1995 Honda Accord

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1995 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 1995

A V6 is offered in this midsize Honda. Unfortunately, it fails to improve performance figures because of the mandatory automatic transmission. V6 Accords gain different front styling as a result of the increased size of the engine bay. All V6 Accords come with standard antilock brakes.

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By Sums on August 21 @ 1:36 am
Comfortable and reasonably powered
We bought our '95 Accord EX-V6 used, and now have ~90k miles on it. The only repairs outside of standard mainenance were a $60 part ignition coil and minor A/C repair--which were both foreshadowed. All in all, a very comfortable car that handles pretty well and is well powered.

By Jeff Reidler on March 28 @ 1:36 pm
Best All Around Car
This is the best car I have owned. It now has 100,000 miles with Honda service and it still runs and rides like new. Pretty fast with the 5-speed 150 HP 4-cylinder, and it averages 30 MPG around town and 35 MPG on the road.

By bughugger on November 12 @ 3:00 am
very sturdy and worthy car
amazingly sturdy, never broke down once in 7 years. Saved my life in a serious autwreck actually really quick, large trunk lots of interior space, basically lived out of it.

By honda owner on August 8 @ 3:00 am
WoW Its a Honda What can I say
For a car thats 7 years old I cannot and will not complain. I am looking for my next car to be a beemer but its hard to give up the dependability. A recommended vehicle!

By soilys on December 26 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Car
This car has been extremely reliable. It has never had any real problems.

By autopacgirl on May 13 @ 11:00 am
Bought it used
I bought my EX coupe when it was over 6 years old, and had over 100,000 miles. Even so, it has been one of the best and most reliable cars to drive. I love it! The interior is spacious, I carry a lot in my trunk, and my passengers love the extra space in the back from my previously owned Integra.

By johnnyD on November 2 @ 11:00 am
Well worth the Money
While we worried about buying an american made honda, we've come to the conclusion that no matter where you buy a honda, if you take care of it, it'll last a long time. all maintenance was preformed @ the required intervals, and the car has well over 145,000 miles on the odo w/ no signs of weakness. It's on it's second set of tires (first being the original tires that came w/ the car) and second set of brakes. only complaints are jerking transmission and squeaking brakes.

By Teddy's mommy on December 12 @ 11:00 am
I love my baby. This is my first car and it's 7 years old. I've driven from home to Pittsburgh at least 10 times and I have yet to be dissatified by the ride, comfort level, or dependendability. My commute to work is 100 miles a day; I couldn't ask for a better car.

By 95 accord ex on July 16 @ 11:00 am
i luv it couldnt be better, its a wonderful car

By mike123456 on February 25 @ 11:00 am
most reliable car in the world!! has 145,000 miles and still runs like new. car could drive for another million miles. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

By brem on December 16 @ 11:00 am
Excellent car
smooth, plenty of rooms, never have a problem with the car for over 7 years, everyday used, and very quick for a mid-size car.

By loopa on March 5 @ 11:00 am
My high mileage car runs like new
I bought this car with 50K miles. Now I have over 200K miles and the car is still running the same. The mileage is still around 30mi/gal city/highway mix. I love it!

By Ryan on July 11 @ 11:00 am
My 95 Accord
This car has been very reliable to me. I like most aspects of it, minus the fact that the antenna does not fully retract. Otherwise it has been very good to me!

By asp on September 10 @ 11:00 am
I LOVE this car!!!
We have had this car for over 7 years and have NO problems with it. The ONLY problem is that my husband believes it will run forever and he'll never have to buy me a another new car again. Really we are looking at buying a new car, but have no intentions of selling this one. This is the best car I've ever owned. We're planning on saving it for our children to drive as their first car (they're only 6 and 3 years old). There's no doubt in my mind it will last that long!!

By Kp VtecFuZiOn on October 22 @ 11:00 am
Beautiful Beast
I just recently got this car from my sister, but I've been with it ever since she got it brand new back in 1995. From then to now, the reliability of this car amazes me. There haven't been any engine malfunctions ever since the day it was off the dealership. There's over 100,000 miles on my Accord right now and it still runs just as good as the day my sister got it. A great car!

By dee on April 14 @ 11:00 am
1995 Honda Accord LX
I love the body of this vehicle....it is in excellent condition. Drives great/

By Dee on April 14 @ 11:00 am
1995 Honda Accord LX
I love the body of this vehicle....it is in excellent condition. Drives great/

By qwerty on December 4 @ 11:00 am
irritating details
I expected more from Honda. Frozen brake calipers cost approx 600 to fix dealership told me it was a abs problem and quoted 1700 for the fix. Midas fixed it and told me that honda keeps remanufactured calipers in stock because this happens a lot. Happened to my 95 legend and buddies 97 accord too. I think honda should have recalled the car because of this. Decent car but will not buy a honda/acura again because of long term repair issues

By JAW on May 15 @ 3:00 am
Another Great Honda Ownership Experience
My 7th Honda purchased new, 1st I held onto for a long time. Performed so reliably, I bought it after lease was paid. Spends most of its time in my garage or Omaha airport parking garage. Oil's changed/tires rotated every 3k miles. Munfacturer's suggested maint schedule is followed. 2 biggest "repair" items were a new battery and 4 tires in 2002. All my expenses since first acquiring: Cleaning $563.61 Fuel $1607.28 Insurance $5579.21 Lease/Loan $18498.15 (incl interest) Registration $1560.82 (incl license) Service $1444.50 TOTAL $29253.57

By dvd on November 5 @ 3:00 am
Great car for anyone
I got this car when I graduated high school and have driven it for the past 5 years. It's hard to believe that the car is going to turn 8 this year. It has been a great vehicle (though one would expect a bigger pickup in a V6), but it drives much better then the 4 cylinder. It's a good, dependable car that I expect to last another 5 years.

By cte on August 8 @ 3:00 am
Another one
Got my first Honda (70) at age 9, I've had 6 or 7 since (not including geneators, etc.) -- best engine and performance for ANY money! This Accord I purchased with 9 miles on it and it's been another great attribute to a car company that does everything right (if you buy it for no other reason, think "resale"). I replaced the heat knob once and the oil once or twice, at 130K miles it's wonderful. No, it's not built for speed ... but that's why I drive Honda's CBR!!

By JKJ on February 24 @ 3:00 am
Can't Beat It
This is the best car I have ever owned and I have had at least 15 cars. Bought the car new in Nov. 1995 and drove it 7 years. The car has 115K miles on it and runs like new. After 7 years total - only major (I guess it's major for a Honda) maintenance items are the timing belt, cv axles, and front brakes - Nothing Else in 7 years!!!! You see why I love this car. Just sold it to my step-daughter and she will put the next 115K miles on it. This my second Honda (first was a civic) and I am sold on Honda.

