Thanks Mazda Dealer

A Quick Note & Thank You to Our Local Mazda Dealer

(and to the service we received from Enterprise Rent-A-Car keeping us mobile during the recent airbag recall. )

Two days BEFORE I was set to drive my daughter off to college, we receive a recall letter from Mazda about replacing the passenger-side fronreplacement airbagt seat airbag for our Mazda CX-9.
“Okay, I’ll get that done when we get back,” or so I thought. On the flip side of the letter it says…DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO SIT IN THE FRONT SEAT!

No way am I chauffeuring my daughter on a 10 hour drive, looking back over my shoulder to talk about the fun we’ve had and the adventures to come! Enter my wife and a somewhat long, but productive call with our Mazda dealer. So what’s the problem? Nobody knows when the replacement airbags will be available. It could be a week, it could be months.

As it turns out, it was seven weeks. In that time, the following happened:

  • Mazda arranged for us to pick up a rental car on their dime with an open-ended return date.
  • Enterprise set uImage of CX-9 we bought at our local Mazda Dealers up with a nearly new 2017 Nissan Sentra (which somebody smoked in!!! Enterprise rep was very cool and knew it wasn’t me.)
  • After three weeks, Enterprise wanted the car back to sell, so they came to my house and swapped it out for a nearly new 2016 Dodge Dart (which I actually liked better and wrote about previously).
  • After four weeks the part came in, Mazda replaced the airbag in the CX-9 and Enterprise allowed me to return the Dodge Dart locally and gave me a ride home!

What could have been a real pain in the rear, was a mild inconvenience AND, we actually saved several hundred dollars in gas as both rentals run forever on a tank of gas, easily better than 30 mpg. The CX-9 is 15 mpg at best.

Thank you Mazda. Thank you Enterprise Rent-A-Car.