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1992 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 1992

The SE model is dropped. The EX model gains antilock brakes with rear discs instead of drums. Horsepower is up in the EX sedans, 10 more than last year's 130. A driver airbag is added to the standard equipment list.

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By m98 on July 31 @ 8:53 pm
92' honda accord ex-r sedan
this car rides exceptionally smooth on the freeway and streets. the steering is also pretty smooth. on the performance, this car could use a bit more power since it is a very heavy car. i suggest that this vehicle should of been built with the honda prelude vtec motor. my accord i have done some modifications in performance and its much better than stock. passing is way way easier especially because my car is auto. other than that the motor runs pretty quiet and outside noise isn't so bad.

By Car Fan on August 24 @ 12:53 am
Extremely Reliable and Superb Performanc
This is the best car I've ever owned. The engine is the best. This is usually the case for Japanese car. But I have drivine Toyota Camry, Honda Accord is no doubt even better than that. The engine never had any problems since I bought it ten years ago. I think you could expect it lasts for 200,000 miles before it has some problems. On top of that, very fuel efficient, trasmission very smooth, with great exterior design (the silver edge around the window looks great)

By BJL on July 18 @ 2:33 am
My first car
This was the first car that I've driven, and have been doing so for three years now. I haven't had any problems with it, even though it now has 115,000+ miles on it. Only routine maintenance had to be preformed. The car has always had good pep, and has no trouble with high speeds.

By NickiKingCobra on August 8 @ 3:00 am
I have owned my Accord EX Coupe since 1998 and have had NO major problems. I have put 76,000 miles on it.

By macboy9999 on January 12 @ 11:00 am
200,000 miles and going strong
We bought this car New in 1992. This car has been outstanding. No problems with the car at all. Well I take that back. I have had to replace the knobs for the heater and fan, total cost $15. We bought this car because we felt we would get our money out of it in the long run. and 200,000 miles later I say we sure have!!! this is a very well built auto.

By Wayne Jay on June 25 @ 11:00 am
One Great Car
I bought mine in 1995 and it's been nothing but awesome. It's made trips up and down the east coast with no problems. I like it so much that when I bought my new '02 Accord EX-V6 - I decided to keep my '92 LX. I have nothing but good experiences.

By Daniel Robles on July 2 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!
This is the best car ever! I don't know what else to say! I have owned many different cars, and there are none better than this one in my history!

By MadDog74 on July 16 @ 11:00 am
1st Accord, definitely not my last
I've been driving this one since it was brand new, and wouldn't have bought a new Accord EX last week if I were at all disappointed with my last 10 years of driving a Honda. Engine feels just as strong as when it was new, and it's held its resale value well. Almost all maintenance was from normal wear (tires, brakes, battery). The automatic trans. needed a rebuild at 95K but it was expected with L.A. stop- and-go driving - probably the equivalent of 250K miles of "normal" driving. The only engine problem was a defective ignition component that Honda replaced free of charge long after the factory warranty expired.

By YLR on November 4 @ 11:00 am
my car
10 years of good driving.Also easy to tow behjind my motor home

By nutty-1 on August 26 @ 11:00 am
Loved it!
My 1992 Accord was my second Honda. I had traded my CRX for it. I absolutely loved this car! It was totalled w/100M miles on it and still looked sharp. I got a 1998 to replace it and to this day, when I see a 1992 (or that body style) I wish I had it back. Don't get me wrong, my 1998 is a great, quality car but I never held the same affection for it. The 98 seems to have a noisy engine and air conditioning and I personally did not like the body style as much.

By 92sedanEx on June 16 @ 11:00 am
As old as it is, it's a wonderful car!
We bought it used from a private sale, but man, this car is absolutely excellent. It's really fun to drive, nice layout, and as old as it is, it's very well for it's age. It's is somewhat lacking (since it's a SOHC) but still peppy.

By Kerrie Rochon on August 15 @ 11:00 am
great car
love the car,wish the new styles were as good

By SKIP Jr. on July 19 @ 11:00 am
What a Car.
Currently this car has 206,000 miles and has been extremely reliable. No major problems just brakes, oil changes and tires. Its comfortable and economical. But the 4 cylinder does lack power. I never regretted buying the Accord. As it ages we plan on retiring it gracefully. It has been reduced to a to and from work car. hard to beat a HOnda.

By arthuir t.boinay on January 22 @ 3:00 am
excelent automobile
this vehicle has never been in for anything but routine service. timing chain replaced at about 87,000 miles.

By Crunch77 on November 20 @ 3:00 am
My Honda
My family bought our '92 Accord DX Coupe new in the fall of '91, and it is still one of the best decisions my family has ever made. Even with 195k miles, it still runs like it has every bit the power it originally had. The engine has absolutely no mechanical problems, and maintenance has only been routine. I've told myself that I can get 400k miles out of it, and I think I can do it. I love this car.

By Rocky M on July 12 @ 3:00 am
Very Satisfied
Great vehicle, 120,000 miles and still origional brakes, it doesn't burn any oil and there is not rust. What can I say the only problem I had was an Oxygen sensor in the exaust failed and that was covered under warrenty. I've had the car 11 years and look forward to another 4-5 years easily. I've even spoken to people who have over 300,000 miles and are still going strong!

By crbunch on May 2 @ 3:00 am
1992 Honda Accord EX
Best automobile I've every owned. Almost 95,000 before I changed the front brakes. No trouble at all with the engine, still runs and performs well. Have had some problems with cv joint replacement, but other than this and some A/C problems the car has been great. After 10 yrs. in the sun the paint job is oxidizing, but I guess this should be expected. I love this car, would like to have a pick-up but can't bring myself to trade up. This car has some features that many of the American cars didn't incorperate until years later.

By ex_driver_rbs on October 6 @ 3:00 am
1992 EX Sedan :: 11 Years
I purchased my 92 EX sedan new after several GM lemons. After nearly 11 years I now have 115,000 (local and highway) miles on the car and not one problem! Routine maintenance and timing belt the only time the car was in the shop. Drives like new except the window motors (slowing down). Plan to keep the car and give to my daughter when she is ready to drive.

By AZ-guy on December 5 @ 3:00 am
Honda Accord: Great Car!
We bought a '92 Honda Accord LX 4-door sedan in '95 as the care came off a 3- year lease from a private party. We have been very happy with the reliability and low operating costs of this vehicle. Now that the Accord has 108,000 miles on it, we are just as happy with it as when we bought it.