By nylorac70 on May 12 @ 3:00 am
TOTAL Reliability
This was the first car I ever bought with my own money. I put miles on it like an animal and NEVER EVER had one problem, just the usual maintenance. The battery lasted 6 years. I wouldn't think twice about driving it anywhere, no matter how far, no matter how bad the weather. That's another thing, I lived in Connecticut and I personally think this car was better that most SUV's in the snow.

By Badfish on October 22 @ 3:00 am
My First Car
I'm 17 years old. This was my first car i have ever owned and i absolutely love it. Compared to other 4cly. this has a lot of power. I am currently fixing it up. I have a new AEM cold air intake, Hayame exhaust, and lots of accesories. I get tons of complements on how nice it is. It still runs like its brand new and performs like a pure sports car.

By TAB on July 19 @ 3:00 am
Solid Car
I like it, my wife loves it, gets great gas milage, and all 4 of our family gets in it and goes. Ours is a 4 cylider and it still has pep. Leather, sunroof, CD, automatic, PW, spoiler, curise is everything and more. The only thing this is out is the ABS, and we have not fixed it. Not worth the cost at this point. Well over 100,000 miles and will drive till it dies. This one had 78,000 when we bought it, and will buy another one. Added keyless locks for $180.00. Great car.

By SamuelTTTTT on August 13 @ 3:00 am
Great car!!!!
No other car has been even close to as good as this Accord!

By V6 EX owner on May 10 @ 3:00 am
Hard to beat this car - 2 in our family
Even though we have very low miles on the car, it has been reliable in every way. The AC has never blown cold (only cool) The AC has a stink that I can barely describe when the car is idling and the AC is running. When the car gets hot in the summer, the fuel tank fume recovery canister under the hood squeals ever so slightly. Once the engine cools, or I remove the gas cap and the air rushes out, the squeal stops. I added the CD changer myself in '99 and was dismayed to discover that the premium stereo controller had CD capability, but no cable to run the changer pre installed.

By ROF on November 6 @ 3:00 am
1995 Honda Accord LX history
72000 miles--4 cyl,20-24 mpg city up to 36 mpg on long trip,timing belt replqced at 60,000 miles car looks and drives like new! Wife wants auto shift ! Experience with car overal? EXCELLENT

By AlisonMoser on November 6 @ 3:00 am
The most perfect vehicle
This is the best vehicle I have ever owned (and that includes one other Honda Accord and three Toyota Corollas). The features are spectacular. The handling is terrific. It has been very dependable. I have only had to do routine maintenance. I just love the car. I see no reason to buy anything else!

By Jonny on November 14 @ 3:00 am
Best Long-term Car
If you want a long-lasting, no hassle car, can't beat the Accord. Mine has 145,000 and has never had a problem. Both the interior and exterior still look good after all the years. Decent power and 30+ mpg with regular unleaded beats most cars made today, great for one 7 years old. I would recomend this car to anyone who wants a good used car. For reference, I sold my old 1992 Accord with 185,000 miles and it never had a problem either.

By CA Hondadude on November 4 @ 11:00 am
Best Car Period
This is the best car I have ever owned. I have owned several makes and models of different classes(American, Japanese, German)and this car is the best value for your money. You get a pleasurable driving experience, adequate luxury without getting the gadgety garbage you never use on other makes, and most important a car that simpley won't break down.

By TN Boy on July 14 @ 11:00 am
Good functional car
The care is good overall. The car is very functional. It runs & is fairly reliable (especially versus my previous car an Oldsmobile) Problems experienced thus far: 1. Engine gasket seal blew out before the issue was recalled by Honda (at about 50K miles) 2. Driver power window regulator broke (at 115K miles) 3. Oil pan began to leak due to another weak gasket (116K miles) 4. Radio goes in & out, dealer can't figure out why (112K miles) Over all satisfied with the car, held up well despite a lot of miles & years on the car

By Biker Girl on September 12 @ 11:00 am
Ah, the places we've been
You can't beat this car's reliability. 112,000 miles with only minimal repairs. It's the car we choose for a four-adult road trip. Lots of space in the hatch (we brought home a 32 inch TV in it). The interior and exterior are wearing well. I'd consider another one if Honda still made them.

By rodgerm on June 8 @ 11:00 am
No regrets
Dependable and economical are an understatemet! Over 7 years and 135,000 miles, not once have I regreted buying this car. It's been used for local driving, coast to coast trips and towed behind a motorhome for about 35,000 miles and still tight and it runs, drives like the day I bought it new. The only times it's been in the shop is for routine Honda maintenance items. Parts replaced to date are: tires, battery (last year) wiper blades and one warped brake rotor (under warranty). I plan to keep it for a long time yet. When it's replaced, it will most likely be with another Honda product.

By TKhan on March 4 @ 11:00 am
An Average Car
I have an EX Model with 130,000 mile. It does not have good acceleration power. Lot of wind noise, and noisy engine. It has weak handling in curves on high speed. Repair costs are very high. Reliable but not very comfortable. I would rate it as an average car. One review mentioned that with a full tank it can cover 500 miles, mine just do 400 miles (highway) at around 26 miles/gal (My car is dealer maintened and regulary serviced) You can buy a newer American Car for the same price of a 1995 Accord.

By shunnyKhan on May 12 @ 11:00 am
Average car
Its a decent car. I read one review which states that A/C doen't work real good. I had a similar problem with my car. The dealer changed the compressor but no improvement. Finnaly it was found that the A/C Heat switch does not work properly and I just wasted money on changing compressor. In last two years, I changed cv boots and brakes besides A/C work. Its engine is not powerful but just adequate. Roomy inside. Not real great handling.

By David Kim on January 1 @ 11:00 am
Best all around car ever!
I bought this car off of my mom (over a period of 4 years!) and have driven it for 5 years now. There are a very few flaws, but so many more positive things to say about this car. I have had no major or even minor problems with this car. I just do the basic maintenance by changing the oil, spark plugs, other fluids, etc and I have yet to take it to the shop for a problem! The only thing I wish for is more power, but I was stuck with the 135hp from the LX. The EX has 145, and V6 has 160 I believe.

By Zizzy on September 9 @ 11:00 am
1995 Accord LX 4-door sedan
A creampuff. An inauspicious car but it has held up very well through 8 midwest winters. Very low mileage, no repairs of any significance. Will buy another.

By My first car on November 9 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Value with some small problems
I purchased my Accord/EX in April 95 and have driven it ever since. Love the handling and comfort. Very very trustworthy car. I turn the key each morning and fully expect it to run flawlessly - even with more than 100K miles on it now. Plan to drive it to the yard after I get tired of driving it or if the odometer wraps around, which ever comes first.

By Josh Carter on March 10 @ 11:00 am
Fun car
I have put about 70000 of the hardest miles any car will ever see on this Accord. The engine blew last winter because somehow a Marti-Gras bead was lodged in an intake valve...Who knows how... Other than that, nothing has ever broke. I did have a major issue getting the brakes replaced last year. Sway bars improve handling incredibly. Very sporty feel, and fun and easy to customize.

