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1990 Honda Accord

NEW FOR 1990

The Accord is entirely redesigned for 1990. Nearly five inches longer than the previous model, the 1990 Accord has considerably more interior space than last year's model.

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By Larry L on November 14 @ 2:16 pm
Style & Reliability
At 175,000 miles, I've had no problems -only very minor items. It is the nearly perfect car.

By Meklet on September 24 @ 11:33 pm
First time buyer...
Just purchased 1990 accord exr with power roof, power locks/windows, etc. A/C no longer works. Otherwise in excellent condition. Some surface rust needs to be sanded painted and rust protected. 2.2L 4 cyl. Excellent handling and acceleration. Definitely fun to drive. Smooth at high speeds. Would definitely purchase another Accord old or new. Seems to be reliable. Everybody says I'll put 250,000 miles or more on it!

By joeZ on October 18 @ 3:00 am
Totally dependable
This is my 1st Honda. During the last 12 years, with minimum maintenance and almost no repairs, the car helps me getting around with an ease. Never had to worry about car trouble on long trips. Great peace of mind. I especially like the steering and handling of the Accord, very nimble. The car is still running strong and the engine hasn't lost any power, feels it can go on for another 10 years. Honda sold me on its dependability.

By Matt H. on August 26 @ 3:00 am
Owned mine for 8 years now!!
This 1990 Accord will probably be the most trouble free car I will ever own. I don't know how any car could get much better. I've got 249,000 miles on it, and have had no major problems to speak of. The most major problems have been a water pump, and a radiator. Of course I've gone through my share of regular maintenance things like cv joints, but that's it.

By garfield on January 29 @ 3:00 am
its a really good reliable car. its comfortable and really good fuel efficiant.

By M111 on July 22 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
Great car. Had it for six years and about 60,000 mi. Mostly maintenance and few repairs. Car runs perfectly and all components work in and out. Basically like new with 140k miles on it. Have no fear of reliability problems yet. Don't hesitate to buy one if in the used market for a coupe or sedan right now in a low price range. Value, reliability and sheer pleasure are to be had for your $$.

By Janelle on November 2 @ 11:00 am
Nell's Honda
Outstanding performanc. Reliable with recommended maintenance. Body style remains competitive with later model design.Garaged for twelve years helps with the lustre of finish.

By shamrock on September 29 @ 11:00 am
I'll be sad to trade it in...
My 1990 Accord LX was my first car, bought right after college. It's been very reliable for 10 of its 12 years...unfortunately, I rear-ended someone 2 years ago, and its had some problems since then. Now I'm looking for a new Accord or Civic, but I know I'll be a bit depressed to see it go.

By j aams on February 10 @ 11:00 am
You have to love this car!!
Great car.Very reliable.Great second car.

By MAC16 on December 1 @ 11:00 am
Great Car
Great car. Lasts a long time. We got it in 92 and i am still waiting for it to brake down so we can get a newer model. Safe, reliable. Great air- conditioning and heating system. Comfortable.

By grainbelt on August 28 @ 11:00 am
Peaceful Easy Feeling
My 1990 Accord EX has been everything I hoped and more. As a college student needing reliable transportation, I have been very pleased with the Honda. The only repair I have made was a $9 battery terminal cable that corroded away to nothing. The body is rusting, mainly over the rear fenders where they all do. I am a demanding driver, and the Accord has been an entertaining ride for over a year. My only complaint is the lack of passing power with the A/C on.

By lanec on October 28 @ 11:00 am
A Lemon Honda? I didn't know those exist
Some highlights of the last 4 years: Replaced the transmission ($3,000), engine work ($900), brake system repairs ($1300), cv axle boot ($250), cv axle boot ($250), cv axle boot ($250), ANOTHER cv axle boot ($250), AAARRRRRGGHHHH cv axle boot($250). (Yes that's number 5.) sunroof ($100).

By Raop on June 19 @ 11:00 am
Very much in Accord...
As most Accord owners will tell you, these cars keep going, and going...I've had no serious problems with it. The only costly repair was the replacement of its radio antenna. The motor that controls the retraction and upward mobility of the antenna wore down after about 9 years of constant use. Fixing that was costly. I'm tempted to see if I can keep this car another 10 years, but at the same time, I really want to get a hybrid car with double the gas mileage. It will be hard to part with my Accord, though, and I'll always have fond memories of it.

By xx on July 31 @ 11:00 am
need selling price
have driven since 1997. Bought frm elderly coupe, no kids or smoke. perfect condition. Just had exhust system cleaned out and new fue pump. Last of metal timing belt, so never need to replace

By rspill on November 12 @ 11:00 am
No Problems
Solid, reliable car. Very few problems, low maintenance. Purchased new, I now have 175,000 miles on it. Replace front suspension plus expected brake and timing belt repairs.

By jstanton on November 12 @ 11:00 am
236000 miles later
Always started. Corners with the best. Over 230000 miles and still going.

By DP Chicago on May 4 @ 11:00 am
160,000K and still going stron
The Honda LX Accord is a great car. Always reliable, very dependable. Only item I've had to fix is the struts. This car just won't stop... If you are looking for a realiable car, think Honda. They're not the most stylish car, but will definitely be the most durable, reliable car you'll own.

