Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a three-row crossover SUV aimed at families wanting an abundance of space, comfort and high-tech features. The Ford Explorer kicked off America's SUV craze, and it remains a top choice for consumers who need to haul cargo and people.

The Ford Explorer is arguably the vehicle that spurred on America's love affair with the SUV. Certainly there were SUVs before the Explorer, but they were mostly utilitarian in nature. The Explorer was the first SUV that truly appealed to families, as it offered a combination of comfort, versatility and style that minivans and station wagons were unable to match. These days, the Explorer is a midsize crossover SUV with three rows of seating.

If you're shopping for a family crossover, the Ford Explorer is certainly worth a look. It rides comfortably, earns good fuel economy for its class and retains the versatility that made people like SUVs in the first place. Fully optioned, the Explorer offers an impressive array of safety aids and technology features.