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The Chevrolet Equinox remains popular with shoppers looking for a compact crossover SUV despite no fundamental changes for seven years. There was a minor V6 engine update, some front- and rear-end styling updates, and small feature updates, but nothing compared to the larger overhauls of some of its rivals in this same span. In a sense, Chevy got the package right in the first place and filled in the details as it went along.

In the meantime, the Equinox's rivals continued to reshape and refine to the wishes of crossover buyers seeking more power, better ride quality, cutting-edge driver assistance features and advanced connected technology.

The newest version of the Equinox fixes most of its deficiencies. It's smaller and lighter than before, and offers three fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines, including a turbodiesel. The new Equinox also manages a rare feat in that its smaller dimensions don't dramatically impact passenger room. There's still plenty of leg- and headroom for tall occupants. Some of that downsizing comes at the expense of cargo space, however, where the Equinox comes up short relative to its rivals.

Current Chevrolet Equinox
The Chevrolet Equinox is a compact crossover SUV offered in four trim levels: L, LS, LT and Premier.

The base L comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, heated mirrors, a rearview camera, keyless entry and ignition, Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi hotspot connection, a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, and a six-speaker audio system.

The next-level LS is nearly the same but adds rear floor mats, a spare tire and a jack. More importantly, it offers an expanded range of exterior colors and optional all-wheel drive. The LT adds xenon headlights, an eight-way power driver seat and satellite radio. Options include a panoramic sunroof, a power liftgate, heated front seats, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, an 8-inch touchscreen and several USB charging ports.

The range-topping Premier includes many of the features already mentioned, as well as 18-inch wheels, LED headlights, auto-dimming mirrors, roof rails, a hands-free liftgate, leather upholstery and wireless device charging. Options are many and include a top-down, 360-degree parking camera system, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, lane departure warning, navigation, and Chevy's safety-alert driver seat (which vibrates the seat bottom cushion if a collision seems imminent).

A turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine (170 horsepower, 203 pound-feet of torque) paired to a six-speed automatic transmission is the base engine setup. There are two options that will be available on late 2018 models: a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder (252 hp, 260 lb-ft) with a nine-speed automatic transmission and a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel (137 hp, 240 lb-ft).

Our early impressions of Equinox performance with the 1.5-liter engine are underwhelming. The engine feels refined, but the slow-shifting transmission hinders acceleration. We're more impressed with overall ride comfort, comfortable front seats, and ample head- and legroom all around. Cargo space, however — arguably one of the key reasons to buy a crossover — is smaller than most in the class at 29.9 cubic feet.

Used Chevrolet Equinox Models
The second-generation Chevrolet Equinox spanned the 2010-'17 model years, a long period in the rapidly evolving crossover segment.

The second-generation car improved on its predecessor with sleek exterior and interior styling, more fuel-efficient engines and a lower price. Not much changed for the Equinox after its debut, however. It initially offered four different trim levels. Lower trims came with useful features such as roof rails, power front seats, and a sliding and reclining rear seat, while upper trims added a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and upgraded audio systems that included voice commands and a 40GB hard drive for music files.

Power came from a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine (182 hp, 172 lb-ft of torque) or an optional 3.0-liter V6 (264 hp, 222 lb-ft). Both engines paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive was optional.

Features including forward collision alert, lane departure warning and heated seats showed up in the following two years, while a new 3.6-liter V6 (301 hp, 272 lb-ft) replaced the 3.0-liter in 2013. A revised touchscreen, power passenger seat and Chevy's MyLink smartphone software showed up that same year, while the base L trim level and Wi-Fi hotspot connection was added in 2015.

Front and rear styling updates, upgraded cloth upholstery and a 7-inch touchscreen became standard equipment in 2016, along with optional blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. For the final model year of the second-generation, the LTZ trim level was renamed Premier and some new option and appearance packages were also available.

We generally liked the second-gen Equinox, especially its roomy, sliding and reclining rear seat, smooth ride quality and quiet cabin. Underwhelming four-cylinder power and inferior cargo space kept it from topping our lists, however, especially as key rivals offered more power and better fuel economy. If you're considering a model from this era, we recommend the V6, more specifically the 3.6-liter introduced in 2013.

