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1997 Honda Accord

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Changes to the ever-popular 1997 Honda Accord include the deletion of antilock brakes on the LX five-speed models and the discontinuation of the EX Coupes with leather. No other changes for the 1997 Accord.


Good build-quality, nice interior, peppy engine, and comfortable seats.


We don't like horn buttons, and we think the styling is a bit bland.

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By bernerjc on September 24 @ 9:26 pm
97 Accord Over-rated
97 Accord -not so reliable Lost trans. ($2400) due to a faulty trans. pump just after warranty (per mechanic-was a mfg defect) Honda did finally pay for 15% of repair 3 A/C repairs in last yr. $3650 of repairs in 45,500 mi $0.08 per mi repairs 27 MPG Worth $9500 now vs $18K new (not bad val. retention) Overall ownership cost incl purch. price minus curr. val., insurance, title, repairs, gas: $0.40/mi. (above $0.365 normal avg) well above my Civic's $0.31

By askhan65 on September 25 @ 12:13 pm
Get Honda get reliability
Hi This Honda is my Second Honda CAR. I had a 1988 Handa Accord and because of the nice experience, I got the secong Honda. Since I have bought it, I have enjoyed driving it. It never gave me any problems, very reliable and had a pleasure drive. Plenty of space in the trunk, in fact it amazed my LEXUS driving friend.

By kp on June 21 @ 10:10 am
I have never had a problem with this car. It just rolled over 80k and it still drives like new, very responsive. I've thought about getting a new car, but it's hard to leave such a great one behind.

By yadax3 on September 8 @ 8:50 pm
My 1997 Honda Accord SE
After 5 years and 105,000 miles I have only replaced the tires, battery and brake pads. My Accord SE has never had a break down.

By HondaValueSedan on March 6 @ 11:26 pm
honda utility, back and forth to work
I bought this vehicle for reliable transportation to and from work. The car has been very dependable. However, the car is low and light...as a result, I do not feel that safe. Now that I have children, I plan to upgrade and buy something more safe. However, my Honda has been great and I am looking for to a high residual value.

By THEPITSTEELERS on August 26 @ 10:43 pm

By JTHOMAS on July 9 @ 11:13 pm

By dreddy on October 26 @ 11:13 am
Bought with 9K miles after searching for 2 mo (5spd was hard to find). This is easily the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. Engine holding up well despite my frequent visits to redline and beyond. Fun to drive. Generally very happy with this car, but could use more power.

By tommyslo on January 24 @ 2:30 am
Great value car
This car has never given me any problems, is fun to drive, didn't cost much and had lots of options.

By sancarlos on November 12 @ 3:00 am
great ride
couldn't ask for more

By Robert Bloomquist on April 17 @ 3:00 am
1997 Honda Accord 4dr LX
Car is extremely reliable. I am 6'2" and I thought it was more suited for someone that was 5'9"-6'0". truck is roomy for this size car and it handles well in the snow. Very good car, we also own a Camry 1998 and I would pick the Honda over the Camry. I believe the Honda's construction is more sound than the Camry, the trim on the Camry seems less refined and much more chinsy.

By ladalang on December 25 @ 3:00 am
The Honda
This is a great vehicle. Very reliable. zippy when it needs to be. I really like it and it's great to drive on short trips. Long trips the left arm rest very uncomfortable.

By kaio on December 26 @ 11:00 am
Thank God I bought this car !!
Only maintenance and tire change over the past 3 years.

By mofisto on September 3 @ 11:00 am
So far I've only had to do routine maintenance. Everything seems to be holding up pretty good.

By leslie2 on May 30 @ 11:00 am
my 90 accord was a much better car
air conditioning system never worked correctly; after 5 years the dealership finally admitted it and fixed it; handles well on and off the highway my 90 EX was just a better car to drive I did hate those automatic seat belts and that is the only reason I sold it; my son is still driving the '90 with 160000 miles

By Rajesh on July 30 @ 11:00 am
Excellent car
Its a value for money car, very reliable

By MickC on June 7 @ 11:00 am
This is one reliable vehicle
This is the second Accord I have owned. The first was a '84 that I owned for 14 years; both vehicles have performed flawlessly. I have only spent money on maintenance and tinted windows. After 4 years I still haven't even bought new tires or replaced brake pads! I dropped in a K&N filter a couple of years ago and I get 27mpg/400 miles per tank city driving. I have waxed it one time recently and my neighbors told me that they were jealous.

By REL on December 5 @ 11:00 am
Sacrificing performance for reliability
As most Honda owners will agree, the Accord is about as close to "bulletproof" as it gets. Mine currently has a bit over 60,000 miles and all I have had to do is change out the original set of tires. What the car lacks in performance and styling, it clearly makes up in reliability and comfort.

By Byron on December 5 @ 11:00 am
1997 Honda Accord EX sedan
Car has been very dependable. No major problems. We have had 5 Honda's now and would certainly consider another. Cars look stylish for years and now that Honda has come out with custom wheels, you can personalize to your own style and personality.

By rma on January 17 @ 11:00 am
Best Deal and VERY Reliable
This car is my moms but I've prob. driven it more than she has. I have to say that this car is VERY reliable! We havent had to take it in ever since we got it...except this week the brakes started rattling but thats about it. Eventhough we spent a couple hours negotiating the price we ended up getting it at $500 over factory invoice! That was in May of 96...Honda's are the only cars we own at the moment

By crm on March 18 @ 11:00 am
Wolf in sheeps clothing!
I have owned my Accord from day 1, it has been trustworthy, reliable, and virtualy maintanence free! I recently decided to power up the underpowered motor with a turbo, and replace the suspension with polyurethane bushings, and coilovers. I now race it in autocross every week with 70,000 original miles on it! I wish I had realized it's potential earlier!

By rageous on September 7 @ 11:00 am
One enjoyable car!
I've enjoyed every minute of the last five years with my 97 Accord. It's fun to drive and very reliable. Only routine maintenance has been needed in the last 80,000 miles. This is also a very easy car to customize with thousands of available accessories on the market.

By cici on November 7 @ 11:00 am
forever honda
low mileage, great shape, one owner, maintenance kept up as scheduled

By jmc1946 on July 16 @ 11:00 am
Dependable auto, only problem which is common to Honda's is that the windshield fogs up easily, air conditioning/defogging is not the greatest.

By Liquidfender on June 11 @ 11:00 am
1997 Accord LX 5 Speed
I bought this car used with about 62,xxx miles on it. Now I only have about 66,xxx miles on it. But I have only owned it for a few months. This car lives up to its reputation and beyond that. Coupled with the 5 speed manual transmission, this car dips for a 2.3L. This car is fantastic for the everyday driver, fuel economy is great.

By miso on September 29 @ 11:00 am
Great car
I bought the 6 cylinder 97 Honda Accord back in Dec 97 as an exchange for a BMW 325 EX and I was very happy I did it. Not only it was more comfortable but also cheaper to maintain. The car was great I say was because they stole it 5 days ago and when the police found it it was destroy by the vandals who stole it. They killed a GREAT CAR Never had a problem with it i will certainly miss it. Now I will have to find another honda to replace it.

By gatorkat on December 16 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Car for the Money
I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is stylish, yet functional and economical. AWESOME GAS MILEAGE and the engine (2.2L, 4 cyl.)is pretty peppy. I have the EX-L and the interior is stylish without being too frilly, very spacious as well. No mechanical problems whatsoever, very sound car. Rides nicely too. Definitely recommend this car to anyone interested in buying one!

By Susie on October 25 @ 11:00 am
1997 Accord EX pleasure
This 1997 was our 5th Honda and it has excelled in performance as have all the others. I prefer the std. to the aut.; not because of the 4 cyl. eng., but because the Accord is such a driving pleasure. It gives you all the power you need and I never worry about it hesitating or holding back. We are anxiously awaiting the 2003 to see what they are like. You can NEVER go wrong with a Honda.

By kagodo on April 17 @ 11:00 am
The best in reliability
Excellent overall performance. I almost bought a Plymouth Breeze which was one year older and half the price. No regrets.

By Islander18 on September 20 @ 11:00 am
I bought this beauty in a trade with another private party for my old '88 accord (190000 mi). I have driven this car only 1000 miles since purchasing it but I have already fallen in love with it. The only thing that I have done is replace the standard air box with a K&N Cold Air Intake to increase the horsepower a little. You can't beat 25 MPG in town and the features that come along with an SE. You couldn't pay me enough to sell this beauty

By JonesHonda on July 28 @ 11:00 am
Great car, but...
I've driven my Accord for 3 years and been very happy. the only regret is that the power gadgets are cheapo. The power mirrors have failed and the motors for the power windows are flimsy; I've had to replace both. Otherwise, the comfort, design and engine reliability have been superb.

By Tristan on December 31 @ 11:00 am
On my third Honda and second Accord. This one to replace my '87 that never failed me. Manual transmission feels great. Superior styling and comfort. I'm keeping this one forever.

By Asian user on September 27 @ 11:00 am
Not as good as others
got it from a private party with 85,000 miles on it. The trans is jerking in the "slow & go" situation. Won't happen when it's " Stop & go". That's why I didn't find out at the test drive. I have been a Toyota fan for more than 8 years, their trans just smooth like silk. Been to shop (not dealer), they told trans jerk on high mileage Accord are very common. No solution unless change a used one-$1,200. Also, many of the repair cost are higher than Toyota. it does have one advantage: it's timing belt need to replace every 90,000 miles, not 60,000.