By chadfog on December 5 @ 3:00 am
A great car for its age. Great deal!
This car is exellent. It has had hardly any problems, although the emissions sensor seems to have trouble. Also, for such a reliable car, the cup holders are troublesome as they do not stay in. It is peppy and fun to drive. It is also more attractive than other cars of its day.

By morose on December 5 @ 3:00 am
No Complaints
Had this car for 10 years and 160K miles with no problems until it was totaled when rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle . . . plenty of power with manual transmission, even with 4cyl engine . . . comfortable, smooth ride . . . as far as better half is concerned, no new car can replace this one

By BOOM! on May 27 @ 3:00 am
Most Reliable Car
This is the car I use to get around. My car has only had one problem, and thats caused by me. The car has 200,000 miles on it and still is running. I have run this car into the ground and its 4 cylinder engine continues to run well. As for performance, I have the base model DX with manual transmission, and I have to say it accelrates like you wouldn't believe. The car is so light that it accelerates, I'd say equivelent to a Porsche Carrera.

By accordtunerx on September 25 @ 3:00 am
Impressive in every aspect
I have owned my accord for over a year now, and love everything about it. It has great interior and exterior styling and is pretty decent on power too (140 hp)... they only problems i've had with the car were an oxygen sensor that needed replaced and the radiator which had a crack in it... other than that, it is a VERY reliable car which i would reccomend to anyone... i've also added some extra modifications to my accord, which include 17" wheels, lowering springs, upgraded sound system, full performance exhaust system, and cold air intake. All of these upgrades compliment my already great looking and performing accord, and make it even more fun to drive!

By Norm1965 on June 21 @ 3:00 am
Make sure you use genuine Honda parts
Great car. Bought it used. The prior owner took the car to a national chain muffler repair shop for his repairs. After-market parts are NOT the same as genuine Honda parts! After some breakdowns and lots of cash to diagnose an ignition problem, we found a universal after-market O2 sensor was the cause. Unless it's tires or brake pads, use only Honda parts. Trust me!

By T................... on November 24 @ 3:00 am
Expensive Maintenance
Front brakes have to be done by a mechanic for an extra 125. Total 315 for two hours work. 125 in parts at a store. Timing belt change costs 700! Why is the oil filter is on back of engine block? What a pain. Battery has to be removed to replace right head lights. Again, what a pain. Spark plugs are deeply recessed. Maybe too deeply since my gaskets were replaced by a Honda dealer and oil still leaks, filling the plug holes. Original distributor, radio, and exhaust long since gave up the ghost. Forcing the car into fifth, I broke the syncromesh gear. Now I have to double- clutch fifth and cause excessive wear to the clutch.

By leslie on January 24 @ 3:00 am
My Baby
I bought my 5 speed 1992 EX 2 door Accord with 14,000 miles on it in 1993. It now has 185,000 miles, been to canada several times, 2 accidents and still runs like a charm. I loved this car the day I bought it and still do. So much fun to drive. I wish I didnt have to sell it.

By rcgus on April 12 @ 3:00 am
Nice car
I purchased this vehicle used. I have put 42k on it in 3 years. Its a great reliable car. Only problems have been a cracked distributor, wiper switch is going bad, and the cloth cover over a speaker if falling off. But the car still looks new and drives great. I run this baby until the tire fall off ! 150k plus I'm counting on

By satisfiedw/it on December 2 @ 3:00 am
Great Long-Term Car
I bought my '92, EX Accord in '96 with 60,000 miles on it and am still driving it today. I'm now at 145,000 miles and plan on taking it to around 200,000. All I've had to do is standard maintenance along the way. Incredibly reliable car. I'm very, very satisfied. I'll have a hard time replacing it one day.

By jusa on April 1 @ 3:00 am
A great all around car
3/17/03 - submitted We acquired our 1992 Honda Accord LX for 7K $ with 83K mi. in clean condition about 6 years ago. We have spent about 3K $ on service and repairs for it the current mileage is 156K mi. The Accord has proven to be a very pleasant car to ride in. Most of our driving has been around town and short trips. As a result of our good experience with our Accord, we plan to buy another. We hope that Honda is listening.

By ester on June 1 @ 3:00 am
love it
best car I ever owned.I never plan to sell it,will keep it till I die!

By kerri on October 17 @ 11:00 am
Good bang for the buck
I bought a used accord and it is still going strong with no major problems

By WiseOwl on July 14 @ 11:00 am
The Best Honda Ever
This car will go down in history as a legend. It has performed flawless throughout the 250,000 miles I've driven it.

By sportygal on August 15 @ 11:00 am
I buoght my 1992 honda accord after I was rear-ended in 1999 and my civic was totaled. I got hosed by the dealer, but I made up for it with very little money invested into it through the years. At the time I was single and loved the sporty look of it. Now I have two kids in car seats and have to trade it in. (It's not good for car seats!) I would like another accord, but will probably opt for a civic again.(can't afford diapers AND a four door Accord)

By rebaaron on November 1 @ 11:00 am
great car, but I'm selling mine!
I've had this car since '97 and it's coming up on 174K miles. The first 130K were great and then repairs started happening (as I would expect) - and they're expensive! The car developed 4 major oil leaks, the brakes needed replacing which is expensive on these (4-wheel disks and press-on rotors), and last week I had a suspension spring break which evidently is common. This is my second Accord ('86 which lasted 190K) and it's a great car - but time to move on!

By mtn_man on January 1 @ 11:00 am
Nice Car
My 3rd accord - out of order first came 89' lxi coupe, second came the 00' lx sedan and now my favorite - 92 ex sedan. I guess they just don't make things the way they used to. Bought it with 91k miles and did minimal preventative maintanance to ensure another 100k of trouble free miles.

By RedGeminiPA on December 4 @ 11:00 am
Good experience with my first Honda.
I was looking for a reliable, fun-to- drive, inexpensive car that would still give me some luxary. I've had many expensive brand cars (BMW, Cadillac, Aurora, Lincoln) that had me spoiled by comfort and convenience features, but lacked something that's very important right now -- ECONOMY. I just purchased this car on 6-19-03 from a local used car dealer. My Accord has 149,000 miles that were driven by the original owners. For the age and miles, I'd have to say this is probably the best car I've had overall. It's comfortable, fun to drive and gets excellent gas mileage. Why is this my first Accord???

