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1996 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 1996

All 1996 Honda Accords get revised styling, featuring new taillights and bumper covers. Wagons have a new roof rack, while sedans boast a new pass-through ski sack.

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By b on January 30 @ 12:36 am
Good reliable car
The car is very reliable but expensive to repair little things like windshield wiper motor (~$400).

By hondamanjt on February 5 @ 10:26 am
The most comfortable car I have owned.
The car has a very sophisticated feel to it when you drive it. The leather seats and 6-way power seat are really a nice addition. It has the feel of a sports car, yet is quiet and extremely economical. When I take road trips I don't want to get out of my car because it makes me so relaxed to drive it.

By absolute78 on August 19 @ 2:10 am
CollegeGuy review
What a great car! It looks great, the V6 is a blast to drive, and with 70K miles on mine, it still feels, looks, and drives like it's 6 months old!

By will4271 on January 12 @ 3:00 am
Love it.
This probably the best car that I ever brought. So far I am lucky to not have encounter any mechanical problems. I'm buying another Honda/Acura product. I am very happy with it. Keep up the good work Honda.

By MarkV on December 25 @ 3:00 am
I love this car
this car is awesome, go and buy it!

By felix mark down on December 25 @ 3:00 am
Reliable Jewel
My third accord, still as reliable as ever, still as well designed as ever. Only things that ever failed were normal wear items: tires, battery. Nevery worry when you have one of these.

By naturalaz on September 20 @ 3:00 am
my 4th honda
excellent quality and reliability. Buy the v6 if you can get it. This model needs a little more power. This is my fourth honda, it won't be my last.

By BrentSki on November 2 @ 11:00 am
Accord blows away competition!
No problems- runs great, looks great. It's a HONDA!

By Ralph Sampson on July 12 @ 11:00 am
dont have to worry with a Honda!!
This car has over 80,000 miles on it and not an ounce of trouble has it given me. it is so reliable!! i would not hesitate to drive it across this great country, with the mileage. Super Car!!!

By ae5867t on November 28 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accord EX
I bought this with 32k miles 6 months ago the V4. This is a very fine car runs smooth and the 4 cylinders have plenty of pep. Honda makes great vehicles and although the 6 cylinder would be great the 4 is plenty of power with 145 hp

By G Bland on October 24 @ 11:00 am
96 Honda Accord LX
The only complaint I have is my muffler rattles at low speeds.

By BIG DAWG on February 3 @ 11:00 am
96 Honda Accord
Great car bought it in 96' never had a problem .Great gas milage , lots of room .Wish i did not sell it .Never can go wrong with a Honda !

By wjanus on November 7 @ 11:00 am
You will love this car!
Outstanding reliability and comfort! Fun to drive! The ideal car to make your commute something to look forward to.

By WS6LS101 on August 3 @ 11:00 am
So reliable that its almost boring
My friends and family reccomended the Honda and they have definitely given me the best advice I think I have ever taken, for this car is amazing! I feel very confident in the car, just knowing that it will always get me where I need to go. It is six years old and looks and drives like its a brand new machine, infact this car probably hasnt even broken in yet! And its especially nice when the mechanic compliments you on your decision to buy a Honda, ensuring you that they are nearly mechanically perfect.

By vtecaccord01 on July 16 @ 11:00 am
Accord 96
I have been wanting this accord for the past 3 years. I finally have her. It passed all my expectations and performs better then I can believe. That double wishbone is something to be amazed about. Vtec is the way to go.

By Flyn_Bryan on March 7 @ 11:00 am
I love my Honda Accord!
Very pleased with the car overall. Thumbs up!

By Seean on March 7 @ 11:00 am
Great car, fun to drive, awesome handling, and I got it for a great price.

By Contagious01 on August 28 @ 11:00 am
It's good enough for me
Well by the fact of me being a college student this car is off da hook....It is great on gas has enough get-up and go for me and it will run up and down the interstate with the best of the other brands....I just broke 146,000 miles and it just seems to run even better with a lil bit more power of course with a couple of mods.

By wilk6100 on February 1 @ 11:00 am
This car lacks nothing!! O.K, the only problem I've had is that the muffler rattles a little. BUT THAT'S IT!

By JoAnn on November 4 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accords Are the Best!
I have owned my Honda for 6 years, not once have I had any problems with it. It still handles great, the body is in great condition, I haven't even had to change the battery yet! The mileage I get on gas is a bonus!

By Tidepride824 on November 30 @ 11:00 am
Not a day of trouble...
My Accord has had no problems since the day I bought it! It now is approaching 125,000 miles, and never even had to replace brake pads, just tires at 65,000. The Honda benchmark has always been high, and this is one reason-this car!

By Juggdich on September 20 @ 11:00 am
This car hasnt had a problem ever. and probably wont have a problem until it gets up to about 250,000.

By DavidB. on April 24 @ 11:00 am
Excelent Vehicle
This car has 150,000 miles on it and still runs like the day it was built. Smooth comfortable ride, a kick to drive. Excelent handling, excelent acceleration. No question the best car I have ever owned!

By Bob3000 on August 5 @ 11:00 am
Very reliable car
My mother got this car in 1996. I'm driving it since 2000 and I had no problem with it. The engine's working like a new one after 60 000 miles.

By Sang on December 22 @ 11:00 am
problem with low beams
alright i got this babe roughtly 2 months already... the only problem i have now is the low beams... I don't understand why when i turn on the low beam. Only 1 beam on even both of them not death, but when the engine running both of them only on when the daytime running lights is on.. otherwise if daytime running is not on.... only 1 beam on... sometime both on sometime not... Can anybody explain this???

By Foster on August 30 @ 11:00 am
Caveat Emptor, Nice People
My experience with the 1996 Accord could have been worse. It is quite well- made; the seats are comfortable; and the controls are well-placed. Rear visibility is fairly bad, however, and exhaust system problems have plagued the car since my purchase. Acceleration with the base SOHC engine is acceptable for normal driving, but highway merges on short onramps are unpleasant. Again, though, the car could be much worse.

By HUGH on June 2 @ 3:00 am
My car has 120,000 miles on it. I have had routine maintenance, changed the timing belt and had 1 tune-up. I use all honda parts. I run w/synthetic oil, but I plan on owning this for another 120,000 miles. This car runs great, smooth, quiet, reliable and peppy. I'll go honda again.

By Lori O on June 2 @ 3:00 am
SO SO sad to say goodbye...
I bought this car as a 25th b-day to myself new and yesterday we traded it in for a later model Accord. I didn't realize how great it was till it was time to say goodbye... I never had a problem with it, my only complaint was that I didn't think it was great in the rain (tended to hydroplane, maybe it was the manual transmission...) and felt the brakes weren't as powerful as they could've been. We were looking at other cars, but realized you can NEVER NEVER go wrong w/a Honda!!! The only day it didn't start was when it needed a new battery (74K miles)!!!