The first-generation Chevy Equinox was produced from 2005 to 2009. Unlike the current model, it came with a standard V6, and the only optional engine was an even more powerful V6 that arrived for 2008. A wide range of trim levels were available. Even base models came with a CD player and full power accessories, while upper trim levels, depending on the year, added features such as alloy wheels, leather seating, heated front seats and upgraded audio. The late-arriving Sport model added the stouter V6, bigger wheels and a firmer suspension.

All first-generation Chevrolet Equinox models except the Sport were equipped with a 3.4-liter V6 that generated 185 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque. The Sport stepped up to a 3.6-liter V6 that made a potent 264 hp. Both engines were mated to a five-speed automatic transmission that directed power to the front wheels, and all-wheel drive was optional.

In reviews of the first-generation Chevy Equinox, our editors praised its versatile interior, particularly the 60/40-split rear seat that could be slid almost 8 inches fore and aft. An adjustable rear cargo shelf enhanced storage opportunities and doubled as a picnic table. We noted that there was lots of room behind the rear seats — 35 cubic feet, to be precise — and a full 69 cubic feet with those seats folded, which is more than the current Equinox can muster.

On the road, however, this Equinox wasn't very impressive. Long drives were a breeze, thanks to the quiet cabin and smooth ride, but the base V6 was a bit coarse, and the electric power steering was numb and sluggish.

Notable changes over the course of the first-generation Equinox's production cycle include standard antilock brakes for 2006; standard stability control and four-wheel disc brakes and an optional navigation system for 2007; the arrival of the Sport model and luxurious LTZ model for 2008; and standard side curtain airbags and satellite radio with optional Bluetooth for 2009.

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2018 Chevrolet Equinox

NEW FOR 2018

The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox is fully redesigned for 2018. It's slightly smaller overall compared to its predecessor, but the reduced weight combined with more efficient engines pay off at the pump.


Smooth ride over most road surfaces

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By Dwight on December 2 @ 11:55 pm
My 5th Equinox
A lot of changes in the 2018 model. I don't like the Keyless entry and starting; would prefer a regular key which always works and does not need a battery. I just drove 13 hours two days in a row and the left side of my neck and upper chest were very painful from a bad seat belt design. Too tight and strap hits neck. I am 5'10" and medium build (160 pounds). I have put a safety pin in seat belt to it does not close all the way but when I get out of the car the seat belt now hangs without going all the way in. Miles per gallon are better than my other equinoxes. There is a malfunction in what is called the cabin pressure release valve in all models. GM knows about this and is trying to find a way to fix it. This valve allows cabin pressure to release when you close the door or window. These valves in the 2018 models keeps opening and closing as we are driving causing a thump thump kind of noise. There is a new seat cooling feature which cools the driver seat and the passenger seat, a nice feature.

By Angelica15 on September 7 @ 9:46 am
Good SUV, but not worth $40,000+
I do like my SUV. The ride is good , but could've been better for the price. Not as smooth over bumps, but ok. The interior is beautiful, but cheap materials that show smudges easily. I got the leather vinyl interior, and some parts of the interior just gives you that plastic feel. Again it's nice but definitely overpriced!

By Maria on June 3 @ 2:30 pm
My review is for a very long test drive. I am a Real Estate Agent and spend countless hours in my vehicle. My husband has the 2017 Chevy Equinox - however, for me, it has numerous blind spots & I was reluctant to buy that model. I was excited to hear they fixed these issues with all of the new 360 camera amenities. Unfortunately, as soon as I sat in this truck - I knew I was not going to purchase it. It drives great. The blind spot notification, navigation & front to back camera shots are phenomenal. The wireless charger? Awesome. BUT, the front seats are beyond UNCOMFORTABLE. I had my sister with me and she confirmed the same thing. I came home and googled the front seats --- apparently this is already an issue within the professional reviews. The seats are too firm, too hard and basically crush your hips. The seams are oddly placed and the seat itself cuts at mid-thigh area. The 2nd row is however, very comfortable and "longer" from front to back. No doubt I would have purchased it if not for the front seats. Chevy, why did you fix all of the other issues but take out a very comfortable driver's seat out for the 2018???