By ffchopin on December 4 @ 11:00 am
honda accord EX sedan
The automatic transmission seems to be the biggest worry in this accord. When the accords, I owned three of them, get above 100K, the transmission shifts abruptly and sometimes there is slippage before it pops into gear, especially in the first two gears. The is also vibrations in the steering wheel when car is stopped, but in gear.

By barbara di pinto on November 16 @ 11:00 am
car in good working condition
this car is in good working condition and has only been serviced by the dealer

By potatopirate on May 17 @ 11:00 am
I Love my Accords
As with all my Honda purchases I love my Accords especially the Wagons from this year. I haven't had any trouble with it.

By Reliable on August 3 @ 11:00 am
Good 'ol Reliable
Only problems were losing a side seal, AC developed a leak, and the steering fluid basin developed a leak. Other than that its held up pretty good.

By Brian Leding on June 28 @ 11:00 am
It keeps on going Strong!
Total of 211K miles and still runs like new. All service and maint. has been kept up. Front axles have had to be replaced twice and the water pump once. Condensation from the A/C dripped into the radio and shorted it out. The A/C developed a slow leak after my wife wrecked it once. Those are the only issues I've had with this car. It is easily the best car I've ever owned. Interior is still holding up really well. The arm rest has some wear on it. Wonderful car. I can't say it enough. Highly recommended. Very reliable transportation. Car holds its resale value well too.

By egeissal on May 24 @ 11:00 am
Old Faithful
I haven't had any major problems with this car since I've had it and it's got 184,000 miles! It's great for road trips because of the gas mileage and reliability. I've only had the breaks and a belt replaced and a tune- up. It's amazing.

By Mictwentytwo on October 9 @ 11:00 am
Shows Honda's Quality
When I purchased this car I was a Honda driver having had a 1984 Accord Hatchback. This car is still running great and looks great, I've only had to do general maintenance over the years. To date it has 218,500 miles on it and still going, I've been waiting for the right time to upgrade to a new one and this may be the year. I must add there are many Accords of this same year all over my city in great condition and still going. For these reason's and Honda's styling, build, reputation I'll be buying another Honda in the near future. If you are considering a car to buy you must check out the Accord, it's been a wonderful car for me these past 11 years.

By Peta on July 5 @ 11:00 am
The Most Reliable POS Ever
The car has been totally reliable for many many years and many thousands of miles (166XXX)!!!

By johnnyspiker on August 17 @ 11:00 am
Not impressed
This car jerks like no other. I'd rather have a GM car, but not bad on reliability at this tie they were defintley better than GM. If looking for this used I'd recomend but not new.

By HollyG on May 13 @ 11:00 am
My Accord is fun to drive and has been very reliable. I really value the fuel economy... sometimes I can't remember the last time I had to get gas!

By Hondanut on February 7 @ 11:00 am
Great car
I bought this car new and have had little trouble other than maintenance. Currently 138K. For those who question the firm shift--the auto transmission shifts firmly but this is why it far outlasts any smoother shifting GM transmission. Smooth shifting comes from slipping clutches which accelerates wear. Firm shifts allow transmission life of 200M or more. Very durable, reliable car.

By csmith6281 on January 2 @ 11:00 am
LX 4Dr / 5Spd
Purchased new, passed along to my daughter in 1998, still going strong. Smooth, easy shifting clutch/trans provides excellent performance for a 4- cyl. Excellent car in New England winters - never stuck in the snow. Only components that didn't have long life were radio speakers and A/C. Comfortable for 4 adults, acceptable for 5.

By Verthea on August 6 @ 11:00 am
Seattle Silver/moonroof honda
I loved my Honda and still do. it starts like a top and rides well. We have a new Camry and like it, but it doesn't start right on the first turn of the key and I'm not kidding. Think we need to take it back and see why. having trouble selling the Honda as they think we're asking too much. But everyone of the 100+ people love it, but don't have the money.

By pook22 on May 28 @ 11:00 am
sweet car!
i bought this accord exr only a couple months ago, and i love it! yeah i bought it old but i should get a few years out of it yet - it's a honda! i love both the look and the drive

By Cmdrsils on October 31 @ 11:00 am
Honda's are the best ever!
A great car all around. It drives great and has almost no problems except for regular tune-ups. Had to replace the A/C system and the clutch, but the engine runs like new.

By oyrland on January 6 @ 3:00 am
Another Great Honda Experience
I bought this car with 40,000 miles. It currently has 177,000 and I truly believe it will go at least another 50k. This car has been very reliable in Northeast winters. Still gets 26+ MPG. A truly timeless body design and overall great value car for individuals or families. Have taken great care of this car doing all maintenance and upgraded the tires/wheels to 15" which has improved ride.

By Awry13 on March 8 @ 3:00 am
The perfect commuter car
I bought this car in 1998 and it had 31,000 miles on it. It has 239,000 now. Right after I bought it the distributor had to be replaced, then the alternator at about 120,000 miles. Other than that, normal maintenance. Still averages about 28 mpg between city and highway driving. It has a manual transmission and I have never replaced the clutch. In the next month I will be getting my second set of half shafts (driveshafts) put in. Then I will be selling it in favor of a newer Accord. By all accounts the newer models have only gotten better.

By mark04 on June 19 @ 3:00 am
great reliable car
reliable, dependable. car is almost 12 years old and it rides so smoothh you would not know it is almost 12. everything still works. air conditioning still blows cold,powere windows ,locks,cruise,moon roof,dash lights etc. are all still in perfect working order.

By waconja on June 23 @ 3:00 am
Have& continue to have great performance w/vehicle. Have had to do only maintainence upkeep.Used owners manual for upkeep of vehicle.At one point the spoiler was stoled by vandals.I had it replaced. Other than that incident I know of no other body work. Vechile has sunroof,cruise control. Normal wear&tear. Car looks & runs great. Owner's manual refers to color as taupe. It's good looking.