By Don410 on August 1 @ 3:00 am
Still My Car of Choice
This is the second Honda that I've owned. The car is fun to drive, although it doesn't seem quite as powerful as my 1990 EX. The A/C condenser fan quit at 67,000 miles. Cost of replacement: $230. Just last week, I lost the timing belt at 72,200 miles. I assumed that my '96 had the same timing belt interval as my '90, which was 90,000 miles. Unfortunately, the interval for this engine is 60,000 miles instead! Surprisingly, no engine damage occurred. For some unknown reason, the coil and igniter gave up at the same time I lost the timing belt, so I'm looking at a grand total of almost $1000 in repairs (I am waiting for the new igniter to arrive as I write this).

By MMH on November 30 @ 3:00 am
Cost of Maintaining is crazy!
Burns oil faster then gas (Broken ring $3000) Timing belt at 100,000 miles $400. Universal joints $400. Get a Saturn (Steel Timing belt). when useing the drink holder forget about using the casset player. Lights are way under par mosture-fog over, Tempature control involves opening window, Parking break button sticks, Oil cap almost impossible to remove without burning fingers, Bogs down on hills with curse control on, The trunk is way to small and laying the back seats down involves trying to hold a spring lock key open while pulling the seat down?, Poor rear visabiliy, Crappy radio, and you will bump your head getting in. HONDA ALL HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!

By ethylsdad on July 21 @ 3:00 am
No problems...
The Accord is a great car. It has no real faults except for its horsepower deficiency, and its not-so-smooth auto transmission. It's fun to drive, just not as fun when pushing the gas to the floor as say, a 2003 Accord 4-cyl, or especially the V-6. Great economy, ample room, and great build quality overshadow these few shortcomings.

By john wood on March 2 @ 3:00 am
I like it
I will drive this car into the ground. It runs perfectly and I will give it the proper maintence, both body and engine, to make sure it stays that way. Looking to get 400k miles out of her.

By drivefor5 on February 13 @ 3:00 am
Bland but Reliable
Been driving the wife's Accord LX for almost 2 years now. Only has 65,XXX miles. Always there for you, just do the maintenance. It's boring as hell though after driving a '92 Camaro RS V8. 2.2 4Cyl sounds like a diesel even after valve adjustment. Great highway MPG (Over 30 with the 4 Cyl) Get the V6 if you are looking. Better performance. Why is A/T shifter able to shift from Overdrive to Drive at all times? I think my wife was screwed over by the dealer as the paint on the left rear door is different (no accidents either).

By R. W. on January 26 @ 3:00 am
Always stick with a Honda!
Recieved this car recently as my first car, and have had this car in my family for years, and I love it! You can never go wrong with a Honda! Performance is still up-to-par with most modern cars. Take my advice, BUY A HONDA!!

By Skibunie on March 28 @ 3:00 am
Rated: A+ Experience: First Hand
Jester, my Honda, has about 140,000 mi. The driver is #1, it’s fun to drive, with a wide but tight suspension; the 5 speed transmission is powerful; a comfortable bucket seat (power); there are 99.9% non-blindspots with huge windows all the way around; the sound system is good, but the CD player is better; the trunk is unbelievably large (width and depth!).

By dolphin girl on December 30 @ 3:00 am
Not if you're looking for power
This car is very pretty, and needs to be maintained on a regular basis. The body is way too heavy for the engine and you can feel it struggle. It has lots of trunk space for big speakers.Car people will love this car because it is a hands on car. The alignment, sparkplugs, brakes etc. need to be dealt with.

By Curtish on September 7 @ 3:00 am
96 Accord
Great car,the wife really enjoys the driveability. The only problem has been at 81K the balance shaft oil seal failed and dumped all the oil out. Honda repaired as a defect with no cost.

By hpark21 on October 25 @ 11:00 am
Still alive and kicking!!!
I got this baby when it was barely broken in at 25K miles. Now the car has 142K and so far, it cost me $300 in repair (muffler and tubing, recently) O2 sensor was replaced at 110K under warranty from Honda but even if I had to pay for it, it would have been under $1000 total in repair over the life of the car. This car still rides well and gives me 26M/Gal in Mixed hway and city driving. (during winter. now a days about 28M/Gal) I am hoping to drive until 200K. That will be coming in 3 more years.. :)

By shen0282 on July 4 @ 11:00 am

By hondaboy on December 25 @ 11:00 am
Real Honda satisfaction
Simply a great, dependable car that drives very well. Accord currently has 113000 miles, I've owned it for the last 40000. Outside of routine maintenance (tune-up, timing belt, etc.) only expense was a faulty emission sensor. As with every Honda I've owned, the gas mileage has been better than advertised. I consistently get 30mpg+ with this Accord. I can't imagine owning a different brand of car.

By mneebs on December 14 @ 11:00 am
an excellent vehicle
i love to drive my accord, its my first car, and it drives wonderfully. It has a smooth ride, its very reliable, and the power windows and locks are nice. the various controls are very easy to understand and access, its a great car.

By Reverand on September 9 @ 11:00 am
Bring Back the Fun with a 5 Speed
Was looking for an affordable fun to drive manual shift after selling my SUV. This is a wonderful car. I needed to do some maintence (90,000 service and tune up, new tires) but it runs like a dream. Seems like it has a lot of miles left.

By Lwildes on June 20 @ 11:00 am
1996 Honda Accord
My Honda has performed well over the last 4 years I've owned it. The 2 reasons I'm car shopping is my husband complains that it's too cramped for him. He drives a full size pick up and says he feels like he's riding a go cart in mine. The only other thing is I want to change colors. My car is black and hard to keep clean and absorbs heat more I think. I'm in search of a white medium size vehicle. My husband wants me to buy a truck. Thank you, Lisa Wildes

By a7edmundyoung on December 26 @ 11:00 am
Worthy to buy!
I bought this car for one year already, I never go to auto repairs since I bought this car unless oil changes. This car runs great even it's 85000 mileages, I believe it's a reliable type of car, and doesn't cause you much time and money on the maintainances. Think about it.

By pamela on July 12 @ 11:00 am
1996 Honda Accord LX
I have owned my Accord for 7 years and am the original owner. I depend on this vehicle to get us everywhere we need to go; baseball games, basketball games, football games, vacations, work, etc... I change the oil every 4K and perform all routine maintenance as set by the owner's manual. I have 142K miles on this car and it continues to perform just as good as it did 7 years ago. I have a manual transmission and I have the original clutch and brakes. I feel this vehicle will go another 142K. I continue to be impressed with the dependability and resale value of this vehicle.