By Cyborg on June 6 @ 11:00 am
97 Honda
reliable transportation, adequate pep, very few mechanical problems.

By wig on June 6 @ 11:00 am
97 Honda Accord
Excellent, reliable vehicle. Fun to drive, comfortable. Everthing works.

By Val on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Heaven Sent
This vehicle has been heaven sent. First owner and vehicle now has about 53,000 miles, and never experienced one mechanical problem. Prior, owned a little civic hatchback and same history, never one mechanical problem. As a woman, I thank the heavens for this vehicle, never leaving me stalled, brokedown or anything unexpectedly going out on me especially on the road. I feel safe with my honda. Thanks Honda!

By val on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Heaven Sent
This vehicle has been heaven sent. First owner and vehicle now has about 53,000 miles, and never experienced one mechanical problem. Prior, owned a little civic hatchback and same history, never one mechanical problem. As a woman, I thank the heavens for this vehicle, never leaving me stalled, brokedown or anything unexpectedly going out on me especially on the road. I feel safe with my honda. Thanks Honda!

By Beatrice57 on June 2 @ 3:00 am
Don't buy a Honda Accord
What a horrible, horrible car - in the shop, and on the side of the road wayyyy too many times. Ignition switch gone (replaced under recall after being stranded) electrical problems galore, power windows don't work, etc. Honda's are supposed to be reliable - well you can't prove it by me.

By DavidG1023 on February 26 @ 3:00 am
Wan't the worst car - get a Honda Accord
This is my sesond and last Honda. After reading all the reviews here and in Consumer Reports I figured my first experience with a Honda (car had to be sold for junk with less than 100,000 miles) was an anaomoly. Wrong. My second Honda is just as bad. Fuel pump blew, electrical system has more things wrong than right, alternator had to be replaced. If you want to be stranded multiple times then the Honda Accord is the car for you. I'm going elsewhere

By HMC fan on March 23 @ 3:00 am
hondas go forever
This is my second Accord, and third HMC product. This Accord is my favorite car I've owned so far. It has 118k miles on it, and no problems. Never had to replace one part or take it to the mechanic for anything outside or normal wear and tear.

By RaLpH on September 20 @ 3:00 am
Good Car
I just wanted to say that this is a great car. I'm 16 yrs old and happy to be driving a honda accord. These are the best cars ever, they run forever, Very Good Quality!

By jk1601 on March 13 @ 3:00 am
Fun to Drive
This is my third Accord and I bought it off a lease in 99. Compared to my previous 89 DX, this thing has power, since it's 5 speed with VTEC engine. IT's my first car with power everything and I really love to drive it, 50 miles/day to work. But 3 years after buying it, I think it needs even more power. The the only problem I've had is the power door locks failed. It's got 80,000 miles and going strong.

By Remus on May 30 @ 3:00 am
97 Accord EX
I've had the car for almost 2 years now. Good sedan that gets good gas mileage. I wished they've used a DOHC head instead of the SOHC. Good response. Car is slow up the hill and loud engine noise. The windows roll up too slow. Very comfortable. A/C sucks. No problems with the car since I've owned it.

By PTheofanis on August 16 @ 3:00 am
Honda's at High Mileage
When you read high rated reviews about 97 Honda Accords, keep in mind that they are written by people who clearly do not have high mileage. I own a 97 Honda Accord LX sedan, and it has fallen apart exponentially after 80,000 miles. I admit that I drive my car hard, and this car will not keep up with others like me. Its seats are not designed well, the suspension falls apart, there is too much body roll, and the transmission isn't smooth during shifts.

By sbvmax on October 15 @ 3:00 am
Good car for that year
Overall the car is good for what it is designed for. A cheaply priced car with good gas mileage. Wish I would have bought the V6 model, but thought they didn't come out until '98. A couple of weeks ago just turned over 50k and had 4 recals taken care of free of charge.

By ErinS on February 13 @ 3:00 am
I love my honda!
I was very surprised to see that people have had problems with these cars. My car drives like a dream. At 102,000 I haven't had a single problem. Great commuter car, comfortable and great on fuel economy.

By WhiggyNutz on August 5 @ 3:00 am
1997 Honda Accord 4dr LX
I bought a Honda because of its reputation and reliability. the last year and a half I've owned this vehicle I've never been dissapointed. I am very pleased with every aspect of my Honda and when I run this one into the ground I fully intend on purchasing another.

By ImportOnly on October 30 @ 3:00 am
Nice car but what's with the P/W?
We just replaced our '87 Acura Legend Coup with a '97 Honda Accord for my wife and although we love the cars for their overall quality and reliability, what's up with the power window motors burning out? I can understand it on the '87 Acura Legend, but the '97 Honda Accord after having it for only a few weeks that motor on the driver side window stopped working. Honda needs to improve the that power feature of the cars. Everything else is superior to anything else on the road for quality and reliability. Great car!!!

By rda on February 28 @ 3:00 am
1997 SE
Fine vehicle, good styling. Somewhat noisy on highway. Fuel economy in city poor. Gets 400 miles to the tankful on highway.

By Steve-n-Beantown on January 7 @ 3:00 am
Very respectable car....
I've owned my 1997 Honda Accord SE since 2/02. I drive about 20k mi/yr. It's a good ride, but the very annoying, creeky suspension in the winter (which is a known problem-refer to Honda's service bulletins) drives me mad! Also, for as long as I've owned it, whenever I hit a pothole, I think the car will break apart...Dealership says that's "just the way the car rides..." The only major work done to this point has been the exhaust...The car is still on the original brakes! I'll be replacing them soon, but it's remarkable that they've gone this far! The seats sit a bit low for my taste, but it's comfortable....In the Summer, the car cleans up nice.

By Rick S. on December 20 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
The best car I ever owned. I was in a major accident (was rear ended) when the car was 3 months old. Car was fixed and is still running better than many newer cars. At 117,000 miles everything except battery & brakes is orig. I hope it lasts for another 100K mi.

By KKBama on June 11 @ 3:00 am
1997 Honda Accord SE
This Accord was my very first car and is an excellent first car for any high schooler. It's cute and sporty while still being practical and functional, especially on the gas mileage. I bought it at 29,000 and the only problems have been mostly small ones-- the power windows are sometimes slow, the A/C and defogging are sometimes flaky and I also have "phantom locks"-- whenever I lock my car, manually or by remote, the locks continue to make a sound as though they are locking. But I have never had a major problem with my Accord and I always feel safe in it.

By santaman58 on June 11 @ 3:00 am
A Pretty Good Value
Our 7th Honda. Overall, we are happy except for the driver's side power window failure that we experienced. Seems many others have the same problem. More road noise than I would like, but the overall value is still good and the dependability is good also. Drive power is adequate and comfort is good. Nice styling, except for the fabric covered side armrest, they would be better in a more cleanable material. Hopefully all these items will be corrected when we purchase our 8th Honda.

By Dakny on May 7 @ 3:00 am
Finally a used car you can rely on!
My biggest fears about buying a used vehicle were reliability and sturdiness of interior and exterior design. I have to say that my car still looks and drives great. It stands up to harsh road conditions and is not expensive to maintain. I still get between 310 miles and 350 miles to the tank. I would definitely either keep this car for a long time or trade up for a newer Honda Accord model.

By dove21 on March 15 @ 3:00 am
This is the first Accord I have bought and I just love it. The look is so sleek and smooth. It handles very nice and I am so happy to be the second owner of it. The elderly couple only had 48900 kms on it when I bought it last April. Very stylish car!

By rhodieboy on January 21 @ 3:00 am
Accord Wagons Rule!
I have loved this car since the day I drove it off the lot! It's stylish, sporty and best of all, its a station wagon. My two dogs fit great in the back. Honda makes a great car. Spirited performance, tight suspension, rock solid reliability. With close to 90k miles now my "eucalyptus green pearl" LX 5 speed is great! No major problems other than a d/s window actuator and the airbag sensor both of which were covered under warranty... I am up to change the timing belt which might be $$$$! The cheapest Honda dealer wins!

By tentoto on January 21 @ 3:00 am
4 ever Honda
I bought this car for my wife, After allready selling a 1986 accord with 209,000 miles on it (trouble free) only its routine timing belts when needed, The 86 Was a great car, Now the 1997 has aprox 159,000 on the speedo (trouble free) it will be a cold day in He** before i ever own anything else.This could explain why i also own a 98 crv,a 91 crx,honda generator, honda weed eater, and a Honda generator.I never ever thought id stay GM for a long while, But then Honda proved to be Bullet proof.Id incourage anyone to purchase a Accord.

By Rob X on July 31 @ 11:00 am
My HOnda
One of the best and most reliable cars I have ever owned. A pleasure to drive and always dependable.

By TooWimpy4me on June 5 @ 11:00 am
Gutless and boring
I got this car because of its reputation for reliability and economy. I used to have a long commute and it was confortable and economic for that. But now my commute is only 5 miles. The car is very boring and wimpy with not guts and personality of its own, it looks like a Camry or like any other japanese car of the same vintage and class, just another me too car. The A/C smells bad, the auto transmission is rough.