By Willie on January 13 @ 9:13 pm
The best vehicle in 2018
I have driven several SUV's this year (2017) but nothing across the industry handles better than the AWD 1.5L Turbo 2018 Chevrolet Equinox. They also offer a 2.0L Turbo which gets 28 miles per gallon on the AWD system compared to the 30 + MPG I got while test driving the vehicle. For the 1st time I was able to switch my AWD system on of off which is not an option on the outback i currently drive. The Equinox has active noise cancelling triple seals on the doors and insulation in the wheel wells to make it the quietest vehicle on the road i have ever been in. Its a shame i cant implement all that into my house and have to listen to my kids screaming and crying all day. Back to the vehicle... I was able to enable the remote window operation and by holding down the unlock button the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox rolled down all the windows within seconds a feature i have never seen on any other vehicle in the market.

By Tom on July 13 @ 7:08 pm
Road noise regret
My Premier fwd with Michelin Premier ltx 18" tires creates a tremendous amount of road noise. I would suggest driving the vehicle for a day or two before making a purchase. GM and Michelin claim that there is not a problem with their product and the dealer is stuck in the middle and cannot offer any assistance.

By allan on November 13 @ 11:10 am
Navigation interface problems on older phones
Be prepared to buy a better phone if you want the Map Navigation to display and have good sound on the directions. iPhone 5 has a volume control problem and my directions are drowned out by the radio or music. iPhone7 no problem at all--works perfectly.

By Linda on February 14 @ 10:23 pm
1800 miles or less
I have a 2018 Equinox with 1800 miles on it. The celanoid box that controls the transmission is having issues. I was told that this is becoming a common problem. The vehicle with groan and will not shift. The next problem is that they do not make replacement parts for this yet! So my vehicle is sitting at the dealership until it can be fixed!!! They did give me a loaner (another Equinox).

By Dave on January 5 @ 7:55 pm
Have Fun Buy the 2.0 Turbo, LT
Ok, I'm a car guy, love cars, have had over 50, all new, not bragging I drive a ton, and don't want to deal with break downs. The last 2 cars I've had have gone back under the California Lemon Law (Manufacturers call it a "Repurchase"), a 2015 Subaru Forester XT, and a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport 1.5 Turbo. Both because of software problems, the Subaru had the horrible CVT, and the turbo had severe hesitation on the freeway mostly. The Hyundai was a great car, but the 7 speed DCT is dangerous, talked to many other owners at gas stations, and car washes, they ALL had the same problem. From a stop when you got to about 10-15mph everything would stop nothing from the gas pedal, making a left turn almost got hit twice because it was dead stalled. The problem is so bad, and Hyundai has so many "Repurchases", I had a loaner for over 2 months. Now the Equinox, bad first, seats not great, but I am 6'2", 280lbs, and the thumb, thumb noise I do have like another reviewer mentioned, but will be fixed. Drove everything, Rav 4, Honda CRV, Escape, Kia Sportage, Tucson without the 7 sp. DCT, Subaru Outback, VW Tiguan, nothing was really a stand out, and every time I drove the CVT I hated it (CRV. Outback), all had 4 cylinders, and were slow, and noisy. The 2.0 Turbo in the Equinox with the 9 speed is special, quiet, fast, and easy to get 30mpg on the highway, and no it was not $40,000, MSRP $31,800, has blind spot, Android car play, rear hatch is automatic, rear camera, with audible alert, the things I need, no AWD, in Cali don't need it. Firm ride, but not harsh, very quick and fun for a CUV, and the best part got it for $24,000, dealer discount $2,000, rebates $2,000, and last get a GM credit card through Capital one, 3 or 4 times a year they send you a coupon for $3,000 on almost any GM car, or truck. So after all that less than any car I mentioned above, go drive the others, and drive this last you will see the difference, I did.

