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If you think about it when someone is buying a used car, or a used anything for that matter, no one ever says, "It's the Mercedes of this," or "It's the BMW of that." They always say, "It's the Cadillac of this, that or the other."

Talk about a great brand name. Cadillac has come a long way in recent years moving from the gigantic Cadillac Eldorado of the 50s and 60s to the incredibly fast and powerful Cadillac CTS-V of today. There are many used Cadillac CTS cars available, followed closely by the used Cadillac Escalade and the used Cadillac SRX.

This all-American luxury brand delivers the high-performance CTS-V and its sibling, the used Cadillac CTS, a mid-size car that is available as a sport wagon, a coupe or sedan. While you can get a deal on a used DTS (the nameplate that replaced the venerable Cadillac DeVille), for sheer size and luxury, it's hard to beat a used Cadillac Escalade - the "SUV of the stars."

Highly coveted used Cadillac cars include:

  • Used Cadillac CTS - up until the early 2000s, Cadillac fully embraced front-wheel drive for its cars. That changed with the introduction of the Cadillac CTS. This rear-wheel drive mid-size is a favorite among used Cadillac buyers.
  • Used Cadillac Escalade - this full-size luxury sport utility vehicle was Cadillac's first entry in the SUV market. It was a response to the Lincoln Navigator, produced by Ford and now finds itself competing with the used Range Rover Sport, used Lexus LX and the used Infiniti QX56 among others.
  • Used Cadillac SRX - This is a popular mid-size crossover SUV. Buyers looking for a used SRX will find them available with a 2.8 liter turbocharged or 3.0 liter fuel injection V6 engine.