By hondanut on January 29 @ 11:00 am
Honda all the way...
I bought mine used from a Honda mechanic. The previous owner got rid of it b/c it started to burn oil. The problem was the rings, but the mechanics rebuilt the engine at 156k (when i bought it). It now has >313k on it. And yes, I have had to replace a few parts( CV boots, radiator, exhaust pipes, and lastly a transmission- junkyardbuy). in a word- it takes a likin and keeps on tickin.

By hateshonda on September 20 @ 11:00 am
honda is crap
Sigh... every time that i talk about my honda, I get a headache. I have a 1990 accord ex, and i have been fixing it almost bimonthly, because the damn thing is falling apart. The drive train is crap, the body is rusting out, and all of the sensors have succeded to fail at once. This car is way too expensive to fix, and isn't worth it anymore... my question to you is this... Anybody want to buy a an accord??

By T-Bone75 on December 4 @ 11:00 am
T-Bone's Car
My mom passed away a few years ago. We have had our 90 Accord LX Coupe since it was new. It was our famiy's car, since then I have turned 16, and now it is mine. The car is in incredible condition. The paint still shines, although it has gotten a few scratches, from yearly wear. The interior looks like it just came from the factory. When you take care of, and garage a car you can keep them very nice.

By mackjohn on August 1 @ 3:00 am
Great Car
212000 Miles and counting. No Mojor problems. Still in great condition.

By admiralshaw on September 30 @ 3:00 am
My Accord is NICE!
The Accord is one of the most reliable cars out there! I have about 112 thousand miles on mine and it's running beautifully. Granted this gen is a little lacking in power, so I added an intake and exhaust! It runs great now with about 150 hp! I'm keeping this car as long as it runs! If yours is falling apart, you probably aren't taking care of it.

By lavenderbutterfly on March 30 @ 3:00 am

By Kyle G on May 12 @ 3:00 am
270K miles and still going
I have owned my Accord for almost 13 years. Other than an occassional electrical problem and being unable to keep the car in alignment, I was extremely pleased the first 190K miles. Since then, it has started costing me some money. I have averaged $160 a month in repairs for the last four years. Still cheaper than a new car, but more than I would have expected from a Honda. I have replaced the blower motor twice, alternator once, radiator once, mater brake cylinder twice, struts once, and CV boots numerous times. I also lost compression in one cylinder and had a valve job.

By Carl Schlanger on May 19 @ 3:00 am
Old Reliable
This car is one of three Honda Accords I currently own -- 1990, 1992, and 1993. Among them, I'm nearing the 500,000 mile mark. I don't hesitate to repair or replace any part that fails because it happens so seldom and my mechanic gives me a lifetime warranty on any work he does. Transmissions are tough, engines last forever. Those assemblers in Marysville, Ohio really know what they're doing!

By apollo1010 on August 31 @ 3:00 am
Great Car 175000 miles and still countin
One of the best cars I have ever bought.Great to drive. Good road holding. Goo gas mileage. Very low maintainence cost. Only the brakes hads to be changed quite frequently - used to live in the hills of WV. Will buy it again without a doubt.

By wester on September 25 @ 3:00 am
Reliable even if it is a little dull...
These cars tend to have a rust problem at the front of the rear wheel wells. Power could be better, but it runs every day.

By J M on May 14 @ 11:00 am
Impeccable quality
I have loved my Accord. I purchased the car used in 1993 because of its reputation for reliabilty. (Anything would be a step up from a Chevy Lumina). The Honda did not disappoint. The car now has more than 261,000 miles, with the original engine, transmission, clutch. The car just keeps going and going. Regular, obsessive maintenance is important. The car may be bland, but my wallet is happy. All are surprised that the car looks and acts younger than it is. Sadly, I have decided to sell it -- I purchased a used Acura RL with 132,000 mile, half the miles of my Accord. Shall I be as lucky?!?

By Gladi B Oughtahonda on September 12 @ 11:00 am
I never owned a Honda until 1991; I bought a 1990 w/15000 miles. I've never kept a car this long nor have I ever experienced such reliability and worry free ownership. I keep the oil changed and everything maintained and today it still rides and drives great! Most would not consider my 4 dr Accord an exciting car since it is a 4 cyl/auto. However, it is exciting to save all the money in repairs and gas prices and it's excitng to be able to save for the next car while still enjoying the one you have. It's no slug on the road either: it has more pick up than many 6 cyl I've driven. I'm no pokey driver! Even the air doesn't bog it down.

By bobby24j on August 25 @ 11:00 am
Hate to sell it
Bought it new for my wife. It's been the best car I've ever owned, which includes Buick, Chevrolets, Fords, Chrysler, Nissan and a few others. I've never had a major mechanical problem...only routine maintenance, including oil/filter changes every 3,000 miles. It's got about 116,000 miles on it and drives like new. My wife wants a new car just because 'she wants a new car' (go figure...it's a genetic femaie thing). When that happens, I might just keep our '90 Accord because I like it so much.