By bigjboss on June 5 @ 11:00 am
Safest investment of my life
I bought my 1997 accord ex v6 used after I got my first real job. It's the only thing that i haven't had to worry about since. Other than when I have run into things, I have had absolutely no problems

By Twoscalfs@aol.com on August 6 @ 11:00 am
Great car!!!!
I bought my 1997 Honda Accord Ex new. I have had great luck with the car. 71,000 miles later the only thing that I have changed on the car has been the brakes and tires. The orginal brakes went 65,000 miles before I had to change them. The interior is excellent and I love the 1997 exterior design. Great Car!!!!!!! If you have a chance, buy this car.........

By PennyPincher on October 23 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
Our Honda Accord has been the best car we have ever owned. The only work that has been done on the car is routine maintenance. Our Accord had no problem getting through this years long winter.

By honderfan on July 1 @ 11:00 am
Bulletproof reliability, short on zoom
I have had this Accord LX for over 6 years now. Never had any trouble with it other than a couple of minor issues. Change the oil and put gas in it, and it will go... The engine is extremely anemic for a car this size, and this is *with* a manual tranny!! And ift he AC is on, foeget about any accelerations... The performance and corenering leaves a lot to be desired as well. But if you are ever looking for a good, reliable tranport to get you from point A to point B, look no further than this car.

By Thomas73 on December 22 @ 11:00 am
Honda review
By far, this has been the best vehicle I have ever purchased. Fuel economy is great, highway comfort is excellent (I travel quite often), and interior features/amenities are in "the right place'...at 117,000 miles, no squeaks or rattles and the engine is still just as smooth and peppy as the day it was purchased, I would definitely recommend a Honda product to my friends. Simple routine maintenance is all any car requires, but this is my 6th car and it is the easiest to maintain, virtually worry-free.

By Bingo69 on September 17 @ 11:00 am
Going on 100K
Car has lasted for a 100K miles with any major problems. I have replace bracks, tires, and battery. The the factor scheduled maintanance can be very pricey.

By losersk8er on November 16 @ 11:00 am
awesome/dependable car
I bought this car in february after months of searching for it after my 1990 LX was totalled. I love this car even better than the first one i owned. It performs very well, as I have won every race i've ever been in it with. It's also very stylish and i would recommend it to anyone, you'll have fun driving it, and theres plenty of stuff out there u can buy to make it a little more fun if you want.

By Hondaowner on May 9 @ 11:00 am
Reliable, basic transport
Our Accord has had very minor repairs done other than regular maintenance. We are very happy with that. You can always be sure that when you turn the key, the engine will start and the car will move. AT 75K miles it shows no signs of trouble. The engine, however, is too weak for a car this size. If you have the AC on, forget about any acceleration even with a manual tranny. Performance and cornering are total afterthoughts.

By likes2ski on March 17 @ 11:00 am
Mixed feeling...
I consider this car basic transportion only. I neiether love or hate the styling. The single most important issue i have seen is the automatic transmission.I dont think most people will ever notice it but yes it does shift a little rough and yes it feels loose at 80,000 and it bothers me. I am starting to be a little conserned about it. so yes, the auto is not the greatest and i would consider it before buying one. This is a car i would drive anywhere and not worry. Buy the car, youll like it.

By NissanGuy on November 24 @ 11:00 am
Good on the outside
Just plan on replacing alot of the stuff on the inside.. ive owned two hondas both of which have had a problem with the power windows.. they like to break. the air conditioning knobs like to fall off.. so you hafta super glue them back together.. and my passenger seat is stuck all the way back.. however, ive had no major mechanical problems and it gets great gas milage and looks wonderful.

By bcwalt on June 28 @ 11:00 am
May Be My Last Honda
My Accord was plagued with nagging problems. Among them peeling paint on front bumper; electric windows opened and closed at a snail's pace and squealed loudly as they closed; driver's side electric window regulator replaced twice; cruise control couldn't maintain its set speed to save its life; auto transmission shifted roughly and slipped; serious squeaks and rattles in dash; mediocre gas mileage (25 MPG). This was my third and, likely, last Honda product! I passed up more exciting styling and better handling cars for what I thought would be flawless quality! I ended up with a soul-less, problem-plagued nuisance!

By DailyDriver on September 14 @ 11:00 am
Do not count on old Honda's reliability
As many of us I bought this car because of common knowledge that Hondas run 150K with no problem. My previous car was Honda Civic 1984 hatchback with flawless 230K on speedometer. Now, at 95K on Honda Accord LX 97, I already replaced AC and transmission. Good that I had 100K bubmer-to-bumper warranty but what awaits me in the future?

By alig on December 1 @ 11:00 am
Low Maitenece, High Reliability
This is my second accord. My first was an '88 LX that went for 200,000 miles without any major mechanical repairs (only brake jobs and oil changes). The only reason I got rid of it was a car accident. I was quick to buy another accord. Since I do a lot of traveling I put 46,000 miles on the car within the first 2yrs (I bought it at 60,000) Now at over 100,000 miles, I have only needed to replace the brakes (a regular maitenance item). I would definately recommend this car for anyone.

By CelticRainbw on December 1 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accord EX '97
Reliability and quality are the keys to the '97 Accord's overall performance. It is easy and affordable to maintain - no mechanical or electrical problems. It is easy/fun to drive and responds beautifully (great on wet roads and in snow.)

By mdgottse on July 23 @ 11:00 am
Love Honda
Excellent family car! It's my second Honda, and I'm still in love.

By Tober on October 16 @ 11:00 am
The Best Ever
This has been our "second" car -- the other is a 5 series BMW, also a fine car. However, this Honda is without a doubt the best yet. For whatever strange reason, probably to compete in the SUV market, Honda no longer makes wagons. It is a shame. This car does everything, and more, that a owner could ever want. Comfort, pickup, space for dogs and or children and or adults and old folks, fuel economy and mileage range, great exterior and interior design, you name it, it has it and it does it. Don't have a clue, when it comes time, as to how to replace it.

By Philman on October 6 @ 11:00 am
Great commuter car
This car has been great for commuting. I drove it for several years with no problems.

By Brindy on May 10 @ 11:00 am
Awesome Car
The car has great acceleration and great gas mileage. It's super comfortable, spacious.

By ickes on October 31 @ 11:00 am
Its a Honda...
A blend of the EX trim features with mechanicals from the LX, the SE offers a mid-level option. If I had to do it again, I would have bought the EX with 20 more horsepower. Everything else about this car is perfect - a classic Honda.

By vizcaino on December 30 @ 11:00 am
I love my honda
I have had this car for 6 years now and I love it, When I get rid of it I will buy another honda

By mlippysr on December 20 @ 3:00 am
97 Honda Accord LX - 5 Speed
This is an excellent car to drive. With a manual 5 speed, it has acceleration that can compete with the best. Very low maintenance and minimal manufacturer's recalls.

By nanj on December 2 @ 3:00 am
100k and alot of life left
just paid off and no plans to sell, could use more power, 25mpg w/ ac on - 28mpg w/o, over 30 on trips, front window motors replaced under warr, were very slow, now just slow, no other problems, 7k oil changes Mobil 1, 90k trans service is too long, fluid was black, did flush, mostly hwy no abuse, put on bigger tires, much better handling, using 205/60's looks factory, orig tires looked small..

By ivorykeyer on August 18 @ 3:00 am
Dependable, trouble-free transportation
We bought this car used (17K miles) in a hurry when our disaster of a Taurus Wagon had a catastrophic engine problem. Our primary goal was to get a car that wouldn't require monthly visits to the mechanic and in this the Accord has been a rousing success. Other than power window problems (front windows becoming progressively slower as time goes on) the car has performed absolutely flawlessly. I use it for a long daily commute (100 miles/day) and it is very comfortable with decent gas mileage (23-25 MPG). While not exciting visually or performance-wise, it has lots of room and has been a great and extremely reliable car for our basic transportation needs.

By jennie on January 21 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
This is my first Honda, and I have been loving it. Great car!

By gdnstar on October 7 @ 3:00 am

By jonie on April 24 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
This is a great car. I have had it for about a year now and there hasnt been any major problems. These cars last for a long time so I guess honda lives up to its name.

By wreckbum on March 7 @ 3:00 am
198,000 and still going strong
I purchased this vehicle with 150 miles. I fell in love with it and still am. It has 198,000 miles and I know it can still go another 100,000. The power windows in the front were always slow, but no problems. I drive on the highway alot and the car performs great; many long trips doing 85 to 100 mph continously. The CV joint boots did not go until 90,000, where in most foreing cars I have owned break in 35,000. No mechanical problems have occured. Had 2 major accidents and the car still performs great. I will never buy another make but Honda.

By ReganS on November 4 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!!!
We wanted a newer Accord but found this 97 with all the bells and whistles, low miles, and a great price. I love the car. It's quick an smooth, and still looks nice. Can't go wrong with a Honda.

By A. Albonetti on April 27 @ 11:00 am
1997 Honda Accord 4dr LX
Excellent automobile, reliable, very little maintenance required other than oil changes. My next car will be a Honda!!

By Jbruce on March 11 @ 11:00 am
Great Car - Honda Success
We bought our 97 Accord 4DR Special Edition as a Certified lease return when it was 3 years old and had 32,000 miles. Though it was used when we bought it, it seemed like a new car. The ride is very stable and quiet. Fuel mileage is excellent. Features include CD player, sunroof, security system, woodgrain accents, alloy wheels and all power accessories. The seats are very comfortable, and it is easy to sit for hours. Our only problem is a creaking noise infrequently from front left suspension. The engine could have more passing power, but we benefit from the great gas mileage. Honda is a winner and we love their cars!