By sbelong on May 18 @ 3:00 am
We bought this car off a dealership lot with 90000 on it, and already 3 yrs.old and if if left me on the side of the road today I could'nt say a word. To date it now has 221000 on it and still has the power as the day we brought it home. we have done routine maint. but no major problems,my wife still drives it 4-5 days a week on avg. of 65-70 miles per day.The body and interior are holding up well. We have no plans of getting rid of it. Everything is still working. with the exception of the power antena. I have a friend who owns one just like it with 268000.

By Amelia on January 15 @ 3:00 am
Excellent Auto !
Honda is an excellent car to own!

By eryk on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Strong Runner!
I bought my Accord from private seller in October of 1996. For a 4 year old car it had only 44000 miles and it was in priestine condition. From the day I bough it I felt in love.There was nothing that I did't like. Now my Honda has 134000 miles and still runs great, thou I want to sell it and buy a brand new model. And only reasone I am selling it is 'cause I'm bored of this car after eight years of ownership.

By dresserd on November 14 @ 11:00 am
Honda Wagon Review
I cannot say enough good things about this vehicle. You put in the key, turn it, and it always goes. It was perfect for you young family (with dog, A/C in the back for Clipperdog). A bit tight now with teenagers. Incredible realiability, nice styling, still gets 30 mpg highway. Very pleased would buy again.

By MLF_66062 on July 6 @ 11:00 am
It will run forever
This car will run forever. I have 235,000 miles on mine. It has some nuiscance items later in its life (oil leak, main relay (causes problems starting the car in hot hot weather), etc.). Overall, though, if you're a frugal person that will stay with a car for a long time, this is the one for you. I have had extremely low maintence costs and have really enjoyed owning this car.

By shannwarr on September 4 @ 11:00 am
great commuter
I bought this car because I drive 80 miles every day to work and back and didn't want to depreciate my Z71 or Infiniti. The car had 176,000 miles when I bought it. It had some body damage, but ran like a top. The car now has 189,000 miles and still meets smog standard and gets 29 m.p.g. on an automatic. Honda builds an awesome car!!

By msyalor on January 3 @ 11:00 am
225000 miles and still running strong.
What more can I say. Minimal maintentance, and when you do it can be expensive for parts. Starting to burn a little oil, but original engine, never touched. Replaced starter and radiator, and the basics. No major problems. Still gets good gas mileage. Engine is very strong for a car this old with this many miles. Rides better than my 2001 Civic.

By ryan329 on November 18 @ 11:00 am
Been A Great Car
This has been a great car over the years. I have never had to fix anything major on it. The styling still looks good when compared to other sedans at the time. The steering and handling is great. The car could use some more power for passing, but for a four cylinder vehicle it does a good job.

By lkp on September 8 @ 11:00 am
Go Honda
has been a wonderful, dependable, reliable car

By Chris Kent1 on October 4 @ 11:00 am
Great get around car !
Great car ! Very reliable. Just make sure timing belt is good and the car will last forever!

By Dr. Patti on February 19 @ 11:00 am
Best car I ever owned
This is my third Honda, and my favorite. I bought it with 125k and have had only routine maintenance to do on it. I love the visibility and handling, which the newer ones lack. The fuel economy is rare and the 5-spd manual trans lends a feeling of control. We just bought a 1999 Accord EX and it's just not the same. They don't ake 'em like they used to!

By hondafan29 on July 15 @ 11:00 am
Best car Honda has ever made!
In March 2002, I totalled the '97 Accord I had driven since it was new. It had been a great car, but nowhere near as good as the '93 Accord LX I traded in on it. So, I found a '92 Accord with only 85K miles on it and I love it! This is the best car I've ever owned. My friends give me crap for driving and older car, but I like it better than anything new I've driven. No problems at all, peppy performance, very comfortable and fun to drive.

By fredweddle on February 23 @ 11:56 pm
Best Car Ive ever had,Ill never sell it.
Well, I bought this car with low miles (87,200) from an elderly woman, the car ran great, was garaged its entire life, and looked like new inside and out. I did spend money on maintenance, totalling $2400 alone, and had originally purchased for $1600, so $4000 isnt bad for a car thats impeccable, hasnt been mistreaded, and still has alot of life left in it. I sold it a few months after I bought it because I was desperate for money. I recently got a call from the woman the purchased it from me asking me if I would like to purchase it back from her. I did!!! I did'nt want to sell it to begin with, but as the saying goes: "If you love something, let it go, if it comes back it was yours..."

By samantha on July 1 @ 3:46 pm
I love my Honda Wagon!
This car has gotten me through heavy commutes in bad-traffic Seattle, a trip cross country, and many, many rainy trips up and down I-5. It has always been reliable and the little maintenance I have had done has only been basic keep-up projects like new tires, brake pads, and oil changes.

By R. Hunt on June 8 @ 10:23 am
Good Value, Great Reliability
In 13 years of ownership, I had no significant mechanical repairs on this car. With normally scheduled oil, filter, and coolant change, the only non preventive work on the car was muffler and brake work. Although winter salt took its toll on mufflers and brake rotors, I never had a speck of rust on the body. The car started and operated reliably in all extremes of weather.

By tango on June 8 @ 8:00 am
Fun Car
This is a very fun car to drive. It ran rough when I bought it through ebay with135K, but since a full tuneup, it has run very nicely. I have had to replace an electric fuel injection part, and much of the A/C. Along with routine stuff (brakes, belts, tires, etc.) it has been a great daily driver for nearly a year. It will need some exhaust work soon.

By Nick on February 5 @ 2:20 pm
My rockin' Honda!
This car is great! I love hondas. my mom has an accord wagon and my dad has a civic. they both love them. This car is perfect. it runs great. it starts up like it was brand new, and its really fun to drive. I couldn't ask for more!

By 92HondaEX on March 2 @ 2:00 pm
Great Dependable Cat
I bought a new 92 Honda Accord EX 2DR coupe in Mar 1993 and traded in a 1985 Honda Accord. This has been a great car and very dependable. During the first 100,000 miles I had no problems what so ever. I did all the scheduled maintenance and changed the oil regularly using Mobil 1 Synthetic. Always tried to use genuine Honda parts. Recently had to replace the radiator and the clutch after 143000 miles. I bought a 2004 Acura TL last year but could not get myself to trade in the Honda, so I kept it. I still use the Honda to drive to work and whenever the weather is bad. Change the timing belt every 60,000 miles and the car will last. This is a super car!

