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1991 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 1991

Honda introduces a leather-trimmed SE model to the lineup to compete in the upscale market.

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By Scottlee10 on May 2 @ 5:30 pm
Engine Problems
I have enjoyed driving my car. I have done the tune ups and regular oil changes. I had to replace the radiator after 120000 miles. That's not too bad. Recently while I was driving my engine would just stop. I would waite a minutue or two, my check engine light would go off, the car would start again. This happened randomly. Finally it died and didn't start. It turns out to be the Ignition control module. That's the only issue I have had. I recommend buying another.

By EstateWagon on April 9 @ 12:36 am
Good car for the mileage
The door interior handle trim tends to break on these cars, speed sensors, paint flaking off of hubcaps (LX, DX models), squeaky front suspension, cassette/radio problems, harsh/noisy shifting automatics. Luckily, rust has not been a problem on my car, as it is a problem spot around the rear wheel wells on the Accords. My car had developed a few rattles and "popping" noises in the dash area and door panels, but again, for a 11 year old car and 169K, not too bad.

By garth on December 7 @ 3:00 am
No car like it on the road
There is no car on the road to match Honda's unsurpassed build quality,almost flawless in performance when properly maintained,they can be unforgiving if you do not.

By JAYS on September 3 @ 11:00 am
awesome car
nodoubt, the best engineering. it runs, performs better than my 99 altima or 98 626

By s2k4me on November 2 @ 11:00 am
Can't beat Honda reliability
This car just keeps on going. I bought it a year ago with 257k kms, or 160k miles, and drove it hard. it now has 170k miles and still drives quite the same. A few problems were the plastic door handles breaking, rust forming around the hind-quarters (I live up north). I can't believe I get better than 30 mpg on the highway on this car. Some rattles and squeaks, but for a 1991, I can't complain. Leaks a bit of oil due to Honda's Achilles heel, the Distributor.

By kimmyg on November 2 @ 11:00 am
Super Car
I bought the LX, 5 speed with 46,000 miles on it, put another 104,000 on it myself, and would still be driving it had it not been totalled in a rear end collision. It did need a new radiator at 100,000, and a new distributer at 145,000 miles. That's it, except for brakes, batteries, and other normal maintenence stuff. This was a well built, great car.

By lovemyhonda on July 2 @ 11:00 am
Hondas forever!
This was my first Honda- I bought it when it was 4 years old with 65,000 miles on it. I have since put another 120,000 miles on it and it runs as well as it did when I bought it. All you need to do with these cars is change the oil and replace the timing belt now and again! I am treating myself to a 1998 Accord, otherwise I would keep this one for another 60,000 miles. You cannot beat a Honda Accord- they look great, run well and are low maintenance vehicles. I am a lifer!

By Roy4 on March 28 @ 11:00 am
Problems few and far between
This car now has well over 230,000 miles on it...and I find it hard to believe that any American car performs as well, is as reliable, or looks better then my 11 year old baby. My parents purchased the car new in 1991, and gave it to me 5 years ago (16th birthday)...and it still performs flawlessly. The powertrain is unstoppable, the ride is refined and controled even at illegal speeds, the interior materials still look brand new (though I did have to replace the drivers interior door handle after it broke...no big woop)...I'm trying to run this thing into the ground so I can justify a new Accord...but the damn thing won't break!!!

By jefooo on November 17 @ 11:00 am
Great Car!!!
My car has over 165K in miles and continues to have as much power as the first day I bought it, plus, it starts on the first crank. Mechanically sound vehicle! My friend has the same car with 318K in miles. It drives the same as mine. I am just compoletely impressed with my car and every other HOnda I have ever owned!

By little nikky on April 22 @ 11:00 am
It has broken down a couple of times.

By MDCalgary on April 22 @ 11:00 am
400,000 kms and counting
Great Car. Very little maintenance required to get me to 400 000 kms. Highly recommended.

By lstpierr on June 4 @ 11:00 am
Perfect Vehicle
Well, what can you say, 11 years later, and just about drives like the day it came off the lot. Peppy for a 4cyl, handles great, just totally reliable. I had to replace a valve 110k in, it now has 130k and still going strong. As you can see by others in this column, it's still a baby. It still has an excellent exterior as well, no rust, paint job still holding up, very stylish, just love the car!!!

By sdgrant on August 3 @ 11:00 am
Always reliable
I bought my Accord SE Sedan in Oct. '98 with 48,500 miles. I've added almost 100K miles since, and it has been extremely reliable and consistent. The leather interior and extra 15 HP and 5 pd.-ft. of torque over the DX, EX, and LX models are nice, too. I think it accelerates better than our 2002 Mustang V6 convertible. No major maintenance other than timing belt. Sometimes doesn't start because of typical problem with fuel pump relay, but that's a known problem, and I just key off/on until it goes.

By Robman on June 28 @ 11:00 am
They don't make them like this anymore.
I've always maintained this car perfectly. That said, this is a car that doesn't complain. Except for airbags, it has everything you need - down to the very nicely placed coin holder to the left of the steering wheel. Not once, regardless of how cold or how hot the weather was, has this car not sprung to life the first time I turned the key. A wonderful vehicle.

By bbesser1 on July 6 @ 11:00 am
1991 Honda Accord LX
I bought this car used because I had heard that they are very reliable. The clutch went out on it at 130,000 miles and cost $950 to fix, I have had the valve cover replaced, and had a leak in the oil pan. It is a very comfortable car and once fixed have no doubt that it will be a very reliable car. It purrs when it is on the highway and I have been getting 28 mpg. Other cars in the paper in MN have been selling with 250K + on them for $2000 which speaks a lot for their durability. The body will fall off long before the engine wears out.

By lenny@serrani.com on January 3 @ 11:00 am
Great car for the money
I got this as a 3rd car to run long trips (150 mi). I was impressed with the shape it was in for a 10 year old car. That says a lot for the honda design. This is my first Honda and would buy one again. I actually find myself taking the honda instead of my NEW cars. I get 26 mpg (i don't drive slow) and put on 25K mi. already with no major problems. (just some break jobs). Just a great car!