By GDN on October 21 @ 11:00 am
My Honda
Overall this has been a reliable yet sporty car. Problems: engine light came on at 60,000 miles, which turned into a faulty chip in the engine (under warranty). Power Windows have stopped working in the past but started again VERY slow. Dashboard light that circles the "D" when in drive has just gone out. No other problems.

By Ecks on September 5 @ 11:00 am
My Dream Car
I just bought my Honda and I love it, I have wanted an Accord for a while now and everything I was hoping it would be it is. The only complants are the rough shift from 1st to 2nd, slow power windows, and the seams on my leather seats are coming apart, but I suspect it was the previous owners lack of leather conditioning and care.

By Nickspleen on February 8 @ 11:00 am
Honda is the Best Car
I have had my Honda now for almost 8 years and it is GREAT! I have not had to sink tons of money into it. I recommend a Honda to everyone.

By JCA on August 2 @ 11:00 am
An amazing car
These cars continually amaze me. I bought mine from the first owner, and it had 100K on it. I couldn't believe how well it still ran, though. It was like driving a new car. The only thing the previous owner had replaced was the tires and the timeing belt. It's a beautiful looking car, and is so solidly built I'll easily be able to run up another 100K on it before I even need to think about replacing anything.

By jdsharc on October 26 @ 11:00 am
Grrrreat Car
This is my 3rd Honda (83 Civic wagon, 86 Accord) and I've driven the stuff out of it. The only money I've put into it has been a timing belt - required - and some A/C work - not Honda's strongest link. I have no complaints about this car. Can see the benefits of a 5-speed, though and it's a blast to drive.

By handbook on April 17 @ 11:00 am
Not as good as I expected
I bought the car because of the reputation for reliability, but ended up disappointed. The biggest problem is slow power windows that sometimes stop completely in cold weather. No one has ever been able to fix them. I've also had a couple of leaks. In hindsight, I would have bought a car that was more fun to drive instead of this boring sedan.

By DrSardonica on December 25 @ 11:00 am
170 Thousand Trouble Free Miles
The only thing I have done to this car is change the oil, the belts and the tires. I do use synthetic oil. Given the performance of this car, I would never own anything but a Honda.

By ColdSteel on November 21 @ 11:00 am
Nice Car, Iffy Build Quality
I like the styling, lots of aftermarket parts available. Aftermarket sunroof stinks. Tranny lurches at low speeds, engine is unexcepticly noisy and enemic. Needs VTEC. Windows are really slow. Handeling is bad. But it does looks nice. :)

By kevin murphy on May 20 @ 11:00 am
from a tuner's perspective
Ok, if you are interested in adding performance parts to this car you are in luck, there are tons of them available. The car handles well stock but adding a new set of swaybars, lowering springs, struts, and tires will litterly make this handle better than 95% of the cars on the road today. The car has the makings of a great handler. If power is your thing, the stock engine is not what you are looking for. i have the non-vtec so i cant comment but mine is sufficent but by no means fast. You may want to add an H22 out of a prelude. this is what im doing. Styling is subjective but i will say this. The car is very bland stcok so you can add body kits ect. and

By SweetTee on October 12 @ 3:00 am
Too Many Times In The Shop!
I had this car for two years and I constantly had this car in and out the shop getting minor things fixed on it. I had brakes and rotors put on the car 3 times ( I have a heavy foot) but Im fine with that. I brought the car when it only had 77,000 miles on it. I had water pump, timing belt, temperature gauge, lower ball point replace on both sides and CV boot, alternator and now I need to replace one of my ABS speed sensors and the engine light is on and I dont know whats wrong with the car. I take very good care of my car dont get me wrong. Sometimes I just want to get rid of it. As of right now it has 150,000 miles on it.

By shaun on October 1 @ 12:03 am
My first car
This is the first car I've owned that I am actually paying for (I just got out of college) and I have to say it's a fantastic piece of machinery. For being a "boring family sedan", Honda does a good job of making me like this car. I've never had any problems with it in the past 9 months owning it, and will probably own it for a while to come.

By juanHonda on February 8 @ 5:33 am
The best car, EVER.
We bought this car in Oct/2001 with 105,000 miles. The car has been prefect so far. The most reliable car we ever had. MINIMUM MAINTENANCE REQUIRED, if you like to stay away from the shops, this is the car for you. These are the only few repairs done to the car so far: CV axles and transmission fluid at 140,000 miles $400.00, front rotors and pads @ 150,000, $250.00,timing belt and serpentine belts replaced at 163,000, $300.00, 2 tune ups and regular synthetic oil changes, aprox, $300.00. Awesome that's $0.02 a mile!

By Sid on July 20 @ 4:46 am
Like the other posts say, the car is relibile. Only took it to the shop once.. to do a valve adjustment because I didn't want to do it myself. Everything else I worked on and it's been running great. There's so many things you can customize on this car. The service manual for this car is the best manual I've ever seen. Shows you how to do everything in detail steps.. Honda is known for this.Power Windows can be a problem. Had to replace the driver side power window assembly twice. Power Windows are slow due the flimsy design of the pulley system. Too much tension being place on the cable.Over all it's been a very good car.. It's taken a lot of abuse and keeps on working!

By LStrick on June 24 @ 1:10 pm
Super Commuter
Love my Honda LX 4dr 5spd. Bought it at 13,000 miles, now have 260,000!!! commute 90 miles one way to work 5 days a week, from high desert Antelope Valley CA over a mountain and down a long freeway into Pomona CA. Gas mileage avg 27 highway at 75 to 80 mph! Blew a seal on FWY at 120,000 miles, repair expensive but COVERED by extended warranty. Power to pass going UPHILL is great! Doesn't corner worth 2 cents, so Angeles Crest to work is short cut, but everbody passes me because I'm slow on the canyon curves. Otherwise outstanding car.

By Erik Hoggatt on September 25 @ 5:13 am
My 1997 SE
This is my baby, I take it every where. I drive it to work everyday and would not be afraid to take it coast to coast if needed. She has 230,150 miles on here and have only had services every 60,000 miles except for the timing belt replacement at 105,000 and 210,000 miles. I have the oil changed every 5,000 miles and would recommend this vehicle to anyone who needed a good commuter vehicle, I got 28.9 miles per gallon on my last tank and I'm well on my way to 300,000.

By Kaizen on July 3 @ 5:50 pm
Modest and Reliable
I am the owner of a beloved 97 Accord SE- sedan. The car presently has 200,561 miles and had only had it's timing belt replaced once. The car is still in top running condition and frequently makes road trips out-of-town with ease. The complaints about the vehicle are slim to few in between, however, in 97 Honda needed much improvement in their electronic department- power windows were slow or the window motors burnt out. Overall, a wonderful car. Going this evening to pick up my 05 ex-v6 sedan with leather, nav and xm radio. I am looking forward to the increased power, from 130 hp to 240.. Thank you Honda...

By accord ny on August 2 @ 6:53 pm
i love my honda!
I own a 97 Accord EX 2dr. I purchased the car 9 months ago and have put 16,000 miles on it. I've driven it from NY to FL 4 times and all I have done is change the oil. I owned a 96 Civic before this, and would definitly buy another honda. The check engine light is on, but I'm not sure why. It's probably something small since I've put 12,000 miles on it like that. Drives very smooth, good gas mileage, roomy trunk for such a small car, the sound system sounds great even though it's stock. i love all the features too, because mine has the 6-disc changer and sunroof. the power windows are slow, especially the passenger side one. overall, a fabulous car that i would reccomend to anyone.

By Ann Marie on March 7 @ 11:23 am
8 years, and virtually problem-free
This was the first new car I ever purchased. Nearly 8 years and 130,000 miles later, I've hardly put any money into it other than regular maintenance and maybe 2-3 repair jobs in the $500 range. My last car, a Ford Topaz, I got rid of after it was 6 years old and had only 85,000 - and that was after the transmission was replaced. I plan on driving this Honda as long as possible, and because it's been so good to me I'm almost scared to buy a different type of car next time for fear that no other can match its reliability.

By texasblueknight on February 11 @ 8:16 am
Wag On!
This Honda Accord EX Wagon was my first brand new car and the last wagon in the dealership showroom. Almost eight years and 83500 miles later, it is still as reliable as the day we bought it. Absolutely no issues, save for the sluggish driver side power window. A recent tune up has made the ride and drive like brand new again. I've since bought a Toyota Sequoia and a Lexus LS400 but the wagon is still my daily driver and will likely remain so for years to come.

By Runs Forever on February 22 @ 5:56 am
Runs Forever
Finally retiring our 97 Accord LX for a new 2005 Accord LX replacement after 209,000 miles. Engine & Drivetrain still going very strong, but rest of car starting to go. This is by far the best and longest lasting car my wife (aka lead foot) has ever owned. Still getting 24 MPG, we have changed the oil every 3000 - 4000 miles on this car and will continue doing the same with the new one.