By HPS on February 15 @ 11:00 am
Best Value On The Road
I'm the original owner of my Honda; purchased with just 6 miles on the odometer, it now has over 122K. The car has been an oustanding vehicle. I was so satisifed I bought a second, new Honda Accord in 2000. If Honda continues to keep up the quality and value, I will be a Honda owner for life.

By sweetcheeks on September 20 @ 11:00 am
so far so good
Purchased with 123,000 on it, now has 176,000 and the problems are starting to occur, which I guess should be expected at such high miles. Things I have had to fix in the last year. 1. had to install new speed sensor. 2. alternator had to be replaced. 3. front cv joints. Power drivers window no longer works. Seems to be some problem with the electrical system, I am constantly putting new bulbs in brake, side marker and parking lights. Power locks, sometimes car will lock when shutting door, always have spare keey!! Lots of front end noise although I have had it inspected and there is nothing wrong! All in all though this has been an excellent reliable car.

By LemonHonda on December 7 @ 11:00 am
Man, this car was awful.
I had an immeasurable amount of trouble with this car. I had oil leaks from three seperate spots, a broken resonating thinger (chamber? I forget, but it made a heck of a lot of noise). My muffler broke off a piece and spat it back into the pipe, I had a leaky trunk (compounded by a faulty drain, making a huge puddle), I had to replace the mesh part of the exhaust pipe, had to replace the clutch, had a torn CV boot, improper idling, broken reverse gear, had a blown head gasket, and had a massive problem with the radiator (which I did not fix before getting rid of the car). All this at 115k miles and proper maintenance.

By Thebirdman on December 7 @ 11:00 am
Reliable Car with CV boot problems
The 1990 Honda Accord is a very reliable car with very little mechanical problems. The only problems you will have with this car are the cv boots and the paint. The CV boots will not last very long and the paint will fade on the hood and around the tires.

By rubrenbear on February 23 @ 11:00 am
Honda is good, when it runs
I bought the car from a friend 2 years ago. The first few months of owning the car were not spent driving it. The car needed costly repairs such as timing belts, battery changed 3 times, ignitor switch, starter and alternator. Once fixed it stopped entirely. It was towed to the nearest shop but nothing was wrong. An hour later, we tried starting it and it magically was fine! Arrg! I've had this car 2 years and it almost feels like I'm making monthly payment on this car.

By scampbell on September 14 @ 11:00 am
Best Car I've Owned
I bought the car because I liked the way it looked and was impressed with its performance. The 5-speed manual transmission is smooth shifting and fun to drive, even at nearly 14 years old. We replaced the distributor at about 57k miles, then Honda sent us a letter telling us they would reimburse us for the expense. Wow! This is why I will buy another Honda product. When we replaced the timing belt at the recommended 90k intervals, we also replaced the water pump, seals, and had the valves adjusted. So far, almost 200k trouble-free miles in a car that still looks new.

By Snowbelt Survivor on May 28 @ 11:00 am
Simple, reliable machine
With over 150,000 miles on it, our Honda's still running strong, and the steering is still tight and nimble. Uses zero quarts of oil between changes. Timing belt needs to be changed at regular intervals, and the slightest warping of your rotors will cause your steering wheel to shimmy going down the road. In the rust belt, the rear wheel well area rusts out even if the rest of your Honda's bohdy is in great shape. Water gets trapped in here with no way out. Fortunately, our local body shop cut out the rust and welded in new pre- formed sheet metal on both sides for under $800.

By lemon lover on October 13 @ 11:00 am
It was a lemon only a mother could love
This car was a nightmare for the first 9 years - back to the dealer for multiple problems under warranty, 5 batteries in 6 years, stuck around 100 times times in 100 degree heat with a car that would not start. But other than that, it was a charm to drive. Was overcharged on repairs several times. Once I left the closest Honda dealer and found an independent or drove across town to the other dealer, the problems were solved and it has run flawlessly ever since. Sears battery is 7 years old and still going strong. Does need need motor mounts. I'm hoping to put another 100,000 miles on it. Makes a great second car.

By koko2 on April 5 @ 11:00 am
Love it!
good overall, very reliable

By nanj on December 2 @ 3:00 am
220k and still shiny
Bought used w/ 100k on it for $6k, thought I'd own it a year or 2 max, have had it for 7 yrs, only left me stranded once when dist died, good car, good seats, handles well, paint shiny, past year has been busy, speed/O2 sensors, dist/coil, oil pan seal, door latch($!), sway bushings, i maintain it per book, ac orig(was recharged/ no leaks found), trans ok, engine ok, for the miles I cant complain about the repairs, I was due, axles replaced at 150k, good car cruises at 85 no problem

By dmoney on May 7 @ 3:00 am
Love My Honda
This Honda was my first car. I have always heard that Honda's are dependable, but now I know for myself. People who have brand new cars say that my car is to fancy, it just says money.

By ookman on June 9 @ 3:00 am
Best Car I ever owned
Had this car for 14 years - still drives and feels like new. Its never let me down. Starts easily in the coldest weather (-30C).