By aka The Maestro on March 5 @ 11:00 am
Wear & Tear = $$$$$$
The vehicle was purchased more than two years ago. I bought it with only 76000 miles. When I had it for the first year, nothing was wrong with the car. Then as months passed by I realized that I had to changed the radiator, wheel axle and finally the worst of all the window motor broke. They all add up , a lot of money. That sucked so much.

By ComputerGuy on June 24 @ 11:00 am
EX Coupe
Great Car overall! Slight fuel efficiency and braking issues bc of the rather heavy weight of the car (I think it is the heaviest Accord ever made). Also, no ABS or SRS AirBags bc it was before the new laws in place now. Otherwise great car that always started up with proper maintenance (sp?). Anyone who is looking at getting a used car and if this car is in their budget should buy it bc it will last forever if properly taken care of.

By Noah on July 19 @ 11:00 am
Good for its time
I have owned this car for just over a year and haven't found it to be as "bullet-proof" as my other (86 Accord LXi and 87 Prelude Si) Hondas. It does get good mileage, handles well, and is well-built. It shows its age in the design of cup holders, passive restraint seatbelts, and the size of the cabin. Still in all, it runs well and is reliable.

By Mickey G on January 22 @ 3:00 am
11 Years old and I still love it!
Bought new in 1991, have only done brakes, new radiator and timing belt. With 175,000 I'm thinking my grandchildren will still be driving this car in 20 years. Handling and fuel economy are superb, build quality is world class. Put new Koenig alloys and Yokahama performance radials on her (Julia is her name) last year and people comment on what a great looking car she is (remember she's 12 model years old!) At this point, any new car shopping I'd do would have to start @ my local Honda dealer.

By Mcync on August 26 @ 3:00 am
Twelve years still like new
I bought this car twelve years ago. after 5 years,(off warranty) the paint on top of the roof faded. I complaint to Honda of America and the company representative authorized the dealer to repaint my car completely. This includes stripping down the windshield, and baked after painting ...at no cost. I was surprised and intriqued by the fact they stand behind their customers (the company, not the dealers) Nevertheless, I bought my subsequent cars from Honda. My 91 model had radiator replace @ 8 years, Driver's window adjusted, and nothing else....great car!

By niteeagle on May 10 @ 3:00 am
a great car!
We bought this car from the dealer with 7k miles. We put 200k on it in 4 years. Only problem was xmission broke at 90k miles & Honda paid for it! Since then we keep replacing brake pads & rotors. The car has been stolen, recovered, broken into 2x, & rear-ended a SUV a year ago. Insurance wanted to junk it but paid for the repairs instead. Holds its value. The car door was bent in the accident & now the window jams, so we need to replace the door so the window will work. Something in it leaks but the mech says the engine will run forever. But it looks & runs great with 350k miles. Our 3 kids have learned to drive in it. Just can't part with it.

By hondahappy on April 4 @ 3:00 am
The Energizer Honda
Over 12yrs/239K &and still going strong. Needs painting, but no rust & interior like new except for couple of little things. Utterly dependable; never had to do ANYTHING to the brakes until 134K! Keep oil/timing belt changed, reg. tune-ups & it just keeps going & going. Trouble w/driver's side window & power mirrors this year, but if that's the worst after these many miles, hey! Some parts understandably wear out: radiator & speed sensor @ 10yrs, another type of sensor (don't remember the name) that corrected the hot weather problem that others have referred to, ignition switch, but that's about it.

By guilherme leite on October 21 @ 3:00 am
very good
perfect, the only problem is the the antenna

By ljp416jmp on May 7 @ 3:00 am
Bullet Proof - Honda for Life
An exceptional car. Bought new in 1991. 5-speed, 240K miles - ORIGINAL CLUTCH!!! New alternator recently, did new radiator at 175K. Did have broken interior door handles and hard starting in hot weather (2 known problems)...looking at new 2003 Accord but just can't justify it at this time (will eventually by another Accord)...I love this car too much!!

By Tkolb on September 4 @ 3:00 am
1991 Honda Accord 2 Dr EX Coupe
Nice running, clean car it is a great used car for someone.

By mica on February 25 @ 3:00 am
a great little wagon
this is my second Accord Wagon EX I've owned. The car is amazingly nimble for its size. With the EX power package, it feels extremely confortable to travel in. The trunk size makes it an excellent little wagon to carry lots of stuff in, while car size is still small enough to navigate the city and park it

By redcanaries on April 27 @ 11:00 am
12 years old and still without a rattle
I keep wondering how I can ever replace this car. Nothing can be as reliable as it has been and it still looks stylish at the curb. 152K miles with nothing more than maintenance. Why did they stop making them? The couple of things that broke (tailgate lifters and antennae motor) that should not have were cheerfully replaced by Honda (except for the door handle--seems this is a common defect) and regular oil changes and following the maintenance schedule have kept us on the road through all kinds of weather. First brake job at 148K miles. The two little rust spots are a pain but after 12 years of snow and salt, well, I am only surprised that there aren't more.

By Lilian on June 8 @ 11:00 am
Excellent car: reliable, very pretty and the best quality for the money that you can get.

By shoonman on April 24 @ 11:00 am
200K and still kicking
This car has been great ever since I got it at 75K miles. It drives the same as the day I bought it. New radiator and AC with regular oil changes have kept this car in great shape. The paint seal is going on the hood and yes the antenna needs regular lubrication to keep it retracting (silicone works well). What do you expect from a 12 year old? Go Honda!

By yoonhan on January 26 @ 11:00 am

By browillard on April 14 @ 11:00 am
Fantastic car
I bought this car used with 145,000 miles in 2000. I have since put 45,000 more miles on it and is still performs like a dream. No major repairs needed. Replaced timing belt at 145,000. Routine maintainence is all that is needed. This car is extremely reliable, what can you say it's a Honda!

By Bonanzagirl on August 13 @ 11:00 am
Best car I've ever owned!
I bought this one-owner car used with 75000 miles on it from the dealership; it looked like new. Now has over 263,000 miles and still going strong! Has one small rust spot in front of both rear wheels, but that's it. The only maintenance it's required (other than oil changes and tires) is new alternator (last year), new distributor cap assembly and timing belts. The A/C finally gave out this summer and will need some work. This car has been SO reliable - it has started EVERY DAY since I've owned it! And it's great in snow. I will drive it until it literally falls apart, so I'll have it for a quite a while longer!