By jh0212 on December 23 @ 2:26 pm
97 Accord very reliable
Have a 97 accord 4-dr EX w/ 184K miles now. Very reliable. Has lost a little juice and feels underpowered now compared to newer cars, but otherwise runs great. Only problems/complaints: (1) Warped rotors (replaced once, new set warped again), (2) paint is faded and splotchy now, (3) driver's side window slow to slide back up, esp on cold days, (4) A/C is not very strong, (5) mileage is so-so (about 24 mpg in mostly fwy driving, but I don't exactly obey the speed limit either). Not most exciting handling, but more responsive than Camry or some American cars I've driven. Never get tired of my car. Would definitely buy another or recommend to someone.

By tmm on September 10 @ 6:06 pm
By far the worst car I've ever owned
I would not recommend purchasing a Honda Accord. My car has been a maintenance nightmare. Since the warranty ended, the car has been in the shop every 3-4 months and has required major maintenance. It once took the dealer over a year to diagnose and correct an intermittent problem I had with the car not starting. I replaced the battery, alternator, clock and other electrical things before they figured out it was the ignitition switch. I'm disappointed and will never buy a Honda or Acura vehicle again. Think twice before you buy...

By Nelle on June 30 @ 3:06 pm
Great Car
I have had this car for almost 5 yrs and it drives great! This is my 2nd Honda Accord and they really last. I may pruchase a 2003 shortly. This car is great for a person with a child and limited amount of funds to work with. Only problems I had was my radiator went-just wear and tear.

By jenthor on October 31 @ 4:40 am
Run Forever
Bought this car used with 62,000 miles on it and currently has 107,500 and have changed the timing belt and should be good to go for another 100,000 miles. Never had a probelem with this car.

By KT on August 7 @ 5:00 am
My Honda
This is my first car. I got it with 166,000 miles on it and I had it for a year now and there has been no problems with it so far what so ever. The only few minor things that bothers me is when the car accelerates its not as a smooth and quiet as I expected it should be, its kind of loud and and the orange maintance light did not go away when I inserted my key, to set it back to the green light, the leg room in the back is kind of too little. Overall I love my honda and I plan on keeping it as long as I can, hoping it'll last me at least through college. I would definitely get a brand new one when I graduate from college.

By alex on July 13 @ 1:36 pm
Rock solid
Best car I've ever owned. Requires no repairs, EVER. I live where there is salt on the roads, hence a new radiator due to rust. 100% reliable, would drive it anywhere in North America. You don't know quality til you've owned a Honda.

By J.J. on January 14 @ 3:40 pm
Best car I've ever owned
I bought my 97 Accord LX 4cyl in 1999 with 23,000 miles. I have since driven the car to 148,000, with no problems what so ever. The only thing I did was perform basic maintaince, such as tires, brakes, timing belt, cv joints, etc. My only concern is that the power windows are very slow, especially in cold weather. Other wise I love this car. It also aged very well, The day I sold it with 148K it looked and drove just as it did when I got it with 23K. Needless to say, I am replacing it with a newer Accord, a 2003 model.

By Kevin S. on August 30 @ 1:03 pm
Solid car; would buy it again
Bought this car, then put 1,000 miles on it in the first week. Extremely frugal on gas; averaged 300 miles on a tank of gas in city driving; 400 miles on highway. A/C quit at 150,000 miles; repaired by dealer. Replaced brakes and thermostat; a few tires, but no major work. I'm a Honda driver for life.

By MMF of Baton Rouge on February 22 @ 2:03 pm
A Great Car
A great car for town and long distance driving. Driven in U.S. and Canada. Carried 3 adults and full camping gear in comfort. Engine purrs like a cat on the road. Almost no repairs needed outside scheduled preventive maintanence. Has 100,000 in nine years and ready for ten years more driving.

By Stacie on September 16 @ 8:16 am
Still Happy!
This was my first new car purchase and it remains a great decision. I purchased this car due to the distance I would be traveling to college and have always felt safe, had great reliability, and continue to get great gas mileage. With basic maintenance and the purchase of new tires, my Value Package Honda has lived up to every expectation. I'll be purchasing a new vehicle soon, but a family member has already asked to buy my 1997 Honda because of how great it is!!

By Steve on September 16 @ 6:50 pm
An excellent first car.
Purchased by my aunt new, I bought this car from her as my first with 80000 miles. I love it! In my aunt's care and my own short stint owning the car, its been stone reliable. The car has a much more engaging drive than the later 98-02 Accords.

By Karenn on January 7 @ 10:36 am
Love my Honda
Have had my 97 Special Edition for almost 9 years and am looking for another one! Loved the car; reliable, reliable, reliable. Only issues were a weak air conditioning system - even when was working after being repaired several times due to leaking inside the car and just warm air coming from the vents, it was still weak A/C - barely kept the car cool. And the driver's window never had much power going up once it was down - tended to freeze up in the winter - not good after paying a toll and not being able to get the window back up. Those were my only complaints with the car and I think subsequent models have taken care of that.

By Woodbyrne on September 12 @ 3:00 am
Not Too Shabby But Very Vanilla Car
Pretty decent car in terms of reliability. I now have 133k miles on it and have experienced the following problems since owning it: needed new exhaust system and radiator. These are normal wear and tear items. Engine is perfect. Problem now is that it's starting to get annoying old car problems. Sun roof began to leak so I just sealed it and took out the motor. Weird rattling noise under the car. Windows were always slow but now I have to push the passenger window up when closing it or it won't move. Once in a while the car will just turn off while you are driving. Car is too old now to dump cash in. And I won't get any $$ for a trade-in. Just going to drive it until it dies.

By pastrypuff on May 22 @ 7:33 am
Best thing I could have bought!
I love this car! I got it 9 years old, but she still drives like a dream! At the 156,000 mile mark this car is still quiet and reliable. The gas mileage is still great, I've had to only do little things to it. I would recomend this car to any one!

By Kaio on September 13 @ 9:53 pm
The Ultimate driving machine
I have owned this Accord for 7 years and I loved it so much that when I needed another car, I bought the exact same one brand new (Accord SE). It has given me absolutely no trouble at all and looks and drives like brand new. I still have the original rear brakes. I have replaced the front brakes once. 2 sets of tyres, a muffler and an expensive 105K mile service ($1000) which included air-conditioner and timing belt. Other than that it is oil change. On top of that it is soooo fun to drive. I wonder why people buy any other car.

By Ryan on November 27 @ 9:00 pm
Decent car
The accord is overall a decent car, but I think there are better choices for the money. Yes, it's a Honda. The engine will run for 250k miles. But that's only if you maintain it properly (not everyone does) and maintaining a Honda is rather expensive. If you buy a Honda with 100k miles on it, be prepared to spend another $1-2k on it right away to keep it going. It will need timing belt, water pump, and suspension replacements. I think people have misconceptions about what Hondas are. They're not above normal wear and tear. Beyond this, any Honda built before 1998 has terrible structural rigidity so expect a lot of flex and rattling. Interior doesn't hold up all that well either.

By Kolbow on May 14 @ 5:36 am
10 Years Old
This car has been great to drive. Having a manual transmission makes it more fun to drive. I hate to give this up. I hope I can get one more winter out of it.

By sonelon on October 3 @ 1:53 pm
the accord
its a pretty good car overall, but it doesn't drive smoothly and isn't comfy

By Brian M on May 18 @ 3:30 pm
We've owned this vehicle for 10 years and have had zero mechanical problems. Incredible reliability and it still runs nicely with 165,000 miles on it.

By Doug on January 3 @ 6:33 pm
My reliable friend
My favorite communter car ended its days today . . . alas a jerk looking down at his cell phone rear-ended her with me in it at about 40 mph. Of course that I am typing tonight is testimony to her design and strength of unit body. The car was shortened about 18" by the impact and the DS seat broke and I ended up half in the back seat. She is gone, but I am not! Before toda,y her 168,000 miles were a pleasure. Faithful service with no problems and we fully expected another 100,000 miles in the family. She is gone but not forgotten.

By MilesB on June 15 @ 5:50 pm
My New Ride
I recently bought this car, and I must say that I am VERY impressed. It has 145,000 miles on it, and it still runs like a dream. I honestly couldn't ask for more in a used car.

By aguywhoknowscars on December 18 @ 2:13 am
Bad MPG, Reliable But Way Overrated
After searching for over a year, I finally sold my beloved Dodge Caravan cause it only got 16 mpg overall and bought my '97 Accord EX Wagon thinking I'd be getting both economy and utility. Well I got the utility, but not the economy. My EX wagon (4 cyl VTEC) was woefully underpowered and got, at best, only 18 mpg combined. I'm very mechanical and know a lot about cars. I do not drive with a lead foot. I ran myself ragged for over a year taking the car to 3 or 4 mechanics (including the dealership) to try to remedy the problem. Everything's "normal" was what I was told. Fed up, I sold the car after 1 year of unsuccessfully trying to improve the mpg problem. Car had less than 50K.

By shamarcus on March 13 @ 7:56 pm
More style than a Camry
This car has more style than a Camry but comes up short in the gotta-have department. I have owned a Jetta and a Maxima. The Accord would be my 3rd choice for the gotta-have-it factor. In my opinion, the car has been very reliable with low cost on the wear and tear parts such as brakes and belts. They actually last a long time. There are lot of aftermarket parts to personalize your Honda.