By cccc on November 12 @ 3:00 am
Trust Honda !
Bought a '90 Honda Accord in 2000 with approx. 66000 miles on it. Have it since the last 3-4 years now (approx. 101000 miles on odometer now). The car has an excellent build quality, is roomy and extremely reliable. With just a little regular maintenance like oil change, waxing, cleaning & vacuuming, it has given me the joy of owning an almost new and very reliable car. In every relationship, there has to be equality in giving. In this particular relationship, the car has given me a lot more - I simply love my Honda! I don't have anything negative to say - just a lot of positives - my experience tells me you'll never go wrong with Honda.

By Yes! Honda on October 14 @ 3:00 am
Get one!!
I bought this car for work, traveling a mere 20 miles roundtrip each day. What a delight. Everything works on it (air, cruise, speakers, radio, cassette, pw, pl, etc.) and it has 175,000 miles. I replaced the timing belt and springs/struts. It gives me confidence when I here that familiar Honda starter each morning. This thing will go at least another 100k as the engine and transmission are very strong. No more American cars for me. I will probably move to a newer car this year, maybe a '92 or '93. Maintain these cars well and they will go forever.

By ReaRea on April 6 @ 3:00 am
285K and still running
I purchased my 90 Honda in May 1993 as the second owner with 55K. I must say this has been the best car that I have ever purchased. I was in the military and have lived in various states and traveled from each state back to Georgia and this car have not given me a minutes problem. All of the original parts are still on the car except the radiator... I must say, if they keep building honda's with good quality like this......I will be a honda driver for life

By Haha on June 23 @ 3:00 am
90 Honda Accord EX
It is a very reliable car that I ever have. It is never gives me any major problems. It will run forever if you take care of it.

By mackjohn1 on September 16 @ 3:00 am
I bought this car with 140000 miles on it and it is still going strong. I am sold on thr great quality and dependability. Will buy another without a second thought.

By HSwihart4 on April 27 @ 11:00 am
I've had this car for almost 6 years. I love it; very dependable & reliable. It doesn't even look or perform like it's almost 15 years old. I will definetely be buying another Honda in the near future!

By Jessfly57 on March 11 @ 11:00 am
Great car!!
This car was an excellent choice for me. Being 14 years old it was very reliable and I will always drive a Honda. I have had 8 so far and will continue driving them for the reliability of the car. Thanks!!

By LoveMyHonda on August 19 @ 11:00 am
My First Honda--and still loving it!
My 1990 Accord is the first car I bought on my own. It's my first non-American car (had Chevrolets and Buicks). I have kept this car for longer and for more miles than all my previous cars combined- 14+ years and 155,000 miles and still running strong! I have excellent mechanics who take great care of it. We just bought an Odyssey (family growing) but I hate having to sell this very reliable Accord.

By ADS 1 on October 12 @ 3:00 am
Old but still going
Purchased with 150000 km 7 years ago. Just passed the 304000 km mark. Repair frequency increasing over the last year, but understandable given age and mileage. The engine and transmission have not been touched beyond seal replacement. This old horse just keeps on going. I will never buy anything but a Honda product - now own 3 of them!

By czarbo on November 4 @ 5:26 am
My Favorite Car
I have 227,000 on my Honda. It has served me well over the last few years. I have taken this car everywhere. I love the styling and the interior. I still think it is as modern and even better designed then some 2004 cars. 90% of my paint is gone but is still shows no signs of rust. This car has the unique ability to heal itself as problems that seemed to need repair - started to work again saving me much money. Truley a special car.

By Armes on June 18 @ 2:03 pm
Make it again & I'll buy it!
I have never had a more reliable car. The first owner svcd car well, and that matters. I am sad that Honda doesn't own or prevent common problems (like an $8 O-ring hold down bracket that could have saved my oil draining and getting all over my new timing belt) until too late. Private mechs had been adding the bracket when changing the belt for yrs! I asked about common problems at my last svc, and they mentioned radiators, but wouldn't let me spend the money that day. Sure enough, it started to leak, and I have a new one. Those are the ONLY 2 major repairs I have had in 6.5 year

By Douglas Berry on January 1 @ 4:43 am
Yes I'll have another Honda Thank You
By far the best running car I have ever owned, it never gives major problems always warns me if something needs attention and just keeps on going. Other than normal wear and tear on parts comp[onents etc. There has been no problem with this car.

By PMW on May 20 @ 11:23 am
Best Purchase EVER!
I bought this car new and never knew it would last almost 15 years! It just died at 324,000 miles, but if I could fix it myself I would keep it! Unfortunately the repair would be more expensive than the car. I kept up all the general maintenance and no real problems. I never had to replace the clutch!! How many car manufacturers can do that?!? This car was the best investment I have ever made and would gladly do it again! I will own another Honda!!!

By geoff on September 27 @ 7:26 pm
Oldie and goodie
This is the first car i've ever owned, and I am the third owner. I got it with about 124K miles on it and i've driven for about 1000 plus miles. I am very impressed, it doesn't look like a 15-year old car. I did have to replace the back brake pads, get it aligned and one of the CV joints needs replacing. However, that can wait...but this car was well-taken care of and with proper care can last another 15 years. It is a great car for a student or family on a budget and is a steal at the price of under $3000.