By stillwatercove on September 28 @ 11:00 am
Man's best friend
NOT SEXY, but oh soooo dependable, functional, and comfortable to drive. The wagon has so much room. Easyily convertable to put 2 bikes in the back without removing wheels. Quiet on the highway and nimble in the city.

By Hitesh Parekh on May 20 @ 11:00 am
Noisy, weak initially
I bought this car last month from a private owner. When started, the car makes a lot of noise (is it normal??) Runs quitely till you reach about 60mph. Drags initially but after about 30mph, runs very smoothly. High road/ wind noise. Excellent braking & manueverability at high speed. Leather seats are firm but doesnot provide a good lumbar support. Too early to comment about reliabilty. Overall, great peace of mind.

By TED on February 14 @ 11:00 am
Great car. Owned for a few years, never had a problem.

By anotherdee on October 24 @ 11:00 am
Still worth it
I am the original owner and have had no major problems with this car. This is my fourth Honda and third Accord. I'm convinced. If and when this car bitest the dust, I will definitely buy another one. I keep up regular maintenance on it.. I take care of it and it takes care of me!

By Mr Frank on September 1 @ 11:00 am
The Best
There is no reason to buy any other car the Accord works great, last forever and is fun to drive

By Melody9999 on May 28 @ 11:00 am
Very good car. I have owned it for 8 years and the only problem I've had was a headlight burning out.

By rebecca ann on July 31 @ 3:00 am
i love my car
I have had my Honda Accord for almost three years and I still love it. I have had no problems, only routine maintence. She has no rust and looks good.

By KC Doug on December 17 @ 3:00 am
Nearly perfect vehicle
I bought my wagon with 93,000 miles on it and have since put on another 35,000. Have had no problems, and it continues to be a dependable, versital, fun to drive vehicle. I have used it as a truck, kid bus, business car, and errand car, and it has taken everything I have thrown at it. Good mileage, good performance, solid structure (still no rattles!) and fun to drive. Hard to beat!

By Czar on May 29 @ 3:00 am
No more Honda loyalty.
There was a recall on the engine but I caught it before the recall. Messy. Jammed door lock because of bad actuator (250.00). Front driver window worn out and jammed (250.00). The 1st recall I got was about the electrical wire harness. Also caught it before the recall. Sigh. Two months ago, the engine leaked oil (400.00). The gasket needed to be replaced. I needed to pay first for the two recalls but reimbursed later. Hassle. The 2nd recall fiasco cost 800.00 because the timing belt was damaged ...

By mustangkrs on May 29 @ 3:00 am
Best car I have ever owned
This is the best car I have ever owned. I have had the car almost two years now, bought it to replace the one my girlfriend totalled. I love it. I even convinced my mom to buy a new one. No problems, drives great, always reliable.

By heatherjo811 on April 24 @ 3:00 am
My Fav Car
I bought this car out of college and have had it for 8 years. Every penny I've put into it has been regular maintenance, not one penny has gone into fixing a problem. Highly recommend this car!!!!

By kmgreen6260 on June 12 @ 3:00 am
What can I say, it's a Honda.
Why would anyone buy an American made piece of junk when they could own a car that's made in America but with Japanese Technology? Buy a Honda and I guarantee you'll never buy an American made car again.

By shurt on August 19 @ 3:00 am
Worth a test drive
Being in sales, I'm very tough on autos and this one has lived up to the tests. Very reliable, comfortable and fun to drive, handles like a dream. I had the 5 speed manual transmission which is nice on back roads, and for immediate extra power, but annoying in the city. If you need something affordable, dependable, and extremely economical this is a great choice.

By cac20 on December 2 @ 11:00 am
I would buy another Honda
I bought this car new 8 years ago and it has been virtually maintenence free until about 102,000 miles when it developed a major oil leak ( broken seal) but besides that it has only been routine maintenance and it now has 106k miles. It has served our family well!

By donoby on June 18 @ 11:00 am
Excellent, fun car
Car is excellent for someone looking for clean handling and excellent reliability. while succeeding generation Handa Accord coupes are more stylish, this car still looks good after 8 years.

By lewdog444 on February 22 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
Never had a problem, fun to drive...always

By Snowman2109 on January 17 @ 11:00 am
Great car, except gas mileage
I bought this car when it had 132500. Overall, its a pretty nice car, never failed me in times. Can be expensive to fix but if you have the right connections, you can get it fixed for the right price. In the year i owned it, i replaced the cv boot-90 for parts and 90 for work, timing belt changed for the first time changed at 135000 and didnt even snap, impressive. Window just driver side motor just broke, 110 with part. Gas mileage is my biggest concern. During the winter i got 16mpg, and summer i got 20, might not be so bad for a normal car but pretty bad for a 130hp 4 banger. Also winter driving was horrible with no traction

By bullmoose on January 24 @ 11:00 am
A quality vehicle ovrall. No major repairs in the 8 yrs that we have owned it. All regular required maintenance was done and the car has operated to our greatest expectations. It has not once failed us. It was our second Honda, the first being a 1986 which we had for 10 years. Our third will no doubt also be a Honda.

By Koller1 on March 16 @ 11:00 am
1996 Honda Accord LX Sedan
Love it. Bought it with 32K miles and now has 133K. Driver's side window is very slow going up but that is it. I've changed the timing belt and have gone through two sets of tires and that's it. Not a high performance vehicle that will put you back in your seat but very dependable and comfortable with overall very good performance.

By Torch on February 16 @ 11:00 am
1996 Honda Accord 25th Anniversary
This has been a the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. You get bored with the car before it wears out!!! (I just bought a ford truck) I have been thru 4 sets of tires and a couple complete brake jobs..I think this is due to the weight all in the front of the car and fortunately my husband is a mechanice!!At 122000 miles I am noticing a hesitation in the transmission shifting from 2nd to 3rd in the cold weather until the car warms up. Would recommend this car to anyone.

By Dan j. on March 18 @ 7:56 pm
Great car, No problems
This car has gone through 4 people so far (all in my family), and im currently the one driving it. We have never had a problem with the car except for one headlight burning out, which we fixed ourselves. a great great car, i dont know what else to say, the only thing i would change is to make the car a 5 speed to add to the fun-to-drive element. Honda keeps to its reputation with this car, and im still finding out new convienent things about the car to this day.

