Woodgrain dash applique, wood/leather steering wheel and after market white face gauges dress up interior. Added Honda fog lights, trunk lid chrome strip and stainless exhaust tips at half cost of dealer when purchased online. Biggest complaint: durability of paint. When purchased paint was glossy and 22 months later roof and hood have foggy white spots, spreading at alarming rate. Also after washing and drying with 100% cotton towel, paint looks "scratched". Have to wax to remove these EVERY TIME!

By ricepilof on March 18 @ 11:00 am
98 Accord EX Sedan
Excellent car, I haven't had any problems with this car, highly recommended.

By seahag7624 on June 12 @ 3:00 am
Awesome Car
I love my Honda. This is the most awesome car I have ever owned. We also have a 4door Camry of the same year which rivals the Honda in comfort but the Honda outweighs it in engine torque, body style and it is so fun to drive. The V6 really gets up and goes at the slightest touch. I don't have anything negative to say about this car. You can't go wrong with this one.

By nanj on December 2 @ 3:00 am
oh god the warranty has expired
under warranty, 2 steering racks replaced before 25k, trans failed at 65k (honda covered unit, I paid for labor$650), paint failed(very faded) Honda dealer offered 50% at their shop left $1250 for me to pay, car has never left me stranded, interior in great shape, overall pleased but very nervous, unsure if will ever buy another

By frpa on January 14 @ 3:00 am
Honda v6 1998
What an excellect car!

By mariceleste on July 6 @ 3:00 am
these cars are awesome
I bought my Honda Accord EX Sedan last August (2002) and I haven't even thought about regretting it since! Because of the fact that Honda's only change their models every 5 years (except for a few minor details that only an owner would notice), and because they age beautifully, my car could easily pass (and has!) for a 2002. Also, it is highly maneuverable and very fuel efficient- it'll be up at around 145-150 (not that I would know) without breaking a sweat. It's truly a beautiful machine, inside and out, and I would recommend one to anybody!

By Ken Johnston on April 2 @ 3:00 am
1998 Honda Accord LX 4cyl
We bought our car right after the early 1998 Automatic transmission recall. We have had no non-maintenance issues with the car outside of some correction needed for the window door seals. Gas milage has been good but the new Accord model is even better. The 4 cylinder is perfectly adequate for most situations and the car has a better weight ratio.

By TMD on July 31 @ 3:00 am
1998 Accord EX V6 Coupe
Honda should have had the manual transmission produced in the year V6 coupe. I would have rated it a 10 for "fun to drive" then. No issues with it. I did have to take it to the dealer at about 65k miles when the check engine light came on. Free-of- charge, the Honda dealership reprogrammed the EGR system (exhaust gas recirc) and the light hasn't came on since. .

By hondolay on September 13 @ 3:00 am
Good but not great
I've had 3 recalls and six additional items go wrong with this car in five years/50,000 miles - since it was new - a record for any car I've owned in the last 35 years. Service never could get the sunroof to quit rattling (not one of the items I refer to above). I'm tired of camping out at the Dealers. The seats are too hard and my butt hurts after a couple of hours of driving - sometimes after 1/2 hour. Insurance it surprisingly pricey for this car. Rock solid engine. Rock solid suspension. Decent handling but it's no sportscar - see S2000. Good fuel economy. Why do headlights need to fail after five years?

By wlk on November 30 @ 3:00 am
Transmission problems
At 56000 miles the transmission is slipping when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. The check engine light will come on with a code indicating the transmission has a fault. Seems to be a design problem that Honda admitted to in 2000-2002 but not 1998 and 1999. Don't buy one unless you get the transmission checked out. The cost for a new transmission id $4000!!! Ouch!!! I am trading mine in. Hopefully none of the readers will buy it!!! The Odessey with the V6 is having the same problem. I was at the dealer getting mine evaluate and someone was there with the same oriblem on her Odessey.

By angelcake on May 4 @ 3:00 am
Souring On This Model
Loved this car until it hit about 80K miles, had to spend almost $2000 in emissions repairs, the "check engine light" still comes off and on, fuel injection problems, acceleration problems, had the catalytic converter replaced to the tune of $650.00 and to top it all off, both of the heating/AC knobs broke off. I am not hard on cars at all, so there should have been no reason for this. Several other owners of the '98 Accord LX have had the same problems. Probably will not buy another Accord after this.

By SadWithHonda on May 11 @ 3:00 am
Sad with my Honda
Automatic transmission rebuilt at 95,350. I'm so disappointed in my Honda. Bought it for reliability, find that it's always run rough and had repeated annoying problems (ie musty smells in AC/Heating, occational water leaks, leaking sunroof) My previous car, a nissan, served me better and have much tighter fit and finish. No more Hondas for me

By JMV on July 11 @ 3:00 am
Honda's the way to go
I bought my Honda Accord new and now have 83,000+ miles on it. It is a fun car to drive, comfortable on long trips or around town. Only maintenance reqired has been routine service checks, some brake work and a new battery after 80,000 miles. In town mileage is about 18 and highway can get up to 30 mpg. Only complaints are wind noise and squeaky moon roof that the dealer just can't quite get a handle on. I intend to keep it until it can roll no more and then will buy another Honda.

By maintenance on July 18 @ 3:00 am
found that actual ownership experience is the best opinions from all The Ultimate she drives great and is very dependable!! The seats are comfortable and you do not realy need the sunroof. Erganomics are superb and you should go out and get one!!

By TomA on March 8 @ 3:00 am
One Problem
I bought thisw car in mint condition with 28K miles. It performed we4ll and has been well cared for too, however, the transmission has been slipping and acting quirky lately and the value has not held up. I paid a fair (below market) price, put a few thousand down and bought a 100K warranty and the car has a thousand less value than whats owed on it. With the transmission acting up (I heard that this has been a problem with the Accords) I am trading in on a 2002 low-mileage Nissan Altima.

By Super Fry on June 20 @ 3:00 am
Best Car
I just recently bought my Accord. This is my second Honda and I cannot think about buying any other kind. Mine is a 1998 with 72k miles but it runs wonderful. I have not had any problems with the car. It is so comfortable for long drives and is very fast for a 4 cyclinder. I am thoroughly impressed. The wind noise is more than I expected.

By jkramer287 on June 2 @ 3:00 am
Wonderfully pleasant car
I bought this car with 98k miles, and there are no apparent problems so far. Very pleasant highway ride and quietness. Steering is very precise and acceleration is very rivoting. It has a very comfortable back seat and pretty comfortable front seats. Large trunk... everything you could need, why pay more for a fancy name when you get all the luxury features here!

By localkid on April 28 @ 3:00 am
My honda is a lemon
What ever happen to Honda's reputation for reliable engines. My diffuculties include engine shut off constantly as I approach a red light. I took my current Honda to a dealer to figure out what was wrong and they explained to me that it was due to a sensor canister (whatever I'm not a mechanic) so I got it fixed and a couple of months later the same problem appeared - engine shut off. Second, are minor issues such as the winshield wiper blades nut or screw whatever the thing is every so often becomes lose and I've had to tighten it a couple of times.