By schooner on July 8 @ 11:00 am
Best used car I have ever owned.
I have owned many used cars in the past, and this one puts to rest the feeling that I will need to buy another anytime soon. I got a whole lot more than I paid for. At 115,000 miles, I cannot believe the smoothness of the ride and how immacualet the interior is. I think I will be able to get another EASY 100,000 miles out of it. Great car.

By SilvaCelicaGTS on November 24 @ 11:00 am
True Machine
This car is very impressive. I mean as far as reliability. It has 182K miles and runs as good as some brand new cars i have driven. Change the Oil every 3K and watch the transmission fluid and this car will last you forever!!

By tr0s on March 7 @ 11:00 am
she's still kickin'!!
I bought this car with 134k on it for just under 5 grand when i was in high school. I figured, it's a honda so it'll last. I had no idea. after regular maintenance (timing belt/waterpump, brakes, oil, etc) this car has been very dependable. i've replaced the radiator, tranny, and torque converter. On the coldest days it fires right up and takes off, no warm up time or anything. I strongly recommend honda to anyone!

By long runner on January 13 @ 11:00 am
Marathon Man
This car just goes and goes... 13 yrs old 180M+ miles Other than oil & filter changes, Repairs limited to tires, timing belt (2), Brakes (72M miles), muffler (1) Fuel mileage: 27 city 34 highway Spark plugs replaced once. Paint in excellent shape. No rust!!!

By rock12 on November 28 @ 11:00 am
Where is the Honda reliability?
I bought this car in 1-03 for a commuter car. It had 102k when it was purchased. The very next week the radiator was replaced. The following month it started idling poorly, and a gouged cylinder was diagnosed. The engine now needs replaced. The A/C now doesn't work, and the transmission is starting to have problems of its own. There is a water leak in the trunk somewhere, who knows where. I have had 3 used Oldsmobiles in the past all with less problems combined than this one vehicle. Either my bad luck is overwhelming, or Hondas are not all they're cracked up to be.

By lushan on January 27 @ 11:00 am
Super Car
Awesome Car..cant beat the relailbility and the drive...engine rocks...very responsive...feel the road!

By MichelleT on April 5 @ 11:00 am
Why does the paint peel off?
I don't understand why Honda does not recall cars from this year - every one I see on the road has the paint half peeled off. It has become a running joke in my family also because each time we get in the car to go somewhere, another piece of the fabric decorating the various parts of the car falls off. What is that flapping sound? Oh, it's just half of my door that is hanging out. Also the trunk leaks horribly. P.U.

By almostaccordfan on April 17 @ 3:00 am
Great car if it does not kill you
My wife and I purchased this car in February 91. We have taken moderately good care of it and it still looks and drives great. But it has dangerously stranded us twice. At 80,000 miles the distributor went out stranding my wife at night on a rural Texas road. There had been a recall on the offending distributor but Honda never told us. At 110,000 miles something else electrical went out on a broiling hot day, on a treeless rural road stranding us with our newborn. A couple of state troopers drove slowly by in their air conditioned car, looked us over and drove off. I hated them worse than Honda at that moment.

By byrofree on September 2 @ 3:00 am
sporty wagon reliable
Great car for price, mine has over 180000 miles and the engine and transmission are strong. Installed cold air filter helped increase top end power. Regular maintenance-and worn parts, but car overall is strong and reliable. ALWAYS replace main relay switch as these go bad in hot humid weather.

By Joshua Herod on September 2 @ 3:00 am
My Honda Accord is the most reliable, indestructible vehicle I've ever owned. I've been through 3 moderately serious accidents, and yet it continues to run like the day I first got it. With over 261K miles on the original engine, it's hard to deny the fact that Hondas are one of the most reliable vehicles out there. Even with the high miles, the engine still has really good power for a four- cylinder. I have an automatic, and it's geared exceptionally well.

By doughenning on August 15 @ 3:00 am
The End of my Accord
This weekend, I put my 91 Accord to sleep. I will be selling or donating after 169K miles. Too many things had to be fixed to keep driving. Axels, tires, Timing Belt, Brakes, Steering fluid, Rear lights, speed sensor etc. All told around 3K. Loved my car but time to go. Bought another used car.

By deathbytech on November 1 @ 3:00 am
excellent overall car
I've had this car alittle under 2 months and I love it. I bought it used at 152000 but the previous owners kept it in very good shape. It's extremely driver friendly and very stylish. The stock stereo that came with it was lacking but technology has advanced much with this feature. I got a nicer deck for it and the stock speakers aren't bad. I plan on getting aftermarket speakers as well. Overall, this is an excellent car with lots of space for hauling equipment (I'm a drummer) and unbelievable gas mileage.

By Honda Rules on February 20 @ 3:00 am
Accords Are The Best
i own a 1991 honda accord. i feel that these accords are by far the most reliable cars on the face of the planet. down to the car...these accords arent the smoothest shifting cars in the world with the automatic tranny...but the engines are second to none. honda has always had what it takes do dominate the 4-cyl scene. the only complaint i have about my accord is the fact that my door handle trim breaks to easy as i have been through 6. anyone who wants to have a inexpensive reliable safe (****driver/*****Passenger) car the accord is the one to get.

By geys on November 16 @ 3:00 am
good mileage
i actually like this car we bought for our daughter in college more than our 2002 honda accord se..wish i had looked for an older one before i purchased new.

By Honda_fond on November 16 @ 3:00 am
I bought this used (110K) vehicle for my college bound son several years ago. He recently returned it to me with 170K miles as he succumbed to a new vehicle attraction. I replaced the alternator and a rear strut that was rattling and I am driving it daily about 100 miles. I'm averaging 32 MPH and it is as tight and peppy as one half its age. First auto I've owned in 62 years that I've felt safe in driving these distances with the miles that are on it. It will be my work ride until I retire, I hope. Just don't overlook the timing belt!!!