By BamaFlum on October 21 @ 7:40 am
Fantastic automobile!
My wife bought this car brand new and I inherited it. It now has 136k and I love it! Fit and finish are top notch. We've replaced the CV boots, the clutch cylinders, rotors, and done routine maintenance to keep it going. I'm going to replace the shocks and springs next and hopefully it will take me another 136k. All three of my kids fit in the back (albeit snug!). For a car that is 15 years old, it is great. If my wife would let me and we had the money, I would drop in an JDM h22a (Prelude engine) and that would solve the power issue! Great car and highly recommended for a used car, especially for a teenager's first car.

By clarkfball101 on July 3 @ 10:56 pm
Still a top 4 cylinder car
Even in the year 2005 the 2.2L engine is still one of the best on the road. Excellent choice for a first car for a teen. Car can go from one side of the country to the other.

By Honda Lover on September 7 @ 9:26 am
High Mileage Honda
I purchased this car in Sept 1990 right out of college. 15 years later, it still takes me on long journeys reliably. I still get over 30 miles/gallon. Yes, the mileage is correct at 440,400.

By pete reno on March 31 @ 2:33 am
great car
I bought this car with 120,000 miles. It now has 150,000 I have replaced the clutch, radiator and cv joints.It runs flawlessly! doesn't burn or leak any oil!!handles great. The transmission is tight as is the rest of the car. Avg 25-27 mpg city, 33-36 highway. When can I buy a diesel Accord!! I owned a 2000 jetta tdi nothing but problems!!! This car at 15 years old is a much better vehicle than the brand new vw.

By Automaniac on January 4 @ 1:20 am
Best Car I Ever Owned too!
Bought the 5-speed from first owner on 2/16, 68.9k miles on it, for $6.5k (down from 7.5) now 133k hard miles, cold starts, short distances, snowbelt. Could afford any new car, but was thinking of going overseas then, and did not want to take depreciation hit. Engine is a jewel, never had ANY problem. Drove cross country, DC to Seattle to Long Beach CA and back to DC, summer 03, few problems, top MPG. (32-36 hwy, at 65-85 mph). Can cruise all day @ 90 mph in utter comfort. Rust behind the rear wheels. Seldom braked down, but parts cost too much (timing belt, brakes, distributor, fuel pump, each $500 or so). Still, best car I ever owned, and low cost, due to rare failures and high quality.

By Samir on December 11 @ 11:26 pm
Gets funner with tuning
My first car and by far the best car my family has ever owned. Its been in 4 accidents totaled twice and I can still push it. It's easy to work on and get better performance with the abundance of aftermarket parts. I had mine repainted but it got scratched so the old white paint still shines new. With $50 in suspension worth it handles like a BMW. Comfort wise comparable to a Benz. I will be very, very, very sad when I sell her to get something newer.

By drewd on October 15 @ 8:06 am
15 years and still going strong
I bought my Accord new in 1990. The only major problem that I had was my own fault - the timing belt broke because I did not follow the scheduled maintenance. Unfortunately, it cost about $1600 to fix, but that's the only significant problem that the car has ever had. It's protected my wife in two fairly serious accidents, even without airbags. It's been all over the US and treated us great! Every time we think about selling it, we just can't come up with a compelling reason - maybe it will just last forever!

By In love with Honda on March 27 @ 11:23 pm
Bought this great car from my uncle three years ago. almost 198,000 miles now and still running strong. Easy for self repairs and modifications. Great gas mileage with a peppy 2.0L four banger. Catches the eyes of street racers with a sleek long sporty body style. Really gets up and goes. A classic reliable Honda. Starts up in my hometown's 112 degree summers and our chilly sub freezing winters and handles like a dream in the snow and ice. Great car for travel or short commute. Only downside, used parts are hard to find in junk yards... But only because these cars are still on the road due to dependable Honda engineering.

By Brad on December 4 @ 4:56 pm
Everything should be this solid
Purchased 5 yrs ago with 134k miles, now at 200k. No major problems at all. My car has led a very demanding life, and granted I maintain it well, but its still amazes me how well it holds up! A true testament to Honda using quality materials. The A/C has needed recharged, brakes needed some maintanence, exhaust, and suspension bushings replaced, but these are all very normal things for almost any car over 10 yrs old. Everything that has needed attention has been a Do-it- yourself saturday job, if you enjoy doing your own work. I've never had to take it to a shop. Nearly every accessory still operates perfectly. Has NEVER failed to start, even in the dead of Ohio winter. Thanks Honda!

By lemon lover again on July 19 @ 9:30 am
almost 16 years
In a previous post, I noted early problems with this car, purchased new in 1990. Since 1999, I have put a total of $1900 into it, including new $400 Michelin tires, $700 motor mounts, $95 for an an ignition problem, $150 for a transmission issue, and a couple hundred for brakes. That leaves around $350 for routine maintenance. Motor mounts were not necessary and could have chosen cheaper tires, but both make it run almost like new, and I intend to keep it around. Dealer did install all new hoses and a radiator for $125 - long story, good customer service. Test drove new Acuras, Hondas, got back in this and wondered why I was shopping. Fun on mountain roads.