By Accord Guy on July 3 @ 6:40 pm
175,000 miles and still kicking!
I bought this car as the 3rd owner in July of 2002. I purchased it for $2500 b/c the seller had put 144,500 miles on it and dealerships were only going to give her $2k for a trade in. I have done minimal work on this car and it has been very reliable. Routinely gets me 25+mpg. Long highway trips will net me 30 mpg. Great gas mileage.Just realized this car is still on original timing belt so that is getting replaced this week. 175,000 mils on original timing belt! wow!Wish the car had more power, but it gets the job done

By HOnd on November 5 @ 1:50 pm
I love it
I bought that car with a salvage title. It was in two major wrecks before. Recently it was totaled again. I decided to rebuild it - that's how much I like my Honda! The car runs exceptionally well. It has 115,000 miles on it, but it looks and drives like brand new. My recommnedation is to buy 4 cyl. EX with 5spd - it is fair on gas and yet when the VTEC kicks in... say astalavista.

By The Commander on December 20 @ 8:16 pm
Very good everyday driver
Well, Hondas are known to be reliable and this one is no different! I've owned it for past 5 years at 42,000 miles and other than AC problem and window problem, nothing major.

By Ken on January 29 @ 4:10 am
Great car, as reliable as they come
I bought this car at 98K miles. For the two years I have driven it, I have not had any problems with it - everything works, no breakdowns, no funny noises, etc. A quick check shows the resale value has hardly depreciated and it's not surprising why that is so. On recent trips, I've averaged 31 miles on the highway. This car has been very good to my wallet and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it.

By King on September 15 @ 1:16 pm
Happy Owner
I sold a 2002 Ford Ranger, still under factory warranty to purchase a nine year old Honda Accord. I didn't see the point in paying so much more for the truck. I absolutely love my Accord. Maybe because I'm saving a lot of money on gas and monthly payments, or maybe just because it's a great car! When I purchased it, it had just over 100,000 miles and was in near perfect condition. I suspect it will last longer than the Ranger I sold that had 55,000 miles!

By #4sGirl on July 4 @ 12:06 pm
The "find" of the year!
I bought this car with 32k miles on it from a man whose late wife quite literally only drove it to church, the grocery store and Wal-Mart. It's in fabulous condition for being 9 years old. The only trouble I've had from it are some occasional noises I'm not used to - I've never had a 4c before. I'm loving the low-mileage (I sold my '99 Pathfinder w/ 93k mi to get this car) and the high gas mileage... I plan to drive it for many years to come.

By Marc Mayes on December 12 @ 7:20 pm
The "Mayesmobile": A Well-Built Wagon
A silver 1996 Honda Accord wagon has been in our family for so long, it has earned the loving nickname "The Mayesmobile". It has transported us through blizzards and hurricanes reliably and comfortably. For a decade, it has swallowed our hockey gear, musical instruments, friends and animals with ease. After all these years, it is still a peppy* drive, rattle-free over potholes, nimble in the corners and easy to parallel park. As the car has gotten older, we have had a few issues finding parts (struts at 90,000 miles) when we've needed them, but as of yet, no major repairs have been required outside of routine maintenance. It is easily the best car our family has ever owned.

By mg005 on March 30 @ 3:16 am
I've owned my Accord for nearly 10 years. It is by far the most reliable and problem free car I have ever owned. It is not the most exciting car to drive; however, I bought the car for reliability and gas mileage and have gotten my monies worth. Currently, I have 165K miles and hope to get 250K.

By emeyer on July 1 @ 2:00 pm
A Reasonable but Not Exciting Used Car
This review concerns the 5 speed manual LX 4 cylinder model. Driving: The manual shift has always provided a little annoying hesitation coming out of first gear. I like the extra power of the manual transmission for passing. Interior displays are easy and logical. Not an exciting car to drive--but okay. Reliability: This car is now 10 years old and I have had some difficulty with the usual suspects for older cars: brakes and exhaust have been replaced. I have also replaced the starter (strangley). Otherwise the power features continue to work fine. Average amount of repair/maintenance I'd say. Overall I am reasonably happy with the car.

By Bruce on August 16 @ 1:30 am
What you can expect in repairs!!
Great car for Reliability. Below are my service records: 1. Timing Belt replaced 88K 2. New Radiator - 130K 3. Temperature senor - 140K 4. Vaccum hose fell off - 167K 5. Oil pan gasket - 170K 6. Rear main seal - 176K 7. Distributor o-ring and engine gasket - 176K 8. oxygen senors - 176K 9. Also, tires, battery, spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter, gas filter, replaced brakes, replace transmission fluid, coil wire and distributor cap / rotor. (Normal repair items)

By Bill on April 3 @ 9:53 am
my Accord
Great all around car. Good in snow. could use more power. Controls well laid out. Had problems with Ac, starter, fuel injectors.

By KenStewart on May 24 @ 9:50 pm
1996 Honda EX six cylinder
This is a great car. Gas mileage is good, about 27 mpg at speeds up to 70 mph. Gas mileage declines above 70mph. ~21 mpg climbing Rocky Mtns @80 mph. Gas mileage is 24-26 mpg in city traffic. Handles well on dry road, wet road, and snow covered roads. I've driven it through Needles California when the outdoor temperature was 120 degrees F with no problems -- air conditioner functioned well and engine coolant temperature remained normal. Interior is comfortable with four adults. Ride quality is good with 1 to 4 people. Fill the car with 4 people and the trunk with luggage then the car feels heavy.

By blueskeye on August 2 @ 5:46 pm
Blue's car:( ~~you were so good to me~~
I just can't say enough about the Honda. From the day I bought it, until last week, Nov2nd,06,(265k mi) it was sooo good to me, fun to drive, got me back and forth comfortably to work, and back and forth on many trips to Florida:) and other places,dependably, safely...where is it now? at the collision shop, the rear bumper & trunk smashed in while I and GF were at a complete stop, the 2007 Audi SUV plowed into the back of it, at approx 35 mph, he didn't even brake! We were only minorly hurt (I hope, not all the test results are back yet), the unibody design, and the correct crumple zones did what they were supposed to do. the Adjuster considered it "A Total Loss"...I say it is NOT a total loss

By s.macquaig on July 26 @ 7:06 am
My Best Friend
This is my second Accord, I have 152,000 miles on the present one and I really do not ever want to get rid of it. I have only had to replace batteries and I have been faithful getting timing belt, etc changed on schedule. I was a home health rn. working out in the country and put many miles on it, son had it for 1 semester at college, this car drove me to Florida about 2,000 miles round trip when I evacuated New Orleans from Katrina.I have retired to northern Michigan 3 months ago,and "my best friend" now has nice warm garage and loves to drive on the snow! My son lives here also and after my luck with honda, bought a Honda station wagon from private owner 1984/186,000 mi+ runs like a top.