By Bob on June 17 @ 9:30 pm
This car has given us many great miles, but the transmission is wearing out. At 13 years old, this car could use new struts, tie-rod ends, and shocks.

By 92 Honda EX on December 16 @ 10:00 am
great car, but getting old...
I have really enjoyed owning this car. I have the 5spd and it has been very fun to drive. Despite not being a sports car, it has a sporty appearence with the 2drs, spoiler and sun roof. The car has however not been without problems. Since I bought it, I have had problems starting it in hot, humid weather. At 180,000 miles the oil pan seal wore and needed to be replaced, at 190,000 miles the head was found to be cracked and the car would not start. This is a very expensive problem to have fixed. Currently, it seems that the fuel pump is about to go. Despite the problems I have had, I would not hesitate to recommend the same car to someone else.

By Rose on February 5 @ 11:26 pm
My First Honda is 13 Years Old already!
I decided to purchase a Honda Accord used recently. It was the best decision I made in a car ever. The interior looks great. The maintenance on the car by the previous owners has lead me to believe that anyone who owns a Honda has a deep respect for it. It's a great car whether it's 13 years old or 13 minutes old.

By EXBOY on March 26 @ 10:10 pm
Honda EX 1992
I have been driving this 1992 EX Sedan since I got it right off the truck with 4 miles on it. The car still runs like a brand new Honda.

By chdoctor on April 25 @ 1:20 am
92 Honda Accord
No matter how many times we think we're going to replace this thing, it just doesn't make sense to do so. Pre- dating our first child by three years, it will probably be the one she learns to drive. It runs great, and any repairs are predictable and occasional. Great highway car and great for tooling up, down, and all around hilly roads. Excellent handling on curves. Will probably replace our old Accord someday with a newer Accord.

By Frankie on April 26 @ 5:16 pm
It was love at first sight! I just couldn't resist the timeless, elegant styling plus, everyones knows the repretation a Honda Accord has. I knew I spotted a winner and had to get this car before someone else did. This is my second Honda and both I bought used. My 1987 Civic served me well for 14 years,(1990-2004) however I wanted to move up to an Accord. I remember the test drive like it was yesterday. The ride was tight and smooth like a brand new car and the interior looked new clean and in excellent condition. I could tell who ever owned this car kept it in great shape. I wasn't concerned about buying a used Honda 10 model years old because I know Hondas are built to last!

By mark on September 29 @ 12:56 am
Will never leave you stranded.
If you are looking for one car that will definitely get you where you need to go it is a 4th generation Accord. I bought the car with 230K miles and now have over 285K on the car! I refer to it as Old Faithful if that gives you any idea of it's reliability. Has never left me stranded. I have only put money into it (other than usual wear items) was to replace a main fuel relay (one of the very few common problems these cars had) and replaced a valve cover gasket. Other than that it has been more than amazing. bought it for $1000 and could sell it tomorrow for the same, which I'm certainly not planning on doing. Get the 5 speed, it is more reliable (slightly) and better performance.

By ivo on March 29 @ 6:23 pm
recently underwent a financial reckoning and got rid of payments and paid $1500 for this little honda with 176k mi. didnt expect much, but it has been unbelievable in the 6 months i owned it. doesn't burn a drop of oil (even though seller told me he thought it may burn some - but this guy just fixed something on the engine and resold it to me), and has been much more dependable than my wife's '01 jetta. gas mileage is still 30 mpg+ and almost everything works (except for cig. lighter and windshield washer fluid). even though i saved up, i can't justify spending $15k on newer car. i keep thinking - for that money I can buy me 10 of these that do the same thing perfectly fine! KICK 4SS HONDA!!!

By Clancy on July 10 @ 11:23 pm
Great used car!
I bought my Honda from a private party recently. Though it has 140K on the engine, the car runs perfectly and handles like a newer car. The ride is smooth and quiet and the gas mileage (25 mpg city) is more than acceptable. Based on other postings and things I've read this car should past 200,000 miles as long as the routine maintenence is done. What more does one need? From now on it's Honda (or maybe Subaru) only!

By butterfly on December 24 @ 11:03 am
Accord LX
I have had this Accord since it had 28480 miles on it. It has now 203,700 miles. It has had master cylinder replaced, radiator, power window electronics, and main relay. It currently needs paint it looks terrible!!! It has a small power steering leak and it must have an oil pan gasket leak as it is always wet when I change the oil. Honda so called fixed the PS leak but it reoccured 1 year later and they refused to repair under warranty. That dealership has had a lot of problems over the years. A lot of personnel changes. Honda refuses to acknowledge its defects and I'm skeptical about buying another Honda. I'm not thrilled with the other offerings out there either. Its been a good car overall.

By Lin Red on September 29 @ 10:16 am
Super 92 AccEX Coupe
I purchased my 92 Honda Accord EX coupe with Manual transmission 13 years ago. I've been tremendously satisfied with my great car. During the first decade I did not have any significant problems. In the last couple of years I've finally had to replace the clutch and replace the timing belt for the second time. Aside for a few rattles and squeaks, this car still gets me to work every day. I bought an Acura TL but I cannot bring myself to sell this car.

By colslaw87 on December 8 @ 5:20 pm
Great car!
I bought my 1992 EX coupe roughly 2 years ago from a private dealer. Since then I have fell in love with the car. It is a blast to drive and gas milage is decent. I highly recommend the EX Accord as a first car for any teen or new driver!

By Krys Wilson on March 24 @ 11:43 pm
I couldn't ask for a better first car!!!
When I was told that my first car was going to be a '92 Honda Accord, I wasn't thrilled at all. I didn't really know much about Hondas. Now, I wouldn't trade my Honda for the world especially with the price of gas, my Honda is very fuel efficient, it's not too big or too small. I have only had one major problem, I needed a transmission. I wasn't able to get one right away but my Honda still drove like a dream, just had to shift the gears myself. I have had sooo many offers to sell my Honda but I would never even if I buy a newer car. To say my Honda is 14 years old, I have less problems than any of my friends that have newer cars. Bottom line Honda has a customer for life. Honda Forever!