By bugox on October 30 @ 11:00 am
Great car
This is my fourth Honda/Acura. I have owned the car since new. It has 100k and the only thing I have done is routine stuff-tune ups, brakes, tires and battery. Mostly city driving too. Dont love the power, not thrilled by the styling, but it does what it's supposed to do-gets me from point a to b reliably and fairly cheap.

By Wisconsinite on February 28 @ 11:00 am
Buy it
Bought it two years ago with 59000 miles and have put another 17000 since. Had to replace the exhaust system 4 month ago (cost $370) because it was getting too noisy, cassete player quit working recently, retractable antenna motor died after the first wisconsin winter(car spent first 6 years of it's life in Hawai),windows don't go down too easy when it gets to subzero temperatures. Otherwise I had no problems with it.Great looks(better than the 2003 Accord),good responsive handling ,nice ride for bigger distances, solid built car overall, WAY better than the "Dinasty" I had before.Planning on keeping it for as long as possible.

By ProudHondaOwner on January 6 @ 11:00 am
Excellent Car
Proud owner of an excellent running Honda!!

By twilightbliss on September 4 @ 11:00 am
The Honda Accord that changed my life...
When I saw my 1995 Honda Accord EX coupe for the first time, I fell in love. The car is so beautiful inside and out. The body style makes it hard to believe it's a '95 because it is timeless. It has great acceleration and is wonderful on gas, which is very useful now with the high gas prices.

By shadow on December 15 @ 11:00 am
1995 Honda Accord LX
We have own this vehicle since it was brand new in late 94. We have had no problems and just recently took it in to replace all the belts on it with only 73,000 miles we have continued to get 30 MPG or better on the highway with the lowest being 23MPG in town in the cold winter that Alaska can offer. this is our 4 Honda vehicle we owned.

By ct-yank on July 3 @ 11:00 am
My 1995 Honda Wagon
This is my 2nd Honda, my 1st was an '85 Accord Hatchback. The only time either Honda wouldn't start was when the battery was dead. My Wagon has 126,000 miles & going strong. Will buy another Honda when the wagon dies....

By Accord95DX on December 6 @ 11:00 am
1995 Accord Sedan Dx
I bought my Accord during the summer of 2001, since that time I have spent money on only oil and gas. The car is very reliable and consistently gets over 30 miles to one gallon of fuel. I have the 5-speed transmission in my Accord and I absolutely love it, shifts are clean and crisp, and downshifting at high-rpms will put a smile on your face. The torque in the lower rpms is lacking, but this is true with all small displacement cars. For being such a heavy car it accelerates very quickly and passing on the highway is a breeze. Overall, the Accord is an all-around good car, from economy to performance.

By jason-jin on September 26 @ 11:00 am
Good car need good maintenance
I bought Honda Accord EX this month. My friend checked the car and found that the engine is good. But there is too much rust inside of the car. I need to replace all the brake lines. At the same time, we tried to replace the gas filter. This one should be replaced every year. This car still uses the original one. The bad thing is that the gas filter was designed poorly. There is no space for us to touch it. We use two hours to replace it. Second, I found the person has changed the air intaker to increase the power. He has no idea of air intaker. I have to replace the original one.

By motac23 on November 15 @ 3:00 am
Great car for the price
I just bought this '95 with a 5-speed and I have no regrets. I did have to replace items in the car, but they are simple maintenance items, except for the timing belt. The gas gauge however was the only non-normal fix I had to repair. And be prepared to pay premium prices for parts, they are not cheap. Suggest learning diy-maintenance to avoid dealership costs of repair.

By CEB on February 8 @ 3:00 am
205000 and still strong
Bought it new and at 205000m is still strong. Never broken down. Original clutch. No rust although a NE car. Gets over 32mpg now and revs smoothly and powerfully to the redline to which I frequently take it. Absolutely no rattles -actually am amazed, especially as I installed stiffer shocks and springs F&R swaybars (absolutely essential for decent handling), done the basic engine mods and drive this thing fairly hard. Brake work is expensive though with the pressed on rotors. If I knew it was going to last this long I would have bought the EX for more power, discs all round with ABS, sunroof, and power locks. It would have been well worth the extra money.

By mtbeech on September 20 @ 3:00 am
great affordable wagon
This car has been an excellent vehicle, the only reason for upgrading this vehicle is to get the new off set collision safety after 1997. Also side-airbag safety in newer vehicles. this car is great for hauling items, since the seats fold down for easy access. the car is more suitable for women drivers or people under 5'10. Visablility is great and this is a very reliable and affordable car to keep.

By HondaBcool on September 24 @ 3:00 am
Cost Effective Transportation
I bought this car b/c I drive 60 miles a day to work and needed a low-cost reliable car since I just graduated from college. It is very reliable and gets awesome gas milage. I get 430-450 miles to the tank. The 5-speed is actually pretty fun to drive too. Although it lacks coolness, I'm considering selling it for a chick magnet car like a Mustang/Camaro.

By mcgloin on September 6 @ 3:00 am
practical fun
This is the second honda accord I've owned. I've owned many other cars like volvo, english ford,triumph,ranger, mustang, etc. and none can compare with the overall joy of owning one of these cars! I've had no trouble with this car and for a front wheel drive car, it handles very well. It's a manual trans, (I've never owned an automatic) and even with the miles and age, still shifts smooth and short. If I change, it will only be to a S2000.

By honda's rip on June 11 @ 11:00 am
i love it!
this is one of the most fun cars that i have driven. it is great on gas and it handles pretty nimble for an economy minded car. after a couple of after market instalments this car will be just about perfect. not to mention the sunroof is just about the right size.

By Eapen on May 6 @ 11:00 am
A Marvel called the Accord
An excellent car which gives value for money. Extremely reliable, smooth engine. The VTECH engine adds to the fun. Interiors are plush and carefully designed with an eye for detail and comfort. They say that the accord never leaves you stranded. The real test: I have driven this Car from Houston, TX to Ruston, Louisiana a 6 hour non stop drive, in the sweltering summer heat of 2003. The car was extremely dependable and I reached safe and sound. That's reliability for you.

By delinah on December 9 @ 11:00 am
this car is great
this is a great car

By Tushar on January 3 @ 11:00 am
Decent car with some reliability problem
Bought this new in April 1995 and put 95k miles since then. Biggest complaint is the ABS unit broke twice after 3 year warranty expired. Cost me $800 each time for after market part. Recently the oil leaked completely so had to do a major servicing and since then the original smoothness and quietness is lost. Lot of engine vibrations in first 2 gears. Better after 30mph. Maybe mine was one of the bad apples. A/C worked fine for first 3 years but now it seems to have gotten weak. Dealer says can't do much about it. Overall not very happy with the car. Prefer Toyota and have bought a Sienna Van recenlty.