By Brian on August 1 @ 10:29 pm
First SUV I bought looks like the best!
Today is my one week anniversary and I couldn't be happier. I have the 2.0T LT trim with a sunroof. The car is roomy, accelerates very well, seems open with good viability and has decent handling for an SUV. I came from a Chevrolet Volt which I loved for years but wanted something with a bigger back seat and cargo area, so I bit the bullet and went back to an ICE. I test drove all the usual suspects (CRV, Rav4, Forester, etc.) and found the Equinox's new styling much more appealing. What sold it for me was the 2.0T with the 9-speed auto. What a combo! VERY smooth shifting going up and down the power distribution and the acceleration was a thrill. Never thought an SUV would do 0-60 in less than 7 seconds. The icing on the cake was the awesome panoramic sunroof. It really opens up the cabin for front and back seat passengers. Shout out to Phil Smith Chevrolet in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They were great to work with, very patient and gave me an awesome deal.

By sds1961 on March 1 @ 3:11 pm
Excellent Equinox!!
Leased a 2018 Equinox LT AWD. Great Styling, Plenty of Room ,Handles great with a lot of Pep. My second Equinox and Chevy did a great job with the remodel. Apple Play is great and Chevy My link Touchscreen is a big improvement.

By Dan Brown on June 20 @ 11:28 pm
A Big Positive Surprise!
We leased this car as basically an around town vehicle. We own a 2017 Tahoe Premier but as nice as it is on the road, it is a bit clumsy in town. So we leased this FWD LT Equinox for our everyday driving. We've been so impressed with it in town that we took it on a 300 mile trip today and we were totally impressed with the powerful engine, great driving dynamics and general comfort on rural highways and interstate roads as well. We arrived home and began to ask just why we actually own the Tahoe, this new Equinox is that good. It is a comfortable, usable package with good seats, clear controls and an impressive 1.5 liter engine. We had read less than positive things about the 1.5 liter engine but it is more than enough engine for this SUV. Our trip today of 310+ miles averaged an impressive 33.2 mpg with speeds of 65 to 80 mph. We are quite impressed with this new Equinox.

By Tom on September 16 @ 11:09 am
solid, could use a little more refinement
tet drove a base model with 2.0 turbo. Chassis is good, nice ride and responsive handling, steering and brakes are responsive with good feel. Transmission was smooth, and the engine powerful, though a touch trashy when pushed hard.A little more road noise than I might have expected but not too objectionable. Biggest drawback was the seats, both driver and passenger front were too tight across the lower ribs. My wife and I are both in shape athletes, so we were surprised by how the side bolsters felt. Seat bottoms were fine for us, but larger people may find them intrusive. Salesman suggested that the leather seat models are a little less restrictive, had a quick seat in them and he might be right. I immediately noticed that the steering wheel profiling is a little different, so different seats are certainly plausible

By MWK on December 9 @ 10:06 pm
Fuel economy versus fuel cost
In general, we like the car. I hope we like the front seats on a long trip as they seem a little hard and the bottom seat cushions are short. My biggest issue is the recommendation to use 93 octane fuel in our 2.0 Turbo, which came as a surprise to me after the purchase. In our area, we can't get 93 octane fuel, which is a common issue in much of the U.S. We can get 91 octane, but is costs $.50 more a gallon than regular 87 octane fuel. Thus, the fuel savings of the 4 cylinder engine are offset by the higher cost of the fuel. UPDATE: Drove 500+ miles today, and seats were very comfortable. Mileage by computer was 29.7, but manual calculation was a little less. Today in Wisconsin, we saw 91 octane fuel priced $.90 higher than 87 octane fuel.

By Steven on May 30 @ 5:34 pm
Better than ever!
I purchased the '18 Equinox LT for $21,100. What a great deal! The fuel economy averages between 38-41 MPH on the highway, 32-35 in the city. The peppy 1.5 Turbo is great for acceleration vs the previous model. I have no problems with the front seats. I put over 7,000 miles on the Equinox in 3 months and have no complaints about comfort. The rear leg room is also impressive.