By of1accord on May 1 @ 6:40 pm
Been a GREAT car so far!
This car has been a fabulous car from the day we got it! Honestly, this car has not given us one minute of trouble. We are a family of four (2 elementary age children) and it serves us well. Highway fuel mileage could be a bit better than the ~28 - 29 mpg but hey we do not have any car payments and repair costs have thus far been nill. If you are looking for one very dependable car and you find one of these that does not have any rust and the interior is nice, I'd say go for it even tho it might have 150 - 200K miles on it! If you are mechanically inclined (like me) they aren't that hard to work on either. Just do routine maintenance (i.e. oil changes) and it will treat you good!

By Marilyn on November 28 @ 4:06 pm
Great Car
I like the car a lot, it's easy to drive and has worked almost perfectly for all 14 years I have had it.

By J Cruz on June 21 @ 8:36 pm
This car is very reliable. I went from a newer car to the 1992 Honda Accord and it was a very smart choice. I drive a lot and this car takes a beating in the HOT Florida weather. After driving it all day this car feels same way, never sluggish and no rough idle, runs like a true champ.

By locke290 on March 16 @ 8:20 pm
Great Reliability and Mileage
I have had my accord for over a year and it has been extremely reliable. I have had no problems with the car whatsoever and it has almost 200k miles. It gets very good gas mileage, over 30 mpg, which in my opinion is excellent for a 14 year old car. I would recommend the accord to anyone!

By nurse607 on August 21 @ 10:23 pm
Cute Little Tank
I got this car as a beater for 1500 dollars in 2004. I've since put over 50,000 miles on it, and had only one mechanical problem that wasn't directly attributable to the infamous New York State snow rust. This thing has treated me so well, I've gotten 5 times my money out of it in under 4 years. I never bought a foreign car until this one, and I'm never buying anything but a Honda again. Every car I've had, which were all American pieces of garbage, had so many problems and were built terribly. This car, and Honda in general, are made FOR the people, FOR the long run. This vehicle is no joke, and is no exception to that rule. I got lucky and got one with all the options&it's over 200k miles!

By MikeyMeyagi on May 17 @ 10:33 pm
mild to wild....270k mi later
i got my accord for free from a buddy that was going into the marines. it had been neglected and abused, with 237k on it when i got it. still ran great and drove great. i liked it so much that i completely rebuilt it from the ground up. new paint, new interior, new suspension and brake systems, and a 430 hp turbocharged engine.seeing the look on people's faces when this car will keep up with, or beat their much more expensive sports cars is priceless.

By Bosstone23 on December 2 @ 11:40 am
Straight Soldier
Our Honda has been passed down throughout my family and will soon be sold. This car hauled an almost 2500 lb U-Haul trailer from Virginia to Arizona and is still kicking. Two things that commonly go in these due to bad circuit construction are the transmission computer and the main relay. New computer can be bought from ecmtogo for about $200 and relay is $60 at the dealer. Replacing these two parts is easy and should take care of most blinking D4 light issues. Aside from that, this car is a true champion of Japanese engineering and sets the standard for longevity.

By johnjapan on February 16 @ 4:50 pm
the last great accord
my dad bought it new in 92 i bought it in 20001. it is a solid car, drivetrain is excellent. it just turned over 200,000. and i honestly believe i'll get another 200,000 out of it. i change the oil every 3,000 miles try to use castrol the 92 and 93 accords (no power seatbelts) are the last great accords. hondas built after 1994 are becoming too mainstream( too many hondamatics) too upscale and the designs are ugly

By Brent on May 30 @ 9:56 am
'92 Accord
I have been very happy with this car since I purchased it new. Outside of normal maintainence, no problems with it mechanically. Some of the interior pieces haven't held up but overall very happy with the car.

By Jason on September 26 @ 5:33 pm
Excellent Car
I bought my car with 144K, replaced the belts, hoses, brakes, tires, fluids and cv axle. This car has been solid. I now have 260K and it still runs strong. All maintenance is done regularly and it keeps going strong. There is some rust over the wheel wells of the rear tires but driving in Minnesota for 15 years will do that. I would recommend a Honda Accord to anyone.

By Dan on November 2 @ 1:33 pm
Great Car!
I have owned this car for a year and just recently had to preform a major repair on it. Oil got into places it shouldn't have which really lowered performance. Since the repair this car has been excellent! It drives and accelerates like it never did before! It's roomy, fun, and comes with plenty of features. Easy to see out of as most of the car seems to be all windows. Parts of of quality and it is a solid ride. With 147K miles, I can't complain!

By ENGR on July 6 @ 9:10 am
They don't make em like this anymore
Bought mine 4 years ago, with the plan to replace it after I graduated college. I got my degree last year and still driving the car. The car is an example of good design. Everything is easy to use, everything works well and it's a very reliable car. Having said that, I've had to do quite a bit of work on it: new radiator, water pump, oil filter seal, transmission CPU (the last automatic I will own). I kept the spark plugs in for 48k miles. But this is a 16 year old car that will do 85 all day, cross country, and I've done it many times. Still getting 23/28 mpg.

By chekster on October 29 @ 2:33 pm
Good car, some maint after 150k.
Orig owner. 200k+. Adequate power but won't win Indy (later V6 address this). Mileage 22-25 city, 28-30 hwy. Ride is comfy, 4+ hr trips-no aches. Good handling in summer, only okay in snow. Typical rust in rear wheel area. Kept up with routine maint. Reliable, BUT some add'l maint required likely due to age. <100k: ICU (window/elec ctrls), fan temp cable, muffler, drv door handle. >150k: right cv jnt, A/T shift cable, radiator, ac condenser, frt rotors & Ball jnts, muffler, resonator and front pipe, drv's pwr window mtr; Main relay went, only time car has broken down). Hood latch sticks. Still, despite the recent bills, I trust it more then other cars @ 200k; still a daily driver.

By AJB1 on December 31 @ 3:33 am
Best Car Ever
Smooth Even Ride. Great acceleration on highway. Wish the seats weren't quite so low.

By funbook on January 8 @ 9:53 am
To remember my car
To me, this is the best purchase ever. I got my car 4 years ago. No problem at all. Every parts works very well including air condition. Unfortunately, some one hit me from back in the highway. Insurance company won't pay the repairing fee. Instead, they want to write it off from the book. I can't believe it is a 16 years old car. I just finished a trip over 1600 km. I really regret my loss. It is not about money. It is like I just lost a best friend. I can afford a new car. However, I can't find a reason to do that. Probably, it is time to change.