By Kevin Senecal on June 26 @ 11:00 am
Almost too good to be true.
Can't say enough about this car. 167,000 miles and she runs like new! Follow the manual to a tee and she'll last forever. I too am getting 30+ miles per gallon. Drawbacks: Slight rust below gas cap (that's with meticulous care), fuel filter is one hell of a project, replacing rotors is a nightmare.

By DIZZYLUV1012 on March 11 @ 11:00 am

By red99 on April 2 @ 11:00 am
Not Bad
Repairs get VERY expensive past 100K miles. SRS system has a problem with low voltage requiring reset at dealership. ABS system known to leak and VERY expensive to replace ~$2000. Replacemnt catlytic converter way overpriced $1000.

By Hil357 on May 26 @ 11:13 am
Love it!
I got this car from a previous owner and I have not had any problems except for one exhaust pipe that needed replacing. I also replaced the timing belt at 95,000 but that should be done anyways. I love the look and the room inside. I put in a CD player but didn't have a problem with the factory am/fm/cassette. It has great power but could be better accelerating from stop. Overall I LOVE IT!

By MQ on January 5 @ 1:16 am
Very reliable
Bought with almost 158k miles on it. And after a little over a year, this car has given me no major mechanical issues. Only replaced front outer CV boots, and that was the biggest repair so far. I am confident that this car will give me at least ten more years of reliable service, long enough to get me through college and graduate school.

By wil4713 on April 10 @ 6:43 am
Why buy anything else?
After having searched for this particular model for months, I bought a 5-speed Ex with 75k miles last January. Since then, I've done routine maintenance and replaced the 10 year old exhaust system and the brake pads (this car is very easy to work on yourself) and nothing else. My car is great to drive and is better looking than the 96-97 Accords, I think. I get around 31 mpg on the highway and somewhere around 27 in the city. The leather seats still look pretty good, and everything--everything--still works, no problems whatsoever. This is the 3rd Honda in my family and I'm looking forward to 200k trouble-free miles.

By KentuckyGuy on June 1 @ 5:40 am
I'll be a repeat honda buyer for sure!
I purchased my 95 EX Cpe with 20k miles in the fall of '97. Now, 8 years later, I am at 225,000 miles and am sold as a Honda fan for life. Other than brakes (warped rotors have been frequent), I have done little more than regular tune-ups, oil changes, etc. I have put this car to the test in road trips loaded with luggage/people, city/hwy/mountain driving, and have even had it in some mild off-road adventures while camping, and it has surprisingly good traction in mud/moderate snow, even in mountains (significantly better than similar cars I've driven). It has been fun to drive, and incredibly practical and reliable as well. Still is a solid car, with no rattles/significant wearout.

By renison on February 26 @ 11:40 am
Great car
This is my second honda. I think they are a great car with mnimal expenses as long as you see that they are regularly maintained. I have put little money beyond standard maintenance and new tires in this car and it has been a faithful auto for me. The only limit is the difficulty in conveying older people who can not enter/exit back seat easily. This is not the car for that purpose.

By Accord Owner on January 21 @ 12:33 am
Good Buy
I've been a satisfied owner since 2001. The car handles well and has been reliable. 130,000+ miles now. The V6 engine is not noticeably faster than the 4-cylinder, but it is noticeably quieter and smoother. I generally get ~26 mpg with about 80% highway driving. The car looks good yet, except for a little rust on the rear wheel well.

By spark on September 22 @ 9:10 pm
Too Much Mechanical and Rust Problems
I purchase the Accord expecting a better experience than the Civic I owned. I was so dissappointed with this car after having numerous problems under warranty period. These are some of the problems with the car: ABS fails repeatedly (ABS lights up), window rolls up and down slowly, AC is never cold and warm/hot air is always comming out of the vents when the AC is off, Automatic shift lever keeps locking up in Park position, ignition key gets stuck, odometer gets stuck, engine idles very rough like an old diesel truck (it shakes and vibrates), and repeated rusting on back fenders which honda won't cover after 5 years if the rust reoccurs (and it does). More problems but I'm out of space!

By Marie on November 9 @ 11:43 pm
Great Car
I have owned this car for 10 years and had one repair ( a master cylinder ) other than routine maintenance.I have another just like it on order.

By EZ4SHORE on February 23 @ 10:16 am
Bought LX w/37,000 miles in 4/2005. The prior owners were about 70 years old and traded the '95 in for a 2005. I have 97 Explorer Sport w/SOHC too. My girlfriend has a 89 Accord and it won't die. My LX has a V6... it feels like I'm sitting on a magic carpet, smooth ride, lots of power, hard to keep under 60. Expect I'll get my 1st ticket ever for speeding soon ! Only problem was with the SRS system, dealer said on the '95 the SRS system usually needs service and is short lived. It's costly, like $700, but dealer split 50/50 with me under 6 month warranty. But all in all this car is exceptionally designed, and a joy to drive...my Explorer sits alot more these days !

By SuzyQ on August 28 @ 7:33 pm
Best Car Ever!!
I bought my Accord new in 95 got the DX to save money. I am getting ready to sell it because I want automatic with power stuff. I have 270,000 miles on it and it still runs great and gets 32mpg, and still rides like new!!! It still has the orig clutch, trans, engine, everything. We maintained it as recommended by the dealer. There was a recall about 3 or 4 years ago on some seal in the engine which caused us to need a new timing belt when they replaced the seal, but Honda paid. I wish I had bought the automatic in 95--then I would just keep it!!

By Mike on August 4 @ 12:46 pm
My Review
A well-built and long-lasting car. Rides well in all conditions, including snow. Good enough power for the size of the engine and had good pickup entering highways and passing other vehicles. Routine maintenance is the only true issues I had with it (water pump, timing chain, split CV boot, exhaust/muffler). For a 10+ year old car, still getting more than 20 miles to the gallon in average driving. Only negative about the body is some spotty rust, but in a car that old in the Northeast, that is expected.

By Eapen K. on March 14 @ 6:16 am
The Ever Dependable Accord
I have used this car for 3 Years now. It has never left me stranded (Touch Wood). I have driven this Car for 200,000 mile car for 2500 miles from Louisiana to California. It's true Hero and a extremely reliable. I reached safe and in one peice, the car never stopped. Today it still goes on, gives me excellent milleage for 22-25 mpg in city and atleast 29 on the highways. It's a tribute to Japanese workmanship, because this car is "Made in Japan" imported by Sea, (J Series VIN). The choice of parts and their visualization and planning way back in 1990's for this 1995 is truly amazing. All parts still work. Kudos HONDA.

By Eric Scott on May 11 @ 4:10 pm
Best purchase I've ever made
I've had this car for 11 years and have changed the oil/tires/muffler. The only other thing that has gone wrong is a starter went after 10 years. It's been paid off for 7 years and I plan to keep it for another 5 years. You can't buy a better car than an accord.

