Car Loans for Good and Bad Credit

Things you should know about dealer vs. online financing

Dealer Financing


  • Dealerships can be convenient
  • Con:

  • If you are rejected, you are done
  • typically not competitive
  • expect high pressure
  • expect big sales push for add-ons


Online Financing


  • Access to nationwide network of lenders
  • competitive rates
  • quick and easy
  • no obligation or pressure
  • Con:

  • Not a personal service

Credit Score

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Your credit rating is a measurement of risk. Dealers and loan providers will get your score, but can base their rates as high as they want. Get your Credit Score to help you negotiate your best rate.

Credit Repair

incentives icon partnering with the leader in credit repair, Lexington Law. (888) 586-6224 a general service consumer advocacy law firm, NOT an online Credit repair shop.

Loan Calculators

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Use the car loan calculators to estimate your monthly payments or estimate the amount of your auto loan. Find new or used cars you can afford or apply for a car loan online.

The Advantage of Using to get an Online Car Loan

Dealerships want to sell you a car, but what they really, really want is have you finance a car through them. Why? Because that's where they make the most money. How? The dealership sends your car loan credit information to their favorite lender, then take the lowest rate for which you qualify and mark it up (this increase is dealer profit -- at your expense).

When you apply for a car loan through, you'll know your monthly payment and most importantly, how much you will be able to pay in total for your car. But, do you know your credit score?

Car dealers love it when you tell them how much you can afford per month. This way they can keep you focused on that number while they stretch out your car loan payments to meet it. What you end up paying in total can be significantly higher than what you thought. Avoid this by focusing on the purchase price instead of the monthly payments.

Line up your financing options before you go to the dealership. Dealers make a lot of profit with car loan financing, so it is best to be non-committal while you negotiate the price of your car…who knows, maybe you’ll find a better car dealer finance offer. Remember, you are under no obligation when you apply online and this way, you’ll know where you stand before their car finance guy sits you down.

Leverage The Internet's Original AutoMall and take advantage of our nationwide network of car loan lenders for bad credit car loans, good credit car loans and no credit car loans.

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Remember, this is a free car loan service and you are absolutely under no obligation. After you submit this car loan form and if accepted*, you will be contacted by a member of our lender network with your car loan options and interest rates.

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