By New2Honda on May 17 @ 8:20 am
90 Accord EX High Miles
I bought a 90 Accord EX Sedan from a private party. This has to be the most dependable car I have ever owned! It has 210,000 miles and runs like its brand new. I use this car in a 140 mile daily commute and I trust it 110%!

By ok on September 13 @ 10:43 am
i had the car for 1 year and never had trouble with it and love driving it

By Jean H on July 15 @ 5:03 pm
still love this car after 17 years
great car.I bought a 2007 Honda Accord yesterday and it breaks my heart to part with this car. I might keep it on the road for the winter. This car is a one owner and it still has most original parts.

By jeremy bunker on May 28 @ 2:10 am
my winter beater
great car it's rusting out running rough but for the 1000$ I paid for it I can't complain. they are easy to work on and great on gas.

By Cruiser on May 26 @ 3:43 am
16 years old and still runs near new
I purchased my '90 Accord on the advice of one of the dealers mechanics. Good move on my part! After 16 years, except for usual maintenance, all I have done is had the auto transmission rebuilt ($1200)and a radiator ($250). I still get 28-32 mpg. Some of the clear coat has come loose, but the paint gets a good rating from me too. Mine was made in Japan, not USA manufactured. I don't think it makes a difference. Overall rating 9! Would I buy again? Yes (but you do get what you pay for). If you plan on keeping what you buy, this is a good deal; drive it 'til the wheels fall off. If you are going for flash and want to trade every few years, buy a Corvette.

By Gerry on March 9 @ 10:46 am
17 years and still going well.
I purchased this '90 Accord LX after reading Consumers Report and I am my sooo glad I did. It's the most reliable car I have ever experienced. Always ready to go hot or cold freezing weather. I always feel safe and very comfortable in the driver seat as well as other seats when my wife would drive it. I would do the required schedule maintenance which was quite reasonable and never a surprise. I said I would keep it until it dies. It refuses to die so I'll just sell it and give some one else a go with it and get a new '08 Accord this fall. The last few years all I've paid for are gas, oil change and insurance. Sad goodbye!

By Hondafan24 on January 2 @ 12:56 pm
Best car
I bought my Honda brand new after getting out of high school with 12 miles. it now has 496,000 miles on it and when my son starts driving in a month it will be his. Great car original engine.

By Todd on April 20 @ 12:00 am
17 years and still going strong
I have had my Accord for almost 4 years now. I have had nothing but excellent service from this car. My honda has 324,000 miles on it and I am still getting around 25 mpg. It may be old, and not as stylish as the newer ones, but with gas so high, I will not be getting rid of this car anytime soon.

By lyndsicagle on June 24 @ 12:23 pm
Good car
I enjoy this car as a around town type of vehicle but not for long trip travel. I use it for just random errands and haven't had any serious problems with it yet.

By beyelie on August 27 @ 7:23 pm
Hard to do better
Original owner. The most reliable car ever owned. 249,000 after 18 years. The manual transmission makes it more fun to drive and squeezes the most out of its adequate power. Has original clutch. Fuel mileage superb; average 30+.

By kimmo on January 20 @ 11:23 am
Still loving it
I bought new as a demo. Even after 18 years with it being stolen twice, almost totaled once and with two other accidents, this car is super dependable. The exterior, interior, and engine have all held up well with regular maintenance. New radiator, three batteries, two brake jobs, a couple of power steering repairs from leaks, CVs, a new gas tank (service stripped plug!) plus maintenance is about all this car has cost me. I can't justify anything newer as this one keeps going & going and she still looks awesome! I use my AAA for my friend's newer car troubles. I can't believe I get offers from others now to buy my car. I think it has turned into a classic.

By Richardj on September 28 @ 3:03 pm
My first is 18 yrs old..
This my first car in Canada since I just arrived here, for 2 months I am using it I really am impressed on its performance it doesn't give me any problem yet, but I can feel that it will go along way, just got a change oil, power steering fluid changed and wiper blades changed. Thanks Honda for making me feel that I did the right choice.

By Brandon on January 4 @ 1:26 am
Purchased @ 205k miles and still going!
I purchased my 1990 Honda Accord ex as the 3rd owner. Before driving I installed a new timing belt as sort of insurance for the motor and fixed the power locks for a little over $300. All in all car cost $2100 and love my car! The ex comes equipped with an electronic sport transmission ( shifts at higher rpm) and when you turn that baby on this car really moves! Even without it it'll shift at five grand steadily so you have plenty of pick up (limiter is 6100). This car is very reliable and has pin point handling. The car comes with wider tires than most imports which greatly improves traction on the corners when you really feel like testing her. Maintenance is simple and easily accessed.

By Tony on December 3 @ 2:10 pm
This car has given me quite a ride. I'm the second owner of this great car and I'm just under 160K. Has great acceleration and decent handling. Minor work is needed.