By JSM on March 20 @ 2:20 am
All hail the might Honda Accord!
I bought this car with 90k miles. To make a long story short this car NEVER let me down! I drove this car everywhere and it does not flinch. I got a little enthusiastic on an onramp curve, and the car recovered easily. Much more comfortable ride than a Civic in the same era. I now have 180K miles on it and I hear no knocking, rattling, nor do I smell any gas or oil burning [knocks on wood]. Safe to say that I will keep this car till it stops running. That will be quite a long wait.

By nancyg on August 17 @ 7:16 pm
Not as sturdy
I had very high expectations of this car and, unfortunately, the car fell short. Although the car was in a garage during the winter, the body started to rust at both back fenders after about 5 years. This car also had more mechanical problems than I expected, especially given the low mileage. Among the most surprising problem was a total blow out of the radiator and cooling system. It seeemed that, once the car hit about 75,000 miles, everytime I would take it in for routine maintanence, it would need close to $1000 of work. Most people I know say they run their Hondas to about 250,000 miles and that is what I expected from this one. I am disappointed.

By Mcscotch on May 4 @ 7:56 am
Best Decision
I could not have purchased a better car. This was my first adult car purchase, and I debated buying a more powerful or stylish car, but I couldn't be happier. The 5 speed manual is good for 30-35 mpg highway, and the forgiving gear ratio makes acceleration easy. I have put 40000 miles on it, and needed a new clutch (due to an uphill parallel parking spot), new tires, and that's it. When I have the means to buy a new car, I plan to give this one to a family member, because it seems like a waste to sell it when it will run as long as virtually anything on the road.

By sdrawkcab on May 20 @ 2:26 am
Can't say enough
Absolutely stellar. I beat up this car, throwing everything I could at it with minimal maintenence and she took it like a champ. Most solid road feel of any car I've ever driven along with an engine that just purrs after every oil change. Enough cargo space to rival most pickups, with 25+ mpg to boot. I could squeeze 30 mpg on long roadtrips. Perfect for a nomadic college kid. The bad: Apparently an 11 year old, beat up, tan station wagon approaching 200k is too tempting of a target for car theives. So goodbye, wagon.

By accord745 on June 12 @ 8:36 am
A Great First Car
No mechanical problems at all since I purchased the car. Adding a few after market accessories, like new lights and wheels, make it look at home beside some current cars; and a few engine tweaks make it run with them too. When I purchased the car 5 years ago, I compared it to Grand Ams, Civics, Corollas, Sentras, Cavaliers, Sunfires, etc and none of those cars could match the overall package of the Accord. The Accord offered the best combination of practicality (seats 5 passengers comfortably), fuel economy (28mpg), style, and fun-to-drive. Clearly, it's the next best thing to buying a brand new Accord, and a great value for anyone looking to buy a first car.

By Darren on June 21 @ 6:20 am
Another great Honda Accord story
Purchased this car used to be second car and save on gas from SUV. Third Accord of this style generation. Although this car required more repairs then my others, it's still a great running and looking car. Fuel economy is always very impressive. Great ergonomics, quality craftsmanship and materials, fun 5 speed manual, good handling and ride combo. Super dependable with decent maintenance.

By meredith on July 8 @ 2:03 pm
in love with my car
OVER 200,000 miles ...this car owes me nothing ... Just add oil/tires/and brakes.....After 150,000 miles i started repairing more than that.. CV- boots, struts, all belts, muffler, radiator, and 2 ball joints. A wonderful car until this year when my mechanic bills started to rise above the actual value of the vehicle. It will still keep kicking for another 100,000 miles guaranteed but i just cannot risk investing more into it as of this point.THIS car has made me feel nothing but good looking in it. Supersporty especially with an open moon roof.As for safety, i feel safer in this vehicle than i do in any SUV or Sedan..the only vehicle i recall feeling this safe in was a ford f250 truck cab with a roll bar

By Bulldogsfan23 on June 5 @ 6:16 pm
Good Car
I've had my honda for over 4 years. It is very reliable. Haven't had a single mechanical problem. The power window have been really slow since I bought it and now the driver side window will not work at all. My car has been stolen twice now so I think I might get something else. Other than that it is a great car.

By |\| () | @ |\| on June 2 @ 10:26 am
Very Good Car!!
This Car has over 218,000 miles on it and still running strong. It's gotten a new timing belt and i believe a new starter before i bought it. It was my first car and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a good reliable car, with great gas mileage and good power for a four cylinder car.

By autoboy16 on July 26 @ 4:16 am
12+ Year Old Accord
My dad bought me this car because I was getting a job soon, and going back and forth to school. This aging car still has pep! 170 hp and averaging 24 MPG in the city and I don't do much highway travel. It's not Super Fast but it does have get up and go!! It rarely leaves me wanting for more. The leather seats are in great shape without rips or tears. The sunroof is FUN(ctional) and I use it almost daily! The trunk has more than enough space for me. I love the ergonomics. Everything falls right where you expect them to be. From the cold ac to the amazing old stereo with CD player! The windows are slow but tolerable for a 12 year old car. Some elbow grease fixes that.

By Picaroon on March 29 @ 2:16 am
I bought this car in 2001 with 90,000 miles on it. When I sold it 5.5 years later it had over 235,000. The car had already been smashed up once before I bought it, was in another small accident while in my possession, and was then stolen, beat up, abandoned and recovered. It was put through the wringer and still ran like a top when I sold it. The 2.2l averaged 29-30 mpg. The car never let me down.

By ginny on August 3 @ 11:06 am
Great car
Very reliable. No breakdowns or problems other than regular maintenance. Would really recommend! Solid and comfortable.

By Lisa on February 27 @ 5:36 am
It's a GREAT Car
I would have given it all 10s except for the AC. I have had trouble with mine not getting real cold. I paid about $400 once for it to be fixed, and it made no difference in the end. It works, just not well for our hot humid summers here in St. Louis. Now 12 years old, the electric window motors are wanting to quit. I won't put any money into this car and plan on driving it until it gives out. This vehicle has cost me very little to run for the past ten years. Brakes, mufflers, oil, tires, and the previously mentioned AC issue. I had to replace the clutch slave/master thingy once, and a cv boot once after a car did a hit and run on me while my vehicle was parked.

By Pete on June 25 @ 5:06 am
Never stranded for 10 years
Bought as certified Honda with 35k miles. This Accord wagon has never left me stranded. It always started with the exception of one time in the driveway due to an old battery that was defective. I perform regular maintenance, 7.5k mi synthetic oil, 90k timing belts/Water pump, 30k transmission service Honda Z1 ATF, regular brake and other fluid changes. Car runs like new. In the past 3 years have replaced both CV axles (Boots cracked), exterior drive belts (were original), ABS reservoir (leaking seal) and HVAC Evaporator. Also over 10 years replaced two sets of tires and two sets of brake pads and two batteries. Have CD changer and put 4 new 4-way Pioneer TS-A1682R stereo speakers.