By Cathy A on May 28 @ 12:06 pm
Love the car..Happy with my purchase
I bought the 2018 Equinox without test driving it from a dealership 2 hours away. Probably not the smartest move. Car was delivered around 9:00PM. Didn’t test drive that night, next day I drove it and noticed a noise. Noise would get louder the longer I drove. Took it to local Chevy dealership where they discovered a bolt/nut rubbing against another metal object. They think it has to do with the 2018 being a new frame and they are using 2017 bolts/nuts. Dealership is suppose contact GM to figure out solution. Car drives great besides the noise. Love everything about the car. Radio and speakers are great. My teenage kids love the stero too. Went on a long road trip last week and thought the seats were a little hard. My daughter starts driving in a few months and I’m excited about all the safety features it has and the teen features. Filling the gas tank is easy with no cap to turn. Technology is user friendly. Love the look of the Equinox. Using foot to open trunk is nice. Plenty of storage in back, plus added storage under the trunk liner. Very roomy. A few of my mild complaints would be: seats not that comfortable for long rides, might be user error....but the preset driver settings and the sunroof don’t appear to be one touch. I have to hold the button down the entire time. My daughter has a tough time putting the second row seat back up if it was down; as it’s heavy. Storage on driver door is small. I have a handicap parking permit and it doesn’t fit there. A little on the expensive side once I got all the bells and whistles.

By James Cooper on March 25 @ 9:17 pm
A rear view review
Great car

By joe sammons on July 10 @ 6:02 pm
auto engine stop/start
I traded for the equinox because it has a power lift gate. It also has dark glass in the back doors and lift gate that you can't see thru at night. It has a backup camera but its too bright. I can't see anything on the screen at night, but it,s OK in the day time. The reason for the low marks is the new feature called AUTO ENGINE STOP/START. I was not told about this feature. If i knew about this, I would not have traded for this equinox. This is the dumbest thing that I ever seen on a car. You pull up to a 4 way stop and the motor dies. When you release the break the motor restarts about a half second later. This is wrong to have something like this feature added to the car and not tell anyone about it. I know that it will cost big money for starters and batteries after the warranty runs out.

By Matt W on February 23 @ 7:27 pm
Love My 2018 Equinox
What a fantastic car! I have had mine for 2 weeks and love it!! got it on incentives and black Friday deals $26K out the door with Gap protection. I don't understand the grips with acceleration it's definitely quicker than my 07 V6 Explorer granted its bigger and heavier it also has a much larger 4L engine. Android Auto is an Amazing feature that makes life on the road easy and fun. It feels big but drives small the maneuverability is fantastic. I would recommend an Equinox to anyone with a small family fits 3 car seats perfectly. Grade A+

By nick on March 27 @ 6:49 am
Very uncomfortable seats, auto stop is terrible!
I really want to like this car, 3 things that I hate. the auto stop is really annoying and actually I have found it almost unsafe at moments, at least make an option to turn it on and off. The seats are really uncomfortable, like very. Oh and the seatbelt is terrible and strangles your waist because it gets wayyyyy too tight as you drive, sadly i might have to put a clothes pin at the top.

By Melissa on June 20 @ 2:26 am
2018 Transmission failed after 3 months
I have had my 2018 equinox for 3 months, and I loved it until 2 days ago when the transmission failed. The part is back-ordered, so obviously this is happening to other people. The dealership says it could be 2 days or 2 weeks.... and they don't have a loaner car. I'm pissed.

By JS on November 16 @ 8:57 pm
Pervious 2016 and 2014 terrain owner
I purchased a 2018 equinox 11/30/17. I have previously owned a 2014 and 2016 terrain .I've never had any complaints about those previous cars. I love the looks of the new equinox but the front seats are horribly uncomfortable .They are hard and the power button does not unjust the bottom tilt back enough. The seats are giving me back pain around town,I cannot imagine it on a trip. Both my terrains had the most comfortable seats I ever owned . The next problem is I'm noticing the transmission at red lights, it almost feels like it stalls then when you give it the gas it hesitates to go kinda like the transmission slips. I've only owned this car a few days today's December 2 I'm really wondering if I can take it back . The start stop button is dumb if the door does not it automatically unlock.You still need your keys to unlock the car .you also cannot lock your car with the extra set of keys inside of it. What happens when your battery dies. Glad I'm just a lease and not a long-term owner . Like they tried to compete with electric car this feature but fails that it only halfway works. The car also feels like it's going to stall at stop signs and hesitates when you accelerate to go you can feel the transmission slip I assume. The front seats are horribly hard the bottom does not tilt far enough back. I really wanted to love this car a lot of new features are great in the looks are much better but they have some improvements to do .Owner of 2 terrains previously ,2014 and 2016 that I loved and never had one complaint. I am disappointed 😢

By Sabrina on May 12 @ 2:34 pm
Fun Ride
This is an excellent first time SUV but. The entertainment center is excellent, I wish the speakers had a little more power but I would have to have gotten the premier, I love my panoramic roof, I love my huge touch screen, heated seats work so well they even get a little of your lower lumbar. I also used to drive with back support, but I haven't needed to in this car. The safety features are awesome, for a little more money I could have gotten the 360 view. But the rear camera does a great job of seeing people on either side of the car. I highly recommend it.