By Bob on July 7 @ 10:36 am
Original Owner of 17 years
The vehicle cannot be compared with other for it has been totally reliable in all aspects. This vehicle sat in storage for 3 years while on overseas service and upon turning the key, it was not disconnected during storage, it started right up and the clock on the dash still had the correct time. I did the normal hose and belt replacement along with the timing belt and 60K later she is still running strong. As other reviewers have revealed the quarter panels are very rust prone but if I were to call Honda they would probably consider meeting me 1/2 way on the repairs. Not only is the car reliable the manufacturer has been nothing but helpful with minor to major issues. Great car period!

By Sandra on January 15 @ 8:53 pm
I love my Honda
I have had my Honda for almost 5 yrs. It was the best investment that I ever made truly. It was my third car to have owned and I was kind of nervous picking it out at a tote the note used car lot. It had 123k when I bought it. it now has 210K. This car is perfect. I do virtually nothing to it, aside from general maintenance, and it still runs and handles very well. 5 yrs from now, when I am ready to retire it and save it as a starter car for my girls, I will be buying another Honda. If Honda had a middle and last name. it would be durability and reliability. When I bought this car, the guy asked what I was looking for, and I told him a car that had four doors and drove. It's all that+ more

By joc1394 on August 16 @ 12:40 pm
Top Notch
This is the first car that I have actually owned. And over the last year, it has continually impressed me. It has never left me stranded (which can't be said about the much newer American car I drove prior to purchasing this one) and never seems to be grumpy. With regular maintenance, this car just keeps going and going and going. I purchased with 92k miles and currently have 106k miles on her. She leaks a little oil but after I buy $40 in parts from Honda and put them on, that problem will be solved. A fine car for the money, just beware the rust.

By rams007 on June 24 @ 3:33 pm
Expensive Repairs
I bought a 1992 Accord EX wagon with 155,000 miles on it. First thing to go was the master cylinder - $200+. Then the the CV joints - $150 each. Then the key lock locked the key in the ignition - $100. After replacing the CV joints it took only 15,000 miles and the left one was out. These were OEM parts mind you. Then there's the timing belt that must be replaced every 90,000 - $600. I like Hondas but I would trade it before the warranty for sure. Buyer beware. I also had a Ford Crown Vic that got 24 mpg on the road and was still going strong at 260,000 miles. Repair costs - cheap.

By Don Watson on December 10 @ 9:23 am
Best & Most Reliable Car Ever
I purchased my 92 Accord Oct 98 with 52.5K miles. I am the 2nd owner. It now has 261K miles. It has been maintained, w/ 3K oil changes, timing belt & water pump at 90K, trans serviced every 25K. Just replaced original muffler at 259.5K miles. Best vehicle I have ever owned and I believe it will run for at least 400K miles as long as I keep it maintained. The car still has great acceleration and will run at 80-85 MPH with no trouble. Cruise is best I have ever seen. Wish I could find another one with low mileage to purchase.

By lilgeorge1110 on February 6 @ 10:43 am
Take care of it
This was my fist car. Previous owner obviously didn't take care of it. Had to replace transmission, and I replaced ecu myself. Other than that, really dependable car. Since I've fixed it, done regular maintenance on it, and has been good to me ever since. The abs machine went bad, yet it still breaks really good. Have over 160000 miles on it, and it still runs smooth. Pretty good gas mileage on it too. Don't know how much exactly, but it lasts. Would recommend someone getting this car.

By Pittsburgh Pa on June 27 @ 2:53 am
First Import Car
I love my 1992 Honda Accord EX . I just purchased it, and had all fluids and tires changed. The ride is soft but firm, and the acceleration is outstanding. I am the second owner and it has been well cared for. I am sure I will have it for another 200 thousand miles as I see these cars never die. I parked next to a brand new car, and mine looked every bit as nice as the new car did. I am proud to have purchased a Honda.

By redone on June 8 @ 6:20 pm
Good Car
This has been a great car, got it in 1997 for my sixteenth birthday. It had around 40000 miles. Now thirteen years later and with 265000 it's still running strong. I've maintained it pretty well. Any car though as time passes has to have things replaced. Have put in a few radiators, window motors, stereo system, one clutch and clutch system, oil sending pump, etc... The clearcoat has peeled off on the roof and in a few other areas. Going to repaint it soon. No rust though in Alabama. I did buy a weekend sports car, an s2000. I commute to work in the accord and look forward to it everyday. Sometimes I think about upgrading to a new one but I grew up in this car and can't bear to see it go.

By HondaLover3 on November 8 @ 10:10 pm
Excellent Car
Loved the Car bought at 100,000 miles and drove it for a couple years with no problems, just reg maint. Oil change tune up etc, sold it when I hit 210,000 miles for a newer sport accord. Car driving like brand new when I sold it.

By Sarahbeth on February 18 @ 7:20 pm
My FIRST car!
I'm eighteen years old and previously had gotten married and we had been attending college and never expected to get the amount back from school as we did. I had been looking for some wheels to get us to point a to point b. When i stumbled across a 1992 Honda Accord for $850! I took the car for a spin and it was at that very moment i fell in love. I've had it and it takes me everywhere. I already know I'm going to stick with my baby Honda for years on end.

By Sunshine on September 4 @ 10:33 am
Original Owner - 1st car & best car ever
My 92 Honda Accord is the most dependable vehicle I know. I still own my first and only vehicle. The engine still runs great! Change the oil every 3K/3 months. Stay up on routine maintenance. Change timing belt/water pump at 90K. Keep an eye on CV boots to avoid CV joint replacement. I have 240K miles on my car. Back in 1997, I drove it back and forth from Maryland to Florida numerous times. I've place high octane gas in my vehicle. My certified Honda mechanic tells me my car runs great, because I took care of it. Rust is an issue in these models, especially on the rear quarter panels. Take care of chipped paint ASAP. Wash & wax car to protect coat. My interior still looks great. No tears.

By Amanda on July 1 @ 11:00 am
A long line of owners
I bought this car from my brother; My brother bought it from my Mom. My mom bought it from a close friend. Because I'm 20, I don't know who originally bought it, but I have fond memories of riding to my first day of my new school (between elementary and middle), Camp Fire meetings and long car trips. I hope to have many more by driving. The car now has 200,000+ miles and is running as strong as can be expected for an 18 year old car.