By Noreen on January 24 @ 3:56 pm
Awesome Honda
Honda Accords have a peculiar automatic transmission that can get be jerky until warm but like Toyota cars they are extremely reliable and last longer than we do. Mine is so fun to drive! I put Enkei racing rims and Yokohama performance wheels on it and Wow! What a sassy, good-looking classy, comfortable, well put together car. I feel very safe in it too. I can not say enough good things about it or Hondas.

By El-Duro on June 16 @ 3:10 am
Excellent Vehicle
I bought this car when it was 2 yrs old and had it for almost ten years. Very reliable. During my first two years the only things I had to change were the muffler and the battery. Other than regular scheduled maintenance and normal wear I only had to change the radiator ,the axle and a couple of hoses. Great overall vehicle, looking forward to my new 2008 accord

By lovemy95 on April 14 @ 2:50 am
Great Honda
This was the first Honda I have owned and my next car will be a Honda as well. My car has 251000+ miles and I have never had any major problems with it. I have had to replace the CV joints and get a new exhaust but that goes with the high mileage. I have kept the maintence up to date since I have owned this car and has been great for me!

By djohns on December 31 @ 5:56 am
Sad Day For Me!
I purchased this '95 in 1998 with 35k miles on it. Today (2/13/08)is my final day of ownership (going to the salvage yard) 205k miles and the timing belt/water pump came apart while wife was driving full road speed, so the valves are probably bent/shot. I had replaced timing belt and pump at 160k, so they failed before their time! Car value not worth fixing the damage, plus other things were needing repair also. Loved the car!

By PCampos on May 13 @ 2:30 pm
Boringly Perfect Car
I bought this car new 13 years ago this month. It has 164,000 miles on it, and like so many other Accord owners I can say it's never had a major mechanical problem. It also gets very good gas mileage. The only real complaint I have is that it's so reliable that it makes it hard to justify getting another car! After 13 years it's acquiring a lot of cosmetic damage, but mechanically it's still seems to be in perfect shape, and since I'm only driving about 7000 miles a year right now I could probably keep it for another decade easily. It's hard to believe there could be a better car for anyone who ranks reliability and low maintenance at the top of what they're looking for in a car.

By Julito Labor on May 6 @ 10:46 pm
Frnt Disc Brake Rotor
I love the car but the only problems that I have now is, I have a hard time changing the front disc rotor. Gonna cost you a little more, the design are not so common like two screws hold the disc. The old disc needs to be pressed and the new one needs to be press too. If you don't have the right tools let the shop do the job. Well, the ac is gone too but overall performance I think I already got my money back. Four thumbs up, I love it, love it.

By dsw mich on April 1 @ 11:36 am
That's Why it's a Honda
I purchased my 95 accord in 2001, with about 70,000 miles on it. It is still going strong at this point '08, past 200,000 miles, allowing me to be car- payment free for several years. It's been a commuting work horse. Have there been repairs? Sure a few (including a strange gas tank crack, radiator, SRS light for no reason), but nothing outrageous and it's never left me stranded. It was the best car purchase I could've made. I briefly owned a ford contour, during which time had to replace a transmission at only 55k miles and traded it in for this great Honda! I had similar good experience with a 1991 Camry.

By JohnR on October 21 @ 1:50 pm
Overpriced, but a good car.
I have had this Accord for a while now, and while being frugal and easy (though rarely fun) to drive, these cars are most certainly overpriced for what you get. A similarly equipped Ford Taurus has a V6 engine and costs about 1/2 as much at this age. My previous car was a 1993 Taurus that was still (barely) running after a very rough 290,000 miles. I have no doubt that the Accord will make it to those miles, but repairs cost more, the car costs more, etc. The Taurus was more roomy and more comfortable, and better suited to the long-haul drives I frequently subject my cars to. However, the Accord is about 100 times better than my other car, a 1999 Saturn SL.

By John on December 13 @ 8:00 pm
Not all it's cracked up to be.
I have had this Accord for a while now, and I'm really not that impressed. The trans is really jerky, and Honda says it's a "normal condition". My previous mid-size car was a '93 Taurus and it was a lot smoother and felt more powerful. A lot more roomy as well. The fold down rear seats are a good idea but there is limited pass-through room compared with other cars I've had with this feature ('99 Saturn in particular). The CV axles were new when I bought it, and they're going out again. Minor things quit working on this car long before they did on the Taurus (the Taurus was sold with 300,000 miles, this car has less than 200K), such as the rear defogger, all interior lights, etc.

By Red on July 28 @ 12:03 am
One Dependable Buddy
I drove this model from 1997 to 2007 when I was still in the Philippines, and I tell you, it was such a dependable car that I never had any breakdown at all. I had to sell it because I moved to the US, and recently I bought exactly the same model - and a very much used one with 173,000 miles - and I have been driving it around with no problems at all. My friends asked me why I bought this very old car, and I told them I just trust it. I know every nook and cranny of the car and I believe and trust that it will give me another 100,000 miles and perhaps even more. It is not as exotic as the modern cars now, but it still looks great to me.

By Dwight Devil on September 18 @ 10:43 pm
Closing in on a quarter million
When I bought the car in 07, you could have almost convinced me it was brand new. It had 220k on it at the time, and still ran like a champ. Even the cigarette lighter still works. Parts have been cheap. Replaced both CV axles for 100, one ball joint (that I screwed up by jumping a curb) for 20, both sway bar links for 10, washer pump for 15, and both washer fluid jets for 13 (from the DEALER, no less). VERY easy to work on. Some of my clutch fluid mysteriously disappears overnight about once a month, but I top it off and it stays full until some night the following month. Drove 860 (36mpg) miles and ONLY stopped one time (gas), yet wasn't even remotely sore when the trip was over.

By Vanessa on January 9 @ 4:43 pm
Best Car EVER!
I bought this car in 2003 with 46,000 miles on it, and I just sent it off to the salvage yard (car accident totaled it) and I already miss it. During the 6 years I owned it I never had a single problem with it, well apart from the multiple break ins and being stolen once (I got it back intact). I always could rely on it starting no matter the weather and never had a problem with it until the accident. Even colliding with a highway wall at 40 miles in a blizzard I was still able to drive it off the road. My next car definitely will be another Honda Accord.

By Rick Franks on July 22 @ 2:50 pm
Work horse
Purchased my wagon when it had 57,000 miles on it, now has 140,000. The only "problem" was the antenna stopped working [repair estimate $425.00] so I went to a stereo shop and had a window antenna installed under the rear view mirror - works great.