By Larry on September 30 @ 3:00 pm
Extemely rough ride
If the highway is smooth as glass, my Equinox rode as smooth as any quality automobile. However, when it came to rough surface such as cracks, shallow dips or holes, the car practically beat me to death with hard jolts. I ended up with a headache. GM is proud of the new "stiff suspension" they built into the car and it sucks. I drove the car 175 miles and could take no more. I did a buy-back. After three months and low price, the dealer can't sell the car.

By John on March 4 @ 3:51 am
Nice car, but disappointed in safety ratings
The new Equinox is a nice looking car, the interior and exterior changes (much needed) look great. The seats could be a little more comfortable and the visibility is just ok. The option packages basically require you to buy/lease an LT2 or higher to get any kind of safety equipment. The old Equinox was a 5-star safety-rated vehicle, this one is only 4-stars. The tests hadn't been done when I leased; if I had know GM was going backwards on safety I wouldn't have leased it. They made this version smaller and lighter, apparently at the cost of safety...bad move. The 1.5L engine is a dog; the 2.0L Turbo is great though with over 250HP, it's more than this vehicle will ever need. Braking seems to be really good as well. Now for the bad just under 4k miles the compression went out. Now GM fixed it right up for me and provided a nice loaner while it was being worked on, but come on, a brand new $34k car should not break down after 4k miles! Overall, the new Equinox is a very nice looking car, the 2.0L engine has great power and it's pretty fun to drive. However, with the downgrade in safety and the need for repair after just 4k miles, I would not lease another one.

By BergSteenz on October 25 @ 8:37 am
Get the 2.0 with Turbo AWD Version!
I drove the standard 1.5L models of this vehicle and hated it. The car seemed very under powered and boring to drive. I gave the 2.0L model with AWD and Turbo and the car is a blast to drive! It's got around 260HP and is very quick to get going. The acceleration is incredible and really feels great. The transmission shifts seamlessly and and smooth. This re-design was a win by Chevrolet! Seriously, if you are interested though don't even bother with the lower end 1.5L options.

By Lindamh on April 1 @ 3:05 am
2018 Equinox
Just bought a new Equinox 2.0 turbo. Drives well, good acceleration, comfortable. My complaint (with a learning curve here) is the back-up system and navigation. Navigation is limited to OnStar (subscription and no map) or your phone - Missing my VW navigation system. The back-up camera sound is low and the radio does not mute while backing up. I already hit a telephone pole because there was no warning I could hear and the learning curve - it was much closer than it looked. The Equinox is basically the same size as my VW Sportwagen except it's on steroids - same seating capacity, same cargo space BUT it does have a lift gate , the seats are flat when down, and I appreciate the higher ground clearance. I just have 125 miles on it so far and will adapt to all this new technology.

By Joe Magrey on November 24 @ 6:20 am
The 2.0 Turbo - An Amazing Improvement
Going from the sluggish 4 cyl 2012 Equinox to the much improved 2018 Equinox LT with the 2.0 Turbo 4 cylinder was an amazing improvement. I reviewed all options carefully before buying. I went with the Confidence and Convenience package along with the Sun and Infotainment package. These two packages with the LT added all of the extra bells and whistles that I needed. I did not want to pay more $$$$ for the expensive Premier level. It still had more expensive options which raised the price way too much. ALSO - I bought this through a Chevy dealership and presented my Costco Card to get their Winter Holiday deal. This meant Supplier Pricing plus a $700 gift card directly from Costco. It took 9 weeks to arrive but it is as good as cash at Costco stores. ALSO EVEN MORE - Before buying, I contacted my GM CARD credit card. They added an additional $1,000 to the points I already accumulated on my GM card. Combined with an aggressive Chevrolet rebate, the Costco Supplier price and the GM Card extra cash, the deal was too good to pass up. Combined, it made great financial sense to buy this new vehicle at such a discounted price. Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Chrysler couldn't come close to this deal!