By Duane on February 13 @ 2:43 am
1996 Honda Accord DX Sedan
I bought this car new and it has been the model of reliability. I bought it because my last car, a 1990 Oldsmobile Calais 442, was on its 3rd head gasket and multiple oil leaks after only 80K miles and wanted a car that would stay out of the shop. My Accord has not been in the shop except for maintenance items to be replaced. It is very roomy in the front, ok in the back and overall comfortable on long trips to drive of which I have taken it on many. The performance is acceptable for what it is. I like high performance cars and I would have bought the VTEC or V6 if I had the money at the time but it was not to be. However, it has competent acceleration and handling for a DX family car.

By cam0175 on November 21 @ 5:23 pm
Great car with minimal repairs
I got this car when my dad was disabled in 2001. He had kept it in the garage with 7,500 miles. Six years later and 181,500 miles later (it has 189,000 now...mostly highway miles) the car has held up. I just replaced the struts and rotors and got new brakes. I also did the usual coolant change and transmission fluid change and had to replace two cv joints. The engine seems to purr now, I guess it is just breaking in! I plan on driving this thing for a long time. The body is in excellent conditions with one scratch and a small ding and the paint still shines when I wash her. I plan on seeing if this things will last me for another 80,000 miles.

By Accord Wagoneer on April 20 @ 5:33 am
Accord beats Passat
When my 2002 VW Passat wagon was diagnosed with over $3000 in repairs for bad components such as starter, wiring to accessories, suspension, etc. I sold it at a huge loss and found a ‘96 Accord Wagon with 79k miles on it. It is such a superior car in reliability and ease to service, there is little to compare. I have two 96 Accords now, they are amazingly reliable, and 11 years on these cars is nothing – they are lively, cheap to own, safe, and fun. I regularly get 25-30 mpg, they start in any weather, owners can service most components, and the web forums are very popular and informative. Pick one of these cars up, they are young at 150k, you can’t go wrong at the prices they go for now.

By Kristie on November 25 @ 12:03 pm
Nothing But Problems
I purchased this car on 3/7/07, with 111,777 miles on it. The carfax report indicated that this was a one-owner car. At 111,972 miles I needed to have the following parts put on the car: front brake pads, rotors and wheel bearings $458.00, rear disc brake pads and rotors $139.40, left front CV shaft assembly $161.90, replacement of complete exhaust from catalytic converter back $398.54. As of today, 4/13/07, the alternator went out, add another $376.00 for the part (if you want one with a reasonable/and/or lifetime warranty). Also, I guess some type of pump has gone out because the windshield washer fluid doesn't work. Worst car I've ever owned.

By myhond on January 25 @ 11:23 pm
Second Times a Charm
This is actually my second Accord.I love the way this car performs and handles. All the controls are in the right place and the interior is in impeccable condition for a pre-owned vehicle. Gas mileage is great. Although it still doesn't have the same performance as my 2000 which I loved, it still comes in a very close second. The VTEC moves out when you mash on it effortlessly even with the automatic. And the ABS stops on a dime. After keeping it a for a few more years, I'm gonna get yet another Accord.

By marquis784 on September 18 @ 7:20 pm
great car
Purchased car new and have little to no major mechanical problems with it. Extrememly satisfied with this car. Great gas mileage both intercity/highway. Great pick up with only the V4 option. Would consider purchasing this car again. Reliability is tops! Highly recommended. You definately get more than your money's worth with this car. Still runniing in good condition long after the payments have ended!

By 96 honda on January 29 @ 5:33 am
'96 Honda
I purchased my Honda in Aug 1995. I have close to 186,000 miles. It has been a reliable vehicle, but of course now that it has more miles on it, it is starting to cost a pretty penny for repairs. I had problems with the power windows and locks after about 5 years of ownership. I've had more problems in the past 2 years with the high mileage. I've replaced the radiator, axles, oxygen sensor and a list of other things. My paint has worn and I was told that it is a paint defect. I know other people with the green car with the same problem. I can't complain because I've had the car for almost 12 years with no major problems.

By gmiami on March 27 @ 12:00 pm
Great car
I've owned this car for 6 years now and have about 87k miles on it. I have put the standard upkeep into the car such as brakes, a new muffler, air filter, and soon a new timing belt. The only recent problem has been the driver's side airbag needing to be replaced. I absolutely love this car - my previous one was a 1990 Taurus that needed two transmissions in ten years. I can get about 30 mpg on the highway with the ac cranked up. This car is comfortable and fun to drive. The dashboard is well layed out. I plan on owning this car for several more years before I move on to a newer model. What amazes me is that this car is 11 years old and does not look out of style.

By Donna on March 3 @ 4:50 pm
I Miss Her
Bought my '96 brand new and never regretted it. In over 145K miles, only needed to replace alternator and plug wires. This car never failed to start, the fit and finish was excellent, and it was a solid, well built car. Some idiot decided to steal it, so I no longer have one, but I just wanted to let everyone know what a great car they are. Have not done the research, but I hope that the new ones have kept all the quality features of my '96.

By LR on August 6 @ 8:00 pm
Love It
I bought this car new, and have had it for 11 years and 147000 miles. We've never had a day of trouble. It's required just basic maintenance. It still drives great and I don't worry about commuting in it.

By Gregg on September 10 @ 11:30 pm
Solid car, check the brakes!!
These cars are all they are cracked up to be. Starts everytime. Change the oil and the engine will run 300,000+ miles. Do not be fooled into thinking you won't spend a dime on maintenence! Things do break like every other car. CV shafts, ball joints, brake rotors, etc. Which by the way, before buying this car (94-97 Accords) get the front rotors checked!! If they are bad (pulsation in the steering wheel) knock $400 right off the price of the car. Or ask that they be replaced before purchasing!

By Sayinala on November 2 @ 4:20 am
Great Car
I have bought from a private party, using for 5 years. I never had an issue. Runs great, love this model.

By echri01 on May 21 @ 9:13 am
Great Car!
This is an economical car! Very reliable. Costs for repairs is expensive; suspension and steering was damaged prior to purchasing, costing over $2,500 in repairs if not more. Over all a wonderful, money saving car.Will never get rid of it. It's my 3rd Honda!

By Mohammad Ali on July 7 @ 1:00 am
Honda Accord Reveiw
My dad got this car in 1996 and this car has really proven itself. It is truly amazing and we have over 130,000 miles on it but it still runs like a dream. And it also keep it's retail value! This car is truly amazing!