By RGX on April 10 @ 3:00 am
Good Car
This is a really good car. Great driving experience when all is said and done and it has almost 200,000 miles on it now with only about 1,500 dollars worth of maintenance done.

By browneyedgurl on December 26 @ 11:00 am
1998 Accord LX4Dr.
I bought this car only because it came highly recommended by friends and family. I bought the manual 4cyl. and let me tell you, my car still spanks the sportier cars off the red lights! AND, i get to pass them at the gas stations. Our family took ours 2500 miles to Yellowstone last summer, and it had plenty of room for all of us. I wouldn't recommend trying to sleep 4 all night in it. (long story...family trip during Sturgis with no hotel reservations) But the Accord pulled through just fine. And let me tell you, the only thing i will trade this Honda Accord in for.....another Honda Accord!

By timp on March 14 @ 11:00 am
Multiple Major Mechanical Problems
The first five years of ownership were exactly what I expected from a Honda. Very reliable. However, in the last 11 months I've had to replace both the transmission and the engine totaling over $6k in repairs. The selling dealer is the same as the servicing and I have maticulous service records. In both major repair cases neither Honda or the dealer have helped other then stating the major failures were extremely rare. A lot of good that did me. After driving Honda's for the last 12 years, this may be my last!

By Bilyum on January 3 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accord Take #2
This is my second Honda Accord. Excellent quality! I would recomend anyone to at least drive one. Very minimal problems.

By oogster on September 12 @ 11:00 am
Really fun car to drive and be in
First I test drove a 98 Nissan Altima and was quite impressed with it. However as soon as I got to the Honda Dealer and sat in this car I knew that this was the car that I wanted to get. I really love the way the interior, dashboard is laid out in this car. It really does a lot to make the car feel very spacious. The car drives really well, the suspension system is amazing. My only gripes minor ones having to do with cheap climate control knobs falling off, clock and odometer backlight lamps burning out and making it hard to read the time and mileage.

By Mike the honda nut on March 4 @ 11:00 am
Fun, Practical Car
This car is a great. The V6 is very powerful. It shifts smoothly. The gas mileage is pretty good considering the engine (27 mpg on highway). I drive it a lot on long trips, and it is very comfortable to ride in. It has lots of leg room in the front seats and the back seat is not too bad considering it is a coupe. The trunk is quite large, and I'm able to throw golf clubs and a couple suitcases in there and still have room to spare. IF I ever replace this car, it would be with a newer accord V6.

By Charles Timmons on February 15 @ 11:00 am
Where do I start? I bought the car with 34K miles on it. THANK GOD I bought a 100K mile warranty! I bought the car b/c I'm in outside sales and drive a lot and need a reliable car. I've had numerous recalls, new transmission at 95K miles, new power steering pump, altanator, cateletic converter, and the list goes on. I'm car shopping now b/c I CANNOT spend anymore money or camp out at the dealership. DO NOT buy one without a 100K mile warranty to help with repairs.

By alrjwc on January 10 @ 11:00 am
Great value for your money
It's a great vehicle .. maintenance has been fair and reasonable.. will purchase another Honda/Acura auto.

By katyumi on September 1 @ 11:00 am
Great choice
Overall a great car. Intetior quality is outstanding, and it handles pretty soundly. The engine is quiet, but road noise on the highway is pronounced. The suspension isn't very good on cracked or bumpy pavement, but not as bad as many cars in the class. The seats in front are comfortable, but the rear seats aren't on long trips. Fuel economy is very respectable. No major problems as of yet.

By Walter Blackburn on July 28 @ 11:00 am
Best Car I Have Owned
Drove this car over 134,000 miles and have enjoyed the reliability and driving features in every aspect. Other than two flats this car has had only regular maintenance. Replaced belts and water pump at 105,000 miles and oxygen sensors just before that. Nothing else has been done except change oil about every 5,000 miles and put in gas. On fourth set of tires and lots of tread left on them. Several miles that do not show on speedometer were towed miles behind motor home.

By Jared Chesler on August 4 @ 11:00 am
two words: Best Buy!
This wonderful Accord handles well and is great in the snow even without AWD. Buy Honda.

By DJDaddy98 on December 3 @ 11:00 am
Runs Great!! Very, very reliable car!!! I love to drive it. It is very very comfortable.

By Kris Merkley on March 16 @ 11:00 am
stupid honda
3 months after purchase, the Alternator dies and takes the battery with it, acceptable. 2 months later, the transmission dies and we pay $3000 for a rebuilt, which was received about 3 months after going into the shop. Then, not too long after that, we notice the car shifting hard in the mornings, guess what? seals on the torque converter are hosed, another $800 for 3 ea. $1.50 seals. and then at about 95K, the catalytic converter fails, so, we replace that, and the o2 sensor stuck in it. and now, at 106K, the drivers side CV joint is popping when I turn right. I will never again buy a honda.

By MGZ on January 23 @ 11:00 am
Extremely Solid and good car
As my Accord will hit 120K miles soon, I have to admit it is better than all the American cars in this class that are 2004 models. It is agile, reliable, has good grip, and acclerates very well with the 5 speed manual. Fuel economy is excellent. The interior design and layout is flawless, though the exterior is a little boring.

By camille on October 8 @ 11:00 am
Transmission sucks
At 62,000 miles the transmission gave out, cost $1,300 to replace with another vtec, which after 15,000 gave out again. It has no take off speed and is dangerous to drive with an unreliable transmission. It neutralized in the middle of the high- way. Gas mileage sucks, wont buy anther one.

By jkzn on May 13 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
The best car I have ever owned in terms of reliability and build quality I just drove a new Taurus and my 6 year old Accord drives smoother and quieter.

By Monica on September 28 @ 11:00 am
Excellents across the board!
I love my Accord! Bought it used in 2003...all I've had to replace is the catalytic converter! Awesome vehicle! My aunt had an 89 for 15 years then fell in love with a 2004 model and traded it in! Great cars!

By khym on December 15 @ 11:00 am
Good but not Great
This is my first Honda. Previously I have owned Nissans, Mazdas and Volkswagens. The car is excellent interior room, big trunk, good acceleration and overall it is a good car -- not a great car. I have been somewhat disappointed by it's reliability. My previous cars were all more reliable. I have had several repairs and two recalls. Would I buy a Honda again -- probably. But I would look seriously at a Camry, a Mazda6, a Passat, a Maxima, and perhaps a 3-4 year old Lexus.

By Danmohiuddin on April 15 @ 11:00 am
Solid, reliable, inexpensive transport
This is my second Honda which I just bought used with 60K on it. If this Honda is anything like my first Honda (1990 CRX) then this Accord will be a gem to own and drive. Being in grad school I love the fact of the low maintenance and low cost to own. Regarding gas mileage this is easy on the pocket book and also peppy (5 speed) and fun as well. I have heard nothing but positive remarks from Honda owners and I am confident that this will be one of many Hondas I purchase over the course of my lifetime

By Don W. on May 27 @ 2:43 pm
First (Japanese Car) Honda Accord EX
I purchased this car in Dec 2004 with 69000 on it from the original owners. Happy so far. Good gas mileage andcomfortable ride. I have had to put an O2 sensor in it after 1 week of ownership. Something that you can't predict of going out. I will keep you informed of my feelings of the car.