By First lady eve on June 21 @ 8:26 am
Any time anywhere
I love my car. She's always ready to go. She's more reliable than any person I know and she's going on 19 yrs old. typical service things have gone. I recently had to replace the clutch. But there have been no major issues

By Cruiser on December 1 @ 6:20 pm
18 years and still running strong
I bought my Accord new. Everything works good at 265,000 miles. I did have the trans reworked at 230,000, 1 new set of OEM brake rotors at 245,000. Has original freon in AC. Garage kept and waxed twice a year with McGuires products. Still run Michelin tires. I am on my 3rd stereo (needed a CD) and 2nd set of speakers. I plan to drive this car until the wheels fall off. Then I will probably rebuild it. Interior looks like new (scotchguard works). Mileage: 32/29

By TOG's Mom on January 22 @ 11:30 am
The Old Girl!
I affectionately refer to my 1990 Honda Accord as, "The Old Girl" or TOG for short! I purchased her new in August of 1990. She's had her ailments throughout the years due to wear and tear, but has surpassed any vehicle I've ever owned. She is GREAT on gas and has just about the same pick-up as my 2005 Acura TSX! After coming from a 1986 Oldsmobile that needed 4 transmissions, torque converter, etc., my first little Honda Accord coupe has sold me on Hondas for the rest of my life!

By vlad on March 9 @ 1:46 am
It keeps going
Bought this car as a student in Waterloo, Canada with 250,000 kilometres. Added 50k in 3 years. It's my second car after a 1979 Renault that I owned back home in Europe. Engine, transmission are still great. The engine does not burn oil. A small leak was cured by using Honda oil. Transmission runs smoothly after drain and refill and changing the PCV valve. I had several issues: cv joints and leaking radiator. Gas mileage drops to below 20mpg in cold ontario winters. Close to 30 mpg in summer. Rust around rear wells is not a killer if you rust proof once a year.

By Harmony on July 17 @ 4:26 am
Could it get any better?
We've just celebrated 19 years together and hoping for many more. This car just runs and runs - nothing but routine maintenance. Over the years there have been several brake jobs, a set of CV boots, a new radiator, several sets of Michelins (only way to go for the original feel), two timing belts, and new motor mounts. I have averaged just about $250 per year over the life of the car. Radio, tape deck, clock and AC work great - usually the first things to go! I'd add a CD, except I don't want to ruin the ambiance. Every year I go test drive new cars and decide I'm not ready to part with this one. The kids have given up on inheriting it any time soon.

By boiseblonde on November 22 @ 5:36 pm
Fabulous Car!!!
We've got 255,000+ miles on this car and I'm confident it will be running for a good time longer! We've had very minimal and cheap repairs because it has been well-maintained for many years. It runs really strong going up hills, picks up speed quickly, is quiet and comfortable! It handles superbly in icy/wet conditions. I have been impressed over and over with this car! I have such peace of mind knowing I won't be stranded, since I travel long distances frequently. I'll buy Honda again!

By Pete T on November 28 @ 3:40 pm
Oustanding reliability
This car has over 380000 KM on it & is still incredible. We bought it in my first year of college and it has been faithful & reliable ever since. With the exception of regular wear & tear, & routine maintenance, we have not had to contribute to any major repairs; additionally, during a recent cold-spell in mid-December 2008 where the temperature dipped to -37 C (-52 with the windchill), we did not need to plug in our engine block heater. The car has been outstandingly reliable in the most extreme temperatures; consequently, our family is now comprised of a number of Honda Loyalists & it will take an inordinate amount of force or compulsion to convince us otherwise.

By Happy! on April 6 @ 9:03 am
Lot of miles but a lot of love!
This car is great!! I purchased it with 189,000 miles when it was 20 years old. And it still starts and runs amazingly! It gets great gas mileage and great acceleration all at the same time! Extremely low mileage, awesome first car!

By Jeffersbug on July 7 @ 3:16 am
1990 Honda Civic DX
I bought my 1990 Accord DX used in 2008. It seemed like a great deal considering it only had 68K. Only serious problem is I need to add a quart of oil every 300 miles. I've been to three mechanics and nobody can seem to find the cause. Been able to drive it 16,000 miles already without the problem getting worse. Other than that it runs great. The trunk does leak when it rains.

By jayjay24517 on September 14 @ 11:56 am
I love my Honda
I have owned a few Hondas and they last forever. My 90 accord has 180k miles and counting. I haven't done a thing to it but drive.

By Happy Honda Owner on October 1 @ 2:13 pm
How do ya spell reliability? H-O-N-D-A!
I bought my 1990 Accord about two weeks ago and so far it's been nothing short of what Honda stands for: reliability. Only thing that annoys me is it seems to suck up oil? Filled the gas tank and drove from Atlanta to outside Athens and back. 175 miles roundtrip. Fuel gauge was closer to full than it was to halfway when I got back to Atlanta. My next car will be a newer Honda Accord. 189k miles and still going.

By Naomi on April 7 @ 5:10 am
90 Honda Accord
We purchased this car back in March of 2004. It has been very reliable up until last year. Eventually sold it at 190,000 miles to someone who likes to fix old cars up, but it was still running ok when sold. I was very happy with this car when I had it.

By june on September 22 @ 8:16 pm
A reliable excellent car
Car been driven 100 miles every day with or without a/c no problem.