By TJ on March 22 @ 8:10 am
A worry-free car
When you get in your car, you should expect it to work. Also, with routine and preventative maintenance, you should expect NOTHING to go wrong with the car. My Honda has been running strong for 3 straight years. I changed out the plugs, hoses, added a new muffler and oxygen sensor and at 174,000 miles it is running perfectly. I will definitely buy another Honda when the time comes, but I plan to run mine into the ground.

By Rachel on January 8 @ 10:20 am
She is Getting Old - Still Going Strong!
I bought my Honda Accord new in March 1996. She has been a great car and currently has 137,600 miles. Besides regular maintenance, I had to change the master cylinder at 115K miles, CV joints/boots at 125K miles, and the distributor at 137K miles. I have had a total of $800 (parts and labor) in repairs. I highly recommend Honda Accords as this is my second Accord. I sold my first Accord with 196K miles (which was still running fine when I sold it).

By OvchkinLine on August 1 @ 7:26 pm
Starts Everytime
I've had this car in my family going on 14 years now, bought it brand new in 96. She's going on 300,000KM by this spring, she's seen summers in 99 and the worst of Canadian winters in 01-02. I've done my best to baby her (oil changes every 5000Km, routine maintenance and a few new cheap Honda parts here and there). She's quicker then most cars on the road, drives incredible and cheap on gas. What more can you ask for in a car.

By sheila on December 31 @ 10:53 pm
My Honda
I have no interest in replacing this car, which has served me well for years. It did require about $3-4000 in replacement parts at around 105,000. It was well worth the investment. I wish they were still on the market! Only disappointment is that it only got 22 mpg in the city, and about 23-25 highway.

By Jenna on May 26 @ 9:03 am
NOTHING but a worry
I've had nothing but problems. My dad bought this car for me 4 years ago from a woman that bought the car new. It currently has 127,000 miles and here are just a few of the problems. It takes forever to get the window to go up, often have the help push it up. Need a new muffler. Hesitates CONSTANTLY like its going to die, told it was the EGR (?) valve, paid to fix, still does it months later. Starter went out (normal, i guess?). ALL four signals do not work, went to mechanic and said fuses are good, so they need to run a diagnostic test for $90 for SIGNALS? Bizarre problems.

By Accordion on August 9 @ 11:06 am
No Complaints from me.
Aside from routine maintenance, and an occasional free check up, (complements of the extended emissions warranty) this car has required less than any other car I have ever owned to continue doing its job. I love the ride, and the 5-speed keeps it fun. I hungrily admire many new cars each year, but return to the same reasoning: why spend $15-$50K on a new car when the one you are driving is perfect and virtually free by comparison. It seems almost un-American, but I'll keep my money for now.

By Rachel on May 15 @ 1:36 am
Had to Sell Her
Well, I was the only owner, and I had to sell her. I could not get the check engine light to stay off. I had the distributor changed, and that did not solve the problem. The code was P1382. The car was great until this problem came up. I finally got tired of trying to figure it out. I loved the design of this car, and I will miss her.

By Fl Boi on February 28 @ 1:26 am
My Honda
I bought my Honda out of someone's yard for $3k and its the best $3k that I've spent. I've driven it everywhere. I like the get-up-and-go, however I do wish it had at least 30 more horses, and the front seats could be a little softer. Overall I can't complain I plan on having my Honda in my fleet for the foreseeable future.

By kSLC on January 25 @ 5:30 am
200K & It Won't Quit
Mechanically and with looks, this car is incredible. Over 200K and no oil leaks and looks like new. Doesn't burn oil, doesn't drip, doesn't show any sign of stopping any time soon. Worth twice what Detroit was putting out during that same time! I don't count myself as a Honda nut, but honestly, the engineering of this car is incredible. Planned obsolescence be damned. :)

By JW on February 6 @ 9:26 am
Honda Reliability
Owned this car for 5 years so far, and it has been as reliable a car as I have ever owned. Repairs since 78k miles have included, new exhaust, timing belt and water pump, alternator, clutch master cylinder, several CV joints, horn malfunction, plus general maintenance. Overall this is typical for any car over a 70k mile span of time. The EX four cylinder has enough pep, but is not a performance engine. Manual transmission helps extract the most juice out of this powerplant. The interior is spartan but enjoyable. Instrument layout is intuitive and easy to use. Legroom in front is surprisingly good for tall people. I love this car. It isn't flashy, but it's reliable day in and day out.

By Charles on October 12 @ 9:33 pm
Not Bad!
This car is FOREVER old and it's been really good. Of course, there are some things that have gone wrong seeing that it's been around since 1996. It needs a new muffler and the front windows are having issues getting up and down. Such are power windows, though, after close to 14 years! Something actually just went wrong the other day and I can't get it to turn over. Not sure what the problem is yet but it's been super STURDY and great up until now. Honda rules. Oh, and it has 180,000 miles. Not bad at all! I'm sure after I get the "starting" issue fixed it'll have much more life in it. She's given me faith!

By Robetross on April 17 @ 2:26 am
My First Car
My 1996 Honda was my first car and still is my one and only car. My parents bought it new in 1996 and gave it to me when I graduated college and started living on my own. It is a very reliable car and if you follow the maintenance schedule and spend the money to maintain it, it will last a long time. I will be hitting 185,000 miles soon and will never sell or trade this car in....too much sentimental value and besides, it's just a great commuter car. Gas mileage is above average and it being my only car, I know it will still start every day, despite its age.

By Dp on July 20 @ 2:30 pm
Has its troubles
Bought with bad rotors, breaks, bad front tires and cracked radiator, 600$ out the door to begin with. Fixed it all up and its been some what reliable. A year later, had to have the head gasket resurfaced. Mechanic said that the 96+ years have a problem with the head gasket. That cost me another 1200, recently, the car has been chugging the radiator fluid, but the lines/hoses are new and radiator is sealed up tight. Still unresolved problems with loss of radiator fluid. Ill top her off and when I park it after a drive, it will overflow or dump about 1/3 of the fluid on the street and it only happens the one time I top it off. Wish I got a Tacoma. I prob got one of a few lemon accords.

By Skivs on June 19 @ 6:36 pm
When will it stop?
I bought this Honda used three years ago from a traveling salesman with 250,000 miles on the clock for a shade under $3,000 and all I have to say is I will own a Honda for the rest of my life! I now have @305,000 mi. on it now and it still runs better than some new cars. Its quick, handles excellently, and keeps going , and going etc. So far just gas and oil and new pads and rotors,(Note to the do it yourselfer, front rotor removal requires expensive specialty tool or complete disassemble of front suspension, bring your patience and band-aids)and an alternator. This thing is just bulletproof. I also drive a newer Chevy Silverado which pales in comparison in reliability. Long live Honda!!!