By STLbill7982 on August 18 @ 9:20 am
Not as Reliabe as I thought
I purchased this '98 from my sister this September. I am disappointed with what I thought would be a reliable car. The car vibrates a lot at idle - it almost feels like a massage chair from the Sharper Image. The 'check engine' light never turns off, even though the dealer assured me nothing is wrong. The car is noisy relative to GM cars that I have owned in the past. The rims make contact with curbs before the tires do, and as a result the rims are very scratched. The engine has littel power - sometimes I feel like I could get out and run faster.

By ajc on October 28 @ 2:40 pm
Good Car with Some Problems
A previous posting here regarding the ERG system and the transmission led me to write this review. I also have experienced these problems and both were covered under warranty (7 year, 100,000 Limited Powertrain on the transmission). Honda knows about the these problems and will help on these items. They have extended the warranty on the ERG and will participate in the repairs on the transmission even after the warranty expires. I recommend taking the car to the dealership for diagnosis and then calling Honda customer service. All things considered, this has been a reliable car and fun to drive.

By Kyaw Naing on February 6 @ 4:36 am
Very Reliable Car
I've owned Honda Accords for 15 years and I'm on my 5th Accord. They all were good cars (except the very 1st 1979). I sold my 2nd Accord at 200K miles. The 98 Accord by far the best car. It has about 120K miles and has been very reliable. Still drives like new. There was no major mechanical problem so far. However, I had occasional check engine warnings mostly from a few bad oxygen sensors. I took those warnings seriously when the car was new. But lately, I just ignored them. To my surprise the warnings just disappeared by themselves. Just hoping that the car will quit on me soon so that I've an excuse to buy a new one. But seems like, it'll be another 10yrs for me to get a new car!

By KK on March 1 @ 5:40 am
My Honda
Great car, Boring. All I do is change the oil and meet maint. parameters. Strong runner, very reliable. 90k on brakes,, 85k on orig. tires. Looks and runs like new. Currently own 3 accords, 90,98 & 01. all great cars. Would I buy another "YES".

By mark-pa on August 2 @ 2:16 am
Great car- 110,000 miles and counting
Bought new summer 98 w/ 4 cyl w/ 5 spd manual. Had rear wheel bearings replaced at 37K; warranty covered. Replaced timing belt and water pump at 90K, battery at 105K - no problems, but preventative. New cat converter at 110,000. Beware- nearly a grand for this one. Overall, a very dependable, classy looking car at a reasonable price. Handles well with right tires. The 5 speed manual compensates for the lower powered 4 cyl engine. But 30+ mpg highway more than makes up for the lower power. Keep the oil changed regularly- it should run to 200k plus- know people who have done it.I bought based on Honda reputation, and would buy Honda again.

By lofosuad on August 20 @ 5:00 pm
Don't Buy Accord V6
On 4/16/98 I purchased my second Honda, an accord EX V6. On 2/12/99 I replaced the transmission computer, under warranty. On 5/19/00 there was a recall. At 100K after first engine tune-up, the alternator dies $275. A few weeks later the transmission goes out $3100, then the check engine light comes on, something about EGR valve $500. The check engine is back on again; all this on top of expensive maintenance costs. The car has 109K miles on it, I am thinking about selling it. My advice to you is don't buy the accord V6 at least not the 98-01 model it was designed to break down. My girl friend has similar problems with 98 LX

By Steven Mark on September 5 @ 3:56 am
The best car ever!
This car is wonderful. It has 101,000 miles and it still has the best pickup even with a v4 engine with 164 Horsepower and it has a very quiet engine except for a little road noise and a little bit of noise but nothing big at all. The ride is as good as an Acura and almost as good as a Toyota Avalon or a Toyota Camry. It is a better ride then the Mercury Grand Marquis or Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus or Focus. The Accord has the best seats, radio, and cd player

By big boy on August 9 @ 5:20 pm
It's Pretty Good
The car has good acceleration and handling. Automatic gear changes are a little harsh. Cruise control accelaration has too much response. The driver seat comfort needs improvement. Car looks good and has never left me stranded. The ERG device clogged several times which cost me but overall it's been a good car through 150,000 miles. No recurring problems aside from (3) ERG problems.

By Ed on May 29 @ 7:16 am
Comfortable / Reliable cruiser
Bought this car from my father in law with 80k miles on it. For the most part it has not failed to meet my high expectations for a Honda . I have had brake work and wheel bearings replaced, but that is expected in NY after 7 winters. Only other problem was a burned out alternator at 120k. Other than that, has never has a problem during the past 3 years, and I am hard on my cars. The odometer currently reads 132,000 and my goal is to hit 200k. I also own a 2004 accord, same model, and that is the only reason my ratings for this car are not higher. The newest model is a huge step forward in overall refinement. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong purchasing a honda.

By Honda4Life on January 14 @ 2:03 pm
World's greatest-150k and running
I am on my second Honda, over 150K. I had an 84 Accord in high school, and I know I would own a new one post graduation. I've driven Cadillac, Buick, Olds, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Nissan.... Dont compare, dont compete!! Love my Honda, plan to get SUV or Ridgeline in near future. Classy car for a single mom with boys. They cant wait to sport it. Honda, please give me more power, maybe a V8? Otherwise, LOVE LOVE LOVE my HONDA! replaced EGR valve and 2 motormounts, 2 recalls on ignition switch, and I still love it, glad I went with coupe instead of sedan (due to transmission issues I was warned of by Honda Technicians)

By CBaker on September 2 @ 11:46 am
Look for another car
Tranmission replaced at 56,000. Tranmission going out again at 85,000. This will be 2nd tranmission in under 100,000 miles. Not reliable. Failed emissions test the first year I had it due to recall. Poor Honda customer service. This car is a money pit.

By cl8855 on February 19 @ 10:30 am
Excellent choice
This was the first car I bought myself 7 years ago. Choices were things like the Nissan Maxima, Volkswagen Passat, Chevy Malibu and the Accord. Boy am I glad I chose this one. Reasons for purchase were #1 reliability, #2 fit and finish, #3 good pricing (cheaper than both Passat and Maxima). Over the years I have replaced only the tires and the brakes in 75000 miles. Not once have I had to bring it in to the shop for any reason other than standard maintenance. Plan on keeping this car for another 7 yrs/75000 miles for sure.

By Karl on October 13 @ 4:33 pm
This is my first Honda -- after owning a Nissan, Mazda and VW. I was expecting legendary reliability. Bought as a certified car with 40,000 miles on it. Now have 100,000. Not used to having things go wrong on the cars I own. Am probably spending in the neighborhood of $100 a month on repairs (seems like every 3-4 months it costs me about $300-$400). Probably won't buy a Honda again. My Nissans, Mazda's and VW's were much more reliable.