By Rene on March 12 @ 3:00 am
I'll drive it till the wheels fall off
My step dad purchased this car brand new for 16k. He maintained it well with oil changes every 3k miles and not driving it hard. I wasn't exactly thrilled that this was going to be my first car and didn't expect it to last long as it already had 280k miles when I started driving it. That was 3 years ago. It now has 335k miles on it and I absolutely love this car. I will cry when it no longer runs. It is a manual and I've gotten a little over 500 miles out of one tank before. I think I average about 30-40mpg. I'm now doing research and test driving other cars for that sad day when I actually have to buy one. These are very well made and those who have problems obviously didn't take care of it

By megsiep52 on April 22 @ 1:45 pm
I bought my accord with 219k miles on it a few months ago and it now has 236k miles on it. had to bleed the clutch, but it runs great. Leaks a little oil, but it's 18 years old and the leak is minimal at best. I love driving this car and even though I have a 1999 dodge minivan, I'd rather drive my accord and I trust the honda much more than the newer van. Great purchase! still retains more value than models 10 years newer! Love my car!!!k miles on it just a few months ago. Had to bleed the clutch, but since then, regular ROUTINE maintenence and it runs awesome. I've

By thafh on March 9 @ 10:43 am
Better than my 99 EX-L??
This has got to be the best honda I've owned!! I owned a 99 EX-L in the early 2000s. It was a 5 speed too, but it had more room and leather/wood trim. This one is 7 years older, yet has everything that car has except the leather/wood! I only paid $1500 for this car in September of 2010. I paid $15,000 for my 99 in 2001. Even though it isn't a vtec either, there was only an 8hp difference from the 99. I'm still stumped on which one is better!! lol. My 92 has 258k on it, and the 99 had 191k on it when i sold it in 06... I've owned 5 accords in my life (3 91s, 92, 99) but the 92 and 99 ex's stand out! When I finish school, I plan on an 06-07 V6 sedan 6spd!

By jmm11 on March 10 @ 3:38 pm
240K Miles and Going To Donate Soon
I drive my wife's 1992 Honda Accord and it's been a great car. The things that strike others when the ride in it is how comfortable the ride is for compared to other mid size to small sedans. The current issues I have include: Rotors, Wheel Bearings, Tie Rods..Oil Leaks Rust..Interior rips in seats..Windshield Washer Fluid Dispenser..Pretty costly repairs that aren't worth it anymore..Donation Time! I also hate the timing belt...When considering these cars know that every 90K miles you have to get front of the engine removed to replace the timing belt. I think we've replaced it twice and it's coming up on a third time...$$$ Original Engine, Transmission and A/C Compressor.....Amazing!

By creek2013 on November 8 @ 11:03 am
Excellent Car (EX Sedan Automatic)
I don't think I can say much negative about this car - I'd say it has everything a driver needs plus more. I've been driving it for a little bit more than 3 years now - it is my first car. It's reliable, sporty, comfortable, and I think it looks awesome (no mods)! I happened to come across one that looked like new, and it rocks! Only minor problems so far I'd say - like hoses leaking, otherwise, great car. I think I just hit the 180000 mile mark - I think it has yet to hit it's break-in point...may drive this car for years to come!

By Ashlynne Danbury on January 10 @ 8:57 am
168,000 miles and more to come
I bought my 1992 Honda Accord with 123,000 miles in February of 2012. It now has 168,000 miles and keeps on chugging. Surprisingly comfortable ride, easy visibility in front and back, peppy 4 cylinder motor, and decent gas mileage for its age. With a car of this age, it's difficult to tell if problems are due to design flaws or previous owners. The dash light knob is touchy and you have to turn it just right to get the lights to stay on, a minor inconvenience. One of the rear seatbelts doesn't work, as if it's stuck all the way out. The trunk leaks when it rains. I've had the front driver's side floor board leak very occasionally, when it rains just right. A/C has never worked, although I had the retro fit kit put on it. Heater works good, car handles well in the snow, although even minor puddles cause a belt to squeal for a few seconds. I commute on a two lane, curvy road and the car handles beautifully. It has surprising get up and go for a 4 cylinder and I never worry about being able to pass slow cars. All the power windows work, as do the locks. Dash is in perfect shape. Clock works, all gauges work. No major repairs, did have to replace the main relay under the dash, inexpensive fix that was causing the car to not start again in hot weather shortly after being turned off. With regular maintenance, I expect this car to go another 100,000 miles. All in all, with diligent previous owner(s) who kept up maintenance and repairs, I would highly recommend this car.

By Michael L. Orth on April 21 @ 3:08 am
The Immortal Honda Acccord
I have never owned a Honda before, so when I had a chance to obtain one through a trade I was intrigued. It was a 1992 Honda Accord LX 4-door, with a 4 cyl. engine, 5 speed trans, with 372,000 miles on it. Now with that being said it was not in mint condition. Wisconsin weather, snow and salt, is not kind to any vehicle. It now has 400,000 miles on it. I have owned it for 2 years now and it has NEVER failed me. NEVER. I am still getting between 30-35 mpg. It just wont quit. The interior is still comfortable and is in good condition. No cracks on the dash. I would not hesitate to buy another one if this one ever quits. This is a great car and puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.

By Paul Hubert on October 2 @ 8:11 pm
Wouldn't Let it GO!
The dealer service reps say the 1992 model Accord is "built like a tank". Ours has less than109k miles and uses NO oil! Visibility is great. Road holding is great. The engine's eagerness is also great. We've just spent $12,800 for body work and complete paint thanks to an 'other driver at fault' minor hit on the rear quarter panel while in a stalled traffic lane. Throwing away a car otherwise in perfect condition would have been senseless and it provided an opportunity to fix every little ding and refresh the paint to factory new! We both think it is SUPERIOR to all the new cars on the road, including Honda Accords after 1993. I never get good gas mileage out of a car. I drive 'enthusiastically'. I LOVE driving. Maintained for 24 years at the same dealership. When my wife bought it she said it was her last car! Hoping for 24 years more! "Value" doesn't address this car's value to us, expressed clearly in our willingness to spend nearly 13 thousand to keep it in the family! We continue to maintain this gem. It now has 111000 miles.

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