By Vadim on August 28 @ 3:36 am
95 Honda Accord EXL
I bought this car in 2002 with 138000km (85000 miles). It is summer of 2009 and car has 370000km (230000 miles). It obviously has its problems, needs repairs. But I got my money worth... that is for sure. Overall very reliable if maintained . I had radiator break (replaced myself), regular maintenance repairs. Engine and transmission are original... would recommend to anyone.

By ;( on April 13 @ 9:30 pm
A little disappointed
I bought this used Honda Accord, 3 years ago for my daughter. I paid $5K for it and had expected it to go for her thru college. It started out with some overheating problems and replacing the radiator. Not so bad, but 3 years later more over heating. This time the engine was bad. I decided to put a new (used) engine in her because it is a Honda. In 3 years I have pumped ~ 5K into a a 5K car. I'm not too thrilled. I've always had luck with Honda in the past, but I expected more. I thought this would just be a gas and go car for me and my daughter. In 3 years it has not worked out that way. There is always a risk buying a used car. You don't know how well the prev. owner cared for it.

By G.Nacin on December 28 @ 10:23 am
Great car!
I bought the car new in 1995 and have been driving it ever since. Over 270,000 miles and have done only basic maintenance with the exception of the radiator being replaced two years ago. Still runs beautifully; still getting over 30 miles per gallon. Intend to keep the car many more years - haven't had a car payment since the 90s. Garage kept so exterior still looks great.

By Skyroamer on July 31 @ 5:46 pm
This car had a manufacturing defect in the transmission. After multiple loss of all transmission fluid Honda tried to blame us for the problem. The transmission failed at 50,200 on a 50,000 warranty and Honda refused to fix it. An outside shop found a machining defect from the factory in one of the case halves of the trans. replaced half at a cost of $1800 total repair and no problems in over 100G of additional mileage. Honda never answered my letter until 4 years later. Would never buy another as a result of their bad customer attitude and lack of concern/support. Have pictures and parts as proof of defect. Honda did not care at all!!!

By healnghanz on February 24 @ 7:33 am
My Old Honda
Originally, leased by my wife in 1995, then sold to me in 2000, quite a reliable car with some minor and some not so minor problems. The disc brakes warp so easily on a very regular basis. But this last time I had the dealer do it and they are much better. Anti lock brakes died 50K ago. Rust over rear wheels, passenger window slow to rise or not at all sometimes. Tranny rough in winter. AC drain once got plugged and water kept going all over the interior, and ruined computer board. Overdue for timing belt/water pump . Speedometer/odometer stopped working at 164,000. 4 years later I have 165,000 or 200k plus. The engine just works great, w 25 mpg maybe more over the years. Heater ducts rotted.

By LuvMyAccord on July 20 @ 8:26 am
I see I have similar issues as some reviewers. ABS pump went bad around 120k. Master brake cylinder went out around 110k. Right front passenger window very slow to roll up. I'm constantly warping after-market rotors, I can't stand hub- over-rotor setup. Going to swap out to rotor-over-hub. Had issue yesterday with tach and speedo dropping to zero whilst driving on highway. Noticed ABS light flickering at about time it happened. Will have electricals checked out. Current issues: Leaking main seal O-ring leaking on distributor About to hit 180k miles, will do timing chain and water pump, likely ask for real main seal to be replaced if they'll reduce cost. Original owner!

By Steed on December 6 @ 3:30 am
I Need Another
Still can't believe it's running , its now 2010 and i have over 300,000 miles. Besides the factory defect :( no big problems at all . If you need a car to get you around this is really it! It just wont quit!

By jim n on December 6 @ 3:00 pm
Modern classic
Bought my Honda in 2009 with 125K miles. For piece of mind I had the timing belt service done. No worries since. I get 30 mpg highway and its very comfortable. The styling on these cars still looks up to date and I`m surprised how many of these 15 year old cars I still see on the road. There is a fair amount of road noise and the AC is marginal. Overall if you get one that has been taken care of you can`t go wrong.

By Shannon on November 5 @ 9:46 pm
Good First Car
I bought my Honda as my first car. I am the second owner and it hasn't given me many problems. I have one problem however, my car will idle very high sometimes especially when its hot!! I'm not quite sure why but that's the only problem i have had other then regular repairs (tires, brakes, rotors, etc.)

By hawkbeck on April 18 @ 12:13 am
Best car I have owned
I have owned 5 cars in my lifetime and the 1995 Honda Accord is by far the best. With 225,000 miles on the car, it still gets 26 miles to the gallon with the 2.7 L V6. Handles outstanding and still drives fairly well considering the time and mileage on it. It has been a work horse and I will soon pass it to my kids after the second timing belt replacement. I have owned the car since 1997, having purchased it with 16K miles. The quality of the car far exceeds the Ford and GM cars that I owned. Only the Subaru that I own is close but still not as good.

By texas89 on February 26 @ 4:10 pm
Not your "usual" Honda...
When I bought this car in early 2009 to replace my 1993 Corolla, I expected the famed Honda reliability. I bought it for $5000 with only 70, 000 original miles on the car. I assumed I would get at least 100, 000 more miles out of it, not the case. Five months after buying the car, the AC and brakes went out, and I replaced the AC compressor fan and refrigerant ($350), brake pads, shoes, rotors, and master cylinder ($800). The steering is very "sticky", a problem that has mystified at least 10 mechanics. Back in March, less than a year after doing all that repair work, my AC and brakes went out again. The mechanics I have visited estimate repairs will total upwards of $1000.

By Vermontdog on October 4 @ 7:10 pm
Totalled @ 270,000
Bought from a salesman I knew and it turned 200k on the way home. That was 8 years ago. Last week I was able to avoid a head on collision with a geriatric on a cell phone thanks to the quick handling on the car. Rugged build and my passenger, a body shop manager, said we were lucky to be in this car compared to most others. The car is a total loss but we walked away. TY HONDA. The car is 15 years old and I will get a respectable check from the insurance company too thanks to Honda quality. Typical problems with the car that other writers have shared but overall a super value.

By joweewag on February 26 @ 10:55 am
Best and most reliable car i ever owned!
This is my third Accord, starting with a 1992, then a 1989 that went to over 350,000miles and counting, and now my 1995 with near 350,000miles and running strong. I love the "zippiness" of this car! It handles amazingly and is a comfortable ride. There are a few problems but they are very small except the a/c not being powerful enough to cool the car. I am looking at buying a second 95 due to excellent ratings but this one will be an automatic for my daughter!

By roy71 on June 30 @ 9:06 am
My first car =)
I got this car about three months ago and all i can say is WOW! I cant believe how well it runs for 221,000 miles. It has leather interior, sunroof, and all the things you would need in a car. The only thing that bothered me was that the transmission shifted rough from the time we bought it, and that concerned me because i need this car for 4 years of college. I took it to two shops and one shop said it was dying and there was nothing i could do. The other shop said it was fine, well i wasnt convinced on either diagnosis, but i drove it anyway. Today i took it to the Honda dealer and had them do 1 tranny fluid drain and refill...well, IT RUNS LIKE A NEW CAR NOW! use Honda fluid ONLY!