By Cheri on April 19 @ 2:03 am
Great Car!
Before my Honda I had two Chevy Berettas. They were money guzzlers (over $8000 not including purchase cost!). The only money I've put into my Accord was for sway bar link and bearings (about $60 total) and a starter (about $150). I'll be spending about $500 more in a few weeks when the 105,000 maintainance comes up, but to me it's well worth it. My Accord has always been reliable (I bought it used 3.5 years ago), cost efficient, and great on gas! (I laugh at those pulling up to the filling station in Suburbans and pickups :D). I'm completely sold in imports thanks to this car. Thanks Honda!

By JoJohn on January 22 @ 4:03 am
The car runs fantastic! I love it... the best 17th b-day gift I've recieved! Makes a difference when premium gas is used! That may have also something to do with the EGR clogs I've read about.

By jason803 on December 26 @ 10:13 am
Car Review
I bought this car in sept. 05 with 72K on it. So far i have had no real problems with the exception of the cd player keeps sayin P-EO to brand new cd's. the engine check light stays on a little longer than i like. Is this Normal?.. the paint is very easy to chip off took a chunk off with the nozzle at car wash.. Over all it has not let me down it took me cross country with no problems... It's a Honda ... Hope what say is true honda's last forever.

By Linda on June 1 @ 10:10 am
My first Honda was a Civic. Great car! This is my second Honda. Bad! I had to replace the transmission at 90,000 miles, and the catalytic converter also went out around the same time. In speaking with others who own this same car, everyone has had the same bad experience - transmission and catalytic converter. Of course, these problems happen when the car is no longer covered by warranty.

By Mike on October 10 @ 5:16 pm
Good car - Transmission Trouble
I have owned this car for 7 years. It is the second Accord I have owned, I also have a 1994. Overall this is a very good car. It was the first model year that the Honda increased the size of the vehicle. The car has been trouble free except for the transmission. At 75000 miles it started to slip between first and second gear. The dealer wanted over $4000 to fix it. My wife called Honda customer service and firmly complained. They extended the warranty on the later years. After just one call Honda covered the transmission cost. My cost $200. I was pleasantly surprised after 7 yrs they fixed it for $200.

By Christy Luper on November 26 @ 8:56 am
What Happened to Reliable Work?
I love Honda's. My first car was a 89' Accord, and I drove that car all over the U.S. and it never broke down on me. That car looked great, but it was getting really old, so I went for a newer Honda, and bought a 1998 Honda Accord, I love my car. It has everything I want in it. My only disapointment is the poor paint job. The paint is fading on the top of the car from sitting in the sun all day while I'm at work. Honda used to be the best quality car out there, but I am very disapointed in the cheap paint. But the car still runs great. but it will eventually look like a piece of junk, and that's really upsetting to me.

By Mike in Albany on December 16 @ 3:43 pm
A truly excellent car all the way around. Keep it maintained and you will be very, very pleased.

By Don W. on August 5 @ 2:50 am
15 Month Ownership
I have owned the car for 15 Months know and, so far OK. I really disappointed with the paint. The car is Silver in color and the paint is fading really bad on the roof, hood and trunk lid. If Honda knows this is a problem with paint they should fix the problem to keep there reputation. The transmission is starting to acting up, along with the brakes. The ABS doesn't seem to work and the front rotors are going to be replaced next week. I change my oil every 3500 miles and started noticing a low tapping with the car is started up in the morning. It also has a stick throttle when first started up, common problem with these cars. The car is really good on gas.

By SSK on February 7 @ 1:16 am
Had major problems
I was excited to purchase what I thought would be a reliable and great looking car, which also possessed an awesome Vtec engine. However, I was sadly mistaken. Gas meter broke around 10,000 miles and was fixed under warranty. Later engine was rewired free of charge due to potential fire hazards, according to the Dealership. Later I received a written notification that the engine switch had to be replaced due to complaints of stalling. Around 75,000 miles, the alternator had to be replaced along with the timing belt; air conditior also broke (friend has same problem). Finally, the transmission is almost completely broken.

By AAC on February 26 @ 5:10 pm
Styling still looks good in and out after all these years. Good handling car, though has excessive road noise that penetrates the cabin especially on rough surfaces, not a problem on our same year (98) Toyota Camry , also not as reliable so far with 98000 replaced egr sensor @ 62000, cat converter @ 80000, & just recently replaced cv joints, will soon trade for a Toyota

By Jarry Hames on February 10 @ 3:53 am
Great used car!
I purchased this car as a last minute decision. I had a new Pathfinder and decided that the SUV was not for me. I'd owned a '95 EX Coupe and was not happy with it. I swore that I would never purchase another Honda. So I needed a car fast and a used Accord was almost a no brainer. I've been very happy with this car. There have been some minor repair issues here and there. I keep it maintained and it has been good to me. I only wish that the car was better on gas. Otherwise, it has been an excellent used car! How often does anyone say that about a used car?

By Mitch on April 11 @ 6:10 am
Accord 98DX
My 98 Honda Accord DX has been a real treat to own and drive. It is economical to drive and maintenance is almost non-existant. I have had no problems with this car in 8 years of ownership. Tires, lube, oil and a change of belts attached to the engine are the only things I have had to attend to. The interior is well thought out and the instruments well placed. The exterior is stylish and nice to look at.

By SoCalFeeva on June 27 @ 3:23 pm
Great and reliable car !
I've kept up with the scheduled maintenance and have had NO major problems with this car. It's the most reliable car I've ever owned.

By jenni on September 13 @ 7:06 am
Great Car
Bought this car new and have been very pleased. It still looks great. Has only needed normal, routine maintenance until recently. Replaced cat converter at 100K miles and now need new struts at 101K. The only other frustrating mechanical problem is that one rear door no longer opens, and it will cost a lot to tear out the door panel to fix. Other than that, I would highly recommend purchasing this car!

By 98_ACCORD on April 17 @ 3:56 am
Good lil car
It really is a good car with 189,000 km on her.but wow what really really bad fuel mileage....only gettin about 18 mpg US in the city with it. (4spd auto).the car really hates the cold....the engine and the tranny..very sluggish until it warms up.

By Don W. on July 20 @ 10:13 am
27 Month of Ownership
Since owning the car, it has been reliable But know with 110K, it is starting to nickel and dime me. Both rear wheel hub assy $200.00, starter $200.00, and ignition key assy $150.00. Transmission is starting to act up. Normal maintenance, timing belt change at a cost of $450.00. both rear rotors and brake pads $175.00. It seems at 100K plus the reliability goes away and become just another average car. looking to trade off on BMW 3series or Toyota Camry.

By whatitis on September 19 @ 6:33 pm
V6 Auto Trans- 1998 - 2002
Bought this somewhat used, owned by a Honda mechanic. Read on MSNAutos that these had transmission problems, two coworkers with the same drivetrain had replaced trans as early as 65,000. Mine waited until 105K, then started slipping; trans shop in Torrance says they see these frequently, known problem. Not my first Accord, happy but for the trans, known point of failure on these. Honda should step up to the plate; Nissan fixed the fuel injection on my 10yr old Z, after admitting that it was a known problem.