By Kristen01 on April 3 @ 3:00 am
My Honda
it was my first car. It hasn't died in any way. Now i'm forced to sell it because i didn't think it would last this long and I want a bigger car to pull horses. It's awesome. Everyone loves it. It's fast, cute, and really reliable.

By BO REGARD on September 24 @ 3:00 am
My 1991 Honda Accord was purchased off the showroom floor at the dealership. The car has performed beyond my expectations, at 155ooo miles I have never had a breakdown of any kind. The car is still in mint condition, it has been garaged throughout its' years and has been serviced regularly since it was purchased. The Seattle Silver paint looks like the day I bought the car over 13 years ago, additionally the burgundy interior is as nice as a new car. It's still recognized on the street by a regular joe simply for the obvious TLC its owner has provided. Honda made a fine automobile in 1991 with its' Accord line. Bravo !

By TheFlash on January 5 @ 3:00 am
The best car ever
Great looking and fun to drive

By drivingintotheground on March 7 @ 3:00 am
into the ground
I just logged 200,000 miles. If the body doesn't fall apart, it will go another 200,000. Rust is starting to get it. But this car always works. Change the timing belt and water pump and your good to go. I hope to retire with it in about 20 years

By Usopachat2002 on June 18 @ 11:00 am
No wonder I always see 90-93 Accords in the street. My, car was very reliable, fun to drive & it drives like a brand new car. It is the best car ever came from Japan.

By HondaHappy on October 17 @ 11:00 am
Great Longevity
I have owned my Accord for eight years, and still enjoy driving it, with over 300,000 Kms. Esentially, the reliability and quality of the Honda Engine is second to none. As long as regular oil changes are made, the engine is unbreakable. However, I have had my share of repairs made over the years - replaced a rad, extensive exhaust work, gas line repairs, CV boots, etc. The many harsh Canadian winters that the car has gone through have taken a toll, as the body is starting to rust, and the gas tank and gas lines could stand to be overhauled, but it is not worth it at this point (for a 13 year old car).

By N. Solis on June 26 @ 11:00 am
Honda Accord - 10 years use.
My Accord now has 180000 miles on it. I like it very much and intend to replace it with another Accord or a Camry.

By asdasdf on March 22 @ 11:00 am
Awesome Car
Runs, handles and performs super. Excellent build quality

By steven A. on September 8 @ 11:00 am
Wagon Ho!
With well over 200K on the odometer, this baby runs like a dream needing only routine maintenance. Only broke down once in 12 years. Still feels tight and solid with only one little rattle in the dome light. Seems as if it will last forever if you take reasonable care of it. I am sold on Honda!

By moitz on October 4 @ 11:00 am
Incredible (for a 13 year old car)
Pros: Roomy, comfortable, RELIABLE, still looks nice after 13 years. Interior still perfect. Handles like a dream. Quiet ride on Yokohama Avid H4. Good low and high end power. Cons: Rust. Automatic transmission tends to gear hunt a bit. Expensive routine maintenance (Honda plugs, Honda fluids, Honda filters, Honda pads, Honda rotors). Rust Timing belt every 60-90,000 miles. Rust. Windows tend to rattle and the track bolts need to be thread-locked into place. And did I mention rust? Verdict: SPECTACULAR budget commuter car.

By GGGman on April 17 @ 11:00 am
Best car for the money
Great car

By Marks on May 13 @ 11:00 am
Just Keeps Going
We bought this car new. After 13 years and 120,000 miles, it still looks so good inside and out, and it still works so well, that we continue to postpone any thoughts of trading it in. We have replaced the timing belt and exhaust system twice. Those are the only major maintenance items so far. Other minor repairs have included the driver's door latch (twice), and the rear speakers (cones rotted out from age). Otherwise it just keep going and going. This has to be one of the best models Honda has produced.

By brandune on November 3 @ 11:00 am
tune it
this is a great car. it loves to be pushed. its only a 4 cyl. but it is also very light. the trany is well built. i had to replace the original clutch at 110000mi. which is absolutly awsome. this is a great first car and is easily tunable. i got the car to 150 bhp with just barely over 300$ in engine upgrades.

By NCSUfan17 on August 12 @ 8:30 pm
Amazingly competent and RELIABLE ride. I purchased this car with 155,000 miles on the clock. It's now sitting on 185K, no major repairs whatsoever, still in excellent shape except for needing a motor mount (not so bad at 185K miles) and faded paint (13 years of non-garaged life take their toll). This car has been great to us, amazingly reliable, engine still pulls strong and transmission shifts smoothly. Decently fun to drive, comfortable, nice steering and handling, handsome if somewhat boring exterior. Great car, no regrets whatsoever. See you at 250,000!

By Merlin27316 on March 3 @ 12:50 am
Hail Honda!
I've been driving this car for 13 years. I've replaced the timing belt twice as a preventitive measure and kept the oil changed anywhere from 3500-4000 mile intervals. I switched to Synthetic at 200,000 miles and still only lose 1/2 quart between oil changes and that appears to be through gaskets. Original clutch, alternator, A/C, starter, you name it. This car has never "broke down". My daughter rode in this car at 3 years of age and now she's driving it. I should have gone with the automatic trans but couldn't afford it at the time.

By TexasRooster on March 20 @ 10:16 pm
What's not to love?
I've owned my '91 Accord EX for close to 10 years (I'm the 2nd owner), and have logged close to 200k of its 243k miles. This is the epitome of reliable, inexpensive transportation, with a good touch of class thrown in. Everything runs as smoothly as it did the day I bought it. No problems with body integrity or rust (although I do live in the snow-free South), and the sunroof has never had a leak. I have had a problem with the trunk leaking from time to time, however. Excellent brakes and handling, though the automatic transmission hasn't always been the smoothest-shifting. Fuel economy is good--I get about 26 mpg on the highway, around 22 in the city. A lot to love about this car!

By Graham on April 3 @ 10:10 pm
Best Car I Have Owned
255,000 miles, and only now has it started to burn oil. I may install a rebuilt engine in order to keep using it.

By Ryan on December 27 @ 8:40 pm
1991 Accord Review
Despite the 246,000 miles on the odometer, this car remains a reliable daily driver.