By nominivan4me on April 27 @ 4:16 am
Roomy, reliable, and stealthy
Wanted something bigger to haul more people/gear, and still gets good mpg. The Accord wagon with a 5-spd is a near perfect solution. While hauling either bikes, skis, or kayaks on the roof it gets over 30 mpg, and 33 mpg without. Parts are reasonable, it is Honda reliable, drives great, does not wander like a minivan, and in winter with a full set of snow tires goes almost anywhere. Compared to an Outback it handles better, has more room, and gets about 6 more mpg.

By SeattleGirl on February 27 @ 10:26 pm
'97 SE accord
I purchased this car with 55,000 miles on it in Nov '00. I now have 140,000 and it's still going. Do regular oil changes and maintenance. The dealer tells me the oilpan has slight leak, which I won't pay to repair and they say I might never need to repair (pricey fix, like about $1000). Slow window motors, weak AC, great gas mileage, reliable car that looks good too. I'll drive it until it dies, which I hope isn't before 200,000 miles. It is my daily driver to work, I'd love to get a new one but can't see getting rid of such a great car. It was worth the $14,000 paid 7 years ago.

By Esseppi on July 22 @ 5:00 pm
Great car, sad it's getting old...
I boght this car knowing very little about the reputation of the Accord. Loved it from the first second of driving. Extremely reliable, only had to replace radiator once and battery another time. Extremely fuel efficient.

By tabby on November 16 @ 9:43 am
By far my favorite car I've owned
My poor accord had it's last ride 5 days ago. I got broadsided by a huge lifted Chevy Silverado truck on my drivers side door (the truck was going 60 mph on impact) and I walked away from the accident, and only ended up with some stitches (from the broken window glass) and a black eye. The police said they'd never seen a compact car hold up that well in that severe of a crash, and in most cars I would have been dead. And to top it off, the Chevy truck had minimal damage but wouldn't start, and my crushed Honda still started, drove, and all the electrical still worked. Furthermore, I have not had any problems ever with this car, nor had my mom who bought it new. Next car will be another Honda.

By Richa on December 18 @ 2:40 am
Solid Car
This is the most solid built car I've ever owned-- almost eleven years old and no rattles! None. Also, there was a recall to replace dist. cap, rotor, wires, etc. within the past two years that would have addressed some of the other reviewers reliability complaints. My only "repair" (besides expected maintenance) was a new starter. This has got to be one of the better used car buys--30 mpg for a car that seats five.

By CoryinTX on May 1 @ 4:50 am
I'd do it again!
So I purchased my '97 Accord about 3 years ago. Since then I've only had minor things to replace (both knobs for the A/C, timing belt & water pump, radiator, brake pads). I absolutely love my car! It has just about 115K miles and it still runs like a dream. This is the 3rd Accord that I've owned. The car is 11 years old, but I'm willing to bet that it's got another 150K miles left on it. The backseat is just ok for long trips (say my friends) & the front seats aren't that bad either. Could use just a little bit more leg room after 5 hours on the road (my partner & I are 6'4") & some extra lumbar support for the driver would be nice. All of these are minor issues though. GREAT CAR!!!

By sadtoseeitgo on October 20 @ 9:06 pm
Reliable, Great MPG, Perfect color
This car was 2 years old when we bought it. Loved the look & at the time it was a good fit for us however due to back trouble I have to find a vehicle that sits up a little higher. No complaints about this car otherwise. We get about 23 MPG in town. IN LOVE with the color somewhere between silver & gold. Compared to my sisters Camry of the same year the Honda paint job has held up better. We have kept all scheduled maintenance up, so this will be a great car for it's new owner. Also I think this is still a very attractive car

By Dockter on October 3 @ 11:23 am
Good Car but expensive repairs
I purchased this car in 2000 with 74,000 miles. I now have 187,000 miles on it and I've never had a problem with the engine. My complaints are slow rolling windows, suspension has been replaced twice, A/C doesn't work even when it was working and now that it's 11 yrs old the radiator, engine mount and cam seal for timing belt and power steering are all leaking or broken and need to be repaired to the tune of $2,000.00. I just put in $1500 in new locks, actuators, tires and suspension. It's not worth it to me to pay that much since I will only get around $3,000.00 for the car...maybe less. So time for a new one. I'm bummed because the engine rocked and it was a comfy ride.

By scott on March 11 @ 1:16 am
1 of three I own, need I say more...
I own three 97 Honda accords, two Lxs and My SE. My lowest mileage Lx has 135,00 and my highest 212,000. And they all run like new. Have had to do very little with any of them. They wear tires like a dream, usually a set lasts longer than manufacture rating. My tip for everyones weak motor widow troubles is to spray some lube on the window channels going vertically on each side, the problem is not the motor, it is binding friction on the glass sides itself. This will make the windows work like new.

By Darling, N on October 6 @ 7:20 pm
Not a Viper but awesome still
I have had this car almost 2 years and only had to do oil changes (on time, always). My mechanic can never find anything else to do with it. It isn't fast, like my Accord Sedan was, but it is comfortable, quiet, and very good on gas, about 30 mpg-awesome for a wagon! It has good ergonomics; all gadgets are easily accessible, seats are well placed but I am short so I wish the seats could adjust more. The front windows are slow, but overall this car is a 9 1/2. IT is a typical Honda-reliable to the bone.

By JOHN PINE on April 18 @ 3:50 pm
So good I completely reconditioned it
This car I gave to my daughter in 2003. After 5 years it looked like it had been driven in a demolition derby but it ran almost perfectly. How much do I think of this car? I completely re-did the exterior and interior, spending $3000. She'll have to earn the right to drive it again. In my opinion this wagon is a true classic!

By Rob Elliott on August 5 @ 8:50 am
Best Car Ever! 97' 2 dr se
Bought it w/18 miles on it in dec. 96'. It now has 215,000. Zero problems. Only 15 oil changes in 11 years. One new battery & a few tires. Still looks & drives like new. Solid car. Have gotten my money out of it. Still gets over 400 miles on a full tank that holds 13 gallons. I've opened the hood twice. Once when I bought it and again last year when I put a new battery in it. Priceless.

By JohnBonanno on February 25 @ 9:16 am
Might as well call it a tank
I will tell you how great this car is through experience. I bought the car with around 85,000 on it and it ran like a track star. And this was my first car so I was driving it like Dale Earnhardt. I had to replace the radiator (big deal hah) other than that my car is crazy. I think they put armor on the body of accords or something 1) ran over the side of a 2005 Toyota Corrola. Yes I ran the thing over snapping the Toyota's whole axle bent the rim (pretty much destroyed the whole front side of her car) my passenger side fender was dented and I drove away. 2) a brand new sts cut me off and I rear ended her at about 40. Small dent in the bumper the caddie's bumper was destroyed. Trust me buy this car

By hnk000 on November 2 @ 8:03 am
Happy Accord owner
I've had my Accord se since it was a year old/25k miles. It now has 250,000 miles on it. I've done every maintenance requirement on it. And had only a few problems all things considered. Brought it from la to ca and back. After all this time the only problem I have is the leaks. But after so much wear and tear what else could anyone ask for. A great car. I'm attached still after all these years. And it still looks perfect. Word.

By Chris on January 1 @ 9:36 pm
Still Running & Looking Great
I bought my Accord in January of 2004 at 90,000 miles. It still runs great thanks in part of regular repairs that it has needed and the simple fact that it's a Honda. I am planing on buying a new Accord this spring so I will miss this car a lot when I trade it in.

By sara on December 1 @ 4:33 am
Great car
I got my Honda for my 16th birthday. My Dad has bought it brand new, and passed it on to me. I've put over 100K on it in the past 3 years, and other than needing some minor repairs that you can expect with any 11 year old car with 200,000 miles on it, I haven't had any problems with my Honda. Unfortunately, I flipped it last week and it's not repairable (at least not for way more than the $3,000 it's worth now) - I wish I could afford a new accord, but as a college student I definitely can't. Great car to give a new driver - it's sporty, had great mpg, is reliable, and holds up great in a crash - I flipped going 70 on the highway and walked away with nothing more than some bruises. Great car

By Jason on July 7 @ 12:56 am
Love my 97
I bought this car used 1 1/2 years old w/ 26k miles. The car now has 264,000 miles and mostly minor fixes due to mileage and age (new radiator in 06), fluid changes, and 1 timing belt so far, plugs/wires etc.. nothing out of the ordinary. I still drive this car 100 miles per day even though I have another 07 Accord and a 03 CR-V all of which have been awesome cars. Easily the best car(s) I've ever owned. Even after all this time its very comfortable and quiet. I am going to run this car till it dies!

By vaneverette71 on April 12 @ 7:43 pm
I bought my 97 Special Edition in March, 03 with 60k on her. The only things I have done besides oil changes have been replacing the radiator and timing belt (1st time!) at 160k. I wish I had a stick shift, but it still runs well and burns very little oil. I change oil every 7.5k. The new hondas look good, but since I'll only get $2-3k in trade, I think I'll hang onto this baby a while!

By krm on February 12 @ 8:16 pm
My sister had leased this car for 3 yrs and I snatched it up the day she went SUV. 135K miles on it now w/numerous 2K mile road trips under her belt. You can not destroy this car! I drive on possibly the worst tires in a winter snow zone without chains or studs and as long as the front bumper isn't pushing snow, I get wherever I need to go. My fuel mileage has drops to about 20-21 MPG with the winter ethanol mix we're forced to use, but she runs like a champ! Great car!

