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Size really does matter, and no car proved that better than the Chrysler 200. The original version of the 200 sedan was unremarkable, unlike the convertible version, which was much more likable. The sedan's second and final iteration was a great improvement: a compelling vehicle that offered great crash test scores, an excellent infotainment system and, if properly equipped, great driving dynamics and an upscale interior. What the Chrysler 200 lacked, however, was space. It was smaller than its rivals, offering less backseat and trunk space, thereby flunking the family-vehicle test. That's what ultimately doomed the 200.

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Chrysler sold the second-generation 200 from 2015 to 2017. Chrysler completely redesigned the sedan but unfortunately dropped the convertible. The second-generation 200 featured striking exterior styling, an upscale cabin and one of our favorite infotainment systems. It was similar in size to the outgoing 200, however, which meant it offered less backseat and trunk space than most of its competitors.

Power choices included a 184-horsepower four-cylinder engine and a 295-hp V6, the latter making it one of the most powerful midsize sedans on the market. Chrysler offered the redesigned 200 with front- or all-wheel-drive, and the sport-themed 200S model got a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system that made it quite the thrilling ride.

Chrysler offered the second-generation 200 in LX, Limited, 200S and 200C trims. LX models were fairly basic rental-car versions. The Limited offered more interesting features, such as alloy wheels and a better stereo, as well as a long list of options.

From here, the model lineup diverged: The 200S was the sporty version with a stiffer suspension tuned for better handling. The 200C was the luxury version with standard leather and a power-adjustable passenger seat. Chrysler added a 90th Anniversary Package to the Limited in 2016. In 2017, Chrysler expanded the 200 offerings with a leather-lined Limited Platinum model and a top-of-the-range 200C Platinum. Aside from the growing lineup, there were no significant changes throughout the model run.

The second-generation Chrysler 200 did well in Edmunds testing. We found it to be comfortable, well-appointed and surprisingly upscale. We preferred the V6 engine over the base four-cylinder: It offered sharp acceleration with little fuel economy penalty. The 200’s biggest drawback was interior space: The back seat and trunk were significantly smaller than those in the 200's midsize rivals. If the 200 had only been a little bigger, it could have been a much more successful vehicle.

The first-generation 200 made its debut for the 2011 model year as a renamed and greatly improved version of the Chrysler Sebring. Though most critics would regard the outgoing Sebring as the worst car in its class, the new 200 showed that redemption was possible. With its completely revised interior, a new V6 engine and improved tuning for the steering and suspension, the 200 was a huge improvement over the Sebring, though it still trailed the competitors in cabin space. The convertible was a bonus.

Chrysler originally offered the 200 in LX, Limited, Touring and 200S models, with equipment levels ranging from plain to plush. All featured air conditioning, power accessories, cruise control and an automatic transmission. For 2013, Chrysler dropped the 200S sedan and LX convertible from the lineup. Otherwise, there were no major changes until the first-generation 200 wrapped up its run in 2014.

In Edmunds testing, we found the first-generation 200 sedan to be surprisingly agreeable. We liked the comfortable ride, accurate handling and nicely trimmed interior. The four-cylinder engine was behind the curve in both power and fuel economy, but the V6 was a sparkling performer that didn't use much more fuel than the four-cylinder. But backseat space trailed the competition, and that put the 200 sedan in the back of the pack. We liked the 200 convertible quite a bit more. It was one of the few convertibles on the market with adequate space for four adults. Good trunk space and the option of both hard and soft convertible tops made it a much more compelling and practical drop-top than its rivals.

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2017 Chrysler 200

NEW FOR 2017

For 2017, the Chrysler 200 gets new trim levels, though available feature content does not really change.


Easy-to-use optional Uconnect 8.4 touchscreen


Slow base engine with unremarkable fuel economy.

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By Susan Fitzgerald on October 10 @ 8:23 am
Great car for the money
This car has almost everything that I could want in a vehicle. If I could add things it would be:parking sensors, ventilated seats, heated back seat and a charging port for the back. I haven't had it long, but love it so far!