By bubrubandlilsis on May 19 @ 8:40 pm
Theres cars and then theres Hondas
I bought this car a little over two years ago. So far to me it would have been superb in reliability but i failed to change the timing belt when the car reached 85,000 miles and put a 1500$ dent in my pocket. Just remember if you own one of them to change the timing belt when needed! Other then that instance the car has been great and I love it. After a few add ons like Prelude Rims, a spoiler, and a brand new paint job, this car is mechanically in great shape and looks immmaculate and sleek. The car is just about to surpass 100K miles,I only put on 20K, and its to bad im going to have to sell it soon.

By Doug on February 12 @ 11:40 pm
Excellent Car
This is a great car. The interior design was excellent for this year. It makes it seem like it is actually a lot younger. It has a peppy engine, which is great. The reliability has been great. I would highly suggest buying it.

By Jane W. on June 3 @ 2:13 pm
Honda Wagons Rule !!
I purchased my EX wagon new and have kept it serviced when scheduled. It is a great car and I can't understand why Honda doesn't bring back the wagon. The five speed transmission is fun to drive although the 4 cylinder engine doesn't have alot of "get up and go". But, it sure beats the mileage of the trucks and SUV's that fly past me at a take-off with their gas gauges nearing empty. I've driven my Honda from Ontario, Ca. to San Francisco with gas to spare. The car has given me nearly 280,000 miles and I'm sure will get to 350,000 before a new engine is needed. I replaced the factory clutch at 212,000 miles. What more could one ask for in a car ?

By Neuman on June 9 @ 7:20 pm
Best Car Out There!
Wow, this car is unbelievable! I have never had a problem with it since the day I bought it to present day. It is extremely reliable, starts up every time hot or cold. It runs very smoothly no sputtering, this car runs the same as it did when I drove it off the lot..I bot it with 184K miles on it, and it now has 245K miles on it and still runs like new, IT WONT DIE..after all its a Honda...Retail value still at $3400 not bad for a 14 year old car! Oh and its very economical, between 450- 460 miles to the tank!

By rsugg on February 27 @ 9:43 am
Solid Car
Bought the car from a private owner almost a year ago. Replaced radiator, axle seal, oil seal and A/C spending a lot more than what I wanted to on a nearly 15 year old car. But I could have spent the purchase price plus the price of repairs on a newer car and still not have as good a used vehicle as this one. Very solid car in and out for its age.

By AdamHonda91 on June 9 @ 5:20 pm
Very Reliable Vehicle!
I bought this car with 111k miles it now has 245k + and still running strong with no repairs except for a timing belt and plugs at 220k miles. This car gets a steady 32mpg and is great to drive!

By Marks on June 25 @ 3:10 am
Still going strong
This 4-door DX we bought new has gone almost 130,000 miles, and has been in daily use for 14 years. This year we broke down and replaced the motor mounts to eliminate some engine vibration. The only other significant expenses have been two timing belts and two mufflers. This car continues to amaze us with its durable good looks, inside and out, and its reliable performance. It has become almost a member of the family! Guess we'll keep on postponing any thoughts of replacing it. Wish all cars were this good.

By Alan on January 25 @ 7:10 pm
Reliability is what it's all about
Reliability in a car is most important to me. Presently the car has 293k and still retains a good bit of the original parts. Other than the usual tires, brakes, exhaust replacements and timing belt every 90k I've had few problems. Yes, the ignitor failed at 115k but the dealer covered it under recall in '96. Try to get Ford or Chevy to do that! The distributor bearing went at 157k, the alternator lasted 240k and I finally had to do the axles. A few problems have cropped up recently but geez, most other cars wouldn't have even made it this far! So what if I use a quart of oil every 750 miles.Oil is cheap! 12 years,20 below or 100 above, it has started 8758 out of 8760 tries. That's reliable!

By Runnerr on May 2 @ 5:33 pm
Great Car
I bought this car about 6 months ago for $1700. One of the best cars I have ever owned. I test drove the 2005 Civic but the 91 overall was a better car. And only about 10% of the price. Changed plugs, wires, oil filler cap, valve gasket cover. Just bought new struts and adjustible coilover springs. Replacing windshield. And repainting the entire car in June due to the rust on the passenger side like all 90 -93s. Runs very strong, will drive anywhere!!

By hon-da-man on August 9 @ 2:56 pm
No major problems with this one, bought it new from the dealer and had to sell it with 196k on it for $4000. Bought an Acura to replace it, shoulda kept both. decent gas mileage at 28 mpg. Make sure you get high rated tires, this car can handle the turns.

By adair on December 4 @ 10:00 am
adair's Honda accord
I loved my Honda Accord. It let me down on only 2 occasions. Dead battery and radiator leak, requiring a replacemnt radiator. It has been zippy, easy to handle, fun to drive and I felt safe in it. It was stolen 6 months after I purchased it and required over $5000 in repairs. The only thing that really bothered me about it was the need to use the air conditioning in winter to keep the interior glass/windshield clear. Consequently, when it came time to refurbish the air, I needed to get it converted to the new air conditioning filler. This was expensive, but ended up being worth it. I would recommend a Honda to anyone who is considering purchasing a new or used car

By Crazy about Imports on December 31 @ 10:36 pm
1991 Black Beauty-5speed
This car has 207,000! The hatch is so great for hauling anything and the styling still looks great. Much more economical on gas than a van or SUV and more fun to drive. My husband had reservations about a wagon but he now loves the versatility and how much we can pack in it. The fact that the rear bottom seat cushions pull up for extra storage & cleaning is way cool. The seats are still firm after 16 years. We have had the usual replacing of old and worn parts but it has been an exceptional car. It is unfortunate that Honda does not make them anymore in a car market full of wagons & crossovers. It will be sold soon to make way for way for a Toyota Prius that we have on order.

By PickHonda on November 29 @ 11:13 am
I'm back Honda
3 yrs ago I sold my Integra and have missed it everyday. I bought a Mazda/Ford 626 and regret it. Since its sat broken for the last yr, I needed something to get me to work and school. I found my Accord for sell for a scamp $900. It had a dented fender and a $100 paint job. It's got over 220k, but that didn't discourage me. It runs like a Honda (like a Swiss watch). Balanced and beautiful. It's not the most powerful, but with the 5spd, it makes it fun. I love the sound of a high revving Honda. I don't like having the same car as everyone else, but there is a reason for that. You don't mess with perfection. I'm not saying Hondas are without fault, but compared to everything else, it almost is.