By Mark Dyviniak on October 22 @ 12:08 pm
Can't Recommend.. engine died @ 1,400 miles
Bought a new 2018 Equinox as my wife very much liked her 2010 Equinox (even though we had a TON of engine issues with the vehicle). Being a loyal GM customer (at the time of decision), went ahead and purchased a new 2018 Equinox. Decided to keep our 2010 Equinox for our college-bound daughter. Regarding the 2018 Equinox purchase decision, since the vehicle had been completely redesigned, we figured the engine issues on the vehicle had been fixed. Well, no! With only 1,400 miles on it, the car died as we were on the highway driving to a family reunion. Once the vehicle was examined by the dealership, they informed that it needed a new engine (under warranty, of course). Couldn't believe it. That was the first of two factors that turned our GM loyalty upside down. The second factor was one month later.. the engine died on our 2010 Equinox. Now, that vehicle only had 45K miles on it - but because of the age, GM advised we would have to pay 80% of the $7,500 engine replacement cost. Shocked, challenged the decision all the way up the GM chain. Pointed them to our GM loyalty, as we had 3 Chevys in our garage and we've purchased 3 new Chevys from GM dealerships in the past 8 years (model years 2010, 2015, 2018). GM didn't care. As such, determined that we're done with GM. Just cannot remain loyal to a company that is not producing a quality product (no car should need a new engine @ 45K miles) and, when an issue arises, they don't stand behind their product. Loyalty is earned. GM doesn't seem to get that. In the meantime, with our experience, cannot recommend the 2018 Equinox to anyone.

By RGB on August 4 @ 3:26 pm
Less comfortable than my 2016 Equinox
Comparing my 2018 1.5L FWD and 2016 2.4L FWD Equinoxes: 2018 is worse for front seat comfort, interior road noise, and ride motions over rough pavement. The 2018 is better for city acceleration. The 2018 may be better for city fuel economy, but I need more miles to evaluate.

By DRF on April 14 @ 6:52 am
I've test driven all three motors
The 1.5 gas is kind of rough shifting, not very peppy. The 2.0 gas is very nice, smooth and has good pickup, but I want better MsPG. The Diesel is slow from 0, but pretty lively after it's up into 30-40 MPH and very good for freeway maneuvers. I am concerned about long term reliability, and not in a hurry, so I'll wait and see a bit. No strong opinion on tech yet. Didn't drive at night.

By Keener Kelly on January 8 @ 3:49 am
Wonder Wheels.....
You are getting a great deal I purchased $22,000 out the door including extend warranty 84/96,000 which ever comes 1st CHECK OUT THE KBB ....winning!! The look is sporty, clean, and classy. I love the ride, my fiancé and I took it to Detroit from Ohio, for the Spurs and Piston’s game! Infotainment system was everything and so much more ....CONVENIENT I can write about Q all day. Q is my name for my Equinox! Thank you Chevy you ROCK....

By M Bechtle on December 7 @ 7:52 am
Great Suv
I had a CRV traded it in on an 2018 Equinox and it out shines the CRV. Way better gas mileage and comfort.

By David on October 5 @ 9:55 am
Love the diesel
I wanted the economy of diesel and AWD so this vehicle fit my needs. Plenty of power and almost as quiet as my Mercedes diesel. I love all the great upgrades on the Premier edition.

By Judy on August 24 @ 6:06 pm
Great but a few flaws
I have wanted an Equinox for a long time. CONS....I don't like the stop /start engine at stop signs. The engine just dies so take off is slow. Should have option to turn off. Next we got comfort package because we wanted remote start because we live in cold climate during the winter. Remote start works well but fan does not automatically divert to the highest setting. My 2008 Impala always was on high speed during remote start. And also the heated seats aren't even remotely warm when you get in the car. You can't feel heated seats and yes I have that option turned on. The whole point for remote start in a cold climate is for car to be warm. Am disappointed in this. Otherwise I am satisfied with my Equinox. The gas milage has been good at 32 MPG.

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