By HollyH on March 18 @ 4:23 pm
Good Car
This is a good practical car. It has nice styling but nothing fancy. Great gas mileage, but it's a trade off for that great gas mileage it lacks speed and performance. I got a 4 cyl and really wished I had gotten a 6cyl. It's a great car for a mom with kids, or a college student. If you want wow and performance buy a BMW 330i.

By Rich on August 25 @ 1:30 pm
Best Car At Any Price - That'sThe Accord
Purchased this Accord EX V6 Leather sedan last year with 155,000 miles on it It looks and runs as new - flawless! Everything works (not exceptional for an Accord from my own experience). I swapped out the original audio system for one from a 2002 Accord, to have the 6-disc in dash CD changer and couldn't be happier. My first Accord V6, this engine is awesome - power, great gas mileage (22 city, 29-30 MPG highway), silky smooth and quiet. Transmission shifts are barely noticeable. A pleasure to own, fun to drive, and is equipped with every luxury feature makes it a joy. Interior is extremely roomy and comfortable. No car in any class is better or holds its value better.

By Lori on July 25 @ 4:20 am
Happy Honda owner
Love my Accord and will probably have more. But, the check engine light has been a nuisance. And, I was shocked to need a $2,700 new transmission at 143,000! Had EGR problems (at 31k, 71k, and 105k) which were under warranty; an evaporative system failure (at 54k) repaired for a small fee; and a new catalytic converter and something about the transmission (at 131k) for a heftier fee. When the transmission failed, I talked to American Honda about my disappointment in the reliability that I had so confidently bought into. Honda agreed to provide a new transmission for free, and I paid the $855 labor charge. This was fair in my opinion, and I’m back to being happy Honda owner.

By arthur on June 18 @ 4:10 am
Bought New
Had this car since new, now that they are older this car is not as comfortable or as quiet as the Camry, also had to repair this car more than the Toyota, great styling in and out but needs better reliability, also both service and parts cost more. I guess that's why the resale value is better than the Camry, owners have to spend more maintaining this car.

By HAPPYNVA on October 1 @ 5:10 am
Never lets me Down
I've had the car nearly three years and do a lot of driving. Other than routine maintenance, I've never had anything fail. Of course you always hear about the ones that have problems out on these reviews-you don't hear about all the ones that are perfect and there are many! Am hoping that this Honda keeps never letting me down as it has been a pleasure to own and still looks great!

By Troy on October 6 @ 12:26 am
Great car, even after a decade
Owned this car since it was brand new, and now almost 10 years later it still runs great! Has almost 240k and had no major repairs yet. I'm almost expecting something has to fail soon just because of the age and mileage, but it proves me wrong each day. If you want a great car that will take care of you if you take car of it, this is your car.

By P. on February 20 @ 5:43 pm
It's a Ford, not Honda.
I purchased new. For 9 years and 85K miles, I have had the following problems that were not covered by Honda: 1. CD player died at ~ 40K miles 2. Changed alternator at ~ 60K miles 3. Engine did not start on hot days. Stranded several times. Honda dealers could not fix this problem. An online article helped me to solve it by changing the main relay. 4. Not great fuel efficiency for Honda. I found out this is the problem with my car, 20 mpg highway and 15 mpg city.

By bug4 on July 25 @ 3:40 pm
All tear'd up!
Well, I'm not in tears, but, after 10 faithful years, I handed over my 98 LX Accord last month for a new 08 EX-L Accord. In 10 years of service and 150,000 miles, I had not one mechanical problem or breakdown! 3 sets of tires, regular maintenance and one set of struts was the extent of this car's "care." I never even had to replace the brake pads! It was getting 31 mpg and not burning a drop of oil when I let her go. Makes me wonder why I traded it in, or not. My new Accord is sweet!

By bw on July 31 @ 3:06 pm
Honest opinion
Overall a nice car. Value, style, driving experience are nice features. Gas mileage 19- 26 depending on tires and driving style. Throttle body sticks, transmission sometimes shifts poorly, alternator and pwr lock died at 72k.

By VA in GA on June 30 @ 8:00 am
I love this car
This has been an excellent vehicle and I'll probably replace it with another Honda. Repairs have been minimal and both the exterior and interior have held up quite well.

By ACCORD on July 20 @ 7:23 pm
I don't want to trade it.
Very reliable, 115,678 miles and counting. Cold a/c, passenger power lock needs repair.

By MidwestAccord on January 25 @ 12:50 pm
A love, hate relationship
Has been extremely reliable up until recently, but it has 193,000+ miles on it so I can't be too harsh. Before the clutch slave cylinder went out about 5,000 miles ago, it had never broken down. Still a pretty fast car for its size and still surprises many people that have never been in one. I wish Honda had kept the sportier looking Japanese design for the exterior, but the front still looks great.I added a different intake, which I highly recommend doing for the great sound and surprising performance gain.

By rholloman on September 25 @ 7:43 am
still holding up
This is a great car even after hitting 300,000 haven't had any major problems. The most expensive thing i had to replace was the Cadillac converter. It's very good on gas. I would buy any Honda car.

By Nic on August 2 @ 8:40 pm
Reliable and Fun
I bought my car used, at 100k miles five years ago. Since then my biggest expense has been a new transmission, but I attribute some of that to the first owner's treatment. My air conditioning went out at around 125k, but other than that, I have nothing but praise for this car. I know people who have 10yr old cars that are in the shop constantly. I still get compliments from people about it, them thinking it's brand new. The style is gorgeous and it's a nice bit of sportiness for a young single gal such as myself. Versatile, nice to take on pleasure trips due to the spaciousness and classy looking enough to take a client to lunch.

By WWII Flying Ace on December 30 @ 6:46 am
Great car-wish I could order a duplicate
Bought the car used with 7,000 miles. It now has 127k. Recall repair on ignition (never caused a problem) at 90k; New belts, hoses, timing belt, spark plugs at 100k ($700ish). Exterior rear driver's side door handle quit working at 105k--replaced this on my Civic once; will probably fix it if/when it's next in the shop, as I don't use the door too often. Working on fourth set of tires although the last two are low profile Nittos on 18" rims. Replaced front brake pads at 80k. A bit more road noise than I like due mainly to the aftermarket rims/tires. Change oil every 5k miles, adding a bit of Lucas Oil stabilizer--doesn't use a drop. Still gets 24-26mpg city; 27-31mpg hwy

By 1998Miles on December 28 @ 8:00 am
1998 EX V6 Accord 160,000
Purchased with in '01 at 52,000. Now 160,050. Broken/Replaced: alternator, EGR twice! That's the only mechanical failure. Shifts hard around 2nd gear, but has always done that. All mechanics have said there's nothing wrong. At 10 yrs old, it impresses friends and mechanics by its maintained appearance. Has held paint real well. Change oil and filter myself every 3k/3 months. I purchased OE spoiler and fog lights. Could do without the spoiler, but the fog lights are great. Come in handy. Very $$ though. Engine's still smooth and quiet. has driven between FL and Boston and all points between many times over years. Great travel car, from Key West to NC mountains to downtown Boston!