By Wonderful Car on April 16 @ 4:36 pm
Great Little Car
Bought this car used a second hand vehicle and wow, what a smart move. Only had to perform routine maintenance (oil and filter change, water pump,timing belt, tires, alignment). This car handles and looks like a sports car with phenomenal gas mileage (380 miles to the tank) and is UNBREAKABLE. Now has 194k miles and still going strong. Honda should have kept this body style around a lot longer than it did. It is a great car.

By NewbHonda on October 17 @ 10:16 pm
What a Sweet Ride!
I just got the car today (12/16/2006, has 152K on it. I have seen the reviews with the timing belt, i will follow them well, not had any problems with it so far. Just started driving a Stick about two months ago. :) Car is fun to drive, easy too kill it sometimes, but over all i give it a ++10!

By 91 accord wagon on October 15 @ 6:50 am
reliable old car
This is one of the best Honda's I've owned. The car has been family owned since new and I bought it in 1999 with 97,000 miles. I have done all the scheduled maintenance and I have never had any reliability problems. Now the car is 16 years old with 160,000 miles and it still runs and looks perfect. I have driven in commute traffic and still get around 25-30 mpg. I wish the car had the manual transmission, but the automatic is easier in traffic. The car is well balanced when driven in the snow, and can hold a lot of cargo especially with the back seat folded flat. I have had several offers to sell, but I plan on keeping this car until 200K or more.

By Gilmore on November 6 @ 1:10 pm
I'll miss this car!
I bought this car back in '03 from the 2nd owner, the 1st was a honda salesman at the local dealer. My owner's manual has his name in it! He's sold my wife's family many cars over the years. Including the '04 Accord she drives now! I love this car more than any car I've owned but the fam's growing so I'll be upgrading to a newer 4 dr Accord soon. I just felt like telling everyone what a great car this has been for me. It's been very reliable and aside from the rear quarter panel rust, which is par for this model, this '91 still looks great. I wish it had 4 doors! 16 yrs old, and I'll still get about $1000 for it. Whoever buys it could probably put another 50k on it too! Hondas Rule!

By Pete on August 23 @ 5:20 pm
Sad to see this beauty go
Had to finally trade this beauty in on a new Honda Civic EX for our daughter. Bought right after Desert Storm, and have driven this great car on German Autobahns at 125 mph, to and from Army posts around the US for the last 16 + years. Paint went due to a factory problem within a year, then had a hail storm in Kansas, then another hail storm in Germany. Rust at rear right wheel well, antenna does not retract all the way, and drivers door window out of track. Regular maintenance, but time to move on... In our driveway is a 97 Accord LX Wagon, in out garage is a 2006 Subaru Outback XT, and now our daughter will have a 2007 Civic. Honda has to make a wagon or crossover based on the Accord!!

By tnfhonda on November 15 @ 2:50 am
My Honda
I have owned my '91 Accord for two years now, and it is pushing 200,000 miles. It's a pretty good car. I'm learning how to maintain it and I'm adding new things to it all the time. On long highway trips I can hold this car steady at 90mph easily. I can even hang with BMWs! It's a great car.

By Dave on February 19 @ 10:03 am
Very reliable car
Bought with 70K miles; now has nearly 260K miles,and still has original engine and 5-speed manual clutch. Even at this age, doesn't burn any detectable oil between oil/filter changes every 3K. 33 mpg reliably on hwy. Can drive for 14 hours, and get out of the car feeling fairly fresh, good lighting for night driving, very reliable, paint has held up very well, solid brakes. Accelerate to at least 5K RPM before downshifting and you drop to 3K RPM, still inside the power curve where things happen quickly even for a 4cyl. Greatly appreciate the reliability, low maintenance, comfort, power aspects of this car.

By Esoterica on January 24 @ 2:56 am
Honda's Worst Disappointment
I can not express how much trouble this car was for me. Having been a dedicated Honda owner of all types I never imagined them creating a lemon. Granted I had bought it used but that was never a problem before. From overheating to a faulty ignition and distributor problems it was the least dependable car I've ever owned.(I thought Chrysler products were bad about leaving you stranded on the side of the road. There is an obvious reason Honda only manufactured this style for 3 years. I almost paid extra money for the Acura version. Probably should have. I ended up selling it at a major loss just to get it out of my driveway.

By stgermain03 on October 10 @ 3:50 am
My Honda was awesome!
My Honda Accord was the best car I ever owned! I drive an average of over 100 miles a day and only had to fill the beauty up once every 2 weeks! This car would leave other cars in the dust. At 90mph the tach was barely hitting 3k! I finally sold it to a gal with her permit when the odomiter hit 230k. I really really miss it, but know that it is a great car for a kid to learn how to drive in. Very reliable, safe in the snow, and just overall fun to drive.

By mrsdesertkitty on January 30 @ 2:03 am
Best car ever!
I love this car. I bought it on the back lot of a dealership as is. Only changed a few normal parts. Battery, thermostat, ignition switch, and main relay. Still drives like its brand new at 144,000 miles. The antenna does not work and cup holders in a bad place. People laugh but I will own this car for my entire life. Thank you Mr. Honda!

By Walter on February 15 @ 2:53 pm
My Honda Wagon
This is an outstanding vehicle, I have 199,657 miles on this vehicle. It always accelerated well taking off and when I needed to pick up speed. I drive it to work 5 days some times 6 days a week. Never had any major mechanical work done. I plan to drive it for another 100,000 miles or have it overhaul if it is ever needed.