By fajenkins on December 9 @ 3:43 am
Lives up to her name-Grace
When i test drove the car, I loved the pick up and go. because of her age, I'm having the original parts give out, but i have an awesome mechanical team that will give me a fair deal and fix her/maintain her one time and well. (she's 13 years old). My mom states in two years I should retire my car and get a newer one,if I have the money then, I will if not, I'll keep this one going until she can't go anymore.

By john on April 16 @ 4:50 am
buyer beware of this year and the 97
I purchased my 1996 EX 4 cyl from a local dealer in MN with warranty in 1999. Had problems about two months later, the check engine light came on, took it back to the dealer and they replaced all they could, covered under the warranty, but the problem still was there. soon after the car started to fall apart, engine bogged, the Vtech failed, gears slipped, figured out later that it was the EGR(exhaust gas recirculation) sensor that made the check engine light come on. Honda made some bad vehicles, I only bought this Honda Accord because it looked sportier than a Toyota Camry and now I regret it.

By Rick H. on August 9 @ 11:53 am
Love Our Honda Wagon!
I am the third owner of this very reliable, comfortable, highly functional family car with 265,000 miles on it, which I purchased five years ago for $4,000. I've used it for family vacations (placing a luggage compartment on the roof rack), commuting to work, hauling recycling, and just around town errands with our dog happily in the wagon area. The sunroof is awesome, the A/C great, the handling fine, the V-Tec sporty and the interior, very sexy. The only major repair I had was to replace the transmission two years ago, which cost only $800. (n.b.: purchased from a junk yard wreck). Minor issues are the slow moving front windows, rear fender rust and a broken antenna. We love our Honda!!!

By mwasilis on October 29 @ 11:53 am
Will run forever
This is my second honda accord. My last accord was a '92 and sold it with 250k on it and nothing was wrong with it! My 96 honda I have put 100k on it in about 5 years and the thing will go another 150k no problem. This car is extremely reliable and would recommend it to anyone.

By Abbey on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Keeps Chugging
I have had this car for 10 years. I finally had to have some major repairs done, to the tune of $2,500, but it has 246,000 miles. It is a reliable workhorse of a car. I would recommend buying this car, even with 200,000+ miles on it.

By Festis on August 26 @ 3:00 am
I will only ever buy Hondas
This car is fantastic. I bought it with 100,000 miles on it and have not had one problem at all. It starts up every time, always purrs like a kitten, accelerates quickly, and is incredibly mechanically sound. Handles great in the snow, and responds quickly to steering. Its accessories are kinda on the sketchy side, but all the doors lock and all the Windows work. All in all, a great little reliable car that's perfect for what I need. Not to mention its awesome gas mileage 14 years later. I will forever own hondas because of this car. The Japanese know what's up.

By forbidmourning on August 26 @ 3:00 am
Most reliable car
I've had this car for about 2 and a half years, it is now at just over 240,000 miles. I have taken it on a 22 hour drive back and forth from MI to TX a couple of times, and it still runs like it is brand new. I have never had any kind of issues with it at all. This is the most reliable car I've ever owned and I love it! Gas mileage is fantastic too. Would highly recommend this car to anyone!

By drewish on December 24 @ 3:00 am
I just can't believe!
Well, I purchased this car a month ago after selling my truck (couldn't afford the gas) and have been pleasantly surprised. I bought it for 1200 dollars with 150k on the clock. I was hoping for the four door, but ended up with the coup. With a four year old in the car I was amazed by the roominess of the interior. Power Windows are a problem but parts, including aftermarket performance parts, are incredibly inexpensive. Watch the speedometer gauge as they are electronic and tend to break. Overall this car is excellent.

By mlstove on November 15 @ 9:43 am
Great Automobile
Bought the car with 28K miles in 2000 and still drive this car daily with now 228K!! In fact, the car went the past two years without anything but oil changes until it was time to replace the timing belt again. It is amazing the clutch hasn't needed replaced, nor has any other major item engine wise other than a starter over the years. CV joints went out at 180K, and the wheel bearings are getting close now. My wife drives and 07 sedan and my stock radio is a nicer system. I think the brakes on this car are better than the 07! And it survived a collision with a 6-point buck this year and all I needed was a headlight and a hood!

By spenc618 on April 9 @ 2:11 pm
Best work car I have ever owned
I purchased my mint condition 1996 Honda Accord that was traded in at a dealership in 2005. I have replaced the brakes, a brake line (63 dollars installed), starter (25 buck that i installed) and clutch actuator (13 bucks) over the past 6 years. All repairs were less than 400 bucks total. I only wish the power window motors were faster. Mine is stock but minor tuner stuff can easily make it faster if your into that stuff. If you find one with a good body and interior.. buy it.. fixing it will be cheap! $2000 for a 210 hp Japanese Spec Engine. 100 hp over US spec stock.

By cheeseybrie on July 19 @ 8:31 am
Original Owner
Grandpa bought this car off the lot, and did all routine maintainence at home. Lived at 8,000ft and saw winters of below 0F. Lives with me in summer heat of 120F+ and with 208k miles on it now, still doing all maintaining at home shop. The only problem is a failed transmission just two weeks ago. Such a great car, super reliable, has been across the country and back and on many long road trips, up mountain roads, through the woods, through rivers (literally). treated this car like a truck. NEVER broke down for any reason until now, and worth the money to rebuild the tranny. Would recommend this car to anyone. Just treat her right and she'll do the same

By ernie_8000 on November 15 @ 11:33 pm
Fun Car - Buy Accord not Camry
1996 Accord LX (no VTEC) with over 235,000 miles. The car has been to Lake Tahoe, to LA and long distance trips (over 300 miles). car still runs really well (except engine is a bit louder than it was when new - which is understandable). Great chassis, ample seating for 5 (cars nowadays are too large). When driving highways, gets around 32 mpg. When primarily city, gets around 23 mpg.

By freestylin on December 15 @ 7:00 am
Amazing First Car! 100% Recommended!
I got this car in December 2012 and ever since have been extremely happy with it. In terms of reliability, nobody can beat Honda. I have had no problems with this car, and that's pretty amazing considering the car is as old as me. I am definitely going to be a loyal Honda buyer from now on. As soon as this car dies, I will simply buy another one. I recommend this car to anyone who needs reliable and economical transportation at a good price. Btw, mine has 170,000 kilometres on it (something like 105,000 miles) on the 2.2L engine and no rust on the outer body.

By adasil2 on August 25 @ 3:43 am
Will not die
I bought my accord (LX, 4 cylinder, automatic) upon graduating high school in 2004. It had 113,000 or so miles at that time, and it's been my only car until now (2013), and now sits at 247,000 miles. I have driven it all over the country, and cannot believe it's still in such great condition. Minor repairs, a new paint job in 2009, and that's it. I have never heard of another car this reliable, and I would highly recommend it if you can find one to purchase!