By Accord Fan on October 14 @ 9:46 am
Great car - Honda's last forever
Great all around car: good handling, comfortable for me at 6'2", quiet, no squeaks or rattles in a 12 year old car with 145k miles!, good mpg especially with the 5 spd, parts are cheap and plentiful - new kits for all front joints / tie rod ends for $100 on eBay.

By choda on February 10 @ 8:13 pm
Wagons are back!
Bought used with 95000, after selling our 95 Accord damaged in hail storm. This LX wagon has been reliable, although it has a couple of issues. The slow electric windows, starting to smell antifreeze and the worst is the paint clearcoat is failing. The automatic trans requires more frequent fluid changes than most or it will act up. Gets 25+mpg, not quite as good as the 95 Accord sedan. Performance is fine for normal driving. It's too bad the paint is going away. New paint is so expensive I will be selling this car.

By Dwayne N. on October 2 @ 9:10 am
Can't beat the Honda Engine
I'm so in love with my Honda Accord, I've been driving it for 2 years since 2007 that I bought at 106000, now it's only 126000. Never any engine problem before, only once the check light appeared (Sparkplugs replacement). I'm pretty sure that my accord will last at least 10 more years even if I would try to break it. The only problem with it for now is the AC, it blows no cool air :( I don't know what is exactly wrong with it. Hopefully I get it done soon.

By Matthew D on March 15 @ 3:23 am
Ripped off but I still like it
I bought my 97' Accord a month before I got married. The dealer I bought it from told me it had passed all their inspections and was good to go. Right after purchase I had to replace the radiator, water pump & timing belt, belts, brake rotors and tires. Four months later I find out it has a bad piston rod and needs a new engine. Even after all this I love the car. I get a solid 32 MPG on the freeway and I love the way it drives. The seats are a little uncomfortable for long drives but other than that I'm determined to replace the engine and keep driving it.

By tjak74 on November 23 @ 4:26 am
Awesome 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th Car
Bought car from original owner with 195,500 miles and complete service records. Hit 200,000 on July 4th. 1st owner was rear-ended in 2002, the only major repair. Car is brand-new feeling. Drives VERY smooth @ 90 MPH. I have driven it on several long trips (550 miles one-way), in hot, cold, bright, dark, dry, and wet conditions, without any problems. Averaged 30MPG @ 80-90MPH on those trips. Only need to make ONE stop because car is so comfortable and good on gas mileage. Car is very reliable and fun-to- drive. Has good around-town and passing power and great brakes. I highly recommend this vehicle.

By JohnBonanno on February 11 @ 6:03 am
Might as well call it a tank continued
I wrote a review when my car was running great. But the truth is if you treat this car great it will return the favor. At around 150k my ignition got loose causing the car to shut off when I'm driving. At one point I couldn't go anywhere without holding my key so the car wouldn't turn off. I haven't driven it in a long time and just started it up (holding the key in place) and it drove like a champ still. Need to replace the valve cover gasket battery and the alternator maybe a tune up also. But that is it - the best purchase I have ever made. The window motors are horrible but that's it. Like I said you cannot break these things even if you try. Buy this car you won't be disappointed.

By CHK on April 3 @ 11:00 pm
Great Car
Bought the car in 2006 when it had about 150,000 miles - have made many trips from PA to NH and back with never a problem - this car has never let me down. It now has 215,000 miles, and I'm looking to take it to 300,000. The only service I've had to do is routine maintenance, and repairs that were a result of my own dumb mistakes. Great car!!! Looking to by buy another car in the next couple months - this one will be another Accord. Thanks, Honda.

By yixter on June 20 @ 9:46 pm
Running strong
Bought this car in 03 with 68k now it is 183k and still going strong, about 80% of the miles are highway and I still got 31/32mpg overall according to the car's odometer. I carefully rated this car in the listed categories and won't say anything more. I had to replace a failed starter, front cv joints, changed the exhaust system and the tires 2 times, battery and a pair of front brake pads once, that is all. I recently bought a 09 accord new instead of trade in my 97 for $1000 I decided to keep it.

By red97 on August 23 @ 11:06 pm
This my first car and I love it
I love this car, it is so fun - it drives better than a Benz. The 4 cylinder is very fast and responsive. Great gas mileage. The only problems I've had so far is the front axles had to be replaced and the starter and solenoid, that's about it. The ac stinks but I got sun roof so it's all good and the seat belts are horrible they choke you but the seats are extremely comfy. Plus the trunk is very roomy. I once got three kids, two ice chests, 3 tents, 2 adults, a million blankets etc. and food in my car. Oh and tiki torches out the sun roof.

By tim d on January 31 @ 12:43 am
Good Car
My wife had one of these for her first new car. Very reliable, easy to maintain and drive. Mileage was 30MPG combined, which was exceptional. A few minor problems: clutch start interlock switch (fixed myself) and a/c condenser kept getting stopped up with leaves and spilling water on floor (dealer wanted $200 to install a screen to keep this from happening). Fairly fun to drive and reasonably fast for a basic car. We had the coupe, but should have spent the money on the sedan so we could get more use out of it after we had kids.

By windshawne on October 28 @ 7:10 am
High mileage
I bought the car in 2003-3 days after I bought it, I had to have the heads redone. Researching its history, I found the car had been abused, however, as of today, it has 199,500 miles on it and it's still as sound as the day I bought it. Just the past oil change it has started to use oil, so I need to investigate that. This has been the most reliable car I have ever had. When it finally dies, I will buy another one.

By jenny on November 1 @ 8:16 am
this is the best car out there i have many cars before but this is the best... cheap to fix good in fuel and everything else.

By Jones on October 11 @ 6:10 pm
Best Car Ever!
I originally had a 1989 Ford Mustang GT and had traded it for my 97' Accord EX V6. Have to say honestly was my best decision ever! I have ever option available, leather, power seats, power windows and locks, steering wheel controls, etc. Only issue I have had was replaced a cracked radiator but come on it has 156k miles for god sake! The window motors are somewhat slow but i manage, the a/c isn't great but it keeps me cool. Although my C/E Light is on I have no had any performance issues, it starts right up on first turn I think its just because the Tach stopped working. Although I am having a new transmission installed now but that is because the car was lowered and i bottomed out.

By Scott on August 18 @ 2:16 am
Great reliable car
Bought this EX-L V6 in 02 with 68k, now has 193k. Other than normal maintenance., it hasn't needed anything. Doesn't use any oil and the v6 is peppy, yet gets good mpg. Disc brakes on all 4 wheels seem to hold up very well. Been through 2 teenage drivers and still survived ( I know they didn't baby it). Plan on keeping it another 100k. Power windows have gotten a little slow, but seems to be a common problem on these cars. Spray silicone once in while does seem to help. Looking for another 97 accord for my next teenager.

By Brenda Eiland on July 17 @ 9:40 am
Wish I Could Keep It
The only reason I am buying a new car, and turning the beloved '97 LX wagon over to a relative, is that my leg can no longer handle any clutch and the car has a standard transmission. Otherwise, I'd pay what it took to restore! The windows are slow, and some plastic pieces broke (holding visor and rear cargo space cover). Hubcaps' paint peeled but new ones weren't expensive. Has had good mechanical attention. Timing belt replacement at recommended mileage was difficult per an excellent mechanic who said he won't do it after the next 100,000 miles. Had 2 axle boots replaced, but the originals might have been weakened by being hit in the side by 2 big deer almost simultaneously. Tough car.

By melachuri on November 17 @ 7:03 pm
Original Owner - 13 years and still goin
Great Car. Replaced A/C evaporator at 70k and radiator at 100k. Other than that did all needed maintenance - CV joints, Timing belt, etc.

By tennisballs on May 30 @ 3:53 pm
Accords rule!
I have really enjoyed this car. It has been incredibly reliable. I've been driving it for 11 years and would drive it for 10 more if my family didn't need a bigger car now.

By thehub on June 17 @ 11:23 pm
My 2nd favorite Honda
This is my second '97 Special Edition four door, and neither has disappointed. The ride is smooth (on new Pirellis) while it is not a Porsche, it is reliable, safe and fun to drive. It is comfortable as all get out! This is my 6th Honda, and only my 1989 Accord Lxi has been better. Honda is a cut above the rest. Buy one, and you will not be disappointed.

By owlflfurry on November 1 @ 11:00 am
Best Used Car
My 97' Honda has been a pretty good car. I've had it for 4 years and it now has 150,000 miles. Right at 147,000 miles the A/C stopped blowing cold air. $500 to fix! The other day my door handle on the inside just broke off. The paint on every 97' Honda seems to rust off or something. It looks ugly. I've had to replace the alternator, get a major tune-up, and I had an issue for a couple of years with the computer. It would stall out while driving all the time, just randomly. I had the Honda dealership fix that issue though which was like a $500 issue. My check engine like came on the other day too. There are a lot of repairs needed, but it's old...has a lot of miles and has been a good car

By Ozzy on August 5 @ 11:00 am
Great Sedan
Bought a 97 accord over a 2000 civic by the looks and I do no regret it. I've had the timing belt snap on me but because we had no idea of the history and did not take enough caution to change it while it was still good. Previous owner was horrible. With the timing belt change we redid the heads gaskets, radiator, water and etc. Window motors are horribly slow at the front and nice on the back. Ignition assembly had to be changed. Starter changed. OEM speakers are really amazing for their year. Although a lot of work had to be done it was mostly because of previous owner with horrible habits. This car really is great A to B in comfort, speed, and style.