By darren on September 26 @ 6:13 pm
Goodbye trusty friend
I loved this car. Purchased used w/140k on it 6 years ago. Sold it this week, with 225k. The interior STILL LOOKS NEW. The ride was like a cruise-missle-on-rails. Handling would put most sports cars to shame. Would go fast if you pushed it. Had to get used to the auto trannys whiplash shifting. Very versatile/useful for small family. Comfy on long hauls. Experienced 400-600$ in repairs annually, INCLUDING TIRES but that can be expected if you drive old cars. Did have to replace motor at 215k- suspected that damage due to faulty oil maintenance before I owned it finally caught up with it.Old engine consumed 2+qts between changes. Now needs less than 1qt. The car has gone on to its 4th happy owner.

By kamran on November 26 @ 5:53 am
Amazing Honda
I bought Honda EXR 5 years back.It already had over 200,000 KM on it.I drove it a lot and now it has over 400,000 km.Never had any major mechanical problem, except regular maintenance.I love to drive it. Still having good gas mileage. Only problem it has "RUST." Due to rust, I guess I have to replace it.

By bigsquat on January 25 @ 5:53 am
Best car ever!
We bought this car new in '91 and just yesterday bought a new car to replace it. This is by far the best car we've ever owned and has been a reliability champ. Rust through in the rear fenders due to climate and winter driving are the only issues we've had over 17 years owning it. Honda is best car manufacturer in terms of reliability and quality, hands down. We just bought a new Pilot yesterday and I would be shocked if we don't get the same quality and reliability out of it as this Accord. We're donating it to charity since it still runs perfectly and still has years to go. Unfortunately, trade-in value is negligible at this point, so better to give it to a needy soul than a dealer!

By Matt on July 19 @ 3:16 am
I have had the car only a year but it has been very good. It was given to me just about dead with a trans leak, broken windshield and ripped cv boot. After repaired it has been a great car, still going strong at 393,000 km!

By alex h on June 12 @ 11:33 pm
Great car for Young person
Great car gets you to point a to point b and more. This car has never gave me any problems. It runs like hell. It has been through more crap and snows and things than a little and still runs. Even after a bad accident it cranked up and drove off the scene and still runs till this date! Best car I have ever had and I think that I may ever have for a long time.

By Rosa on April 19 @ 6:50 pm
Just say no
I owned the 1991 Honda Accord dx. It was the worst car I have ever had. It had electrical problems up the Yang. And left me ( mother of 2 ) stranded all the time.

By Dave on September 14 @ 5:40 am
91 Honda Accord EX 2Dr
I bought this car as a daily driver for $2000 in 2005. At first I thought I over paid for this car. I changed my mind. At 160,000 miles it still uses less than 1 Qt oil per oil change. It has some minor rust behind the rear wheels. It is fun to drive, gets 35 MPG. and can pass people if need be.

By Tabitha on December 23 @ 1:20 pm
wagon power, custom LOVE IT
Love my car, totally custom, but a daily driver. I bought it almost 10 years ago w/ 63k on it, only major thing was the distributor replaced. I'd say this car costs me $200 annually w/ inspection and oil changes, maybe not even. It now has 168k on it and I know it will start, never left me down. Main relay goes often enough to keep a spare one in my glove box, but $2 at a junk yard who cares! LOVE IT, but wish the a/c would work, I guess this is a faulty design, but hey I can live with it.

By 1991 Honda Accord EX on July 29 @ 10:36 pm
Bullet proof Drivetrain
I bought this car a 1 1/2 years ago from my brother with 132,000mi and its been in the family for 9 years. My brother was not very gentle to the car a matter of fact he thought it was a race car. So when I reached 142,000mi we replaced the timing belt for the first time and it was still good "Amazing" we also replaced the clutch and it was bad for the burn outs my brother did. I gave it a full tune-up and I am confident I can get easily another 150,000mi with regular maintenance. They don't make them like this anymore, if they did they would not sell cars.

By Foghorn on November 14 @ 12:33 pm
I'd buy it all over again
Wow! 18+ years, 150K miles and going strong. I have not babied it but I have done all scheduled maintenance. No issues at all before 120K. Since then, distributor, clutch, radiator, AC, axles, and sway bar links. They all came at once. Ouch! It was a shock but now it runs like new again and I am glad I did the repairs and kept the car. The engine is as good as ever and no leaks. Old oil looks clean at 5K mile changes. What prompted me write to this now is that I went new car shopping and I was amazed at how well this compares to the new cars. Drives just about as good as anything new I test drove. I seriously doubt that can be said of many 18 year old cars.

By Lisa on August 18 @ 4:53 pm
Great Reliable Car!
I purchased this car brand new in 1991 and I love this car! It has been the most reliable car ever. I have kept up oil changes, replaced timing belt, replaced air conditioner, replaced cv joint and just recently replaced the alternator. I had it repainted and windshield tinted and replaced the hubcaps with new Honda ones. Still a beauty and the shape timeless. This car has 220,000 miles on it and I hope to see another 100,000 miles!

By D Himes on November 20 @ 7:00 am
Simply Reliable
Purchased brand new in 1991 and to date still driving with 291,000 miles. Simply a dependable and quality car all the way around. Handles the road very well and still has great power. Hondas are simply great cars.

By harvey on March 5 @ 4:40 pm
Go with the best: Honda
I bought this car in high school, my senior year and sold my truck because I was going to college. It had 120,000 on it when I bought it. Now, 5 years later it has 356,000 miles! Although the A/C has broke and it burns a little oil, those have been my only big problems. I still own this car and drive it daily 60 miles to and from work. It has served me well.

By Les R Howell on October 28 @ 2:06 pm
1991 Honda Accord SE
I bought this car new 1991. My wife and I have put 271050 miles on it. When I bought a new Toyota, Avalon, 2001- I didn't sell this car and let it sit for over two years in my drive. Put the key in two years later and... Voom! Wonderful car. Excellent gas mileage. Very quick and it just sings when you start it. Honda mechanics love to work on it (three new timing belts, new tires, new brakes), no engine problems- none, nota, zilch. Still just as quick as ever. Does not have air bags and my wife refuses to let my daughter drive it without them. Must sell. Every car should want to be like this one. It is possible to love a machine... though I never thought so.

By Denny on March 23 @ 12:33 am
Winner of a car
Bought it new in 1991, Buy tires when they wear out, changed oil and filter approximately every 3K. Routine maintenance done as it need some, big failure was trans computer but found a rebuilt and changed it myself for $175.00.I think it will soon go to my grand daughter.