By clif on October 29 @ 1:03 am
drive this car
Don't read and believe some of the biased reviews on this car. Most of those reviews are kind of silly and are not going to effect how you like or dislike the car. The only fault I can see with the car is if your over 6 feet tall the back seat will be a little tight getting in and out but since everybody in my family is under that height no complaint from me. In fact I love the roof line it make's the car look very nice. Gas milage has been outstanding getting 40mpg on the highway and 28mpg in town. Drive this car and make up your own mind and don't let some guy sitting in an office somewhere make it for you. I've had the car long enough now to confirm my positive review from day one. Have had no problems but needed a new battery under warranty no charge to me, service was fast and friendly. Some of the negative reviews on this car make me laugh, things like not liking the color of the lights in the dash, no headroom in the back. seats uncomfortable, rough ride, road noise and on and on. Are they serious. I drove a lot of cars before I found this one and in my opinion it's right up there with the best of them. Drive this car up the freeway and when the transmission shifts into ninth gear watch the RPMs drop 400 and the milage jump up to around 40mpg, wow. The only other car in my opinion that was it's equal was the Buick Verano. I'm biased though I will not buy a foreign made car with a foreign name on it. People told me I could buy a Toyota they're made in the U.S, sure but most of the money goes to Japan and most of the parts are shipped into the country. Buy American with an American name on the car.

By Christie P on April 17 @ 8:36 pm
Aesthetically pleasing and great standard features
Very very nice care, handles well, just need a little more head room and a little more space in the backseat and it would be beyond perfect

By Lori E. on July 20 @ 11:45 pm
Pleasantly Surprised
I recently bought a 2017 Chrysler 200 after my Jeep Wrangler took a dive after only 92K miles. To be honest I was going to buy the Mazda6, but after driving that I was like "no way"(it was too outdated and small). The salesman at the dealership showed me the Chrysler, and after a 3 minute argument about my not wanting one I finally said I would test drive it just to get him off my back. However, after sitting in for a minute or two and realizing how comfortable it was, and how I didn't feel cramped in it like I did the Mazda, and how great it handled on the highway, I was hooked. I have a 14 year old who had his heart set on getting the Jeep when he was old enough to drive, but came in after hubby took him for a ride in the 200 and said "I like it WAY better than the Jeep!", so I imagine that he is going to steal this car from me when he turns 16. I'm really very happy with this ride. It's comfy, handles awesome on the road, and has just enough bells and whistles to satisfy my inner diva without breaking the bank.

By Rasean Robinson on January 14 @ 3:34 pm
I love my 200 Platinum!!!
I got about $6500 in rebates to trade in my old 2015 Fiat 500. This car is definely a major upgrade. I love the car so far transmission shifts smooth but when trans is cold in the morning shifts rough until it warms up. I LOVE MY white leather seats, although they get dirty fast LOOKS GREAT. I get a lot of compliments with my car. I'm at 2,000 miles now thought i'd check the oil, it was extremely low. I know it's breaking in but i was shocked.. I've never had any brand new car that burn that much within the first few thousand miles. I added some oil back into it.. if it's low on the next oil change i will have to have them do some checking! Overall, I love my 200 and the large 8.4 screen could use more apps!!!

By Dante on November 5 @ 4:24 pm
I love this car!
I love my Chrysler 200S with AWD! It has some great features such as blind spot monitoring and the panoramic sunroof! I am sad they are discontinuing them after 2017! I do not know why people give this car such harsh reviews because it's a great car. The acceleration and its road manners make it a pleasure to drive. I love the Uconnect system it is the best in the business. The gas mileage has been great I get up to 40 MPG on the highway and usually around 28 MPG with mixed driving. My only warning is that the backseat headroom is not too great and I think its even worse with the panoramic sunroof option. I love this car so much! I hope you get to have a wonderful experience with it just like I do.