By Brian on November 29 @ 3:00 am
Best Car I've ever owned
Bought it with 70,000 and currently has 227,000 replaced 1 half axle, 1 battery, upper bushing on front. 34 mpg on highway w/ cruise combined around 28 mpg. At one point at about 110,000 it would just shut off as if I turned the key off but would catch in gear again b/c of it being a 5 speed standard. I called Honda and they told me that it had been recalled for bad ignition switch. Made an appt at the local dealer. Honda replaced everything. igniton switch, points, plugs, cap, wires and even an oil change at NO COST.. Now that's SERVICE! In fact I just bought my wife a 2004 Accord EX.

By chilli1 on October 2 @ 2:00 am
300,000 miles and going strong
Over 300,000 miles on original motor and transmission. Almost nothing has ever gone wrong with it, except it would shut off or not start, and problem was a recalled ignition switch, dealer fixed for free. Hope to get a half million miles out of it!

By camman97 on November 26 @ 6:50 pm
Great Car!
My sister got this car when she was 15 and it had 50k miles on it and now shes 22 and she recently bought a new fusion but this car was passed down to me and now with 203067 miles on it and we have had only 1 problem and it was the EGR valve but it does have minor faults like the windows and paint but otherwise a fine car and i would buy another one

By peterpaul on January 8 @ 11:44 am
A Consumer Car With Zip
This is my second Honda Accord in the last few years. My first was a '97 Honda Accord SE with 185,000 miles on it that I bought from a junkyard for essentially nothing: it zipped around fine, sipped gas, and was cheap to repair. It died (lesson, never buy a used car without a maintenance history) as the old owner ragged it. For the above reasons, I bought one last week, a '97 EX with the V6 engine in it. It has 138,000 miles on it and is in excellent condition. It has zip and pep and really gets around town. Even better, as it has all the maintenance records going back to purchase, I can see it has been well kept and for a fraction of other cars. Yay 94-97 Honda Accords!

By gvnnpd on March 5 @ 8:02 am
I bought mine with 60k, i now have 120k. Ive only done oil changes along with once a year wax. It looks new and runs great! Ive only needed to do the a/c compressor, which was only $300 what a steal! when my friends same year Saab was 1,200. Boy did he have a Saab story! This car takes you anywhere and everywhere! Ive taken it to Colorado in the mountains, to the beaches of california, never has it ever broken down on me. At times ive though of getting a new car but then i remember that NOTHING compares to the gas and reliability this car has. Its a gold mine, thats why its been rated the #1 stolen in America! crooks know where theres gold mines.

By starv55 on November 24 @ 6:15 am
No I think I got a bad car
I heard honda's are good cars and can last a long time. I bought this for 4000 with 154,000 miles. Was not worth it. The interior easily falls apart. It runs really badly and scares me. It's been in the shop about 4 or 5x in the last two months. it just came right out and already the check engine light is on. it basically shits itself going up any type of hill even a slight hill. it makes obnoxious noises when i lock the doors and randomly makes noises out of nowhere. i got a new starter and it still starts up really scarily. it vibrates and revs while in park. when i put my foot on the gas to accelerate it freaks out. I really hate this car and I pray I will make enough money to get a new 1

By datonechiik on September 15 @ 7:31 pm
decent first car lasts quite a lot of miles#
I bought this car with 230k miles on it, the engine had already been replaced and I did all the maintenance i could on it at around 260k the power steering went out, at 280 the check engine light came on and auto zone could not help, granted i sold the car

By heyguysitsme on February 23 @ 12:54 am
Definitely worth the money
Bought the car from another college student. Already gone on multiple long road trips(100 miles or more one way), and it just keeps on plugging along at 250,000 miles. I drive 80 miles a day round trip on the freeway, and its done very well. 28 mpg average. Only problem is that these cars are supposed to have 17 gallon gas tanks, but when the needle is on empty, mine only takes 13. Not a major issue though. Definitely worth the 1000 dollars I paid for it.

By hondillac on December 8 @ 8:53 pm
I have owned my used 1997 Honda Accord EX-V6 since April 2010. I LOVE MY CAR!! I actually owned a 2002 Honda Accord Coupe, loaded 5-speed stick but a 4-cylinder engine. The power between the two is astonishing!! My V6 is powerful even though its 18 years old!! It has a smooth ride and everything still works; air conditioning, power windows, sunroof, etc,. Don’t get me wrong, I've put money in this car but it has been the greatest car I've ever owned. This model year quality cannot be beat!! Yes, I own a Honda-Cadillac; my Hondillac!!! I’M IN LOVE WITH MY CAR!!! 2015: Ok folks, my baby (Ivory) Hondillac needed a new engine in October 2015. The shop that I chose to replace it took a little longer than expected so I decided to go to a dealership to try my luck on a new Honda. Went in and saw a Grey 2009 Honda Accord EX-V6 and as I test drove the car, I wanted it!! I bought it and now that Ivory has been fixed; I drove this car during the winter. And my new baby 2009 (Greyson) is my new Hondillac. But whats so funny!! My 1997s engine sounds better than the new one??? Not sure why but I still LOVE my 1997 Honda and he is still running stronger than ever!!!

By Troy on January 2 @ 8:33 am
To many times in the shop
This accord is the worst car i have ever owned it left me stranded to many times. I strongly advise you not to buy one of these cars especially 1994-1997 go for 1998 or newer. Gas mileage is poor im only getting 16 miles to the gallon and if im lucky 18 mpg. If youre looking to save gas look elsewhere you wont find it in this accord. Acceleration is the worst especially for the engine size im very disappointed its extremely underpowered even without the A/C. The air conditioning system is terrible and weak it does not cool the car down honda could have designed it better. I also have noticed it tends to shut of by itself even when im driving which is a real pain. The only positives is it has a decent look and interior and is cheap to fill up but thats it. Steer clear of the 97 accord

By Larry A on October 9 @ 3:10 am
Timex watch and 97 accord take a lickin
Very well built car easily repaired FYI people don't be stupid and get taken in by crooked mechanics. YOU CAN repair your own car all u need is google, you tube and some tools and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. One of the most amazing cars I ever owned just keeps on going and going hoping to make it to 400,000 miles next year

By Stephen on April 15 @ 2:00 pm
Great Car! Very solid!
I have owned this car for 3 years and it has been almost perfect for me! It only has 102,000 miles on it and it could go on forever. I have recently just had to fix the transmission a bit because the torque converter locked up but that is due to most of my driving is done on the highway because I am a college student who drives 250 miles home twice a month or so. The engine is a tank and will run forever. No major complaints about this car at all. It was and still is my first car and I am looking to get many more years out of it. It is the perfect first car! It is not flashy, nor will it make anyone impressed, but it gets the job done efficiently. Honda is known for their solid cars and this is just another solid, well build car. I even put in an aftermarket touchscreen stereo and speakers. This car is very easy to modify or change out little things. 9.5/10

By Paul on July 30 @ 10:22 pm
1997 Honda Accord
Simply the best car I have ever owned. Have owned Gm, Chrysler, etc and they don't compare reliability wise. Simple car, which is why they last as long as they do. 250k, tires, oil changes and brakes. Fantastic car....

By steve moore on January 28 @ 5:35 pm
been a nice ride still is a nice ride
am/FM/cassette factory system still works great!!! a couple of shopping cart dings. still has factory hub caps!!!

By Flyha on May 12 @ 5:08 pm
Almost 20 years of complete satisfaction
This car was so reliable until about year 15, when original parts needed replacement regularly. Unfortunately, exhaust seems to have the shortest life on Hondas, but replaced it around year 10 or 11 and nothing since.

By FireBreathOpal on October 10 @ 3:07 pm
Strong and Reliable 5-speed!
I've owned mostly Toyota, an 88 and 89 Camry, a 97 4Runner and an 06 Prius. I've owned an 04 Volvo S60 and a Mitsubishi Magna. I only owned one other Honda, a 90 Civic and that was like a lil automatic go-kart that always started up and went everywhere. My girlfriend killed that car due to ATF filling difficulties on her part.:) I bought this white 97' accord in 2012 along with a 94' same model for my spouse so we could interchange parts along the way which ended up happening btw. I LOVED THIS car, it was peppy and quick, acted like a snow tank (with winter treads) through snowstorms; efficient as could be with avg 26 - 35 mpg depending on temps outside and how grippy the tires are (summers get 35mpg, winters down to 26); fun to drive with the classic Honda shifting action and sound of the motor correlating so well to each gear; and the sheer simplicity of working on these cars, they are so easy to change out parts and maintain. I have to sell my car now because can't keep due to moving overseas. =( I've hauled 2 kids in the back seat and much stuff in it's capably sized trunk. I love this car and it looks goood in it's new clean, polish, and waxed look and its Honda 7 spoke alloy rims. The JVC bluetooth/USB/aux stereo in it sounds really good with the stock speakers on this model year. I noticed when I hooked up newer Pioneer and Polk speakers and they didn't sound as good. This car also has decent clearance and ability to go camping with here in Colorado. Gonna miss this car. Will definitely buy another Honda.

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