By Dillon on May 5 @ 12:26 am
Very Nice Car
I bought this car about a week after the transmission in my 93 Mustang went out and I haven't had too many problems out of it. It gets great mileage (about 38-40 highway and 30-32 city), it's reliable, cheap and easy to maintain and fix, and you can always find parts if you need them. After several months of driving it and putting miles on it (I bought it with 170,000 and now have 184,000) I've had to do some work on it. I replaced the entire exhaust system, new head gasket, water pump, fuel filter and pump, and tires of course. I need to get a tune up and some new CV joints, but after that, it'll be a great car for school next year!

By Dillon on April 22 @ 10:53 am
Get one with low miles!
Got this car after I wrecked my 93 Mustang for $1800 with about 165k miles on it. It's a good car, not much more could be asked for with the price I paid. The AC went from freezing me out to not working in a few weeks, the variable speed sensor is going out (a common problem with this model), the trunk is leaking, needs new CV joints, a tune up, and I have had head gasket work done, a new battery and alternator, and a new timing belt. It's a great car still, but it's a money pit. Once something goes wrong, everything starts to follow. The gas mileage is the saving grace; I get about 40 highway and around 32-34 in town.

By 91 accord on November 1 @ 2:20 am
First car. Best car.
So my 1991 Honda Accord Lx sedan is by far the best car i have driven.Bought it from some family friends with 42k on it. Its a 5 speed (which is very nice) and has power everything, which for a 91 is bulletproof. It's a great car through and through, I drive it probably harder than a should but besides the fact its pretty heavy and FWD its a blast to drive.The 2.2 liter gets up and goes even with passengers. I find this car very comfortable and I'm 6'3" and weigh 200 lbs. All the systems work great, the AC, the power steering, the cruise control. I think ill eventually move on to an s2000 but this car is absolutely the best car for the money. Driving it hard has not given me any issues. Love it.

By Dave on August 13 @ 5:56 pm
'91 Accord DX
This car survived the summers of Nevada and the winters of Massachusetts. It was a solid no-frills workhorse that got me where I needed to go for over 19 years. For the last few years, it needed a major repair per year, but only this last year did it cost me over $500. The engine has held up very well, and the fuel efficiency has been great.

By Ashley on January 16 @ 5:40 pm
300.000 miles and counting
I ordered this car from the factory and have driven the wheels off it for 19 years. It just turned 300,000 miles this week and the engine runs very strong still. My mechanic says the engine will go 500,000. I've replaced many things over the years, cv joints, ball joints, etc. but still on original trans, engine, struts, etc. This car is a total work horse and has been worth every penny and then some. I've been looking at newer cars and with all the Honda transmission problems of late, I just keep driving my old faithful standby. Its the car at my house that ALWAYS starts.

By william621 on July 13 @ 2:17 pm
Practically Bulletproof!!!
I love this car! I bought this car new late '90 and it's been a daily driver for over 20 years. I put 225,000 miles on it, changed the oil every 5,000 miles and other routine maintainence. I had a few oddball things I had to replace from time to time but nothing horrible. It still has the original clutch! I actually had to buy a muffler a few years back, and I was so use to nothing ever giving out on the car that I kind of resented it! This car never left me on the side of the road and it started every time I turned the key! The seats have no tears, dash is without cracks, electric windows and sunroof still work. Just traded it for a certified pre-owned '07 Accord with 31,000 miles. Rock on!

By aggro on August 4 @ 9:02 pm
Old Reliable
My Accord has over 220,000 miles on it, and is still going strong! This car has been handed down and taking several beatings, but she's a sturdy ride. Decent on gas, and the most reliable car ever. Go, Honda!

By c11h15no2 on March 5 @ 7:09 am
Well.... I bought my 1991 Accord in Feb 2010 with 138000 miles for $1600. I have no idea how many owners its had. I am thinking about buying a new car but I worry that the new car I buy won't be as reliable as my accord. I don't drive much and have only put 13,000 miles on it, but I gotta say the thing runs like a champ. I had both front axles changed, that's it so far. My next repair is an A/C leak. No leaks other then a/c, starts everytime in -20 to +105. Best car ever. The clear coat has flaked away and some rust around wheel wells. Go Honda

By 91hondaaccord on November 16 @ 12:21 pm
In the Family since 1991
My grandparents purchased this beast in 1991 fresh off the lot on New Year's Eve. After they decided it was time to upgrade, they sold her onto my Aunt, from there my parents bought her for my sister when she turned 16 for $1500 (they only wanted $1000). Once my sister bought her own car the Honda was past on to me. She has 239,000 miles, and was just beautifully repainted (cost was almost as much as she was worth...). She has had a new transmission, A/C, and minor upgrades throughout the six years she has been in the possession of my parents. Great reliability, but gas milage isn't nearly as good as others (I'm getting low - mid 20s, but I driver her hard).

By J Emerson McGowan on June 6 @ 7:44 pm
700,000 and still going 1 engine change
bought new in 91. Have had some issues over the years. Got away from the dealer repair charges... was killing me. Could not walk in there without dropping $600 min. Have found 2 good mechanics who keep it running. Interior getting a bit raggedy but, it keeps running. 3rd clutch but they lasted about 300k each. Some rust out around rear wheel wells and bottom of back door. I got no car note and I am happy. Just cant part with a car that keeps running. Probably bought a cheap bmw for the money I have put in it over the years. But, scumbag mechanics in the past have not helped. Now, thank god I have 2 great guys that fix my shorty and it keeps going. Need to fix the heater core now and the dash

By Alexis Dolan on December 14 @ 2:56 pm
I became THAT Soccer Mom
Love this car! It was my first (and so far only) new car when I bought it 24 years ago - I raised two kids with this car - from infant seats to pop-ups, coolers, first aid kits and extra clothes in the back for club team soccer tournaments, this car has never left me or them by the side of the road. I'm at 225000 miles and still never worry about jumping in the car for a road trip. Never took it to a dealer - too expensive. Have a long term shop that has taken care of it for the last 10 years. I have a 5 speed manual, and I love driving it, it is a dream car. Honda got it right with this one!

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