By steviez on December 1 @ 4:46 pm
Great Car
My family has owned several Honda's and I've had a couple also. I picked this Accord LX 2.2 automatic up as an inbetween car. Sort of a beater, but it's proved to be much more than that. I got it with 170k miles on the clock and it's really solid and tight. This car has no wind noise or squeeks nor rattles. It's quite amazing really. The gas mileage is also superb at well over 30mpg. While it's not going to win any drag races, It's an excellent commuter and highway vehicle. Evertthing works on it and it's very comfortable.

By jdmaccord24 on July 15 @ 10:31 pm
Easier Than Lego's
This 95' Accord EX automatic is simply amazing. With only 130k, the engine (f22b1 VTEC) pushes like itz at 40k. Transmission be slipping, but futher review of the fluid whoever owned it previously did not follow the manual and keep Honda's ATF z1 fluid (which is the only fluid you can put in a honda transmisson for it to act properly) (not any at yor local auto store). After fixing that problem, and dropping about $1200 into some much need tuning (rotors, calipers, drive axles, water pump, starter, alternator, sensors, radiator and battery), it was totally a brand new car running smooth like it was built today.

By eli16 on October 17 @ 2:11 pm
Excellent car! Love my Honda
I just got this car yesterday and I love it. It has 189,xxx miles on it and runs amazing still. Only one weird thing is that it only has two cup holders and only in the front seat. But it's an excellent car! It's also my first car and only paid 1800 for it.

By rrobles101 on June 15 @ 7:07 pm
The Best of The Honda
The 1995 Honda Accord EX Sedan is the best car to have if you are a first time car owner. I actually own this and I am in love with this car mainly because it is excellent I gas, especially if you are a city driver with a billion things to do. My Honda Accord has great mileage. It has 190, 000 miles on it, and it is a great amount of miles for an almost 20 year car. It is an automatic vehicle with an engine of 4 cylinder, VTEC, 2.2 Liters . It holds about 11 gallons of unleaded gas so you donÂ’t have to pay more for the other types of gas, because its engine is perfectly fine with the unleaded. Also, my car came in a red color. It has 4 doors with automatic windows. It comes in handy while dr

By Misha Jovanovic on March 15 @ 2:56 pm
Best car I've ever owned
I've owned about 35-40 cars (to be modest) and this is by far the best one I've ever had. 1995 Accord EX 5 Speed Manual. Cost to maintain is next to nothing yet it has just about all amenities you would get from a Base model today (power windows, locks, cruise control, A/C, tachometer, intermittent wipers, alloy wheels, etc.) I average about 30-32 mpg. The comfort is incredible, the easy of driving is amazing. Efortless shifting (stick), turning, breaking. Zero rust (spent most of its life in Texas, now Illinois). People can't believe it's a 1995 and when I tell/show them that is has 249 THOUSAND miles; their mouths drop. It looks and drives like a 50K car. It doesn't leak anything, nothing makes noise, no ticking, knocking, nothing. Knock on wood, I plan to go to 350K and pretty much drive her until she doesn't want to go anymore which I have a feeling won't be anytime soon.

By Jeff H. on July 5 @ 1:47 am
1995 Honda Accord EX Wagon (1-owner 93,000 miles)
I just purchased this 1-Owner vehicle in Scottsdale, AZ with 92,800 miles on it. I then used a car carrier to take vehicle down to Tucson, AZ. I then had a complete inspection of the vehicle done here locally to see what it required maintenance wise. Thank God the Timing Belt/Water Pump was just recently replaced and cleared inspection. The EX model is high-end model and has an additional $3,400 options on it compared to the LX model wagon. VTEC engine, sliding sunroof, cast aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes (ABS), etc. Results of inspection showed (PARTS ONLY): 2 of 4 Engine Motor Mounts needed replacing (so I'm doing all 4 $548.23), Oil Pan Gasket (so i'm doing Oil Pan Gasket $24.15 w/new Oil Pan $66.01), power steering leak from Rack & Pinion and Bellows Boots ripped (so I'm doing the Rack & Pinion $302.42 & 2 Bellows Boots $16.92 and since there, but not required, the Power Steering Pump $217.46). I'm also including the following, but not required, (2 Bellows Bands $8.74, 4 Steering Gear Box Mounting Bushings $17.04, 1 Gear Box Cushion Bushing $8.08 & a Power Steering Seal Kit A $65.97). That's for Piece of Mind. $200.00 will be returned for COREs of Rack & Pinion and Gear Box. Total Parts: $1,075.02. The ABS light is intermittent on the dash cluster meaning that when the light is on, ABS is not functioning, but still have 4-wheel regular brakes. I can't believe this isn't a NSTA Safety Recall item? Anyway that's down the road.. The price for ABS Modulator Assembly ($791.53) not sure if the Accumulator is included or not? but that's ($255.73) for that. $150.00 will be returned for Core of Modulator. I heard this is a common problem for early Accord's. I researched SEVERAL PLACES (Businesses/Internet) for original OEM HONDA only parts not O'Reilly/AutoZone/Checkers or China crap makers just HONDA. The cheapest site I found was HONDAPARTSNETWORK.COM $30.00 fills up the 17-gallon tank @ 1.99/gallon. 150 miles on a quarter tank. This is why I bought a 2nd vehicle for (Gas Savings) compared to my 2004 GMC Sierra 4x4 Z71 w/116,000 miles purchased new. Gonna give that to my son in 10 years from now & can park in garage. Honda looks brand new with original paint and very clean interior (9 out of 10). I just detailed it myself this weekend w/Meguiar's Car Care Products. Bought this baby back to 1995 with a showroom shine and detailed interior as well. AZ car that was garage kept it's entire life. What can I say I LOVE MY HONDA! Definitely recommend an older Honda. This vehicle is 22-yrs old now and after this maintenance I'm good to go for years to come.

By Gene T. on December 11 @ 12:44 pm
SUPER reliable car for being 22 years old !!
I purchased the 1995 Honda Accord 26 months ago with 104k for 3,330.00 and I wasn't sure if I paid too much. I did a lot of research and most of accords at that time were going for 2500.00 and they had 180k - 300k miles on them. So I bought this car and over 2 years later I only had to replace one break bulb (3.00) and a muffler that my friend helped me repair ($77.00). Overall the car is extremely well-built for its age. Its one of the cleanest cars I've owned. The car came with new tires, battery, water pump, spark plugs and caps, new wipers and timing belt. The cars transmission still shifts smoothly and I have been getting 28 - 32 MPG. I would recommend one that has had some of the repairs done and appears to be in good condition. I hope my 95' Honda Accord can last a few more years since its my son's first car. thank you, Gene

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