By mmlorusso on September 18 @ 6:50 pm
love it
Bought it used in 03 with 66K miles. I have 211K miles currently. Still runs strong. Replaced timing belt at 110K and replaced starter at 190K. Still have the original clutch on the 5 speed manual. Leather has stayed like new throughout car except for one small spot in the driver's seat. I drive it daily to work 500 miles per week. I can almost do it with a full tank since I average 485 miles per tank. I think I average about 31mpg. With current prices for regular gas in CT at $4.26 my only dilemma is: Should I trade it in for a newer one?

By jose Vargas on April 16 @ 7:10 pm
Reliable car
I purchased this car in 03 with about 70K miles on it.It now has 170K miles on it. I kept up with the maintenance on it like oil, spark plugs,air filter etc. I did have to replace the Radiator once at about 140K miles.I get about 400 miles to the tank on a 15 gallon tank (about 27 mpg). The torque converter clutch just went out, may need some transmission work, it just starting to slip once in a while. I'm debating on fixing it but I am having the new Honda fever! Overall, I am very very very satisfied with this car. I also have a 2004 Honda Accord lx (wife's car), it's even sweeter than the 98

By SAD on December 1 @ 12:56 pm
Recap to earlier review. Approx 82k and even though maintained well. It's needed alt., vtec valve and pwr door actuator. Car still looks nice except for corroding wheels. Major problem has been the trans which started shifting bad at 18k and gets worse every year. Sad sad sad. I've notified Honda about trans and they claim they'll help me

By donovan reddin on November 2 @ 11:53 pm
1998 Honda Accord 2dr v6 coupe
I love this car. All the guys in my car club love my car. It is by far the best version of the honda accord to date.

By Tom on May 25 @ 9:30 pm
Better than it looks
Purchased the car with 127,000 miles and now has 142,000 and the only problems were a failed cam sensor ($400) and corroded plug wires ($120). Not bad for its age and mileage. Have heard horror stories about Accord auto transmissions. Mine has been fine but doesn't shift smoothly and sometimes makes a really unnerving clunk. I've driven similar Accords with manual transmissions and the experience is much more rewarding. Four cylinder models seem to be more reliable than V6s. The six was all-new in '98 and had some kinks to work out, apparently. Both are terminally boring to drive so you might as well save gas and money with the four. A great transportation appliance, but kind of a sedate car

By martin james on September 7 @ 6:20 am
First car
I really enjoyed this car at first, after all it was my first. When we first bought it the dealer said that the transmission was just rebuilt, thinking nothing of it we purchased it. Needless to say I have had the car for a total of about 5 years now, and have rebuilt the tranny twice. First costing 1,500 and second costing 1,300. The car isn't even worth that much. So unfortunately I am trading it in. I have read that it was that specific year that the tranny can't handle the engine, but I have given up on it.

By Tman on July 7 @ 9:50 am
Awesome car
I bought this car at 90k and am at 129k now--no problems! I just changed the timing belt. Tran has always been smooth--I heard about probs with this tran early on and flushed out tran fluid (chgd 5 times) to dilute old fluid until fluid looked clean (1/3 of fluid stays in when chging, this is why I flushed it several times--may have been a good investment as still shifts like butter). I started using synthetic oil for 1st time and notice engine and for some reason even the trans runs even smoother--almost identical to a new vehicle! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this car--and is fun to drive, although more comfortable than fun--plenty torque at 85+ mph even with 4cyl.

By Karen on December 27 @ 8:46 am
191,000 looks and runs new
This was my first Honda and it has been the best value purchase I have made in 30 years. Alternator and timing belt changed at 93,000 miles, which is close to the regular scheduled maintenance, otherwise no mechanical issues. Red paint still looks fairly new. We own 2 BMW's and have had problems with starting in the cold weather, the Honda has always started in the coldest Maine weather. I still love to drive this car, no blind spots, comfortable. Reliability is the reason we keep this car even at 191,000 miles. Drive the BMW for luxury!

By Hobie on February 23 @ 3:56 am
First Honda
Best car ever owned. Powerful 4 cylinder, fast, fuel economy always 30-31 on highway at 75-80 mph. Nothing went out until 215,000 miles-- transaxle failed.

By razor225 on April 10 @ 2:50 pm
Biggest Mistake of my life
We must have bought the biggest lemon on the lot. 2wks after purchase spent 1500 on repairs. Should have knew something was up then. Needless to say I think we have spent over 6000 in repairs in 18 months. We just had to replace a ball joint and tie rod and front tire. These were brand new tires...this car is the biggest piece of JUNK ever made.

By Honda on December 20 @ 9:46 am
Hondas never quit
Our Honda Accord is the best car ever! We bought it with 148,000miles and it now has 182,000miles and still pulls strong. Interstate manners at 75+mph are great. It will take off from 75mph and easily hit 110mph with the 4-cylinder. I will not get rid of this car until it dies.

By New Honda Buyer on June 7 @ 11:46 pm
What a great car!
I bought this car with 112k on it. I wasn't even going to drive it because of the mileage. The suspension was responsive yet comfortable, Gas mileage is 22-27 on the 3 litre V6 and it has leather, wood grain, a moon roof, strut tower braces, way ahead of their time! It has 230,000 miles on it already. I love it, buy this car!

By Leo papagni on August 29 @ 6:30 pm
Just Out Gas In It!!!
Drove this car out of the show room in 1998. Besides for regular maintenance, I have only replaced the struts and catalytic converter. It still has original parts on the rest of the car. By far the most dependable car I have ever owned. It just went over 200,000. I am going to drive it until the wheels come off.

By Jason on April 2 @ 8:06 pm
Best car ever
Drives like a dream. Feels brand new, looks brand new, stylish. yet it is 12 years old and has 115k on it. Nothing breaks. Cant ask for more.

By Honda Fan on June 2 @ 5:30 pm
Honda Accord EXV6 Sedan
It's been a great car for us. Bought the car in 2000 with 24k miles. It has 153,000 now. V6 is fun to drive. Feels like a sports car. Only trouble is intake manifold clogging causing check engine light to keep coming on. There has been Honda service bulletins on this. Front tires seem to wear fast. Michelins are expensive to replace. Plan on keeping this car till it is to expensive to fix. I heard 1998-2002 Honda Accords had problems with their transmissions. We've had good luck here.

By Sanjay on March 12 @ 1:23 pm
Unhappy buyer
Worst car Ive ever had. Problem after problem pretty much right off the lot. Transmission, engine mounts, wheel bearings (twice), suspension. I've plowed so much money into this car it makes me want to cry and I still feel it will easily break down on me on the highway etc. This has been the worst used car buying experience in my life. Next time I will go to Ford - I hear they are topnotch now. I don not recommend this car or Honda to anyone.

By Neil on November 14 @ 5:23 pm
LX Coup w/ Spoiler
Bought this car pre-owned certified w/ 14k miles. Best car I have ever owned and sad to be selling at 140k. The design and handling of this car is excellent. I was in 3 accidents in this vehicle, two sideswipes at high speeds and in all cases this car performed excellently. Only 4 cylinders but pickup like an 8. Interior has to be one of best designed ever akin to 98 "luxury" models. Trans went at 75k out of warranty but after complaining, Honda picked up the cost of parts and I had to pay only for labor. Other than that, an ACE of a vehicle. Also, the 98 design w/spoiler is better than the 2010 coup design. Love this Car!!