By arner on July 5 @ 4:29 am
best car I have owned
I have 427,000 miles on the Accord and have not had any major problems. I change oil at 7000 miles and use whatever I can find on sale. This car is a keeper.

By zto101 on October 27 @ 2:42 pm
1996 Honda Accord
My parents got this for me from my great aunt who wasn't using the car anymore. The paint was in beaten up condition, but the car itself drives great! Minor maintenance issues, I just have to change the oil every once in awhile. I recently got a paint job from black to white and it looks just like new. It's one of those cars that has versatility. I've driven to a lot of places with it, LA, Riverside, etc. and it only takes about 1/4 of the gas tank if I'm going on a 2 hour long drive both ways. Decent speed as well, not too fast and not too slow. It gets me to where I need to go, and definitely gets the job done. I could care less if it's not fancy. And no, it's not riced up. Great car!

By jdwebb on July 16 @ 10:37 am
Many many miles 325K
I bought car8 years ago for daughter to have basic transportation in Chicago. She did not have place to park it so I started driving it. Bought for $200 with 218K in almost perfect running condition. Drove it to 325K with regular maintenance. Only oddity was the computer died. Had it rebuilt for $400 and drove it on. Sold it to high school student who is still driving it and still looks good. Other cars I have are Lexus, but if they go half the distance they will be considered a good car. Acccords of that era with under 200k are probably a great second car

By aaevans on May 12 @ 4:42 am
ol betsy will get you there
door bolts not real sturdy

By Regina Wilson on April 6 @ 7:28 am
For the Boy
This was the best used car I ever purchased! I helped my son buy this car for himself after he graduated from high school in 2011. Everybody in the family drove the car to and fro before he even started to drive it, and we had a ball! This car was great on gas. My son and husband even put a new radio in the car with help from YouTube. That made a big difference in the sound quality. The only thing he didn't like about the car that this was an anniversary edition, and the windows were manual (exercise for those biceps). In October 2014, my son was cut off by another driver and hit someone. The car was totaled with 176,000. I wish that we still had that car the way gas prices are. I would recommend this car to new drivers and folks who do not drive a lot. It is worth it. You can get your maintenance done at a neighborhood shop or DIY.

By Tails on April 24 @ 6:59 pm
Best car I've ever owned (and probably ever will)
My mom bought this car brand new in 1996, when I was 10 years old. This was the car I learned to drive in. It was always pretty reliable, but unfortunately the clear coat started to wear off pretty early, making the car rather ugly from the beginning. My mom handed it down to me when I was 20, and I still drive it today. It's 20 years old now as I write this in 2016, and has 311,000 miles on the odometer. Still the original engine and auto transmission. Have never even changed the head gasket. I drive it every day, and at least a few times a year it makes a 4 to 8 hour round trip to the farther parts of the state. Has literally never broken down on me, the closest it has come to that was the starter hanging up, which I changed myself with an oem rebuilt one. The AC has broken a couple times, but it wasn't too hard to get it going again. You'd think the driver seat would have to be pretty worn and uncomfortable by now, but not at all. I have the cloth seats, and it's not even torn yet. Feels perfect still sitting on it. I changed all the coolant hoses in 2015 just to be safe, after one started to leak a little. I have the feeling this things not ready to die yet!

By Joaquin Borromeo on June 11 @ 7:22 pm
BEST car I've ever had. (I've had a few)
This car will literally run forever with just minimal maintenance. Paid $3500 for my 96' Honda accord, now I'm graduating college I decided to sell it. I'm asking $3000 for it and I am confident that I can sell it for t his price. The car now has 166k miles on it but I am sure it can run all the way up to 300K plus plus miles.

By Joshua on January 1 @ 5:46 am
Best 20 Year Old Car
My dad bought this car in 2001 it was 5 years old and had about 60k miles on it. It now has 267,000 miles on it and still running! Dad took very good care of it and it's repaid us for it. We did all changes, updates, etc. as needed and it's still the original engine and transmission. A true testament to the build quality of the mid 90's Accords and if you maintain the car well it can really last. My wife and I bought it from my dad for my wife two years ago and love it! I'm hoping to hit at least 300k with it.

By Edwin Sherman on February 16 @ 10:32 pm
230K and still runs like a "Top"! BUT...
Perform regular preventative maintenance, and you have a forever friend. It is the very definition of "reliable". Period. The only other vehicle I have ever owned, and still own, as reliable as my 96 Accord, is my 04, Odyssey. However, one issue consistent with 1990's Hondas is rusting upper arch wheel wells. The design flaw is how the rubber molding/weather stripping attached to the inner wheel well arch flange consistently traps enough moisture to cause premature rusting. Longtime owners of Hondas of this era know exactly what I am referring to and would agree. Unless of course, a quick fix rust repair had been performed prior to selling the car, in which case the next owner would disagree while unknowingly to become the next victim. However, if you took the best advice from Honda enthusiasts on reputable Honda forums, and removed the molding, you then bought a few extra years before having to perform body work. The rubber molding simply and easily tears away by hand, and I, of course, was too late removing the liners. No need to worry about aesthetics as the removed weather stripping is not noticeable, and, does not affect the lines of the car. I repaired my rusting wheel arches by sanding and applying fiberglass cloth tape affixed with fiberglass specific, Bondo. Sand, prime, paint. Done. The second issue would be the specific and unusual placement of O-rings under the rocker arms. It does not matter if you changed the oil every 3K miles, the O-rings under the rock arms inevitably become stiff and brittle, leaking small amounts of oil into a cylinder(s), wetting the spark plug(s). You may or may not notice a change in performance, other than slightly decreased gas mileage, until you see a fouled plug(s) during a tune up. The initial, and common instinct to blame it on failing cylinder rings in this era Honda is more than likely, not true. You can do nothing and be fine as long as you are frequently checking and topping off your oil. OK. That's it for the body and engine complaints. I will say, regardless of the couple of annoying things born into the 94-97 Accord, which is truly nothing when comparing cars in general, I am not letting go of this stalwart Accord until it, not me, says, "it is over."

By wagon owner on February 3 @ 4:13 pm
when Honda made cars to last forever
the motor with maintance can go forever, nothing ever goes wrong because it dont have all the electronics of todays cars, if they still made these they would be broke, nobody would need to replace.

By James in Tulsa on October 23 @ 8:15 pm
One of Honda's best in the past 20+ years
Streamlined style is still fresh. Good for 300K mi if maintained and not abused. Fun to drive. Holds the road.

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