By Jeffrey Horstman on March 8 @ 9:37 am
Bought a brand new 2017 Chrysler 200
Honestly by far a reliable vehicle. Bought mine with 7 miles on the odometer. Now I have 16500 miles on the odometer. Only oil changes and tire rotations. This car versus my old Chevy cruze has been rock solid reliable. The 9 speed computerized automatic transmission takes some getting use to, I don't feel it shift at all neither do my passengers. The back seat is spacious rather the head room is kinda tight. Love the European styling too. Sadly they are discontinued, however I bought new so I'm upside down. I suggest buying them used much better deals and more affordable. The interior is top notch too, I average 26 mpg combined, in Wisconsin with hills and traffic as well as a lot of cold starts and morning too. Five star crashtests across the board sold me on it

By Dk on February 4 @ 12:55 pm
Don’t buy Chrysler 200
Don’t buy Chrysler problems arising one on one ..headache

By Zorn Casteel on December 30 @ 11:14 am
200C V6 AWD - King of the Mid-Size Segment
(with possible exception to the 4-door Accord V6) ..... Have had car since March this year .. Got it with just 11K miles. .. Have taken it from Charlotte, NC, to Michigan and back ... Milwaukee, and back ... And just completed a trip to Cincinnati. .. These ('17s) are available with wonderful rebates, now ... Get the V6. Get the V6, get the V6! Not because there's anything wrong with the 2.4 liter -> It's an awesome motor .. But they didn't match the 9-speed automatic transmission, to the motor well ... Also since mid-model year 2016 can get the middle grade car, the Limited, with the V6 motor. Mine's a C - top of the 200 sedan food chain ... It is absolutely AWESOME! All wheel drive package. 300 horsepower (It isn't said, anywhere, but the AWD has a smidgen more power, than any non-AWD car - Due to it having a different exhaust. ... Love the dash, in this .. How you can sift through all the different things, in the car, with the button on your steering wheel ... Easy to check on all systems ... Mine is jet-black, black leather inside had granite grey rims; 19 inch .. The dial transmission works, just great! Some 'expert' car review places have gone on that "Geez it has too many speeds .. Who wants to shift, nine times?" ... Well you DON'T shift, nine times .. In regular driving. Speeds 8 and 9 are highway cruising gears ... and are why with my V6 I got an incredible 31 & 1/2 mpg, on my trip to Ohio. My car also has the manual shift mode with steering-mounted levers, for if I want to really fly, off of a light. 8.5 inch touch screen is rhe best, I've ever seen ... Better than my friend's, in his Camry (He even says this .. lol) ... I do miss a CD player. ... But I'm getting my albums on a couple USBs, to stick in and pull up and play. One has about 40, so far. As to the flap about the rear roof line [That Sergio, head of Fiat was waayyy to sensitive about, when he gave an interview ... He was not recognizing that Consumer Reports just doesn't like Chryslers, and has been biased, against Chrysler, for a long time] [I mean kids getting in and out of the back is no problem ... And really how many people who drive these have (other) adults, getting in and out of the back, all week? C.R. took one item and hammered the whole car, because of it. And a lot of people are quickly influenced, by Consumer Reports. Thankfully, I wasn't] So, this car is derived from an Alpha Romeo ... I think it's cool I'm driving something with some Italian blood. Summing up: I love this car ... Wonderful power, takes the curves with aplomb .. Seats could be slightly more comfortable, but they're ok. ... 100K mile powertrain warranty. .. Awesome tech :)

By Ted on January 14 @ 3:28 am
In a world of vanilla, Chrysler 200 is chocolate!
I've rented this vehicle several times with different trim levels and configurations but I recently test drove the AWD C model at the dealer. Wow, a nice vehicle with an interior that looks and feels much more like a premium import than a domestic standard-bearer. Chrysler went way out on a limb to offer a truly world-class mid-size sedan. It's stylish, with a real get up and go that surprised me on a few occasions. FCA did a dumb thing by prematurely ending its run. Chrysler 200 C rules!

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