By 1998 Honda Accord on November 4 @ 1:43 am
Miles of reliability
I bought my Accord right out of the show room in 98. I have a little under 300K miles and it never failed me. I am beginning to burn some oil and put in a quart every 1500 miles. Other than that, normal maintenance. Original tranny, motor, muffler. Starts in cold weather here in Boston, and had only to replace the o2 sensor about a year ago. I plan to keep driving her. I change oil every 3K and did all maintenance on her; I am planning on changing timing belt soon and maybe I can go well on my way to 400K miles.

By AccordFever on May 22 @ 7:43 am
Very Dependable and Durable
I bought this car June 2007 with 153,000 miles. I was nervous buying a car with this many miles but the engine ran so smoothly a went ahead and bought it. I've used this car to drive to school and to deliver pizza in for the last 2 3/4 years and is now has 237,000 miles. I personally love this car and there are a lot of vehicles i wouldn't trade for it if they only had 70,000 miles. Rides very smoothly and still feels athletic with the VTEC V6. Everyone thinks its a piece of junk because its plagued with the peeling paint but i just laugh it off when their nice and shiny cars break down. Even with the high mileage it's still the best car I've owned.

By Sold on Honda on January 22 @ 5:20 am
Love this car
We are getting ready to pass down my 1998 Honda Accord 4 door LX to my 17yr old son. This car has been very reliable and still looks great. Haven't had any problems and only needed routine maintenance. We are probably going to be replacing it with a new Civic Coupe. Going to miss my Accord but feel good about passing this on to my son because I have a piece of mind that he will be driving a very reliable car.

By vietgopher on April 4 @ 1:10 am
I love this car!
This is one of the best car from Honda. It is very reliable, easy to handle. Everything works although its a 12 years old car! All I have done to the car is oil changes, and tire rotation!

By Ryan on July 4 @ 9:53 pm
Awesome Car
I have always loved Hondas, this is my 5th and I could not be happier. The car has a some miles but I know that it still has many more in it. I am still getting 32+ MPG with over 200K and the car is amazingly reliable. The leather is a great addition as well as the power options. The stereo system is great for stock and these cars can move if you really need it to. If you stay up on your maintenance these cars will go forever! Everyone should own a Honda!

By Ed on November 18 @ 4:53 am
Transmission Problem
Bought this car in 98.Engine light came on at 80,000 miles, catalytic converter had to be replaced, cost over $800. Summer of 2005 the trans failed at about 134,000 miles. Took it to the Dealer (paramus), and the service guy referred me to a transmission place in Ramsey nj to rebuild the trans. They rebuilt the tran, cost $3200, gave me 15000 mile or a year warranty, car felt great, drove like a new car. 5 months later, trans started slipping. Took it back to the shop, by this time the 15,000 mile warranty had ran out. The guy claimed he replaced sensors, charged me again, $180, and said he needs to open the tran again, told him no, he said the car won't last 9 months. Same problem, 5 yrs now.

By Matthew on February 5 @ 9:16 pm
Transmission dooms this car
I bought my 1998 Accord EX V6 new. It is my third accord and I love Hondas. The car is now 11 years old and has 137K miles on it. It still drives like the day I bought it and almost looks it too. So with all that you'd think this is a great used car. NO NO NO. This generation Accord has been plagued with faulty transmissions. My first transmission failed at 69K miles and Honda claimed it was not part of the recall. I went to arbitration and got Honda to pay for half of the new transmission. Fast forward to June 2010 and 137K miles and the transmission fails AGAIN nearly 69K after the first. The dealer offered to pay 25% and I still paid $2500. Still did it as the car is otherwise terrific.

By Iceman on August 10 @ 8:53 am
Pleasantly surprised
Got this at 140000 miles and currently have almost 180,000. I've only had to replace the starter. I've only had American made cars and have had way more problems with them. I am pleasantly surprised and this vehicles reliability.

By randym on January 21 @ 4:43 am
Fun to Drive
Has been a great car for us. I have heard about the transmission problems with these model years. Our car has 162K miles and no problems. Guess we are blessed. Car is fun to drive. Passing it down to my teen twins to drive. Only problems was an intake manifold clogging that causes the check engine light to come on. It was a hassle to get that light off. replaced belt tensioner and alternator. no other problems. tires are a bit expensive for this model. Electronically everything works great. car body dents easily though. Plan on driving it to 300k or more.

By Sonic on July 28 @ 11:00 am
Honda Peaked with this car
IMO, this model is the apex of the accord. Excellent use of interior and trunk space, sensible but attractive design, good all around performance from the 150 hp 4. Well equipped and comfortable. Kids are getting too big to fit three across in the back, so need a larger car. only 103k and runs great. Paint bad, clear coat peeled, my only complaint. Expensive to repaint well, stay away from the forest green color. But i think Honda has gone downhill with the accord, making it larger, softer, and less attractive with each new iteration.

By sal on June 20 @ 11:00 am
Worst decision i ever made
i bought this car 1 week later the engine went out, the hood broke, the ignition switch went out, the distributor went, and the crank sensors, worst brakes ever, and lets not even begin with the transmission i highly advise anyone to not get this car

By jewels68 on August 26 @ 3:00 am
Love It
I bought this car with 36,000 miles on it 9 y/0. It now has 160,000. My car has all the upgrades, sunroof, leather, controls on steering wheel etc. Had to replace transmission 3 y/o for $2500 and just replaced the oil pan. Other than that no problems what so ever. It's fun to drive and love the way it looks. I have had no problems with my paint but it is white. Will keep it to pass on to my son.

By Accord Owner on July 3 @ 3:00 am
Accord EX-L 4-Cyl. 4-Door
Bought this car last Friday because my last Accord had been wrecked and totaled out by the insurance. And so far I absolutely love this car! It is way more nice than my car and it has every option possible! Upgraded sound, leather, auto trans., spoiler, chrome wheels, etc. And is amazing. Has been very well taken care of and I would recommend this car to everyone!

By dblynch90 on November 4 @ 2:47 am
++MPG, Reliable, Cheap repairs
I bought this car in 08 @ 132k miles. I still have the car today and it runs, drives, and looks just as good as it did the day i got it. I have been reading alot of posts saying that they have had engine, tranny, and paint issues, and i havnt experienced any of those issues (knock on wood). However, i do my oil changes, tranny and coolant flushes, and i wash my car every week to preserve the paint and underbody. If you take care of your car, it will treat your right in return. Definately would reccomend for college student and long commuters. Only thing i have ever had to fix was a CV shaft and wheel bearing, which ended up costing me less than $100 combined.

By gsschro2 on September 19 @ 8:29 pm
Solid Made Vanilla
I bought my Accord at 125K three years ago and am approaching 200K. I have not had any maintenance problems except for oil,filter, etc... It averages about 30-31 in the summer and 26-28 with winter fuel. I drive mostly highway and average about 70-75 mph. The car is unexciting but for its purpose (get me to work and back) I have not had anything better. I have the 4 cyl, which is better than most 6 cyl cars I have owned. Once again, as long as you don't plan on winning any races. The car is well behaved at highway speeds and comfortable. If you have ever owned a lemon, like I have then you know the value of a car that simply gets the job done!