By Robin on January 12 @ 12:03 pm
500,000 and still kicking
I purchased this vehicle as a second vehicle from a previous owner in December 2009 with 506,000 original miles. So far the only thing that I had to do was give it a tune up, charge a/c, and a set of tires. This car is truly amazing with no leaks. Still running with the original engine and transmission like it was off the show room floor. Honda you did great with this model.

By jrodaccord on January 12 @ 6:46 am
Best little car
I love my car after all the restoring that was done. I did all leather interior, new paint, 19" wheels, headrest screens, and head unit radio with dvd player, 7" screen, back up camera, bluetooth, and all new l.e.d lights.

By mikecassidy1 on January 1 @ 4:53 pm
Sorry to say good-bye
Two years ago Our mechanic persuaded us to go back in time and buy our 1990 Honda EX automatic. It's been fun to drive and has cheerfully handled our daily rounds and our regular weekend trips to our cabin near Ottawa Canada. with drinking water, 2x4s, and cottage paraphernalia. The Honda needed a bit more updating than we expected - muffler, pipes, timing belt, alternator but has driven less than 150,000 km. and has many more to go, has been reliable and friendly and is in v. good shape. We're saying goodbye (for a Sonata) to get the absolute smoothest ride possible, for health reasons.

By mjsstanley on September 26 @ 4:13 am
Runs Forever!
I have owned two 90 and one 91 Accord . One wrecked at 376,000 miles and was still going like new . These cars were built for the road . I travel 400 miles to NC at least three times a year . I have a 90 now with 192,000 miles on it and I haven't had to do anything to it ! Starts right up in the coldest weather . All have been 5 speed manual transmission , which is really better than the automatic . All Hondas will last forever if you keep up the regular maintenance , which isn't expensive at all .

By mona_hoyulea on August 5 @ 1:00 am
I love my doofy!!
Yes, you read that right, my car's name is doofy. My car is over 20yrs old at this point, almost as old as i am, and runs like a dream!!! This car has raised my expectations of all cars! My doofy has about 210k miles on it with no problem in sight... in fact the guy i bought it from had drove it non-stop from washington state to florida without any problems, 2yrs ago!! How many 20yr old cars would you do that in?! Only this one!!! At this point and age, yes it may need a paint job... but the engine on these cars are amazing, if you have the chance to buy one, I'd say you are not wasting ur money.... and you will probably be driving it for another 20 yrs!!!

By got2bekylee on April 9 @ 3:18 am
Miss my Honda!
I was so sad when i had to get rid of my Honda. The only downside is my A/C didn't work when i got it in 08'. Which didn't bother me too much. I only got rid of it because i had a baby and needed something a little bigger and cooler for the summer. I would still have it if i could afford to insure multiple cars. It ran better than my 03' Saturn and my 99' Kia. The gas mileage is also a huge plus with this car. It would be a great first car or just something for work and/or school. I would highly recommend this little old car.

By Tina Yake on April 11 @ 7:39 am
Nothing like it!
I have owned this car since 1990. You got it, it was brand spanking new. After 8 years, I gave it to my mom to use. I have since gotten it back, 24 yrs later. I had a mechanic look it over before driving it from California to Kansas. The only thing it needed was a new main relay, an ac charge and 4 new tires. For insurance sake, I had him replace the timing belt and water pump. The acceleration is just like when I first bought it. Handling is still smooth. All our mechanics told us that if there was a Honda model to own, it was that. I own a 1996 Accord and a 2006 Odyssey and both vehicles, cosmetically suck. We have had more issues with the newer models than my 1990 Accord.

By Bryan Bernstel on August 12 @ 2:06 am
Best Car Ever Made
This car has, on more than one occasion, saved my life and always kept running even when it seemed it was going to give up. Reliable and easy to fix.

By MtnRoad on September 12 @ 3:30 pm
One of the best cars I ever owned
I had the base model with 4cyl engine, 5spd manual, and pw / pdl. The car was amazing. I have since sold it but wanted to mention this car was one of the best I ever owned. I woukd take it into the dealer for oil changes and ask if there was anything else they recommended and they would alwats say no after the inspection. It just ran and ran. I never had any problems with the car. The 4cyl engine in my opinion was under-powered in low gears with the manual shift but once I got up to cruising speed it performed well and got amazing gas mileage. Highway cruising and fuel mileage was excellent. I used to service accounts in the desert southwest, and would regularly drive from Los Angeles to Phoenix using just a little over 3/4 of a tank. Yes it is true that really happened. A nice tail wind, no traffic, and at night no less but it did happen. I couldn't believe my own eyes when looking at the gas gauge. The interior was pretty stout and the seats were really comfortable. My car was white and the paint was in excellent shape when I sold it. One concern I have now after doing some research online is I found out the 4cyl uses a timing belt and it should have been changed to prevent engine damage. The dealer never recommended this to me. The timing belt never broke under my ownership thank God but considering the mileage and use I put on that car I am surprised it never did. I always thought it had a timing chain but found out it was a belt. The only complaint I would have is the power radio antenna stopped retracting. I also noticed on every Honda accord and some Acura Legend models of the same time frame they had the same issue. Overall these early 1990s model Honda Accords are gems and even to this day I see many of them on the road. I just saw a station wagon model the other day I never knew they made those. I would recommend this Honda Accord model to anyone.

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