By waled on September 8 @ 8:36 am
ACCORD'98 LXI after 250,000 Miles
bought this car on Feb 1998, still looks neat and flashy, the A/C is still fantastic although here in Saudi; the weather temperature can easily hit/exceed (120'F). Never made an accident, as result; the original paint is still shiny. I own a 2005 Volvo S80 T5 yet I still rely on the accord for long trips between cities. Engine+ automatic Transmission still original. My friend has a 2009 Accord 4/cyl Aut. and some how got in a drag race with him, surprisingly, my 98'accord stayed nose to nose till we hit 200KM/H (125M/H) which is good enough for me.

By mpb666 on November 13 @ 1:11 am
the perfect car
I bought my 98 accord in 2002. it had about 30,000 miles on it. was kept in great shape by previous owner..it is now december 2011 and i still own this great car. i am at 175,000 miles now with not 1 major problem in 10 years of owning it. still runs nice and smooth, quiet. i can trust and rely on this car to start and run great anytime. even in the dead of winter, will start up no problem. only thing ive ever had done major is replace the catalytic converter and starter. on my second set of brake pads in 10 years. i get 3 month oil changes and once a year maintenance checkup every year. im sure it would last another 10 years easy. great car, will miss it when i dont have it her anymore!

By pimpinpancakes on July 31 @ 2:05 pm
Great Reliable Car.
This car is great. It is the perfect size. Don't let it fool you because it is actually very roomy and has a large/tall trunk. Honda put a lot of thought into this car. Great first car. Safe also, I had a minor accident and it held up very well.

By cosmicbrownies on September 25 @ 12:04 pm
First Car
This car was handed down to me in 2009, although it's been in the family since 2001. It currently has 175k miles on it. Hoping for many more. Advantages: The build quality is fantastic. The power features still work like new, and everything in the interior has the feel of quality. Even the leather still looks nice. The car is very comfortable and stable on the highway. Steering is tight and suspension is firm. Also has a surprisingly huge trunk. Disadvantage: The notorious auto transmission. Was replaced around 110k, and if this one fails, it'll probably be the end of the car. That's a shame, cause otherwise it's been great to me. Just wish it had the manual trans instead.

By philsie1 on May 26 @ 11:56 am
One of the best cars ever made
Our '98 has 375,000 kms. We have had it for 7 yrs and love driving it. We have to retire it finally because of rusted out frame and gas tank from so much salt on the roads of Canada. We have done very little to it except to replace all the brake and gas lines, again due to rusting. Still gets excellent gas mileage( we were getting as much as 44 mpg). So if you have 175000 - 200000 kms on your car, don't give up hope, there's plenty left.

By sherrilee on June 9 @ 6:01 am
Fun to drive Honda Accord
This car is economical and fun to drive.

By jensters on March 2 @ 6:57 pm
Still going strong
I purchased car in '04 W/75,000 miles on it. I believe only 1 previous owner, they took great care of it. Knowing honda maintenance req. I immediately had timing belt changed, 6yrs or 100k miles (I think). I loved the car then and still love it now! My Avg. mpg is 24-26 (mostly hwy miles). I keep up on reg. maintenance. Heard stories of transmission probs but I haven't had any.@ 141k replaced rt fr axle,@ 155,000 miles replaced radiator. Other than those great engine. Paint is starting to wear and had to replace pass. Window motor around 2010 but as far as reliability I have no complaint, 16 yrs & going strong can't argue with that! Love my honda

By mikey281 on November 13 @ 10:46 am
This car is literally bullet proof
My mother bought this car new and I've had it for the past 3 years and 50k miles (190k total now). It has handled everything I could throw at it. Last summer we took it through 4000 miles of mexico and all the bumps and pot holes that that entailed. I even drove it through a river that washed out my road. It has only had standard maintenance done to it (fluids, timing belt tires) and a few other parts to replace some damage i caused when I went off the road (ball joint, new wheel) Someone even shot a gun into the hood and the support brace stopped the bullet so no damage was done to the engine! How's that for bullet proof!

By Kimyung on March 20 @ 2:37 pm
Worst Accord Ever according to my mechanic
I had this car some years ago, the V6 model was a bad one for them. I think they made the engine too big for the transmission or something like that. Beyond that, there were a bunch of electronic problems. I think the 98-02 model was just bad for the V6 automatics, I can't speak for the 4 cylinders.

By Jim on November 25 @ 6:58 am
lots of miles ... cheap transportation
Have 330K miles, bought in 2003 with 52k. I usually replace my car more frequently than this but the car is still really nice especially on trips. I practice hyper-mileage tricks and get significantly better gas economy ... record is 720 miles on a tank (but striving for that high is taxing). Simple tricks like turning car off at long traffic lights, etc will attain 36 ... speed is the enemy to good gas mileage. Problems are front half shafts, sway bar links, hydraulic clutch master cylinder, paint clear coat. I take the car cross country and back once a year and it is a fine long trip car.

By kate on December 6 @ 1:24 am
I am waiting for this damn thing to break down
It's nearly 20 years old and astoundingly reliable. It's also boring. AND I don't have any more tapes to play in it since that technology died long before the car. But it is strong, not rusting and just fine, thanks. I suspect I'd have to drive it off a cliff to get it to break.

By john brown on May 19 @ 12:42 pm
great car bad transmission
got this car since 2001 with 31000 miles at 104000 miles the tranny went

By RollTidE on October 1 @ 11:51 am
1998 LX 5 speeds 400650 miles still Running Strong
3 years 50,000 miles ,daily driving ,bought for 1500, spent around $1100 three years (catalytic converter ,CV joints,Clutch,breaks, etc ) .A/c still cold ,heat perfect,still runs between excellent and good. Only problem can't figure out motor oil and gear oil leaks .will drive it till half million miles (500,000). Wish Honda Motor Co help me out about this oil leaks , i will keep it forever.

By Nate on September 8 @ 10:42 am
w/ the 5 speed=perfect daily driver
Clear coat peel is a major problem with this particular year and model Honda, first year of water born clear coat as opposed to oil. Motor itself is bulletproof reliable, think AMC/Jeep 4.0, Ford 4.6, GM 3.8, etc. These motors are that rugged! Use a high quality oil/filter and change them every 5k miles and these things will literally run forever. Do yourself a favor for both drivings sake, as well as stated reliability, and find yourself one equipped with the 5 speed manual transmission. Currently at 214,000 miles and climbing on mine. Dollar for dollar you will not find a better daily driver. First year for the transponder key which is huge on these cars in terms of theft deterrent. My only gripe is the lack of leg room in the front seats for plus 6 footers, and the lack of availability of a V6/manual trans Sedan in this generation.

By Anna on November 17 @ 7:34 pm
Best caar evet
As long as u do all the required maintenance she will last ! My old besty will be 20 years old next year. I plan to drive her till she drops...

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